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    The importance of observing our feelings 

    Mainstream spirituality is about DOING things: Do a good action every day, do the best you can, practice virtues, etc.

    There is nothing wrong with the above; however, that is not the whole journey.

    What do you do when you see someone dying? If that person is a relative, we could DO everything in our power to help, according to our conditioning.

    When suffering is tasted because we perceive it in another, we could do many things to avoid it. We could also act out of desperation, trying to get out of that scene as soon as possible. However, whatever we DO with our vibe or energy, is the true “reason” behind our DOING. That is our feeling.

    The reality of finding out what we truly feel is the pen that Life uses to write our story and through that, further experiences along those lines will be experienced.

    Yes, there is suffering around, but I feel compassion and true love for that one, then; whatever I get to DO will be colored by that feeling.

    Why is that?

    Consciousness is a feeling, a vibe primarily. It is not a thought or the application of some knowledge.

    To be appreciative, thankful and happy in Life, it is not a matter of repeating it or saying it. It is not a mind thing.

    You feel it. Words are completely unnecessary at that point.

    If we feel with intensity something negative for example; that will affect the environment. That feeling may require to be acted out. Feeling hate, acts out in violence towards another sooner or later. We become “clear” from that stored energy of hate through that action, but we also pay the consequences.

    Thus, we may need to be observant of what we feel.

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    The importance of fear in the BK conditioning process 

    The whole process of spirituality could be summarized by one word: De-conditioning.
    Society has its own conditioning mechanisms. Brahma Kumaris has its own.
    From society into Brahma Kumaris, there are many motivators in the beginning, to embrace the new patterns. This is known as the “honeymoon period.”
    However, once a follower is accepted and he has fully accepted the new conditioning, then there has to be a mechanism for that follower to stay as he becomes an “investment” for the organization.

    “If you leave, some damnation will happen to you for ever or Life after life, or you will go to hell.”
    Practically, that is the same story line from every religion believing in a god. That is the fear factor, which is the main reason as to why many believers will be hesitant to move on, once they feel their time is up.

    Our society has its fear factor as well. How many would like to live in the jungle or some isolated place (if there are any left) in search of “peace and tranquility” ? Observe everything which is at stake: House, money, family, work, etc. There are risks and most will become anxious under such uncertainty.
    Most will think that it is better to play it safe, although live a mediocre life surrounded by fear.

    Fear is a tool to manipulate. Life does not offer the experience of a permanent situation such as “forever” or “cycle after cycle” as “punishment,” when Life itself is continuous change. Punishment is a human invention.
    However, for those with a childish consciousness; fear is the easiest way to pressure someone to DO something which otherwise, wouldn’t. Fear of “punishment.”

    Avyakt7 left the BK path in 2013. That means that cycle after cycle, Avyakt7 will do that again and again. According to BK knowledge, Avyakt7 wouldn’t be in the Golden age. If he is “lucky” he will be in the Silver age and that is if, “someone” intercedes in his favor. Since Avyakt7 was a BK at one point, then that means that at least he will be in the Silver age a few days before that ends…

    Is the right to be in the Golden/Silver age, a matter of sticking around as a BK at this time? According to BK knowledge, yes. That is the grip of fear. That is why many will spend their days in repression and suppression of their emotions and feelings. Nevertheless that person IS not a Golden age material by definition. His repression will be a “sanskara” in need of expression, correct?
    That cannot happen in the “Golden age.”

    Perhaps that person needs “more” yoga? As much as he can get. Although no guarantee that this person will be free from repression and rejection for the rest of his life, no matter how much “yoga effort” he makes.

    Once we abandon the “fear factor,” we can observe that BEING a “better person,” an “angel,” a “deity” of any other upgraded label; is not a matter of sticking around in an organization or system or to “practice” a particular set of beliefs.
    BEING is a matter of assimilation of Life experiences. Life itself will provide those naturally, as Life itself is the originator of this plot which Bks like to call “Drama,” but Avyakt7-NG likes to call “Life;”  for it is more universal, and already known and experienced by all humans.

    When we do not assimilate Life experiences, these become traumas which are known as “vices.” Those will need to heal. Then, naturally a person will open up to Life rather than being a scared mouse running around trying to hide the little piece of cheese which the mouse found in some religion, ism or philosophy and which he believes will give him “security,” for his livelihood in this life time and the one beyond.

    Life does not have “security” in it; thus, any offered security by humans, is just an invention of their greedy imagination. If “God” offered some security for the afterlife, it would have to be according to a predestined Life. Thus, it is not his will, but what is already “written.”
    But, what is already “written” is beneficial for ALL.

    The common good.

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      Good one.


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      Very nice article brother. I completely agree with you.
      There are only 2 major forces in the world. One is fear and other is love. The moment there is fear, there is no love and vice versa.
      The path of God is to teach us to realize self love, self respect. To know this I need some sample. That is why the incarnation of God is mandatory, his teaching is mandatory. It is the journey. We need some hold, some purpose, some benefit to convince to let go of what we are already holding. The point of God is to hold on something so that that support is eternal, that support is savior. And it is all spirituality. Holding on what God is teaching will lead to freedom. It is like game of pole vault. At one point of time I just become so pure and thus liberated from everything that I hold wrongly which was ceasing me to fly, which I thought it is protecting me.
      People come to silver age, because their effort is number wise. Their understanding of knowledge is number wise, Their yoga is number wise. Their purity is number wise. Sticking to Bks, reading murli, doing yoga and seva without changing the sanskara will never lead to Heaven. To enter into heaven the sanskaras of heaven needs to be created.

      But I did not get the point of why you left Bk path while you know very well we are not supposed to follow BKs but the jewels of knowledge by God.


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    Commitment to a religious path 

    How is a conditioned human being capable of seeing something besides his own conditioning?
    When that person is taken out of his conditioned ways and surroundings and into a new setting.
    When a seeker selects a spiritual path, he will select a different conditioning by rejecting his old ways. There has to be some sort of enticement for this to happen, that is what is known as having “experiences”, for without those; seekers will be unable to fully embrace something new.
    Any religious path in some way or another, will take a person away from the conditioning of society. Even Christianity will do that through the enforcement of commandments and fear of god. Christianity is the least invasive of all the paths for new conditioning, that is why; it is so popular.

    The Brahma Kumaris experience is certainly one of the most invasive for it requires a lot from a seeker, thus a greater commitment is required to take full “benefit” of this de-conditioning agent.

    A committed seeker has a limited vision, for he will only see what is taught to him. He is not encouraged to look around and any deviation from his part will be a sign of lack of commitment. It is this willingness to look around what will make the difference between a “firm” believer and a spiritual “tourist.”
    Observe the paradox. If a follower is fully committed, he will have less openness to observe Life from different views. That follower will necessarily nourish rejection for anything that is not fully aligned with his belief or path. However, without full commitment, there is very little opportunity to face his own contradictions: What he feels will collide with what he ought to follow. That is the first door to observe how beliefs systems move from helpful to unhelpful through time, and it is the task of the follower to become aware when this change is happening in his own Life.

    Brahma Kumaris was a helpful belief system for me. It helped me in my Life. Nevertheless, it became unhelpful, outdated as I was evolving: A 4 year old kid could be in Kindergarten, but not an 8 year-old. It is not that kindergarten is “bad” for the 8 year old, it is that an 8 year old has outgrown that stage.
    The 8-year-old kid has no grudges with Kindergarten. He merely moves on into elementary school and understands that there are other kids who will need the Kindergarten experience.

    Brahma Kumaris is not the only path. It is not the “true” path either. It is a path. A valid path. That is my experience. Someone else may have a different experience. Who has the “truth”?
    That is a childish question. In “spiritual” matters it is senseless to try to find the “truth,” as Life could show many “truths” at the same time depending on our state of consciousness. What is important is to be honest with our perception. Your “location” will give you a perception. Your “location” is where you ARE in Life.
    “Spirituality” nowadays is not so keen in honoring our perception. “Spirituality” is taught as following a particular perception, the “right” one although we may not perceive it.

    “Visualize this and that…” “Imagine that this is happening…” Those key words in “spirituality” denote that we do not honor our own perception, our truth.
    Life could change those perceptions in us if we allow it. But, typically a firm believer will continue with his own recipe of “truth,” and deny Life itself. He will earn the label of “firm” by his fellow peers and believe that he is earning a piece of heaven; although, it is only a self serving belief.

    Will resume writing on January 2019. Happy new year! 🙂

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    Message 4- Conditionings 

    To know that Life is predestined implies the awareness that our unconditioned gut feelings is what truly matters; that is what “we” are meant to manifest in Life through actions (BEING before DOING.) De-conditioning is helpful “spirituality.”

    When we act based on a “recipe” of what we believe to be “good,” we are merely expressing our conditioning. We cannot explore what we call “self,” until we recognize our conditionings.

    “Spiritual progress” or an ample consciousness is not limited by conditionings. To go beyond that, does not mean to rebel or to reject a conditioning.
    It just means to acknowledge that every person looks at Life from a different perspective. That is what is meant to BE.

    Going beyond “right” and “wrong,” we find peace with what IS.

    • Dinesh Chawla 10:02 AM on February 7, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Your all articles nowadays make me reflect more about “How to go closer to the Universal Truth” 🙂 Thank you, brother 🙂


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    Appreciation of Brahma Kumaris beliefs 

    “… But actually, one thing is there, if I had not been attached to this belief given by BKs that “I create my own thoughts and can control them, and need to create only GOOD thoughts, I wouldn’t have reached to this experience. [The realization and awareness that thoughts merely appear.] As you have also said in many articles, both sides of the coin are required.”

    That is a great realization, indeed!
    That realization will bring appreciation of the Brahma Kumaris path, even though you are no longer following it.
    You realize that without your previous belief, you would have not been able to realize the nature of thoughts.

    Also, you can now realize that BK Shivani wasn’t “wrong.” Her role is needed for BKs so BK Shivani is “right” for them. Thus, at another time; those BK followers will be ready to realize other things, just like you did.
    If we tell those followers now: “Thoughts just appear, you do not create them,” they will laugh at us. Their consciousness is not ready for that.

    Another teaching from that realization of yours, is that it doesn’t matter who is “right” or “wrong.”
    At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter whether thoughts appear or we create them. What matters is that we can perceive them and thus, how much we identify with them is the important aspect.

    If we don’t identify with thoughts, there is a space created between “I” and thoughts, it is that empty space the one that we may want to explore as well.

    With all of these realizations plus an added appreciation for the BK path and its teachings, you are ready to move on from the BK experience without hard feelings in your heart.
    You have liberated yourself, when others cannot; for you have seen the 2 sides of the coin.

    Every coin has 2 sides. Both sides are different. Because they are different, people living in the mind are stuck in wanting to know which side is “right” and which one is “wrong.”

    That search is futile. They can only see one side of the coin, but they cannot see the coin itself…
    Until, they are willing to take a look at the other side without prejudice.   🙂

    When we started our “careers” in “spirituality,” we did not know anything. We didn’t know about the coin. When I say “knowing,” I do not mean intellectual stuff, information. I mean experience.
    We cannot experience the coin itself for we are not ready to understand 2 different but complementary sides of it.

    We are stuck on “good and bad,” “right or wrong,” stuff that we learned when we were little toddlers. (conditioning.)
    As we grow up, our understanding and experience will be different, unless we are stuck on living Life with a dogma, then we are not living Life… but a dogma.

    The reality of a dogma is a static mind in a dynamic an ever changing Life.

    For the common good.

    • Dinesh C 2:45 PM on August 30, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      yeah thanks brother 🙂
      But thanks to you too, if you would not have capitalized the word AWARENESS in most of your articles, I wouldn’t have caught it. 🙂
      It is actually not that difficult just to BE there 🙂


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    God in Brahma Kumaris 

    Conditioning could be successful if there is an authority to obey behind it or a strong feeling, which will take us to do things and believe things which otherwise we wouldn’t.

    The conditioning of mainstream society has power, for there are authorities behind it: The law and their representatives, religious leaders, politicians, business owners, etc. There is a hierarchy which is built upon each level. A member of society knows about obeying certain things and the consequences of not doing so. The concept of punishment is introduced and that will shape our view of the world and the one beyond.

    Who is the authority to follow beyond this current existence?
    Obviously our “leaders” have no clout over the “after life.”
    That is how “God” was introduced in mainstream. If we observe his “job description,” it is a mirror of our society’s hierarchy, which is clearly seen in the most popular religions. He is the “one to obey” (love) to fear, to get salvation from or to be punished if his law is not followed.

    The collective consciousness understands this easily. That is my point: The realms beyond the physical world do not comply with our understanding or our laws. Human understanding is limited by conditioning.

    The question then, is not whether God exists or doesn’t. The question is, if we are willing to look, to observe deconditioned.

    In Brahma Kumaris, the “job description” of God changed completely. God is no longer the “creator.” God is no longer the one who punishes disobedient people. God is no longer watching everyone, everywhere. God is the one who gives “knowledge.”
    However, most followers do not understand this knowledge, no matter how long they have been following.

    The title of “God” then is changed to “Supreme Soul.” Another set of beliefs could be added to make a difference between a human soul and the “supreme” soul. Observe the power of words, the terminology used, basically refers to the same thing:  The Authority.

    An “experience” with the realm beyond the physical is cherished by most. Sure, it is unique. This will give the opportunity to affirm our ego: “I am special.” Moreover, we could add the word “god” to make our experience the “top one.”

    “I have experienced God.”
    Avyakt7 knew that line very well. Avyakt7-NG (Ahnanda) respects that, and sees the personal evolution through that.

    For a kid, to say “dad” is important. Everyone else says it and beyond the word is the feeling of having someone near and dear, someone who cares. When humanity feels in despair, God is very important to feel that company and like “Santa Claus,” someone will play that role, to bring smiles and joy to those kids. That is the gift of God.
    Of course, human ego can only see that their “Santa Claus” is the only and true Santa. That is how many religions appeared and how the clothes wore by Santa became more important than the person inside them.

    For the common good.

    • Dinesh Chawla 5:15 AM on June 18, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      Hi Ahnanda, When I was involved with BKs, I had tried implementing most of the teachings of Murlis, but amongst those, I need your help to explain us two of the very beneficial teachings which I still have not been able to implement 100%, but want to as they are required to keep the flow of my life smoother. So here are those two teachings:

      No 1: Your thoughts, words and actions should be in harmony, what you think, same thinking should be reflected in your words and actions. (Mansa, Wacha and Karmana should be same)

      No 2: Abstain yourself from creation of waste thoughts.

      The only reason I still want to implement these two teachings in me is that I think about one thing, I say another thing and end up doing totally different third thing in actions. Can you PLEASE explain what a person can do (By now I know that you use DO and BE in caps in all of your articles 🙂 ) to implement these two things by being and by not being a BK.


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    Deconditioning through Brahma Kumaris 

    Our consciousness will change once there is experiential awareness. Consciousness does not change by mere regurgitation of “Knowledge/ Gyan.”

    For this to happen, there is a need for a space away from the elements of conditioning. In most cases, society is the biggest source of conditioning, thus anything that will keep us away from society will give us the space needed for awareness to appear.

    In my time as a Brahma Kumaris follower, I can now see; how the above explanation was present.
    To hang out only with BK followers, to only eat the food prepared by them, to follow their codes of conduct and to spend most of my time with Brahma Kumaris “business,” was the way to create that space of separation from mainstream society.

    Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to see at that time how deconditioning was operating: I wasn’t watching TV or going to the movies, for that was considered a waste of time and a source of “tamopradhan” vibes. I wasn’t around my family members. Work was “better” if it did not take much of my time after the requirements to sustain myself were fulfilled. Sexuality was shut down as a way to avoid further mingling and attachment with others and my body. In a nutshell, most ways of conditioning that society values, were taken away. At that time, my mind was “black or white,” as the knowledge/Gyan appeared to me: “I am becoming satopradhan (good) while society’s way was corrupted, tamopradhan. A rejection to mainstream society arrived, which was largely supported by hearing the daily Sakar Murlis.

    Observe how deconditioning takes place, although; a new conditioning was placed in my mind instead. This conditioning is the one that becomes hard for a “firm” follower to get rid of, once the person leaves the Brahma Kumaris movement.
    The feeling of guilt is unavoidable. The Brahma Kumaris movement is an extraordinary deconditioning path, which leaves no way to “escape” for a follower who is preoccupied in gaining Godly favors in heaven or in this Life, or for a follower who has this idea that to be “good” is to follow a script given by someone else. Usually this follower is an achiever, who is trading mainstream ways into what he may think are “spiritual” ways.  This follower has fear of failure and not to comply with the teachings of “god.”  That fear will manifest eventually in anger.

    An ex-follower will use scientific evidence to prove the BK teachings “wrong,” to be at peace with his guilt. Science is one of the greatest conditioning paths that mainstream society has. To believe in scientific research is for the BEING, at the same level of believing in some deep rooted traditional belief system. Both conditioning paths, will take away the ability of the individual to discover his own truth, to observe himself, to become AWARE.

    Nevertheless, conditionings paths are not “bad.” They are necessary to live in society, in groups. But, for someone who is walking the path of self-realization, these props of conditioning will need to be left aside, to discover our own self. This event has a timing and it is different for every individual.

    For the common good.

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    The danger of extremes 

    Balance, harmony, vitality. Those labels are more than words, indescribable states of being.
    There are no formulas, not methods to “get there,” for no one but yourself could find that state.

    Harmony, vitality and balance are never found in extremes.
    If there is a suggestion that I’d like to convey to BK brothers and sisters out of my experience in the Brahma Kumaris movement; is the above.

    Brahma Kumaris is an ascetic path meant to reform an individual. Every individual has different needs, different timing. Once the timing is over, “zeal and enthusiasm” will be lacking. At that point, many will DO things to continue on, to force things. The rationale goes something like this: It is the “right thing to DO,” “I should be doing this,” “I am an example,” “what the senior/God may think about me?” etc.
    The outcome is the feeling of duty. It is a burden that many are willing to live with as “martyrs” for the rest of their lives.
    That is when we reach the extreme. However, the conditioning of the mind and all the learned fears imbibed through continuous hammering of beliefs, could be very resilient.

    Life “now” is no longer an enjoyable experience, but a thing to fear for we have to be careful not to miss our “opportunity” to be someone in the  future,  the “Golden age.”
    The belief is that we know exactly what to DO but, that DOING does not change BEING in the most minimum.
    For when there is fear to Life there cannot be love. Love changes, transforms. Fear stagnates.

    That is how a BK brother or sister could be proud to be X number of “years in gyan,” but that doesn’t tell the full story.
    There may be fear underneath which is covered up so we can look “good” now and to convince ourselves that this will take us to a happy “Golden age” in the future, with a “good status,” a veeman and a Life of artistic endeavors in debonair style.
    Make your life miserable now. Suck it up in the name of God. Repress yourself but label it as being virtuous. Tomorrow, “you” will be a happy camper!

    That is a self-inflicted lie.

    Reformation ends when we discover inner honesty.
    That is what we have lost by living under the conditioning of a society. 
    Rather than observing that from a different perspective, the one offered by Brahma Kumaris; and use that time to heal our traumas; we use the time to become self-righteous by being oblivious of our own feelings and observations and many times become obsessed with an ideal, which we will always fall short on reaching. It is the pie in the sky syndrome.

     The extreme has been reached and we are not aware of it.

    This is how many followers have lost their own lives. It is not because of the BK path, for their mission is to entice the follower to follow until the “end,” as otherwise it will not take the effect of a reforming path.

    There is no glory in reaching the extreme, but to experience it can only take someone sooner or later, into the other extreme. Paradoxically, the extreme that is avoided, will be embraced. That may be the Life teaching; therefore, there is nothing wrong with reaching the extreme, it is neither good nor bad; just “is.” Don’t worry. Whether you get there or not, you will be alright…   Enjoy the game. Be aware of it.  🙂

     For the common good.

    Happy Holidays! Until January 3rd! 🙂

    • Dinesh 4:31 AM on December 30, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      Hi Ahnanda,

      Both of your articles “The danger of extremes” and “Inner dishonesty behind spiritual path” were real great. I will definitely share my experience of reaching on an extreme in BK path when I had left them for 4 to 5 months. But not now, later, as I have some experience and a question to ask.
      I was just pondering over your articles and reflecting on them and a thing came to my mind that there has be a state for a person who is on some or the other kind of spiritual path where he/she becomes free from all sorts of questions. I am not on that stage as I am still asking so many questions, it may come, who knows 

      But that is not my question. My question is again regarding the practice of “Awareness” or “Being Awareness”. As I have been practicing it without doing Rajyoga from past 10 to 11 days and as you said in your article that “Observation is the core”. What I observed or rather experienced was “The mind” is still most of the times taking me into future. I am talking about my own personal case of being more in future because some people who choose this practice of “Awareness” can come across an experience where “The mind” takes them more in past.

      When I say my mind takes me in future, it goes like this; I am interested into dance a lot and go to dance class twice a week. When I listen to music, I end up visualising myself doing many many steps in my mind. But apart from that, my mind sometimes gives me visualisations as if I have become a great dancer of the word. Like me dancing in front of large crowd like a big concert or something, and it happens in awake state, not in dreams of my sleeping state. This was just one example, likewise, a person practising spirituality (this happens with me as well), the mind gives visualisations either in awake state or in sleeping state that you have become a great spiritual leader of the word, a great Buddha.

      What I personally fell is that, this should not happen. Please comment and throw some light on it.


    • avyakt7- New Generation 11:05 AM on January 4, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      Hello Dinesh,
      Thank you for your question. “This should not happen,” is the path of denial. What you experience is what is happening in you, that has value.
      If you are able to catch this in the moment that is happening, it will not happen. That is all. The mind does not live in the “now.” To catch that, may be called as to live in “no-mind.”

      Best to you. 🙂


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    Brahma Kumaris as a path of self-discovery 

    Brahma Kumaris is an intense path for self-discovery. It will take the practitioner into a different perspective of “reality.”
    The issue in that path, resides in the inability of most followers to realize that this path is another perspective to decondition from mainstream rather than the  only “reality.”

    As followers look for the “truth,” the “right path,” according to mainstream thinking; they are unable to observe perspectives, conditionings and beliefs. Any deconditioning from our current society is meant so the practitioner can look at his old conditioned ways, as the word “truth,” is truly deceiving.

    Life offers Life. Humans interpret Life based on their conditioning.
    It is a fact that Brahma Kumaris knowledge involves a relation with entities beyond the physical world. Some followers are able to perceive those and to communicate with those.
    When a label is chosen to name that experience, the label used is: “Godly.” In mainstream conditioning, that label is the “highest” that can exist.
    In my experience there are many types of living beings, physical and non-physical, each one having a particular “role” to play in this unlimited “Drama,” which I like to call, LIFE.

    Brahma Kumaris introduced me to the world of nonphysical beings. Nevertheless, in my experience; the use and identification of certain beings by using the “godly” label is an embellishment  of Brahma Kumaris, just as many religions do the same.  The “true” God is a matter of perspective, angle, point of reference: Consciousness. This is a general description rather than “the answer” for everyone walks a different path even if following a particular religious/spiritual path.

    The hierarchy of “God,” “angels,” etc. is only a perception based on human conditioning. In that realm of subtle beings, the existence of hierarchies is a human idea but a necessary scheme to build the ego of the follower into something which he is already familiar, and which he is willing to “accomplish,” to become “better,” etc.

    Let me state one more time, my appreciation for the Brahma Kumaris path, although; it could be a very harsh experience many times and for many followers.
    The use of the mind as a tool to control our being, could be a great danger. A follower could be his own tyrant. Engrossed in the mind, a follower may be unable to feel Life.

    That is why, these writings are here. For the common good.

    I will be taking a vacation thus, my next article will be posted on Thursday December 1st. I’d like to thank and value the support and participation of some brothers and sisters in this website (Gayathri and Anil Kumar,) who contributed to this site by asking questions, sharing experiences or forwarding some of the articles here to others.
    My appreciation to you.  🙂

    • Gayathri 11:05 AM on November 10, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      Om shanti. Brother, thank you for sharing your observations with all of us. It really helps. Enjoy your vacation!

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    • Orquidea wechsler 11:10 AM on November 10, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      Hola, buenos dias. Esto es solo para comentarte que cada vez que escribis como Ahnanda o Avyakt 7, no dejo de sorprenderme por la sintonia que tengo con tus reflexiones al punto que me siento el “patito ffeo” entre los bk. Te saludo cordialmente Orquidea (de Argentina)

      2016-11-10 12:11 GMT-03:00 Avyakt7 — For Brahma Kumaris readers :

      > avyakt7- New Generation posted: “Brahma Kumaris is an intense path for > self-discovery. It will take the practitioner into a different perspective > of “reality.” The issue in that path, resides in the inability of most > followers to realize that this path is another perspective to decondit” >


      • avyakt7- New Generation 3:18 PM on November 10, 2016 Permalink | Reply

        El “patito feo” fue condicionado a creer que era un patito. En realidad era un cisne.
        Ahnanda es un Delfin. El mar es nuestro elemento en comun. Alli esta la sintonia que hablas. 🙂


    • Anil Kumar Reddy Mendu 11:15 AM on November 10, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      Thank you avyakt7-NG.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Anoushka 4:21 PM on November 10, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      Thank you so much brother….have a lovely vacation! Looking forward to 1 Dec….bless you!

      Liked by 1 person

    • Gayathri 7:55 PM on November 10, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      Brother, can you please translate the comment and reply in Spanish to English? 🙂


      • avyakt7- New Generation 3:49 PM on November 11, 2016 Permalink | Reply

        Sister, that answer was for the person that wrote in Spanish, but I don’t mind if someone uses google translate to find out what was said… 🙂


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