The importance of observing our feelings

Mainstream spirituality is about DOING things: Do a good action every day, do the best you can, practice virtues, etc.

There is nothing wrong with the above; however, that is not the whole journey.

What do you do when you see someone dying? If that person is a relative, we could DO everything in our power to help, according to our conditioning.

When suffering is tasted because we perceive it in another, we could do many things to avoid it. We could also act out of desperation, trying to get out of that scene as soon as possible. However, whatever we DO with our vibe or energy, is the true “reason” behind our DOING. That is our feeling.

The reality of finding out what we truly feel is the pen that Life uses to write our story and through that, further experiences along those lines will be experienced.

Yes, there is suffering around, but I feel compassion and true love for that one, then; whatever I get to DO will be colored by that feeling.

Why is that?

Consciousness is a feeling, a vibe primarily. It is not a thought or the application of some knowledge.

To be appreciative, thankful and happy in Life, it is not a matter of repeating it or saying it. It is not a mind thing.

You feel it. Words are completely unnecessary at that point.

If we feel with intensity something negative for example; that will affect the environment. That feeling may require to be acted out. Feeling hate, acts out in violence towards another sooner or later. We become “clear” from that stored energy of hate through that action, but we also pay the consequences.

Thus, we may need to be observant of what we feel.