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    Aspects not considered in BK knowledge 

    Every philosophy or belief is incomplete when trying to explain what exists. This is something I learned once I stepped outside of the BK experience.

    Try asking a BK what is an emotion according to gyan. Is it in the mind, the intellect or the sanskara?
    Ask a BK what is the aura according to gyan. What is the etheric body? Why are those important?

    How is it possible for the soul to be located in the middle of the forehead, if the soul is incorporeal? Isn’t location a characteristic of material things?

    What is consciousness according to gyan? Is consciousness only a human characteristic?

    The Sakar Murlis mentioned a couple of times about ghosts. What are them according to gyan? In which “world” out of the 3 worlds taught in the BK philosophy, do they exist? Why are so called “ghosts” important, some may ask? They are, once you have experienced their influence; otherwise, we could come up with some “reason.” This is not a matter of belief or to exercise our analytical mind.

    There is more “material” which is not covered in the BK philosophy and which is important to understand “how to improve” in Life.

    For instance, emotions. To go into them and to heal those called in Bkism as “negative emotions” is very important, for we could pose as “detached observers” all we want, but our emotions will betray us. We are not there yet.

    To believe that “yoga” will be the cure for all is infantile. In my experience, there is the law of Karma and that needs to be settled before there is healing in particular aspects of our lives. Yoga cannot bypass such law which pervades the Drama, in favor of only Bks. Besides, there is no example in the BK world of someone who has been able to go into a “higher state” without settling first their karmic accounts. No matter how much yoga they had.
    A lingering emotion may be just part of that Karma. Although, there are many other “reasons.” Everyone has a unique journey.

    Christianity offers beliefs. Some Christians will offer “salvation” through belief. That is one level in the journey. Another is to mix philosophy with practical religious/ spiritual exercises. That is the BK view. The “new age” view is the experience of few made as a belief for many. Those experiences cannot be massified, but yet to experience those “uncommon” things (such as auras, chakras, kundalini, etc.) does not mean that such person is necessarily “elevated,” it just means that she has that experience.

    Once we are exposed to many things, then those things will fall in place when and IF we experience those in our Life. Then, we will know the “why.” “IF” is the key word in the sentence above.

    Experience is the most important element as no intellectual person can make “sense” by just reading or researching these things, as Spirituality is a subjective experience. Different paths, different avenues will take us to the same destination; however, the mix of those “streets” is unique, catered towards a particular individual.

    Therefore, how is it possible to put everything into a neat philosophy which will cover all?
    Impossible. That reminds me of the “Theory of Everything” that some scientists are pursuing. In their idealistic minds there is a set, a formula that could explain every and all physical aspects of the Universe. However, once they find out that matter is a perception of the senses rather than a “reality,” they may change their mind. What is “physical” is connected with other non-physical aspects just as our physical body is connected with many other types of bodies, from the gross, we go to the subtle. Those are meshed together as a unity, however; our minds thrive to see separation.

    When we understand that our reality is a perception, a point of view out of many; then we may see that our narrow viewpoint, is only looking to experience what our minds have determined to be “right,” nevertheless; what we will experience is already made, as Bks know; predestined.

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    The stratagem of “Baba and I.” 

    What are the 3 main points in BK knowledge?
    Baba, Drama and I.

    Many BKs will repeat this and will act as if no one else was important in their world.
    That “point of knowledge” eventually came down to “Only Baba and I.”

    Many BKs assume that “Baba” works as a filter or middleman in between “I” and the world.
    Emotional suffering is not possible if my emotional energy goes only towards Baba and no one else, in theory.
    Thus, “Baba and I and no one else.”

    This BK method is mostly misunderstood. There are very few who may know the significance of this “yukti.” It is a stratagem.

    First, when we say “Drama,” automatically Baba and I are included. Why?
    Because I and Baba are part of Drama. In fact, not only part but Drama itself.
    There is only Drama, Life. Nevertheless, through our limited language of separation, the belief that there are many separated things is obvious, for we do not see the intimate relationship of all, as unity, as One.

    It is like naming the body parts as separate entities of the outer “me.” A label like “hand” is used for practical reasons, but hand does not exist without arm and arm does not exist without chest and so on. It is a system, unity.

    Similarly, we cannot separate from people and things by just saying “Baba and I.”

    If we want to go deeper; let me ask you:
    Who is that I?
    Most BKs will say “soul.” But to say “soul” is truly like saying “body.”
    I am referring only to the container. A “soul” is a container.
    “you” were a soul (container) in the Silver age as well as now, however; different. What is what makes the difference?
    It is called consciousness, your “part” that is who you perceive to be “you.” Our part is not just the job that we have. The part are ideas, feelings, beliefs, traumas, thoughts, emotions, etc. All of that is “you.” The “soul” merely contains that as a glass contains water, air, juice, milk, wine, etc.

    That “liquid” inside the glass is “you.” That liquid is Drama… or CONSCIOUSNESS.
    Therefore, when we say “Baba and I” we are referring to that “liquid” (consciousness) at this point in time. That liquid will change as we have changed throughout time. For Life/Drama changes.
    What is the effect of “Baba and I”?
    To define the unconstricted liquid “I” into something concrete. It is a “spiritual stratagem.” Ego strengthens, increases when it is concrete, thus  “I.” 

    That is why, I have mentioned many times that the BK “method” is meant to increase ego for the more we define that “I” with the support of “Baba” and the intention to separate those two from the rest of the Universe, that is an excellent way to support the existence of the “I.”

    There cannot be “Only Baba and I.” It is impossible, for the Drama is unity of all those things that we see as components, parts, etc.

    Thus, it is infantile to separate that which cannot be. Nevertheless, it is a great method to solidify ego. That is great! For ego can be dissolved only when it reaches its utmost of expansion. That is where the BK “method” becomes exceedingly efficient.

    To change our consciousness, our perception of the Universe, we need to change our referential position. If we just follow a “method” which only brings known “truths,” it is impossible to act spontaneously thereby change positions, for we will only follow a known paradigm. A stratagem will allow us to go outside the “known truth,” to find the “truth” within ourselves.

    For the common good.

    • Gayathri 12:27 PM on April 13, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      Thanks brother. 🙂


      • ahnanda 4:37 PM on April 13, 2017 Permalink | Reply

        Thank you, sister… I know you will realize many other things out of that piece. 🙂


    • Dinesh Chawla 11:10 PM on April 15, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      Brother Ahnanda has used BK knowledge may be to explain “Adwaita” philosophy, where God and you are considered as one, correct me if I am wrong 🙂
      I have come across such thing through some other ways as well, but never thought that BK gyan can also be used to explain same… Ahnanda is really a great thinker you know… 🙂
      But brother, theoretically it is quite easy to understand, but how one can experience such thing, like the “I” and “God” both as one? Because through you, to some extent I have understood that experience is what matter the most, right! 🙂
      Thanks for writing this , Om Shanti 🙂


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    Exploring the duality of free will and predestination through a different lens 

    My sister Raysha, has the gift of “fortune telling.” She could place her fingers on your wrist and she could start telling you what she “sees.” What appears does not depend on her. She basically watches the movie and will tell you the “spoilers.”
    Later on, even few years later you may say: Wow! Everything came true!
    I developed a fascination with her gift. In one of my trips to India, I purchased a book written by Cheiro “Language of the hand.” Fascinating.
    While philosophers and religious believers debate intellectually whether free will or predestination exist, my experience allowed me to take a side: Predestination is “true,” although my consciousness  may show me that “I am making choices” through free will.  How is that “contradiction” possible?  It depends from the angle that you are watching the movie.

    Free will does not exist. Predestination does not exist.
    Those are concepts created by minds stuck in duality which have the “I” as a point of reference (their angle.) The way Brahma Kumaris explains the Drama is centered in the existence of the “I” because of that, Brahma Kumaris knowledge arranges the “free will” of the “I” to fit into the predestination of the “Drama.”

    In “reality” we ARE but… we ARE NOT (as mentioned in another article) thus, the Totality is what exists.
    Let me put it in BK terms: The movie, the Drama, Life is all that exists. We like to dissect the “movie” in parts such as “I”, “you”, “them”, etc. But that is artificial. The hero actor is deeply connected with the villain in a movie. They cannot be separated. One cannot exist without the other. There cannot be a plot without their connection. Without a plot, there is no movie.

    The phrase: “WE ARE ALL ONE.” May be a pretty phrase to repeat in patriotic events or spiritual gatherings, but it is utterly meaningless in Life. There is the Totality and that is all there is. There is no “We” or “I.”

    Without the use of pronouns, it could be very hard to make sense in most languages. But language is not real. It is a man-made mental construct.

    That is why, to have a different understanding or vision of Life, we must step away from language and the mind, for the mind has a repository of social conditionings which we label as being “me.”

    It is that “me” the one who will necessarily create the duality of free will and predestination.

    ME and I, exist  in a level of consciousness BUT they DO NOT in another, at the same time. The mind cannot understand that, but when we can see this clearly, all concepts previously learned including predestination and free will, are thrown away like used toilet paper.

    “So, what about your sister? Her gift does not demonstrate that we are predestined?”
    Wrong question. There is no WE, there is no predestination or free will. There is Totality, a timeless continuous, just a movie repeating itself endlessly … We are not aware of the repetition but that is how fortune tellers can “see”.

    Baba introduced the “concept” of detached observer, for we know it is a movie repeating. “I” (BK teachings have the “I” as a reference)  could detach from the “movie” because of that knowledge. However, consciousness will not go along necessarily with what we know intellectually, so we “fake it until we make it” to be part of the “few.”

    For the common good.

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    The entertainment of Sukshma Vatan 

    “Sukshma vatan consists of 3 main puris. Brahma Puri, Vishnu puri & Shankar Puri. If we consider Baba’s Murlis He says that I create Sukshma Vatan when I come down in the Sangam Yug. If we also take in to consideration Vishnu so Brahma & Brahma so Vishnu we can correlate the two aspects i.e. Vishnu Puri & Shankar Puri always exist. When Shiv Baba comes down he creates sukshma vatan i.e. Brahma Puri. The Vishnu in Vishnu Puri becomes the Brahma of Brahma Puri not Prajapita Brahma. Thus from the Brahma Puri Shiv Baba carries out his work through Brahma & other farishtas or Angels. Shiv Baba says like Brahma Baba we all have our complete [ Sampoorna ] light body in sukshma vatan and just as Prajapita Brahma became Avyakt Brahma when he reached his Sampoorna stage similarly when we reach our Sampoorna stage we will also become Farishtas of Brahma Puri. Then once Satyug starts, Brahma Puri will vanish and Avyakt Brahma will become Vishnu of Vishnu Puri and we all will become the devtas of Vishnu Puri. Farishta so Devta. One thing which should be very clear is that the Devtas of Satyug are human beings with divine virtues. Shiv Baba has many times very clearly said that we are actors and human beings with devi qualities in Satyug and the same soul become human beings with Asuri virtues in Kalyug.
    Vishnu Puri & Shankar Puri are the subtle worlds where lot of action takes place. But at present we have become full of vices and body consciousness that Shiv Baba does not give us any information of these worlds leave aside having a glimpse of these worlds. I also will not like to go in further details as it may hurt the Egos of those souls who think that they are going to be the real devtas and there are no other Devtas in the subtle world. Only once we BKs destroy this Ego within us we will get a partial knowledge of these Subtle worlds.
    We will have to become Sampoorna Pavitra then only we will be able to experience the beauty of the Angel World which at present some souls are.”

    The above is a recent comment (today) I received in the blog “Exploring the Depth of Living” by a BK brother in reference to this article.

    This is a compelling reason for not allowing comments in that blog, as this is not for the “common good” but is specific to the BK world. However, this comment is valid here, as this is about the Brahma Kumaris, that is why I am reproducing it.

    Observe the answer. Most will get into the logic of it, the “reasonable” explanation based on the belief that “Baba said” and therefore, it is “true.”
    What is in the Sakar Murlis could change or be “reviewed.” That is general knowledge.
    What “Baba said” is not most BKs experiences. It is a personal experience taken as the “absolute truth.”

    When a person is living in the mind, the above is meaningful as “knowledge”.
    However, the above is completely, utterly useless when it comes to self-realization. The above information is built upon a set of beliefs with little value other than “entertainment”. Yes, it is entertainment for the mind.

    To become “Sampoorna Pavitra” is meaningless. Those words mean nothing. To become that is just an ideal. To say that when “I become” a “Sampoorna Pavitra” I will have the experience of the angel world is another belief.

    Once the ego-mind is recognized in ourselves, (awareness) change happens by itself. There is nothing to DO to achieve or become. Useless nice words to “achieve” bring nothing to the table but an ideal. That ideal is not what “is” but just an ideal.

    I need to add that the BK brother who posted the above is going through his own process, so the above is “good for him,” now. Later on, it will not be. It will be an obstacle.

    That is the nature of duality. Rejection inside us, has no place; but if we reject something, we will embrace it…. sooner or later.  🙂

    For the common good.

    • Dinesh Chawla 2:27 AM on January 27, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      Yes Ahnanada, ur response is totally valid. 🙂


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