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    Learning “virtues” through the mind 

    One of the aspects that I remember in my experience as a BK, was the emphasis on learning “spiritual virtues” through the understanding of the mind.
    For instance, before the BK experience; I used to behave with discipline. This is something that I learned through the practice of sports not through any kind of spiritual class. Others observed that I had “discipline.” That is how that word came into my experience. Then, “discipline” was part of the definition I had about myself.

    There are 2 aspects to recognize once the mind is engaged with a definition.
    First, was my inability to be flexible with “my discipline.” The definition I had about myself was so strong that did not allow me to change patterns according to the circumstance. In the long run, this “discipline” became a tyrant as flexibility wasn’t allowed. “Will power” was misused many times to force myself to DO things.
    In the BK world, this scene was resolved through the use of yet another word: Love.
    DO things with love. The ideal of the mind about doing things with “love” inflicted even further pain and discomfort, which was covered with the ideal of being “disciplined.” That brought acceptance of self-denial and the misunderstanding that this, was in fact love.

    The second aspect is that this definition of myself as “disciplined” was one of the “virtues” I would use to describe myself. The typical question in BK retreats was: “Name 2 virtues which describe yourself.”
    Obviously, discipline was there. “Myself” was enhanced with this label. “ I have discipline. I need to acquire other virtues.” It never came to my mind how the extension of this “good” word or virtue, could even hurt me.

    Let us take a look at other “virtue” in the Bk world (Thanks to my sister Raysha for this.)
    In the BK world, generosity; typically comes from the mind. BKs will “practice generosity.” That “practice” leads necessarily to comparison with others, since the mind compares in order to check if in fact, “I am generous now.”
    As a consequence, this understanding of the mind of what generosity is; will bring greater ego in the BK follower. The “I am generous,” necessarily will find those who are not. “I am pure,” will necessarily compare with those who aren’t. Otherwise, how can I use that label to define myself as “improving”?

    “I am generous, disciplined,” etc. only shows the extension of the ego.
    When generosity comes from BEING, from the heart; that generosity cannot be defined. It cannot be put into words for others to “practice.”
    “Dadi only has 3 sets of clothes.” If dadi uses that example to inflict the value of austerity onto others, that shows that this value enhances her perception of self. This austerity is used to enhance ego.

    Avyakt7-NG understands that for beginners, there is a need to put words and definitions for everything. There is a need to label what is “good” from what is “bad.” However, if there is lack of depth; our “spiritual world” will be stuck in labels and practices. We will not be able to grow beyond the mind.
    “Virtues” do not “work” by themselves. In Life, harmony and balance are way more important.

    Discipline and flexibility are ONE. Without discipline, flexibility is self-indulgence. Without flexibility, discipline is tyranny. There is no “line” dividing both. There is no way for the mind to understand when to “use” one and not the other. It is a matter of feeling the balance and for that, we need to go away from the mind and its conditionings.

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    The “reality” of BK knowledge 

    “What is” escapes explanations. There are no words capable of describing what we may label as “reality.”
    Any single event in Life is chained through previous events. Even though, we may attribute certain action to someone, there was a chain reaction leading to a result.
    The word “result” is never an end product. Although our minds are trained to see it that way.

    Brahma Kumaris displays a “knowledge” which is explained through words. The events of the story of “Brahmin souls” going through the cycle of time as the “main actors,” is the same story that any religion will portray. There is no religion selling “salvation” where the main protagonists are their own followers. Their eschatology is self-serving.

    When someone is new to “Spirituality” a religion will offer the certainty needed for the mind to remain at ease. Christians, come to mind. Their story of salvation is easy to follow. What is requested from followers is easy to DO. As a person evolves, he may see “spirituality” as denial of the body and its sensations for the pursue of something more “elevated,” such as the spirit, the soul, etc.

    A person may think that in order to access the soul and the spirit within, there must be a denial, an internal fight to overcome the needs of the body (effort.) This is in a nutshell, the pursue of the BK yogi.
    A BK yogi’s mind is surrounded by the duality of body and spirit. That understanding is reflected in their beliefs, known as “knowledge.”
    The “cycle of time” in BK’s view; is about going “up and down” from soul consciousness into body consciousness. It is thought, that “now” is the moment to leave that body consciousness which has been accumulated through centuries and in a few years of this life time, change that perception through austerities.

    Followers are eager to demonstrate to themselves and others, that they can DO it. They are eager to receive the praise of “god,” to fulfill their ego needs.
    How many Brahma Kumaris followers have reached the pinnacle of their beliefs? How to know if this in fact is true?
    That is the question that all followers should start looking into. It is a matter of belief.

    That is why, Avyakt7 NG; shares the importance of “spirituality” in the “now.” There are no stories here. It is all about finding the sensations that are moving us, such as anxiety, stress, greed, etc. If we are unable to observe those in ourselves, we will not be able to move forward, no matter what we DO or what we believe in.
    Busy in spreading a story of salvation (aka knowledge) a follower is oblivious of himself.
    “Spirituality” is no longer about supporting our vision of duality and to fight opposites deemed as “’bad”. That is; however, the “reality” of the BK world.

    “Spirituality” becomes the understanding and acceptance that this world moves through these apparent opposite forces. We cannot deny a half of a whole unit, and expect that things will move alright.

    The body is necessary in this world. The body is part of who we ARE at a particular point in time. A yogi then, sees union where others will see separation. After all, yoga means “union.”
    Caught up in words, a religion may use key words accepted by all, to make a subtle change in meaning. Furthermore, labeling that change as the “true” meaning.

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    The utility of the Brahma Kumaris experience 

    There are plenty of “reasons” to join the BK movement.
    Many are happy with the idea that “they have found God and God is teaching them.” Others are happy with the “reassuring spiritual experiences,” that they experience. Yet others find in the BK movement a source of support from “good people,” the “family,” or perhaps they have a good position within the organization.

    Any time there is a difficulty in their chosen path, it is considered as a “test,” and to remain in the path despite the difficulty, is considered a sign of being “worthy” of whatever label someone appreciates: Son of God, victorious soul, worship worthy, golden aged soul, etc.   Nice labels.
    Most followers will be happily repressing their feelings by following their “will power,” to take them to a mental place that remains only as an idea; fulfilled by hearing a nice label or a pad in the back from someone deemed to be an “elevated soul.”

    That is the “modus operandi” of a typical follower. It is about staying there, no matter what.
    A great opportunity to look at the self has been missed through that stubbornness labeled as “loyalty.”

    Followers who label themselves as being “pukka” or “firm may have many interests other than knowing themselves. There will be lots of things to put up with to reach the “goal.” The sensation that they have “arrived to the ultimate place on Earth,” will be the mental push that will allow them to stay, even though; their bodies and faces will show the reality of their unhappiness.
    Followers will miss that opportunity to OBSERVE themselves.
    Those who decided to leave the movement after an ego clash with someone or by being able to sense the difficulties of this path, but at the same time; looking for a way to save “face,” will use an opportunity to leave the movement without seeing what is truly inside themselves.
    They wanted “name and fame.” It did not come that easy. Time to leave.
    The “choice” to leave or not to leave is there, but what is missing is inner observation. We will convince ourselves mentally, when our gut feelings will tell us otherwise. We will fear repercussions in our “next life,” or some other conditioning learned in the BK movement. The struggle may appear, but as long as we are living wrapped up with the mind, we will not be able to feel what is coming from our inner core. We will not be able to look at the reality of the mirror in front of us, for that is easily dismissed with the label “body consciousness.”

    Will power is a great energy, capable of moving us through a direction. However; love, generosity and easiness are not offspring of will power. Without those “ingredients,” there is no fulfillment in a path.
    If love for yourself blossoms, there will be no struggle with the path followed. However, for many beginners in their spiritual path, self-love is not understood. It may even be labeled as egotistical. Nevertheless, to know Will power as a necessary energy, is important. There has to be a balance.
    How do I know if my so called “love” is not coming from my mind and it is “real”?
    Look at the physical mirror and then listen to your gut feeling. There cannot be love for someone else, even God, if we destroy ourselves.

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      Dear brother,

      What you explained is the journey of someone who seeks the trueself. The “TESTs” are experienced as test as one has not become the embodiment of knowledge. Nevertheless, how to look these situations that arises in the life, is to see as a test to use our own spiritual powers and virtues inherently available. otherwise the dirty mind goes on in blaming the situation, people and God.

      Though we sometimes do not fit into the “labels” for the present moment, these give us the power to see through the true self. The weakness of the soul needs to be eradicated through the understanding of the truth. For which this knowledge is very much required.

      For the true seeker there are plenty of opportunities to realize what they are in Bk movement.
      It is not that someone should stick on something based on fear of repercussions, then it becomes Bhakthi. There are many bhakthi souls in the Bk movement, to be honest, the sanskar of Bhakthi emerges even from me which I can understand when I reflect. Hahaha.
      But instead of feeling guilty (I used to say myself even after these many years of meditating…), I am able to accept myself and move on..
      I want to say again, it is the journey. There is nothing wrong in the teaching, it is our own effort in grasping, becoming.. It is numberwise.


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        There is nothing wrong with BK teachings. There is nothing wrong with any teachings from other religions. There is nothing wrong with people taking these teachings as the “truth.” Every journey is different. Every journey has different timing. Religions /BK movement will help people through their journey. However, as they are helpful; they can be the opposite as well. It all depends on the viewpoint of the seeker.


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    Looking to improve “myself.” 

    This post will address the recent comment from Chandra Prakash.
    There are many reasons to join the BK movement. Yours was mostly for your own edification. You wanted to improve yourself by “learning yoga and use your knowledge and skills fully.”

    Your description is similar to the one to get a better job. It is about learning skills, information (knowledge) and knowing the right people (yoga) to find a good job.
    In this comparison, the “right people” is “God.” In Brahma Kumaris, there is no yoga without “God.”
    ‘Awakening with Brahma Kumaris” appeals to people looking for an “edge” to act or DO what is “right.” That is according to our conditioning and for those living in the mind. Some intellectual followers believe to have “practical answers or solutions” to apply in the day to day “office world/society,” aka “life.”
    That is “good” for there are many people in that circumstance. In this way, Brahma Kumaris’ teachings fit society’s expectations and standards.
    In Life, “truth” is not related with what the majority think is “right.” That is a conditioning of society.
    You have learnt to find your answers through google or by reading opinions like mine. You find these writings appealing, or to give it a better label; “balanced.”
    You are making your own path. Nothing wrong with that. Nevertheless, “God” or rather, the “truth” of God, cannot be found that way, in my experience.
    Brahma kumaris is catering to different segments of people at this time. There is no self-realization through listening to “awakening through Brahma Kumaris,” however; there is a lot of practical methods (yuktis) to apply. You may find that “experts” have answers for everything, except when the issues are related with their own lives.
    Any path you choose is “good” as long as you feel that there is “improvement.” Once “improvement” is replaced by stagnation through comfort, it is time to change. Whatever path you choose, go at it fully, always observing how this path will allow you to know more about yourself.
    Because Brahma Kumaris mostly cater to individuals living in the mind, we feel surprised once we find “feelings.” It happened to Avyakt7 as well. Brahma Kumaris help us to discover that, nevertheless; those feelings are always with us. As this discovery progresses, we could move from the “reason” of the mind into the “reason” of the heart.

    That could be a scary experience for those trying to get a “good job” in society, along with all perks, coming from studying hard, getting degrees and DOING everything to secure yourself and your family for the future.
    To discover the heart, you may need to leave all of that and even leave that which is known as “I.” That is a journey in itself.
    We don’t do anything to make that happen. We don’t make effort to leave society and its comforts. It happens only when we are ready and… when we are ready, it doesn’t feel as if we are making a “great” sacrifice. It is ony the “logical” next step in Life.

    That is why, observe who you ARE in Life. Life is full of perceptions. In my opinion, be honest about your “selection” in Life. Don’t aim for “DOING what is right,” but rather for what “FEELS right.”

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      Thank you very much Avyakt7 for your response
      I never did amrit vela due to laziness but regular class had immense impact on me. I spent most of the time in searching about this new experience and didn’t join any job instead started teaching part time to fulfill my basic needs. I got so much involved in this search that it led to excessive compulsive thoughts and this again involved me to understand what is happening to me. my parents are anxious and unhappy with me, people avoid me. I am happy but sometimes feel that I am not fulfilling my parents aspirations and my responsibilities for them.



      • avyakt7- New Generation 10:27 AM on September 4, 2018 Permalink | Reply

        “..and this again involved me to understand what is happening to me.” That is the key.
        What is outside is a mirror of what is inside. That mirror will change as we allow ourselves to change.


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    Joining the Brahma Kumaris 

    As far as I am concerned, a genuine “reason” why a seeker should join the Brahma Kumaris movement, is if that person had an experience with  Brahma Baba while alive or subtle Brahma after his passing.  Brahma Baba should be the one enrolling you, after all; Brahma Kumaris means “daughters of Brahma.” “Daughters” is not related with gender alone. This is related with female energy; thus a man could be enlisted as well.
    The ones enlisted through other “reasons,” have other motives appealing to them, mostly to enhance their perception of self or for convenience; such as being the offspring of BK parents.

    Typically, a person like that will not have the conviction to go through the path in “full force,” by giving his everything.
    If someone was allured by the promise of finding God in Madhuban, that person may find out that his expectation to see/ know “God,” was the force that kept him in the BK movement. Once that person travels to Madhuban, he may be disappointed, if without any “special experiences.” That person may leave the BK world. If not, that person will stick around for other “reasons” that may be ego enhancers for him.

    It may be that this person is a good salesman, he can pitch “knowledge” and convince others. He may be charismatic. He may have some social/ economical influence. He can open many centers and get the attention of the BK world. He can have some “status” as teacher or “in charge,” this person may have many abilities which are used by the BK movement, in the name of “god.” For someone who is a genuine seeker, all of that is of no consequence. Those skills may get the person a “good job” in our society, but do not translate into change of consciousness.

    Nevertheless, many will go through the ranks without seeing the “real reason” as to why they are in the movement.
    There are many stories as there are people, but remember that joining the Brahma Kumaris movement is not a “rational” decision. Those who have used reason alone, are not committed and they may be afraid at jumping at the pool  of the “unknown” and leaving everything they have built “through effort” in this society, as they crave for security in their lives.

    Those who have joined the BK movement because they wanted to find something greater than themselves, went with the heart. But those who joined to enhance themselves (by being right, special, having nice friends, etc.) may fulfill their needs, but their consciousness will dwindle towards the path of mediocrity.

    The above is how the label “numberwise” came into existence.
    “Tell me how you joined, and will tell you who you ARE.”

    Will take a couple of weeks off and resume writing on August 29th.

    • Chandra Prakash 9:54 AM on August 28, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Hello Sir
      I joined BK 5 years ago after watching the program on TV “Awakening with Brahmakumaris”. The program fascinated me because they were addressing the issues which I was facing in my job and relationship. The program was so appealing that I left my job not in search of “God” but to learn the yoga and use my knowledge and skills fully and also suggest my parents to follow it.
      I went to my parents and visited the nearest ashram to our house and started attending regular class it was a very beautiful experience because of the “feelings” which I had never experienced before. ln the beginning it didn’t matter to me from where the knowledge is coming I was feeling better and it was working well with me so I didn’t bother about it.
      But after few months some questions arosed in my mind whether really God is teaching in this organization so I searched in Google to find the opinion of people about it but didn’t get satisfactory answers I was also confused about dharna part I wanted to know the truth from an experienced BK but unbiased. In this search I found your blog and started reading your post and found balancced answers then I went to Madhuban but I had no special experience.
      What I realized that joining BK developed voluminous thoughts and feelings in my mind and it is just the beginning in the path of self realization after that I stopped reading murlis but still visit centre on Sundays and on special occasions because I have no issues with them. I only visit just to feel the feelings I also listen videos of Sadhguru JV and feel his comments are balanced in every aspects of life and practiced Isha yoga learnt through YouTube. Now I don’t follow or follow any spiritual organization I just pay attention to myself – body, mind and breath and focus on the work which is needed to do.



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    Changing “bad” into “good.” 

    In monotheistic religions, there is this emphasis on changing personal “bad” traits into “good” traits. That is what is known as “effort maker.” It takes effort, it is said.

    Every religion has their own definitions of what is “good” or “bad.” That is the artificiality of those changes. 
    Life does not work that way. In Life “good” and “bad” are nonexistent. Opposite forces are complementary of each other. Thus, that which is considered “bad” cannot exist without the “good.” 

    When we are looking at “sanskaras” or personal traits,  it is the same exact way, because we are part of Life. Have you seen someone who displays courage? That one has the opposite quality as well (cowardice) in pretty much the same extent. “Cowardice” is not “bad,” but the direct consequence of being courageous. Opposites change continuously. We cannot be “courageous” all the time.

    However, that is not what we have been taught. We have been taught to select “sanskaras” and work to achieve them at will, as if we were shopping in the supermarket. What we want to achieve is just an ideal, some mental construct that we think it “should be.”

    In Brahma Kumaris, this idea of “changing sanskaras” is not congruent with the teaching of a predestined universe (Drama) for sanskaras are predetermined according to the role in Life. As nothing in Life in static, “good” or “bad,” those sanskaras move into their apparent opposite states. This may be hard to grasp for many. Therefore, it is understandable to follow such directions as to believe that “I” can change something deeply ingrained in “my” personality at a particular time.

    Many could say “I changed some things in myself.” I may ask: How deep were those changes? Are those perhaps only superficial, as to disguise everyone around us and even ourselves? No?  Are those “changes” permanent in yourself or are those dependent on following a “protected life style” such as the one of a Brahma Kumaris follower? If you leave the religion, so do your “changes.”

    A human being is not a mechanical device where someone could change parts at will. If the spiritual neophyte is concerned in changing things around in the name of “being good,” that is laudable but naïve. However, as expressed before; that experience is necessary to learn by being aware of the process. 

    The idea of “changing sanskaras” may need to evolve into OBSERVING them, that is becoming AWARE of that who I AM. It is in the depth of AWARENESS where change resides. That change doesn’t have mental ideas of what a virtue should be. That change comes through deep introspection as to find the origin of exhibiting a particular behavior or emotion. That introspection  is not interested in moving in the opposite way to make a “change.” (i.e. To say to myself: From now on I will be courageous, when I exhibit cowardice.)

    Emotions are like a mosquito bite. They will heal naturally for the most part. It may itch, but if I make a trauma out of an experience;  a strong emotion will remain deeply ingrained and come out affecting us through different behaviors at different times in our lives. Eventually, that will need emotional healing to open up to Life again.

    Most individuals make Life into a traumatic experience, thus; their emotions are not balanced, but yet they attempt to change in themselves what they do not fully understand. No wonder the “power of yoga” becomes the panacea, in Brahma Kumaris.
    Nevertheless; that is truly an example of a placebo effect:
    It is not “bad,” but neither “good,” and if it works, then great! If it doesn’t, no big deal!

    • Lakshmipriya Nagarajan 4:23 AM on July 31, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      We call it Changing sanskars or making effort, it is definitely possible through the knowledge and the deep experiences in yoga.
      That is the journey of the soul. Either deep sufferings can set the things right or the knowledge combined with deep experiences with God.

      Our effort is nothing but being detached and loving to the one. With this, charging of the soul and changing of the sanskars automatically take place. Along with knowledge and yoga, the service takes place though mind, body and wealth so that the change in others/ atmosphere becomes inevitable.

      If this is not happening, then any methods, customs and systems are for name sake.


      • avyakt7- New Generation 10:18 AM on July 31, 2018 Permalink | Reply

        Thank you for sharing your experience. You don’t mention that it is part of the “method” to follow the Brahma Kumaris way of living; otherwise, the deep “experiences on yoga” and the understanding of “knowledge,” will be for name sake only or “numberwise.” That is the point of the article.
        Any change to be “real” is not dependent on practicing a “method.” Otherwise, the “method” only sugar coates the “reality.”

        If you leave the Brahma Kumaris and the “method,” then the change should remain. If not, the “method” doesn’t make “real” changes.


    • Lakshmipriya 9:59 PM on July 31, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Absolutely right brother. That is why it is called change in sanskars.


      • avyakt7- New Generation 9:30 AM on August 1, 2018 Permalink | Reply

        It is also called deception. However, it is a “good” deception for the spiritual aspirant to follow. That gives him something to “do.”


    • Lakshmipriya Nagarajan 12:02 AM on August 1, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      “If you leave the Brahma Kumaris and the “method,” then the change should remain. If not, the “method” doesn’t make “real” changes.”

      Yes brother, I get what you mean. I would like to put my experiences and understanding as under.
      It is the matter of how deep routed the change is. If the soul after leaving the method, is coming back to the square, that says it is like the soul has just performed Bhakthi.

      Baba says, the advance party souls such as Mama will not take the knowledge/follow the method. They will be put into the place where the works of establishment of heaven will take place. They are already living like deities. The change shall be such that.

      It is always the spirit of the method, that changes the sanskars and by not simply following the method. That is why though God is coming and teaching it takes its’ own time for the BKs to catch the spirit of the method, relinquish the bhakthi, customs and systems which are deep rooted for 63 births.

      The spirit is not to become kings and queens, it is to become soul conscious/ become true ancestors/ law makers of the life. It is to become humble Rajarishis who is the master of the self.


    • lakshmipriya 3:17 AM on August 7, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      I was churning “Nothing new” today. I could relate very well the teaching of “predestined drama” with “nothing new”.

      “Nothing new” means I do not get affected by the situations/happenings to/around me. Whatever happens, it happened already in the previous cycle too. I do not have any control over what is happening at present/at this moment. It is all happened as a net effect of my karma. But I do have a choice of choosing the right response for this situation and remain unshakable, carefree emperor. By this I can very well escape from my mind’s games of blaming, complaining, magnifying, entangling or hitting back..
      Let me be a detached observer and watch the game and make right response honestly.


      • avyakt7- New Generation 10:34 AM on August 7, 2018 Permalink | Reply

        What you convey is the “official” interpretation of “nothing new.” Consider this: If there is “nothing new.” There is “nothing old” as well. Thus, “NOW” is what is. That “NOW” is not concerned with mental ideas about “my karma.” That NOW is what exists. I can “choose” to act based on the conditioning of my mind, my ideas of what is “the right response.” Also, I can listen to my “gut feeling” and go with it. Either way, it is predestined to be that way. Either way is “good” for it is in the “Drama” to be that way.
        The mind throws its tantrum based on its conditioning. So the question may be: “How to decondition my mind?”
        “Wrong” conditioned question. OBSERVE what IS. BE AWARE of that when it is happening. Even if you allow for the game to go on, you will know that you “choose” to play a game.


    • lakshmipriya 3:23 AM on August 8, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Here, right response is the action with inner stability. For some the inner stability is after bringing the points of the knowledge as they cannot remain stable or detached as the mind poses question after questions. And for some the inner stability is natural and they can also observe the scenes of the drama externally/internally. There is no acting outside.
      For some the knowledge becomes their nature the moment they listen as the land is perfect to absorb the water. For some, it takes time.
      They fail by reacting both inside and outside or they act outside as if they observe everything. For some they bring the points of knowledge before the emotional outburst occurs.
      After all, these are all stages and every experience either substantiate the old sanskar or create new sanskar.
      That is where the knowledge and yog and which is otherwise known as Purusharth helps. You may call this as official interpretation. But this is my journey for the stage to reach “detached observer and truly loving”. Now a days I try to observe the energy transaction within. Is it that I am creating vacuum within and looking out to be filled or brimming and flowing.


      • avyakt7- New Generation 9:47 AM on August 8, 2018 Permalink | Reply

        The journey through Brahma Kumaris is the emphasis of the mind (Raja Yoga.) Thus, the key words of “understanding,” “imbibing” knowledge are used very often. That is a good path to observe ourselves. Nevertheless in “my” experience change of consciousness through change of sanskaras is not related with the ability of the mind to understand “knowledge” and to put it in “practice” or to have yoga with the Supreme Soul, aka “God,” aka Shiva.
        Different experiences, all good; all needed. Thus, we may need to honor our own experiences.


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    Brahma Kumaris knowledge denies the existence of a universal God 

    One of the paradoxical aspects of understanding Gyan deeply, is that the label known as “god” and associated with an all-powerful being who created the Universe and who is the cause of all effects, cannot exist in BK gyan.
    Truly, Brahma Kumaris knowledge doesn’t allow for a universal “God.”

    What is the main task of “god” according to Brahma Kumaris knowledge?
    To give theoretical knowledge, known as “gyan.” Other than that, there is no use/need of “god” whatsoever.
    For that reason, “yoga” came into existence: The connection to ”take away our sins.” However, that only works if we become BK followers. The main requisite then, is to be a BK follower to have access to this “God.” That is why, there cannot be a universal God in BK, who could be accessed by everyone.

    By the way, this is the main issue with all religions believing in a “god.” It is THEIR god only.
    Brahma Kumaris is using a universal label to depict a being that should be confined to the BK world. In India, the universal label “Shiva” was used to identify the BK God. That label has an impact there as Hindus will recognize it.
    How is it possible to link Shiva (God) with Brahma Baba?
    That became the task. It is a source of confusion for most BKs. In fact, most BKs do not know the differences between Shiva, Brahma, Dada Lekhraj, Subtle Brahma and BapDada. That confusion added mystery as no one could clearly pinpoint who is who. Not even the Murlis. It is all up to the word of the administration or just to err on the safe side, we could use the label “god” on every instance.
    At the end of the day, none of that matters.

    What matters is the message of this god.
    A message is something that will touch every individual in a different way, for individuals will interpret the message according to their own experience. Thus, a literal interpretation of the message without considering the intended audience, the historical time, translation and degree of consciousness of the translator, could lead to many misinterpretations.

    For instance, if a prospect BK now (2018) enjoys sex with his wife, if you tell him that ”sex is a sin” or some other colorful label depicted in Sakar Murlis, then if that person follows that “instruction,” without a doubt that person will be repressing sex. That is not good for him. He will not be honest with his own experience as he will THINK that following that direction will be best for him. If the direction is followed and the potential follower is unaware of the repression then inner struggle is sure to follow. Even a disease which will be labeled as “settling karma,” could occur. Thus, the BK system is helpful if we are aware of these inner dissonances. To discover that inner lie, is what is all about.

    That label “God,” has been misused and misunderstood throughout history, but many have invested their wealth, their power, their own lives just to continue with the convenient illusion. That label is indeed controlling the collective mind.

    The Sakar Murli mentioned: “ I am bound by the Drama.” [Shiva/God said that] And so are we. Above that ‘god,’ there is the Drama. Many BKS are completely unaware of this, even though they may hear the Murlis many times. Why is that? Because of their conditioning, not from the religion but from society and their learned beliefs. We come programmed with that to the BK world, so it is easy to accept a small deviation from the well known “truth” of  a “god.”

    The avyakt Murlis have a more accurate label for BapDada, that is the “Father.” BapDada is the father of BKs.

    Want to worship and LOVE something UNIVERSAL? Worship the “Drama.” However, let me take away that tasteless label, “Drama” and label things as they are: Worship LIFE.
    LIFE is it. LIFE is as UNIVERSAL as a label could be. It is equally accessible to all.

  • avyakt7- New Generation 4:55 AM on July 18, 2018 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: Brahma Kumaris, , master, , , tantra,   

    Every “spiritual” teaching is according to time 

    Religions have different views/ belief systems and each one will say that they have the “truth.” Philosophies have their ways of making sense of Life. Followers and disciples have a strong belief that their religion has the “truth” and consequently,  they “have it,” and this “truth” cannot change.
    However; Life is change but a dogmatic belief is not.
    Every self-realized being who has lived among us had a particular “teaching” which has been misrepresented by disciples and followers as the “truth.” That misrepresentation happens unavoidably, because our language cannot match the experience coming from a different conscious level of a self-realized being.

    There are plenty of “teachers” out there. A self-realized being is a master. Masters do not teach, for they know that there is nothing to teach. Nevertheless, others will learn from them. What they learn,  they will put in words. They will call that ‘truth.’
    Every self-realized being had a perspective. Their perspective is not the whole of Life, but a partial view which may hold true for a limited time and for particular individuals.

    For example, Osho disseminated his experience of Tantra among the masses. At the time, sex was very repressed, a huge taboo. His “teachings” were welcomed by those who felt repressed. Osho had a historical purpose. Later on his “teachings” were misrepresented and now they are part of a way to indulge in sex without “feeling guilt” by labeling it as “spiritual,” to earn profits and become a “successful” teacher with the support of certifications, tools and all the paraphernalia of our money driven society. According to time, someone will appear to mitigate that extreme misunderstanding. His language may be the extreme opposite of Osho’s, for our language is like digital time and Life is like analog time. We can “see” time moving on an analog time. Digital time, will only give us a numeric representation.

    Life balances itself out. If things are moving too much on the right side, then a push to the left will be given. Therefore, in Life, what is to be “right”? Not to choose a side, but to be in balance, in harmony.

    The same phenomena has happened with Brahma Kumaris. There are many teachings which had a purpose 80 years ago in India and Pakistan, back then. Now, many of those teachings may be outdated. The BK organization will decide what goes and what stays according to the organization’s interests. The interest of every religion or organization is to remain. The language used is “to help others.”

    Observe Christianity. It has evolved in 2000 years, however; to be a Christian is the easiest thing to do. Nothing is required out of the follower (except occasional money support, of course) other than to believe in a belief system. After 2000 years, is very little what we could rescue of the “teachings” of Jesus Christ. Christianity now, is the outcome of popes and clergy who haven’t the consciousness of a self-realized individual such a Jesus Christ, but the “normal” type.

    What could we rescue out of all these beliefs systems?
    That depends on the individual involved with them. However, for most this is only an opportunity to be “special,” among everyone else. Defending a belief system becomes like defending ourselves and our need to be “right,” to have the “truth,” and to “teach that to others.” That is the egotistical trip of believing that an intellectual understood part or a perspective is the same as the whole, Life. The perspective is labeled as “truth.”
    That is the childish act which has been used throughout history to dominate and conquer other human beings, all in the name of “helping others.”

  • avyakt7- New Generation 5:04 AM on July 11, 2018 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , , bhagavad gita, Brahma Kumaris, , mediumship,   

    Question on beliefs and mediumship 

    “Please share your experience about channeling and mediumship. Some oraganization and individuals claim challenging each other about mediumship. When asked at Brahmakumaris how God can come in individual person? They quoted a verse from Bhagvad Gita “Whenever there is decay of righteousness, O Bharata, And there is exaltation of unrighteousness, then I Myself come forth ; For the protection of the good, for the destruction of evil-doers, For the sake of firmly establishing righteousness, I am born from age to age” (ch-4 verse 7-8). I have read Bhagvad Gita and feel that it explores every aspects of life.
    Please share your opinion.”

    Thank you for your question.
    What is important is to be honest with our own experience.
    I have second hand experience of what is mediumship through my sister Raysha, when she is the medium of Mathias (Being of light.) That is only my experience. Someone else may have a different experience and that is fine.
    It seems that you BELIEVE in the “Bhagavad Gita.” Have you experienced that verse?
    As far as Avyakt7 NG is concerned, that verse is inaccurate or ill translated. Good cannot exist without Evil. Duality 101. Duality is not a belief. We EXPERIENCE it all the time, although many may not be AWARE of it. When there is no duality, there cannot be “good.” If someone uses that word to represent the absence of duality, that person does not know by EXPERIENCE and is being led by the shortcomings of language, thus; a misrepresentation.
    If Brahma Kumaris uses that verse to support their belief in “God” coming through a person, I haven’t seen BapDada “destroying evil doers.” Does BapDada fit the description of the Bhagavad Gita then?
    The above is my EXPERIENCE.

    My opinion is of no consequence for everyone has one, all equally valid and all far from what IS.
    WHAT IS, cannot fit an opinion.
    BELIEVERS are spread out all over the place. They BELIEVE in religion, science, philosophy, people, etc. That BELIEF becomes their dogma. When doubts arise, they either create another belief to put their doubts away or create another belief to run away from their former belief. Either way, that former belief will hunt them down for the rest of their days. The stronger they believed in something, the stronger that shadow upon them will be.

    An experience is a gateway for further experiences as long as our minds do not take that experience as the “only truth.” For at that point, a belief is created.

  • avyakt7- New Generation 6:29 AM on July 4, 2018 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , Brahma Kumaris, , , ,   

    To follow a path 

    If a path can be explained to others, if it has all the turns and streets mapped out for others to follow, is not the “only true path.”
    It cannot be. Life cannot be put into a philosophy or some dogma.
    Nevertheless, religious dogmatic paths also called “spiritual paths,” are necessary for without them a person wouldn’t be able to gain the necessary experience to “know.”

    A child needs the structure offered by parents. However, that structure cannot fit the Life experiences of an adult.
    Society dictates a path to follow. Our parents do the same, based on their conditioning. But ultimately Life, cannot be met from that perspective.
    It is a narrow perspective. There is more in Life.

    Life is a pathless path. This is overwhelming for those conditioned to look for security at every corner. These individuals are content swimming in their own backyard pool. They are not ready to meet the Ocean. Life is an Ocean.

    The Brahma Kumaris path is a valid path. Just like Christianity. Just like Buddhism or any other spiritual –“ism.”
    If those paths are taken to the full extent, they will show us our rejections, our repressions, our firm beliefs and ultimate our deepest fears. However, most individuals are not interested in “knowing” that. Most are interested in “having the truth, in being right.”
    If they are unable to see their own “truth,” what are they counting on having?
    Just a satisfactory belief. Something to talk about, discuss and defend. That becomes an extension of their own ego. Once the “ego trip” is over, they will be looking for something else.

    That inability to see their own truth, will be covered with all sorts of self inflicted falsehoods. That is inner dishonesty.
    Some day we may discover that any helpful path, can only take us back to ourselves.

    • Chandra Prakash Suman 11:12 AM on July 8, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Dear Avyakt7
      Please share your experience about channeling and mediumship. Some oraganization and individuals claim challenging and other about mediumship. When asked at Brahmakumaris how God can come in individual person? They quoted a verse from Bhagvad Gita “Whenever there is decay of righteousness, O Bharata, And there is exaltation of unrighteousness, then I Myself come forth ; For the protection of the good, for the destruction of evil-doers, For the sake of firmly establishing righteousness, I am born from age to age” (ch-4 verse 7-8). I have read Bhagvad Gita and feel that it explores every aspects of life.
      Please share your opinion


      • ahnanda 10:34 AM on July 11, 2018 Permalink | Reply

        Thanks for your question. It was answered in today’s post. 🙂


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