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    Above all: Be honest with yourself 

    Out of the many meanings the word “honesty” could have, “integrity” is the one that I refer to in this article. What is integrity? To be true to yourself, that is complete and undivided.

    In a society where we are taught to comply and “fake it til you make it,” I feel it is important to observe this quality of honesty. I feel it is the most important quality a seeker could ever have.

    In my time as a religious seeker, I was believing in things that I did not experience. Part of that comes from that fear to be left out of the ‘chosen’ crowd and another part is because of sheer compliance with the norms: If we belong to a particular faith, then we are expected to comply. It is the same with belonging to a political party, a team, even to a country. We will find that the level of influence the collective consciousness has into an individual is directly proportional to his lack of self observation.

    In my Christian times or even Brahma Kumaris experience, I experienced that issue of lack of self honesty, integrity. It is understandable, for no one is expected to be by himself in a spiritual path and make some spiritual progress. We may need support from others, what is known in BK parlance as the ‘spiritual family.’

    However; if ever by yourself, then it is a twofold path: It is a great opportunity to climb to new heights as long as you have the discipline and the openness to accept and learn from the tests that Life will throw at you; or it is the best opportunity as well, to fall little by little into darkness: To be the protagonist of the famous fable of the ‘boiling frog.’ We need a degree of keen awareness to be able to make it or you will burn away into a comfort zone of lethargy.

    My sister “Raysha,” has a spiritual path of her own. She is into “cover yourself with a violet light and send a white light of blessings to the world,” Chakras, kundalini, mudras, dimensions, magic… etc. Get the point? That path works for her because she experiences those things and can “see” those things having an effect on her and she has unique spiritual gifts. Typically, she is the one chosen to work with Nature and ‘elementals’ as she can relate at a level that ‘normal’ people wouldn’t. When we see all the wonders of the world as magical, we are not far from what is. My friend Mathias once told me:”First was magic, then philosophers wanted to interpret and explain to others, finally came science where you had to rationally explain your findings.” Have you been in Disney’s “Magic Kingdom”? The kid fully enjoying it is not the one asking questions like: why? how? That ain’t real, right?” This life experience is like that “Magic Kingdom.” Where we are meant to enjoy this ride not to ask questions during it and miss the moment.

    What good is to know theoretically something that you cannot experience? That is only information which could be good to participate in programs like “Jeopardy” or to get some on-line certification in “spiritual studies.” That is all.

    My path on the other hand, is ‘Down to the Bone’ (like the musical group.) Observation, awareness, feelings, intuition, discipline. That is all, folks! No magical powers… Some may say “good intellect” as some BKs used to say, but that was the Avyakt7 from way before. Some of the intellectual, philosophical, sort of scientific writings that one used to write, are not part of my experience today. Sometimes I even attempt to read those and they do not resonate with me. Too much mind! However, that experience has been integrated in the one existing today. The Universe speaks to me through other means. For instance, I have signed up to receive free daily emails from “J. Krishnamurti online,” a daily quote. That is usually the first thing I read in the morning. I have been amazed at the synchronicity: It is usually what I need or what I need to decipher inside me. Krishnamurti was sharing his own experience but that has been made into an intellectual trip to nowhere by many intellectual people. Unless you had similar experiences leading you to understand beyond the limitations of words; you will not understand, no matter how smart or ‘educated’ you could be. We cannot explain what is water to someone who has never experienced it.

    I experienced that being honest with myself meant that those things which are not part of my experience, are just that; not part of my experience although for many others it could be.

    Therefore, as I understood that my mission was to have my two feet firmly planted on the physical realm, my spiritual dimension opened up as I was true to my mission. Nevertheless, I will not make the mistake of belittling other people’s experiences or spiritual/religious paths; for my sister’s path has helped me tremendously.

    The Universe is immense and full of mysteries! There is too much information for a little human mind and everyone of us has its own strengths to help each other out in the common good. Therefore, my previous search for the “true path,” or the “true belief system,” or to know the “truth,” all of that is out of my system; although at one point in my spiritual career, those items were very important for me.

    Someone “spiritual” one day told me: “As it is inside, it is outside.” I thought that to be a lie. But, I used to repeat it and sound “spiritual” with others because that phrase was ‘in’ the spiritual repertoire. I thought that I needed to “practice those skills” and whenever I experienced a gray day in my life, I only had to say to others that it was beautiful! I am sure, many seekers have gone through the same experience. ‘Fake til you make it’ does not achieve any influence in the realm of BEING, which is the one which truly matters.

    Now, I could experience that as you ARE, that is how your vision IS and while some may perceive problems and obstacles, others may see those as challenges, opportunities to conquer. Different perceptions, none of them right or wrong. Nevertheless, without those problems or challenges there could not be a possibility to blossom in the spiritual realm, no matter how great our information or experience is on chakras, karma, dharma, spiritual dimensions, ascended masters, etc.

    Spirituality is not an intellectual endeavor (although it may start there.) It is completely experiential and every experience is different for different individuals, thereby; we may need to be honest with ourselves and acknowledge our own experiences only as another route to “get there,” which is different from someone else. It is in understanding this, how openness to diversity and variety could take us to experience Life in a different dimension, which will have a positive effect in our BEING.

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      Om shanti brother. Yes, your words make sense. Yes, ultimately, we find our own methods and ways to reach our own goal of life. I admire sister Reysha and yourself for choosing and following your own ways in your spiritual journey and progressing fairly well. I have a friend in Rome who is very spiritual but does not agree with many fundamental principles of BKs. But she is amazing and the results she produces by her methods in helping others are very impressive. Drama! 🙂


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        Yes, every situation is different and requires different methods, techniques, approaches, recipes, etc. but honesty within is the common ground and together with a sense of awareness of ‘what is,’ will give us the steps to follow in our lives. Thanks!


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    The paths of Spirituality 

    It is not my style to write long articles, but this time will be an exception. 🙂 Please bear with me.

    For me, spirituality is the art to live life in joy. That word “joy” could be understood as balance, appreciation, gratitude, enjoyment, delight. This is a state of BEING which comes by itself, without any outside influence or particular event happening to us.

    A “wanna-be” seeker, “Life walker” or spiritual person will usually find an existential emptiness in his life. That is the beginning of the journey. That person will search for meaning when all the avenues shown by our society are no longer satisfying; that is, the long lethargic sleep comes to an end little by little.

    Once that spark ignites, we cannot be the same. Life will provide many paths to awaken that “child.” In fact, that person becomes a child in consciousness. That person is like a sprout in need of protection, water and the right environment to grow; therefore, spiritual/religious paths will be there as “care takers.”

    Carlos Castaneda mentioned in one of his books, (as he heard it from his master, Don Juan) “All spiritual paths are the same: They will lead you nowhere.” Actually, spiritual paths don’t lead you anywhere because they cannot lead you to yourself. That is up to the seeker. Spiritual or religious paths are meant to give the environment for that “child” or sprout to grow. That journey could go through many turns and many gurus, many Gods and Goddesses, many supernatural experiences, blissful experiences, or teachings; which are beautiful side scenes in the journey. However, unless BEING is changed; those experiences will be easily forgotten and we will continue BEING pretty much the same: Trapped in our comfort and safe conditioning, self absorbed in the little “I.” The question is: How do we move away from BEING stuck in that rut?

    Life has brought an extraordinaire agent for change. It is called suffering. Have you been introduced to it? Most likely yes. But, most likely we want to get away from it! Nevertheless, suffering is part of the duality of Life and as my friend Miguel said: “ Symmetry (balance) in Life comes with good humor and the flexibility of the heart, which knows that pain is part of the experience.”

    Suffering has that “secret formula” which changes our BEING. Some religions have misinterpreted this and in turn they came up with ways to practice sheer masochism through penances and mortification. Truly artificial suffering. Life itself will put us in that real test! Eventually, suffering will go away and bring the other side of the coin. However, the way we perceive that suffering, will truly change us for the best or the worst.

    It is a different perception when we know that something is affecting us out of our own “karma,” our own doing in the past (and it is not punishment, but merely a consequence of experiencing the rules of duality) than when we blame that pain to someone else and will try to get even with the world, and produce further suffering. That is the time when “knowledge” could be helpful, we could mentally understand impartial cause and effect in Life and thus, we could calm our minds for we know that Life has given us the capacity to go through that episode as well. For that suffering to be fully effective, we need to accept it wholeheartedly. Life then finds an opening in us to sow newness. That is when the little sprout starts growing roots that eventually, will make it strong.

    Spiritual paths could present themselves in many shapes and forms: Some people will be in tune with the major monotheistic religions and their beliefs of sin, shame, guilt and punishment. Some religions will require greater commitment than others. The Brahma Kumaris asked a lot more out of me than just going to mass every Sunday; it took me out of my comfort zone. That couldn’t be possible without the experiences I had. That was the bait and I ate it. An “experience” (something out of the ordinary) may take the seeker out of the logic and reasoning of the mind. That is excellent!

    Others may start their journeys by experiencing changes of consciousness through artificial means, like drinking the popular “Ayahuasca” or eating some mushroom or smoking cannabis, etc. That experience is the bait for them. However, many will create a dependency on those artificial means. For instance, Ex-boxer Mike Tyson uses psilocybin (A psychodelic prodrug found in magic mushrooms) to help him with his mental issues: “I believe this is good for the world,” said Tyson, who said he thinks its use could also help create a more empathetic and just society.

    “If you put 10 people in a room that don’t like each other and give them some psychedelics, they’ll be taking pictures with each other,” (Here is the article from Reuters )

    Mr. Tyson found an altered state of consciousness through psychedelics and a “cure” for his mental issues, but his BEING is the same. No change. An empathetic society based on psychedelics is an illusion. I admit that I do not have experience with psychedelics, although places providing these experiences are numerous here in Peru which cater to foreigners. What I know is that there are many ramifications (which I am fully aware of) which could be detrimental and even dangerous to a seeker. An aborigine may use “power plants” with utmost respect, knowing that their effects will serve as a bridge to contact other worlds or for healing. A shaman may use power plants to perform a “job,” but for most individuals; it is only an opportunity to find another addiction. In this, I need to add that Shamanisn has been widely distorted by concentrating on magic, rituals and spirit contact and not in the root of self realization and to live in harmony with Nature. Just like the distortion society has made of Tantra and even Yoga. Most westerners believe that Yoga is some form of cool acrobatics from the East, thanks to the marketing machinery and their objective to repackage and sell everything even if it has been defaced.

    My sister contacted a Shaman from Bolivia once she heard him speaking in an interview. He is known as “Chamalu.” He has written many books. She traveled by herself when she was 18, looking for him as she was losing her eyesight. That was her starting point in Spirituality. In his center/ashram, a regression was done on her. She met in that regression Brahma Baba (Dada Lekhraj) for the first time (founder of Brahma Kumaris.) She became a BK some time after, that is a story in itself. Brahma Baba told my sister that she “will always have light in her eyes.” She has minimum eye sight now, but she still sees. Nevertheless, she can “see” beyond the material realm without taking “power plants.” Brahma Baba told her that “there is nothing wrong with her eyes because she can see him.” True Shamanism from the Andes is a school to learn the art of living.

    There are paths concerned with extraterrestrial Life. Perhaps many of these “beings of light” are from other planets, other dimensions, other worlds, etc. and now they are helping us evolve? Why not? I had an unusual interest in UFOs when I was a kid. I read every book and magazine I found. In fact, I met Vlado Kapetanovic who was my neighbor in my childhood (https://exonews.org/contacting-friendly-apunians-in-the-andes-vlado-kapetanovic-leading-the-way/) and had the chance to chat with him about his experiences. His main phrase was: “Everything for others.”A very kind man (along with his wife, Mileva) who had a hard Life during World War II time while living in Yugoslavia. He wrote many internationally known UFO books among other writings. Nevertheless most individuals in this path will be mostly interested in seeing UFOs or will be interested in stories related with Atlantis or to call themselves “starseeds from another planet,” etc. rather than absorbing the message that these advanced civilizations bring. These seekers are still missing the point: To look at themselves. To be able to see their own shadow and their own light. That is the core spiritual teaching from any bona fide spiritual or religious path.

    Still; we need to start our journey someplace, and all those places are as good as any other in my opinion, for they could give us the opportunity to move from our comfort zone. In my experience, to move out of that comfort zone is one of the hardest aspects in our spiritual journey.

    Out of all spiritual/religious paths, there is the path of BEING. In my experience, the path of BEING goes from the head, to the heart and then to the gut. It is a journey within, helped by Life experiences. That is the inner journey helped by the experiences in the outer world. Most individuals are heavily connected only to their minds and the head. They cannot truly feel and part of their journey is to open that heart again.

    Finally, here is a reading that I highly recommend to go deeper within.

    https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B09mI7jo0YigUWlIdTEzcjU4UkE/edit (Hua Hu Ching)

    I found the “Hua Hu Ching” through an email that a friend sent me with a quote from that scripture. That quote resonated with me so much that I purchased the book. As I read it, it appeared to me as if I actually wrote that piece. It reflected back what I learned in Life. We could read any book or blog to learn something; but spiritual readings are not about learning but remembering what we already know. It is to feel that fascination and awe, when someone puts words to something that we have experienced which remained in essence, inside us.

    Enjoy the journey!

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    Creating Sanskaras for the “Golden Age.” 

    When a new BK follower is born, one of the first questions this person may ask is: “Why do we have to follow all of these rules?” (Referring to waking up before 4 am, lacto vegeterian diet -avoiding onions and garlic and even radishes according to some – celibacy, avoiding physical activities supporting body consciousness, etc.)

    One of the most popular and less controversial answers is: “To create sanskaras for the Golden Age.”

    The belief: A Deity in the Golden age wakes up very early in the morning, does not eat meat or pungent vegetables like onions and garlic, does not have sexual activity and does not practice physical activities like sports. That deity however, is engaged in the arts so those activities are encouraged.

    The ‘deity profile,’ has many believers within the BK system. It is hard to imagine that every BK could fit easily into that container, thus the label “numberwise” is used to describe that difference to fit “right.”

    In my time as a BK, I practiced everything except being engaged in sports. I used to run almost every day. Even while I visited Madhuban. Running and other sports like bike riding ( a welcomed activity after long seating retreats in Peace Village; which has beautiful natural surroundings to enjoy mother Nature) and swimming gave me an outlet for the extra energy I had, even though; that could be considered “body conscious” activities.

    Nevertheless, the benefits outweighed the drawbacks in my case considering my age at that time.

    Now, with that experience I could say that “creating sanskaras” does not happen through practice of some activities or lack of.

    In my BK days writing poetry once in a while, was the extent of “arts” for me. Now, away from the BK experience, I find myself interested in playing the acoustic guitar. I enjoy the peculiar sound coming from it and the feeling of upbeat relaxation . That new “hobby” did not appear out of some practice. Was it some inspiration or perhaps some late hidden sanskara? Well, it did not appear in my BK days.

    However, whenever we want to suppress some activity that we used to enjoy for the sake of compliance to an ideal, then this could be self-inflicted violence.

    That is what we may need to be aware of.

    Sexuality does not cease to exist because we want to comply to some profile and stop “cold turkey.” Sexuality will come out some way; somehow, unless it is already a personal inclination to be away from sex whether naturally or due to some physical illness or psychological issue. A meat eater can stop eating meat because he wants to comply to a profile, but unless that comes from within, there is no hope for that “sanskara” to go away.

    That is why is very important to cater to the individual, that is; to start the journey where the individual is at, rather than massifying things by asking him to DO things which may be out of his range.

    At this point in my life, I do not practice any sports as my body has changed (Thankfully was around the beginning of the pandemic time, which affected the mobility of everyone) but I regularly do hatha yoga, isometric exercises and specially, pranayamas as their benefit is considerable at this time. As an aside, many Bks already practice pranayamas in India. This breathing exercise is specially useful for the etheric body. My diet is vegan and eat much less than my sports days. Food stays in my system longer than before. This lifestyle is not for everyone; but as Life changes, so I am changing with it naturally.

    As the BK movement has reached the masses, perhaps it could be a welcomed change to stress their teachings in values and virtues, rather than fear based end-of-the-world philosophies and clerical, monastery like rules for all. After all, those virtues and human values are the ones that will benefit humanity, “creating” good karma for the follower. That is needed so Life itself can provide the necessary natural changes in that person’s sanskara.

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    Duality in Life expresses as personal Karma 

    From last article, we could follow how many times we are so entrenched with mental concepts which do not fit the reality of Life. In BK terms, the “Drama” cannot be fully explained through words.

    Let me go a bit deeper. A person expresses through actions. Those actions are the moving blocks of the Drama or Life. Whether we DO or we don’t DO, still things get DONE. I am not talking about things in our little corporation or cubicle, not even governments and their manipulation of “realities” which is very limited. Human rules are for human societies, but that “Matrix” is a small part of Life, the Drama. Let me illustrate: Through laws a president could be ousted from power. That is within the realm of human laws. However, we cannot foresee the consequences of that. “The people” may revolt without consequences, while very few may revolt and there could be large consequences: Killing, accidents, etc. Immediately we look for a “responsible” party to punish them for “their” actions, and we believe that justice has arrived. We condemn them and repudiate those activities; then we forget the incident until something similar happens again, for “history repeats itself.”

    Those powers of action and reaction when looked at the personal level are known as karma. Those who died in the example above, had a Life which karmically needed to end in genocide, that was the type of experience that they needed to experience. Probably these individuals were involved in something which ended up in death of others in another Life experience.

    We label experiences as desirable if they fit our convenience, our ideals or undesirable if we feel against them. We keep on labeling things: Good, bad, sinful or virtuous but in the Drama, those scenes are merely experiences, after all; aren’t we “eternal” beings? What is the “worse” that could happen to you? This belief, however firm; does not fit the reality of our consciousness.

    Life uses activities to move forward into another experience which could bring further suffering to the collective consciousness but necessary for their experience. The “ups and downs” in Life are necessary as they are. Those “ups and downs” express duality.

    Since we are “here,” we experience that duality as agents of change whether we realize that or not. Therefore, our little debates over “free will vs. predestination” amount to nothing. We are unable to observe all ramifications and scenes in Life; the different threads of actions meshed together giving the experience of duality.

    That is why, a “detached observer” is needed to live harmoniously within that duality but that cannot happen while our consciousness of “i” is very strong. A detached observer experiences the insubstantiality of that “i,” thus there is no concrete, stable “i” DOING something, but he is aware that things get done through “him” as he is part of the Drama, Life and there is a higher ultimate theme which needs to be performed.

    Some may believe that Avyakt7-NG is a “good” writer of spiritual knowledge because they can understand what I convey. Some may disapprove by thinking that he only copies stuff from some Asian philosophy. If there is a writer, there is a reader (duality.) Those agreeing or disagreeing are meshed together with me in this experience. “Your” karma may be to understand these things which may have value in your Life, which others do not give a lonely peanut. However; through duality, if those accolades affected me and my ego was inflated, then necessarily I will need to experience the opposite, which may cause suffering. However, if fame and defamation are accepted but there is no ego to be affected positively or negatively by that duality, then the Observer becomes detached although allowing people to act their parts. Rejection of another person’s part, will bring further repetition of the same experience. That is why, “history repeats itself.”

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      Om shanti brother.

      Thanks for the thought provoking article. I agree with you that as log as the mind is active, it only keeps on thinking… what we need is to ‘silence’ the mind. The real spiritual experience is felt in that silence and transformation of the soul happens / starts to happen in that silence.

      Being a detached observer and and not getting influenced by others’ activities and not getting hurt by defamation or are elated by praise is an indicator of becoming a detached observer.

      In this context, i remember one episode that Dadi Janaki ji had shared in our class. Long long ago, in the early days of yagya, when she was serving in Pune centre in India, her co-centrewasi visited Mdhuban. And Baba was all praise for Dadi Janaki ji and had enquired a lot about her well being. This made that sister confused and after returning from Madhuban, she asked Dadi ji as to why Baba was so impressed about her but in reality she was not even able to do much service in Pune because of her ill health. Dadi ji was also a bit confused.
      And when it was her turn to go to Madhuban, in the Murali class, she told Baba that she was not able to do any service and was feeling bad about it.

      Then Baba asked the entire class, “Did Janak gave sorrow to any one of you?” They all said, “No, Baba.” Then he turned towards Dadi ji and asked her, “Do you take sorrow from any one?” She said, “No Baba.”
      “What more do you have to do?” He asked her. She was perplexed and asked him, “Is that all I have to do Baba?” He said, “YES.”

      This shows how we interpret gyan in our own way and go about just doing service with body, mind, and wealth and forget the fact that what is actually required is, BRINGING A CHANGE IN OUR CONSCIOUSNESS.

      Om shanti.

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      “Rejection of another person’s part, will bring further repetition of the same experience. That is why, “history repeats itself.” – This is scary!! 🙂


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      Om shanti. Brother, this is a wonderful presentation of gyan. I have been thinking in the same lines to some extent and this attitude/ perception has really made my life more comfortable. Rejecting people in my mind automatically projects my views about them in my drishti and activity and it in turn creates negative response from others. Only very recently i have brought drastic changes in my response to others’ activities and I am surprised to see the positive responses. This does not mean I encourage people to behave in a particular (negative) way, but I am able to let go of my expectations from them to some (Till now only to SOME) extent. 🙂 So far so good. 🙂
      Thanks for your inspiring articles.
      P.S. Actually, it is not even necessary to go back to a couple of thousands of years to compare how the thinking of people has changed; in general – when a traditional Asian/ Indian lady observes the way some western ladies dress up, she may not appreciate it at all. But for those ladies and their country men that type of dressing looks perfect. We interpret things based on our mental conditioning.



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      The above message was sent here by mistake. It was actually a comment on the article, “From King Vikram to Krishna…” Sorry.


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    Afraid of predestination 

    When I was a BK teacher, once I gave the class of the “Eternally repeating cycle” to a student.

    Once I broke the news that “everything will repeat identically for we live in a cycle,” she broke down crying. She told me that she has been molested and just the thought of that happening to her again, was very traumatic.

    Most individuals are afraid of “repeating” something traumatic in their lives. That is “normal.”

    Although we could say that “it will repeat” at the same time, we can say that “it will be new.” In fact, every experience that we have in this Life time is “new” although theoretically we know it is “repetition.” Do we see that paradox? That understanding requires a bit of emotional maturity.

    Let me call the person of my example “Mary.”

    “Mary” will have that unsavory experience. It is fixed in the Drama. Mary should know as well that such an experience came as a consequence of other things she had done in her life or previous lives, for everything is “cause and effect.” Thus, can we say that she DESERVED the experience? NO! Let us not talk with the duality of “good or bad” terms. That terminology creates immense misunderstanding. It is too childish (although easy to understand in a world conditioned through the “reward system.”)

    Why? Here is the programming:

    “Mary” DESERVED the (BAD) experience. She did something WRONG before. She feels GUILTY. That SHAMEFUL incident was PUNISHMENT for her. That will REPEAT ETERNALLY. It is PREDESTINED.

    Those words in capital letters only create “sinners.” It is the conditioning that society and religions have exploited through the “reward system.”

    If we understand the paradoxical play of Life, we could appreciate that “Mary” will have the tools to overcome that experience. No one has a “flavor-less” experience without being capable to overcome it. That is another paradox which is not typically taught at the BK center. In fact, that experience will help her to change and eventually open up to Life again in her journey. It is guaranteed, for no one leaves the “play” without settling everything. Correct? That is “zero” balance.

    Therefore, in the “UNLIMITED” where was the WRONG action? Why feel GUILTY? Emotionally we have been conditioned to act that way, but feeling remorse will not “fix” anything. Thus, we should learn to be mature enough to take the consequences and learn from them, so we can grow even out of “unfortunate” experiences. That is to be conscious.

    In Life, experiences just ARE necessary as they ARE. For conditioned humans, there is “good and bad” according to their own morality and conditioning. Religions will remind us to “think twice” before DOING an action. That is fine if we have the chance to meditate before our next activity of the day. However, many times ACTIONS happen right there, instantly. No time to think. Have you notice? Those may have a lasting consequence in our lives.

    Just OBSERVE in the moment that that happens. Observe how perhaps a repressed “I” takes over. Let us be conscious of that as it happens. To emotionally beat ourselves up will not DO a thing but to preserve the programming of feeling a victim and a failure. We may need to get out of that.

    Actions are predestined in the Drama; but how we feel about them may not.

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      Om shanti. Thanks brother for throwing some light on ‘punishment’. Yes, we do fall in the trap of being punished for our ‘wrongdoings’ and regret as to why we had performed such actions which have created a painful situation. The unlimited and repetitive drama is benevolent.

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    The lie of mental understanding 

    While in society we value mental understanding as a tool to make decisions within social circumstances and even Life itself; in “spirituality” the mind is truly a hindrance when we do not recognize its proper place.

    Caught up in concepts, interpretations and language itself (all mind) we miss the point of change of consciousness. BEING needs to change, that is the gist of spirituality. Our mental understanding does not bring any change whatsoever in BEING. It is only second hand theoretical information.

    When a BK follower is caught up in “knowledge,” he merely is exercising his ability to understand concepts. That knowing is false.

    The value of “churning knowledge”as BapDada has said, is to only entertain the mind.

    The mind needs to be entertained as otherwise, it will present itself as an obstacle to remain in the BK path. Most BK followers’ doubts and “test papers” are in the category of the mind. Do I eat out in a restaurant today? Do I pursue that woman or man? Do I wake up for amrit vela today or miss it?

    Observe that the mind will complain as if we are missing out something in Life. We will compare with others who are seemingly enjoying a “normal” Life, etc.

    The mind demands that entertainment. In society we have TV, movies and Youtube; but in the BK “pukka” world, is nothing else but to “churn knowledge.”

    Nevertheless, a sharp observation will elucidate our path: There is no change in consciousness when we apply knowledge to ourselves, only change of behavior which many times we take as “having changed our sanskaras.” However, the tendency will be to go back to “normal” after awhile.

    The mind changes as the heart takes over as our main tool to rely in Life, and that “change of command” has a process in itself. It is not made through will power, or through mental understanding of some philosophy.

    • Gayathri 11:33 PM on November 18, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      Om shanti dear Avyakt bhai ji.

      Yes, I understand, when we do not ‘go into silence’ of the mind, we can never really bring about changes in the soul. If the mind keeps on chatting, be it a worldly matter or spiritual knowledge, there will be no spiritual evolution.

      Only in the silence of the mind can we ‘hear’ and visualise what we have to become. Only when the soul experiences that peace and silence, the real transformation starts happening.

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  • avyakt7- New Generation 1:11 PM on November 2, 2020 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: avyakt7 ng, , infatuation, masturbation,   

    Question on sexuality, infatuation, jealousy and attachment in the BK experience 

    Thank you for your question. Although, Avyakt7-NG does not wish to answer personal questions, I felt my answer could be for the “common good,” as you are struggling with something which many BKs may also experience. That is infatuation. This answer will have a personal note to you based on what you have shared.

    Observe that your case has become more difficult as time went by. Observe that my first answer to you back in 2016, had 2 sides: 1) Do not repress sexuality which you interpreted as a license to go on with your sexual fantasies. The word “repression” means to keep something in the unconscious by force. Many people practicing celibacy keep that vow using force, violence within. There is no repression when that inner struggle is not there. 2) The second and perhaps most important part of my answer was to be HONEST with yourself. You know that you are a sexual person, but you may not be aware that violence is impulsing the expression of your sexuality. A BK follower does not “practice” any form of sexuality. Honesty will guide you to see that “reality.” From your previous posts you explained that you practice BK ism as you see fit you at a particular time. Although you have been associated with Brahma Kumaris for 7 years, you haven’t been fully practicing the BK path. Do you realize that?

    Now, you are infatuated with one of the BK female teachers. Do you see the escalation?

    If you value peace and tranquility above any other things in your Life, you may clearly and honestly see that you need to leave the BK religion. This is my straight advise to you: Leave. Completely and quickly. “Cold turkey.” Cut all relationships with the BK center that you attend and all the people in it, and the BK religion at once. At this time, Brahma Kumaris is not for you. Hope I did not give any space for misunderstanding in my reply.

    What do you do now? You need emotional help. You must look for that help. You need to observe the habit of masturbation and how that is being used to deal with depression and inner violence. That is the main point to find. In your current condition, your mind will not allow you to have a loving relationship with a woman. It will be only sexual to try to satisfy the mind and its repression and then you will look for another one, for the mind cannot be satisfied and you will be empty handed but depleted of vitality. Jealousy and attachment go together. With those vibes inside you now, you may need to be honest and protect the personal integrity of the object of your infatuation/sexual attraction. You haven’t written about loving her, but only being strongly attracted to her. That is a very honest note from you. But even if you might think that you love her, leaving her completely will be a kind act from you, given yours and her circumstances.

    In the last couple of articles I have explained extensively the issue with habits and sexuality and how other”lower” beings may be involved as well, depending on the INTENTION behind our actions. A strong habit may become difficult to dissolve due to that symbiosis.

    What do you take as a teaching from the current situation? This is what matters in your spiritual development. Perhaps you learned about your insecurity, your jealousy. Perhaps you observed your own inner violence in action and the trigger for that. Perhaps you realized that the ideal to be without sex, is not workable at this time for you. You observed the consequences on following the ideal of celibacy with repression. I am not saying that celibacy is “bad” or that it doesn’t work. Celibacy naturally works for some people, without repression. Perhaps you see clearly our tendency to blame others if things do not go the way we wish. Brahma Kumaris was the institution that made you see “your weaknesses” as all the “normal” supports were cut off from your life. You paid the price, the “tuition” through your own experience. That is invaluable.

    On Emotional help: At this point, I’d suggest for you to try a psychologist first. Once that person counsels you to make you aware of your hidden emotions and mental habits (fantasies) with your inner violence continuously looking to express; then seek help of alternative healing to dissolve those energies within you. Google for “emotional healing and alternative medicine.” This will be a new journey for you. It requires your complete focus to observe your inner changes. If you need a religion or spiritual system for support, look for something else available resonating with you. To learn from your own emotional and mental state, should be your top priority. That is part of any serious seeker’s journey. Also consider giving part of your time to help others. That is a wonderful “cure” for self-absorption, which is one of the causes for many emotional/mental issues.

    If you are honest in your willingness to heal your emotions and mind, Life will bring the right settings and people for you. It all depends on your true intention. What seems hard to do now, will help you later on when you look back at that experience and you will be able to share with others going through the same. Inner honesty will help you to be conscious, aware of this experience as it unfolds.

    Remember: To experience pain in Life is unavoidable, but to experience suffering is a mental disease.

    All the best to you.

    • RK 12:54 PM on November 6, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      Thank you for your advice. As you have given straight advice I want to make every thing clear to you.
      I am thankful and grateful to her because her loveful sharing helped me a lot in my difficult times. She started giving special attention to me and called me mostly for service, I also enjoyed her presence, confusion started when I asked questions regarding knowledge and told her about my research She told me not to research and started doubting me, from here she started making distances I felt bad and my fantasy increased. I told her about my problem she said do not bother about it and follow knowledge properly. She shared her loveful feelings from behind, I fall in love with her and shared loveful feelings from heart. She continued calling me mostly in service but I felt bad and decided to leave because i thought my fantasy is distributing her but she always called me to attend class whenever I was absent for more than one week. I decided to visit class weekly but was called for service mostly and could not make excuses. My fantasy increased, I tried many things to transform this habit but failed till here every thing was ok. The problem started when I saw her last year enjoying the company of a new brother and she noticed my insecurity and jealousy and thought that I am doubting her character. she didn’t say anything but stopped calling me for service and gave my part of service to this new brother when I saw this I became more anxious and jealous and my thought became voilent and reactive towards her. My fantasy also increased. She misunderstood all this as doubting her character. I wanted to make every thing clear but couldn’t get the chance. I felt very bad and decided to leave but she calls me to attend the class and share her loveful feelings from behind. I feel love for her and share my feelings from heart I am in between love and sex. Love entered my life because of her my experience regarding sex has also changed greatly now I also share my loveful feelings from heart but now she is doubting me and not comfortable in my presence but shares her loveful feelings from behind, I am confused whether she loves me or not
      Thank you for your suggestion. But feeling hard to take decision.


    • Rk 8:17 AM on May 19, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      Thank you I found emotional help following you, Anant Sri ( India) and practicing isha kriya ( A powerful spirituall process for everyday pratice)

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  • avyakt7- New Generation 2:10 PM on October 7, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    Brahma Kumaris: The path of regeneration – 1 

    When we hear the word “regeneration,” there could be many assumptions as this word has different meanings. In this article, we are using the meaning of “restoration.”

    That is the same word that could be applied to the restoration of mental and physical health of an addict. In fact, many BK followers may have addiction issues, which the BK path will subside.

    When we hear the word “addiction,” immediately we think drugs, sex and alcohol. That is true, but there are more, in fact; we could express that what BK knowledge labels as “vices” are truly addictions, habits which even though we could understand mentally, there is no change whatsoever in our BEING.

    Just like many addictions are treated, there will be periods of using the common medicine of repression. Many will make those repressions into a Lifestyle.

    Some individuals are addicted to relationships. They crave the security that these bring; although it is imaginary. There are people addicted to low self esteem, as these boost their sense of martyrdom, of feeling as a victim which will give them a pep vibe, which is necessary for them.

    What is the common ground of all addictions? The sense of self absorption, isolation.

    Why deal with the world and with others, when we can get our fix, that which is so important in our lives to function; through some other means which is much lesser complicated?

    The sense of guilt, shame and fear will exacerbate our need for comfort. Pleasure “little treasure” will come to the rescue.

    Observe the structure of a yogi life, observe the structure of the BK life to understand that by denying all those “little pleasures,” the door for indulgence is shut down.

    That is the methodology to deal with an addictive personality. Even society uses that method; although there is no recognition of those “vices” as potential addictions, which are supporting our self absorption.

    In fact, the BK life style will give the sense of improvement, as those “addictions” will not have the opportunity to come up: A typical BK is a busy individual. Whenever there is “free time,” (little pleasure) there is “seva” (service) to help. That breaks the habit of self absorption, which eventually brings other popular mental ailments such as depression, which is very popular in our times.

    Everything may seem fine, until the “method” is no longer followed. What happens then? The habit comes up even stronger than ever.

    That observation was pointed out in the Murlis; whenever a follower left then it is said something like: “He became even a stronger sinner than before.”

    Methods are meant to stop the behavior, but the tendency is still there. Someone truly has changed, only when the addictive behavior changes when the method is no longer followed. That is something to observe and take note.

    What is the solution then? There are many and all depends on the individual make up. This is not a “One size fits all” type of solution. Nevertheless, the observation of repetitive behaviors will give us the tools, to avoid the consolidation of a habit into a sanskar. (Will continue.)

  • avyakt7- New Generation 3:33 AM on September 23, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    Food and Spirituality 

    There are already many articles on BK food items and Vegetarianism, here:




    As humans try to separate things into “departments,” (food, spirituality, sex, etc.) and believe that every department is its “own boss,” many “moral” issues come up.

    A human being at this time is violent. That violence will impregnate what he does, what he thinks, what he IS. A violent human will eat accordingly: Many times by giving suffering to others who are defenseless. That sort of cowardice goes along with violence.

    There is also a kind of more sensitive human who even though violent, will use his mind and sensibility to act in certain way, he will abstain (repress) from eating something to be congruent with his beliefs; for example vegetarianism.

    “Vegetarianism is the practice of abstaining from the consumption of meat, and may also include abstention from by-products of animal slaughter. Vegetarianism may be adopted for various reasons. Many people object to eating meat out of respect for sentient life.”

    That Google definition precisely includes the practice of repression out of some moral value. However, violence of such person will be there and it could manifest in supporting a “good” cause: Veganism or Vegetarianism by fighting with others to have their ideal considered and adapted by society.

    Many “Spiritual” people will have inner fights in “choosing” what food items are “more spiritual” and consistent with their beliefs.

    It is my experience now, that what you ARE dictates what you eat. It is not the opposite, which is what most would like to believe. If someone becomes a BK follower that person will adopt the belief of lacto- vegetarianism. If that person was a meat eater, he will have a repression to adapt to. If that person was a vegan before, then he will have a problem when BK food brings milk as a “pure” food item to consume.

    We may acknowledge that human violence is out of control, and there are many animals suffering at this time due to that violent behavior which is masked through the “need” for profit. We need to consider that human consciousness is complex and diverse: There are many willing to help astray animals from dying but at the same time don’t hesitate eating a burger or milk and eggs to support their death. That “moral” inconsistency is observed many times: For instance countries with a high value for patriotism through organized killing in the name of protecting a country or an ideal, at the same time may profess a religious belief prohibiting killing human beings. Typically, these unaware individuals are too busy “making money,” watching tv, and reproducing themselves, that is “being successful.”

    There are people who believe that to “fight” with another group is the solution to change society’s values. They want to DO something NOW. However, repression will be there for certain groups to endure and that repression is a form of oppression which will explode at another time, causing further violence. As there are many types of people, “the actors must play their parts” and align with what they ARE.

    Change to be natural, takes some time. It is a process of realizing things for ourselves. Change does not happen in the adoption of a belief. As long as violence is lingering in the human consciousness, anything a human does, will have that trademark, even a belief system could be violent.

    From food items to eat, we ended up in the observation of our own consciousness; for that is the origin which we may need to consider to live harmoniously. Hopefully in this journey, we may find the true meaning of Compassion, which may be the ultimate answer to mankind violence.

  • avyakt7- New Generation 4:33 PM on September 16, 2020 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: avyakt7 ng, , homosexuality, lesbian,   

    Question: Homosexuality woes and Spirituality 

    Thank you for your question. Many individuals feel like you, thus; my answer will be for the common good.

    The most important question to answer in spiritual matters is WHEN and not WHY.

    The answer for “why” is only a mental palliative medicine. It doesn’t help you at all. Why are people gay? Because that is the way it is. What are the karmic reasons? Any reason will do: Perhaps in a past Life you were an “alpha male” who liked women “too much.” How do you like that “reason”? Feel guilty? Then I could sell you “salvation.” Is that helpful? Why are you attracted to a woman? Because that is the Drama 🙂

    Let me rephrase those questions: You may feel that people in your society may not accept you, for you believe to be homosexual and you are in love with a person of the same gender as yours. Moreover, the religious view in your family condemns homosexuality and you feel trapped in such “sin” and you want to get out of it and want to be “normal.” You feel the “soul-lution” is to practice soul consciousness per BK teachings and believe that this situation is affecting your relationship with “God.” Your question is: What do I do to get out of this situation? After my answer, the question to you will be: WHEN do you want to get out of all those thoughts?

    Every human being has male and a female “energy” within, regardless of perceived gender. That is part of experiencing duality. According to BK beliefs, we have been in male and female bodies in past lives. As humans are diverse, then all sorts of varieties will exist. Homosexuality is one of such. Our society in general, has created something artificial and made a moral law to go against variety. But, the “law” in Life is: If something exists, it has a right to be. We are all different but the same.

    The trauma we create when we feel “different” lingers in our minds . There is nothing wrong with homosexuality, for it IS what is. However, we need to bear in mind that society at this time is traumatized due to so many centuries of living in repression and false, contradictory values. Individuals are highly conditioned to comply with that. DO we want to fit in? Until WHEN? We need to learn to Love who we are, while allowing others to be what they want to be. Acceptance is the way of Life.

    There is a beautiful rose in a public park. Mary “loves” that rose very much thus, she cut it out from the rest of the plants and took it to her house so she could be close to it and no one could take it away from her. That childish, possessive behavior is considered “love” for the majority of people in society. The rose withered away in a couple of days, despite Mary’s dedicated “love.”

    Behold that rose. Be appreciative of it. Let it be. Love is the human quest. We will perceive love in different ways as we mature. Time is on your side to explore it.

    I will go a notch further: When we identify with a gender we are putting ourselves in a box of traumas. There are males (“straight” people) who will consider another male as handsome, but they will deny that, as they feel guilty. They fear the label homosexual. That identification will have many issues when exploring sexuality. In institutions like Brahma Kumaris, many “spiritual dedicated” homosexuals may feel uneasy with the practice of gender segregation, as “temptation” is right there for them. The separation of males and females has no basis when there is homosexuality as well, and many other gender issues in between. That is “reality” and not some utopia of what “should be.” Please be certain that God will accept you as your role IS. Now, accept yourself.

    We have both male and female energy. Which one we are? Both and none of them.

    Yes, the “solution” may be “BK soul consciousness” but WHEN? In the meantime, please consider the above.

    • Soul Prescriptions 2:16 PM on September 19, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      Dear Angel👼
      Thank you so much for this🤗
      This is a very deep message.
      It has given me a pure & simple perspective about this very aspect of my life. And as you said Acceptance is the key. This helps me to love & accept myself the way I am & to be myself. This is how the Drama is meant to be!
      And yes the “Soul-ution”😊
      Beautifully written!!!
      Thank you Divine Soul😇
      Om Shanti🌹

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    • tobechi74 6:51 AM on September 20, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      Lovely,I will share this message

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