Predictions and changes in BK “knowledge.”

I was looking for info on Dadi Gulzar’s health and through “destiny,” I was taken to this site : It is a nicely done web site with lots of info. It appears that an effort to centralize information was undertaken.

There was an article that caught my attention “The advance party.” (

I was surprised and concerned to read more predictions with specific years there (2026) as the “revelation of the advance party.”

I am concerned because it is my experience that “dates” are not usually given by “Godly entities,” for as BapDada used to say: “ someone becomes date conscious rather than soul conscious.” Not only that, but it will make the “Drama artificial” (which is another term used by Brahma Baba in the Murli.) Lastly, it is a lack of respect for those who are living at this time; as they will act with fear or expectation to meet some quota in their heads by that date.

Obviously, questions arise: How these “revelations” are coming? Who is the “instrument” channeling these messages?

Also, it is surprising to read this about the Advance Party : “1. Birth: The souls are pure and thus the body they acquire needs to get purified before they enters the womb of their mother. (Meaning: Sakash (spiritual vibrations) will be given to the womb of the mother so that the body is made pure.

Besides the obvious language differences that reveal that this piece was written by someone whose mother language is not English, we could see how “BK knowledge has been changed,” concerning when a “soul” is “pure.” The SM clearly states that the first “pure soul” is Krishna.

Changes on BK knowledge made to propel further novelty or even to give it an emotional twist, are prone to be scrutinized by people who had already a BK experience.

If the purpose is to procure a BK audience for the next 5 years, then the job may be done. However; beyond that it could rebound adversely.

This is just food for thought.