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    A Life of “effort” does not bring “salvation”. 

    Sam became a BK because he thought there was true spirituality in Brahma Kumaris. He had an experience with God while meditating in a BK center.

    Sam pursued and practiced all “codes of conduct” as prescribed by Brahma Kumaris (BK). Sam believed that the “Drama” of Life was predestined, although; he thought that within him was the ability to change his destiny as he wished.

    After 18 years, Sam became worn out and his faith was shaking since he had experienced many illnesses due to pushing himself beyond his limits through the ideal of becoming an “emperor” in the “Golden age.” Moreover, he became progressively disenchanted with BK as he felt constrained in Life. He was about to quit after so many internal battles; when fortunately he had a “deep” conversation with someone who he admired in the BK system and that changed his mind: Sam was going to stick with it until the end of his days…

    Sam wanted to change his destiny and be “saved.” Although he truly didn’t feel deep inside that the BK system was for him anymore; he followed his mind (what he thought and was told, was the “right” thing to do) and his conditioning to stay no matter what.
    Needless to say, Sam had all sorts of inner conflicts, although those did not seemed obvious to others. Sam learned to put the “happy face” despite feeling angry.
    Eventually, Sam suffered from cancer and died within a few months of being diagnosed.

    Do we truly believe that Sam changed his future and “saved” himself? Do we truly believe that he will be in the “Golden age” based on his Life as a BK?
    DOING the things that he was supposed as a BK, do not bring the desired effect, unless there is a deep change in BEING.
    Sam’s inner dishonesty could not be changed. Could we say that he wasn’t predestined to be an “emperor” in the Golden Age, despite his efforts to be something that he wasn’t?

    We could assume that he needed more “Yoga with Baba,” so he could have made many “efforts” there, but if there is no true love (BEING) there cannot be change. Love happens. It cannot be taught or “practiced.”
    As a matter of fact, if there is a thought such as “If I do yoga 3 times per day with love, every day; I will make it”, that person does not feel true love. It is only self- interest.

    There is no way that inner dishonesty will bring us greater “spiritual advancement”.
    Staying a BK for a life time is not guarantee of anything if we haven’t had the awareness to OBSERVE our inner world.

    Many will stay because they like the life style. Many will stay because they have “invested” too much in it, to change to a different life. Many will stay because they don’t know anything else, they have no place to go.

    “What is in it for me?” That is the only question which matters for many. That sort of personality cannot “advance” even if he wakes up every day at 3 AM or if he opens 108 BK centers.

    For those who feel that they want to continue as BKs, I would humbly suggest to leave the “show” behind. What show? To pretend to demonstrate to others and yourself that you can be someone who you are not. Rather acknowledge who you ARE and outgrow your own limits. That requires maturity and not a childish imitation of some ideal.

    To speak “knowledge” to everyone does not mean a thing other than self reassurance of believing that what you know is the only truth. The world has already many “coaches” doing the talk but only few do the walk.

    Any sort of “service” done with the intention of DOING “service” is only a way of displaying ego. “Look, I am helping, DOING something special.” Big ego.

    A true BK life is the one walked without show, just like the “father.” “Make effort” to be unknown. “Incognito” is the word in the Murli. Use the BK teachings and atmosphere to ground yourself and learn more and more about YOU. The setting is already there. The BK system provides that.

    What is predestined cannot be changed no matter what we DO; therefore, learn to listen to your heart, not your mind.
    The heart has your direction in your lifetime, it is void of “ego” and its needs, wants and dreams. Your mind only has conditioning: What others think, what you believe, what the scripture says, etc.

    Thus within your BK life, “yoga of the mind” needs to be changed into “yoga of the heart.” That is the “effort.”

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      Simply marvelous!


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        Glad you liked it. 🙂


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          Dear divine family,
          Om shanti.

          Feel like sharing some thoughts on YOGA.

          We have 4 subjects in Raja yoga; Knowledge, Yoga, Dharana, and Service. Most of us know a lot of things related to Gyan. We do service with our thoughts, words, and actions as well as with our body, mind and wealth. Dharana – We have been inculcating virtues and powers through our spiritual endeavour. Then comes the subject, Yoga.

          There are 3 stages in yoga – one is just ‘trying’ to consider one self to be a soul and remembering Baba in Paramdham. The next step is to go deep in remembrance and experience the angelic/ flying stage wherein we still entertain thoughts. The third stage is the SEED stage where all the thoughts disappear and there would be no remembrance of whatsoever but just experiencing the stage of peace and silence.

          Baba says that we need to practise the SEED stage more and more in order to transform our sanskars, and to burn away the sins. Baba says that if we could sit in the seed stage for an hour, we could burn away a LOT of our sins and there would be drastic changes in our sanskars.

          But the problem with most of us is, we can stay in the angelic stage for quite some time, but maintaining the seed stage is difficult.

          An easy way to reach the seed stage is given below; please give it a try.

          Sit comfortably on the floor (on a mat) or on the bed cross legged.
          If you are sitting on a chair/ sofa, cross your feet at the ankle level.
          Inter lock your fingers.
          Close your eyes.

          In this method of meditation, closing the eyes during meditation, crossing the feet, and crossing/ interlocking the fingers are very important so that the cosmic energy/ divine energy that we draw from the universe/ God, is not lost while doing meditation or immediately after completing it.

          Now, focus on your breath.
          Just observe the breath, the air going in through the nostrils and exiting through the nostrils. Just keep observing it.

          Many thoughts may try to pass through your mind as usual, ignore them and try to bring back your attention to the breath. Do not even think of points of knowledge, Baba, service, etc.

          Slowly, with practice, we notice that the speed and frequency of the thoughts reducing. We may even find short spells of ‘no thought periods’ too. When there are no thoughts, no need to focus on the breath, but once the thoughts start, again start observing the breath.

          This practice takes us to the seed stage easily.

          Start this practice when you have ample free time so that you would not be disturbed. Initially, one hour of meditation might result in a few minutes of the seed stage. But that is fine, it is not a small achievement!

          Once you are through, and want to get up from the meditation, slowly unlock your fingers, gently rub your palms, and place the palms on the closed eyes for a few seconds (6,7 seconds), then slowly remove the palms, and then slowly open your eyes. Unlock the feet.

          These movements should be gentle so that the divine energy that we have received during meditation would not be thrown out and wasted by our jerky, abrupt, movements.

          Please practise this as many times as you can.


          Various diseases that people are getting these days is because of the negative emotions, weaknesses like irritability, fear, dejection, hatred, jealousy, anxiety, stress, lust, anger, greed, attachment, etc. that they have been harbouring.

          When one spends some time in the seed stage everyday, these negative qualities would slowly cease to exist. In other words, practising seed stage is the sure way to get rid of our diseases.

          Most of us have one or more health issues which have been troubling us since a long time. Let us not give up by assuming that it is our karmic account, but work on ourselves and improve our spiritual as well as physical health.

          Best wishes and regards,
          Gayathri ben.

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      3 more points which i forgot to mention earlier are given below :

      While we are trying to focus on/ observe our breathing, we may feel subtle sensations in some parts of the body. It one wants, one may unlock the fingers and adjust his posture or if one feels like scratching some part of the body, one may do the same, but should not open the eyes unless it is needed.
      And afterwards, please lock your fingers and start observing the breath.
      There is no need to regulate or control the breath, let the breathing be normal.
      If one is wearing spectacles, it should be removed before starting the meditation.


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    The “right” belief system 

    What makes your belief to be the “right” one?
    What is the standard that we have chosen to call our beliefs as “the truth”?
    Is it your particular experience?
    Is that enough to call it the “truth”? When you proselytize to “help others,” aren’t you truly helping only yourself to support your beliefs?

    Have we ever watched a bunch of pelicans flying by the beach in a formation?
    Our inquisitive mind asked: Why do they fly in that particular way?
    Our “research” responded that this is an aerodynamical efficient way to fly. We believe the “why” has been responded. Fighting planes will copy that formation, after all; they have a good logical answer of why do it that way.

    Have we ever wondered how pelicans know that? Have they ever done some research on their own? Oh! Our answer is: “It is instinctive.” Our minds are happy because we have an “answer.”
    But, how that “instinct” was put into them? Moreover, how is that humans have lost “instinct” and replaced it with intellectual research and belief?
    Here goes another answer: “God created them that way, BUT he gave humans free will to think on their own.” The mind is happy again! How fortunate we are! How special!
    Or if we are not into the belief of God, we can say: “Nature has its own intelligence.” Wonderful answer!

    We know nothing. We try to make sense of everything according to our conditionings. Once we come to terms with this, then our minds will not have so much power over us.

    A belief will be just a belief. The research will be just that, a “research.” Nothing to do with “truth.” For we can observe “facts” in Life; but we can only know our own “truth.”
    That inner honesty is what is called at every step in our lives to feel fulfilled, to feel at peace with ourselves, to feel that Life has meaning and we are part of that.

    Next time we see pelicans flying in such formation, we will be at awe of seeing that mystery.
    Life is a mystery. Appreciate it. Enjoy it. Be grateful of the opportunity to be able to witness that. Let that honest vibe expand and touch others without wanting to. Just by being there with them.
    There is no other “spirituality.” That is my experience, my “truth,” my “belief.” It is not “right” and for that, it cannot be “wrong.” There is nothing to defend, nothing to convince to others, nothing to make into a “teaching” to “improve” others.
    That ignorance is bliss. 


    PS: Will not write until July 4th as I will be on vacation.

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    Question: Why the Drama is the way it is? 

    Thank you for your question.
    Answer: Because it cannot be any other way.
    Although your question may be intellectually sound, it does not make any sense beyond the limited intellectual realm. It is an “unreal” question. 🙂

    I should ask: Which way is the Drama for you? You may explain in several lines what is your experience of what the Drama IS.
    However, that is not what the Drama IS. It is just your experience. It may be the experience of many; yet is only an experience. Thus, you may want to rephrase your question into: Why is my experience of the Drama, the way it is?
    And for that question, I could answer: If you don’t know; who may? It is at that point when reasoning no longer works and unreasonably, we still want to hear an answer. That is how God enters the picture, the saint, the guru, the expert, the scientist or whoever you believe in as the ultimate authority.

    Think of the Drama as a jigsaw puzzle. What is the purpose of it? That depends on you.
    The jigsaw puzzle has pieces. If they are all together; then the purpose is to disperse them. But, if they are all dispersed; then the purpose is to put them together in certain order. Unless your purpose is just to watch the pieces: Then you can have the purpose to despise them or admire them, or something in between. Different experiences bring different perceptions according to your state of consciousness. See?

    The “real” question is: “Why am I the way I am?”
    To answer that question means that you are looking, observing, being AWARE of that which we call “I.” As the “I” changes, so your perception; therefore; the Drama will be different under that particular consciousness.

    We cannot explain with limited words what is unlimited. But since you are asking intellectual questions, let me try to answer that intellectually:

    What IS has to have an opposite to BE. Without an opposite it cannot BE.
    That opposite is truly a complementary; for what IS, is ONE; but by BEING two different things, we can intellectually grasp what is not truly two but one.
    The Drama is ONE. If your mind perceives something different than what IS, then change your mind into no-mind.
    In no-mind, YOU ARE NOT, so the DRAMA IS NOT, even though it IS.

    Thus, why the Drama is the way it is? Because YOU ARE.

    Do you see how deceptive that WHY could be? The above sounds non-sensical, but that is as close as I can get through a verbal explanation, to answer your question.
    Even if you could intellectually understand what I just wrote, that will not change a bit what YOU ARE.

    If you ARE something, embrace your opposite, for otherwise; you cannot know who you truly ARE. Thus, if you think you ARE something; you truly don’t know who you ARE.

    The DRAMA is not, when YOU ARE NOT.
    Then, at that point; what IS?
    Nothing and everything. Makes sense? 🙂

    For the common good.

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      yes Ahnanda, the actual question was “Why am “I” the way “I” am? 🙂


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    Appreciation of Brahma Kumaris beliefs 

    “… But actually, one thing is there, if I had not been attached to this belief given by BKs that “I create my own thoughts and can control them, and need to create only GOOD thoughts, I wouldn’t have reached to this experience. [The realization and awareness that thoughts merely appear.] As you have also said in many articles, both sides of the coin are required.”

    That is a great realization, indeed!
    That realization will bring appreciation of the Brahma Kumaris path, even though you are no longer following it.
    You realize that without your previous belief, you would have not been able to realize the nature of thoughts.

    Also, you can now realize that BK Shivani wasn’t “wrong.” Her role is needed for BKs so BK Shivani is “right” for them. Thus, at another time; those BK followers will be ready to realize other things, just like you did.
    If we tell those followers now: “Thoughts just appear, you do not create them,” they will laugh at us. Their consciousness is not ready for that.

    Another teaching from that realization of yours, is that it doesn’t matter who is “right” or “wrong.”
    At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter whether thoughts appear or we create them. What matters is that we can perceive them and thus, how much we identify with them is the important aspect.

    If we don’t identify with thoughts, there is a space created between “I” and thoughts, it is that empty space the one that we may want to explore as well.

    With all of these realizations plus an added appreciation for the BK path and its teachings, you are ready to move on from the BK experience without hard feelings in your heart.
    You have liberated yourself, when others cannot; for you have seen the 2 sides of the coin.

    Every coin has 2 sides. Both sides are different. Because they are different, people living in the mind are stuck in wanting to know which side is “right” and which one is “wrong.”

    That search is futile. They can only see one side of the coin, but they cannot see the coin itself…
    Until, they are willing to take a look at the other side without prejudice.   🙂

    When we started our “careers” in “spirituality,” we did not know anything. We didn’t know about the coin. When I say “knowing,” I do not mean intellectual stuff, information. I mean experience.
    We cannot experience the coin itself for we are not ready to understand 2 different but complementary sides of it.

    We are stuck on “good and bad,” “right or wrong,” stuff that we learned when we were little toddlers. (conditioning.)
    As we grow up, our understanding and experience will be different, unless we are stuck on living Life with a dogma, then we are not living Life… but a dogma.

    The reality of a dogma is a static mind in a dynamic an ever changing Life.

    For the common good.

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      yeah thanks brother 🙂
      But thanks to you too, if you would not have capitalized the word AWARENESS in most of your articles, I wouldn’t have caught it. 🙂
      It is actually not that difficult just to BE there 🙂


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    To renounce renunciation 

    Those were BapDada’s words as I recall them, from when I was attending Murli classes.
    Observe that the word “renunciation” is taken in many ways by many Brahma Kumaris followers.
    For some it is the renunciation of the “bad” so the “good” appears. That is easy to understand intellectually. It makes “sense.” However, it is completely, utterly meaningless.
    “Good and Bad” are dualities. All dualities are complementary in nature.

    DO what you BELIEVE to be “Good.” Sooner or later, it will turn into “Bad” for others and yourself. That is the superhero story in the movies. That is self-righteousness.
    There is movement of dualities all the time. Observe Life! Nothing remains the same but only the IDEAL that something is “good,” forever.
    Of course, the above will not be understood by the masses, the majority; so it will be dismissed as “manmat.” There cannot be a “best-seller” book with that.

    BapDada has said many things about renunciation in every type of Murli, there are many apparently contradictory statements.
    For most Brahma Kumaris followers, it is about letting go of whatever they feel it is “bad” for them based on what the religion believes to be “bad.”
    Sex is bad. Renounce it.
    To eat food from non-Brahma Kumaris followers is “bad.” Renounce it.
    Anger is “bad.” Renounce it.
    Relationships with people is “bad.” Renounce it.

    Let me ask: How would you make sense of the greatest renunciation of all, to “renounce renunciation”?  🙂

    If I AM anger and then I make myself believe that “I will renounce anger,” I am kidding myself. I could reject anger, I could suppress it… to make others as well as myself believe that there is no anger in me. However, it is a lie.

    When anger goes away, then that is who I AM. It happens without renouncing anger. I have renounced renunciation.
    It is natural. Remember that word, natural? BapDada uses it as well.
    We may ask, how do I make anger go away?
    The answer is: “I” don’t make anything happen. “I” ALLOW it to happen.  If that “I” DOES something, it will only be to comply with an ideal, a belief which does not fit, who “I AM” now. Observe that.

    To understand anger, we need to observe it. We need to be AWARE of the triggers. Then we need to be AWARE of the emotions that are making the knots of anger… and untie them through emotional healing, realizations, forgiveness, etc.

    “I” AM not renouncing anything. “I” AM not labeling anything as “bad” to make me feel guilty if “I AM” that. Neither I am labeling that as “good” to judge others. “I” am out of the duality, thus I can observe, realize, become aware and use this opportunity to know myself by allowing it to change…naturally.
    I have renounced renunciation, thus; I am truly following Shrimat.

    The stern, serious face of a renunciate is almost like he is constipated.  He must renounce going to the bathroom, for that is dirty, impure, etc. The “bad” things are kept inside, not allowing them to express. Think about the consequences.

    For the common good.

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      Hi Ahnanda,

      I remember long back I was attending en evening murli class, and on this topic of renunciation a sister was teaching about renunciation of our own subtle desires. She said that every type of desire no matter what it is, is a burden on the mind, so we must renounce all of our desires.
      That’s where I started realising that me desiring for knowledge is also a burden on my mind, me desiring to enhance and repining my yoga experience with Baba is also a burden on my mind, me desiring for sister’s appreciation for doing some seva is also a burden on my mind.
      My experience of being good or bad has also changed like you have described in the beginning of this article. With BKs I was using all that for teaching other brother’s too, but now the same knowledge and same experience of meditation is simply for myself, yes some people consider it being selfish to some extent, but I think I need to first apply all those things on myself first rather than teaching other’s first.
      And I remember long back Ahnanda had also exclaimed for me being so much concerned about what other’s are doing… 🙂
      Om shanti brother 🙂


      • ahnanda 7:31 PM on June 5, 2017 Permalink | Reply

        Nothing wrong with having desires. Those are mental things. Just like renouncing those mental things. Whether we renounce them or not, it doesn’t matter. What matters is how consumed we are through those mental things, how much do we expect them. Are we AWARE of that?
        Is the desire to go to heaven something that needs to be renounced as well?
        Perhaps it is a “pure” desire? That is the power of words. It is the “ninth” power.

        Best to you, Dinesh.


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    Unveiling the beliefs of sanskaras 

    The first lesson of Raja Yoga is about the soul. The belief is that the soul has “3 subtle organs,” namely the mind, intellect and sanskaras.
    The belief that matters is that “I” can change my sanskaras at will.
    Raja Yoga is based on the belief of changing sanskaras: From Tamopradhan to Satopradhan.

    How do we change sanskaras?
    Accordingly, by DOING something through repetition. That is the main belief even in the path of bhakti.
    DO a “good action” 108 times, and your sanskara will change.

    Question: How the idea of “I can change my sanskaras” reconciles with an eternal repetitive Drama?

    Let us say that I want to change my sanskara of laziness. What is the “method” to change that sanskara?
    This is a matter of belief. The method could be to “be busy,” but then; what is the limit when “busy” becomes a “problem”?
    Did I truly change the sanskara or merely my behavior?

    Sanskara and behavior are related in this way: A sanskara dictates a behavior. The other way, when a behavior changes a sanskara is only a belief. The adoption of a behavior cannot change a sanskara, it can only cover it.  See it for yourself.

    However, here is when inner dishonesty appears.
    I will change my behavior to be “angel like,” that is what I or someone else’s believes to be “angel behavior.” I will practice it.
    What is the outcome?
    As long as things are alright around me, I will impersonate an “angel.” If someone manages to push a button in me, I will not… I will show my true colors. Time to repent, to ask for forgiveness.

    What we ARE, we will act. Our actions will be according to who we ARE, automatically. Add some “morality,” some “code of conduct” to shape up my behavior, then I will fake it. The sanskara will be there no matter how cunningly I hide it.

    Moreover, observe that any “spiritual teaching” will be interpreted according to who I am, not according to what I DO, but who I am.

    For example, in Brahma Kumaris; the word “detachment” is taught.
    “Detachment” is something “good,” despite general opinion of our society. Baba even says that we “ought to be loving and detached.”

    Nevertheless, when detachment is interpreted, the result is typically indifference. In other words, “detachment” comes out as “indifference” in many Brahma Kumaris’ followers.
    Obviously because that is who we ARE.

    It is not a matter of saying: “I want to be detached,” or “I need to work on detachment,” true detachment happens without looking for it. It is a consequence of change of consciousness, after having assimilated many experiences in Life. This is not the whim of the “I” wanting to “change his own sanskara,” so “I” become great, saintly, godly, etc.

    A Sanskara is our personal “Drama.” A sanskara is tied together with our karma. A sanskara allows for a particular karma to appear, but DOING a particular karma cannot change a sanskara.

    The Drama is first. When the Drama manifests individually through human forms, it does it through a sanskara. That sanskara in turn manifests karma at the right time.
    For the common good.

    • Dinesh Chawla 1:20 AM on January 5, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      Hi Ahnanda,

      Really nice unveiling…:)

      But just a small thought by me, they did have this belief, “I” can change my sanskar’s at my own will. But Sr BK Shivani has changed that to “I” can change my thoughts at my own will. But again that belief by Sr. Shivani is a contradiction with the articles that you had shared with me about “Welcome to the world of good thoughts and bad thoughts”, and with my personal experience that all sorts of negative, judgemental, and waste thoughts are generated by the mind and not by the SELF.

      Anyways, another thing that I wanted to share is that I have finally left the path of BKs, I just took some time in alone and reflected on my own personal aspects of understanding, did some meditation of becoming totally aware of my own thoughts. And I think I am ready to go ahead with my personal journey.

      This decision of leaving the path of BKs was not because I explored Osho and Ahnanada, but it was just a personal decision. And just wanted to thank you for writing such a thoughtful and truthful articles on avyakt7.com. Also, I just wanted to request you to allow us to provide comments and questions on avyakt7.com as well, as we used to do it before, yes a few may end up criticising or taking wrong meaning of your articles. But what about those who want to explore more on those articles. Or can we just contact you via that “Contact” page?

      I will be visiting the Osho meditation Ashram in Pune for 4 to 5 day in a week or so, to explore more about meditation there. And will definitely share my experience with you.

      Dinesh Chawla


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      It is very well explained. Thanks. 🙂


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    Question: Is the mind separate from the soul? 

    “It is about mind and soul. Are mind and soul two different entities or the same entities?
    Now when I practice Rajyoga, it is believed that when soul does the task of creating thoughts, the soul itself is acting as a mind, in other words in the very first lesson, they give a statement that “Mind is one of the three faculties of the soul”.
    However, after exploring you and Osho, I practiced “Awareness”, just being aware of all my “Doings” and sometimes “thinking”. So, in that practice I experienced my own mind as a separate entity than me. Because as soon as I was getting a thought of any kind of judgement, I was able to distinguish that I did not create it, it is my mind who created that judgmental thought….”

    Thank you for your well elaborated question, Dinesh.
    Whenever the mind is looking for an answer such as: Is the soul separated from the mind? Yes/No. The answer becomes the important thing. Although it will not affect you at all. It is about “being right,” that becomes truly the thing.
    In self-realization, the intellectual answer is not important at all. What matters is what you found out: ” I experienced my own mind as a separate entity than me. Because as soon as I was getting a thought of any kind of judgement, I was able to distinguish that I did not create it, it is my mind who created that judgmental thought.”

    That is the most important thing. Please do not put that as an “answer” or even worse as “the answer.” Forget about answers and keep observing. Observe how the thoughts could change your mood, the way you feel, observe how they make you react when you identify with them as being “my thoughts.”
    Some people will be aware that those in fact are their thoughts. They will swear that they are creating them. That is their level of awareness. You have found something different, something crazy… If those are not your thoughts, whose thoughts those are ?

    “Wrong” question. It does not matter. Just be AWARE of them.
    Every belief has a counter belief. To illustrate, let me give a BK example:
    It is the belief in Brahma Kumaris that a happy world, is a world WITHOUT God.
    No? 🙂
    What is the Golden age, then? A happy world without God.
    Therefore, how could there be any happiness with God?
    That is the other Brahma Kumaris belief: We can be happy now, because there is a God.

    One belief about happiness cancels the other. Do you see that?

    Is the power of yoga something that happens in a connection with God?
    Then, how do babies are born in the Golden age?
    Through the power of yoga, as the Sakar Murli says.
    But, how can that be yoga if there is no God there?
    That is the enigma of the “power of yoga.” It is a connection with God and a connection with no God.

    A BK who is “knowledgeable” has a baggage of beliefs based on a story which hasn’t been experienced many times. It is a “Baba says” world.
    Nonetheless, what is believed to have been spoken by Baba, is just another belief. Belief upon belief, we could build a dogma to be taken as truth by followers.

    The intellectual stuff that I wrote as examples, do not mean a thing for those interested in self-realization. It is just a bunch of ideas, beliefs. The core of AWARENESS is observation. That is what matters, to be AWARE.

    AWARENESS is not a practice, although in the beginning we may “practice it,” all you need to be AWARE of, is how you feel during different scenes that Life will bring. What happens, does not matter. What matters is to be AWARE of how you feel in front of those things that are happening. Why?
    Because that is how you discover who you ARE. From that point, who you ARE could change. Tomorrow, I will share an article about this in “Exploring the Depth of Living.”

    Purposely, I haven’t given you an answer to your question… but I have. Either way whether “Yes, the mind is part of the soul or No. It isn’t” have no importance at all. In Life, in the Universe everything is together, but the mind is always trying to separate things, for that makes an intellectual answer.

    Here is an article that could help in your observation:

    For the common good.

    • Dinesh 12:40 AM on December 18, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      Yes Ahnanda, you have given me the answer that Awareness is not a practise and I also read your article “Mirror of Truth”. Seems like you were in a bit funny mood while writing that because when I came across the senescence “Are you guilty? Wait someone is watching you?” I laughed loudly, and you know what, my sister was standing in front of the mirror, doing something crazy on her face. And I said to her, don’t you girls feel guilty to spend so much time n front of the mirror? She asked me “Why would I be guilty?” and when I said “May be someone is watching you?”. She threw a bottle on me!
      Anyways, I wanted to share one more small story which I heard in a satsang when I had gone with my parents somewhere and also Sr. BK Shivani has also shared that story about “Awareness” in one of her series. It goes like this…

      A disciple went to a guru and said “I want to achieve what you have achieved, can you share with the mantra that you used for reaching here.” The Guru took a piece of paper and pen and wrote “AWARENESS” on it and gave it to the disciple. The disciple became happy and rushed and started practising “AWARENESS”. But he failed and got confused, he came back to guru and asked the meaning of “AWARENESS”. The Guru took the piece of paper and pen and wrote “AWARENESS means AWARENESS” and said now go and BE this. The disciple went and tried to DO that again and again he failed and came back to Guru with a lot of frustration. Finally Guru told him that “AWARENESS means AWARENESS means AWARENESS” Don’t think or try to practice it, it will happen automatically one day.

      Dinesh Chawla

      Liked by 1 person

    • avyakt7- New Generation 11:10 AM on December 19, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      Yeah.. in the meantime, enjoy the process by being aware of it… 🙂


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