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    God in Brahma Kumaris 

    Conditioning could be successful if there is an authority to obey behind it or a strong feeling, which will take us to do things and believe things which otherwise we wouldn’t.

    The conditioning of mainstream society has power, for there are authorities behind it: The law and their representatives, religious leaders, politicians, business owners, etc. There is a hierarchy which is built upon each level. A member of society knows about obeying certain things and the consequences of not doing so. The concept of punishment is introduced and that will shape our view of the world and the one beyond.

    Who is the authority to follow beyond this current existence?
    Obviously our “leaders” have no clout over the “after life.”
    That is how “God” was introduced in mainstream. If we observe his “job description,” it is a mirror of our society’s hierarchy, which is clearly seen in the most popular religions. He is the “one to obey” (love) to fear, to get salvation from or to be punished if his law is not followed.

    The collective consciousness understands this easily. That is my point: The realms beyond the physical world do not comply with our understanding or our laws. Human understanding is limited by conditioning.

    The question then, is not whether God exists or doesn’t. The question is, if we are willing to look, to observe deconditioned.

    In Brahma Kumaris, the “job description” of God changed completely. God is no longer the “creator.” God is no longer the one who punishes disobedient people. God is no longer watching everyone, everywhere. God is the one who gives “knowledge.”
    However, most followers do not understand this knowledge, no matter how long they have been following.

    The title of “God” then is changed to “Supreme Soul.” Another set of beliefs could be added to make a difference between a human soul and the “supreme” soul. Observe the power of words, the terminology used, basically refers to the same thing:  The Authority.

    An “experience” with the realm beyond the physical is cherished by most. Sure, it is unique. This will give the opportunity to affirm our ego: “I am special.” Moreover, we could add the word “god” to make our experience the “top one.”

    “I have experienced God.”
    Avyakt7 knew that line very well. Avyakt7-NG (Ahnanda) respects that, and sees the personal evolution through that.

    For a kid, to say “dad” is important. Everyone else says it and beyond the word is the feeling of having someone near and dear, someone who cares. When humanity feels in despair, God is very important to feel that company and like “Santa Claus,” someone will play that role, to bring smiles and joy to those kids. That is the gift of God.
    Of course, human ego can only see that their “Santa Claus” is the only and true Santa. That is how many religions appeared and how the clothes wore by Santa became more important than the person inside them.

    For the common good.

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      Hi Ahnanda, When I was involved with BKs, I had tried implementing most of the teachings of Murlis, but amongst those, I need your help to explain us two of the very beneficial teachings which I still have not been able to implement 100%, but want to as they are required to keep the flow of my life smoother. So here are those two teachings:

      No 1: Your thoughts, words and actions should be in harmony, what you think, same thinking should be reflected in your words and actions. (Mansa, Wacha and Karmana should be same)

      No 2: Abstain yourself from creation of waste thoughts.

      The only reason I still want to implement these two teachings in me is that I think about one thing, I say another thing and end up doing totally different third thing in actions. Can you PLEASE explain what a person can do (By now I know that you use DO and BE in caps in all of your articles 🙂 ) to implement these two things by being and by not being a BK.


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    Deconditioning through Brahma Kumaris 

    Our consciousness will change once there is experiential awareness. Consciousness does not change by mere regurgitation of “Knowledge/ Gyan.”

    For this to happen, there is a need for a space away from the elements of conditioning. In most cases, society is the biggest source of conditioning, thus anything that will keep us away from society will give us the space needed for awareness to appear.

    In my time as a Brahma Kumaris follower, I can now see; how the above explanation was present.
    To hang out only with BK followers, to only eat the food prepared by them, to follow their codes of conduct and to spend most of my time with Brahma Kumaris “business,” was the way to create that space of separation from mainstream society.

    Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to see at that time how deconditioning was operating: I wasn’t watching TV or going to the movies, for that was considered a waste of time and a source of “tamopradhan” vibes. I wasn’t around my family members. Work was “better” if it did not take much of my time after the requirements to sustain myself were fulfilled. Sexuality was shut down as a way to avoid further mingling and attachment with others and my body. In a nutshell, most ways of conditioning that society values, were taken away. At that time, my mind was “black or white,” as the knowledge/Gyan appeared to me: “I am becoming satopradhan (good) while society’s way was corrupted, tamopradhan. A rejection to mainstream society arrived, which was largely supported by hearing the daily Sakar Murlis.

    Observe how deconditioning takes place, although; a new conditioning was placed in my mind instead. This conditioning is the one that becomes hard for a “firm” follower to get rid of, once the person leaves the Brahma Kumaris movement.
    The feeling of guilt is unavoidable. The Brahma Kumaris movement is an extraordinary deconditioning path, which leaves no way to “escape” for a follower who is preoccupied in gaining Godly favors in heaven or in this Life, or for a follower who has this idea that to be “good” is to follow a script given by someone else. Usually this follower is an achiever, who is trading mainstream ways into what he may think are “spiritual” ways.  This follower has fear of failure and not to comply with the teachings of “god.”  That fear will manifest eventually in anger.

    An ex-follower will use scientific evidence to prove the BK teachings “wrong,” to be at peace with his guilt. Science is one of the greatest conditioning paths that mainstream society has. To believe in scientific research is for the BEING, at the same level of believing in some deep rooted traditional belief system. Both conditioning paths, will take away the ability of the individual to discover his own truth, to observe himself, to become AWARE.

    Nevertheless, conditionings paths are not “bad.” They are necessary to live in society, in groups. But, for someone who is walking the path of self-realization, these props of conditioning will need to be left aside, to discover our own self. This event has a timing and it is different for every individual.

    For the common good.

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    Believing in “pretty words.” 

    When someone is living Life absorbed by the mind, words are very important specially if their meaning is ambiguous.

    In my past experience with the Brahma Kumaris, I learned about certain “keywords” which no one knew what exactly those meant.
    “The power of yoga” is one of them, “Shrimat” is another, “Dharamraj,” is a mysterious one but well used when “punishment” is the incentive to be “good and obedient.”

    Do you believe that Life is about punishment and reward?
    Are punishment and reward actually “real” in a predestined Drama? How that can be? 
    Food for thought.
    But yet, the idea is that there is “punishment.” Loaded word that only brings fear to comply, which many followers label as “love.”

    The other day I received an email with the following “inspirational quote”:
    To be still is to be conscious without thought.
    Eckhart Tolle.

    Is that your experience?
    If you are a Brahma Kumaris follower; Do you know what is stillness?
    It cannot be what Tolle mentions above, for a Brahma Kumaris follower believes in “remembering Baba” as much as possible.
    Can you remember without thoughts?

    Thus, “stillness” in Brahma Kumaris is another thing. How about single pointed concentration? Most BKs may agree with that, especially if I add the word “Shiva.” Single pointed concentration on Shiva.

    What is my point?
    A pretty word is used. That word is worshiped, but it means different things for different people.

    Let me change the quote from Tolle and say:
    To BE is to be conscious without thought.
    Can we say that to BE is stillness?

    It doesn’t sound right… but once you experience BEING, you may say that the Stillness of Tolle is the same as the BEING-ness of Avyakt7- NG.

    And what about the “Stillness” of Brahma Kumaris?
    Controlling thoughts by adding a leading thought (Shiva), is the first attempt to become AWARE of thoughts. The leading thought is not the “thing” to achieve but a prop. Once we are AWARE of thoughts, we will not try to control them, but we will learn to OBSERVE if we are identified with them. When there is no identification, even though there are thoughts, there is NOBODY HAVING thoughts, then you are experiencing “stillness” despite thoughts… 🙂

    For the common good.

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      Om shanti brother.

      Yes, you have explained well about (the) ‘being’. I feel that there are many levels in understanding and practising BK philosophy. One starts with just trying to focus one’s thoughts only on Baba. And when he reaches the level of seed stage, there will be no thoughts. That is ‘stillness’ and the most powerful stage of yoga. Our sanskars get transformed easily in that stage. Baba says that if one could stay in seed stage for an hour, one can ‘burn away’ many sins ( one’s sanskars change so much during that stage that whatever suffering was needed to bring in that level of transformation would become un necessary and will be removed).

      I liked the way you explained about not identifying oneself with one’s thoughts and to be still even while having thoughts. 🙂

      I also remember Baba’s words: He used to ask (in avyakt muralis) whether we are silent only when we are alone OR, whether we could be speaking to some one (let alone just having thoughts) and still maintain ‘silence’. I used to interpret it as being a detached observer and an instrument and speak from silence, maintain the inner silence and peace even when ‘coming into sound’.

      Thanks for all your churnings.

      Gayathri ben.


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        Thank you for your comment, sister.
        Most of what I share are my experiences, not necessarily “my churnings.” Anyone can “churn” and interpret things based on what someone else said, but honesty gets in the way of believing something that we have not experienced.
        You mentioned that the “seed stage is stillness and it is the most powerful stage of yoga.”
        Is that your experience? what do you base on the description of “most powerful stage of yoga”?

        It is my experience that “thoughts” are not mine. They come and go. Thus, for someone else who does not have that experience, I can see how he may believe that he needs to control “his” thoughts. It is my experience that what we call “I” is not something static, it is not something that we can say “this is Me.” But, when there is a “Me” then I can see the need for “salvation,” “effort,” and cut away sins and all negative words that we have been conditioned to believe exist.

        Baba mentions about a “role being recorded in a soul.” Thus, what is that “I think” that we believe in, when the role (which are thoughts) “has been recorded already”?
        Food for “thought.” 🙂

        It is ME but it isn’t….at the same time.


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    Question: How can one experience what one can only understand? 

    Brother Ahnanda has used BK knowledge may be to explain “Adwaita” philosophy, where God and you are considered as one, correct me if I am wrong
    I have come across such thing through some other ways as well, but never thought that BK gyan can also be used to explain same… Ahnanda is really a great thinker you know…
    But brother, theoretically it is quite easy to understand, but how one can experience such thing, like the “I” and “God” both as one? Because through you, to some extent I have understood that experience is what matter the most, right!

    Thank you for your question.
    Ahnanda says that “we” are all one. You see, I am placing “we” in quotes. There is no “we” in Life. In our society, there is a “we.” In our language, “we” need to use the word “we” for otherwise, there will be misunderstanding. Thus, depending on the game that you are playing, there is a “we” and… there is not. 🙂

    You are saying that “God and you (I) are considered one in some philosophy.”
    You believe that I have explained the same thing through BK knowledge.

    That is your misunderstanding.

    The Drama/Life is ONE. End of report.

    You say that Ahnanda is a great thinker.
    That is your misunderstanding.

    Weren’t you the one who wrote: “but tomorrow even if I get some of my own experience, my own realisation, my own idea, can I call it mine, can I really say that Dinesh has found it!! “ ?? ….. has any scientist created any law, has any enlightened being created any TRUTH! they simply came across it!!

    Paraphrasing what you said: “I simply came across that thought.”

    You ask, “how one can experience such thing, like the “I” and “God” both as one?”
    Obviously, when you come across it, right? 🙂

    You said: “Because through you, to some extent I have understood that experience is what matter the most, right!”

    That is your misunderstanding.
    In Life. there are experiences. Experiences are Life.
    The question is: Who experiences the experiences?

    The answer could be “I” but then, who is that “I”?
    A soul? A Spirit? A body? another label?
    No more labels! There is “someone” who experiences, but to experience you need to be AWARE, CONSCIOUS… right?

    Does awareness depend on “you”? How about consciousness?
    If it is not “your” idea, your realization, your experience (As you have said) and those depend on “your” awareness and consciousness… then, what depends on “you”? 🙂
    Right there may be the answer you are looking for. I will not spell it out this time, as it may be misunderstood. But..that is what I said through BK knowledge in the last article.

    For the common good.

    • Dinesh Chawla 2:14 AM on April 19, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      Hmm Thanks Ahnanda, may be my eagerness to understand so many things is becoming misunderstanding … I still need to work a lot on my self… but thanks a lot for your reply brother… Om shanti 🙂


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    Repeating the dogma without experience 

    How many BK teachers have the experience of soul consciousness?
    How many BK teachers have the experience of the cycle of time?
    How many BK believers have the experience of all those things which are repeated as dogmatic truths?

    Without experience how could someone assert the existence or non-existence of something? This type of behavior is very common in many believers. This is plain “blind faith.”

    “Parrot repetition” is part of the training we have received from society and there is this belief that “information is power” in  the mundane as well as in “spiritual” things.
    However, “spirituality” is about BEING. “You” ARE what you know; thus there is no difference between “your knowledge” and what you ARE. However, we try to cover who we ARE with plenty of encyclopedic information or dogmatic views. The misinterpretation is to gain information, “knowledge” to BE “better.” 🙂

    Most religious groups present their “teachers” with a great resume of “accomplishments.”
    “Sri Sri so and so, has been a teacher of this “method” all over the world for over 30 years. Sri Sri has led numerous workshops and has been an adviser of many important people. Sri Sri has a doctorate in whatever. Sri Sri’s wit, wisdom and generosity has been known by many. Sr Sri is a true messenger of peace… “
    That presentation is typical of our society which is concerned with degrees, certifications, years on the job (known as experience) and character. That type of resume is not important at all when we are dealing with someone who is in the path of self-realization.

    The belief that a “spiritual person” doesn’t DO some things and DO others is prevalent, as if self-realization is about denial of activities.
    The interesting thing is that most are completely unaware of who is on his way of self-realization and who isn’t, so most settle for the list of a “achievements and certifications.” Unless someone can see the aura or subtle energies of a “spiritual guru”; then they will know. Nevertheless, most individual are completely oblivious on who they have in front of them.

    Yet, a resume of accomplishments  and eloquent talk will be taken as “proof” that someone “knows.”
    This type of ingenuity sells spirituality to the masses, it is all about profit. It may seem like our society is looking for parrots who are very adept on using the mind for profit but lack the heart to relate with the core of every individual they come across.

    To know that we are “souls” is of no consequence when the only difference between the “teacher” and the student are the clothes the teacher is wearing, and the set of beliefs the teacher disseminates as “truth,” as if they were his own experience.

    For the common good.

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    Question: BK Lies, methods and BapDada 

    The questions/comments are here. I will summarize them in my response.

    Thank you Ex-L for stopping by. Your presence in this blog, is an open invitation for anyone with an interest in Brahma Kumaris.
    I’d like to acknowledge “Ex-L” contribution to changes in the BK methodology. For those of you who may not know, Ex-L is the main founder of the website “BrahmaKumaris.info.”

    A “method” is a label representing a bunch of steps, beliefs, ideas, ideals, procedures which are used with the objective to accomplish something concrete or ideal.
    “Spirituality” is full of idealistic “methods” or “yuktis” for that is the intellectual way of tackling a “problem.”
    Brahma Kumaris is an institution made by a diversity of people. There are honest and dishonest people and everything in between.
    The common BK objective is the ideal to be like God, gain salvation, a high status in the Golden age. Being a BK follower means to follow the prescribed method to accomplish that goal.

    A characteristic of a “spiritual method” is that it is never wrong. It is perfect (ideal.) But a follower may fail in following the method so failure is shifted onto the follower. If there is apparent “success” it is because of the method, which brings validity to the institution teaching the method. That is the game.

    BK ideas/beliefs may be lies to others. Even though proven lies, the method is infallible and to protect it becomes a sign of someone who is “worthwhile” (pukka.) BK procedures may be hurtful as seen by others. Their modus operandi may be devious as seen by others; but those are natural consequences of the interpretation of the method by followers. It is not “wrong” from their perspective, but “numberwise.” For a BK, the ways of society may be looked at as “wrong,” sinful, impure. There is rejection underneath. This rejection is necessary in the beginning, to transition from “normal” society into the BK method.

    A “normal” person thinks that he can distinguish what is right from what is wrong however; their selection is according to their conditioning. Society is a way of conditioning, a “method” by all means, just like BK conditioning, thus our ideas of morality are heavily conditioned.
    Hope that I clarified what I mean by the word “method.”
    Let me go into the lies now.

    “Raja Yoga is the most ancient path.”
    From the viewpoint of world history (mainstream beliefs of society) Raja Yoga may not be/ is not the most ancient path. From the viewpoint of Brahma Kumaris (the method) Raja Yoga is the most ancient, considering their belief in cyclical time and their belief that Brahma Kumaris influences the future “Deity religion” in the Golden age. Thus, when the new Kalpa “starts”, it is according to the influences of BK Raja Yoga.

    Who is lying? It all depends on what you subscribe to.
    From my perspective, a cycle means that the most ancient is at the same time, the newest thing (which is the perception of mainstream society, since the BK movement started less than 100 years ago.)

    Mainstream morality condemns lying as evil, bad, sinful, etc.
    Nevertheless, there are times when lies are not only necessary but “good.” Lies may have utilitarian or psychological value, they may be said unwillingly, by omission, for protection, etc. Thus, I lie, you lie, Brahma Kumaris lies, the rest of the world lies, Jesus Christ lies as well. His line: “ I am the son of God” from my perspective, is a lie. From a Christian’s that is the truth.

    Here is a referential link . It is about the morality of lying. As you could see it is a complex topic from an intellectual, philosophical viewpoint. Not all lies are “bad.” Intention seems to be the factor that decides the consequences of that lie. Look at the consequences of the lie. Look at the intention. Religious “spiritual” methods typically “lie” through simplicity so masses can understand. A black or white commandment: “Thou shalt not lie,” sounds “good” it is ideal, but Life is not a “black or white” “reality.” I am not defending lies. I am not defending truth, for both are 2 extremes of the same rope. A duality. Truth brings lies and lies bring truth. That is why, I have written that I do not share “truth.” I share my experiences.

    Human morality is not a standard of “goodness” in Life. But only in our society.
    BapDada does not act based upon our conditioned understanding of human morality. His perspective is different and it comes from knowing what the “Drama” (Life) is and will be, not what human morality dictates.

    Even though many “lies” of the BK institution have been disclosed with evidence, yet still people will sign up with the Brahma Kumaris. Why?
    Because people had an experience which was valuable for them. That is their valid perspective. That is their starting point in “spirituality.”
    I signed up with Brahma Kumaris because I had experiences with Brahma Baba through my sister. Without those there is no way on Earth that I could have followed the BK “method.” Along the path I met many unique individuals and had many karmic accounts to “settle” with BKs, which were necessary to change me.

    Let me clarify. I don’t mean to say that to lie is OK. There are consequences. A liar will not be trusted. That is a consequence. Many could say:  “How terrible the BKs are because they are liars, they deceive people, steal their money and try to get VIPs because they are social climbers.”  But let us not generalize. In our society, what the BKs do is legal until proven otherwise. No one better than the BKs to understand about the consequences of actions done with the intention to deceive individuals although the label used, may be  in the name of “service.” 

    Do I feel that I was conned?
    The BK method put me through a lot of experiences. 10 years of my Life with many unconventional experiences. I went honestly, full force with it from the beginning. Without the BK experience I wouldn’t be able to understand what I do now. In Life, experiences are meant to change consciousness. Humans judge whether an experience is “good” or “bad.” Life does not. It is not for me to judge the method that Life brings for change. Thus, the word I may use after about 4 years of being out of the BK movement is “thankful” rather than conned. Of course, I went through my process of feeling relief, then anger and denial, but the outcome is gratefulness. I can move on.

    We cannot say that we are over the BK experience, while we have rejection in us; while the memory of it is moving us emotionally. It is out of our system, when we could accept that others and I have the same right to go through this experience, if willing to. I have experienced very dear ones literally dying while in the BK movement, for their belief in the BK experience was very strong. That is their right, and the extent of acceptance of the BK method that I am talking about. If the BK experience lingers by upsetting us even though we are not there anymore, there is a trauma which needs to be healed.

    The BK method has many lies and false predictions, but still is “good” for many as it is. Change of consciousness does not judge if a method is made up or lies or not. What matters is to go honestly through the experiences that this method will bring. When we discover the shortcomings, the method is no longer valid for us. It is over, but an honest follower will need to discover that for himself. No second hand in it.

    “Don’t think, don’t question” is an incomplete line. It could be labeled as a half-truth or a lie.
    Don’t think, don’t question, don’t do, don’t make effort… Just BE…is the complete line… but yet, it may be a lie for others.

    For the common good.

    • ex-l 3:19 PM on April 4, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      I’d like time to think about this more.

      One of my more pronounced criticisms of the Brahma Kumaris is that ethics and morality, or the discussion of them, really have no place or are given no emphasis within the “method”, or madness, of BKism.

      For me, not far from what you are saying, “expedience” … that is what is convenient, useful or practical for their aims … and submission and conformity to the leaders’ will are their primary guiding principles.

      Attitudes, I would argue, that are rooted in the founders’ very specific Sindi merchantile culture rather than spiritual absolutes. One thing for sure, the The Buddh’s fourth precept was not “inspired by BKism last kalpa” … unless it was a reaction against BKism.

      To start to raise questions about ethics and morality is to lead very quickly to unravelling BKism and, consequently, I would say, is responded to defensively as a threat of challenged. This was my expeirence with skilled and inveterate liars, like Janki Kirpalani.

      Within BKism, it is OK to lie and knowingly mislead, for example … and, yes, I mean lie … to the authories, non-BK family members, employers, VIPs or official immigration departments, if it is useful or beneficial to the cult. All one has to do is magically invoke Shiva in one’s “rememberance” and all karma is reduced or removed … so they claim.

      How can I say this so surely? I was told to do so by seniors.

      When is a lie and lie rather than a “method”?

      I would when it done so consciously and manipulatively, hence flagging up the “Ancient Art of Raja Yoga” canard. At least senior and educated BKs know that BK Raja Yoga is not the real “Ancient” raja Yoga of Patanjali and all BKs know that the rest of the world rejects their 5,000 Year identical cycle of time theory. Therefore, in something as key to their marketing, manipulating of others beliefs, I think we can can say it is a deliberately deception. And ‘deliberately deception’ of those less aware, less educated, more vulnerable … for the sake of self-interest or gain … has to wrong.

      Or at least very carefully used in extreme situations only.

      Again, I think you have tilted the conversation or my criticism back again to “BK ideas/beliefs may be lies to others”.

      That is a different question … who know what the “truth” is going to be at the end of time … who knows who or what The Baba™ is and what their agenda is, except for the annihilation of 7 billion human beings by nuclear war. Who even know is that is a good or bad thing (sometimes, I’ll admit, I think it would not be a bad thing as far as the environment and other species go!).

      My concern is with the deliberate and widespress practice of deception by the leaders over the followers, and by the followers to their families and outsiders, through simple, real world dishonesty.

      It’s amazing but even know, perhaps 10 years after we debunked many of their historical claims as deliberately constructed lies intent on protecting their own self image, the inner circle of BKism is still unable to accept and correct a true account of their beginnings.

      They oppose simple truths even in sincere followers and supporters, and that’s a dangerous symptom. For if they are willing and able to construct defences to even simple truths … what is their response to even more complex and difficult ones … such their claims of being god inspired and an exclusive and elitist monopoly over god etc.

      (* BTW, I found your site searching for an original version of the 16 Celestrial Degrees or Divine Arts. I see they’ve woven a few more layers on top of it. I had not been following your evolution until this time).


      • Dinesh Chawla 2:05 AM on April 6, 2017 Permalink | Reply

        Hey ex-I, (Ahnanda, may be it’s ex-I and not ex-L 😛 )

        This is awareness_being here, hope you kind of remember me from your bhramakumaris.info site 🙂

        It’s so good to see you here on Ahndy’s site, well Ahndy is nickname I have given him (Ahnanda). Umm, your concerns and things raised about BKs are valid, but again I would emphasise on one thing here, there are many small and mediocre organisations in India having fake gurus and they preach hanky panky stuff. We surely can’t go against everyone and stop them from doing what they are doing.

        But I am not saying that you are against BKs here, may be you want them to clarify that they are not what they claim to be… May be 🙂

        But you know something that matters is that what we want to do with our life, like in my case I want to know whether I can get rid of this cycle of birth and death or not. But so far, the cycle of birth and death is kind of confusing me… 🙂

        Anyways, hope to see more interesting stuff from you on Ahndy’s site 🙂 BTW I belong to Sindhi community too, that too from the same village of dada Lekhraj Kriplani 🙂

        Isn’t that interesting!! 🙂


    • ex-l 8:41 AM on April 6, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      From the same village of dada Lekhraj Kriplani? That’s very interesting.

      I always found the Sindi family naming conventions difficult to penetrate. I read that this was deliberately done so for superstitious reasons (astrology/numerology/witchcraft) and, later, unlawful reasons … a lack of transparency in business.

      Can you confirm his original caste status?

      Yes, I agree with you regarding the “small and mediocre organisations having fake gurus” and, of course, that’s not just limited to India.

      Organised religion to me is pretty much 99.9% business and the majority are a scam.

      But this is the question Ahndy has raised … should we authenticate a scam by calling it a method.

      I can see where, in his position, it is “bad for business”, or bad “method”, to be too openly critical of BKism, if his primary readship is BKs.

      I can also understand how, having made such an intensive investment into BKism, he cannot bring himself to be too openly critical of it either. That is understandable.

      However, I reject the question of morally being dragged down to a too subjective level, that including the emphasis on “the experience”.

      And I think he is absolutely wrong, from a moral and a legal point of view, when he rights what the Brahma Kumaris does is “legal until proven otherwise”.

      That’s wrong. A crime is a crime is a crime regardless of whether the police catch me, and I am prosecuted and found guilt, or not. The majority of guilty criminals are never successfully proescuted.

      If I mug or con and old lady out of her life savings, if I traffick a young girl and make her work as an unpaid servant for years or even her life without any rights … as the Brahma Kumaris have done time and time again … I am guilty of a crime whether that old lady or young girl have the strength to report me and the police to resources to build a prosecution or not.

      We are trying to define the line between deception and dishonest, and spiritual method.

      In this case, I am attempting to defend the good name of “spiritual method” from deception and dishonesty plain and simple.

      And I’d like the BKs to stop doing the later. To stop polluting other soceities than their own.


      • Dinesh Chawla 12:04 PM on April 6, 2017 Permalink | Reply

        Dear ex-I,

        Thanks for your reply, I can think about going totally against BKs only after I destroy my “I”. Ahnanda may be able to know what I mean by this “I”. Observe Ahnanda’s writings, in spite of writing in English, which is a two-ness language, meaning duality exists in the language itself. He is able to explain everything yet nothing, one needs that much understanding and level of enlightenment to speak in favour or against some spiritual organisation.

        Have you heard about Master Osho, he was against all religions and spiritual organisations including BKs, he has spoken against BKs as well, but only once for 10 minutes, that was actually sufficient for him to prove that BKism is not the path of SELF realisation and God realisation. One needs that level of enlightenment to prove that something is not a valid thing. And according to me Osho did posses that level. Well Ahnanda too, but … you know… Ahnanda has said in one of his comment that Ego can’t be dissolved completely, but I need to verify that!!

        Anyways, Sindhi’s are criticised for one thing that they thing about only about their profit all the time, they are business minded people, that’s the speciality of Sindhi’s, that’s all I know about Sindhi’s being criticised. And about the village, most probably it was Hyderabad city, in the state of Sindh in Pakistan where BKs was started by Dada Lekhraj with a small satsang at his home named Om Mandli.

        Well, peace and godly love for you ex-I. 🙂


        • ahnanda 10:58 AM on April 7, 2017 Permalink | Reply

          You are very inquisitive and you like to improve yourself. Those are good qualities.
          A couple things that may help: Nicknames are not accepted by everyone. Ask before taking the liberty to do it. In this blog, I am known as “avyakt7-ng” or “Ahnanda.” That is what i wish to be called.

          I also suggest that quoting others without context is misquoting. You know that language is dualistic. You know that language cannot express things accurately, but yet you keep quoting others. Please share your own realizations, your own experiences and ideas.
          Osho couldn’t be against all religions and spiritual organizations, if he was a realized being. Osho merely showcased that those who thought to have “truth” were deceiving themselves and others. Since religious organizations, spiritual organizations, etc. are interested in “having truth,” these organizations were shown that in fact, they didn’t.

          As misinterpretation came around through followers, even Osho’s legacy was turned into another organization. Followers tend to water down and misinterpret the “teachings” of their gurus.


          • Dinesh Chawla 1:00 PM on April 8, 2017 Permalink | Reply

            I agree with Ahnanda, but tomorrow even if I get some of my own experience, my own realisation, my own idea, can I call it mine, can I really say that Dinesh has found it!! that experience, realisation or idea already exists out there in the universe, Dinesh is not just AWARE about it, has any scientist created any law, has any enlightened being created any TRUTH! they simply came across it!!

            Calling any experience as my experience, my idea, my realisation is also subtle ego and attachement Ahnanda… 🙂


            • avyakt7- New Generation 8:38 PM on April 10, 2017 Permalink | Reply

              Even though many times we think that we “understood” the “concepts,” we did not. We may not call a realization, experience, idea as “mine,” but yet you have this idea (your idea) about liberating yourself from the cycle of birth and death.
              That idea you can talk about all you want as “yours.”
              Let me tell you about “my” experience. This is “my” experience; but it is not really “mine,” for the experience was there and I only became AWARE of it. For if I say that it is “mine” that is subtle ego and I become attached to it….
              So was that really my experience? Or should I talk about “the” experience?
              OK! This is “the” experience…
              Wait a minute! Who’s experience? Is that yours or someone else?
              It is “mine” but I cannot say “mine” for I am AWARE is not “mine.”


      • ahnanda 11:02 AM on April 7, 2017 Permalink | Reply

        Time is precious. At this time, I do not have lots of it. Life changes.
        You have shared your views. I have shared mine. We could agree to disagree.
        Your attempts to defend the good name of spiritual methods from deception and dishonesty, are laudable. All the best to you in that huge task.


  • avyakt7- New Generation 9:01 AM on January 24, 2017 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , awareness, , , , conqueror of attachment, cycle, , , , equal to god, like the father,   

    “Becoming” is the teaching of the mind 

    The word “becoming” is used many times in the Brahma Kumaris teachings.
    Become an angel, become a deity, become a detached observer, become equal to god, become like the father, become a conqueror of attachment, become number 1, etc.

    There is a method to achieve that “becoming,” as it is believed that it all depends on “you.” Just got to DO it.

    The burden of responsibility is shifted upon your shoulders. There is little time left to “save yourself”, if you “fail” it will be forever…. 🙂 That is the pressure.

    The game is that you will never know if you have reached any of the “becoming” goals.
    This method is purely of the mind but for people living in the mind.

    How is this teaching of “becoming” congruent with an eternal repetitive Drama?
    They do not fit well.
    “Becoming” is on “you” but “you” are predestined. Whatever “effort” you make will give you a “better” status… Again, the thought is that “you” can improve “yourself” which is impossible given the circumstances of the Drama, “you” are not separate from the Drama, “you” are it… 

    Because “you” don’t know how to “become” “better”, a “method” is given to you, it is something that you have to DO.
    DOING it many times will overwrite your sanskaras, right?

    I used to believe that, until I discovered through my own experience that behavior cannot change consciousness.
    My sanskaras could be overwritten, but consciousness is before sanskaras.

    A brainwashed individual acting like a saint, is not a saint. BEING a saint is the process of consciousness through the assimilation of many Life experiences, it is a temporal stage in the Unlimited Drama, never a “destination” or the “ultimate goal.”

    A detached observer is consistent with the existence of the eternal predestined Drama. Even though you are acting, it is for “name’s sake only” as BapDada says; however, we like to say “I did it,” just like the DOING that is necessary to “become” an angel or equal to god… 

    Do you see the issue?
    The Drama is DOING through me and not “I” am doing. Of course, this DOING through me does not happen if my mind is full of ideas, beliefs and so forth; for what comes through me is filtered through the mind, judged and repressed or expressed according to my beliefs of what “should be.”

    This repression is the product of the belief that “I” should be “saved,” that I should “advance in my career in Heaven,” by sacrificing now… without realizing that the Drama does not depend on the “I” at all.

    The “movie” is already made. ENJOY IT. Get into that space of inner emptiness, of innocence, so the child inside could arrive. That is how we “become” children again, not by DOING, but by allowing it to BE… and it will BE at the right time.

    For the common good.



  • avyakt7- New Generation 8:20 AM on January 12, 2017 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: awareness, , , Eternal repetitive drama, , how many years for satyuga?, satyuga when?,   

    Questions on Satyuga and the eternal cycle 

    Om shanti.. brother..
    When does this world will transform into satyuga…what your perspective over this..how many years remaining…??

    Thank you for your question.
    If I’d say “tomorrow,” would you believe me? Probably not. How about next month?
    Maybe, maybe not. How about next year? Do you believe me?
    Just to make sure that you will believe me, let me add 10 years to my answer.
    No doubt in 11 years.
    Now what? Are you going to “make effort”? Knowing that transformation will happen in 11 years should give you motivation, right?

    Oh! So you don’t believe me that satyuga will happen in 11 years… so when do you believe? You may need to ask a senior to confirm your belief with their belief and then tell me that my belief was “wrong” for their belief should be “right.”

    We could go on… what is the point? That is what I mean by living in the mind. It is about just beliefs which we make “real.”

    Best to you.

    Since the drama is cyclic in nature, you cannot escape from it, there is no way, if I would request Baba that I don’t want to come in iron age and copper age, I only want to come in golden and silver age, he will say “Law does not hold that dude”. Because right now you are in the drama and to play your part you have to come again so no chance to obtain moksha, liberation from cycle of birth and death (My one reason of leaving BKs was this, I would like to take this topic as well with you Ahnanda in future). If we want to escape, we will have to make the drama as linear may be which happens only once. But that’s just my view, you have said in few of your articles that time is cyclic in nature.

    Thank you for your question.
    From my experience, there is no doubt that there is a cycle of time.
    If you didn’t know this, it wouldn’t matter. You will not remember it “now.”
    If you know this, it can only make you think about all the “bad” stuff that has happened to “you”; without realizing that the “good” stuff has happened as well because of the “bad.” This is called duality, and both sides come together.

    The “I” wants to escape. The “I” wants “moksha.”
    You are not your body. You are not your mind. Where are you?
    If you say “soul” or “spirit,” then why are you so concerned about suffering things that happened in this physical plane? Those things shouldn’t touch you.
    SO, here we find a dishonesty. Those who believe to be an eternal soul but yet are worried about “destruction.”

    The issue is the “I.” Otherwise, there is just a movie. Watch it. That is a “detached observer.” You are eternal. You will come back again as you are one more time… Dinesh. (Label identifying the manifestation of a role.)
    The “I” will feel sad, desperate, hopeless by knowing this… just because the movie is not going according to his wishes, desires, wants… but yet the “I” does not exist.
    That is the wonder. Maya.

    If you left the BK movement because of this belief in the Drama, you may want to consider to go back; for as far as I am concerned; that is true…. Time is cyclical, although it appears linear. Repetitive, although it appears new all the time; paradoxical, although it appears logical.
    Even though there is death, there is none for you will come back exactly as you are now.
    Even though there is suffering; there is pleasure with the same intensity. How do you know suffering, if you don’t experience pleasure? Both come together, although they appear separate.
    There is no “I,” although it appears that there is.
    That is a “reason” why “I” am not a BK now.

    For the common good.

    • Dinesh Chawla 12:15 PM on January 12, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      Oh Ahnanda, you always write really well dude… 🙂

      I had many reasons to leave that organisation, one can’t escape from cycle is just one of them, please follow few more reasons now:

      First reason: Although everything seems so good and clean and fresh for BKs, but they are people with a lot of bias and prejudice. After following them for almost three years, I told the most senior sister there that I want to completely surrender myself now, I was quite dedicated, the answer she gave me was “ I haven’t done the seva (service) like other brothers, just because those other brothers donate a lot of money, and dedicate more time than me, does that mean I am not as truthful as they are towards Baba. But I still continued for more three years, because ultimately in gyan we have to consider drama as well.

      Second reason: I went for doing seva one day with a sister in a nearby garden, she is very elder sister and surrendered at the center, in the middle all of a sudden, a small beggar child, so innocent, he was hardly 7 to 8 years old, touched her and asked for money, as beggars do, she got angry on that beggar, I can’t consider this as drama now, come on.

      Third reason: Again the same, BK sisters do get angry but in utterly sweet way, one can easily make out that. One day a stranger entered inside center for using washroom, and the elder sister found, she got angry on Jr sister. I will include my another reason here only, they threw one sister out of center (Yes, it will be called throwing, because she was surrendered for many years at center) saying that she was not able to follow shreemat properly, but when I dug into the matter, I found that she fell for a guy at center, and they caught her. (I am not trying to disrespect them, but just stating my experience).

      Fourth reason: They are not truthful people, they force and encourage their followers for divorce from their spouse. Apart from this, Baba’s gyan won’t help me to understand my sexuality, I am a homosexual.
      There are many… but please note this again that I didn’t leave them because I found Osho or Ahnanda, I simply wanted to be on my personal journey.

      Fifth reason: The gyan is quite self-contradictory, become “icha matram avdya” means reach to a state of desirelessness, but there are many desires on this path, desire to churn knowledge, desire to increase the experience of yoga with Baba, desire to inculcate every dharna with you, desire to do a lot seva, whatever, one may say these are good desires, making you head towards something good, but a Desire is Desire, you can’t reach “icha matram avdya” with these four subjects.

      And regarding “I” does not exist is the teachings of Gautham Buddha, explained 2500 years ago, it’s called reality of “anatta”, atta means soul and anatta means no soul at all.


      • ahnanda 4:26 PM on January 13, 2017 Permalink | Reply

        So many “reasons” dealing with others and what others DO. Your fifth reason is a “good” reason though, at least in my book. 🙂


        • Dinesh Chawla 2:13 AM on January 15, 2017 Permalink | Reply

          Ahnanda, you are a cutie pie bro 🙂


  • avyakt7- New Generation 10:47 AM on January 10, 2017 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: 108, , awareness, BK cycle, , , , , lakshmi and narayan,   

    The core of Brahma Kumaris gyan. 

    Looking back from my actual perspective of Life, the piece of Knowledge which has had significance in my Life, is the cycle of time.

    As a matter of fact, from my view it is the only “knowledge” with significance.
    The cycle of time is not a Brahma Kumaris discovery. It has existed in Hinduism, although with a different take, duration, stories, etc.

    A deeper understanding of it, will take someone into what Zen, Taoism and even Tantra are explaining in their own ways.
    The “unlimited” movie is all that exists, and it already has a reel of scenes which have been already shot in “advance,” which are always running.  We could perceive things as the “I” separated from the movie as many religions including Brahma Kumaris perceive, AND/OR we can see that the “I” as separation is an illusion.  Have you heard this terminology? To BE nothing, to DO nothing, to witness, to BE everything there is…. The Drama. 

    Who am I? That question when answered honestly does not have an answer. Yes, it is the soul, right? No. That is a BELIEF. For most is only about replacing the word “I” with the word “soul.” To say “I am a soul” does not mean that I have honestly felt, that I know out of my own experience.  If you knew, you wouldn’t be a BK follower, because the “goal” would have been “achieved”. Soul conscious.   The belief is that by DOING or not DOING things, soul consciousness will arrive to you.

    Because the movie is a “game,” to enjoy that experience is the natural outcome of “understanding” deep gyan, which is the core of Tantra.

    The importance and emphasis of the “I” in Brahma Kumaris knowledge, may be a source of distortion.
    It is “Baba and I,” “Mera Baba,” the “I” is always there, even in Heaven; thus; the need of that “I” to DO things to make things happen and fight with all forces of evil or Maya or anything which comes in front, to obtain the goal, the golden carrot; which is obtained with much denial of what our current Life offers to the “I,” for those things are “impure,” and “I” am becoming “pure.”
    Without a doubt that is a great setup to observe the ego in action. Unfortunately it is not like that for in that state of consciousness, awareness is not developed yet.

    Baba needs to tell me what to DO, how to DO it and WHEN to DO it.
    “I” am totally dependent on his instructions. “I” am afraid of making “mistakes,” for “I” want to be “right.”

    If that “I” is not seen for what it is, I am afraid the BK experience will only serve as a way to further enhance the ego. Either way, it is good.

    Many Brahma Kumaris followers are beginning their “spiritual careers” by understanding the mind.
    I recall that avyakt7 was a great “churner” of “knowledge.”
    To figure out the whereabouts of Lakshmi and Narayan, the Advanced party and all the secrets behind the 108 and the first day of the Golden age, and then to go into the dinosaurs alley and their existence in the “Copper age” or lack of it, all of that has no value for me at this time.
    Zero, Nada, Zilch.

    However, I can understand why many Brahma Kumaris brothers and sister are still using their minds to figure those things out. I was there.
    You may get the reputation of “best churner,” and be compared with Jagdish Bhai nevertheless; all of that is pointless in self-realization, but yet another good source of ego.

    To go into the significance of the cycle of time and its repetition, is to discover that the separation of the “I” from the unlimited movie, is a mirage, a “big maya.” Everything is together. Everything is the movie, including “you,” the “I.”

    In order to dilute the ego, it needs to be enhanced first; and Brahma Kumaris does a pretty good job in that.

    For the common good.

    • Dinesh Chawla 8:50 AM on January 11, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      Hmm, well portrayed Ahnanda… The knowledge of drama is wonderful. But two things that make and made me feel strange and do something like “eeyyyooo (A feeling of great dislike)” after the lesson of drama are:

      All that bad stuff and immense suffering I went through since iron age and especially in this particular birth is going to happen with me again and again in every kalpa, every cycle, because my suffering in this particular birth was immense…:(
      Since the drama is cyclic in nature, you cannot escape from it, there is no way, if I would request Baba that I don’t want to come in iron age and copper age, I only want to come in golden and silver age, he will say “Law does not hold that dude”. Because right now you are in the drama and to play your part you have to come again so no chance to obtain moksha, libration from cycle of birth and death (My one reason of leaving BKs was this, I would like to take this topic as well with you Ahnanda in future). If we want to escape, we will have to make the drama as linear may be which happens only once. But that’s just my view, you have said in few of your articles that time is cyclic in nature.
      Apart from this Osho explains in one of his lecture that, do you really think that a world so called heaven where everything is considered as perfect, it will be enjoyable to live there. How boring that would be to live there without any problem, like you don’t have anything to do there, no job for survival, no business, although BKs do claim that there will be barter system there, but barter system brings a lot of problems, inequality, storage of material, and so on, so how can a world where there exist a barter system be free from emotional suffering, people won’t feel jealous or low or high when they exchange stuff in barter system!!
      He claims that hell in fact would be a more colorful place, with so many variety of people existing at same time, so many varieties of dances, will there be any dance in heaven, if yes, how many varieties? he goes on and on explain that people have been running behind heaven but you can be in heaven even if you are living in a hell world of today.

      Dinesh C


      • Anil Kumar 10:12 AM on January 12, 2017 Permalink | Reply

        There are still some tribal societies who have no contact with modern society. They use barter system for getting their daily necessities. They enjoy their life with pristine nature. The drama has place for something at a right time.

        Anil Kumar


        • avyakt7- New Generation 10:55 AM on January 12, 2017 Permalink | Reply

          That is right, Anil. The Drama has place for something at the right time. It cannot be any other way as we are all part of this marvelous movie.
          Dinesh: The article today goes into your question. I would be glad to go further into it in another article if you have further questions.

          One important thing to remember is that in the Golden age BEING is complete, full. Naturally those BEINGS are “good.” Therefore, whatever they DO is good as well. There is no greed. On the other hand, at this time for most; BEING is incomplete. This is not “bad” but just an experience of the range of experiences which always move from one extreme to the other, from completeness to incompleteness.
          There is nothing to fix, as this is the natural law; only be aware, acknowledge of who we ARE, that brings automatic change.

          Spiritually nowadays, is busy covering our BEING with DOING. Our actions look “good” in the surface but are driven by greed, whether that is to make more money or to get Paradise in the afterlife, it is the same thing.

          Bartering is not a problem. It is not “impure.” Just like sex. The issue is BEING, the type of consciousness behind the action.



          • Dinesh Chawla 2:39 AM on January 13, 2017 Permalink | Reply

            Hey, this may seem a little argumentative, “There is no greed in Golden age”. Now suppose ABC BEING is a deity in golden age, sitting and eating the perfect food, as in golden age the food is going to be the Great, “they call it 56 bojan”.

            Now the ABC deity likes one food item and he wants more food item, to get more experience of those 56 bojan, my point is “subtle wanting more” is going to be there, I am sorry to disagree with Ahnanda for the first time, but after all “GREED IS GREED”.

            There is GREED in golden age as well.


            • ahnanda 4:25 PM on January 13, 2017 Permalink | Reply

              Dinesh: You are assuming that deity ABC will act as “normal” people here. Greed is defined as:”intense and selfish desire for something, especially wealth, power, or food.” THE KEYWORD IS “SELFISH.”
              If I want more food because I am legitimately hungry, that is not greed, it is hunger. If I want more food because is the last portion or someone else may take it, that is not hunger but greed.
              Greed is greed, but hunger is not greed. 🙂


        • Dinesh Chawla 2:43 AM on January 13, 2017 Permalink | Reply

          Daily necessities, enjoyment with pristine nature and a place in drama is not going to free them from all sorts of sufferings forever.

          I am sorry, I have been quite argumentative in both the comments, but one can’t deny these facts. Can you Anil?

          Now may be you have a question why to get rid of all sorts of suffering for ever? Let’s see whether I am able to find that in my personal journey… 🙂


  • avyakt7- New Generation 10:56 AM on January 4, 2017 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: awareness, , , , change sanskar, , sanskar, ,   

    Unveiling the beliefs of sanskaras 

    The first lesson of Raja Yoga is about the soul. The belief is that the soul has “3 subtle organs,” namely the mind, intellect and sanskaras.
    The belief that matters is that “I” can change my sanskaras at will.
    Raja Yoga is based on the belief of changing sanskaras: From Tamopradhan to Satopradhan.

    How do we change sanskaras?
    Accordingly, by DOING something through repetition. That is the main belief even in the path of bhakti.
    DO a “good action” 108 times, and your sanskara will change.

    Question: How the idea of “I can change my sanskaras” reconciles with an eternal repetitive Drama?

    Let us say that I want to change my sanskara of laziness. What is the “method” to change that sanskara?
    This is a matter of belief. The method could be to “be busy,” but then; what is the limit when “busy” becomes a “problem”?
    Did I truly change the sanskara or merely my behavior?

    Sanskara and behavior are related in this way: A sanskara dictates a behavior. The other way, when a behavior changes a sanskara is only a belief. The adoption of a behavior cannot change a sanskara, it can only cover it.  See it for yourself.

    However, here is when inner dishonesty appears.
    I will change my behavior to be “angel like,” that is what I or someone else’s believes to be “angel behavior.” I will practice it.
    What is the outcome?
    As long as things are alright around me, I will impersonate an “angel.” If someone manages to push a button in me, I will not… I will show my true colors. Time to repent, to ask for forgiveness.

    What we ARE, we will act. Our actions will be according to who we ARE, automatically. Add some “morality,” some “code of conduct” to shape up my behavior, then I will fake it. The sanskara will be there no matter how cunningly I hide it.

    Moreover, observe that any “spiritual teaching” will be interpreted according to who I am, not according to what I DO, but who I am.

    For example, in Brahma Kumaris; the word “detachment” is taught.
    “Detachment” is something “good,” despite general opinion of our society. Baba even says that we “ought to be loving and detached.”

    Nevertheless, when detachment is interpreted, the result is typically indifference. In other words, “detachment” comes out as “indifference” in many Brahma Kumaris’ followers.
    Obviously because that is who we ARE.

    It is not a matter of saying: “I want to be detached,” or “I need to work on detachment,” true detachment happens without looking for it. It is a consequence of change of consciousness, after having assimilated many experiences in Life. This is not the whim of the “I” wanting to “change his own sanskara,” so “I” become great, saintly, godly, etc.

    A Sanskara is our personal “Drama.” A sanskara is tied together with our karma. A sanskara allows for a particular karma to appear, but DOING a particular karma cannot change a sanskara.

    The Drama is first. When the Drama manifests individually through human forms, it does it through a sanskara. That sanskara in turn manifests karma at the right time.
    For the common good.

    • Dinesh Chawla 1:20 AM on January 5, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      Hi Ahnanda,

      Really nice unveiling…:)

      But just a small thought by me, they did have this belief, “I” can change my sanskar’s at my own will. But Sr BK Shivani has changed that to “I” can change my thoughts at my own will. But again that belief by Sr. Shivani is a contradiction with the articles that you had shared with me about “Welcome to the world of good thoughts and bad thoughts”, and with my personal experience that all sorts of negative, judgemental, and waste thoughts are generated by the mind and not by the SELF.

      Anyways, another thing that I wanted to share is that I have finally left the path of BKs, I just took some time in alone and reflected on my own personal aspects of understanding, did some meditation of becoming totally aware of my own thoughts. And I think I am ready to go ahead with my personal journey.

      This decision of leaving the path of BKs was not because I explored Osho and Ahnanada, but it was just a personal decision. And just wanted to thank you for writing such a thoughtful and truthful articles on avyakt7.com. Also, I just wanted to request you to allow us to provide comments and questions on avyakt7.com as well, as we used to do it before, yes a few may end up criticising or taking wrong meaning of your articles. But what about those who want to explore more on those articles. Or can we just contact you via that “Contact” page?

      I will be visiting the Osho meditation Ashram in Pune for 4 to 5 day in a week or so, to explore more about meditation there. And will definitely share my experience with you.

      Dinesh Chawla


    • Gayathri 7:44 PM on January 9, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      It is very well explained. Thanks. 🙂


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