Giving money to an indigent or someone in need.

In the Brahma Kumaris I was taught not to give money to just anyone asking for it. If this person receiving our money uses it to hurt himself (for instance, addiction issue) or for a negative purpose, then some consequences will be experienced by the one giving that money.

It was taught, to give a donation of money to the BK center near you instead; to support the teaching of BK knowledge to another person, as this will bring benefit.

Money is energy. It lacks polarity (good/bad.) In this way, it is like a knife. If someone asks for a knife, that person could cut an orange or cut herself. In an extreme case, she could use that knife later on, to take her own Life.

Could we be liable/responsible for her action, as we provided that person with a knife? Not at all unless we had the intention for her to take her Life away.

Similarly, our good intention to help someone in need through money, is the positive energy we are giving. That is the extent of our responsibility in this action.

As we know, there are no “black or white” laws here. It is on a case by case basis. Sometimes, we could act with negligence but still the “real” fuel of that action is hidden underneath our intention.

The other day, I was faced with that situation as I saw a family of people from another country asking for money. I gave them money but then the “old” BK conditioning came back and made me feel a bit disturbed.

That episode showed me how conditioning can linger even though many years have gone by.

Now, I realize how valuable my intention behind the action is. Society will judge us by observing only the action, “what you DO is what matters,” they will say. However, in Life, what we FEEL is way more important than what we DO or not do. We could hide our true feelings to society, but not to Life itself.

Will resume writing on March 30th. Until then! 🙂