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    Going beyond the repetition 

    Last article pointed out some shortcomings of disclosing “knowledge” to individuals.

    The cycle of time could be a painful “truth” for some when disclosed in Brahma Kumaris classes. The palliative medicine is “Baba has said 75% happiness 25% unhappiness.”
    Very few realize the core of the Brahma Kumaris method: The significance of the “I.”
    It is that “I” that most individuals perceive as a static, unchanged entity the “true” Maya. This “I” is only “real” at one level of consciousness. The Brahma Kumaris method is effective in increasing this “I” for the follower’s awareness.

    There is never a point in our lives when a static entity which we call “I” exists.  Even though it is easy to demonstrate this by just looking at the mirror every day, our awareness does not go deep into our consciousness to observe those changes in our Life journey. Our memories are what binds together the illusion of being the same person, the same “I.” Without memories, what can we call “I”?

    Please contemplate the last phrase.
    Memories are necessary in this lifetime, so we can play the game in society: “I earned 20K per year, 10 years ago. I earn 35K now.” We call that “improvement.” Who is improving? “I.” Nevertheless, the person now and the one from 10 years ago, both are different, they have different consciousness. Memories are the only link.

    That memory becomes a source of fear in Life when we believe that “I” will experience the same thing again, but the one before the experience is different than the one after the experience.

    We ARE not the same. Yes, the soul is there as an empty container, but the movie giving us consciousness will be totally different. That is why, there is no one in this Life going to Paradise in the future. Am “I” going to heaven? NO! “I” will not be there. The soul maybe there, but it will have a complete different “software,” different consciousness. Is that “I,” ME?

    When we “die” and take another body; typically, we will not remember our last Life. Have you noticed that?  Lack of memory means newness.
    That is how newness will appear “again,” in that empty container which we call “soul.” Therefore, after a cycle there is no memory of what we went through in this Lifetime. Where is that “I” that will go through the same exact experience then?
    Nowhere, but in our imagination now.

    We are so attached to those memories which are giving us identity. 

    To explain the cycle of time could be hurtful without the understanding and hopefully experience of “No-I.”
    That is why it was said in another article: Who are you?
    I AM and I AM NOT. Both at the same time.
    However, “No-I” is not part of the Brahma Kumaris curricula, for their method is meant to increase the “I.”

    For the common good.

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      Here I appreciate your level of understanding and agree with you that very few realizes the core of Brahmakumaris. Though that core you realized and those few Brahmakumaris have realized may not be the same 😅This can only be understood by self realized people and that’s why I like to read your articles.


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    "Choice" to come down the ladder 

    The “eternally predestined Drama” means a plot which allows for Life to recycle itself. Observe that nothing in it can be labeled as “bad” or “good” but rather necessary. However,  there is this idea that “I” can change things the way “I” want to, based on an understanding of human or “godly” morality. 

    Who is that “I”?
    “You” have been “coming down the ladder” without DOING something purposely for it to happen.  “You” were not AWARE. “You” were “good” and turned out to be “bad” after a while. Why should you DO a thing to “go up the ladder”?

    A BK follower may say: “That is entropy”.
    That is Jagdish’s terminology, but entropy means “gradual decline into chaos”; however, in the Drama things go back to the way it was before, thus every moment is “eternal”.
    How do we explain this?
    Because the Drama is a circle. It is not a line. For the travelers of the circle there is no “up or down”, there is merely movement around it.
    Because of that, the word “entropy” may not be accurate.

    The conventional idea is that “If I am going down the ladder, I need to make effort to go up”.
    That is the belief behind “effort making.” “I make effort.”
    Nevertheless, in Life what goes down will go up… all by itself… It is in the Drama!

    Going “up” or “down” has no morality in the circle of Life. It is part of the human experience. However, most have agreed that “going up” is “good” and “going down” is “bad”. The efforts of the “I” are needed to remain “up” and resist going down.

    That is the “maya”.

    Someone will ask: “So what DO I DO? To let myself be pulled by Life?”

    Please understand. Whatever “you” consider to BE “you” is Life itself.
    Any decisions “you” make based on ideals are just that, ideals.

    BapDada has taught to BKs in the Avyakt Murlis about “being a detached observer.”
    We can only talk about being a detached observer because there is a predestined Drama. Otherwise, we cannot. Otherwise, there is the “I” who will be responsible and accountable for not DOING the “right thing”.

    A detached observer appears as a consequence of assimilation of experiences. If there is rejection of a particular experience, then we are not being detached. There is a “button” being pushed.

    The Drama is a movie. Enjoy it! That has been the message for a long time now. Your capacity to enjoy Life is “good karma” but that is hindered by the conditioned mind. Therefore, observe that which we call mind, get acquainted with it. It is not about judging, but to be open to discover what it is.

    “You” are the movie of Life. “You” want to change what is in the movie. However: How can “you” change a movie that has already been made?

    The illusion is in the one who wants to change the movie.
    Yes, in the movie you eat chocolate ice cream. It happens that you like that ice cream. You call that “my choice” but you never think about how that liking for chocolate ice cream came to you. It is easier to say: “It is my choice, my liking” but all your choices come from what the movie offers and the conditioning of previous experiences, which you had no “control of”.
    Do you see that?

    Observe the movie, enjoy it… That is all. You can play the game of “making choices” and feel ‘good’ or ‘bad’ or guilty/innocent… all the dualities, but now you know that there is no “true”choice, for there is no “I.” However, if you are not AWARE, a big “I” will be growing and choices/decisions will appear as being “mine.” But do not worry…That is not “bad” or “good”. It is necessary. Become AWARE of it for any change to happen “naturally” and not through following a commandment or a religious dogma. That is artificial… but necessary for many.
    The movie moves through stories. You are part of that story…. But your story depends on other connected stories. A what point then, you could separate from everything else?

    Only in your mind.

    For the common good.

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      Yes Avyakt7-NG, there is nothing new in the drama.

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      • Dinesh Chawla 9:32 AM on February 6, 2017 Permalink | Reply

        Hey Ahndy, your article on “What is awareness?” was the MOST GREAT … I mean just Woooww… don’t have any more words for it. Thank you so much for writing that article.

        Well I cam here on BK page for a small question, could you please explain that thing in your way, I will really appreciate that… 🙂

        Ok so it is about taking with Shiv Baba in paramdham, we have done that .. I mean I had done that while I wa son that path. We go there by converting ourselfs into a point form of soul and visualize baba in front of us and then we both star talking… like

        Soul: Good morning Baba
        Supreme Soul: Good morning my sweet child
        Soul: Baba I am not feeling good today
        Supreme soul: Why what happened?
        Soul: Someone said something really hurtful in office, and I am a little angry on that guy.
        Supreme soul: Oh sweatheart, that guy was just playing a role in teh drama of your life and in teh cosmic drama too. And that too according to his own sanskars. Forgive that soul and move on child.
        Soul: Oh baba, you are so great you freed me from anger I had on that guy by giving this answer. Thank you baba, now I have a lot of work, going down on stage back and will see you soon, love you baba.

        Well that was my personal example in my own way. But my question is “Are all the replies from Baba are from my own mind and not from Baba, because we feel that when we do? That we are talking with our own mind and not with any supreme being.

        Now sister Shivani has said this in one of her lecture of “Practice Spirituality”… the answer from baba will be something against your own thinking, something like dude how can baba say this, but you need to do it… 🙂

        Please through some light on this, it will help us a lot.
        Dinesh C


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    Questions on Satyuga and the eternal cycle 

    Om shanti.. brother..
    When does this world will transform into satyuga…what your perspective over this..how many years remaining…??

    Thank you for your question.
    If I’d say “tomorrow,” would you believe me? Probably not. How about next month?
    Maybe, maybe not. How about next year? Do you believe me?
    Just to make sure that you will believe me, let me add 10 years to my answer.
    No doubt in 11 years.
    Now what? Are you going to “make effort”? Knowing that transformation will happen in 11 years should give you motivation, right?

    Oh! So you don’t believe me that satyuga will happen in 11 years… so when do you believe? You may need to ask a senior to confirm your belief with their belief and then tell me that my belief was “wrong” for their belief should be “right.”

    We could go on… what is the point? That is what I mean by living in the mind. It is about just beliefs which we make “real.”

    Best to you.

    Since the drama is cyclic in nature, you cannot escape from it, there is no way, if I would request Baba that I don’t want to come in iron age and copper age, I only want to come in golden and silver age, he will say “Law does not hold that dude”. Because right now you are in the drama and to play your part you have to come again so no chance to obtain moksha, liberation from cycle of birth and death (My one reason of leaving BKs was this, I would like to take this topic as well with you Ahnanda in future). If we want to escape, we will have to make the drama as linear may be which happens only once. But that’s just my view, you have said in few of your articles that time is cyclic in nature.

    Thank you for your question.
    From my experience, there is no doubt that there is a cycle of time.
    If you didn’t know this, it wouldn’t matter. You will not remember it “now.”
    If you know this, it can only make you think about all the “bad” stuff that has happened to “you”; without realizing that the “good” stuff has happened as well because of the “bad.” This is called duality, and both sides come together.

    The “I” wants to escape. The “I” wants “moksha.”
    You are not your body. You are not your mind. Where are you?
    If you say “soul” or “spirit,” then why are you so concerned about suffering things that happened in this physical plane? Those things shouldn’t touch you.
    SO, here we find a dishonesty. Those who believe to be an eternal soul but yet are worried about “destruction.”

    The issue is the “I.” Otherwise, there is just a movie. Watch it. That is a “detached observer.” You are eternal. You will come back again as you are one more time… Dinesh. (Label identifying the manifestation of a role.)
    The “I” will feel sad, desperate, hopeless by knowing this… just because the movie is not going according to his wishes, desires, wants… but yet the “I” does not exist.
    That is the wonder. Maya.

    If you left the BK movement because of this belief in the Drama, you may want to consider to go back; for as far as I am concerned; that is true…. Time is cyclical, although it appears linear. Repetitive, although it appears new all the time; paradoxical, although it appears logical.
    Even though there is death, there is none for you will come back exactly as you are now.
    Even though there is suffering; there is pleasure with the same intensity. How do you know suffering, if you don’t experience pleasure? Both come together, although they appear separate.
    There is no “I,” although it appears that there is.
    That is a “reason” why “I” am not a BK now.

    For the common good.

    • Dinesh Chawla 12:15 PM on January 12, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      Oh Ahnanda, you always write really well dude… 🙂

      I had many reasons to leave that organisation, one can’t escape from cycle is just one of them, please follow few more reasons now:

      First reason: Although everything seems so good and clean and fresh for BKs, but they are people with a lot of bias and prejudice. After following them for almost three years, I told the most senior sister there that I want to completely surrender myself now, I was quite dedicated, the answer she gave me was “ I haven’t done the seva (service) like other brothers, just because those other brothers donate a lot of money, and dedicate more time than me, does that mean I am not as truthful as they are towards Baba. But I still continued for more three years, because ultimately in gyan we have to consider drama as well.

      Second reason: I went for doing seva one day with a sister in a nearby garden, she is very elder sister and surrendered at the center, in the middle all of a sudden, a small beggar child, so innocent, he was hardly 7 to 8 years old, touched her and asked for money, as beggars do, she got angry on that beggar, I can’t consider this as drama now, come on.

      Third reason: Again the same, BK sisters do get angry but in utterly sweet way, one can easily make out that. One day a stranger entered inside center for using washroom, and the elder sister found, she got angry on Jr sister. I will include my another reason here only, they threw one sister out of center (Yes, it will be called throwing, because she was surrendered for many years at center) saying that she was not able to follow shreemat properly, but when I dug into the matter, I found that she fell for a guy at center, and they caught her. (I am not trying to disrespect them, but just stating my experience).

      Fourth reason: They are not truthful people, they force and encourage their followers for divorce from their spouse. Apart from this, Baba’s gyan won’t help me to understand my sexuality, I am a homosexual.
      There are many… but please note this again that I didn’t leave them because I found Osho or Ahnanda, I simply wanted to be on my personal journey.

      Fifth reason: The gyan is quite self-contradictory, become “icha matram avdya” means reach to a state of desirelessness, but there are many desires on this path, desire to churn knowledge, desire to increase the experience of yoga with Baba, desire to inculcate every dharna with you, desire to do a lot seva, whatever, one may say these are good desires, making you head towards something good, but a Desire is Desire, you can’t reach “icha matram avdya” with these four subjects.

      And regarding “I” does not exist is the teachings of Gautham Buddha, explained 2500 years ago, it’s called reality of “anatta”, atta means soul and anatta means no soul at all.


      • ahnanda 4:26 PM on January 13, 2017 Permalink | Reply

        So many “reasons” dealing with others and what others DO. Your fifth reason is a “good” reason though, at least in my book. 🙂


        • Dinesh Chawla 2:13 AM on January 15, 2017 Permalink | Reply

          Ahnanda, you are a cutie pie bro 🙂


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    The core of Brahma Kumaris gyan. 

    Looking back from my actual perspective of Life, the piece of Knowledge which has had significance in my Life, is the cycle of time.

    As a matter of fact, from my view it is the only “knowledge” with significance.
    The cycle of time is not a Brahma Kumaris discovery. It has existed in Hinduism, although with a different take, duration, stories, etc.

    A deeper understanding of it, will take someone into what Zen, Taoism and even Tantra are explaining in their own ways.
    The “unlimited” movie is all that exists, and it already has a reel of scenes which have been already shot in “advance,” which are always running.  We could perceive things as the “I” separated from the movie as many religions including Brahma Kumaris perceive, AND/OR we can see that the “I” as separation is an illusion.  Have you heard this terminology? To BE nothing, to DO nothing, to witness, to BE everything there is…. The Drama. 

    Who am I? That question when answered honestly does not have an answer. Yes, it is the soul, right? No. That is a BELIEF. For most is only about replacing the word “I” with the word “soul.” To say “I am a soul” does not mean that I have honestly felt, that I know out of my own experience.  If you knew, you wouldn’t be a BK follower, because the “goal” would have been “achieved”. Soul conscious.   The belief is that by DOING or not DOING things, soul consciousness will arrive to you.

    Because the movie is a “game,” to enjoy that experience is the natural outcome of “understanding” deep gyan, which is the core of Tantra.

    The importance and emphasis of the “I” in Brahma Kumaris knowledge, may be a source of distortion.
    It is “Baba and I,” “Mera Baba,” the “I” is always there, even in Heaven; thus; the need of that “I” to DO things to make things happen and fight with all forces of evil or Maya or anything which comes in front, to obtain the goal, the golden carrot; which is obtained with much denial of what our current Life offers to the “I,” for those things are “impure,” and “I” am becoming “pure.”
    Without a doubt that is a great setup to observe the ego in action. Unfortunately it is not like that for in that state of consciousness, awareness is not developed yet.

    Baba needs to tell me what to DO, how to DO it and WHEN to DO it.
    “I” am totally dependent on his instructions. “I” am afraid of making “mistakes,” for “I” want to be “right.”

    If that “I” is not seen for what it is, I am afraid the BK experience will only serve as a way to further enhance the ego. Either way, it is good.

    Many Brahma Kumaris followers are beginning their “spiritual careers” by understanding the mind.
    I recall that avyakt7 was a great “churner” of “knowledge.”
    To figure out the whereabouts of Lakshmi and Narayan, the Advanced party and all the secrets behind the 108 and the first day of the Golden age, and then to go into the dinosaurs alley and their existence in the “Copper age” or lack of it, all of that has no value for me at this time.
    Zero, Nada, Zilch.

    However, I can understand why many Brahma Kumaris brothers and sister are still using their minds to figure those things out. I was there.
    You may get the reputation of “best churner,” and be compared with Jagdish Bhai nevertheless; all of that is pointless in self-realization, but yet another good source of ego.

    To go into the significance of the cycle of time and its repetition, is to discover that the separation of the “I” from the unlimited movie, is a mirage, a “big maya.” Everything is together. Everything is the movie, including “you,” the “I.”

    In order to dilute the ego, it needs to be enhanced first; and Brahma Kumaris does a pretty good job in that.

    For the common good.

    • Dinesh Chawla 8:50 AM on January 11, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      Hmm, well portrayed Ahnanda… The knowledge of drama is wonderful. But two things that make and made me feel strange and do something like “eeyyyooo (A feeling of great dislike)” after the lesson of drama are:

      All that bad stuff and immense suffering I went through since iron age and especially in this particular birth is going to happen with me again and again in every kalpa, every cycle, because my suffering in this particular birth was immense…:(
      Since the drama is cyclic in nature, you cannot escape from it, there is no way, if I would request Baba that I don’t want to come in iron age and copper age, I only want to come in golden and silver age, he will say “Law does not hold that dude”. Because right now you are in the drama and to play your part you have to come again so no chance to obtain moksha, libration from cycle of birth and death (My one reason of leaving BKs was this, I would like to take this topic as well with you Ahnanda in future). If we want to escape, we will have to make the drama as linear may be which happens only once. But that’s just my view, you have said in few of your articles that time is cyclic in nature.
      Apart from this Osho explains in one of his lecture that, do you really think that a world so called heaven where everything is considered as perfect, it will be enjoyable to live there. How boring that would be to live there without any problem, like you don’t have anything to do there, no job for survival, no business, although BKs do claim that there will be barter system there, but barter system brings a lot of problems, inequality, storage of material, and so on, so how can a world where there exist a barter system be free from emotional suffering, people won’t feel jealous or low or high when they exchange stuff in barter system!!
      He claims that hell in fact would be a more colorful place, with so many variety of people existing at same time, so many varieties of dances, will there be any dance in heaven, if yes, how many varieties? he goes on and on explain that people have been running behind heaven but you can be in heaven even if you are living in a hell world of today.

      Dinesh C


      • Anil Kumar 10:12 AM on January 12, 2017 Permalink | Reply

        There are still some tribal societies who have no contact with modern society. They use barter system for getting their daily necessities. They enjoy their life with pristine nature. The drama has place for something at a right time.

        Anil Kumar


        • avyakt7- New Generation 10:55 AM on January 12, 2017 Permalink | Reply

          That is right, Anil. The Drama has place for something at the right time. It cannot be any other way as we are all part of this marvelous movie.
          Dinesh: The article today goes into your question. I would be glad to go further into it in another article if you have further questions.

          One important thing to remember is that in the Golden age BEING is complete, full. Naturally those BEINGS are “good.” Therefore, whatever they DO is good as well. There is no greed. On the other hand, at this time for most; BEING is incomplete. This is not “bad” but just an experience of the range of experiences which always move from one extreme to the other, from completeness to incompleteness.
          There is nothing to fix, as this is the natural law; only be aware, acknowledge of who we ARE, that brings automatic change.

          Spiritually nowadays, is busy covering our BEING with DOING. Our actions look “good” in the surface but are driven by greed, whether that is to make more money or to get Paradise in the afterlife, it is the same thing.

          Bartering is not a problem. It is not “impure.” Just like sex. The issue is BEING, the type of consciousness behind the action.



          • Dinesh Chawla 2:39 AM on January 13, 2017 Permalink | Reply

            Hey, this may seem a little argumentative, “There is no greed in Golden age”. Now suppose ABC BEING is a deity in golden age, sitting and eating the perfect food, as in golden age the food is going to be the Great, “they call it 56 bojan”.

            Now the ABC deity likes one food item and he wants more food item, to get more experience of those 56 bojan, my point is “subtle wanting more” is going to be there, I am sorry to disagree with Ahnanda for the first time, but after all “GREED IS GREED”.

            There is GREED in golden age as well.


            • ahnanda 4:25 PM on January 13, 2017 Permalink | Reply

              Dinesh: You are assuming that deity ABC will act as “normal” people here. Greed is defined as:”intense and selfish desire for something, especially wealth, power, or food.” THE KEYWORD IS “SELFISH.”
              If I want more food because I am legitimately hungry, that is not greed, it is hunger. If I want more food because is the last portion or someone else may take it, that is not hunger but greed.
              Greed is greed, but hunger is not greed. 🙂


        • Dinesh Chawla 2:43 AM on January 13, 2017 Permalink | Reply

          Daily necessities, enjoyment with pristine nature and a place in drama is not going to free them from all sorts of sufferings forever.

          I am sorry, I have been quite argumentative in both the comments, but one can’t deny these facts. Can you Anil?

          Now may be you have a question why to get rid of all sorts of suffering for ever? Let’s see whether I am able to find that in my personal journey… 🙂


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    Looking at the “Confluence age.” 

    When does the “Confluence age” truly starts?
    It started at the beginning of the cycle. Every age as stated by Brahma Kumaris knowledge, had already a beginning… in the beginning, of course. It cannot be otherwise, for as we know causality is behind every event.

    Likewise, causality is behind every human being. What we typically call “I.”
    What is causality? What we call Karma.
    What is karma?
    The Drama of Life. Life itself as experienced by human beings.

    The process is similar as a fruit growing in a tree. The fruit appears, then it will change colors until it perishes, but the tree will produce more fruits.
    From a human perspective through utilitarian conditioning, we could say that when the fruit is “green” it is not ready. When the fruit is ripe is perfect. That is the highest state. It must be eaten before it is too late.

    That human perspective is similar to the one coloring most of the Brahma Kumaris knowledge. It is about being a BK and how the rest of the cycle fits the BK world.

    Life itself is not like that. It is “benevolent” (Just to give it a label, although benevolent and non-benevolent is not what Life truly is) for all.

    The “confluence age” started when Brahma Baba became Brahma. It will last 100 years. Sounds familiar?

    That is an artifice. Artifices are used to produce a particular behavior in followers.
    It is what parents use for their kids: “Eat your broccoli, or I will call the cookie monster.”
    Artifices use the “future” to produce a desired behavior.

    We know that the cycle of time is what it is: Eternal, repetitive, made to self-preserve the Universe. Every entity, every living being is part of this Totality whether they are conscious or not, whether they believe in their free will or not, whether they see themselves as separate from Life or not. Every manifestation of Life is necessary exactly as it is.

    Yet, we are concerned about coming up with a “ true method for change.” We are even talking about “self-transformation.” That is not an “I” event. It doesn’t happen because “I” want it, but just like the fruit in the tree, it happens when we are ready through the process of Life. We cannot separate from Life.

    Remember: The “goal” is not be ripe or ready. There are no goals. No incentives. We make our lives into anything we believe in. That is neither right nor wrong, it is just an experience, like many others.
    What could you be worried about? An eternal being fusing about “achieving goals,” “making a difference,” etc. All ego driven dreams.
    Nor good or bad, just experiences. Our perception now, will change tomorrow.

    Every experience has its own taste. Taste it and move on. Enjoy that “now” for it will be a long time before it comes back again… but it is certain that it will.

    For the common good.

    • Anil Kumar Reddy Mendu 12:00 PM on November 1, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      Thank you avyakt7 – New Generation.

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    • Gayathri 12:09 PM on November 2, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      Dear Avyakt 7,

      Yes, I agree with what all you say. But may I add something to it? In my experience, somehow I had developed deep faith in BK knowledge very soon and followed shrimat to the extent I could; I had even brought immense pressure on my self to change because I wanted to ‘change’ my sanskars.

      In no time, I had developed a lot of disinterest in this world, but I was not faking it, any number of external situations/ tests had proved (to me) that I was a totally different person from what I was the previous year.

      So, it was the teachings, and full faith in those teachings that had brought the changes in me. Knowledge and churning knowledge (which I used to do non stop while awake) had changed my sanskars.

      Doing also brings in change. 🙂


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    Observe the cycle of time 

    Yes, you had the experience with Brahma Baba, a being of light. You had visions of Paradise… That is a gift! That gift came with some human gift wrapping, some interpretations of the cycle of time which you took as the “truth.”
    There is a difference between your “spiritual experiences” and the dogmatic belief. Experiences were yours, the other was learned and accepted deep inside as “true.”

    Observe the cycle of time. It is a circle. Every event of that circle leads automatically to another.
    Can we divide the circle in parts?
    No! That is artificial. Reality is a continuous. Events in that circle change perspective depending on your point of reference.
    Why label some events as “good” or “bad” if they are all necessary for further change?
    Why call a certain region of that circle as “heaven” to “like it better” than the rest?
    That is an artificial gimmick catered to people living on the mind.

    Observe your consciousness, your understanding beyond the mind. Did you do it? No! It happened to you.
    “You” cannot separate from everything else. “You” are part of the movie, thus; change in “yourself” does not depend solely in your “efforts.” There is way more than “you.” All of that is happening without your awareness, all interlaced with what you call “I.”

    Did you know that the Drama, Life, the “big” movie… has been already done?
    Yes? Then, how can you think that “you” are going to change it.
    “Your” DOING, your little efforts are not able to change your consciousness, for consciousness is part of the Drama, Life. “You” are an agent, a form manifesting, expressing a particular part.

    “Soul consciousness” does not depend on “you.” There is nothing “you” could DO to get it. It happens when it is time and that does not depend on “you.”

    As long as there is an “I” striving to become something such as “soul conscious,” “pure,” “an angel,” “a deity,” etc. Nothing could happen for the “I” is in the way.
    I know that “you” want to DO something. I know that “you” want to be “better,” to leave a legacy in Life, to be an example for others, etc.

    Forget about it.
    Let all of that striving to rest in peace. Merely BE acquainted with that static “I.” Recognize the beliefs, the ideals, the values, the conditioning and allow them to dilute themselves until “you” become a “nothing.” No longer an “I,” somebody; but “nothing.”

    I know that this is not what you’ve been taught. “You” have been taught to be “someone,” to strive to become something “better” in the “future.”

    As long as you are “someone” there will be lack of fulfillment, for fulfillment appears out of that nothingness, for there will not be a thing to reject. Life, the Drama, is good as it is. It will change without your “help.”
    The Drama of Life shows us that what have been determined already, will happen.
    Therefore, allow yourself to be in tune with what will happen.
    You don’t know what will happen?
    You don’t need to. Just let it happen. 🙂

    For the common good.

    • A Silent Spectator 10:38 AM on October 27, 2016 Permalink | Reply



    • Anil Kumar Reddy Mendu 11:26 AM on October 27, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      Thank you brother,
      While reading the post, a new desire to become “nothing” has started without my awareness.


      • avyakt7- New Generation 3:31 PM on October 27, 2016 Permalink | Reply

        Please keep this in mind: A desire to be someone is as ego centered as the desire to be “nothing.” How can you be “nothing” if you don’t have a desire? It happens when the “I” diminishes, unlearns, takes away rather than adding stuff; that is unlearns beliefs, ideals, taboos, hang ups, moral standards, conditioning, etc. all of that which makes an “I.” That is a journey in itself.

        All the best! 🙂


  • avyakt7- New Generation 11:56 AM on October 25, 2016 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , , cycle of time, , , , kalpa, , ,   

    Paradise is there waiting for "you" 

    What is the point of trying to go to a Paradise, if “you” as “you” are now, will not be aware of it?
    Are you aware that once you have experienced that, the experience will go away?
    Isn’t the main element to “go to Paradise” to be “soul conscious” in this Life?
    Are you going to BE soul conscious by DOING things? By giving knowledge? By DOING service? By following a “code of conduct”?

    Change of behavior due to some belief of the “I” has no consequence in BEING someone different.

    Do you believe that because you joined the Brahma Kumaris movement, you automatically will go to the Golden age?
    That is not so. Joining a movement and distinguishing yourself with a label has no relationship with “soul consciousness.”

    The “I” has to go away, for “soul consciousness” to appear. This will not happen by any activity the “I” could accomplish, for any accomplishments of the “I” is only a source of ego.

    Therefore, what is the fuss about going to “Paradise”? That is a tool sold to many.
    Certainly some will experience the first quarter of the kalpa, but to call “Paradise” to that experience is only a game of words, for if someone experiences the second half of the kalpa first, that person will be full, complete with that experience as well. “Sleeping time” is the difference in the “soul world,” and as we “know,” there is no time for souls.

    The game of “hurry up,” “now or never,” “you will regret it, if you don’t DO anything,” etc. is only a game for grown-ups.

    The best time is NOW. Enjoy it. Allow yourself to experience the experience, for what comes next is already there waiting. The idea that the “I” can change things through “good actions” is merely a belief. “Good actions” are relative. “Good actions” are not “good” when they are rehearsed, created in our minds; for those are artificial and nothing artificial is manifesting who you truly ARE.

    BEING changes automatically like a fruit becomes ripe in time. Ripeness is not “good.” It is just a state of BEING which appears after a process, a Life journey.

    BEING AWARE of that, will give us the quality of trust that we need to relax, unwind, take the time to smell the roses, for there is nothing “you” can DO to change what is already changing. BEING entails change, being aware of the process, you could enjoy it; for it is unique. There is nothing to rush for.

    “Destruction is just ahead.” Do you want to DO things to stop it? Do you want to DO something to “save yourself”?
    Are you afraid? Do you experience anguish?

    I thought you were an eternal BEING. A soul.
    How is that realization going to sink in? It has nothing to do with the understanding of the mind, with “knowledge.”

    For the common good.

    • Anil Kumar Reddy Mendu 12:41 PM on October 25, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      I guess that a core believer of BK movement identifies you as an agent of “maya” after reading this blog post and he/she avoids further reading of this blog posts to go to paradise.


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