In my time in the Brahma Kumaris, the label ”self-realization” had a limited connotation: As long as “I” knew that “I” was a “soul,” that was the extent of it. In my Christian days, “self-realization” did not exist.

In my “eclectic days,” self-realization was something nice to add in my own “resume”/ description as a “seeker.” Something like: “ I have studied with many saints, well known authorities and gurus all over the world looking for self-realization.” That goes right along with any “certifications” I obtained during that “investment.”

At this point in my Life, I can see that the above were needed steps but far from what I have found out through my own experience. In a nutshell:

“I” have to be someone else to “realize” who “I am.” That is the finding.

As long as “I” am unwilling to accept Life as it is and find the perfection of it all, then there cannot be any sort of self-realization.

That is the main change and what takes some awareness to realize. Most of us have been trained to put up a fight, to get our way, to look for “success” and “fame,” to “market ourselves.” All of that is the beginning of our “search,” but believe me; it is the very beginning. There is no way to find greater depth in consciousness unless we let go of many things which make up what we proudly call “I.”

To be in the “rat race” or the “world of busy-ness” and to search for self-realization is a huge lie. It is not the amount of DOING what allows for greater depth, but BEING and for that we need idle time to be with ourselves. Plenty of it.

Otherwise, how could we know ourselves if we postpone and run away from solitude and the sensation of being alone, a drop out of society, a “nobody”? There is no way that any world-class info from a “master class” could do that for us.