Joy: The ultimate Gyan.

The Universe is immense, infinite according to what we know. Do you truly believe that “we” are the only ones here on a tiny planet in this solar system? If there is life, do you believe it has to look like us? Do you believe that we are the most advanced race there is in the Universe?

According to Brahma Kumaris and monotheistic religions, this is it. According to others and Avyakt7-NG, this is not it.

However, does it matter? As far as our experience is concerned, probably not until it has to.

Human beings have different timing in evolving consciousness. I am not saying “their consciousness,” for I can realize that there is only consciousness expressed through innumerable beings with different degrees of evolution which gives the experience of individuality.

As Brahma Kumaris puts it :”Every soul has a part recorded.” That part minus mind, intellect and sanskaras (according to BK gyan) is consciousness. It is the level of consciousness the one driving perception, awareness, the “reality” of the mind, intellect and sanskara. The punch line is that levels of consciousness do not depend on the person’s DOING. In other words, “I cannot improve my consciousness.” It is what it is.

Some people need to “come down the ladder,” while for others it is time to go up. It is recorded as it is. Coming down assures that this actor will go up “sometime” in this lifetime or another. The opposite is true as well.

Knowing that, what is the significance of helping others to “go up the ladder”? Here is when we learn that this is not a duty, service, seva. It is merely extending your hand. Someone may take it. Another may not. All is good. That part is the one hard to understand.

“I want to save that one.” Perhaps it should be expressed as “I want to believe that I am saving someone” but truly “I am merely helping myself.” That is an ego boost for the sake of accomplishing an obsessive idea.

Although the size of Life is incomprehensible by human minds, the beauty is that we do not need to understand. All required is to observe, to watch as if everything I am aware of inside and outside, is a moving train and I am just standing still. Everything passes away but if we add flavor to make that fleeting experience unique; then we are in tune with this game. Appreciation and gratefulness are those special spices in Life which make any dull plate into a delicacy. When we learn to add them to any experience, we make a nourishing dish called joy.

Knowing joy, whether we go up or down; it will stay the other way around!

Will take time off until April 21st. Enjoy Life!