Question:BapDada, what is all about? 

“Many things in the bkworld and the reasoning I am able to understand like trying to increase the ego,contrasting and contradicting things baba says in the murli, the various rules and discipline they advise to follow etc.I would love to understand your experience of ‘Bap Dada’ or Baba Milan….what it is all about…from your ‘new’ perspective…?
Apologies for such a long rant…:D”

Thank you for your well elaborated question.
I can only speak about my experience with BapDada from the time I was a BK. Here is an article I wrote a few weeks ago about it.

As I mentioned before, Brahma Kumaris is a path for “self-realization,” but it is not the “only true path.” As a matter of fact, it could be only part of someone’s journey as it was my case. Every journey is different.

Yes, Ahnanda sees from a different perspective. That is your question relating to, but I cannot answer that, for there are many BKs who need to go through the BK experience without yet another belief. It is not a matter of coming with another opinion, belief or “truth.” Every single one of us has to discover that.

Just as you have experienced in your journey. You explained that you did not read any of these writings until recently even though you have been receiving these writings from a long time; similarly, every BK follower needs to experience their own process. It doesn’t mean that “I have the truth,” NO! That is a misleading word, once you realize that our journey is very personal indeed.

To be able to fully take benefit of the BK path as any other path, you may need to be 100% into it. If you were a “pukka” BK, you wouldn’t be reading these things. You could only have the openness to read these things if you aren’t completely satisfied.  BK knowledge calls that as “having doubts,” but there is a huge difference between mental doubts, which could be pacified with “answers,” and feeling unfulfilled. That is where inner honesty becomes important.

As mentioned before, the BK path from my experience; is about increasing the ego, which is necessary before its dissolution.

For those without the experience of ego, they may think that ego is about those things which make you feel “good” such as: “You are a deity, you are a true Brahmin, you are a selected son of God, you are angel, you are an ancestor soul, etc.” But ego also increases in the opposite side, as when someone feels “bad” because they didn’t wake up for Amrit vela, ate meat, had sex, watched mundane TV programs, etc. The labels then will change: “unworthy child, Silver/Copper age soul, cremator, shudra, etc.” That is a way to increase ego as well through the opposite side.

Times have changed. Nowadays everyone could have different information about different religions and compare those teachings. In that, they may appear contradictory, everyone has their take on what God is or isn’t.
That is why it is difficult to be 100% in a particular path to feel its full effect… and that is something that every religion will warn you about: “Don’t listen to anyone else but us.” That is until you are unfulfilled.

The mind, the intellect could prevent us from experiencing the “ego trip” which is necessary for our development.
For instance, I recall some intellectuals saying: “I don’t know how those people can join a cult and do everything they ask them to do. They don’t have a bit of discernment, critical skills…”

Intellectuals do not understand the experience. I wouldn’t have joined the BK movement unless I had an experience with something unknown to me at that time, which my education and mental skills couldn’t explain. That was my experience with Brahma Baba. At that point, I surrendered my “critical skills,” which only help protect the ego, the persona, that “I” created through my beliefs and ideals.

As “avyakt7” I had wonderful experiences with BapDada which helped me go through the BK path. As Ahnanda, I do not need those anymore, just as a child grows up and goes out of his father’s home. 

Finally, I am not writing here to ask anyone to leave the BK movement. I am not here to ask you to stay either. I now see, that I am writing here to express my experience with inner honesty. The importance of not lying to ourselves. That is all.
Intellectual knowledge is good, but not enough. Once we learn everything there is (knowledge) we need to unlearn it, to BE by getting out of the mind. That is the way of Life, the process, the journey.

What I think, what you think is not what is important; but to be aware of our journey.

For the common good.