The reality of morality

Creation comes from destruction and destruction from creation. One extreme holds the other. It is that cyclical factor the one that breaks any unyielding moral standard followed by society.

Moral standards are learned behaviors which may have an unusual twist in another society, a different way of doing things which may be antagonistic. Thus, a “good person” is not someone who follows a moral standard, but the one who IS truly “good” by bringing benefit to all including himself. That behavior is something completely unrehearsed or learned. It is spontaneous and natural.

While morality separates the extremes of a duality by choosing one side and rejecting the other, someone who is at another level of consciousness will integrate.

Integration is acknowledgment, it is careful observation without judgment or a plan of action. Let it BE what IS, but when we become aware of the nature of something as it is developing, then the “solution” or “right” action is found without looking for it.

That “solution” is not a recipe that could be applied to similar incidents or written into some commandment; rather it is a response to a new challenge presented by Life at one moment, which could change at another.

Thus, as we lost awareness; morality arrived for we required something “safe” to be “right” all the time. Paradoxically, when we are afraid of making mistakes in Life, we stop living.