A quick glance at the World today

As it is in our families, it is in the world today. Look at the relationship.

We see a war between nations, but we don’t see it among ourselves, our close ones.

In a family, the mother may side with the son against the father. Violence will be the outcome to demonstrate authority.

A “bully” in the neighborhood is the same “bully” in the world. There are many “bullies,” taking advantage of the weaker ones. Bullies avoid fighting between themselves, until their weak egos are hurt and then they will fight even if that means their own demise. For them that is “heroic,” but truly it is plain irrational, crazy, idiotic. The sign of madness.

This is not the time to find out who is “right” or who is “wrong” in a fight, for in their own reasoning and perspective, they are “right.” What matters is to find a consensus and to look at the bigger picture, a healthy place to live, where humans are not separated by labels anymore.

Perhaps the time is approaching for the old structure to collapse. This will mean madness for many depending on that system, but the opportunity to live under a new vision for others.

Perhaps it is the time to find a nurturing place in Nature, away from all the search of “success,” the fights over petty things and the greed behind the “reasonable reasons.”

There are sustainable communities, intentional communities, eco-communities, etc. which are worthwhile to take a look at this time. This experience will allow us to open up to other views and ways of doing things which could complement our own. This is an invitation to readers to take a look at that possibility as soon as possible.

I feel that what I wanted to express in this blog has already been done. Nevertheless, if there is an inspiration to post an article at a later time, I may do so. Here is what I have learned in this journey so far: Follow your heart. Believe in your own experience and be open to hear another’s, for in that openness, new changes may happen.

Wish you all ( BK or non-BK) the best and it will be until next time “around”… 🙂