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    Looking at Godly ego 

    As mentioned in the last article, the experience of spirituality is very subjective. My experience is only mine and it is an illusion to pretend that it should be true for others, or even apply to others as well.

    When looking back at my own life, I could see that my intention to become “good” by shaping up myself when aware of my own shortcomings; started with the experience of Catholicism.

    Catholicism wasn’t something that I picked up by analyzing things and coming up with a rational decision. It was something given through the environment as I grew up in Peru; where Catholicism is part of the politics of that society. The conditioning was there and many do not realize the influence of such tradition. However, there was something in me when I was 17 that didn’t click with Catholicism. I was exposed to different religious/ spiritual literature since I had the desire to know. Even attended different religious faiths. Read J. Krishnamurti when I was 23 and was amazed by his clear-cut views, but couldn’t understand how others did not think the same as I did. Then, I forgot all about it, once I was getting ready “to conquer the world and make my dreams come true” in the biggest capitalist society. I felt welcomed to join that new home with such opportunities.

    I had the “American dream” accomplished in my mid 30’s. However, fears and lack of satisfaction appeared even though I was “supposed” to be happy. Brahma Kumaris appeared at that time. That experience was unique. It wasn’t my choice and because it was beyond my rational conditioning, it had a very strong influence. I had an experience with what I thought was the true God. I couldn’t pass that new opportunity, for it was my original “raison d’etre.”

    That turned my life outside down. I had something new to achieve, to become. My drive was to demonstrate others that I knew God. That was my inspiration to proselytize. I thought I was helping others, but truly; I was helping myself. That was fuel to continue in my journey which I thought was the “truth.”

    The amount of ego emerging from that experience is tremendous: “I” know God. “I” know the truth. Not only that but I knew how to put “reasons” to try to demonstrate that what I knew was the “truth.” Without a doubt, there were very few Brahma Kumaris’ followers who could understand “knowledge” as I did. “I was on my way to Heaven.” 🙂

    Observe how life puts the experiences necessary for that ego to emerge. “Success” in this world or the world beyond is the same thing. That strong desire to accomplish is ego in disguise. I am not saying that to work to accomplish our dreams in ‘bad,’ no. It is a necessary experience to try to get our hands full with something but yet, remain empty inside.

    For that ego to start diluting itself, I had to go through many other experiences. It doesn’t go away because I decide to “conquer it” or to act as if I did not have ego. Usually extreme suffering will cut it off, but that is not the only tool used by Life. It all depends on our own journey.

    Looking back, the teaching wasn’t that I needed to find “God.” The teaching was that I needed to observe that ego and for that, it needed to be fat, juicy and big so I could become AWARE of it. Life gave me that experience through the Brahma Kumaris. The outcome, what we ARE, is what has value. Many times we are entertained by trying to find the “truth,” or believing that our experience is the only and true one. That is a mirage.

    Life experiences are meant to change our consciousness as long as we become aware of the teachings and not become mesmerized by the teacher, even if that one is “God.”

    What did I learn through those experiences? Our service to society is not in revealing who God is, but in revealing ourselves to ourselves while in relation with others. BEING that which we talk about. The rest is only pretty spiritual talk.

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    The path of truth. 

    What is truth? That word is usually used in relation with something factual. It is true that I slept last night. It is true that I was a Brahma Kumaris follower, etc. Those are simple facts.

    Those facts are seen as truth and therefore most will extrapolate that finding into their spiritual experience.

    In spirituality there are many “truths” and not necessarily equal to each other. For instance, who is God? Most every religion has its own take on that. They have their own “patent” on God, but yet they claim to have the “true” God with them. As shared before, spirituality is very subjective in nature. However, there is a common ground which deals with that inherent subjectivity; that is to find your own truth, yourself. There cannot be religions having the truth about each one of us.

    In a world where the masses rule, where “majority wins,” and the truth is reflected in that incomplete premise; then we have the world of spirituality which cannot be like the former, but diametrically different just to complement it. A self-realized person is the outcome of the spiritual path. While the masses are interested in “right” answers, a self-realized person knows the truth of himself.

    A self-realized man cannot be a politician. He cannot be the one solving problems created by unbalanced minds. His truth is to realize himself and thus, nothing is lacking. There is no further search, the truth is no longer something to seek for it is “within.”

    Life has many paths for each individual. There are no recipes of self-realization but we learn to cook as ingredients appear unexpectedly in Life and the beauty of that unfolds: To be able to produce a tasty and wholesome meal to share with others. That is the art. Thus, a self-realized person is there to be recognized by his presence. That is the teaching in itself. It is a living teaching for others in contact with such person.

    There is no prototype of what a self-realized man should look like or the way he should behave, for subjectivity is not the measurement stick. His footprints will do the talk.

    Life is experiential. Theory, dogma and mental understanding does not change who we ARE. As those life experiences are processed and assimilated without rejection, we will see that Life itself will turn lead into gold. Life is the alchemist, although others may call that alchemist God or the Drama. While those looking for the truth of who the true alchemist is and whether in fact, he/she/it can do that “magic trick;” there are others looking at the truth of that inner change.

    At the end, the truth is not in our finding of facts outside of ourselves, that is a mental game only. The truth is in the exploration of the “inside.” Once the inside is found, it will be just like the outside. Therefore, here is my “theory of everything”: Consciousness is the alpha and omega. That sentence cannot be explained for everything will be spoiled. For those who have followed these writings, perhaps it is a good time to realize that “truth” cannot be put into words. It is not a paragraph that we can tell to another, a dogma. It has to be realized…. but yet, i wrote my truth. Isn’t that paradoxical, insane and confusing? Understanding happens when there is no push to try to understand. Until then. 🙂

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    Is there Life after death? There is a paradox. 

    That is the question that this businessman is hoping to answer through a contest. Those in the Brahma Kumaris know the answer through their “knowledge,” although that “knowledge” may not be practical in their lives. In other words, fear will be there. Even though they know the “answer.”

    For me, the cycle of time is the single most important piece of “knowledge” that I got out of the BK experience. It wasn’t just the theoretical knowledge, the dogma to recite; but I had a practical experience and many other incidents in my life which proved to me the validity of it.

    Nonetheless, my experience by no means is the “truth.” I cannot be validated objectively, even if there are experiments through science. Although our world gives plenty of trust to scientific evidence, it is my understanding now, that biases and deep rooted beliefs are also lingering in the mind of many scientists. For instance, if we become acquainted with the experiments of neuroscientist Benjamin Libet, we could observe in his findings that what is known as “free will” may not be. The thought of that implication made many scientists uncomfortable and decided to come up with reasons as to why that experiment wasn’t reliable. After all “free will” must survive, for it is obvious we have, correct?

    Scientists and philosophers made things more complex by not agreeing with a “definition” of what “free will” is, although everyone else may know what that is but just cannot put it in words. There are many kinds, according to their thoughts. Researchers came up with the term “Free won’t” as the alternative to “free will.” Basically, if actions are initiated before being conscious of it, we still have the chance to stop performing those when aware. That is to use of our “volition.”

    However, that volition requires careful observation and awareness. Many times, that “free won’t” is another name for conditioning kicking in. “Free won’t” is the “cure” used systematically in our society: “I felt like doing that action, but I stopped it,” and then we give a learned reason. We perceive this as something positive. The other side of such “cure,” is the control beyond our true impulses which lead us into repression. Nevertheless, not everyone has the “free won’t” program fully installed as we wish, so they can make “sane decisions,” and not every action will give us the chance to allow for that program to kick in within hundreds of a second of an unconscious drive.

    As we can see, all these reasons make up more words and lenghty papers, to debate about.

    Our society will need to be free of such biases to have a different understanding. There is a need to challenge every belief. The cycle of time is being explored as an alternative of the well known “big-bang” linear belief of time.

    The cycle of time is a circle, with no beginning or end. That is hard to imagine in our conditioned society where there must be a beginning. Moreover, the cycle of time will show us that “time” may be another constant illusion but with practical value in our society. Constant change in Life, means constant newness. There is no true referential static point, but yet our minds allow us to do so. That means, that there is no “I” as a reference, but yet we use that reference all the time. This paradox is another constant in our duality perceived Universe: Time exists, but doesn’t. “I” exist but do not. “Free will exists” but it doesn’t.

    Therefore, the cycle of time leads into predestination or determinism through cause and effect, which in turn recycles into the “Eternal Return” for every thing changes but it comes back to be the same, again. Yet another paradox. We cannot bathe in the same river twice, but we will. Another paradox.

    Finally, we live in the outer shell of cyclical time and determinism but in the inner shell of linear time and free will. The inside is the outside and vice versa.

    The greatest paradox could be that there is no death, but yet “we” die.

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    Transmigration and the BK belief in the existence of animals in the Golden Age 

    It is my understanding now, that Brahma Kumaris’ philosophy had a part of what we could label as “truth” in Life, but not all of it. In fact, no religion or philosophy could ever have it for they only explain a small part of the whole. In Brahma Kumaris, there is the belief of reincarnation of souls into the same species, that is human souls can only reincarnate in human bodies; whereas transmigration allows for a soul to change species according to its particular plan of experiences.

    From that perspective, I remember the BK story about a follower who asked BapDada about how animals appeared in the Golden Age. BapDada’s answer was something like: “Don’t worry about the furniture there.” Without a doubt, it is a pertinent answer when a follower lives in the mind and only cares about “right” answers and not much about personal transformation.

    Despite the fact that my question has no significance in self transformation, here it is for your entertainment. This question could be asked to the sister in charge at the BK center near you: “What does an animal DO to deserve the Golden age?” That could be enough to stir the pot. According to BK philosophy only certain animal species will be in the Golden Age and within that species, not every member could be in the Golden Age. What makes the difference? The expected “right” answer is something like : “Baba hasn’t disclosed that.” Thus, here another question: Is the soul world only a “place” for human souls divided in a tree of religions? Since animals are souls as well, “where” are they? Are they divided into species? 🙂

    The Universe is continuously evolving. Consciousness is all there is to be able to perceive and feel alive. Every species including animals, plants and even minerals have some sort of consciousness.

    Observe your pet (if you have one, as it is considered “pukka” not to have one in the BK world. Personally I am not fond of having pets of any kind, but my family here in Peru has a dog. )

    In that observation, I couldn’t help but notice that my family’s dog “only needs to learn to talk” to be just like another human. I wonder if perhaps in that evolution of consciousness, in its “next life” that dog could be a human (Transmigration)? After all, that dog has lived 98% with humans and only 2% with other dogs of its kind. Wouldn’t that have a karmic consequence? That is just an observation that I wanted to share. That conversation could easily change into how is it possible for cows to be non violent animals but yet have to endure great suffering in most of the world through places for slaughter? What sort of karma is behind that?

    One of the things that I learned is that there are no absolutes in Life. Observe the symbol of the “Yin and Yang.” I couldn’t say something like: “All animals experience transmigration,” or “ All Bks will be angels,” for I know that cannot be. Every soul path is different and it does not have to fit a belief system created by someone. In that the Universe, Life itself is always unpredictable.

    What if there is intelligent Life is another planet? How could philosophies of many distinct religions could fit that “reality”? As a follower would you leave because your belief no longer fits a new “reality”? Or perhaps you have discovered something more important, an inner change that you value and you know that it couldn’t have been possible, without the aid of your belief system.

    Something to reflect about.

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    Question on “Shrimat”: Does it change? How is that related with “numberwise”? 

    Thank you for your question.

    I would like to invite you to read this article first. ( This reply will be given from 2 different perspectives, for there was a time when avyakt7 was a BK.

    From the perspective of a BK (avyakt7,) Shrimat or the “elevated directions;” are norms which every BK needs to follow. Those norms are divided into 2 kinds according to my experience: 1) The “Maryadas” or the code of conduct. Anyone who calls himself a BK needs to follow that code. Therefore, here is where “numberwise” applies. For example, a BK is supposed to eat food only prepared by her or other Bks, that is part of the code. If you decided to eat in a restaurant, then you are not following the Maryadas and therefore, there is a “number” for you. You are no longer “number 1, like the Father;” but you may be at some other number in the “ranking” for not fully following that maryada.

    The above presents some issues. For instance, some Bks may not choose to eat what another BK cooks for his “stage” may not be proper in their judgment, or the food wasn’t prepared according to the “system,” for example by not offering “bhog” or a sample of the food to ShivBaba (god) in a “bhog” ceremony or meditation, etc. There are no lines separating what should be done, but it is considered “pukka” or “firm” if following the procedures of the BK center near you, then you become “number 1.” That should be applied to every maryada or code of conduct.

    2) Shrimat given particularly to you: Here a center in charge or someone up in the hierarchy may give you a particular advise to follow. As a BK follower you should follow it, until someone in the hierarchy says otherwise. Then the issue arises as to whether you follow the latest advise or the former. That sort of “shrimat”can change according to personal situations and the “higher ups” can give those types of shrimat.

    If you are a BK, it is advisable that you “practice” the maryadas for they will give the foundation to further spiritual development. The practice of those codes will de-condition you from mainstream society. That is the main benefit when looking at it from outside of the BK world.

    Why is de-conditioning important? Because it will allow you to be aware of another perspective. Be AWARE of all the inner changes and inner conflicts throughout that phase. Many “spiritual people” know that they need to de-condition to be able to be aware of another reality, however; practically they feel too comfortable trapped in their “matrix” and just knowing things intellectually.

    From my outside perspective now (avyakt7-ng,) “Shrimat” is meant to be like training wheels when you learn to ride a bicycle. As your “stage” moves on, many things will change naturally and perhaps your life will have some of the elements of the BK maryadas. Once you learn to “ride the bike,” there is no need for training wheels. Perhaps, at that “stage” some of the BK “practices” are no longer a “practice” for you but part of your being, that is NATURAL to you.

    Avyakt7-ng would like to emphasize this phrase: “if you learn to ride the bike,” for many believe that they have done that and may not use the BK training wheels; never learning to ride the bike but believing that they have done so by using many other supports instead.

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    The transition to “Brahma,” “is not like going to your auntie’s home.” 

    If the game of Life is represented by the passage of the first pure into the first impure, that is from Krishna into Vikram, (according to Brahma Kumaris’ philosophy) there is another passage with relevance for the one experiencing it and those close to that one as well. What is that ?

    The passage from Lekhraj Kripalani into Brahma. That transition is the fulfillment of self-realization which I like to call “Life realization.” Within one life time, some individuals will be able to experience within themselves the “yes and the no,” the “yin and yang,” the “pure and the impure.” The importance is obvious, for that will be the first conscious role where the person knows the journey, the passage through his own experience.

    Whereas from “pure to impure” is a matter of gradual unconsciousness, from “impure to pure” is the journey of awakening . There have been many self-realized individuals in history, some well-known and others little known; however, every single one of them had a “mission” for the common good. Every journey is unique. No copy cats allowed.

    In our world filled with spiritual gurus, there is a great difference between a teacher and a master. Typically, the teacher merely passes information. He becomes a source of conditioning in one system or another. A master on the other hand, is about PRESENCE. He IS, therefore his presence is all that it is needed. He doesn’t teach but expresses in BEING what he IS. That in turn, changes others.

    There are many stories about Brahma Baba given by those who lived close to him. It could be almost a magical experience for some. Those around him were touched. What some people felt at the time and the benefit that Brahma Baba’s PRESENCE gave them, cannot be understood by those away from that experience. Therefore, it is no longer what he says and the “wisdom of words,” what matters is his PRESENCE. What he IS can change others.

    In this world there may be many people with sharp speaking abilities and great intelligence but they ARE NOT what they talk about. They lack the experience. Their knowledge is just information, something to entertain the mind. However, the words of those with the experience are able to pierce someone’s mind and heart. That is included in the magical gift of arriving into self-realization.

    It is no longer “him” finding the “true path” through following some philosophy. What has happened is the miracle of Life itself uplifting the ones who are ready. Others may identify that help as God, Beings of light, extraterrestrial beings, angels, etc; for the arrival to light means that Life itself has protected that individual to be able to cross the path from his own darkness into the Universal light.

    It is no longer “his” light, but light itself as he is one with Life.

    The journey of Lekhraj into Brahma, is without a doubt the rewarding scene of going around the cycle of time. Yes, Krishna was “pure” and was born “pure.” Nothing special about it. On the other hand those experiencing “hell and heaven” within one life time in the journey of awakening, could perhaps share that “it is not like going to your auntie’s home.”

    • Soul76 3:02 AM on January 21, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      Thank you brother of light .can you put some light in the meaning if shrimat .
      Does it change? Or not .souls are numberwise …how can they follow shrimat .i feel that theses 2 notions( shrimat .numberwise ) is hard to put togather .
      Thank you for your time and beautiful rnergy


      • avyakt7- New Generation 8:43 PM on January 21, 2021 Permalink | Reply

        Sure. I will try to answer your question and share my take on Shrimat, if that could change and how that is related with ‘numberwise.’ All the best.


    • Gayathri 8:02 AM on January 30, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      Om shanti. Thanks brother for your interesting article. Yes, I can relate to it and most BKs also could. I was leading a very normal/ worldly life when Baba ‘entered’ my life. Then I started to have a series of metaphysical experiences and was puzzled, but was happy though. 🙂 But sometimes I was scared too and requested the un-manifested God to spare me from those strange experiences. 🙂 After a couple of years I happened to go to the BK centre and life took a different turn, I started to understand the deep significance of my spiritual experiences. For me, the experiences/ practicals came first followed by the theory. 🙂 Anyway, visions and spiritual experiences only could guide us to some extent but this journey of the soul is LOOOOO….NG. Thanks for being a co-traveler.


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      Brother, why is it that I have not been getting new comments via e mail since a couple of months even though I select / mark the icon “Notify me of the new comments via email” ? Maya! 🙂


      • avyakt7- New Generation 1:18 PM on February 1, 2021 Permalink | Reply

        In theory, you should get new comments from the thread that you subscribed to. Perhaps there were no comments after yours… 🙂 It is best to look at this page once in a while.


    • Gayathri 12:48 AM on February 2, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      Ok. But though you have commented on my message, even this ‘new comment’ has not appeared in my mail box. 🙂 Anyway, I will check the blog. Thanks.

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        Sometimes the email will go to other boxes such as spam, social, etc. It may take up to a day to receive the response. It is best to check here. Thanks.


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    King Vikram to Krishna: Duality in roles 

    King Vikram to Krisha” is one of the stories in the BK philosophy dealing with the experience of duality. According to BK philosophy, Vikram was the first “impure” person (by promoting the carving of sculptures engaged in sex in some temples- famous in the Murli is the temple of Khajuraho;) which marked the beginning of the “Copper age.”

    Interestingly, Lekhraj Kripalani or Brahma Baba now; had the role of being the “first pure” in the role of Krishna but also the first “impure” in the role of King Vikram, according to BK beliefs. The role of Brahma Baba however, is quite important as it makes the transition from “impurity to purity.”

    We forget that human vision of sexuality had a different perspective at that time; which probably was positive and uplifting for human sexuality represented the embrace of duality (man and women in union) also known as integration of opposite but complementary forces in Life. That integration when attained, is sacred. It deserves to be in a temple. However; in the vision of most at this time (a. k. a “impure,”) that representation may only serve as a source of pornography. This confirms that “sin” is in the eye of the beholder- the BEING – and not in the sculpture itself.

    “The first pure became the first impure.” Seemingly opposites, a virtue and a sin; personified by the same “soul” at different times. This elaboration of duality shown in BK beliefs can be observed in other human roles in history, as well.

    For instance, many get caught up with the role of “villain” in history. However, according to the laws of duality; that same “soul” may have represented or will represent a “saintly” role as well at another time, of course; after experiencing roles of suffering as that is an agent of “purification.” The “capacity” for that duality is proportional in both, good and evil. It is that understanding known as “Unlimited” the one that is able to observe that everything is fleeting in a predestined Drama. Basically, “wrong” karma will lead into “good” karma to settle things into a “zero balance” and then into neutral karma or “karmateet.” All according to the “capacity” of that soul which means the ability to withstand both sides of a duality. That is the personal “Drama” or personal plot of every human role, which is entangled with others at the same time. Observe that there is no way for Dada Lekhraj to stop none of the 84 roles “given” to him to perform in Life, according to BK philosophy.

    To be able to better “digest” what was explained, we may need to put many beliefs aside and open up to unlearning. Therefore, whenever we get caught up in a particular role of a particular person, we may need to see that in an “unlimited” way, by looking at both sides of the coin and knowing that “he/she” is truly none of the roles being portrayed and at the same time to observe that “I” was put in front of that person for a “reason.” Nothing happens in Life in a random fashion. Everything is meaningful, although if we search for that meaning, we will be wasting our time, for Life is not about finding intellectual meaning to it; but consciously living the fleeting experience. If we experience something and label it as “bad,” for sure something “good” is on the way or vice versa. It is unavoidable, for that is the complete experience. Duality.

    All experiences are fleeting. Some may last longer than others, but everything goes away, that is certain. However, as they go away they will come back again in a cycle. Do you see the “game”?

    What is important to know about all that philosophical, intellectual nonsense explained above? To enjoy the experience, whether we label that as “good” or “bad.” As a matter of fact, let us forget those childish opposite words which only cause confusion. “Consciously enjoy the now, for it will change and change is fleeting.” Embrace that duality as depicted in those temples.

    • Gayathri 11:16 AM on January 15, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      Om shanti. Brother, this is a wonderful presentation of gyan. I have been thinking in the same lines to some extent and this attitude/ perception has really made my life more comfortable. Rejecting people in my mind automatically projects my views about them in my drishti and activity and it in turn creates negative response from others. Only very recently i have brought drastic changes in my response to others’ activities and I am surprised to see the positive responses. This does not mean I encourage people to behave in a particular (negative) way, but I am able to let go of my expectations from them to some (Till now only to SOME) extent. 🙂 So far so good. 🙂
      Thanks for your inspiring articles.
      P.S. Actually, it is not even necessary to go back to a couple of thousands of years to compare how the thinking of people has changed; in general – when a traditional Asian/ Indian lady observes the way some western ladies dress up, she may not appreciate it at all. But for those ladies and their country men that type of dressing looks perfect. We interpret things based on our mental conditioning.


      Sorry, I have typed this reply on another message of yours. 😦

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    • Soul76 3:27 AM on January 21, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      Om shanti brother of light .reading your insights is full of positivity. I guess that the hole problematic is that some time we find our selves obliged to use images ( metaphore) to explaine some thing spiritual ….and at in othe times ..this same tool is the mean to creat ” impurity” the mind .we were incorporeal in the thought..and then we became corporeal in the thought .anavoidabl proccess . Thank you for ur time end energy.

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    Duality in Life expresses as personal Karma 

    From last article, we could follow how many times we are so entrenched with mental concepts which do not fit the reality of Life. In BK terms, the “Drama” cannot be fully explained through words.

    Let me go a bit deeper. A person expresses through actions. Those actions are the moving blocks of the Drama or Life. Whether we DO or we don’t DO, still things get DONE. I am not talking about things in our little corporation or cubicle, not even governments and their manipulation of “realities” which is very limited. Human rules are for human societies, but that “Matrix” is a small part of Life, the Drama. Let me illustrate: Through laws a president could be ousted from power. That is within the realm of human laws. However, we cannot foresee the consequences of that. “The people” may revolt without consequences, while very few may revolt and there could be large consequences: Killing, accidents, etc. Immediately we look for a “responsible” party to punish them for “their” actions, and we believe that justice has arrived. We condemn them and repudiate those activities; then we forget the incident until something similar happens again, for “history repeats itself.”

    Those powers of action and reaction when looked at the personal level are known as karma. Those who died in the example above, had a Life which karmically needed to end in genocide, that was the type of experience that they needed to experience. Probably these individuals were involved in something which ended up in death of others in another Life experience.

    We label experiences as desirable if they fit our convenience, our ideals or undesirable if we feel against them. We keep on labeling things: Good, bad, sinful or virtuous but in the Drama, those scenes are merely experiences, after all; aren’t we “eternal” beings? What is the “worse” that could happen to you? This belief, however firm; does not fit the reality of our consciousness.

    Life uses activities to move forward into another experience which could bring further suffering to the collective consciousness but necessary for their experience. The “ups and downs” in Life are necessary as they are. Those “ups and downs” express duality.

    Since we are “here,” we experience that duality as agents of change whether we realize that or not. Therefore, our little debates over “free will vs. predestination” amount to nothing. We are unable to observe all ramifications and scenes in Life; the different threads of actions meshed together giving the experience of duality.

    That is why, a “detached observer” is needed to live harmoniously within that duality but that cannot happen while our consciousness of “i” is very strong. A detached observer experiences the insubstantiality of that “i,” thus there is no concrete, stable “i” DOING something, but he is aware that things get done through “him” as he is part of the Drama, Life and there is a higher ultimate theme which needs to be performed.

    Some may believe that Avyakt7-NG is a “good” writer of spiritual knowledge because they can understand what I convey. Some may disapprove by thinking that he only copies stuff from some Asian philosophy. If there is a writer, there is a reader (duality.) Those agreeing or disagreeing are meshed together with me in this experience. “Your” karma may be to understand these things which may have value in your Life, which others do not give a lonely peanut. However; through duality, if those accolades affected me and my ego was inflated, then necessarily I will need to experience the opposite, which may cause suffering. However, if fame and defamation are accepted but there is no ego to be affected positively or negatively by that duality, then the Observer becomes detached although allowing people to act their parts. Rejection of another person’s part, will bring further repetition of the same experience. That is why, “history repeats itself.”

    • Gayathri 4:12 AM on January 12, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      Om shanti brother.

      Thanks for the thought provoking article. I agree with you that as log as the mind is active, it only keeps on thinking… what we need is to ‘silence’ the mind. The real spiritual experience is felt in that silence and transformation of the soul happens / starts to happen in that silence.

      Being a detached observer and and not getting influenced by others’ activities and not getting hurt by defamation or are elated by praise is an indicator of becoming a detached observer.

      In this context, i remember one episode that Dadi Janaki ji had shared in our class. Long long ago, in the early days of yagya, when she was serving in Pune centre in India, her co-centrewasi visited Mdhuban. And Baba was all praise for Dadi Janaki ji and had enquired a lot about her well being. This made that sister confused and after returning from Madhuban, she asked Dadi ji as to why Baba was so impressed about her but in reality she was not even able to do much service in Pune because of her ill health. Dadi ji was also a bit confused.
      And when it was her turn to go to Madhuban, in the Murali class, she told Baba that she was not able to do any service and was feeling bad about it.

      Then Baba asked the entire class, “Did Janak gave sorrow to any one of you?” They all said, “No, Baba.” Then he turned towards Dadi ji and asked her, “Do you take sorrow from any one?” She said, “No Baba.”
      “What more do you have to do?” He asked her. She was perplexed and asked him, “Is that all I have to do Baba?” He said, “YES.”

      This shows how we interpret gyan in our own way and go about just doing service with body, mind, and wealth and forget the fact that what is actually required is, BRINGING A CHANGE IN OUR CONSCIOUSNESS.

      Om shanti.

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    • Gayathri 4:20 AM on January 12, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      “Rejection of another person’s part, will bring further repetition of the same experience. That is why, “history repeats itself.” – This is scary!! 🙂


    • Gayathri 11:15 AM on January 15, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      Om shanti. Brother, this is a wonderful presentation of gyan. I have been thinking in the same lines to some extent and this attitude/ perception has really made my life more comfortable. Rejecting people in my mind automatically projects my views about them in my drishti and activity and it in turn creates negative response from others. Only very recently i have brought drastic changes in my response to others’ activities and I am surprised to see the positive responses. This does not mean I encourage people to behave in a particular (negative) way, but I am able to let go of my expectations from them to some (Till now only to SOME) extent. 🙂 So far so good. 🙂
      Thanks for your inspiring articles.
      P.S. Actually, it is not even necessary to go back to a couple of thousands of years to compare how the thinking of people has changed; in general – when a traditional Asian/ Indian lady observes the way some western ladies dress up, she may not appreciate it at all. But for those ladies and their country men that type of dressing looks perfect. We interpret things based on our mental conditioning.



    • Gayathri 11:10 PM on January 15, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      The above message was sent here by mistake. It was actually a comment on the article, “From King Vikram to Krishna…” Sorry.


  • avyakt7- New Generation 1:11 PM on December 30, 2020 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , , , , , ,   

    If each soul has all its eternal role engraved, how could it have freedom of choice and create karmic accounts? 

    This excellent intellectual question based on BK philosophy, was asked here.

    Isn’t freedom of choice the opposite of predestination? That is what we have been told. Most at this time, experience fully their “freedom of choice” (they believe,) although; it is known that most are not awaken from a conditioned Life ruled by the mind. No newness in their thinking but only to follow a pattern given by tradition. That is the extent of “free will” of most humans.

    I recall a similar question was asked at a BK retreat. The person giving the talk did her best to harmonize free will with predestination: “If you give me your hand to shake, that is your free will,” she said. However, we may need to inquire into how learned traditions and traumatic experiences influence our “free will.” To put it bluntly: Can a psychotic claim that he has free will?

    Isn’t individuality the opposite of Totality? That is what we have been told and most consciousness at THIS TIME EXPERIENCE that: “I” am different than “you;” but it is difficult to see that this “I” cannot exist without that “you,” thus there is an inter-relation; “I” and “you” are meshed together which is what the Drama of Life expresses: Unity, Totality even between perceived opposites. Thus, there is a double “reality” which is opposite but complementary at the same time.

    In BK knowledge or philosophy there is a clear distinction between “I” and the Drama (Life, Totality.) That distinction creates free will, thus karma, thus punishment, thus salvation, thus guilt, thus shame. “There is only Baba, I and Drama” it is said in BK teachings. That separation supports the above. But “karma” is nothing but your personal “Drama.” Your personal Drama is also the “big” Drama/Life/ Totality, which paradoxically ‘repeats’ and it is ‘new’ at the same time.

    Do you see the theme here? In Life, repetition is the same as newness. That is not human logic or reason, that is insight from deep understanding. Then, predestination is the same as free will. But, it all depends from where you look at it: From the perspective of the “I” with its reasoning and logic, or the Totality. Most will not understand intellectually what I just expressed for there is no experience of that.

    But; Why is Brahma Kumaris using a concept which we can identify as being contradictory, “wrong” as when having free will but having at the same time a predestined role?

    Short answer: To regenerate the follower. If a person is corrupt, lies, cheats, kills and gets away with that, then fear of punishment due to “vikarma” will try to stop that person from performing evil deeds for the well being of society. However, that is only a repression out of fear. But the immense majority of people are in that state of consciousness.

    Many BKs do not fully understand the significance of a predestined Drama for they are stuck in the “I” separated from everything else, including the Drama or Life. Moreover, the word “predestination” infuses fear in many. Greater fear is experienced with the word “anatman” or “no-self,” a.k.a “omnipresence.” Thus, the consciousness of that famous “i” will bring other very important things that you may need to discover.

    With your question you have discovered a contradiction. If your finding is only at the mental level; then you could say: “I will not feel guilty anymore. I am a puppet of destiny. I don’t create anything in Life, for everything is already predestined.” Logically, reasonably you may be “right,” BUT that is a limited view. Have you inquire into the existence and permanence of that “I”? Trapped at the mental level, there is no way out as the mind is full of “I.” However, those who have been able to go beyond the mind, into “no-mind,” “heart center” or whatever technical term we may want to use, those know another reality; where the words predestination and free will mean absolutely nothing. Where Life is about experiences and when someone experiences “left,” he may need to experience “right,” as well. Duality. Others call that “karma.”

    There is the duality of individuality and Totality. Those are not contradictory anymore. Just like the words predestination with free will, karma with akarma, for we can see what the “I” truly does. But for those in the logical mind, those words represent only the opposite of each other.

    Therefore it is “safe” for most in society, religions and the BK system as well; to stick with free will, punishment, karma and the rest of it until the person is able to experience the reality of that “I-ness.” Then, the former “formula” will change as the realization goes beyond the understanding of the mind.

    Your question was fully answered.

  • avyakt7- New Generation 12:20 PM on December 20, 2020 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , , , , ,   

    Question: How can someone become self realized if knowledge is not based on totality? 

    Thank you for your question. Observe the way your question is phrased. You believe that self-realization is a question of having knowledge. You believe that this knowledge has to be “based on Totality.”

    In my experience, knowledge is only entertainment for the mind. Just like BapDada pointed out. There is no need for it unless our way of relating with Life is only through the mind. There is no change of consciousness through it. Practice of it, only changes external behavior but there is no change “inside.”

    Therefore, “knowledge “ and “Totality” are only mere words, which mean nothing for someone whose Life is not influenced by the mind.

    In my experience, we may need to free ourselves from the tyranny of our own minds to be able to progress into a different way of relating with Life. That has been called de-conditioning.

    The mind makes the distinction between the observer and that which is observed. That perception is what the majority points out as “normal” consciousness. However, there is more and that “knowing” is not related with accumulation of second hand information known as “knowledge.” Beyond the mind, there is another experience where Totality is no longer a fancy new age word. There is the experience of it whether we have second hand information (knowledge) or not.

    As humans start their spiritual journeys, there is only consciousness of a fragment of that Totality. Others may bring the experience of yet other fragments of the same Totality, different stories and experiences but those who are interested in the “truth,” will only get a fragment, a perception. They believe that the ‘truth’ can be put on a paragraph and all there is left, is to practice it.

    Those who are ready to acknowledge and accept many fragments are closer to that Totality at the mental level, but they may lack the experience of it. Knowledge may try to put those fragments together but without the experience of Totality, there is nothing but words.

    Self realization is not a mental affair. As a matter of fact, knowledge could be an obstacle to de-condition and without de-conditoning, we haven’t gone that far in our journey.

    Brahma Kumaris is a good de-conditioning agent from the conditioning of society, but there is more to it which could arrive in our lives when we are ready. Then may come the mind and unlearning that “knowledge” which at one point was taken as the only “truth.”

    However, every journey is different.

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