In the Brahma Kumaris world, I recall that many followers used the word “vibrations” to refer to some sort of influence that every human could add into the environment.

“Spiritual vibrations” became a term borrowed from Physics, where there is oscillation of matter to reach a point of equilibrium. Through that idea, it was inferred that matter is made up of energy that oscillates.

It is that oscillation the one capable of interfering with other matter, as it vibrates with higher frequency.

In the “spiritual world,” every individual has a vibration according to his state of consciousness. It is that consciousness, the one able to influence the environment.

Therefore, we cannot “think” to add greater vibrations to the environment. We cannot wish for “higher vibes” around us. We could imagine, and that is the extent of it.

As we “ARE,” so our vibrations will be. BEING is the key.

Thus, “purity” of vibrations cannot be a practice or something obtained through some recipe.

The extent of “purity” of our vibrations will follow us, as our fingerprints do to our fingers. Vibrations will change to the extent that we change.