Liberation from Karmic accounts

Typically in the BK world these “karmic bondages” refer to relationships. For example, BK A could fall in love with BK B. Even though, this is not encouraged and even forbidden in the BK world, this happens more often than what we know of. It is in “normal” human nature.

Whenever that “love” is not corresponded due to the other person lack of interest or due to the BK setting which will not allow for this to flourish, then for sure; we are under a karmic bondage.

Mentally we could say: “ I don’t remember what I have done to you, but forgive me and I forgive you for the pain that is coming through you. Moreover, here comes my blessings to you.”

That sounds lovely. However ineffective to “get rid of that bondage.” It is important to be honest as well, and admit that we are uttering those words because we want out of a particular suffering. Yes, it is about us.

Every conscious effort of that “I” to reject a particular experience, is in fact; a lack of understanding.

Let me illustrate: Karmic accounts are part of Life. It is the play of action and reaction. It really fits into our world of duality whenever “I give, then I take” or If I have taken, then I need to give.

A karmic account is not an invitation to fix things. It is rather an invitation to experience a new experience. The way we deal with that is the teaching that we need to learn to move forward in Life.

BK A has a situation with BK B. Is he trying to conquer the heart of BK B despite the fact that this is not allowed in the BK setting? Then, that is the teaching. To observe how we are willing to bend some rules to accomplish our perceived needs. Perhaps BK A rejects completely any association with BK B. Then, that rejection is tinted with an inner lie. Can we observe that? Any action that we decide to DO will bring a reaction. If we try to solve things by believing that we should act in a predetermined way, then we are not acknowledging what Life is trying to tell us. There are no formulas.

Many times our own experience of suffering is the way to dissolve that karmic account. Therefore, what is the sense of trying to figure out how to resolve something? The solution will unfold itself when we learn to observe what Life brings rather than to blindly follow a philosophy, an idea or some moral value of what should be right.

It is important to point out that we do not know the extent of how a karmic account will go. It could go on for the next life time and that is necessary, unless we are ready for self realization and that is not like “going to your auntie’s home.”

In a nutshell, there is no way for us to “settle” a karmic account or to liberate ourselves from a karmic bondage out of our own doing, formula or magic spell; for that situation is the fair return, a consequence. However, paraphrasing the Murli; “we could feel a crucifix like a thorn.” That is the mature extent of how spirituality could help us deal with a karmic situation.