Spirituality of the mind

I would like to share that as part of my on-going changes in this experience of Life, writing is becoming somewhat a heavy task. It seems as if written words no longer have an appeal to me. However, I realize that in order to share, I need to use writing at this time. Thus, my writings in both blogs will be shorter.

I am finding myself more inclined to drawing, playing the guitar, observing my plants in their pots as they blossom and change, listening to the language of birds (adamic language) than using the computer and the “virtual” world.

As I watch the world being more “connected” through videos, words, pictures, news, more mental than ever before; I feel that the gap of human closeness is growing larger as time goes by. That is the paradox of being connected but without closeness.

Have you ever listened to the song the “Tin man” by America? Great catchy tune. Have you ever tried to make sense of the lyrics of that song? That is the mind in action. That song is enjoyable as it is, without further interpretation by enjoying the sounds, even words are mere sounds helping to increase the overall experience. Whenever the mind wants to make sense of it by analyzing the lyrics, the magic is gone. That is true in Life as well. The mind will only interpret, which many times is not what truly is. For me, that song means that when we ARE truly “good,” we do not need justification. My interpretation may not be what the author had in mind but it is “my” reality about that song. The mind makes up its own reality.

The “pandemic era” has a value for those who are willing to know themselves. It is a clear opportunity to be someone new. Many would like to keep things as they “have been,” and thus, obtaining their support from the known and comfy mental world, but there are those who will need to “transform” and become different in order to live a different experience. That is the challenge.

In society there is the well known phrase: “Survival of the fittest,” where the stronger will survive. In Life, however; and at this time, it is the courageous who will be able to go on. Courage is required to change and be someone new.

I realize that I am going further away from the main topic of the Brahma Kumaris in this blog as time goes by. That is perhaps one of the signals of newness. When day transforms into night, it is a subtle experience as when leaving something or someone behind, thus I changed the title of the blog to Brahma Kumaris and Beyond.