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    De-conditioning from the BK system 

    The deeper a follower is involved in a religious system, the harder it will be to break free.
    That premise is valid for those in a religious system as well as living in society.

    From society into the BK system. That is the journey of a follower.
    How is this transition possible? If we are not satisfied with society, if we are not content there; then the seed to move away has been planted.
    Living around perceived supportive, helpful individuals who are looking to become “better” may be a selling point. Whereas, in society; we weren’t that happy. That type of comparison will be lingering in our mind.

    Listening to the “Sakar Murli” is definitely another strong conditioning tool, specially if our belief in the words of “God” has been instilled before. Observe how the “word of God” is a strong conditioning, which can go across many settings.

    Once the follower observes the differences between the “old world” and what could be his “new world,” then he may become a follower of the BK system. At that point, he will be compelled to follow the “code of conduct,” according to how deep this follower would like to go.
    The “code of conduct” is the final touch in the conditioning process. To “practice” that, means to belong.

    If we have observed how we were able to go from one system into another, we could use the same principle to move to a different system, once trust with the BK system is broken. Without this requisite, we will not be able to break away. However; this feeling of a “broken friendship” could be full of animosity or hopefully, not.
    Ill feelings towards the BK system will only make our mental dependency stronger. Although away from the system; we will have triggers, which in turn deepens as psychological trauma.

    The “trauma” of leaving the BK system, has been experienced by many ex-followers. To let go of this will be a challenge unless, we are at peace with our decision rather than using rationalization; that is coming up with “reasons” as to why the BK system is not the “truth”, honest, etc. That is defamation of what we previously praised.

    Once back in society, it will never be the same. Now, we can observe things which we weren’t aware before. Because we met another reality, we could use the best of both worlds for our own lives.

    When we leave a system such as the BK, there may be feelings of guilt and failure. Values that we held in high esteem such as “purity” (according to BK definition) may be appearing in our minds with guilt.

    It is important to realize that once we move away from a system; all the philosophy, all the beliefs within that system will need to be thrown away. A “clean slate.”

    Observe the face of a 3-4 year old child. That face irradiates purity. Then, whatever he does, it will be pure. That face doesn’t have philosophies or practices to DO.
    That face is the reminder of what we have been, which could BE again through de-conditioning from the grip of systems. That child is about ready to lose his purity by being educated in society. The paradox is that to BE what we have been, we may need to go through those things which will try to change us in what we ARE not.
    That smile is not the one gained through “effort” and “practice.”
    It is “real” that is why, it has attraction.
    We may need to remember that.

    Will be taking a break until October 30th. Enjoy yourself! 🙂

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      I appreciate your strenuous effort to point out how things may go wrong. The real problem for the Bk world is basically the level of understanding the depth of knowledge and to have accurate yoga. I have seen your earlier posts which churns the knowledge and brings out the deeper aspects. I humbly request you to continue to put your effort to explain the knowledge so that it helps for the Bks who aspire to follow the true path. Bks are definitely special, they are not ordinary, they have the aspirations to follow the path of truth. It will be of great help if you could take some avyakt murli and explain the content with more practical examples. Om Shanthi.


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    Predicting your own demise 

    Brahma Kumaris is meant to expose followers to basic spirituality. That is the value of it.
    Meditation, physical silence, a firm will to “improve” through the “practice” of values, an introduction to the processes of the mind, all of that is there.

    However, there is an infantile part; which is catered to a child mentality which is unconscious in most adults: That is the conditioning of reward and punishment. Most “infantile” religions have that feature as part of their teachings.
    What is the purpose?
    To maintain the attention, the motivation of the follower through an already known conditioning, the reward/punishment system, personified in the “relationship” father/mother/child.

    The promise of heaven. The promise of a high status. The promise of an upgrade state of being through the denial of the physicality of life, is the teaching. That is, become less of a human being to be an angel, a deity, etc.
    To “improve” through self-denial is the main characteristic of a yogi life.

    As a counterpart, there is “punishment.” There is the promise of “failure” of not “saving yourself,” if the teachings are not followed strictly as explained.
    There is the “low status.” The fear of losing the experience of “heaven.” Moreover, the stigma of being a traitor to God/ Father, which will repeat every cycle.
    That is enough to inflict fear in the follower, to keep the “motivation” going.
    The above is a description which any follower will need to consider.

    Nevertheless, the solidity of this system is challenged through their own predictions of ending times.
    Christianity has “armagedon.” The “second coming of Christ,” pointing to the end of times but without being specific by giving dates; but Brahma Kumaris is bold in giving dates for those end times.

    Although, I could imagine that many followers were trying their best to meet the “deadline” given by Brahma Kumaris at a particular time, once the date arrives and things are “normal,” then; there is lack of trust, there will be doubts appearing in the follower.
    Brahma Kumaris have cleverly turned the significance of those failed predictions as ”tests” for the followers. The followers are not ready yet. They need to “make more effort.” God is giving another chance. The “motivational tool” used by the Brahma Kumaris may be abused at this point; but tell the child that the “cookie monster” is showing up and he doesn’t; pretty soon; the child will no longer believe.
    That is the end of such method.

    Forty years ago, these predictions could have been hidden for future followers; however, that is not the case now. The internet and Globalization have changed the rules of the game.

    The game of predictions for ending times, may backfire and end the BK methodology.
    Christianity has survived all these years through ongoing changes by being vague in that respect (millenarianism,) and so all the other mainstream religions.

    The Brahma Kumaris may need to follow this trend, unless they predict their own extinction.

    Every aware individual in this planet knows that human mass destruction is unavoidable as we, the people; are DOING our share to destroy this beautiful planet; thus the game of predictions is not needed anymore. However, what is left to sell, although on-going; is the game of “salvation.” That is the shift. Even to “save the planet” is the game of mainstream society.
    Although, what is being sold by “new age” movements, and Brahma Kumaris is moving into that realm of “Transformation.”

    “New Age” movements believe that current people will transform their consciousness miraculously as the Earth changes. That “transformation” happens due to some “cosmic shift.” They do not realize that gifted children are being born (known as crystal children, golden children, rainbow children, etc.) It is through their consciousness, how “effortless” transformation of human consciousness will occur; however; these children now will need to survive the misunderstanding of unprepared parents and society.

    As always, Life will bring its own players at the right time, despite the human need to control.

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      Yes, the drama has it’s own way to bring everything into balance at right time.

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      Baba says, I am your teacher or time is the teacher? If we allow the time as teacher, there is no role for the God to become teacher.


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    Reversing gender roles 

    In the “spiritual” communities, we hear that we need to embrace the feminine, the “shakti energy” to distance our world from the masculine. We hear that the problems of our society are dealing with the patriarchal model, the archetype ruling our society. The issue is not whether someone is male or female but in the make up of the type of mind.

    For those living in the mind (which is the majority of people) this new “solution” was embraced as a revolutionary way, that is moved into an extreme.
    In Brahma Kumaris it is said that Brahma Baba gave support to women so they can take leading roles. The whole structure of the BK system is based on this: Women have leadership roles. Men have supporting roles.

    This type of “body conscious” structure has its consequences when it is taken in a radical way.

    For instance, women may turn their psychological make up to be similar to that of a traditional man. Also, there may be mistreatment of men out of the belief that women are better fit to “rule.” Finally, women’s thinking may become more in tune with male “traditional” (analytical) thinking.
    Many women BK teachers have the “male sanskar” which is portrayed in their intellectual way to teach “gyan.” Note that I am not generalizing.

    However, there is no worthwhile spirituality in my current view, dealing with intellectual understanding.

    The female energy, the “shakti” is not embodied necessarily by a woman. That energy is passive, absorbing, disciple like energy, which lacks the virus of “knowing.” It is a continuous learning for them. Thus, a person who is a male could embody that as well.

    A woman back in the times of Brahma Baba, in India/Pakistan; is not in the same condition as traditional women nowadays (East and West differences may not matter anymore, as everything is pretty much a global culture now.) At that time, the “intellectual understanding” obtained by “book learning,” and “education,” wasn’t there, thus; the “push” for uneducated women was necessary; but those women had the “disciple like” energy for their minds weren’t spoiled with intellectual things known as “education” now. It was easy for them to develop the shakti/female energy.

    As a consequence, there is quite a bit of “unlearning” that a seeker will need to go through now, for a new consciousness to arrive.
    A woman back then, is not the same as a woman now. That is something to keep in mind when trying to maintain old values in the BK system.
    A modern “thinking woman” now, is unlikely to hold the values of shakti energy without previous “unlearning.”

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    The Maryadas or BK code of conduct 

    Back in my BK days, I had the poster with the 16 “Brahmin principles.” The practice of those principles were important to be considered a “pukka (firm) BK.”
    Looking back, those principles helped me to shape a different individual out of me, from mainstream society. In other words, most of the BK conditioning is spelled out in those codes.

    Out of those 16 codes of conduct, I recall hearing 7 from the Sakar Murlis; the rest of them were probably added by someone in the BK hierarchy.
    Amrit vela, morning class, celibacy, eating “pure” food, keeping good company, doing “Godly” service and noting the chart; those are the ones from the SM.
    As the BK world expanded, things were changed, more codes of conduct added, etc. Nevertheless, those 7 codes remain the core of the BK “moral” code.

    There are many benefits on following those 7 codes of conduct, many things to learn; however, such daily “practice” may offer certain limits.
    A what time do we wake up for amrit vela? It was suggested 4am. However, “Mama” use to wake up at 2am and Brahma Baba at 1 am. Somehow, it was encouraged to wake up as early as possible and to sleep little. That is how a practice, becomes a burden. There may be people capable of sleeping 3 hours or less a day, some may need at least 6 hours, etc. It doesn’t mean that sleeping little is a sign of being “spiritual” or “awaken.” The bottom line is that without a good sleep, we cannot be aware.

    Morning class includes at least 1.5 hours ( 6 to 7:30 AM) if we add the time to wake up for Amrit Vela, that comes to about 4 hours in the morning every day, devoted to your BK “practice.” If we consider “eating pure food,” that most often means to prepare your own, to obtain the “best vibrations” for you. All of these “practices” will add up in clock time.

    In the present day and age, there will be very few capable of keeping up with that pace unless “surrendered” and living in a center, especially if they need to work for a living or if they have family. Now, the Murlis are heard through the internet when before it was mandatory to go to the centers. Change is unavoidable.

    “Keeping good company” means to be around “pukka” BKs and so is “Godly service.” That could happen right after work. At night, do not forget to write your chart.
    If we add the suggested 7:00 PM meditation and before bed time another meditation, which is practiced by serious Bks, then the realization that we are living most of the day under those codes of conduct, is evident. It is sort of like a monastic life style.

    The rigidity of such life style, could be evident.

    Once a follower is out of the conditioning of society, he will enter into the BK conditioning through these codes of conduct. We move from one structure (society) into another (BK.) That sort of structure is alright to mold someone in the beginning; but it becomes restrictive and will not allow someone to grow and explore different realities to expand consciousness.

    Whoever strives to practice the Maryadas, finds not the truth beyond that practice.
    In other words, there is a world beyond every structure which we will not be aware of; but yet we may believe to “have found the truth” within a structure, which is only a part of the whole.

    It is my experience now, that any structure is meant to make a duality. The follower is to “choose” or align with one side of it, potentially creating inner conflict, as a duality swings within its (perceived) opposite sides.

    Celibacy creates sex, and sex, celibacy. That is a duality. Choose to experience one side, we will call the other side as well. Reject one side and that one will persist.
    That simplicity of understanding is not observed or understood by many who prefer to struggle and fight within themselves.
    Thus, we may learn to cut distinctions (duality) and remain at ease.
    This is a different “reality” not explored by structures such as the Maryadas or even society and its moral standards. Nevertheless, eventually those will be explored by those who are ready in consciousness.
    The world of “choosing” what is “good” or “bad” it is a very elementary world; as “reality” changes and many times we cannot identify by merely following a paragraph of some “moral” code. Life requires greater sensibility from us, an every day response rather than some learned reaction.

    Is to listen to the Murli outside a BK center, “good” or “bad”?
    It used to be “bad,” now it is “good.” How can we make a code of conduct out of that “reality”?
    We cannot.

    Here is what I learned:
    It is not what you DO, but who you ARE.
    What you ARE is not changed by what you DO.
    But, what you DO has the quality of who you ARE.
    Want to change who you ARE? Become AWARE of it.

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    Remembrance, sin and virtues… 

    This writing will take some points made by “Rosemary” (Rosem777333) in the comments below. The topic is remembrance and the meaning of sin and vice. Remembrance is a practice used in Brahma Kumaris to “absolve our sins” by being in union (yoga) with “God”.
    “Rosemary’s” writings are in red. My comments in blue.

    “Remembrance is of two types. This is better explained through a road accident you caused by your carelessness. When you see/hear about road accidents, you remember the accident you caused. This is the remembrance of the mind.
    Second type is the remembrance is of being accident-conscious which rules your whole life in such a way that you do everything (not only driving) with adequate care so that it hurts none—you or others.”

    – According to the Sakar Murli quoted from November 13, 2018 in fact it shows 2 types of remembrance, those are:
    1) Remember God and 2) to be Manmanabhav (Throughout the day, after you have done everything for the livelihood of your body, sit down at night and remember how this drama rotates. This is “Manmanabhav”. ) One deals with the mind remembering “God” (that was the topic of the last article) the other type deals with Knowledge (gyan) by “churning it.” That is it. Both types are coming from the mind.
    To be careful not to hurt anyone, is not remembrance according to Sakar Murlis that I am aware of, but that may be according to someone’s experience.

    “In the West, to sin means to “miss the target.” In the East sin is viewed as absence of virtue just like darkness is absence of light. This presupposes various degrees by which one can be virtuous and sinful just like degree of light and degree of darkness can vary.

    There is a pretty good explanation of the complexity of the word “sin”, here. Christianity has a concise meaning (which applies to Christians in the East and West) as other religions may have their own spin on it. Thus, the opposite of virtues, are vices according to BK knowledge. Is a vice also a sin? Not necessarily. It all depends according to who you ask. Is smoking a vice or a sin? Is sex a vice, a virtue or a sin? Are the “5 vices” (in BK gyan) also “sins”?
    We may believe that we are talking about the same thing while using the same words, but we may not.
    However, what we may need to understand is that BK philosophy concentrates solely on ACTIONS and labels them as sinful or virtuous. That is why, their whole philosophy to be “good” is to perform “virtuous actions” rather than “sinful actions.” Thus, DOING is more important for Bks.
    However, this brings dishonesty in the follower for I could be DOING something “good” but deep inside I AM NOT congruent with that ACTION, for I feel compelled to act in a certain way.
    For instance in BK; sex is a sin, a vice (interchangeable words in the BK world) a follower may support this idea by rejecting sex in his life even though, deep inside he is sexual. That creates an inner struggle.
    Therefore, that follower IS not “good” although, he ACTS as if he was. Dishonesty.
    Thus, it is important to realize that the whole point of spirituality is not to create dishonest individuals in constant inner struggle, but to realize that if we ARE “good”, then ACTIONS will be “good” as well. However, to perform so called “good” ACTIONS (according to some philosophy or religion) doesn’t mean necessarily that we ARE “good”. That distinction is tremendously important to understand.

    “I could see clearly that everything that has happened in my life is according to my sanskar. This explains what sin is and what virtue is—sin and virtue are both a condition which will manifest as act(s) of sin/virtue if opportune time is given.”

    … and that sanskar is predestined. That sanskar is “right” according to time, and it will manifest if opportunity is given which is out of your own hands. BK knowledge will teach us to “resist sin” as many other dualistic religions do; showing that there is little understanding of the depth of BK knowledge (paradoxically, for “everything in the Drama is beneficial” but we are caught up with labels- good, bad, right, wrong, sin, virtue, etc.- without seeing the predestined transition of dualities from one side to another happening in a person’s experience, even across lifetimes .)
    We may not DO the “sinful” ACTION but the sanskar is still there. We cannot pick which sanskars to “erase” for there is nothing that could be erased or destroyed when we understand duality. That is why BK knowledge created “remembrance of God” aka “yoga”. Through yoga it is said, we can remove those “bad” sanskars. However, as we can see after 70 plus years of BK existence; that, practically is not the case among followers. The “answer” is easy to say: There is no enough yoga.
    What is the “solution” for not to sin, then? In the BK world it may be to live in fear of making a mistake. To be “careful” not to get closer to temptations…

    A virtue is the complement of a vice. Both come together. Duality. The manifestation of one side means that the other side will manifest at some time, which we do not decide. That is why awareness, observation of what IS, that is way more important than trying to change what we do not fully understand but only have learned to repress in us.

    Therefore, I am not saying that it is best to DO whatever we feel like. I am saying that it is best to learn to OBSERVE our tendencies and the INTENTION behind them. For intentions drive the quality of actions, and behind every intention, there is BEING what we truly ARE.

    The BK philosophy only concentrates on ACTIONS leaving unresolved the intention and the quality of BEING. Performing what a philosophy labels as “good” actions does not make someone “good,” no matter how long someone performs a particular action dubbed as “good”.

    Finally, there are a couple of articles already written here which complement what I am trying to explain:



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    Remember ME alone: When words are misleading 

    One BK sister had a small car accident. Her car hit another one while going relatively slow, and it was her fault. When explaining the incident, she said: “I was remembering Baba [while driving] and then during that, the accident happen. “

    There is no doubt in my mind, that this dedicated BK sister was “remembering Baba,” however; there are many questions arising from this true incident.

    1) Is “remembrance of Baba” something that is supposed to take you out of the “reality” of Life to the point where we no longer pay attention?
    2) What do we remember when we are told that “we need to remember God”? (SM 11/13/18- “He is a star… The form of souls is truly like a star.” (Hint: Caught up in name and form.)
    3) “While walking and sitting around, remember ME alone”. If the MIND is busy in this, how could someone use his mind objectively for other needed taks in Life?
    5) “Manmanabhav” (belong to me in your mind) is a word used in Brahma Kumaris, although it comes from the Bhagavad Gita (9.34) “Engage your mind always in thinking of Me, become My devotee, offer obeisances to Me and worship Me. Being completely absorbed in Me, surely you will come to Me.”
    This refers to Krishna. We could see how much influence devotional scriptures had inside the BK philosophy.

    Some points to be aware of:
    Whenever we say “remembrance” we are implying the use of the mind to recall something which was known. Remembrance is of the mind.
    If we are honest and observant, we cannot remember with our minds something and use the same mind for other needed things as well at the same time. The BK sister in the above story, is an example of that. Try remembering Baba while engaged in a meaningful conversation with someone, and see for yourself how long can you keep up with your imagination and visualization of what God is supposed to be according to Bks, for the mind.

    To remember a point, point of light, star, etc. is not “God” but rather it is just a point, a point of light and a star. Our own belief, makes it “God.” Out of that practice the good feeling for “God” will be the one bringing the “experience.”
    Observe the practice of yoga as delivered by BK Atam Prakask. He uses visuals. He uses stories. He uses a deliberately slow way of speaking almost hypnotic, to bring that experience, which is meant to touch the devotional feelings of followers towards God or Brahma Baba. We could use the same principle by using a flower or a beautiful beach instead of “God”; the bottom line is that when feelings of love overcome the mind, there is an experience of bliss, peace and elation, which has been labeled in BK as “yoga with God.”

    The Sakar Murli from Nov. 13 2018 gives many points about “remembrance”:

    “Only by remembering Shiv Baba will your sins be cut away. That Baba tells you through this one: Children, remember Me. Nevertheless, you forget Me when you become busy in your business etc. You should not forget Him. This is the thing that requires effort. You have to reach your karmateet stage by remembering the Father.”

    First, there are no “sins cut away” in the Drama. But that phrase could be used as incentive for the “children” to practice. Again, If remembrance is of the mind, then we cannot constantly remember something while walking and moving around, for we will not be able to pay attention of what we are doing.

    If “God” was in Brahma Baba’s “forehead” (as it is believed) then he could have “remembered” Shiva (the point of light) for he had the experience, the feeling. The rest of us, do not have the EXPERIENCE, we only have pictures, visuals and imagination.

    In the same SM is stated: “It is later that, because of sorrow, the system of remembrance begins.  At the time of crying out in distress, they will remember God. They used to remember God so much at the time of the partition: O God, have mercy! Protect us! How would He protect you? If people don’t know the One who protects them, how can He protect them?”

    It is stated that “they” (non-Bks) used to remember “God” but yet they don’t know Him.
    Is knowing God to know some intellectual information such as: “He is incorporeal. He is a star.  He resides in the great element of light where souls reside. The form of souls is truly like a star. The Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, is also a star, but, because He is knowledge-full and the Seed, He has that power. The Supreme Soul (the Seed) is called the Father of souls. “

    Is that “knowing” what is needed for “true” remembrance?
    Of course not. Without a true experience, there is only imagination. The experience has to come first to “remember.” Otherwise, it is artificial.

    It is my experience now, that Brahma Kumaris remembrance is a starting point for self “remembrance.” After all, we are too points of light, stars coming from the region of light, etc. with the added benefit that we could have a true EXPERIENCE of feeling ourselves. In this  Self-remembrance “practice,” thoughts will be minimized automatically which will return greater awareness.

    In a nutshell: While remembrance is of the mind, to get some benefit out of that “spiritual practice;” we need to be AWARE. Without consciousness “outside of the mind,” we are only making things up in a repetitive way, by letting our imagination loose and remembering some picture. The word “remembrance” is deceitful. It could be another translation issue. It is my own realization that I share here: Self Awareness is what brings transformation and that doesn’t require the mind. When our awareness expands, we could feel an entity beyond the body. It is that feeling the one that we need to be constantly aware of. With that we can “move around, talk, etc.” without losing touch with the physical world.

    Of course, if we do not have that awareness, then that type of “remembrance of the mind” is the practice to DO. But that is the beginning of our self discovery, that is not the end by no means.

    Some may say that “God says to remember HIM.” Why should they listen to what I am saying?
    That is fine with me. I am merely sharing for the common good.
    However, it is well known that what “God says” has been edited many times. It is well known that what “God says” has been translated and many times the words used are not the proper words, as this translation typically is done by someone without the spiritual EXPERIENCE. Thus, it is known that any scripture is only a “finger pointing to the moon,” it is not the moon itself.

    Finally, I need to be HONEST with my own experience and that is what I share here.

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      Remembrance is of two types. This is better explained through a road accident you caused by your carelessness. When you see/hear about road accidents, you remember the accident you caused. This is the remembrance of the mind.
      Second type is the remembrance is of being accident-conscious which rules your whole life in such a way that you do everything (not only driving) with adequate care so that it hurts none—you or others. This is the sort of remembrance Baba means when He says “Remember me always.” This is beautifully expressed in Hindi when he said “Bap (Father) ko bhoolna (to forget) Pab (sin) Hay (is).” In other words, if you are living without sin you are living in remembrance of Father which means you live in such a way that you have realized the Fatherhood of God the Supreme Soul and brotherhood of all others. In such a living there is no superior or inferior feeling—you are immune even to honor and dishonor and to all pairs of opposites. You are also free because:
      you know what is ETERNAl and what IS EPHEMERAL (hence you tend to depend only on the eternal, thus spare yourself of pain that comes from depending on the ephemeral);
      you know what is SEPARABLE (such as body and soul, hence you accept death as normal as changing the worn-out dress) and
      you know what is INSEPARABLE (action and consequence, hence you accept whatever happens in your life as normal happening, as something that has to happen)
      You know femininity and masculinity are inseparable in soul, hence you don’t feel anything special when you are with opposite sex which makes the other too feel safe to be with you.


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        Thank you for your views. I will take some of those in my next article.
        Here something to think about in the meantime based on what you wrote: What is sin? Can you define it? Is sin an action? In other words, are some actions in itself sinful?


        • rosem777333 7:29 AM on August 30, 2019 Permalink | Reply

          In the West, to sin means to “miss the target.” In the East sin is viewed as absence of virtue just like darkness is absence of light. This presupposes various degrees by which one can be virtuous and sinful just like degree of light and degree of darkness can vary.
          Interestingly, light and being godly have the same root “div” (to shine) in Sanskrit. The more one is in remembrance of God the more shining/virtuous he will be, and vice versa; and each one attracts happenings into his life accordingly. This explains why people go through various experiences in life. Because of this, mechanism of Karma makes no mistake.

          If one doesn’t have full details, he may complain that good people often suffer and bad people often prosper. But if one has full details, he will say mechanism of Karma works perfectly. This I can testify with one real life experience: My colleague in my former office was detained in Airport as a terror suspect while he was on an official visit to another country. Our company’s Management immediately arranged for high level intervention and my colleague was released. And concerned authorities apologized for the heart-break unwittingly caused.

          Everyone interpreted this incident as non-sense, no God, no justice etc. because an “innocent” one was put to great agony “for no reason.”

          However, after a few years my colleague was dismissed from the company for betrayal—he was making lots of money by selling company’s trade secrets to the competitors. When this information became public, everyone in the company was saying: “The Airport agony he received was what he really deserved because he had a sanskar (disposition) of betrayal (which was manifested later).

          The above incident enabled me to REALIZE a great truth: Mechanism of Karma acts according to one’s sanskar; hence will not make any mistake. This makes sense because action may be same like smile yet motive/intent may be different (like smile of approval, smile of sarcasm … etc) when each time one smiles in the same way as both surgeon and butcher cut flesh; yet one saves and the other kills.

          In the light of the above, when I examined my life I could see clearly that everything that has happened in my life is according to my sanskar. This explains what sin is and what virtue is—sin and virtue are both a condition which will manifest as act(s) of sin/virtue if opportune time is given. Sanskar (beneficial or wasteful) acts like water. Water will go up as vapor if heated, will become like stone if frozen and will flow downward if kept in normal temperature.


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    Being an “actor” or a “detached observer”? 

    The Sakar Murlis mention that “we (souls) are actors, performing a role in the World stage.” Then, it was added by someone that “God is the principal actor and director”. That addition is the expression of someone’s devotion to God; for otherwise the Drama, Life doesn’t require a director to repeat itself.

    What about “principal actor”?
    Do we remember “Karankaravanhar”? That means the one who does through others. Thus, we could say that “God is acting through “me” or rather a BK “instrument”. That is readily accepted by mainstream BK; however, that is not accurate as we go in depth, as in the “Drama”, Life; everything is fixed. Therefore, behind the obvious of someone “acting”, we could perceive a predestined role with a bit of greater depth in BK “knowledge.” That is an example on how BK Gyan could be perceived in different ways according to consciousness.

    The question then is: Who is truly “acting”?
    No one. Things are being done through fixed roles.
    BK “knowledge” doesn’t go that far.

    Let me take that in another way.
    Knowing that BK “knowledge” supports the existence of an entity called the “I”; how is it possible to go a step further from being an “actor”?
    Please hold that thought.

    What is wrong with being an “actor”?
    That is not the point. It is not about being “right” or “wrong.” When a BK follower is told that he is an “actor” then he will use his idea of an actor and DO but the role will affect his mind. After all, if he is doing what the role dictates (which is everything he does,) how is it possible for him to separate from the role? He will believe to be the role sooner or later for there is no separation between his predestined role and his “free will” activity.

    That is why, BapDada came up with a different metaphor in Avyakt Murlis:
    “Become a detached observer”.
    What that actually means?
    Well, we are not actors, we are not roles, we are not in the world stage performing some theatrical trailer…
    Now, we are the spectators. We are watching what is going on. So what is going on? What we are able to perceive, inside and outside. That perception is without judgment, without spicing it up. Simply, let us become aware of what is going on, inside and out.

    Here is my suggestion for the next update in the Sakar Murli:
    “ We (souls) are spectators of the World Stage.”

    That is why, we may need to learn to sit comfortably at every situation; bring some pop corn and masala chai to enjoy the “show.” 🙂

    Observation is not a “practice”. It happens when our awareness increases; however, we may need to “practice” in the beginning, that is to remind ourselves to DO something about it.
    That is how I’d like to tie nicely this butterfly knot, with the popular SM phrase: “Remember ME alone.”

    That is Self remembrance to be detached, a witness.

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      That’s an interesting connection—when one truly remembers HIM alone, everything else goes into low profile where one automatically shifts into being detached observer. In being detached observer, one enjoys whatever he does and whatever he does becomes his enjoyment and reward; hence he is not worried about reward.

      In contrast, ego thrives in expectations and interpretations; hence is bound to rejoice over “the pleasant” happening and to grieve over “the unpleasant” happenings which is what hell means. Thus in ego, everything is felt very strongly. When desire is not fulfilled he feels angry, and when desire is fulfilled he feels attachment and greed. Thus ego itself becomes a punishment.

      This is something religious leaders could not convey with clarity; hence when they left the stage the ism they founded was plunged into divisiveness.


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    Waste “Knowledge.” 

    Every major religion has its own philosophy, its own explanation as to how things work in Life and what will happen in the future. This “story” is what believers believe and label that as “truth.”

    Many times people forget that spirituality is not a history class or sociology. Truly, it doesn’t matter what the “philosophy” is.
    Because “spirituality” is meant for personal growth, self-realization or in more layman terms; spirituality deals with the art of living Life in harmony. That is the bottom line.

    For “new” seekers, it is important to have an explanation, an intellectual understanding on how things “truly” are and what will happen in the future. This concern only shows their social conditioning. Through “education” in society, we have been conditioned to believe that ideas an ideals are important, thus we need to be able to recite them as they are taught by some “bona fide” source. That is known as “truth.” Thus, we hear often from followers: “We have the truth.”

    That only shows the consciousness of a beginner in the journey of self-knowledge.

    Brahma Kumaris has its own philosophy known by them as “knowledge.” As a BK follower I used to read anything about “knowledge” that could give me more understanding to ponder about that. I was even mesmerized by the stories of “Lakshmi and Narayan” and tried to figure out when exactly every “age” of the Kalpa ended. I also went into the “Trimurti”. Now, I can see how useless those things were. However, at the time they gave me the sensation that “I knew.”

    Looking back, I could see how my reliance on my own trained intellect was diminishing self inquire.
    “Knowledge” is only a game for beginners. It will give the sensation of “knowing” which is quite important when a person feels, how insecure and uncertain Life is.

    “How the existence of dinosaurs are able to fit into the 5000 year cycle?” That was a classical question asked to some BK seniors. Then, came the made up answers. All beliefs. Very few honest answers: “ I don’t go into that, but I am more concerned in values, meditation and spirituality.” That sort of answer was unacceptable for a “scientific minded” individual.
    Truly, it doesn’t matter if there is a 5000 year cycle, or a dinosaur eating vegetables in the Confluence age/ Golden age… That sort of “Second hand” knowledge is not knowledge at all. It is belief.

    Sometimes “knowledge” is considered below “devotion” towards distinguished members of a religious group (alive or not). That is another strong sign of a beginner in spirituality. Most likely, this devotion (bhakti) is exercised by the majority of followers, while “knowledge” is more selective, as the person has to have the “mind” to play with such stories to try to come up with new stuff. It is entertainment for the mind.

    Sakar Murlis will mention that a “Gyani soul” now, was a strong devotee (Bhakti) in a previous life. It is considered that Knowledge is the “fruit” of strong Bhakti. That is not surprise as there is the duality of the mind (knowledge) and the heart (bhakti); however, both experiences are necessary in a life path. Some may begin with knowledge and end in bhakti as well. Nevertheless, the outcome of that experience will be self-knowledge and self-love, just to know and love humanity as well. That is another level.

    In my experience with BK knowledge; I feel grateful for the “knowledge” that there is a cycle of time. The experience that time is cyclical is able to redeem us for all the activities that we may regret. That is why, the feeling of guilt is useless as those actions will occur again.

    Life is a game. Once we know that, what is the importance of knowing the “embellished stories” and “history and geography” of a board game? Just throw the dices and play! Enjoy that game….

    OBSERVE “the game” and become AWARE of it and OBSERVE the “I” to become AWARE of it. That is the most important aspect of “knowledge” also known as “becoming a detached observer”, as BapDada likes to say.

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      I agree with what you wrote: “spirituality deals with the art of living Life in harmony.” To do this better it is BK gyan that helped me.

      It is unfortunate that subjects like dinosaurs became a stumbling block to you. It is like what happens among the scientists—the deeper they go into science, some scientists become atheists and others become believers in God as scientist Paul Davies rightly put it: “science offers a surer path to God than religion.”

      I used to ask “if dinosaurs suffered a mass extinction 65 million years ago following an asteroid colliding with earth or climate change. ‘Why would that event wipe out only the dinosaurs and not the other species—especially giant (Indonesian) komodo dragons, lizards and crocodiles that look almost similar to them?’ (https://www.livescience.com/9726-origin-komodo-dragon-revealed.html)

      In fact knowledge about dinosaurs actually strengthened my BK gyan. Story about dinosaurs that started from a single tooth [brought to Dr. Gideon Mantell, English obstetrician, geologist and palaeontologist] has many supporters and opponents. The discovery of its soft tissue (including stretchy ligaments with identifiable proteins, flexible transparent branching blood vessels, with the easily identifiable remains of red blood cells, even showing the nuclei, typical of reptiles, inside these vessels) by Paleontologist Mary Schweitzer which made worldwide headlines in 2005 proves that the dinosaur fossils cannot be millions of years old. Even the supporters themselves have difficulties in understanding the details, hence they make many mistakes in the movies they make about dinosaurs which make paleontologists mad. (http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/2015/06/15/jurassic-world-dinosaurs-inaccurate-paleontologists-outrage_n_7583384.html)

      Now the question arises: Which group is right? BOTH THE GROUPS MAY NOT BE RIGHT and truth could be in between because of the following reasons: Evolutionists believe that history is linear. And if history is linear, then the event that led to the mass extinction of dinosaurs could have led to the extinction of other species too. Yet other species survived which means history is not linear.
      If history is not linear, then it must be cyclical (like everything else such as day and night, seasons, water cycle, yugas …etc). Our experience shows that quality of life and environment is getting worse and worse as time passes which means history had a perfect start. Thus history is cyclical with first half being perfect (characterized by small human population and vast environment) and second half being imperfect (characterized by increasing population and depleting resources).

      Requirement of first perfect half cannot be known now, and also, age of a fossil that belong to the perfect first half cannot correctly be ascertained in the imperfect second half because of contrasting ecosystems. Just like huge whales coexist with small fishes in the ocean, huge beings can coexist with humans in the first perfect half of the history, in harmony, taking care of special needs of that period.
      When each cycle revolves, perfect half falls into imperfect half. When such a perfect system suffers a fall, everything turns upside down with catastrophic changes taking place in every sphere. Getting killed by accidents (small and big such as natural calamities), killing on purpose (some of the humans and some of the animals began to eat the flesh of other species), some of the constructive micro organisms turning into destructive agents causing various diseases … were some of those catastrophic changes.

      When heaven-like situation changed into hell-like situation, it was like a change from order to disorder, and the world began to be called duniya (place where law and logic no longer rule the lives of people, which highlights the impure attitude of the inhabitants). When healthy thinking which resulted in healthy body and healthy environment changed into harmful thinking it would have corresponding results in bodies and environment. It means change happened everywhere—in attitude, in thinking … and even within DNA of some beings which means disorder began to manifest in various forms—sometimes gigantism and dwarfism even among same species, big species becoming small and vice versa.

      Implication of change in DNA has already been shown by Genetic Engineering (process of changing DNA in order to bring about certain characteristics in a living thing). Some of the wonders it has produced include things such as bigger, longer-lasting vegetables, trees that could absorb dirty water and make it clean again before the water is released into the air, trees that grow super-fast so that they can create stronger, higher quality wood, genetically modified plants (like grapple that is an apple that tastes exactly like a like a grape), salmon that grows faster, genetically modified animals ….etc.
      Changes happen when situation calls for such changes. For example, when such changes as extinction of species involved in a food-chain happens “biodiversity also lends genetic variability to a population, helping it adapt to fluctuating environmental conditions.” (https://sciencing.com/

      IN OTHER WORDS, BIG SPECIES SUCH AS DINOSAURS (if they really existed) SERVED SOME PURPOSE IN THE FIRST HALF OF EACH CYCLE OF HISTORY. That special purpose is over when history entered the imperfect second half and dinosaurs were no longer needed, which means dinosaurs could go extinct or become small like birds or lizard. Interestingly, dinosaurs mean just big lizard in ancient languages such as Latin, Greek [deinos = terrible + sauros = lizard] etc.


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        Thank you for your comments. You wrote: “It is unfortunate that subjects like dinosaurs became a stumbling block to you.” Actually, they did not. My other blog “Exploring the Depth of Life”, has many early BK articles about dinosaurs and how they were fit into Gyan through amazing “scientific proofs”, theories and such. The example I gave was actually a question that an Indian Brother made to a well known senior brother, when he came to visit the center that I was attending at the time. All of those things for me now, have no meaning… but they were important at the time. Life changes and so consciousness..


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          You put it correctly: “Life changes and so consciousness.”

          This is the very essence of Drama. When one is in one state of mind, he wants to be in its opposite state of mind. Countries that were huge empires go into fragmentation, then they come back for reunion. USSR became many independent countries. In Europe, independent countries went for European Union—now UK is choosing Brexit. This is true in large scale and small scale; thus we have all varieties of pairs of opposite.

          This is inevitable. It’s like you try to draw a picture of SOFT flower on any surface. After the completion of the painting, flower looks soft; yet while touching it is as tough as the medium on which it is sustained. You creation is limited by the limitations of the medium you are using! Similarly, when spirit comes in association with matter, it comes into an irony—it itself is a pair of opposites which provides the ground for the appearance of a variety of pairs of opposites. Thus we have the situation where things come in pairs of opposites (such as pleasure-pain; happiness-sorrow; victory-defeat; day-night; life-death …etc). One follows the other, and one doesn’t have meaning without the other. And one even glorifies the other with one giving rise the need for the other.

          History also comes in pairs of opposites as it is a cycle of two halves. First half of history (called earthly heaven) belongs to the people of EXPANDED mind or brhamacharya [brahma = broad mind + charya = conduct, as in Acharya = “one who teaches by his conduct]. People of this phase were humans in form but divine in function showing “civil-eyed” view of broad-mindedness of treating everyone as brothers and sisters. Second half (called earthly hell) belongs to the people of CONTRACTED mind or vyabhicharya [vyabhi = getting diverted + charya = conduct], which means people of this phase were humans in form but egoistic/devilish in function showing “criminal-eyed” view of distraction/contraction into a small world of having “I” and “my” and treating others as less than brothers and sisters. In other words, there is “civilization” in the first half and “criminalization” in the second half. (Murli 22.07.2019; 29.07.2019)

          There is nothing common between these two types of people because one is for expanded love whereas the other is for contracted love. One is “undeviated and yoked with the Supreme Person” (Bhagavat Gita 8:10) hence having His perspective and are “automatically soul-conscious” (Murli 29.07.219) and the other is deviated hence having too small perspective of my and my family. Interestingly, the word for great is MAHA which is the reversal of the sounds in the word AHAM, the word for “I”. This means to live in earthly heaven one has to RETURN from small world of ego to broad-mindedness. This explains why repent means “return” (shuv, שוב) in ancient language Hebrew [spoken by Abraham who is the forefather of Jews, Christians and Muslims]

          Both the categories of people are like those travelling in opposite directions viewing each one as alienated from the other; thus first half would naturally be closed for the egoistic who are delighted in their egoistic life-style. Interestingly, in some languages the word that describes the early part of history is paradise (literally, “enclosed park” or “walled enclosure”) which has phonetic resemblance to paradesa in Indian languages. Para can mean “previous, former, different from, exceeding in quality .…etc) and desa means land/country. This reminds us of the famous expression “Paradise Lost” which divides history into two: Pre-Fall [when history was paradise] and Post-Fall [when paradise lost its qualities]. In other words, when earthly situations were heavenly it was called paradise which would later be viewed by the other group as paradesa, a place to which inhabitants of hell would not want to go, as shown in the story of Narada Maharishi. He was asked to inform about one vacancy in heaven to those in hell, but everyone refused to accept the invitation putting lame excuses. Jesus too made a similar story in which invitees to heaven made lame excuses such as ‘we are attached to property, wife etc.’ (Luke 14:15-24) This means, entry to paradise is barred to the egoistic by themselves.

          Thus first half of the history is called earthly heaven or paradise, and second half is earthly hell, or duniya, a word for the world in many languages [such as Arabic, Arumanian, Assamese, Azerbaijani; Bengali, Dari, Hausa, Hindi, Indonesian, Javanese, Kurdish, Malay, Nepali, North-Caucasian languages, Pashto, Persian, Punjabi, Swahili, Sylheti, Turkish, Urdu, Uzbek etc]. If you describe second half of a movie as boring, you obviously mean its first half was interesting. Similarly, if the second half of history is named as duniya, it obviously mean first half of history was perfect. Simply put, in the first half of history people act with niya (rationality and loyalty), in varying degree of broad-mindedness. In the second half of history people act without niya in varying degree of narrow-mindedness, hence this phase of history is rightly called duniya which is a combination of two words du (negative prefix) and niya.
          To act with niya, in Arabic, means to act with loyalty and good faith for the sake of God, being led in righteousness so naturally as though water flows downward. (Criminal Justice: Nomos XXVII edited by Ronald Pennock, John W. Chapman. page 58). Its equivalent nyaya, in Indian Languages, means ways in which something is properly done, or universal laws. And its distortion would be, duniya, where people begin to act as they like mixing good with evil, as implied in the “eating of the tree of good and evil” in the Bible (Genesis 2:17) which denotes the change from Paradise to Duniya. When the world deteriorates into Duniya, mostly irrationality and illogicality would rule the lives of people, as being witnessed today.
          Look at the glaring example of irrationality of this part of world called Duniya. In contrast what Evolution Theory implies, people chose certain life style only to become panic in the end trying to reverse the effect of their life style. See how many life style diseases we have brought through our choices. This is true in large scale also: Instead of protecting the environment, people pollute it, destroy forests and build concrete jungles ….etc which is so illogical as though cutting the very branch one sits on. And even in the face of depleting resources and increasing unemployment, overpopulating the earth continues. No wonder that far-sighted ones say “the chances are about 49 percent that the world as we know it will collapse by about 2050” mainly because of overpopulation and depleting resources. (http://nymag.com/intelligencer/2019/05/jared-diamond-on-his-new-book-upheaval.html) Ill-effects are often precipitous in nature with slower speed becoming faster as time passes just like butter melts in a frying pan.

          It was at this time the world is given a choice—attachment with God or attachment with wealth of this world. This is symbolically presented in Mahabharat Epic through Arjun (symbol of people who prefer God to His things) and Duryodhan (symbol of people who prefer God’s things to God) Interestingly, both the categories of people are happy in their respective choices. This is the charm of Drama. Hence Drama is also compared to Kalpa Tree which is the name of coconut tree in Indian languages because every part and every aspect of coconut tree is useful. Similarly, every part and every aspect of Drama is useful. Interestingly, when each time new Kalpa or Drama begins, early inhabitants feel “we are now (abhi) starting new (naya) drama. This insight would enable one to know how the word for acting in drama [and later in movies] became abhinaya in Indian languages.

          The above knowledge helps us in our daily life also. People who are directly taught Rajayoga by God Shiva are aware that they are now deep into the second half of the history, or duniya; hence they are not disturbed by anything that happens in this phase of history because they know irrationality and illogicality alternate in the lives of most people living now as day is followed by night; hence it is not a matter to be worried of. They are also very well convinced that next cycle is about to start in the very near future. If predictions [such as given in Bible, 2Timothy 3:1-5; Gita 4:7; Srimad Bhagavatam 12.3.32…etc] for Kaliyuga is having an overwhelming fulfillments in front of their eyes, they also know that predictions for Golden Age too will have their overwhelming fulfillment in the very near future.


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    The confusion in “I am a soul.” 

    When I started my “spiritual” career at Brahma Kumaris, I learned that “I” wasn’t a body but rather a “soul.” As I did not have any experience of what was a “soul”, “I” merely thought that “I” was this consciousness, this awareness that “I am.” Picture “me” without the physical body. What is left?
    The mind? That is an “organ” of the soul (according to BK knowledge). The questioning can go on and all we can have is an “idea” of what “should be”, but that is not what IS.

    Many Bks could add other “ingredients” to that idea such as a “perfect personality” as the ideal of “I am a soul”. Imagination and visualizations are great aids for that. For most; there is no awareness that in general, whatever they remember or know at this time, will be gone after this Life time. That “I” is gone.

    Now after paying my dues at the Brahma Kumaris, I could observe that consciousness is the expression of the role. Thus, every role has a different consciousness. Through our limited language “I” could say: “I will play a role with different consciousness each time.” Although that is grammatically correct to say, in the “spiritual realm” that is incorrect, for there is not a trace of “I”  in that which contains roles; the soul.

    “I am consciousness”, yes. “I am a role”, correct. But… “I” cannot be a soul.

    It is that emptiness, that lack of “I” which is the nature of the soul.
    We are so tempted to say “I am a soul”, but again; there is no “I” in the nature of the soul.

    The Sakar Murli repeats endlessly: “Become soul conscious.” Let me rephrase that to “Become conscious, aware of that emptiness.”

    Where is the experience of “silence” coming from?
    That vast but yet tiny, emptiness.
    Every soul is that. Emptiness. Silence.
    “God” is a soul. Correct? Thus, “God” is empty and so is every soul. That is how someone said: “Everyone is God.” But that, will surely be misunderstood. How is it possible for everyone to be God? “Me”, “You” and “They” are God? No way!
    No. That is not what it means. To avoid that misunderstanding, we could say “Everyone is emptiness.” Or to make it more palatable:”Everyone is Peace.”

    In Brahma Kumaris is said that “our nature is peace.” Sounds pretty! But to say, there is “no -I in the soul”, that is to be frowned upon!

    No-I, emptiness, peace, silence…. In “spirituality” those words are synonyms.
    When we are living through the mind, those words are important. Once we have experience, once we have practical knowledge; then words are limiting. They only cause misunderstanding to others without the experience, by concealing the amplitude of the singular experience with an insignificant word.

    It is that emptiness the one able to change an individual, for he will realize that there is another reality besides the mind. Out of the mind, we are free from a cage; but that could be misunderstood when we say” You are out of your mind.”

    Being out of the mind is the joy of emptiness.
    Does it sound like Buddhism? Let us call it PEACE instead.
    OM SHANTI.       Now, that is more likely!  🙂

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      You are only replacing “I” with emptiness/silence. According to my own intimate experience, “I” exists. I got the inspiration to think so during my pre-BK days when I read Collected Works Volume 10, written by Carl Gustav Jung who said dreams are guidance the “I” the soul passes on to each individual using pictorial language.

      Now let us give some thoughts to his analysis. It takes intelligence and insight to make a story filled with metaphors because a careful study of events woven through their cause-effect mechanism is involved in such story making. Similarly, dreams are designed by very intelligent and insightful entity within us and many times they are presented to us as guidance when body is taking rest. This is what Carl Gustav Jung, famous Swiss psychiatrist and psychoanalyst who founded analytical psychology, found out from analyzing HIS OWN dreams. He considered dreams as the medium which our sub-conscious mind uses to communicate with us by delivering messages direct to the conscious. Although many different characters can appear in our dreams, he says that “every character is a different aspect of our unacknowledged self or a prevalent situation in our life. Basically, we cannot easily retrieve the data stored in our unconscious mind, so dreams offer the opportunity to view the data so that we can achieve inner peace, balance and harmony and achieve self-growth and self-realization, which propel us towards our unique higher purpose….Dreams are impartial, spontaneous products of the unconscious psyche, outside the control of the will. They are pure nature; they show us the unvarnished, natural truth, and are therefore fitted, as nothing else is, to give us back an attitude that accords with our basic human nature when our consciousness has strayed too far from its foundations and run into an impasse.” [Collected Works Volume 10]

      Our soul knows the full history of our personality with all its minute details, hence is in a better position to tell us where we are heading. And guidance is provided through dreams, through symbolic representations. It comes in motion pictures because our subconscious mind thinks in pictures, uses pictorial language and takes in/gives out information through pictures. Only the person who receives dream is able to understand it because it pertains to his life, and characters are different aspects of his own personality. Through regular practice, one would be able to take the message as easily as we take the message from Traffic Signals—Red Light (Stop), Green Light (Start) and Flashing yellow or orange (cross with caution) …etc. Carl Jung was an expert in this—he took messages from his own dreams to guide his life and even to cure his clients. He benefited from the study of his own dreams to the extent that he wrote: “Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.”

      THIS WAS TRUE IN MY CASE when I started analyzing my own dreams. I am convinced that soul exists as “I”. And I still take guidance from dreams “I” the soul provides.

      If a part of your intelligence were to study your life and give a coded message through pictorial symbols in a way that only you could understand it, then it proves more than just immortality of your “I”. Obviously it shows you are a soul with vast intellectual and insightful ability to guide yourself with knowledge of what is right and what is wrong. See what happens when we look beyond thinking ability. “The moment you start watching the thinker, a higher level of consciousness becomes activated. You then begin to realize that there is a vast realm of intelligence beyond thought, that thought is only a tiny aspect of that intelligence. You also realize that all the things that truly matter — beauty, love, creativity, joy, inner peace — arise from beyond the mind. You begin to awaken.” (The Power of Now, Ekhart Tolle) It is from this “vast realm of intelligence” that dreams are designed. Many scientific discoveries (such as Periodic Table, Aromatic Chemistry, Insulin …) have their roots in dreams. (http://dreamtraining.blogspot.com/2010/12/inventions-that-came-in-dreams-largest.html) Even Einstein’s great invention of Theory of Relativity is connected with two dreams he had. (Einstein: A Life by Denis Brian p.159)


      • avyakt7- New Generation 11:25 PM on August 7, 2019 Permalink | Reply

        “What is this life? A frenzy, an illusion,
        A shadow, a delirium, a fiction.
        The greatest good’s but little, and this life
        Is but a dream, and dreams are only dreams.”

        • Pedro Calderon de La Barca

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    If everything is fixed. Who is there to “try”? Response to “Rosem” 

    Rosem”, thank you for your reply in the comments section.

    I respect your beliefs and I am not here to take away your right to believe in what you feel is “true.”

    Nevertheless, Brahma Kumaris knowledge could be taken in different ways according to our consciousness and “spiritual experiences.” Thus, the literal way to take gyan according to some “BK nimit” (instrument) may bring comfort and security of “knowing” something to followers; but ultimately it may bring heavy misunderstanding as we go deeper, which is evidenced as time goes by, for consciousness of different individuals will awaken to different realities.

    Let me show you an example in your own writing (in red): At the end you write: “In other words Drama is another word for Karma.”

    Many BKs will not understand that, for they have been taught that Karma is what happens to “you” (the “I”) and Drama is what happens outside “you” (outside the “I”).

    BK teachings as far as I remember taught Karma in one of the first lessons and Drama right along with the cycle of time in a lesson of its own. The PERCEPTION is that those are different subjects. However, you mention those two words (karma and drama) to be interchangeable.

    Now, let me go a notch further: Isn’t karma the same as the “role” which the container, the “soul”, expresses through a body?

    Yes, they are. Karma is the role at the end of the day.  The question goes like this: Who is that Karma /role affecting to? Answer: The “I.”

    Then, we go a step further: “Am “I” the role/karma/Drama?”

    That is where BK “theory” starts weakening. Some will say: “ I am not the role, I am a soul.” They bring the word “soul” to mentally get out of that “I” but without losing  the beloved perception of “individuality”. However, in reality their behavior and consciousness does not follow that “understanding.” In “reality” they are a role. Their consciousness is stuck in the role. Other BKs are unable to perceive that  relationship and instead they deny the body. “I am a soul not a body” for their consciousness is physical.

    However, Murlis will say: “Become soul conscious” and yet, most BKs will say “I am a soul”. There is a world of difference between those 2 statements. Different consciousness brings different understanding.

    Then BapDada comes along and “tries” again in another way: “Become a detached observer.” Something which is expressed in the Avyakt Murlis and which is known outside the BK world as “witnessing”.

    So where am I getting to? At the end is not to get stuck in “holy words” and concepts, but to EXPERIENCE that consciousness to understand beyond the mind, by using “gyan” (If you are a BK) as a road map. This is “churning knowledge.”

    Once we go into “detached observer” we will need to understand/experience that which we call “I” and the experience of “no-I”. Then, “gyan” has a different meaning.

    When you quote: “Those who have done the most devotion are the ones who will go fast in knowledge and they will also claim a high status.”—(Murli 26.07.2019) “

    That quote should have another significance now.

    Do we get stuck in just the words expressing ideas, concepts, memorize them and use them in writings just to be known as a “knowledgeable soul” by our peers, which is inconsequential, or do we go into the experience once we have looked at the depth of knowledge?

    To know what is Drama and Karma is not the depth of Gyan. But to go into the experience of the “I” is, no matter what our belief system is, no matter what our religion professes, we still go back to the very basic.

    In the world of duality if there is “I” there is “no-I”.

    Here goes another “food for thought” based on your response:

    …THE PERCEIVER who has to be real, existent to make the very act of perceiving. “

    The PERCEIVER and the perception are the same. It is explained here ( https://explore7.wordpress.com/2019/07/11/looking-at-self/ ) with the labels “observer” and the “object observed.”

    The perceiver requires consciousness to perceive. That consciousness is not “his” but is given by the Drama (life itself). “Fixed by the Drama”. Which fixes what the perceiver (“I”) should perceive and fixes the perception that there is a perceiver (“I”) perceiving.

    That is why the “Drama is a game.” Life is a game.

    When BKs say “nimit” they mean that “Baba is the DOER, I am an instrument.”  Looking with depth now, we could see something different. BKs also like to say that “Baba is the director of the Drama”. Again, with depth, we can see different. Nevertheless, we may not want to hurt susceptibilities and ingrained beliefs. That is a challenge.

    I would like to end this brief response to express one more time that I have respect for the Brahma Kumaris movement. It has been a “school” for me and for that reason, I respect the process of many BK brothers and sisters but at the same time, Avyakt7-NG fulfills his mission here, which is to share his experiences.

    Some will find benefit, others will not. That is part of the game of duality.

    All the best.

    • rosem777333 8:02 AM on August 1, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Thank you for your response. I agree with you that we should not “get stuck in just the words” rather we should “go into the experience once we have looked at the depth of knowledge.”
      This is the reason why I wrote that particular article. It is this very experience about the subject Drama that changed my life for the better [whereas my best friend went in opposite direction even though we both together started the 7-day course with BKs. Subject of Drama was a stumbling block for my friend]. In fact, subject of Drama has been the best-liked subject for me, something that helped me in all directions.

      As you rightly said BK system is a school. It would mean response of students would vary. For anyone who wants to conquer sin/Maya, BK system is the best because the rest of the isms concentrate on what is being limited, hence not adequate enough to destroy the very basis of ego. They all are limited because they revolve around a beginning:

      1) Some say: ‘In the beginning God created heavens and earth’ (which leaves the question unanswered—What was before that beginning?)

      2) Some say ‘In the beginning souls remained merged in God, then they took births to purify themselves only to be merged back to God’ (which leaves the question unanswered–why souls that were in God required purification in the first place)

      3) Opposite camp says ‘In the beginning there was a Big Bang’ which ultimately caused everything including all forms of life on earth).

      Such a limited view of things has a beginning and an end which is, in comparison with infinity, would amount only to something like a bubble in the ocean. It is obvious that there is always something preceding to something which means there cannot be a beginning for anything. Only an eternally existing universe can answer the question of why the universe exists rather than not. If universe had beginning in some past it presents the possibility that the universe need not have existed. If there is beginning, it means before the universe’s so-called beginning, there was nothing, it means that nothingness is possible. If nothingness was possible, this state of affairs would only continue forever, with such a universe not coming into being. All limited views are like a still photo from an infinite motion picture. In limited view, it is likely that one would feel—life is limited, and ‘I would accumulate to the maximum I can before the time is due, which means self-importance. In self-importance, one feels everything strongly. If his desire is not fulfilled, he feels anger; if his desires are fulfilled, then he feels greed and attachment. THUS LIMITED VIEW IS THE BREEDING GROUND FOR VICES.

      But BK teaching of Drama is like an infinite motion picture. In such unlimited view, nimth-bhav (instrument mentality) easily arises in one who really understands Drama. In nimith-bhav, if one’s desire is not fulfilled, he feels no anger; if his desires are fulfilled, then he feels no greed and no attachment. Equipoise rules his life when he goes through all types of dualities. This is what spirituality means. In nimith-bhav, life is viewed as a PROCESS, not a problem. Nature of life is such that if one unblocks and allows it to flow, life is beautiful experience. If one holds back, gets stuck with what he likes, or skips/hates what he dislikes, life becomes misery.

      When everything is part of a PROCESS, nothing is viewed as problem as everything is a flow of many factors and forces. If one sees something as problem, then he will ask questions, but in PROCESS, there is no ground to ask question. Drama is a PROCESS, a never-ending cycle of Kalpas–that has no beginning, and has no end. This view provides no ground for anyone to feel self-important. Thus if Drama is really understood, such UNLIMITED VIEW IS THE BREEDING GROUND FOR VICES.


    • rosem777333 8:14 AM on August 1, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Kindly read the last lines as this:
      Thus if Drama is really understood, such UNLIMITED VIEW IS THE BREEDING GROUND FOR VIRTUES.


    • rosem777333 8:54 AM on August 1, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      When Drama is understood properly, many other things fall in their right place:

      1) One easily understands how Confluence-Aged events are remembered in essence through festivals belonging to the second half of the Kalpa.

      2) Why many words are coined in such a way that captures the highlights of Confluence Age such as the word for meditation, dhyan = dhee (intellect) + yan (travel) which explains the essence of Rajayoga meditation….etc,

      or the highlights of first half of the Kalpa. For example, word for female is vanitha in Indian languages. Etymology shows vanitha as ‘one who is to be venerated, from the root vandya. In second half of the Kalpa, women are treated as second class citizens, hence the word vanitha must have its beginning in the first half of the Kalpa. In fact it was God Shiva who gave rise to this concept addressing the mathajis [the elderly women folk] of BKs as Vande Matharam which means “I praise thee, Mother.” This concept that was started in Confluence Age was continued naturally to Golden Age through the word Vanitha.

      I have found many examples of such words which prove the existence of a perfect system of things in the first half of the Kalpa, and imperfect system of things in the second half of the Kalpa.


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