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    Willingness to oppose in Life 

    Observe an argument between 2 people.

    Our civilized world has been taught to follow these steps:

    1) Listen to the content of both sides.

    2) Choose the one who is right.

    3) Support the one who has been chosen to be “correct.”

    The problem resides in #2, the standard chosen. Mostly, we use “reason” and “logic” to determine that. However, typically there is more than “reason” underneath. Emotions, learned behaviors, moral standards and the sanity of a person are part of the package to consider. Judging fairly is not easy at all.

    Now, if we argue with someone else note that “reason” has a different meaning. It means everything we consider reasonable to “win” the argument. We set the standard or how we understand it. The goal is to “win.”

    Many times, there may be an argument within. That is when choosing between 2 or more options. Our desires become our “reasons.”

    When we deal with the force of opposition, tiredness will be unavoidable if the will to “win” prevails to reduce the opposite view.

    When we learn the art of not opposing, we will observe how every attempt to use our will power to obtain a goal, (just like we are taught to “succeed” in Life;) is an attempt to fight an oppose. In this “practice” inevitably we will break down. That is the consequence of following opposition as a way of Life.

    Not opposing does not mean to be subservient. It means to yield first to meet later. Many things will happen in “later,” which could make us change.

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    The reality of morality 

    Creation comes from destruction and destruction from creation. One extreme holds the other. It is that cyclical factor the one that breaks any unyielding moral standard followed by society.

    Moral standards are learned behaviors which may have an unusual twist in another society, a different way of doing things which may be antagonistic. Thus, a “good person” is not someone who follows a moral standard, but the one who IS truly “good” by bringing benefit to all including himself. That behavior is something completely unrehearsed or learned. It is spontaneous and natural.

    While morality separates the extremes of a duality by choosing one side and rejecting the other, someone who is at another level of consciousness will integrate.

    Integration is acknowledgment, it is careful observation without judgment or a plan of action. Let it BE what IS, but when we become aware of the nature of something as it is developing, then the “solution” or “right” action is found without looking for it.

    That “solution” is not a recipe that could be applied to similar incidents or written into some commandment; rather it is a response to a new challenge presented by Life at one moment, which could change at another.

    Thus, as we lost awareness; morality arrived for we required something “safe” to be “right” all the time. Paradoxically, when we are afraid of making mistakes in Life, we stop living.

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    In the Brahma Kumaris world, I recall that many followers used the word “vibrations” to refer to some sort of influence that every human could add into the environment.

    “Spiritual vibrations” became a term borrowed from Physics, where there is oscillation of matter to reach a point of equilibrium. Through that idea, it was inferred that matter is made up of energy that oscillates.

    It is that oscillation the one capable of interfering with other matter, as it vibrates with higher frequency.

    In the “spiritual world,” every individual has a vibration according to his state of consciousness. It is that consciousness, the one able to influence the environment.

    Therefore, we cannot “think” to add greater vibrations to the environment. We cannot wish for “higher vibes” around us. We could imagine, and that is the extent of it.

    As we “ARE,” so our vibrations will be. BEING is the key.

    Thus, “purity” of vibrations cannot be a practice or something obtained through some recipe.

    The extent of “purity” of our vibrations will follow us, as our fingerprints do to our fingers. Vibrations will change to the extent that we change.

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    Words and their influence in Spirituality 

    It is unfortunate that we need to use words to try to explain what cannot be explained. What we call “spirituality” or living Life, is beyond the realm of words and therefore the understanding of those come by assimilating an experience and not by intellectual understanding.

    On the internet, I see plenty of information about anything and even about “spirituality.” There are plenty of quotes from masters, gurus, saints, etc. However, many of those quotes are out of context and even the words used are not the exact words uttered by those individuals.

    For instance, take the words of Tao Te Ching. Many individuals will only recite them and use them out of context. When the idea behind those words of the “Tao” are understood, that is because of the living experience we have had. That realization can seldom be put into words to explain to another without those words being misinterpreted.

    That is why we end up with “easy” religion and “spirituality for all,” as the words used to explain their ideas and philosophies are only behind the general ideas of “good” and “evil,” that is the antagonism of good vs. bad.

    Thus, something “spiritual” or “religious” just supports the ideas of what is “good,” “moral” and “acceptable” by the majority and easily denies and condemns those other words representing what is “bad,” “evil,” “immoral.”

    As I am here writing these words, I wonder then: “What is the point of sharing through words many things which will be misunderstood by many?”

    The answer for me at this point is that “few” will identify something positive since they had similar experiences. That is the end of it.

    Truly, I see the need of words to inspire others and those words need to be “black” or “white.” Easy to digest without much trouble. However, do not hope to find something deep in those words. For example: “Perseverance is the glory of Christ.” That is a thumbs up for Christians as it is the meaning of the words “Yoga with Baba” for BK followers. However, what do you mean by perseverance? How do you act when you believe that your action demonstrates perseverance? Is it only perseverance what you believe to be or there are other forms of it? Can perseverance ever be detrimental?

    Nevertheless, the word perseverance has a wide positive connotation. It has good social marketing. Can we teach someone to be perseverant? The short answer is “No.”

    The long answer is that perseverance cannot be taught when there is the purpose to teach it as it is with any other so-called “virtue.” We need to BE the ideal to teach it, that is the ideal of perseverance and someone else who is watching us, the student; should be able to detect that. It is said that “when the student is ready the master appears.” Well, ready means when the student is observant and has done his “homework” in Life to get to that point where he will see someone in action and “get it.” The student recognition is merely the perception of a reflection of the mirror of Life. In that case, the “master” could be anyone. This act of recognition is true knowing that it is free of any sort of intellectual cultivation, or effort to achieve something.

    In this world of technology where we could get plenty of information to “become better,” by signing up to many websites and face to face classes, or even in planned retreats, all we can hope for is “inspiration” which is important but superficial.

    In the past students and masters used to live together, that is how the student used to learn from the master. I wonder how that changed into a mere transmission of words and fancy terminology?

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    The path less traveled 

    At this time, the path of consciousness may appear to resemble the shape of a funnel: The larger part of it is for the majority, the collective consciousness and then through a “sifting” process, which may last many lifetimes and experiences, a higher consciousness will be experienced by a minority of individuals as they go through the thinner part of the funnel.

    This is interesting to notice, for we could understand how some individuals will be in tune with particular ideas, philosophies, religions and beliefs and others will not: There are philosophies, religions and ideals according to the level of consciousness one is in.

    It has been said that “Life is a mirror” for it reflects us, but going a bit deeper; that reflection depends on where we are located, looking at that mirror. That is, our “location” in consciousness.

    For example, some individuals may be stuck in a financial crisis where they are about to lose millions of dollars. That is very important! (for them.) Their “location” is there in the world of finance. Life reflects that desperation and their drive to “succeed,” that is their ambition. Another “location” could be seen with someone with a mental issue: She could feel that someone is hunting her down. That is “real” for her. Life merely reflects her anxiety and insecurity.

    Another example? Someone who is suffering due to some emotional pain. That person may want to feel closeness with others, but yet that suffering will be expressed as frustration or even violence towards others, which in turn will drive others away from him. Life reflects his violence and frustration. The location of that individual, his perception of the mirror is in his emotional life. Because that person is unable to ‘look inside,’ he will feel that people don’t want to be near him and through that belief, he may build an ‘armor’ of superiority around him or the opposite low-self esteem; which in turn will feed his ego as he will separate from the rest. Ego grows on both sides. The “armor” is merely a defense mechanism to cope with the perceived situation.

    If that person changes his ‘location’ to perceive Life, then the reflection will be different, for his perception will be from a different set of lenses. Of course, the emotional trauma will be there to be healed at some point, but most individuals have many traumas inside which do not go into the surface of their awareness, because their perception of Life does not come from that angle yet. The above is also known as a person “creating” his own reality, for the consciousness that he uses to perceive his creation, will be “real” for him. Because of that, if someone ever asks: “What is Life?” Then, we could see that it all depends on the angle of our perception, which is our creation, then our reality. Thus, the complete answer is: “Life is.”

    How do I become aware of “my” ‘location’ and ‘point of reference’ or angle to look at the mirror of Life?

    Here comes the lesser traveled path: By resting. By being away from it all. By being sort of a hermit. This is not what we are taught in society. There, we are taught to be proactive, to read many books to inform ourselves, to listen to the experts, to debate with others, to create philosophies and then to proselytize to gain followers, likes and subscribers, to be popular and then, our discoveries will be automatically true by cheer acceptance of the masses. Inner observation does not follow that glittering path of society and the mind.

    How do I know about “me” (you)? By secluding yourself in such a way as to observe without distortion your unmet needs, desires, thoughts and behavioral patterns. We need time and passion to unmask the layers behind “me.” This is not entertainment for the mind. The above requires an individual who is committed to self knowledge. We may label that rare individual as a “drop out” of society or a “hero” depending on our perspective. That is our “creation.” This is not a rare practice, as it has been done by many self-realized beings in the past and according to their circumstances. The greatest knowledge a person could obtain is out of his own realizations and experiences by observing himself in the mirror of Life from the location of aimless pursuit. In scientific terms: Observation for the heck of it. In this aimless pursuit we may need to feel peaceful, rested, without the anxieties of making a living and being successful in society.

    While some individuals may have a “choice” of going into that inner observation on a part time basis, while they have some time left out of their busy and important schedule, others may not: Life has “chosen” for them to look at their inner side in this Lifetime. Life has different methods: Some may be bedridden, some may have “karmic” accounts to live in isolation, some may have lost everything they valued in the “rat race” and have plenty of time to spare. Those “disgraces” are also huge opportunities to observe that which is the most important ‘thing’ that you could ever try to confront, understand and love: Yourself.

    However, unless we change the ‘location’ to look at the mirror of Life, and see the opportunity rather than the stuff we are ‘missing,’ Life will reflect back anguish, bitterness and the rest of it.

    For those ‘brave souls’ who have ‘chosen’ to go inside, there will be help as well. Lots of help. These individuals will learn about the synchronicities of Life. They will be able to recognize the signs and the uncommon ways in which Life will answer our sincere questions and the “games” and “ironic” sense of humor in which Life may teach us, as long as we have developed our observation; for truly everything we observe outside is a reflection of whoever is inside at that time.

    All we may need to be aware of is to learn to change the set of glasses we use to look at: Sit down, rest and breathe in and out a few times through your mouth; then only remember to use your shades when it is ‘too bright’ outside.

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    The process of experiencing an experience 

    As we become aware of the benefits and shortcomings of having a mind, we could observe that every human being has a consciousness similar to a filter or better yet a sieve: Experiences are meant to go by and we could become involved in them at the moment they happen, but then afterwards; they should go away to allow for newness to come in. Otherwise, the mind will use previous experiences as the way to deal with new ones. This is considered to be “normal” and even “healthy,” but this activity also results in being unable to be natural, open and spontaneous in Life. Experiences trapped in the “fine collector diaphragm” of that sieve, are like clumps of food which are unable to go through.

    Those “clumps” remain in our consciousness as unprocessed experiences which our minds will be remembering over and over, creating dualistic emotions which could intensify the experience (now a trauma.)

    Recalling the old to meet the new, is a tremendous handicap in consciousness.

    For example, by reading the story of a hideous crime where we could even see the picture of the perpetrator; if that experience does not go through the sieve, it will remain in our consciousness: We will remember the picture of the crime perpetrator and even feel insecure around people which we could identify as potential killers due to similarities in looks to the picture we have seen.

    The question is why?

    The answer: There was a rejection inside us to that person or to the crime itself.

    For most “normal” people that rejection is “good” and accepted by society. It is a chance to display our moral values and to repel the perpetrator. We treat the whole experience as repulsive. However, as our consciousness increases and our spiritual knowledge as well, the feeling of mercy will allow for that experience to go through the sieve without becoming a clump, which will create a personality with fear.

    Spiritual knowledge could be about knowing the “law of karma,” and to know that that poor fellow will experience hardship at another time whether that is in another life or in hell (according to the belief that someone subscribes to) and in top of that, there may be severe punishment from the legal system.

    All of that theory is good to know, but worthless when we deal with our consciousness and its inner rejection. There cannot be change in BEING with theory alone.

    Every clump of experience trapped in our ‘sieve’ of consciousness will create a trauma which will need to be healed at a later time. In fact, when we look at life with a trauma inside us, our vision is not clear. We lack the amplitude to understand that human activities have an ultimate reason to be the way they are and it is not on us to judge those actions, but rather to emit a feeling of mercy, compassion and move on. There is a legal system to take care of social issues, but our responsibility ( for those with higher consciousness) is to maintain the sieve of consciousness clean from clumps of experiences.

    The cleaner that ‘sieve’ remains, the easier will be for the feeling of Love to flow as this feeling does not measure who deserves it and who doesn’t, but it merely flows as the sieve allows for that free flow to happen.

    Another example of this type of “contamination” is when we experience something and we interpret that as a struggle where we ended up being ‘victorious’ and then we tell that story to another person with full details. We could perhaps realize how we could re-live the moment and how we could put ourselves in that story as some sort of ‘hero’ and even embellish the story. That will create clumps as well, which will not be able to go through the ‘sieve’ of consciousness. Another way to enhance the ego.

    Observe how either in “positive” way or “negative,” there are crumbles of experiences created which in turn will accumulate to enhance our experience of ego.

    Thus, greater ego means a lesser ability to experience Love and with that, lesser ability to experience fulfillment in Life.

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    Observations about the “Feel good” Spirituality 

    “Feel good” spirituality is needed for the vast majority of individuals. It is the starting point of the journey of self knowledge. “Feel good” Spirituality is based on the presence of something which most think is the “I.” The importance of it is in the hope of permanence, for we all know that our experience of Life is momentarily, a spark in time. Most individuals are afraid of even thinking what it is like to experience death. Thus, the need of having “Me,” as the resilient center of attention beyond death.

    For instance, consider these: “ You have chosen to be incarnated on this planet and signed up your contract plan of Life with your angels.” That will give the “I” certainty that this experience is in fact, something chosen and prepared for his own good and not a random occurrence. Also, there is another certainty: The “I” will survive after death. Otherwise, how is it possible to sign up for a contract for the “next vacation plan” on Earth? Angels are something like “travel agents” to help us pick our destination and accommodation.
    Even this statement has a “feel good” taste behind the screen: “Understand and apply the 7 laws of the Universe and all the secrets will be yours.” Sounds good? The first law being: “All is mind.” There are so many interpretations of that, but merely consider that there is an “I” looking for enlightenment at the end of the “study.” The mind is “I.”

    Even in the Brahma Kumaris, I remember a talk about angels and someone asked something like: “ Is it true that not every BK will be an angel?” The answer by the brother center in charge was : “Everyone here will be an angel.”
    Great answer. Everyone was happy. Feel good spirituality.

    On the other hand, there is another “study” where the subject of study, the student and the teacher, are the same.
    That teaching is called “Peeling the layers of the onion.” What is the object of that study, the aim and objective?
    To peel the layers. That is it. There is no prize money, titles, medals or recognition at the end of the task. There is a “reason” for that.
    Typically those things are given to a “somebody,” the diploma reads something like this: “In recognition of the intense and tireless contribution of the work you have done and the years spent blah, blah, blah.” Then, that piece is signed by another “somebody” together with its seal of approval.

    In peeling the layers of the onion, there may not be “someone” to take the diploma and the prize. How come?

    Have you ever peeled an onion? It is an interesting experience to peel one. Take one layer of skin, then another and another, etc. until you find the “core” which is…. nothing, emptiness. All those layers were the different types of “I,” making up a pretty big onion: There are the external layers of identity such as gender, race, religion, philosophies, etc. Then the more internal layers of traumas, beliefs, traditions, conditioning and even the more internal related with family roots, and past life experiences, for example. All of those layers make up the big onion, but yet; there is an incognizable quality, an essence in that onion which defies concepts: That which makes an onion into an onion. That ‘essence’ is no longer an “I” made of skin layers.

    Those who are motivated to “peel the layers” of their own selves are a different kind of “truth seekers” for they do not look for truth but to know themselves, but yet to discover a different “self” every time a layer is removed, is daunting until we come across to that ‘essence” which does not look like or feel like any of the previous skin layers.

    It is said: “ Be nothing, to become everything.” Once the layers of the onion are peeled, we say that there is nothing, right? That is the scary empty part where “feel good spirituality” has a market niche. However, the onion is not there. That is the finding.
    Thus, when our center of attention is not there; paradoxically we find everything: The Totality, the Universe, Life itself.

    That cannot be “Feel good spirituality,” for there is no “I” to cater to.

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    The need to transcend and non-duality 

    A friend wrote: “Felt it. No need to transcend anything. Trying to transcend something that I am not. Non-dualism is where it’s at.”

    The above is very important. “Felt it.” That is the first indication of how genuine a realization may be. While for most, it could be something like: “I understood” or “I thought,” here a feeling conveys a deeper significance, for it is beyond the mind.

    While many religions teach to transcend the “bad” in us to only have the “good,” what is actually happening is an inner division: Two sides in the same person, where none could ‘win’ for one side complements the other. How could you transcend greed? When living in the mind, we believe that we can do that by acting in a generous way. However, acting (DOING) is not enough to change BEING (greed.) Then, we could use some repression based on some belief system or we can even write down how many times during the day we acted in a generous way to make it a “sanskar.” However, none of that takes care of greed.

    Now, let me go a bit further. Some ‘spiritual’ individuals may want to transcend the body, for they have even felt that they are not the body. What they are, could be labeled as soul, spirit, source, etc. Any name will do. The important aspect is to realize that we will start denying that which we think/ feel we are not.

    That perspective has a problem. In order to live in our current physical realm, we need the body. How could we make a philosophy of living by denying that which we need to live? That denial could go on: Deny sex, deny any sensual aspect of the body like dancing or sports, deny any pleasure coming from the senses, deny anything that could get someone addicted through the experience of the body.

    In the end; that experience of continuous denial, truly promotes a lack of self love.

    On the other hand, if that person observes his every feeling and action; that person will be aware when the threshold of feeling in harmony has been crossed. For instance, whenever we eat a meal. It could be truly delicious and then the “I want more” will arrive. I could stuff myself and pay the consequences or I could leave from that experience satisfied and in harmony with ‘what is.’ “Stuffing yourself” apparently has no consequences, but as our level of awareness ‘improves,’ then we will be able to observe the ramifications and how addiction comes into the picture.

    Observe that “I” am not denying anything but just observing. As learning comes by assimilating an experience, naturally the path of least resistance will be followed without struggle. Many believe that observation is superficial. They do not want to go deeper into the emotional source behind the action.

    Someone who has experienced a religious path of self denial (path of high resistance,) will immediately know what I am talking about. That experience is important to observe how we have reacted and that is the benefit if we learned from that.

    Someone who does not know anything about spirituality or religion, will be living by following the “normal” dictates of society and its conditioning, which means violence at every corner with few sparks of generosity here and there. For example for many in that world; sex is not fully understood. It is a “problem.” As many have the same problem, then the word “normal” has been used to cover the issues. However, what is “normal” is not necessarily healthy. The end result will be an individual who lacks self observation, awareness, who is not interested in self knowledge at all; that is until things start turning sour, then this person will look for help and then experience for the first time the ‘benefits’ of self denial: That which was ‘good’ or ‘normal’ turned into ‘bad.’

    Due to the above explanation, we could see that different paths are needed and they fit individuals according to their stage or conscious level. However, that level of consciousness will change and that is where an inflexible spiritual path becomes a burden. Time to change.

    “Non-Dualism is where it’s at,” my friend said. In the BK murli there is a concept known as “neti neti” which is part of Hinduism. That translates as: “Neither this nor that.”

    While the mind makes a distinction and creates a duality, a different consciousness could perceive the unity of all, neti neti. The BK world explains this through the knowledge of the “eternally repeating cycle of time,” where there is a togetherness as a movie reel which is continually being played. For instance, while for spectators the movie “Captain America: The first avenger” is just a movie which could be played many times with the same outcome; for every starring participant like the “Captain” (Steve Rogers) there is a particular role, an individuality which brings particular virtues and defects that his role has, which will be necessary in that movie at a particular sequence. “Captain America” is not the same individual for the 2.5 hours of the movie, for ‘he’ has interacted with others, things have happened to ‘him.’ ‘He’ has learned new things and changed into a different character, little by little although most will not realize that.

    When we are able to perceive that movie as a ‘holistic scene’ where everything filmed was needed, then we are observers. If Captain America knew about this 2.5 hours of filming of himself, he wouldn’t take everything happening there so seriously as “his life,” but rather he could be amazed to feel himself as something alive; able to perceive things with his senses, although he knows that ‘he’ is part of the film. That actor can be an individual while knowing to be the movie reel itself.

    That is to be a detached observer in a way; that is to experience non-duality, for there is no separation between ‘him’ and the 2.5 hours movie and everything it brings. It is in this consciousness when non-dual feelings could be felt, like Love; for what is there to hate or be afraid of if ‘you’ are the movie itself?

    In “New Age” jargon, that state of being is known as the experience of the “5th Dimension” and that change is where some humans will be able to experience in their current life times.

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      Thank u sweet brother .while reading transding the bidy ..came to my mind 2 distinct things .body consciousness and body awareness .i think that The latest does not allow vices to grow in the consciousness .why ..because we remaine above what is happeni.g in the body .like keeping 1 cm between us and our own skin .gratitude.

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    The Spiritual process of BEING rather than DOING 

    I find myself sharing in this blog my own process. As I observe now, the most important process I have been into is the recognition of what is known as BEING as the main factor in spiritual transformation.

    Although that word BEING has been written many times in many articles in capital letters to make a contrast with DOING, there are very few who could grasp the meaning as they haven’t been aware of their own changes.

    BEING is difficult to define or explain. Because BEING is not part of the mental realm and the use of words to describe objects. Let me put it in a context then:

    I recall the time when I was playing with toys when I was a kid. Then little by little, the activity withered away. Toys weren’t my thing anymore. Did anyone prohibit me from playing with toys? No. Did I get a long preaching about the need to stop playing with toys? No. It just happened. That is a change of BEING.

    How do I know that? There was no need to play with toys again. I did not have the ‘temptation’ to play with them. There was no suffering or sacrifice on my part.

    If we go into this change with awareness, we could observe all the little tweaks brought by destiny and exactly know the process. However, since I did not look at those changes back then, all I have left is the recollection of my memory and theories as to why that happened: New hormones were appearing in myself. An interest in females which wasn’t there before as kids, came up. The ‘concept’ of playing changed and I was conditioned to play sports instead, where the seriousness of winning over losing was stressed; and a long list of other ‘reasons’ which we will obviate by using the catch all word: ‘etc.’

    Now let me take that same example into the spiritual ‘world.’ Observe the direction of the self: “I want to achieve something.” For example: “I want to be an angel.” “I want to be self-realized.” “I want to become a well known guru.” “I want to have out of this world, blissful experiences.” “ I want to know God.”

    Most individuals will start spirituality through an objective. Even if they did not have an aim and some ‘experience’ happened to them, then that opened the door for them to find out and want more of that, thus an objective sooner or later came up.

    In our society to have objectives in Life is praised. We could label that person as intelligent, serious, competent, etc. His life will be driven to ‘accomplish’ those things. However, in the spiritual realm to have an objective is the engine of that person to supersede Life and destiny. That willingness to achieve, that narrow minded idea of well being or happiness or success, is what is known as ego, the “I,” which as we could see; works very well in ‘normal’ society but it does not in spirituality.

    I did not will/want to stop playing with toys. It just happened. I could play with them now, but it is not the same. BEING has changed.

    Let us observe the following: “If you want to be good, you need to follow these commandments.” “If you want to conquer ego, follow this recipe.” “If you want to……DO this.”

    Isn’t that way a mere “cut/copy and paste” from the conditioning of society? Sure it is. Could BEING truly change by following that way? No, in my experience.

    In Brahma Kumaris there is a concept known as “sanskaras” or “samskaras” which are impressions or psychological imprints which remain in the soul when there is a reincarnation. Basically, old habits, predispositions will be experienced again. The classical example: If ‘I’ was a heavy smoker in any of my previous lifetimes, then that habit will come up again.

    Fine. How do we deal with that?

    “You must not smoke. It will kill you. It will harm others around you.” “ A Golden age soul does not smoke.”

    Therefore, that ego-mind will try to change that habit to fit into the new ideas (whether true or false, that does not matter to the actual change of BEING ) by using repression. It is believed that we can change an old habit by replacing that one with a new one. That is the gist of many religious creeds: Repetition of actions, mantras, prayers, etc. However, the habit will be there. It will be buried in our consciousness but it will come up again. Repression gives the sensation that the ego has conquered the activity. It could be repressed in our whole lifetime, but it will come up again and when it does, it will be even stronger.

    It is not the DOING of the ‘I’ the one which could bring a change of BEING by using rejection and repression.

    It has been observed that violence is the root cause of many self imposed behaviors such as smoking. If we were aware, we could observe the first time when smoking took place: The sensations, the need behind such action. Perhaps then, we could observe some of those same sensations the following times. Then, we could realize that the act of smoking is merely an expression of a deeper emotion. That is how we could resolve the puzzle. That is known as “healing.”

    Once that inner violence is acknowledged, the need to express that violence through a cigarette could change. The same holds true for any other habit which is causing self destruction. To know the cause, the driven force, means to take care of the issue.

    Observe how important it is to acknowledge our emotions, to observe them and to follow them in their expression. Observe how superficial it is to heal a broken arm with a bandage of repressions. Once the emotional response settles, there is change.

    What is the function of that “I” then, who is always willing to fix things by DOING new things and suppressing the old? That “I” needs to be out of the way and allow for observation to take place.

    In fact, we cannot change until we have some recognition of that “I” or ego-mind . As long as we fully identify with it as being “me,” there is little that could be done. Except perhaps to use repression and fear as the tools to mitigate its expression.

    However, as that fear increases so there will be violence and thus, whatever we ‘touch’ will have the recognizable stamp of on going self inflicted misery.

    Awareness is the key to change without DOING a thing, for once we intently observe, then we know and by knowing there is change without choice. Otherwise, we are an easy prey to our conditioning and the surroundings of our collective consciousness.

  • avyakt7- New Generation 1:11 PM on September 8, 2021 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , awareness, , , heart, , , spirtuality,   

    The essence of spirituality (part 2) 

    It is important to repeat this: An individual living by perceiving Life only through his mind (THINKING) is unable to know Love as a non-dualistic FEELING. However, that individual will know what most refer to as ‘love’ which is a dualistic emotion. Fear or hate could be the opposite of that ‘love’ depending on the context. Those 2 emotions have a common ground, as one can easily become the other.

    To meet Life we need to be open to expect the unexpected. The mind does not want that. The mind wants security, certainty. Failure to meet that expectation will bring suffering which in time, could lead to an out of balance mind. How come? In Life to experience pain and pleasure are part of the experience of duality, thus unavoidable; but suffering is optional. Psychological suffering comes after the fact and remains there.

    How do I know if I am living in the mind?

    That person usually daydreams. For example: Listen to a song. Observe how we could listen to that same song many times, because we ‘like it.’ There is no longer appreciation of music but it becomes background sound for daydreaming. In the mind, repetition degrades the original experience, although we want to enhance it. Look at a flower: Do you hear your mind saying:”pretty or ugly.” That inner voice is proof that we are living in the mind. The word “pretty” becomes our output. “oh! How pretty!” We say. Whenever we have words as an immediate response to our observation, we are not truly looking at the flower. Any words in our head will distract us from observing; for when we truly observe there is inner silence, no judgment or commentary. It is in that state how our actions could be unrehearsed by the mind. In other words, they will be authentic.

    When you wake up, observe how readily you will turn the cellphone on and get engaged in non essential things in that ‘virtual reality.’ Some even have their devices running all night, not realizing the negative sleeping effects a cellphone or any device transmitting EMF has. In our world, we have abused our eyesight and the mind uses this sense more than any other to release ‘free movies’ in our minds based on memory. Computers, cellphones and ‘virtual devices’ have improved our ability to get in touch and to pass information all over the world but paradoxically, they have handicapped us even further, in our ability to feel Life.

    Many will say that it is ‘impossible’ to be without words in our heads. That is because they have not observed themselves yet. Language is conditioning. We need to use language to communicate with others, but there is no need to mentally talk to ourselves. Is there?

    How do you start perceiving Life through the heart center or feelings?

    In my experience, by healing our emotional body. We have accumulated so much trauma which we have not forgotten even though time has gone by. An intense trauma will linger in our consciousness, although hidden by the memories of many other experiences. Those traumas will make us fearful or violent and those emotions will need to be released to be clear from that trauma. Along with that, we will need to have time in Nature as a source of deconditioning from the mental ways of society. Then of course, limiting our reading habits and accumulation of constant information. Instead we will need to become involved in the arts; such as painting, drawing, playing music and dancing and vast self observation to finally realize our automatic and highly conditioned daily activities. Any sort of structured learning/activities should be minimized. This is a process of deconditioning from a heavy pattern.

    Do you have to make a decision in Life? Consider not using the old formula of weighing pro vs. con. That is too mental. Instead FEEL what is right for you and go with it. Eventually, any structured ‘knowledge’ on how to act, should be left aside. No fool-proof formulas will be needed. Every moment in Life should bring its newness thus boredom will not be.

    I have found that the moment when I wake up in bed, that is a fantastic time to observe the content of the mind. If you remain in bed, you are still in a state where your senses are not fully awake yet. Observe the torrent of thoughts without judgment. When we observe intently as if that movie of thoughts was all there is and we give our 100% energy to look at it, then the current of thoughts will disappear. It is an illusion as if someone was trying to subdue our will by releasing thoughts which we have not consciously willed. It is when we do not realize that the mind is taking us into ‘movie time,’ (that is when we are not 100% ‘present’ or detached from those thoughts) when those thoughts could become strong emotions and anxiety or even depression could settle depending on our degree of “sleepiness.” If you are serious about this finding, willingly slow down your actions during a time, so you are fully ‘present,’ as you take a step, close the door or even prepare your meals. In that way, you will be ‘awake’ when the mind starts another set of ‘movies.’ This is known as “conscious movement.”

    The challenge will be for those whose life depends on being in constant touch with society and its structured way. That is why, many serious seekers have decided to live away from society as to create the necessary space to observe and avoid being sucked into the same old rut. That is the challenge.

    This is not another rebellion against society or a reactionary movement. It is sort of what someone from AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) is expected to do: Stay away from alcohol and do whatever it takes to be sober. If that person was to resume his Life as he always has done, then he will be trapped in no time. However, with an extensive ‘break’ from the old pattern and a high dose of inner observation, that person will gather the strength and wisdom to join the ways of society again, but he will not be lured by it. When we merely run away from ‘temptation’ without being aware of how the pattern reoccurs, we are physically taking ourselves out of the issue through repression, but mentally we are still trapped.

    I understand that by sharing this, many will be wondering if this should be posted in this blog. I feel that what I am sharing here could be helpful for those who would like to take a step further in their inner observation and therefore in their inner knowledge. Without this ‘basic’ step, no matter what religion you follow or philosophy or ‘practice,’ there is very little that we could ‘do’ to help awaken ourselves.

    Self realization is mostly a process of ‘awakening’ from a long lasting sleeping pattern of unconscious living.

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