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    “God” in the Brahma Kumaris 

    The word “God” is not used sparingly in the world of religions and spirituality.

    Judeo Christian tradition will give many attributes to their “God”: Omniscient, omnipotent, omnipresence, creator, goodness, even jealousy (Exodus: 20:5-6) among others. This “God” is a conceptual entity as described through books regarded as “holy.”

    “Shiva” which is the name given to “God” by Brahma Kumaris; is also described in Shaivism and worshiped as creator and destroyer of worlds; however, in Brahma Kumaris; Shiva is neither creator nor destroyer, but Brahma is “creator” and Shankar is the “destroyer” who in Hinduism is known as “Mahesh.”

    Hinduism is amazing in the display of colorful descriptions that it could give to their deities and gods. Depending on the tradition that you BELIEVE in, there will be labels to worship and practices for that (puja.)

    Therefore, any religion could build their own labels to define “their” God.
    However, definitions and concepts are for books and scholars, that is only “theory” and none of my concern. What concerns me is the experience of “God.”

    My sister had a vivid experience with Brahma Baba as he appeared to her for the first time, in a regression she had done which was completely unrelated to this experience. It wasn’t until she met the Brahma Kumaris when she recognized Brahma Baba as she saw a picture of him. Consequently, she took the beliefs of the Brahma Kumaris where she learned that Brahma Baba was the “chariot” of God Shiva or even sometimes, it was said that there was no difference as Shiva entered Brahma Baba to speak through him, etc.

    Brahma Baba did not introduce to her as “God”. Later on, he would address her as “child”. We could have many assumptions about this episode, which will be colored (conditioned) by Brahma Kumaris’ philosophy. Notice that we tend to interpret our experiences to fit some known conceptual theory.
    Isn’t a “father” the same as “God”?
    That is another assumption.

    We can make many assumptions. That is the beginning of our self inflicted lies which we will make “effort” to protect, as we are protecting our own ego.
    “I found God. I am special.”

    I emphasize that “God” is an experience. It is a personal experience which cannot be extrapolated to fit a religious system which will fit all. If “God” is used merely as a concept (as it is for the majority), it will have some utility in the minds of followers but never in their hearts. That is the extent of scriptures and Murlis, all about the mind. We cannot say that we “love God” by merely reading or hearing scriptures. That is imagination. Love comes in relationship, an experience.

    Observe if “God Shiva” is merely a concept to believe and worship. For those of Christian background it will be easy to dissociate from that “God”. However; for Indians in particular, it will be harder, as there is a strong conditioning already.
    Somehow, “God” is necessary for the wide majority as their consciousness needs to feel protection and security in an uncertain world.

    This is a much as I will go with “God”. There is more, but I feel that everyone of us will need to go into it.

    Brahma Baba had a huge influence on my sister and she had love for him. He appeared to her many times during her BK time and has helped her in “BK service” in ways that could be hard to believe.
    When it was time for her to go from the BK experience, Brahma Baba appeared to her for the last time in a dream. He told her that he will leave money to her so she can travel (We sold the BK center that we opened in Peru and she traveled with that money) and for her not to feel upset that is time to leave. “Child, you will come back”, he told her.

    She knows that to be certain. It will be in the next kalpa, for sure.

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      Dear Avyakt 7, It is amazing to read the experiences your sister had. I remember the incident – when you translated some material into English from Spanish, she was able to point out where the changes had to be made.
      Obviously, Brahma Baba has understood that he gave all the training that you both needed and allowed you to proceed on your own on this spiritual path. All the best!


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        Brahma Baba knew, as everyone of us has a mission within the Brahmin experience. We are never alone, even if we think we are….


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    The 5000 year cycle of Brahma Kumaris 

    Nothing entices a would-be-follower more, than to know that “he would be saved” and the rest will not. He is an “exclusivity” of Destiny. A “chosen one.”

    The gist of existence of the Brahma Kumaris for those without an experience with Brahma Baba, is without a doubt; the “end of the world.” “We are about to end the cycle of time. Save yourself. Now or never.” Moreover, since this is an identically repeating cycle, then “if you make a mistake this will repeat cycle after cycle…” That is a very strong selling point, indeed.

    “I” don’t want to make a “mistake” and not be able to “fix it.”
    That sort of teaching, teaches to fear living Life. However, there is nothing better than fear to stir people in a particular direction: “Eat vegetables rather than candy, otherwise; you’ll be doomed.”

    Many former followers feel cheated because the “prediction of end of the world” among others, did not happen as believed: “I wasted my life for nothing”. They eagerly expected the world to be destroyed.

    All millennial prophecies have proven “wrong” so far. Nevertheless, still people believe in them for their minds are plugged into the “future” and they want some certainty in an uncertain world.

    As a BK, I had a very particular experience with the cycle of time while meditating. From that moment on, I was able to grasp with certain depth, the significance of it.
    First, it is important to realize that humans pretend to understand Life under their own conditioned consciousness. We have 5 senses. Have you ever asked yourself if what you perceive with those is the actual “truth” or merely some limited perception of what is?

    I have experienced that there is a world beyond the material world which has influence over this world. “Science” is based only in the laws ruling the material world without knowledge of what is influential, but coming from “beyond.”
    Bottom line, our minds cannot be sure to know anything, but only to have a limited perception. The collective consciousness agrees in a perception which is later labeled as “truth”.

    That is the reason why, a seeker needs to trust their own particular experience rather than what everyone else says. There is a “reason” for having an experience. A spiritual seeker is not trusting his experience so he can be “better off” or “get ahead” in Life. He is trusting his experience out of his own inner honesty, because he is interested in knowing himself beyond what he has been taught and conditioned to believe. If that is not the case, you are not truly a seeker, but someone who is only looking to be “right” by keeping the approval of the masses.

    Destruction did not happen. “I” was “right”, they were wrong.
    Of what good is to be “right” when your consciousness hasn’t changed a bit? This is “spirituality.” It is not a “gamble with a prize.” The outcome of spirituality is not geared to make you rich and famous and “secure your future.”

    The “5000 years cycle” of the Brahma Kumaris means very little to me. It is of no consequence whether it is “right” or “wrong. For me, that is worth not even a peanut. You could dress up as Lakshmi and Narayan and believe to be those in the future. Your mind will be happy; but your consciousness will be the same as it always has been.

    Nevertheless, what for me has value is to have experienced predestination in all its extent. That is what I will share today.
    Predestination is the most sublime of all the beliefs. Why?
    “I” cannot make “mistakes.”
    “I” cannot make “sins.” Therefore, “I” cannot feel guilty or ashamed. It is all cause and effect. Nothing personal. Therefore, this in itself proves that there cannot be “salvation or punishment.” After all, there is repetition of the same act, cycle after cycle. BK teachers will emphasize that “now we have the chance to change things as whatever we do, will repeat cycle after cycle…” That is only a convenient interpretation to inflict fear.
    WHAT “YOU” HAVE “DONE”, WILL HAPPEN AGAIN… AND THAT IS PERFECT. (Notice the “ “ in “YOU” and “done” there is a “reason” for that.)

    How do “I” get out of this vicious cycle?
    When “I” don’t take things “personal.” For isn’t it that “I” am experiencing something which “I” am not DOING? Although it appears as “I” am DOING. If we see the “unlimited” repetition, then I could see that I have “no choice” but to DO what I have done before. Thus, Am “I” truly DOING?
    “I” am an OBSERVANT without knowing it. (Light bulb on: Karmateet – Detached Observer.)

    How is it possible not to take things personal?
    That is not something to “work on.” That is not a decision to make. It is a matter of consciousness. That will happen when “I” become AWARE of that which “I” call “I”.

    That is what we may need to take home after going through the “5000 year cycle” subterfuge.
    Why is a subterfuge? It should allow you to look for that “I” and inquiry into its existence. However, most miss that and will be lost in proving or disproving the “5000 year cycle.” That is not the “reason” of that subterfuge. Religions such as Christianity which believe in “free will” will not give you the opportunity to inquire into the existence of that “I”, for the “I” is a given. Therefore; “I am guilty, I am a sinner, I need salvation”, that is the output of such conditioning.

    Through that BK subterfuge we have the opportunity to go one step further in our inner search. However, I can assure you that this is not the end of the search. There is more.

    Brahma Kumaris is truly full of subterfuges. As your AWARENESS increases then, you may see that the “cookie monster” of fearful subterfuges is only a way of perception. None of those philosophical words have substance to change consciousness. Most BK followers are not in the stage yet to see that, but all they are looking for, is for words to feed their minds and give them some tranquility. The mind is happy with the mirage of knowing “some conceptual truth.”

    Were you looking in this article for the answer, if the “5000 year eternally repeating cycle is “correct” or not?” Maybe you should read this article.
    Do you believe that Life uses the Gregorian human calendar to fit nice round numbers (1000, 5000, 10000, etc)?

    There is no doubt that “Destruction” will happen some way, some how at some time. It is a matter of time. Many don’t require the Bible or the Murli to be AWARE of that. However, when you discover the nature of that “I”, and start living it… “you” will not BE there but only as an observer.

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      Dear brother, i notice that i had sent my comments on your other article (which is referred in the present one) 6 years ago! 🙂
      Yes, now my understanding is different. Yes, at any given time in the time cycle, my perception would be based on my state / level of consciousness/ awareness at that moment. So, the drama repeats identically every kalpa.
      My consciousness may keep changing…. 🙂


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        Yes, dear Gayathri. However, the comments of Max Planck ( German theoretical physicist whose discovery of energy quanta won him the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1918.) still remain. Here a couple of his quotes that fit this conversation: “I regard consciousness as fundamental. I regard matter as derivative from consciousness. We cannot get behind consciousness. Everything that we talk about, everything that we regard as existing, postulates consciousness.”

        Max Planck said in 1944, “As a man who has devoted his whole life to the most clear headed science, to the study of matter, I can tell you as a result of my research about atoms this much: There is no matter as such. All matter originates and exists only by virtue of a force which brings the particle of an atom to vibration and holds this most minute solar system of the atom together. We must assume behind this force the existence of a conscious and intelligent spirit (orig. geist). This spirit is the matrix of all matter.”
        and this one:”A new scientific truth does not triumph by convincing its opponents and making them see the light, but rather because its opponents eventually die, and a new generation grows up that is familiar with it.”

        All the best.


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    A Life of “effort” does not bring “salvation”. 

    Sam became a BK because he thought there was true spirituality in Brahma Kumaris. He had an experience with God while meditating in a BK center.

    Sam pursued and practiced all “codes of conduct” as prescribed by Brahma Kumaris (BK). Sam believed that the “Drama” of Life was predestined, although; he thought that within him was the ability to change his destiny as he wished.

    After 18 years, Sam became worn out and his faith was shaking since he had experienced many illnesses due to pushing himself beyond his limits through the ideal of becoming an “emperor” in the “Golden age.” Moreover, he became progressively disenchanted with BK as he felt constrained in Life. He was about to quit after so many internal battles; when fortunately he had a “deep” conversation with someone who he admired in the BK system and that changed his mind: Sam was going to stick with it until the end of his days…

    Sam wanted to change his destiny and be “saved.” Although he truly didn’t feel deep inside that the BK system was for him anymore; he followed his mind (what he thought and was told, was the “right” thing to do) and his conditioning to stay no matter what.
    Needless to say, Sam had all sorts of inner conflicts, although those did not seemed obvious to others. Sam learned to put the “happy face” despite feeling angry.
    Eventually, Sam suffered from cancer and died within a few months of being diagnosed.

    Do we truly believe that Sam changed his future and “saved” himself? Do we truly believe that he will be in the “Golden age” based on his Life as a BK?
    DOING the things that he was supposed as a BK, do not bring the desired effect, unless there is a deep change in BEING.
    Sam’s inner dishonesty could not be changed. Could we say that he wasn’t predestined to be an “emperor” in the Golden Age, despite his efforts to be something that he wasn’t?

    We could assume that he needed more “Yoga with Baba,” so he could have made many “efforts” there, but if there is no true love (BEING) there cannot be change. Love happens. It cannot be taught or “practiced.”
    As a matter of fact, if there is a thought such as “If I do yoga 3 times per day with love, every day; I will make it”, that person does not feel true love. It is only self- interest.

    There is no way that inner dishonesty will bring us greater “spiritual advancement”.
    Staying a BK for a life time is not guarantee of anything if we haven’t had the awareness to OBSERVE our inner world.

    Many will stay because they like the life style. Many will stay because they have “invested” too much in it, to change to a different life. Many will stay because they don’t know anything else, they have no place to go.

    “What is in it for me?” That is the only question which matters for many. That sort of personality cannot “advance” even if he wakes up every day at 3 AM or if he opens 108 BK centers.

    For those who feel that they want to continue as BKs, I would humbly suggest to leave the “show” behind. What show? To pretend to demonstrate to others and yourself that you can be someone who you are not. Rather acknowledge who you ARE and outgrow your own limits. That requires maturity and not a childish imitation of some ideal.

    To speak “knowledge” to everyone does not mean a thing other than self reassurance of believing that what you know is the only truth. The world has already many “coaches” doing the talk but only few do the walk.

    Any sort of “service” done with the intention of DOING “service” is only a way of displaying ego. “Look, I am helping, DOING something special.” Big ego.

    A true BK life is the one walked without show, just like the “father.” “Make effort” to be unknown. “Incognito” is the word in the Murli. Use the BK teachings and atmosphere to ground yourself and learn more and more about YOU. The setting is already there. The BK system provides that.

    What is predestined cannot be changed no matter what we DO; therefore, learn to listen to your heart, not your mind.
    The heart has your direction in your lifetime, it is void of “ego” and its needs, wants and dreams. Your mind only has conditioning: What others think, what you believe, what the scripture says, etc.

    Thus within your BK life, “yoga of the mind” needs to be changed into “yoga of the heart.” That is the “effort.”

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      Simply marvelous!


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        Glad you liked it. 🙂


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          Dear divine family,
          Om shanti.

          Feel like sharing some thoughts on YOGA.

          We have 4 subjects in Raja yoga; Knowledge, Yoga, Dharana, and Service. Most of us know a lot of things related to Gyan. We do service with our thoughts, words, and actions as well as with our body, mind and wealth. Dharana – We have been inculcating virtues and powers through our spiritual endeavour. Then comes the subject, Yoga.

          There are 3 stages in yoga – one is just ‘trying’ to consider one self to be a soul and remembering Baba in Paramdham. The next step is to go deep in remembrance and experience the angelic/ flying stage wherein we still entertain thoughts. The third stage is the SEED stage where all the thoughts disappear and there would be no remembrance of whatsoever but just experiencing the stage of peace and silence.

          Baba says that we need to practise the SEED stage more and more in order to transform our sanskars, and to burn away the sins. Baba says that if we could sit in the seed stage for an hour, we could burn away a LOT of our sins and there would be drastic changes in our sanskars.

          But the problem with most of us is, we can stay in the angelic stage for quite some time, but maintaining the seed stage is difficult.

          An easy way to reach the seed stage is given below; please give it a try.

          Sit comfortably on the floor (on a mat) or on the bed cross legged.
          If you are sitting on a chair/ sofa, cross your feet at the ankle level.
          Inter lock your fingers.
          Close your eyes.

          In this method of meditation, closing the eyes during meditation, crossing the feet, and crossing/ interlocking the fingers are very important so that the cosmic energy/ divine energy that we draw from the universe/ God, is not lost while doing meditation or immediately after completing it.

          Now, focus on your breath.
          Just observe the breath, the air going in through the nostrils and exiting through the nostrils. Just keep observing it.

          Many thoughts may try to pass through your mind as usual, ignore them and try to bring back your attention to the breath. Do not even think of points of knowledge, Baba, service, etc.

          Slowly, with practice, we notice that the speed and frequency of the thoughts reducing. We may even find short spells of ‘no thought periods’ too. When there are no thoughts, no need to focus on the breath, but once the thoughts start, again start observing the breath.

          This practice takes us to the seed stage easily.

          Start this practice when you have ample free time so that you would not be disturbed. Initially, one hour of meditation might result in a few minutes of the seed stage. But that is fine, it is not a small achievement!

          Once you are through, and want to get up from the meditation, slowly unlock your fingers, gently rub your palms, and place the palms on the closed eyes for a few seconds (6,7 seconds), then slowly remove the palms, and then slowly open your eyes. Unlock the feet.

          These movements should be gentle so that the divine energy that we have received during meditation would not be thrown out and wasted by our jerky, abrupt, movements.

          Please practise this as many times as you can.


          Various diseases that people are getting these days is because of the negative emotions, weaknesses like irritability, fear, dejection, hatred, jealousy, anxiety, stress, lust, anger, greed, attachment, etc. that they have been harbouring.

          When one spends some time in the seed stage everyday, these negative qualities would slowly cease to exist. In other words, practising seed stage is the sure way to get rid of our diseases.

          Most of us have one or more health issues which have been troubling us since a long time. Let us not give up by assuming that it is our karmic account, but work on ourselves and improve our spiritual as well as physical health.

          Best wishes and regards,
          Gayathri ben.

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      3 more points which i forgot to mention earlier are given below :

      While we are trying to focus on/ observe our breathing, we may feel subtle sensations in some parts of the body. It one wants, one may unlock the fingers and adjust his posture or if one feels like scratching some part of the body, one may do the same, but should not open the eyes unless it is needed.
      And afterwards, please lock your fingers and start observing the breath.
      There is no need to regulate or control the breath, let the breathing be normal.
      If one is wearing spectacles, it should be removed before starting the meditation.


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    Advise for those looking to move on from the Brahma Kumaris 

    First, it is important to recognize that Brahma Kumaris is a spiritual school and it has a mission.
    What is that mission? To give the basic understanding of the “spiritual realm” and to introduce followers into a different mind set. Brahma Kumaris will enhance self value of the follower through the experience of enhanced ego.
    As already shared, that is necessary in the “spiritual” path for without the ego increasing to its full potential, there is no “fuel” to later “dissolve” it.

    That “elementary” school (BK) is the backbone for further exploration, though only for those who are ready. “Ready” is not a matter of time in the BK movement, but rather; it is readiness of consciousness, awareness.

    Second, when going for the full experience of the BK movement, to reach a point of saturation becomes important to move on. For “full experience” I mean, someone who fulfills all teachings of the Bks. Someone who stays a BK but in the “periphery” of it, does not feel the complete effect. There, it is easy to move in and out, without much change due to inner struggle.
    Many do not get to that point. They may have different conflicts or sour experiences which will force them to leave.
    Nevertheless, whatever your experience; if you feel cheated, angry about them and full of animosity; you will be trapped deeper; as you will not be able to let go.

    Third, many get caught up in the politics, in the administrative ways of some people who exercise their own little ego trip. Although that has influence in followers, I consider that benefit is beyond all that. Practice the Maryadas. That is pretty much it. Observe your own inner conflicts. Observe when enough is enough and what is triggering that. Otherwise, we get caught up in what Dadi said, what the in charge did to me, what someone else informed me about the BKs, etc.
    Go by your own experience, not someone else.

    Being part of the Brahma Kumaris is like having a relationship with someone. Both parties go into it out of their own will. There may be some lofty goal as objectives to reach, but the relationship will die away when both parties are unable to compromise. There is always change, and change is neither “good nor bad” but necessary, unavoidable.

    Leaving the BK relationship should be out of your own will as well. For instance, if there is animosity towards the person that we once loved, then that will be our trigger, our trauma which we will be unable to let go.

    We are out of the BK experience, when we let go and that for sure, is one of the most important “spiritual” teachings one should encounter. All relationships are meant to end someday. It is unavoidable in Life. We may think that we “found God” but if we found “him” it means that we lost “him” before, and that we will lose “him” again.

    To avoid an indigestion of traumas, it is important to learn to assimilate the time that we spent within the BK experience.
    What is what you took out of it that will help you in your current Life? That is the type of perspective to move on harmoniously.


    Will be taking a break until May 29th. 🙂

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    “Yoga of the mind” to live in the mind 

    If Meditation is the tool used for the mind. Contemplation is for no-mind.
    The mind will show us the obvious, more often; the surface of things. No-mind (the path of the heart) will show us beyond the obvious.

    Observe how a religious follower will try to convince others about their own “truth.” Observe how the belief to have found the “truth” and the need to disseminate it, and even (when in disharmony) to impose it, will be imperative.
    All of that is the path of the mind. Ego is within the mind.

    “I am special because I understand the “truth.” I have the “truth”. Others are less privileged. I must teach them. I must help them.”

    Big Ego.

    There is nothing wrong with following such path, but please ONLY be AWARE of this fact. That is the “cure.”

    The world of “reason”, the world of “logic”, is only a way of perception. Only that. This perception is unable to go to the depth.

    The other day, I went to see a doctor. The process he used to try to discover the “disease” was very similar to the process a computer tech will do. Tests, analysis, observation of those results, interpretation based upon previous experiences or second hand experiences and finally, a “treatment.” Those are the steps of a world ruled by the mind. Those steps are unable to see relationships beyond the physical, beyond the obvious.

    A human being is part of Life itself. Life is not logical. It isn’t “reasonable.” Our society may be, but Life is greater than that “shoe box.”
    Life has its own way. The way, the “Tao”; goes well beyond the understanding of the mind; we could harmonize with that “reality”, we could be in balance with “what is” and that is not a mental process at all. That is the heart, no- mind.

    We need to feel it.

    Raja Yoga Meditation is a step forward in the awareness of the mind. “Gyan” is a step forward in giving certainty to a fearful mind, but those are only a beginner’s journey.
    If discipline in the form of norms and laws are needed to give direction to a confused soul who is looking for meaning; then that discipline has timing before it turns into a personal jail. Most of the time, that jail becomes too comfortable to step out.

    A person without the experience of discipline, will go astray. Thus, discipline is part of the process but not the goal.
    Lack of discipline calls for discipline, but then while still in the mind, we will go back to lack of it again, as a result of some repression within; unless there is the experience of no-mind.

    In the heart (no-mind), there is harmony, balance. That is unwritten. That cannot be told to another. There are no steps 1,2,3 to follow. There are no descriptions or studies to read about to “know” information. That is useless there.

    The world of DOING to fulfill our conditioning, then is over. BEING appears for the first time and thus, DOING follows naturally. There are no conflicts.

    Peace is in no-mind.
    There is no peaceful mind, but rather a dull mind.

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    Sacrifice to the sacrificial fire 

    From Gayathri’s succinct explanation: “Yagya means the whole BK organization. Serving the yagya with body, mind and wealth is encouraged.

    Sacrifice oneself to the sacrificial fire- To surrender completely including one’s ego to the yagya. To give one’s bone- To give all one could give.”

    It is important to remember that explanation. Every BK follower, should be able to recall that, but also go deeply into the following questions:
    Do you surrender to the yagya or to God? Or is God equal to the Yagya? Or perhaps, God belongs to the yagya or vice versa?

    Those questions are meaningful.
    The yagya, is an entity, an impersonal organization represented by “employees”. That is, other BK followers. AKA “family.” Observe how the use of words change our perception.

    For most Bks, the Yagya doesn’t go further than the center which they attend.
    Basically, this type of “surrendering” will not go further than that. Their type of surrendering will be the one of the dictionary: “To cease opposition and submit to their authority.”

    This system of “surrendering” is traditionally used by gurus, so the follower could recognize fully that which we call “I.” However, when this surrendering is used by an organization, many “problems” could occur. For instance, abusive behavior.
    The same could happen with a guru. Unless he is a self-realized being.
    That is the “gamble” but at the end, is all good. We will learn valuable experiences.

    I recall one of the messages that Brahma Baba had given me through my sister, while she was having an amrit vela in Madhuban: “Surrender your ego to Baba.”
    Now, looking back; I could see the meaning of this. It is not to surrender my material wealth or health in the name of some ideal or to submit to an authority. But that was to open up to that which I felt I loved the most: God.

    That surrender is only possible through the process of observation which I did not have before.  We will need to find that which we call ego within ourselves.

    Life experiences brought that into my awareness.

    When we are beginners in the path of “spirituality”, we only interpret words as if the meaning of them was in the dictionary. They are not. They are only pointers.
    Because for me now, to surrender means to open up. To surrender means to become aware of that which is an obstacle, a separation between that “me” and everything else.

    We will not find that “opening up” and “surrendering” are synonyms in the dictionary.
    In “spirituality” acceptance is equal to surrendering, and perhaps a more accurate word to use.

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    Giving your bones for the Yagya 

    The Sakar Murli does a very good job in cheering up and even motivating the BK follower, into a particular behavior, a path.
    However, extremes are known in its interpretation. A follower who is eager to belong, to be recognized or even to believe in earning a better place in the after life, will do what is necessary in his mind, to comply. Sometimes, compliance has been equated with taking his own life.

    “Giving your bones to the Yagya” is such a bright example.
    The “Yagya” is one of those words which every BK knows what it is, but no one could be specific about it. “The Yagya” is open to interpretation and thus, extremes.

    The “sacrificial fire” ( as yagya is commonly translated) could be anything. However, it is important to notice that “sacrifice” of any kind does not add up to “spiritual enlightenment,” on the contrary, it is a sign of trouble, repression.
    “Love” being the magic word, is not sacrifice.

    “Love” is hard to understand when there is lack of experience. When someone is controlled by his own mind; the next best thing is “sacrifice.”

    All I could share is that there is no ideal in the BK system which is worth for someone to sacrifice his own life.

    Our lives are sacred. Ideals are only inventions of the mind.

    • Gayathri 11:59 AM on April 3, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Om shanti.
      Let me explain : Yagya means the whole BK organisation. Serving the yagya with body, mind, and wealth is encouraged.

      Sacrifice oneself to the sacrificial fire – to surrender completely, including one’s ego to the yagya.
      To give one’s bones – to give all that one could give.

      ‘Too give one’s bones is an idiom. There used to be a sage by name Dadhichi. He gave his bones for a good cause. The story is given below.

      Long long ago there was a demon named Vritrasura. He was full of pride. He started a battle with the Deities. He was so powerful that the Deities were finding it difficult to defeat him. In order to seek guidance about how defeat the demon, Indra, the king of Deities went to Bhagawan Vishnu. Bhagawan Vishnu suggested that a weapon made from the bones of Dadhichi Rishi (Sage) would be able to vanquish the demon.

      All the Deities were now facing a dilemma. Because Dadhichi Rishi was a very loving, helpful and calm Sage. How should they ask such a holy man for his own bones? Bhagawan Vishnu advised Deity Indra to go to Dadhichi Rishi and explain everything to him in detail, as after hearing their plight Dadhichi Rishi would happily end his life and give his bones for making the weapon.

      Deity Indra along with his retinue went to Dadhichi Rishi. The noble sage heartily welcomed everyone and politely asked Indra the reason for his visit. Indra said, “We have all come to you to ask for something. We need a weapon to destroy Vritrasura. We need your bones to make that weapon. We cannot do this without your assistance.” Dadhichi Rishi immediately replied, “I shall give up my life and surrender my body to you. Then you can do whatever you want.” With the help of His Yogic powers Dadhichi Rishi gave up his life. The Deities removed the bones from his body and crafted the powerful Vajrayudha (thunderbolt weapon). With powerful mantras guiding the Vajrayudha the Deities were able to destroy Vritrasura.


      • avyakt7- New Generation 2:33 PM on April 3, 2019 Permalink | Reply

        Thank you for the explanation, Gayathri.
        To give up one’s life could be encouraged if one has reached that sage stage. Then, one is giving out of love, out of selfesness, otherwise, it is only a display of ego.
        Thus, to compare the gesture of Dadhichi with the one of a BK follow er, may be out of context.


    • Gayathri 10:41 AM on April 4, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Agree. 🙂


  • avyakt7- New Generation 9:25 AM on March 20, 2019 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: avyakt7 ng, , , paranormal,   

    “Knowledge”: The favorite game of the mind. 

    Life is certainly, a learning experience. It is the experience of opening up, to become “nothing” from “something”, by being completely open.
    It is your own discovery of the mind. Words cannot explain, for they are of the mind.

    Before I started as a student of the Brahma Kumaris, there was nothing more than what my senses and mind could perceive. That was my practical “knowledge.” Science had all the answers. The important things in Life were to get a good job, a pretty wife and to have a family. Just like the “dream” sold to most everyone.
    Who created us? That was the “logical” question which needed an answer. I took for granted that someone had to create us. That is how “God” came into my picture.

    Then, my world changed through different experiences with someone who I could not see but hear through the words and experiences of my sister. The BK experience initiated my introduction to “paranormal” experiences.
    It became apparent to me that “Brahma Kumaris” was the “daughters of Brahma” indeed, as those experiences were mostly from women.

    I do not understand how someone could join the Brahma Kumaris and go through its “training”, without having these types of “paranormal” experiences. I mean, many religions offer “God” in a nice package. Many religions are filled with “nice” people who will make us feel at “home”, they will make us feel as a “family.” By the way, the word “family” has been exploited tremendously by our society to fulfill our need for identity, our need to belong.

    Perhaps it is the fact that Brahma Kumaris offers its classes free of charge. Perhaps the free vegetarian meal on Sundays… Who knows. Everyone has its own story as to how they started there, all different, all valid.

    With the Brahma Kumaris the “supernatural” became easy to assimilate. The world of spirits, ghosts, mediums, clairvoyants, fortune tellers, etc. became part of my repertoire of experiences. My faith in Science and its “knowledge” diminished considerably. Science did not know anything about that world.

    There is a world or rather “worlds”, beyond our physical reality. However, not everyone is ready to experience those or even accept them as a belief. It will take a little deconditioning, and a bit of tolerance to go beyond comfort levels.

    Now, out of the Brahma Kumaris experience, I could see that the “basics” were explained in the BK system; nevertheless, there is way more to it and again, not everyone is ready. Most individuals are comfortable with their level of understanding of the world. They believe to have figured it out. These individuals will live in a dream and die in a dream as well, that is the experience in their lot. Nothing wrong with that. Their minds will make their life livable.

    We constantly need to forget what we believe to know, in order to “open up” beyond the confinements of the mind. The mind will accumulate information constantly. That accumulation could be very sophisticated, needing “greater minds” to understand. However, when concerned with consciousness; none of those paradigms of “increasing knowledge” will be needed.
    Those will need to be thrown away. Unlearned.

    Truly, to step away from the grip of the mind becomes necessary to “progress.”
    While in Brahma Kumaris we learn to control the mind; I am learning just to step away, to observe it, become aware of it, so “I know.”
    It is that type of “knowledge” the one that is useful, practical.

    Knowledge as “information” is only useful for the games of the mind but not for a new consciousness in the realm of “no-mind.”

  • avyakt7- New Generation 8:52 AM on March 13, 2019 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: avyakt7 ng, , espirituality,   

    The long lost but now found Sakar Murli 


    There is a time for everything. The time for the current Sakar Murli to phase out, may be approaching. The “children” may be growing up by being exposed to different information which wasn’t available in the Sakar days.

    I remember when the Sakar Murli was protected. It was only read at the centers and hard copies could not be printed out without the authorization of the “in charge.” As time went by, due to the popularity of the Internet, it was understood by the BK organization, that it could no longer keep it “secret.” Now, it is easy to download it ore receive it via email with little effort.
    The BK organization was forced to change according to time. A “NO” became a “YES.”

    As most BKs may be aware, Sakar Murlis are not the exact words of Brahma Baba as they were uttered more than 50 years ago.
    There have been many “corrections” through time, also known as “updates.”

    Despite the belief that “God” is with the Brahma Kumaris, and He has been giving teachings since 1969 (after the physical death of Brahma Baba) through Avyakt messages, those teachings (Avyakt Murlis) are relegated to only one day a week. The rest of the days are for the “corrected and updated” Sakar Murlis. The “word of God” through an “updated” Brahma Baba who is a being of light, is not enough. The BK organization rather have the “no so perfect” version as a Murli.

    Only the “Blessing” in the Sakar Murli, may be something from the Avyakt teachings. Nevertheless, in my days as BK, if you remembered the “essence for Dharna “ and the “blessing”, if someone asked you “what Baba said today”; you were OK. Like little babies who need small amounts of food to digest, the “essence for Dharna” was written by someone in the BK organization, in easy 2 or 3 points to recite and memorize. “Churning” the Murli is not necessary when someone picked the “main points” of the day (although it is questionable if those points were truly the main points.)

    I understand that for a beginner in “spirituality,” to have “black or white” instructions are important, but I wonder when those “beginners” will change into middle or advanced students?
    Would the Sakar Murlis be appropriate for them then?

    As it is now, the Sakar Murli is the greatest tool to condition BK followers. That is the importance of it. To listen to those black or white instructions every day, is without a doubt, training for the mind to see things from only 2 colors.
    A dear BK friend, used to see Life under 2 labels: Good and Bad. In her mind, there was a clear line dividing those 2 “opposite” labels.
    It is that training the one that will disconnect followers from seeing Life beyond labels or judgment. A “normal” person in society will learn to see “gray” besides black or white as he matures; but to see Life without labels; is definitely a step forward. That is the step needed when we know that “the Drama is predestined and beneficial for all.”

    How could something be “bad” or “good” then? Those are only labels to describe, to make ourselves understood under the limitations of language, to convey a message based on society’ standards, but those are not inherent values in Life. Things in Life are neither good nor bad. They just ARE.
    I cannot judge that a person is “bad” or “impure.” That is to draw a line where there is none, but only in our imagination.

    When we perceive the world as only “good” or “bad” then we will align constantly within those 2 labels. Today I am “good” because I woke up for Amrit Vela. Tomorrow, “bad” because I ate eggs. Temptations are always there for the BK follower, who is repressed from many things. “Tests” are to be passed or failed. Is it more valuable to go to class every day without missing a day or to be empathetic with all? If you have to choose, what will take you to Heaven? The “black or white mind” will make a selection.

    Life is balance, harmony. That could hardly be achieved by following “black or white” instructions.

    Attend your BK classes and BE empathetic with all. Just DOING what the Sakar Murli spells, will not take you to heaven. It may give you a “good” position within the BK organization, but that is the extend of it.

    • ex-l 10:07 AM on April 20, 2019 Permalink | Reply


      Do you know anything about the internal history and discussion behind the changes in Murli policy?

      By that, I mean who was behind locking them up and why; then how the changes came about … who was for it, who was against it and so on?

      Documenting the changes and liberating the Murlis was, of course, one of the primary campaigns at brahmakumaris.info. As you write, it is true to say that before we came on the scene, the BKs had become paranoid over their control of access to the Murlis and, we must presume, fearful of the damage to their PR if they were to be read by the general public.

      Much of the whitewashing of the Sakar Murlis that has happened … it’s not “revising”, it has been a process of censoring and re-writing in such manners as to lose much of their content and, in places, render it unreadable … has been to that end, but also to create an entirely different impression of Lekhraj Kirpalani and early BKism to more educated, one might even same more spiritually developed, Westerners and middle class Indians.

      This process has been going on since the 1970s when a select few Indian sisters ‘interpreted’ the Murlis while translating them ‘on the hoof’ at morning class in London. That is to say, they were not always literally translations.

      At that time, and earlier, the relationship to the Murlis was entirely different. They were all paper printed and, as they piled up in centres, became a problem. Old ones were handed out liberally for home study. There were even times when they were torn up and used as wrapping paper for toli, and, of course, just thrown out, accounting for the loss of many of the early versions.

      Copies – sets even – do, however, exist outside of the Kirpalani Klan’s control and a very few – literally a handful of “BK souls” have explored, documented and discussed the changes within them. With those edits not just meanings have been changed but also references to the movement’s history have been lost. For example, Kirpalani would reference notable individuals who had left, current events and so on.

      Their re-working – a reduction in length to as much as perhaps 30% of the original – also portrays Kirpalani state of mind in a different. The original spilled over at least 4 pages of fulscap paper and were highly repetitive, stream of consciousness type rambles. One has to wonder what was going on at the time they were spoken. I was, for a short time, part of the Murli translation team and it was by far the most excrutiatingly boring “service” to do, all before digital anything. It all had to be done manually from cassette tape recordings. Play, stop, rewind … written out by hand, then typed up by another.

      I think the attitude towards the Sakar Murlis also says a lot about the relationship o the Kirpalani Klan to their “god” and his utterances. The most prominent being their feeling of superiority and ownership over them to the extent that they could control and modify the teaching.

      It was their principle of monopoly over the business of the religion … their use of control over the access to the Murlis and how they used it to insist adherents had to come to the centre where they could be controlled and exploited … that we wanted to challenge and break.

      Our vision was that all BKs ought to have by right direct access to all the original teachings, and that those carrying out the re-writing of history and philosophy ought to be held accountable. That adherents ought to be able to see the changes and question them.

      Of course, the BKWSU was never going to cooperate with us as, in their vision, we were so “impure” … but I see there is a sort of semi-official ‘backdoor’ project going on, run by one “Dr Luthar” now.

      What I’ve never understood is why a cult who has such high claims for itself to the extent of believing its god spirit or guide is “The One Supreme God” … has such a low value for its words and history.

      Their actions rather demonstrate a shame and an embarassment about them, as if they really know in their heads and hearts that they are not that great and, therefore, not ultimately be supreme.

      I don’t buy the usual excuse they used to use that outsiders’ intellects were “too impure to understand the Murlis”. Outsiders see and understand the old Murlis perfectly clearly … they were not just 90% garbage but peppered by narrow minded bigotry. The good bits in them could have been reduced down to a paragraph or two.

      Outsiders were not “too impure” to understand the Murlis, they were just not brainwashed enough to subject themselves to them. To have their thinking reduced to the level of them.

      Were – and still are – some Indians at such a low level that matching their thinking to Lekhraj Kirpalani’s was raising their level? Perhaps. I think for most of us in the West it was lowering, limiting and dulling down though. We tried to find depth and “experiences” in them … and it just was not there. They were just long, repetitive, trance like mantras and their reading, and the demand that we must subject ourselves to them 6 days a week, was just a ritual of indoctrination and control.

      There is more history to the institution of the Morning Class. The rigidity of it was not part of the original group activity. It’s a shame no one’s truly and objectively documenting the history.


      • avyakt7- New Generation 10:40 PM on April 21, 2019 Permalink | Reply

        I don’t know much about the policies behind the editions of the Sakar Murli. However, it is safe to say that Brahma Baba’s teachings have been changed.
        What is learned through the process of self-realization is very hard to put in words. Our words are dualistic, we understand through mental concepts and like to oppose and contrast those concepts for better mental understanding. When it comes to “spirituality” ( to label this process of opening up and diluting ego) the previous learned rules do not apply. The belief of BK followers to follow the contents of the Sakar Murli to obtain a similar state than Brahma Baba is naive, but understandable given the conditioning. Every person has a particular story based on particular Life experiences. No two are alike, therefore; there are no formulas.

        If Brahma Baba went into some medium trance during the Sakar Murli ( As I was told, “God” was in him) his repetitive lines are understood by me now. One of my guides/friend (Miguel) repeats his lines twice while going through my sister’s channeling, while the other friend (Mathias) does not. I believe it may be on how often the entity being channeled, had an exposure to human language.

        The value of the Sakar Murli is better suited for a beginner. Someone who can understand “black or white” sentences and who needs “steps” to feel “improvement.” The Sakar Murli is for the masses, the bulk of BK followers. On the other hand, the Avyakt Murli is more refined. It is more general and had deeper “spiritual” topics, specially the ones from the 1970s.

        Many things will get lost in translation. It is unavoidable, as there are no words to fit a “spiritual” experience. I get that all the time when translating some of the words in Spanish and not being able to find an equivalent in English. If the one translating does not have a similar experience, that person will make errors when translating an experience which he does not know about.
        The words “detached observer” when “practiced” by a beginner, may look as emotional distant, with lack of compassion, but “witnessing” is a better word to describe that same state for a beginner, in my view.

        It is my experience that any religious scripture or the Sakar Murli are merely pointers. They may have historical value, but that has little value for spiritual “improvement.” A follower looking to “improve” needs to understand the words in his own experience and needs to be aware when Life presents that chance through a Life experience.

        As it is now, the Sakar Murli is a piecemeal of many things. Thus, only a tool for conditioning; which is necessary if someone wants to “leave” the “world” of our society and embrace the BK conditioning.


  • avyakt7- New Generation 7:57 AM on March 6, 2019 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: avyakt7 ng, , , , ,   

    Remember to be a soul 

    In Baba’s yaad, remember ME alone, remember the Father, be soul conscious, become bodiless, to be in yoga with the Father, become a detached observer….

    What all of those popular phrases in the BK dictionary have in common?
    They are intended to point to the same thing.
    What is that?
    If I say “awareness of not to be the body” then I am destroying your ability to become AWARE by giving you something to negate, without your own inner discovery. Awareness does not negate or affirm.
    It is not surprise that most BKs continually deny their own body and its needs, as a consequence of the popular: “I am a soul not a body.” Most BKs know what is a “body” thus they deny it believing that this is how they can reaffirm to be  a “soul”, but many have no idea or experience of what a “soul” is.

    How is it possible to have so much misunderstanding?
    Brahma Baba had an insight. He tried to put that in words. Those words were passed onto others, who did not have the experience. These “half-teachers” added, subtracted or interpreted the previous words before these were passed onto “quarter-teachers” who in turn, did their own “service” by adding further confusion, and then into the masses. That has happened to every organized religion through time.

    When our AWARENESS increases, we will recognize our physical senses, then our body, then our mind, our emotions and what is not them….
    I cannot add further words for it will be confusing to figure out with our minds, what is what Avyakt7-NG is trying to convey. However, this is not to be figured out. As the Murli mentions, it is about “practice” but as we progress, we will not need to remember to practice, that is only the “beginner’s 101 state” but AWARENESS IS, it will sink in. There is no need for “remembrance” when you ARE AWARE.
    That is why, “remembrance” is not an accurate word, for that is of the mind, to bring back a memory to the mind. The mind is not consciousness, it is merely mind. True changes will happen in consciousness not in the mind.  Nevertheless, in the “beginner’s 101 class”, remember to practice… use your mind.

    What is the difference between awareness and observation?
    What is the difference between detached and bodiless?
    Isn’t AWARENESS a quality of being detached? How could you be aware without detachment?

    All those words point to the same thing.

    Nevertheless, keep “remembering the point of light.” Visualize it. Talk to it. Visualize Brahma Baba’s face in the picture and believe THAT to be “remembrance”… to have found the “truth.”
    It happened to me, thus; it is someone else’s turn. All good!   🙂

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