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    On BK Dadi Janki 

    It was a sad surprise when I found out that Dadi “left the body.” Even though I did not have many interactions with her, the few I had were meaningful for me.

    I recall the experience of “silence” that Dadi gave to the attendants of the inauguration of a Bk center in Lima, Peru back in 2004. She stood still while the room became quiet, it felt to me as if I was free floating on the Ocean. My father who was there mentioned that “it felt different.” He wasn’t into the “spiritual subtle experiences,” so that was a confirmation to me of what I felt.

    In another ocassion while In Madhuban, I went to “Baba’s rock” by myself to meditate. I was going through a very low time in my life. I stood up an opened my arms as if I wanted to embrace God. On the way back, Dadi was giving blessing cards and toli after her class. The blessing she gave me said: “You are a beloved child of God and He has given his hands to you…” the rest of the blessing I don’t recall; but that part stayed with me as “proof” of God.

    Brahma Kumaris had in Dadi Janki a significant representative. For me and probably most “Double Foreigners,” Dadi Janki was the face of Brahma Kumaris. She has interacted with “double foreigners” more than any other Dadi that I can remember.
    Dadi janki was unconventional. She had charisma even with her nagging ways on some Bks. On that she was very similar in personality to Rajnesh (Osho.)
    Dadi Janki showed an authentic personality beyond the “political smiles and soft ways” of some. That authenticity is what I take from her.

    Dadi had the gift of fortune telling. That isn’t typically developed, but it happens in Life to some. From her I learned that to give advise to someone, is a very tricky business; unless someone has accurate information about the future of the person. Otherwise, whatever it is said is only given in a blindfolded way.
    Toss a coin. Heads or tails. Follow that. There is no difference with the advise given by others without that gift.

    Back in 2004, I lost a “good job” in the USA and was unemployed. I asked to Dadi for advise as to what to do. She said to go back and do service in Peru with my sister. She said to me that I needed to look into what attachment was. That I did, and discovered many things throughout the years. After that meeting, I was cured from asking for advice to a human being ever again. Of course I did what she said, but it wasn’t what I truly wanted to hear. Eventually I went back to the USA with some seniors’ “permission,” rebuilt my life again to a comparable position where I was before and now… I am back in Peru. But this time, there is no attachment. Back there, after Dadi finished giving me advise, her face showed that she knew more info but she couldn’t say it or wouldn’t say it. That is another lesson I learned: What you know needs to be disclosed according to time, for in Life the trip from A to D is not necessarily going through B and C and every person has a particular predestined journey. Wisdom resides in respecting their journey.

    I did not quite understood that back then. As for some years I felt as if Dadi didn’t want me to “do good in Life” (get a good job) and instead told me to leave my previous comfortable Life with everything and everyone I knew there in the USA and go get an uncomfortable life in Peru just to “do service” there. Now looking back; Dadi gave me the practical training in the lesson of attachment, that I was going to need now. We need to pass the test by allowing Life to show us our destiny, and feeling alright with that. We do not pass if we have ill feelings. We cannot change those feelings through will power. We need to process and completely accept and trust, that there is meaning in every turn in Life. We are not alone.

    Some lessons will require that we spend many years to learn. However, “learning” is not the correct word; but rather to “process,” to “assimilate.” We don’t go from attachment into lack of it when we understand intellectually that “attachment is bad. I must get rid of it.” That is infantile. We need to process an experience. We may need to pay with years of our own lives to assimilate. Then change happens automatically.

    Back then as a one year old BK, Dadi Janki told me about my attachment (weakness) as I had no idea that it was there. Now, I look at my own weaknesses myself. Back in my BK days, I did not have the awareness to look inside. I did not understand about the layers to observe and become attentive to. I did not understand how the ideal of becoming something which I wasn’t, was forcing me into repression. In fact, it is the light of deep observation the one which eventually will make the change as long as we do not have an idea set in our minds as to what “should the change be.”

    What I just shared in the last paragraph, is very important. Unfortunately, I cannot go deeper for it will be misunderstood. Those who are going through exactly that, will recognize what I am trying to convey, because of their own experience.

    I’d like to finish this write up, by celebrating the uniqueness of Dadi Janki. If there is a quality that I will remember about her, that is her authenticity. In these times where being part of the herd mentality is expected and celebrated, we may need to learn the art of authenticity. That comes when we are at peace with ourselves by freely portraying what we are meant to be.

    That inner peace is what Dadi showed in her own unique way. Interestingly, she liked to say “Om Shanti,” (3 times) as she had the experience of it.

    Talk the talk and BEING the talk.

    • Anoushka 11:35 PM on April 1, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      Thank you for sharing…that was my experience too!

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    • Gayathri 12:55 PM on April 29, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      I used to get ‘jealous’ of her because of her smiling face which reflected constant happiness. 🙂


  • avyakt7- New Generation 10:01 PM on February 13, 2018 Permalink | Reply
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    Message 5: The Riddle of liberation 

    Avyakt7 had the chance of a personal meeting with BK Dadi Janki, back in 2005 through a GCH sister, who translated the conversation; while Dadi was visiting Peru.
    Dadi said to avyakt7 among other things:  ” You are a victorious soul.”

    Do you see the relevance for all BKs of that statement?

    A shrewd intellect is required.   
    Otherwise, most will believe that avyakt7-NG  is only tooting his own horn.



    • Dinesh 2:52 PM on February 16, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Dear Ahnanda, your smaller messages also have very deeper meanings, the articles that you are writing on avyakt7.com are so connected to our day to day life problems you know, whether it is acceptance and patience, or just noting the humor in our lives, you are an inspiration for me 🙂
      Can you please briefly write a message for difference between Ego and Self respect, Swa and Swaman 🙂
      I recall me remaining in awareness about a point of experience that BKs taught me, they said when I am in Ego I will be hurt and when I maintain my self respect, I will be stable and unaffected 🙂 Well my experience of this point was 50-50, can you please throw some light on it bro, thanks a lot for your writings, Om Shanti 🙂


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