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    De-conditioning from the BK system 

    The deeper a follower is involved in a religious system, the harder it will be to break free.
    That premise is valid for those in a religious system as well as living in society.

    From society into the BK system. That is the journey of a follower.
    How is this transition possible? If we are not satisfied with society, if we are not content there; then the seed to move away has been planted.
    Living around perceived supportive, helpful individuals who are looking to become “better” may be a selling point. Whereas, in society; we weren’t that happy. That type of comparison will be lingering in our mind.

    Listening to the “Sakar Murli” is definitely another strong conditioning tool, specially if our belief in the words of “God” has been instilled before. Observe how the “word of God” is a strong conditioning, which can go across many settings.

    Once the follower observes the differences between the “old world” and what could be his “new world,” then he may become a follower of the BK system. At that point, he will be compelled to follow the “code of conduct,” according to how deep this follower would like to go.
    The “code of conduct” is the final touch in the conditioning process. To “practice” that, means to belong.

    If we have observed how we were able to go from one system into another, we could use the same principle to move to a different system, once trust with the BK system is broken. Without this requisite, we will not be able to break away. However; this feeling of a “broken friendship” could be full of animosity or hopefully, not.
    Ill feelings towards the BK system will only make our mental dependency stronger. Although away from the system; we will have triggers, which in turn deepens as psychological trauma.

    The “trauma” of leaving the BK system, has been experienced by many ex-followers. To let go of this will be a challenge unless, we are at peace with our decision rather than using rationalization; that is coming up with “reasons” as to why the BK system is not the “truth”, honest, etc. That is defamation of what we previously praised.

    Once back in society, it will never be the same. Now, we can observe things which we weren’t aware before. Because we met another reality, we could use the best of both worlds for our own lives.

    When we leave a system such as the BK, there may be feelings of guilt and failure. Values that we held in high esteem such as “purity” (according to BK definition) may be appearing in our minds with guilt.

    It is important to realize that once we move away from a system; all the philosophy, all the beliefs within that system will need to be thrown away. A “clean slate.”

    Observe the face of a 3-4 year old child. That face irradiates purity. Then, whatever he does, it will be pure. That face doesn’t have philosophies or practices to DO.
    That face is the reminder of what we have been, which could BE again through de-conditioning from the grip of systems. That child is about ready to lose his purity by being educated in society. The paradox is that to BE what we have been, we may need to go through those things which will try to change us in what we ARE not.
    That smile is not the one gained through “effort” and “practice.”
    It is “real” that is why, it has attraction.
    We may need to remember that.

    Will be taking a break until October 30th. Enjoy yourself! 🙂

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      I appreciate your strenuous effort to point out how things may go wrong. The real problem for the Bk world is basically the level of understanding the depth of knowledge and to have accurate yoga. I have seen your earlier posts which churns the knowledge and brings out the deeper aspects. I humbly request you to continue to put your effort to explain the knowledge so that it helps for the Bks who aspire to follow the true path. Bks are definitely special, they are not ordinary, they have the aspirations to follow the path of truth. It will be of great help if you could take some avyakt murli and explain the content with more practical examples. Om Shanthi.


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    Waste “Knowledge.” 

    Every major religion has its own philosophy, its own explanation as to how things work in Life and what will happen in the future. This “story” is what believers believe and label that as “truth.”

    Many times people forget that spirituality is not a history class or sociology. Truly, it doesn’t matter what the “philosophy” is.
    Because “spirituality” is meant for personal growth, self-realization or in more layman terms; spirituality deals with the art of living Life in harmony. That is the bottom line.

    For “new” seekers, it is important to have an explanation, an intellectual understanding on how things “truly” are and what will happen in the future. This concern only shows their social conditioning. Through “education” in society, we have been conditioned to believe that ideas an ideals are important, thus we need to be able to recite them as they are taught by some “bona fide” source. That is known as “truth.” Thus, we hear often from followers: “We have the truth.”

    That only shows the consciousness of a beginner in the journey of self-knowledge.

    Brahma Kumaris has its own philosophy known by them as “knowledge.” As a BK follower I used to read anything about “knowledge” that could give me more understanding to ponder about that. I was even mesmerized by the stories of “Lakshmi and Narayan” and tried to figure out when exactly every “age” of the Kalpa ended. I also went into the “Trimurti”. Now, I can see how useless those things were. However, at the time they gave me the sensation that “I knew.”

    Looking back, I could see how my reliance on my own trained intellect was diminishing self inquire.
    “Knowledge” is only a game for beginners. It will give the sensation of “knowing” which is quite important when a person feels, how insecure and uncertain Life is.

    “How the existence of dinosaurs are able to fit into the 5000 year cycle?” That was a classical question asked to some BK seniors. Then, came the made up answers. All beliefs. Very few honest answers: “ I don’t go into that, but I am more concerned in values, meditation and spirituality.” That sort of answer was unacceptable for a “scientific minded” individual.
    Truly, it doesn’t matter if there is a 5000 year cycle, or a dinosaur eating vegetables in the Confluence age/ Golden age… That sort of “Second hand” knowledge is not knowledge at all. It is belief.

    Sometimes “knowledge” is considered below “devotion” towards distinguished members of a religious group (alive or not). That is another strong sign of a beginner in spirituality. Most likely, this devotion (bhakti) is exercised by the majority of followers, while “knowledge” is more selective, as the person has to have the “mind” to play with such stories to try to come up with new stuff. It is entertainment for the mind.

    Sakar Murlis will mention that a “Gyani soul” now, was a strong devotee (Bhakti) in a previous life. It is considered that Knowledge is the “fruit” of strong Bhakti. That is not surprise as there is the duality of the mind (knowledge) and the heart (bhakti); however, both experiences are necessary in a life path. Some may begin with knowledge and end in bhakti as well. Nevertheless, the outcome of that experience will be self-knowledge and self-love, just to know and love humanity as well. That is another level.

    In my experience with BK knowledge; I feel grateful for the “knowledge” that there is a cycle of time. The experience that time is cyclical is able to redeem us for all the activities that we may regret. That is why, the feeling of guilt is useless as those actions will occur again.

    Life is a game. Once we know that, what is the importance of knowing the “embellished stories” and “history and geography” of a board game? Just throw the dices and play! Enjoy that game….

    OBSERVE “the game” and become AWARE of it and OBSERVE the “I” to become AWARE of it. That is the most important aspect of “knowledge” also known as “becoming a detached observer”, as BapDada likes to say.

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      I agree with what you wrote: “spirituality deals with the art of living Life in harmony.” To do this better it is BK gyan that helped me.

      It is unfortunate that subjects like dinosaurs became a stumbling block to you. It is like what happens among the scientists—the deeper they go into science, some scientists become atheists and others become believers in God as scientist Paul Davies rightly put it: “science offers a surer path to God than religion.”

      I used to ask “if dinosaurs suffered a mass extinction 65 million years ago following an asteroid colliding with earth or climate change. ‘Why would that event wipe out only the dinosaurs and not the other species—especially giant (Indonesian) komodo dragons, lizards and crocodiles that look almost similar to them?’ (https://www.livescience.com/9726-origin-komodo-dragon-revealed.html)

      In fact knowledge about dinosaurs actually strengthened my BK gyan. Story about dinosaurs that started from a single tooth [brought to Dr. Gideon Mantell, English obstetrician, geologist and palaeontologist] has many supporters and opponents. The discovery of its soft tissue (including stretchy ligaments with identifiable proteins, flexible transparent branching blood vessels, with the easily identifiable remains of red blood cells, even showing the nuclei, typical of reptiles, inside these vessels) by Paleontologist Mary Schweitzer which made worldwide headlines in 2005 proves that the dinosaur fossils cannot be millions of years old. Even the supporters themselves have difficulties in understanding the details, hence they make many mistakes in the movies they make about dinosaurs which make paleontologists mad. (http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/2015/06/15/jurassic-world-dinosaurs-inaccurate-paleontologists-outrage_n_7583384.html)

      Now the question arises: Which group is right? BOTH THE GROUPS MAY NOT BE RIGHT and truth could be in between because of the following reasons: Evolutionists believe that history is linear. And if history is linear, then the event that led to the mass extinction of dinosaurs could have led to the extinction of other species too. Yet other species survived which means history is not linear.
      If history is not linear, then it must be cyclical (like everything else such as day and night, seasons, water cycle, yugas …etc). Our experience shows that quality of life and environment is getting worse and worse as time passes which means history had a perfect start. Thus history is cyclical with first half being perfect (characterized by small human population and vast environment) and second half being imperfect (characterized by increasing population and depleting resources).

      Requirement of first perfect half cannot be known now, and also, age of a fossil that belong to the perfect first half cannot correctly be ascertained in the imperfect second half because of contrasting ecosystems. Just like huge whales coexist with small fishes in the ocean, huge beings can coexist with humans in the first perfect half of the history, in harmony, taking care of special needs of that period.
      When each cycle revolves, perfect half falls into imperfect half. When such a perfect system suffers a fall, everything turns upside down with catastrophic changes taking place in every sphere. Getting killed by accidents (small and big such as natural calamities), killing on purpose (some of the humans and some of the animals began to eat the flesh of other species), some of the constructive micro organisms turning into destructive agents causing various diseases … were some of those catastrophic changes.

      When heaven-like situation changed into hell-like situation, it was like a change from order to disorder, and the world began to be called duniya (place where law and logic no longer rule the lives of people, which highlights the impure attitude of the inhabitants). When healthy thinking which resulted in healthy body and healthy environment changed into harmful thinking it would have corresponding results in bodies and environment. It means change happened everywhere—in attitude, in thinking … and even within DNA of some beings which means disorder began to manifest in various forms—sometimes gigantism and dwarfism even among same species, big species becoming small and vice versa.

      Implication of change in DNA has already been shown by Genetic Engineering (process of changing DNA in order to bring about certain characteristics in a living thing). Some of the wonders it has produced include things such as bigger, longer-lasting vegetables, trees that could absorb dirty water and make it clean again before the water is released into the air, trees that grow super-fast so that they can create stronger, higher quality wood, genetically modified plants (like grapple that is an apple that tastes exactly like a like a grape), salmon that grows faster, genetically modified animals ….etc.
      Changes happen when situation calls for such changes. For example, when such changes as extinction of species involved in a food-chain happens “biodiversity also lends genetic variability to a population, helping it adapt to fluctuating environmental conditions.” (https://sciencing.com/

      IN OTHER WORDS, BIG SPECIES SUCH AS DINOSAURS (if they really existed) SERVED SOME PURPOSE IN THE FIRST HALF OF EACH CYCLE OF HISTORY. That special purpose is over when history entered the imperfect second half and dinosaurs were no longer needed, which means dinosaurs could go extinct or become small like birds or lizard. Interestingly, dinosaurs mean just big lizard in ancient languages such as Latin, Greek [deinos = terrible + sauros = lizard] etc.


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        Thank you for your comments. You wrote: “It is unfortunate that subjects like dinosaurs became a stumbling block to you.” Actually, they did not. My other blog “Exploring the Depth of Life”, has many early BK articles about dinosaurs and how they were fit into Gyan through amazing “scientific proofs”, theories and such. The example I gave was actually a question that an Indian Brother made to a well known senior brother, when he came to visit the center that I was attending at the time. All of those things for me now, have no meaning… but they were important at the time. Life changes and so consciousness..


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          You put it correctly: “Life changes and so consciousness.”

          This is the very essence of Drama. When one is in one state of mind, he wants to be in its opposite state of mind. Countries that were huge empires go into fragmentation, then they come back for reunion. USSR became many independent countries. In Europe, independent countries went for European Union—now UK is choosing Brexit. This is true in large scale and small scale; thus we have all varieties of pairs of opposite.

          This is inevitable. It’s like you try to draw a picture of SOFT flower on any surface. After the completion of the painting, flower looks soft; yet while touching it is as tough as the medium on which it is sustained. You creation is limited by the limitations of the medium you are using! Similarly, when spirit comes in association with matter, it comes into an irony—it itself is a pair of opposites which provides the ground for the appearance of a variety of pairs of opposites. Thus we have the situation where things come in pairs of opposites (such as pleasure-pain; happiness-sorrow; victory-defeat; day-night; life-death …etc). One follows the other, and one doesn’t have meaning without the other. And one even glorifies the other with one giving rise the need for the other.

          History also comes in pairs of opposites as it is a cycle of two halves. First half of history (called earthly heaven) belongs to the people of EXPANDED mind or brhamacharya [brahma = broad mind + charya = conduct, as in Acharya = “one who teaches by his conduct]. People of this phase were humans in form but divine in function showing “civil-eyed” view of broad-mindedness of treating everyone as brothers and sisters. Second half (called earthly hell) belongs to the people of CONTRACTED mind or vyabhicharya [vyabhi = getting diverted + charya = conduct], which means people of this phase were humans in form but egoistic/devilish in function showing “criminal-eyed” view of distraction/contraction into a small world of having “I” and “my” and treating others as less than brothers and sisters. In other words, there is “civilization” in the first half and “criminalization” in the second half. (Murli 22.07.2019; 29.07.2019)

          There is nothing common between these two types of people because one is for expanded love whereas the other is for contracted love. One is “undeviated and yoked with the Supreme Person” (Bhagavat Gita 8:10) hence having His perspective and are “automatically soul-conscious” (Murli 29.07.219) and the other is deviated hence having too small perspective of my and my family. Interestingly, the word for great is MAHA which is the reversal of the sounds in the word AHAM, the word for “I”. This means to live in earthly heaven one has to RETURN from small world of ego to broad-mindedness. This explains why repent means “return” (shuv, שוב) in ancient language Hebrew [spoken by Abraham who is the forefather of Jews, Christians and Muslims]

          Both the categories of people are like those travelling in opposite directions viewing each one as alienated from the other; thus first half would naturally be closed for the egoistic who are delighted in their egoistic life-style. Interestingly, in some languages the word that describes the early part of history is paradise (literally, “enclosed park” or “walled enclosure”) which has phonetic resemblance to paradesa in Indian languages. Para can mean “previous, former, different from, exceeding in quality .…etc) and desa means land/country. This reminds us of the famous expression “Paradise Lost” which divides history into two: Pre-Fall [when history was paradise] and Post-Fall [when paradise lost its qualities]. In other words, when earthly situations were heavenly it was called paradise which would later be viewed by the other group as paradesa, a place to which inhabitants of hell would not want to go, as shown in the story of Narada Maharishi. He was asked to inform about one vacancy in heaven to those in hell, but everyone refused to accept the invitation putting lame excuses. Jesus too made a similar story in which invitees to heaven made lame excuses such as ‘we are attached to property, wife etc.’ (Luke 14:15-24) This means, entry to paradise is barred to the egoistic by themselves.

          Thus first half of the history is called earthly heaven or paradise, and second half is earthly hell, or duniya, a word for the world in many languages [such as Arabic, Arumanian, Assamese, Azerbaijani; Bengali, Dari, Hausa, Hindi, Indonesian, Javanese, Kurdish, Malay, Nepali, North-Caucasian languages, Pashto, Persian, Punjabi, Swahili, Sylheti, Turkish, Urdu, Uzbek etc]. If you describe second half of a movie as boring, you obviously mean its first half was interesting. Similarly, if the second half of history is named as duniya, it obviously mean first half of history was perfect. Simply put, in the first half of history people act with niya (rationality and loyalty), in varying degree of broad-mindedness. In the second half of history people act without niya in varying degree of narrow-mindedness, hence this phase of history is rightly called duniya which is a combination of two words du (negative prefix) and niya.
          To act with niya, in Arabic, means to act with loyalty and good faith for the sake of God, being led in righteousness so naturally as though water flows downward. (Criminal Justice: Nomos XXVII edited by Ronald Pennock, John W. Chapman. page 58). Its equivalent nyaya, in Indian Languages, means ways in which something is properly done, or universal laws. And its distortion would be, duniya, where people begin to act as they like mixing good with evil, as implied in the “eating of the tree of good and evil” in the Bible (Genesis 2:17) which denotes the change from Paradise to Duniya. When the world deteriorates into Duniya, mostly irrationality and illogicality would rule the lives of people, as being witnessed today.
          Look at the glaring example of irrationality of this part of world called Duniya. In contrast what Evolution Theory implies, people chose certain life style only to become panic in the end trying to reverse the effect of their life style. See how many life style diseases we have brought through our choices. This is true in large scale also: Instead of protecting the environment, people pollute it, destroy forests and build concrete jungles ….etc which is so illogical as though cutting the very branch one sits on. And even in the face of depleting resources and increasing unemployment, overpopulating the earth continues. No wonder that far-sighted ones say “the chances are about 49 percent that the world as we know it will collapse by about 2050” mainly because of overpopulation and depleting resources. (http://nymag.com/intelligencer/2019/05/jared-diamond-on-his-new-book-upheaval.html) Ill-effects are often precipitous in nature with slower speed becoming faster as time passes just like butter melts in a frying pan.

          It was at this time the world is given a choice—attachment with God or attachment with wealth of this world. This is symbolically presented in Mahabharat Epic through Arjun (symbol of people who prefer God to His things) and Duryodhan (symbol of people who prefer God’s things to God) Interestingly, both the categories of people are happy in their respective choices. This is the charm of Drama. Hence Drama is also compared to Kalpa Tree which is the name of coconut tree in Indian languages because every part and every aspect of coconut tree is useful. Similarly, every part and every aspect of Drama is useful. Interestingly, when each time new Kalpa or Drama begins, early inhabitants feel “we are now (abhi) starting new (naya) drama. This insight would enable one to know how the word for acting in drama [and later in movies] became abhinaya in Indian languages.

          The above knowledge helps us in our daily life also. People who are directly taught Rajayoga by God Shiva are aware that they are now deep into the second half of the history, or duniya; hence they are not disturbed by anything that happens in this phase of history because they know irrationality and illogicality alternate in the lives of most people living now as day is followed by night; hence it is not a matter to be worried of. They are also very well convinced that next cycle is about to start in the very near future. If predictions [such as given in Bible, 2Timothy 3:1-5; Gita 4:7; Srimad Bhagavatam 12.3.32…etc] for Kaliyuga is having an overwhelming fulfillments in front of their eyes, they also know that predictions for Golden Age too will have their overwhelming fulfillment in the very near future.


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    The double sword of guilt 

    There is no emotion which has been exploited in society as much as guilt. Guilt is the feeling of having committed an offense or a crime and thus, redemption is born magically as the other extreme of that duality.

    We could understand this very well intellectually, however; it is ingrained deep in our subconscious for this emotion has been instilled through many generations up until our days.

    Observe how this emotion is used as well as a means to “motivate” the person to act. This is a compelling opportunity to “become pure”, “better”, “perfect”, etc.

    Religions have been using this “trick” to lead followers.

    In Brahma Kumaris there are many instances to feel guilty about: Missing the daily Murli, Sleeping over Amrit Vela time, not making enough “effort”, eating food in a restaurant, having sexual thoughts, eating garlic or onions, and of course; to have sex. Every one of those “sins” will require some sort of “confession” from the “sinner” and a willful and determined intention, not to DO it again to be able to deserve redemption.

    Basically, “if you want to play the game, you need to follow the rules. If you fail, demonstrate your remorse and you will have the opportunity to keep playing”.

    Observe that there will be plenty of opportunities to “DO right from wrong”; Nevertheless, we will learn very well about feeling guilty. That emotion will linger even after the “training” is over.

    Never mind that this is a “predestined Drama” and there are no mistakes in the Unlimited. Never mind that we are only “actors” portraying a role. Never mind, that this “mistake” will repeat again for eternity; guilt will be felt as the mind, the intellect and the sanskaras have been well trained to respond in a certain way.

    That conditioning is extraordinary.

    Every “mistake” is an opportunity to learn. Observe that every society, every religion will have their own rules as to what is permitted and what is not. Therefore, it is in our best interest to dissolve that useless emotion. That will take some inner work. That is the type of work that I refer to as necessary to liberate a conditioned mind.

    Emotions will persist and they will entangle with other emotions which in turn will be weaving larger threads of psychological knots, which could be quite difficult to untie. To untangle each knot means a lesson learned in Life.

    It is very easy to say: ” Don’t feel guilty”; but that is the failure of words and learned concepts, “knowledge” when we are dealing with our own psychology.

    Nevertheless, in the OBSERVATION of how guilt arises and what it does, resides its own dissolution; for Life will show us the path. Without this careful observation, there is no rock to hold onto while falling in the abyss of guilt.

    As guilt is a primary tool used in our society to condition individuals, it is important to realize that learning has its own sticker price, which will need to be paid in full. Thus, there is no need to add remorse and the emotion of unworthiness for the law of cause and effect makes sure to keep things in balance, until we learn.

    Therefore, guilt is an infantile emotion. The type that a little dog learns to feel if it made a “mistake” inside the house, but unlike a human a being; that experience does not linger in a dog as a trauma. Something to learn from our “best friends.”

    Brahma Kumaris is without a doubt a “school” (University) to learn the art of de-conditioning and conditioning. Those skills will prove necessary in our Life.

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    The flavor of personal experience aka “practice.” 

    I have full appreciation for the BK movement. For me, it was like my “elementary school” in “Spirituality.”
    Many of the elements I was taught by the BK movement are still with me, those are part of my personality now. Those have helped me to understand “spirituality” beyond a simple concept to follow.

    “Spirituality” is to learn to live Life harmoniously. We will need to learn to feel our balance. That is known as harmony.
    Balance cannot be defined or described. It is not a concept. The world exists through balance. Some put things in, we label that as “good”. Others, will take away. We label that as “bad.” Nevertheless, when these movements are harmonious, there is balance.

    The same is within.

    Society will give a perspective of Life. We learn to compete, to “advance”, to “make our own future”, etc. It is like trying to obtain a comfortable position then, we think we have “arrived.” That view is typically taken to extremes and we see people out of balance. To harmonize this view of Life a counterpart is needed. We have been exposed to religious or “spiritual” views to gain that balance.
    Nevertheless in those religious, “spiritual” teachings; we learned that we can “advance” as well, we can become “somebody.” India has been great in giving hierarchies to many “saints” in this respect. You have the swamis, the Paramahansas, the mahatmas etc. All those labels mean “achievement” to laymen. However, those achievements are not something to “have” like money, power or position in society. Those things are related with “being”, inner work rather than outer achievement.

    Spirituality is not an achievement.” It is to outgrow limitations. Those limits are very personal.

    A BK follower will need to be attentive to this; otherwise, what he will “practice” is only a sophisticated, subtle version of society’s teachings: Another way to achieve name and fame which may have meaning inside the BK institution, but otherwise meaningless in Life.

    Society pulls one way. Religions pull another. Those “pulls” are typically seen as contradictory by intelligent individuals. How is it possible to talk about brotherhood, when there is continuous “back-stabbing” behaviors in society? We see continuous fights, wars at different levels. That contradiction will bring a dissonance in the minds of people. Dishonesty is the outcome. Guilt and shame will be the emotions to experience.
    Talk one way, act in a different way. Neurosis.

    The same principle holds true while embracing the BK movement. It is like a little society inside society. Any extreme will not bring harmony, balance.

    Observe that any practice should have a particular “flavor” to be enjoyed. Without that “flavor”, things will turn bitter.
    “As it is your food, so your mind,” it is said in the BK movement. Therefore, as long as there is “flavor” in a “practice”, we will be in balance. Once the flavor is gone, perhaps is time to change. Look for another “flavor”.

    Have you read about the Life of Ramana Maharshi? Observe that he was honest with his own experience. He left society because he experienced a greater “flavor.” He wanted that. Observe some of his “followers.” They did not experience any type of flavor. They merely wanted to experience what Ramana had and thought that by following his “austerities”, they will experience the same. Truth is, Ramana did not follow any “austerities”. He only wanted to experience the flavor that he knew, without the worries of society. Thereby; he left society. Some label that “renunciate” although there wasn’t any type of renunciation on his part.
    There is much to learn about that.

    Be honest with your own experience. It may not be the one that is “supposed to be”, but it is yours at a particular time. That is the starting point. It may change later on.
    Life is change, anyway. We only have to be “real” for change to be “real.”

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    Giving your bones for the Yagya 

    The Sakar Murli does a very good job in cheering up and even motivating the BK follower, into a particular behavior, a path.
    However, extremes are known in its interpretation. A follower who is eager to belong, to be recognized or even to believe in earning a better place in the after life, will do what is necessary in his mind, to comply. Sometimes, compliance has been equated with taking his own life.

    “Giving your bones to the Yagya” is such a bright example.
    The “Yagya” is one of those words which every BK knows what it is, but no one could be specific about it. “The Yagya” is open to interpretation and thus, extremes.

    The “sacrificial fire” ( as yagya is commonly translated) could be anything. However, it is important to notice that “sacrifice” of any kind does not add up to “spiritual enlightenment,” on the contrary, it is a sign of trouble, repression.
    “Love” being the magic word, is not sacrifice.

    “Love” is hard to understand when there is lack of experience. When someone is controlled by his own mind; the next best thing is “sacrifice.”

    All I could share is that there is no ideal in the BK system which is worth for someone to sacrifice his own life.

    Our lives are sacred. Ideals are only inventions of the mind.

    • Gayathri 11:59 AM on April 3, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Om shanti.
      Let me explain : Yagya means the whole BK organisation. Serving the yagya with body, mind, and wealth is encouraged.

      Sacrifice oneself to the sacrificial fire – to surrender completely, including one’s ego to the yagya.
      To give one’s bones – to give all that one could give.

      ‘Too give one’s bones is an idiom. There used to be a sage by name Dadhichi. He gave his bones for a good cause. The story is given below.

      Long long ago there was a demon named Vritrasura. He was full of pride. He started a battle with the Deities. He was so powerful that the Deities were finding it difficult to defeat him. In order to seek guidance about how defeat the demon, Indra, the king of Deities went to Bhagawan Vishnu. Bhagawan Vishnu suggested that a weapon made from the bones of Dadhichi Rishi (Sage) would be able to vanquish the demon.

      All the Deities were now facing a dilemma. Because Dadhichi Rishi was a very loving, helpful and calm Sage. How should they ask such a holy man for his own bones? Bhagawan Vishnu advised Deity Indra to go to Dadhichi Rishi and explain everything to him in detail, as after hearing their plight Dadhichi Rishi would happily end his life and give his bones for making the weapon.

      Deity Indra along with his retinue went to Dadhichi Rishi. The noble sage heartily welcomed everyone and politely asked Indra the reason for his visit. Indra said, “We have all come to you to ask for something. We need a weapon to destroy Vritrasura. We need your bones to make that weapon. We cannot do this without your assistance.” Dadhichi Rishi immediately replied, “I shall give up my life and surrender my body to you. Then you can do whatever you want.” With the help of His Yogic powers Dadhichi Rishi gave up his life. The Deities removed the bones from his body and crafted the powerful Vajrayudha (thunderbolt weapon). With powerful mantras guiding the Vajrayudha the Deities were able to destroy Vritrasura.


      • avyakt7- New Generation 2:33 PM on April 3, 2019 Permalink | Reply

        Thank you for the explanation, Gayathri.
        To give up one’s life could be encouraged if one has reached that sage stage. Then, one is giving out of love, out of selfesness, otherwise, it is only a display of ego.
        Thus, to compare the gesture of Dadhichi with the one of a BK follow er, may be out of context.


    • Gayathri 10:41 AM on April 4, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Agree. 🙂


  • avyakt7- New Generation 7:57 AM on March 6, 2019 Permalink | Reply
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    Remember to be a soul 

    In Baba’s yaad, remember ME alone, remember the Father, be soul conscious, become bodiless, to be in yoga with the Father, become a detached observer….

    What all of those popular phrases in the BK dictionary have in common?
    They are intended to point to the same thing.
    What is that?
    If I say “awareness of not to be the body” then I am destroying your ability to become AWARE by giving you something to negate, without your own inner discovery. Awareness does not negate or affirm.
    It is not surprise that most BKs continually deny their own body and its needs, as a consequence of the popular: “I am a soul not a body.” Most BKs know what is a “body” thus they deny it believing that this is how they can reaffirm to be  a “soul”, but many have no idea or experience of what a “soul” is.

    How is it possible to have so much misunderstanding?
    Brahma Baba had an insight. He tried to put that in words. Those words were passed onto others, who did not have the experience. These “half-teachers” added, subtracted or interpreted the previous words before these were passed onto “quarter-teachers” who in turn, did their own “service” by adding further confusion, and then into the masses. That has happened to every organized religion through time.

    When our AWARENESS increases, we will recognize our physical senses, then our body, then our mind, our emotions and what is not them….
    I cannot add further words for it will be confusing to figure out with our minds, what is what Avyakt7-NG is trying to convey. However, this is not to be figured out. As the Murli mentions, it is about “practice” but as we progress, we will not need to remember to practice, that is only the “beginner’s 101 state” but AWARENESS IS, it will sink in. There is no need for “remembrance” when you ARE AWARE.
    That is why, “remembrance” is not an accurate word, for that is of the mind, to bring back a memory to the mind. The mind is not consciousness, it is merely mind. True changes will happen in consciousness not in the mind.  Nevertheless, in the “beginner’s 101 class”, remember to practice… use your mind.

    What is the difference between awareness and observation?
    What is the difference between detached and bodiless?
    Isn’t AWARENESS a quality of being detached? How could you be aware without detachment?

    All those words point to the same thing.

    Nevertheless, keep “remembering the point of light.” Visualize it. Talk to it. Visualize Brahma Baba’s face in the picture and believe THAT to be “remembrance”… to have found the “truth.”
    It happened to me, thus; it is someone else’s turn. All good!   🙂

  • avyakt7- New Generation 10:30 AM on February 27, 2019 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: BK, , , vegan, vegetarian, vegetarianism   

    On Vegetarianism and Veganism 

    In Brahma Kumaris, there is a belief that some kind of food items are “pure”. Items which are not considered in their list, are considered “rajasic” or “tamasic” (that is middle and lower quality of value.)

    In Brahma Kumaris to consume cows’ milk is considered “satopradhan” or “pure.” Milk is considered a “satvic” food in Hinduism even though its animal origin. However, eggs are considered “rajasic or tamasic” depending on your source of authority.
    It is said that yogis believed that milk coming from a “happy cow” is good for humans. Of course, pasteurization made this “satvic” food into a problem. However, the belief on milk being “satvic” continued on. There is also the “problem” of fertilized eggs vs. non-fertilized eggs for those who want to eat “vegan” eggs.

    Humans follow traditions but are unable to consider the changes that time will bring. What was “true” yesterday, may not be today.
    A “happy cow” back then, may not be now. As much as we like to generalize ideas to make them fit into our philosophies, these usually do not fit “reality.”

    Our minds keep on making distinctions, separating, labeling things and putting them into little boxes. That is how Veganism and Vegetarianism appeared. Originally the intention may have been for personal gain, to eat something beneficial for spiritual reasons, then; it changed into the ideal of “ahimsa” to protect animals from unnecessary suffering. Now, both ideals are somewhat close to socio-political movements. Their focus is to prevent animal cruelty in society. They believe that to be a priority, a matter of conviction, of morality, etc. The label then changed into Radical Veganism.

    Nowadays, many may consider capitalism as a source of animal cruelty. Of course, ultimately it goes back to human beings who are “pushed by the systems into compliance to make a living.”

    We humans are too many. Overpopulation is the source of many “problems.” The forces of the market (the haves vs. the have nots) benefit from this, but not our planet. Vegan movements may want to extend their view and consider the planet. Vegans would like to put their ideas to help animals in practice, however; other humans strongly disagree. How could they push their view? How to convince others?

    Observe how the original yogi belief in eating healthy to keep the body well for meditation changed into a social movement of compassion fueled by our political conditioning and personal agendas.

    The traditional “happy cow” may be a dream now. We need Scientists to tell us when a cow is happy. We have lost our ability to empathize.

    A few weeks ago, I read an article suggesting that plants may feel pain. Scientists are working on that. Because a plant does not have a central nervous system, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they cannot sense distress or pain in their own way. People who are acquainted with plants, living with them, may be more knowledgeable about them but… we need “proof” from our beloved science, then we will believe although, it is blind faith for it will not be our personal experience.

    What about if I dare to say that minerals, stones also have consciousness? That may be a far out thought of a crazy man! Let us wait for a scientist to take up the study.

    Life and death are a reality in Life. In the wild animals will kill to survive. Humans do not have that need, but as our “science” is advancing, we may find out that all creatures on Earth living in duality will experience pain and pleasure in their own ways.
    Humans have brought an element of egotistical nature that is non existent in the wild, in Nature.
    What is that?
    Exploitation. We exploit animals and now plants. The market offers “cruelty free products” to support those who became a new market segment. After all, it is all about profit.

    Where am I going with this writing?
    Nowhere. It is merely food for thought.
    Adopting veganism doesn’t necessarily mean a change of consciousness, but someone who has experienced a change of consciousness will typically be vegetarian or vegan but he will not reject meat if necessary. That person will be beyond the pretty labels of Vegan, Vegetarian, Satvic, etc.
    If all people were vegetarians / vegans then we will have an overpopulation of animals as they will have less space to live thanks to human growth. Great exploitation of plants could be a reality at that point.

    Therefore, Life supports the vegan and the non-vegan, for both are necessary to keep a balance.
    Let us remember that Life is not concerned in supporting human morality, what religions and philosophies taught us to be “right” but rather; Life is about balance, harmony.
    Those trapped in the duality of “right and wrong” will not be able to understand this.

    • ex-l 8:41 AM on March 5, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      “If all people were vegetarians / vegans then we will have an overpopulation of animals as they will have less space to live thanks to human growth”

      Hmmn, not so I think.

      We are discussing some sort of utopian idealism here (what if the world became vegan tomorrow?), but, on one hand, there would be a temporary re-adjustment while the current levels of domesticated “food animals” lived out their natural lives (we don’t need to kill and eat them to keep them down); on the other hand, there would be a huge re-population of species that we have slaughter to the point of extinction to their natural levels, (eg it’s interesting to read ancient accounts of how populated the oceans once were with sea mammals).

      Nature does not need us to manage its balance, it needs us to stop messing with it.

      The point I am making here is more about not providing excuses for individuals not to be “as vegan as possible”, which is the current imperative.

      It is worth point out that, in my opinion, there needs to be a refinement of idea of what “vegan” means, of what is “most vegan”, defining veganism as a “least harm” principle, both to animals, the environment and outselves.

      For example, as I think you are saying, it is a paradox that rigid metropolitan veganism is actually not the most vegan way of life (least harm) if the principles are applied in, say, harsh, remote environments. What is correctly “vegan” for a modern metropolis, is not vegan – nevermind not possible – for someone living in the remote Andes or Hindu Kush.

      I became vegan during my time as a BK, over 30 years ago and have never found a need to relinquish it. The anti-vegan coercion and manipulation I experience from the BK leadership and their then negativity to we “health bhagats” as they called up, certainly led up to my leaving.

      There is no excuse for the BKWSU not to adopt an “as vegan as possible” principle, especially in the developed nations and modernised areas of India.

      It is evidence of their unenlightened, unresolved, morally compromised state that they don’t; and that the leadership has been resisting it for over 3 decades.


      • avyakt7- New Generation 7:47 AM on March 6, 2019 Permalink | Reply

        Generalizations as we know, cannot be true. However, those make a good example, simple and easy to follow. My point is that both, vegetarians and non-vegetarians are needed. However, the main issue behind those labels is the fact that we humans are too many. We are taking away lands which otherwise, are used by animals and plants in the wild and that help maintain the balance, the Eco-system. We exploit natural resources for profit and deplete them but keep on growing our population. That is the main issue.


    • Himanaya 11:49 AM on April 22, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Lovely post! I’d be delighted if you check out mine on a similar topic-


  • avyakt7- New Generation 7:56 AM on February 6, 2019 Permalink | Reply
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    Dealing with politics inside BK 

    Every organized religion eventually will be run by ordinary individuals.
    This means that all the conditioning learned in society will be applied into their “religious” or “spiritual” job.
    It would be naive to believe that leaders or figureheads run the organization. Greater hierarchy, greater will be the interests of individuals going into different directions.
    At the end of the game for an organization to survive, it will need funds, it will need name recognition and it will need strings to pull from “up above and below.”
    This is just like any other organization.

    A dedicated follower will need to discern between politics and the possibility of living a meaningful spiritual experience.
    Basically, all that is learned in the BK as values, should be applied first when dealing within the organization.
    A BK life is meant to be one of service, and for that is necessary to mingle with different individuals from all walks of life, even the political minded ones.

    As mentioned before, the core of living a “spiritual” life is in expanding our consciousness. That means, to become aware of the inner workings of our minds, emotions and feelings. Every situation in Life, should measure those 3 aspects.

    Typically, Avyakt7-NG ignores all aspects related with the perception of BK politics. After all, spirituality is not politics. It didn’t have any consequence to me while I was a BK. For instance, If a senior behaved in a certain way, or if she did something suspicious, or if someone acted against the principles; all of that did not mean anything to me. I wasn’t there for anyone but for my conviction that I found God and that I wanted to become an “angel.”
    That ideal entails, the acceptance of human ways and the understanding that everyone has a right to perform their role in Life. That was a huge protection.

    It is not my concern to “save” any individual from being misled by some political minded BK follower. I understand that Life has many ways to teach and that every experience has value in our lives. Others may feel different and that is fine too.

    At the end of the day, joining an organization for “spiritual” reasons is not depending on the news or popular opinion. For me all depends on feeling if I belong there.

    That sense of belonging is quite important, for it will give us identity and support during our journey.

    Belonging to the “Father” does not relate with politics or wrong human behavior. It is a commitment to what we feel is true. It is to acknowledge our own experience and go with that.
    That trust ultimately, is what will take us to a different “place.”

  • avyakt7- New Generation 5:10 AM on January 9, 2019 Permalink | Reply
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    Brahma Kumaris Meditation 

    Out of all the practices that BK teaches, without a doubt, BK meditation is the one that I obtained greater practical benefit and the one that I would recommend.

    “The power of vibrations” was only another tall story until I was able to experience that. It is to not only sit in a room and send “peaceful vibrations.” It is the power of BEING which already carries vibrations everywhere we go.
    A particular room will have the vibes of those who inhabit it. That principle has helped me into my Life.

    What it used to be to sit and “visualize ShivBaba”; now is to sit and think about nothing, except to feel myself, out of that nothingness, something from inside appears. That is to listen to myself.
    I had good experiences with “god” or without “him”, which leads me to believe that it just depends how deeply we are into meditation.
    Depth is a matter of feeling. Deep feelings means deeper experiences.
    “Super sensuous joy” is the expression of a deep feeling. It is also known as the “inner smile.”

    Sexuality also produces a similar sensation once the energy rises towards the forehead. That is when sex becomes another meditative state.

    Meditation will take our consciousness to a different place, which brings moments of feeling elation, bliss and peace. It is hard to describe through words, what could only be known through our own experience, that is why; two people could use very different words to express yet, a similar experience, which in turn could be confusing for those only listening to the words, the description.

    It does not matter how long someone could sit in meditation, if the mind wonders all the time affecting our ability to feel.
    Someone could force himself to sit for 3 hours without moving a limb. That is a nice physical feat; however, the value resides in freeing ourselves from the games of the mind and to connect with oneself, Life, God or whoever we believe; through the force of the heart. That in BK is known as “yoga.”
    Therefore, there is no yoga of the mind; when yoga; takes place in “no-mind.”

  • avyakt7- New Generation 8:46 AM on September 19, 2018 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , BK, , discipline, generosity, ,   

    Learning “virtues” through the mind 

    One of the aspects that I remember in my experience as a BK, was the emphasis on learning “spiritual virtues” through the understanding of the mind.
    For instance, before the BK experience; I used to behave with discipline. This is something that I learned through the practice of sports not through any kind of spiritual class. Others observed that I had “discipline.” That is how that word came into my experience. Then, “discipline” was part of the definition I had about myself.

    There are 2 aspects to recognize once the mind is engaged with a definition.
    First, was my inability to be flexible with “my discipline.” The definition I had about myself was so strong that did not allow me to change patterns according to the circumstance. In the long run, this “discipline” became a tyrant as flexibility wasn’t allowed. “Will power” was misused many times to force myself to DO things.
    In the BK world, this scene was resolved through the use of yet another word: Love.
    DO things with love. The ideal of the mind about doing things with “love” inflicted even further pain and discomfort, which was covered with the ideal of being “disciplined.” That brought acceptance of self-denial and the misunderstanding that this, was in fact love.

    The second aspect is that this definition of myself as “disciplined” was one of the “virtues” I would use to describe myself. The typical question in BK retreats was: “Name 2 virtues which describe yourself.”
    Obviously, discipline was there. “Myself” was enhanced with this label. “ I have discipline. I need to acquire other virtues.” It never came to my mind how the extension of this “good” word or virtue, could even hurt me.

    Let us take a look at other “virtue” in the Bk world (Thanks to my sister Raysha for this.)
    In the BK world, generosity; typically comes from the mind. BKs will “practice generosity.” That “practice” leads necessarily to comparison with others, since the mind compares in order to check if in fact, “I am generous now.”
    As a consequence, this understanding of the mind of what generosity is; will bring greater ego in the BK follower. The “I am generous,” necessarily will find those who are not. “I am pure,” will necessarily compare with those who aren’t. Otherwise, how can I use that label to define myself as “improving”?

    “I am generous, disciplined,” etc. only shows the extension of the ego.
    When generosity comes from BEING, from the heart; that generosity cannot be defined. It cannot be put into words for others to “practice.”
    “Dadi only has 3 sets of clothes.” If dadi uses that example to inflict the value of austerity onto others, that shows that this value enhances her perception of self. This austerity is used to enhance ego.

    Avyakt7-NG understands that for beginners, there is a need to put words and definitions for everything. There is a need to label what is “good” from what is “bad.” However, if there is lack of depth; our “spiritual world” will be stuck in labels and practices. We will not be able to grow beyond the mind.
    “Virtues” do not “work” by themselves. In Life, harmony and balance are way more important.

    Discipline and flexibility are ONE. Without discipline, flexibility is self-indulgence. Without flexibility, discipline is tyranny. There is no “line” dividing both. There is no way for the mind to understand when to “use” one and not the other. It is a matter of feeling the balance and for that, we need to go away from the mind and its conditionings.

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