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  • avyakt7- New Generation 9:00 AM on January 31, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    Virtues in the Golden age 

    Humility, discipline, patience, contentment, tolerance, etc. all of those things that we have learned to “work on” as BKs, are nonexistent in the Golden Age.

    That is the catch in BK knowledge which I haven’t heard of anyone talking about.

    Are you “creating” sanskaras of humility? Those will not be needed in the Golden age.
    Have you heard of a “humble” deity?

    It is important then to observe how a “virtue” appears at this time.
    It is merely the idealization of its opposite, a “vice”.

    When we understand that every energy that exists in the Universe (and by extension in us human beings) has a polarity, we could see that sin and virtues are together like “Yin and Yang”, it is the same energy expressed in different degrees.

    Someone who has the potential to express courage has the same potential and in the same intensity, the capacity to express cowardice.

    Anger is considered a vice. Its opposite is compassion, a virtue.
    Religions and moral teachings will teach us to reject anger, suppress it and in turn, to embrace compassion.

    That is not possible. How can we reject night and only keep daylight?
    How can we breathe if we reject inhalation and embrace only exhalation?

    That is why in the Golden Age; vices do not exist. Neither virtues.
    Maya does not exist, neither God.
    Observe that by choosing one side of a duality and labeling that as “pure” we cannot get rid of that which is the rest, the “impure.”

    Deities are not impure. Neither pure.
    Here a BK follower is pursuing purity by rejecting impurity.
    We cannot reject the head of the dog and only keep the rest of the dog, unless we want a dead dog.

    That is exactly what is happening: A human being pursuing one side of a duality and rejecting the other side; is a dead human being. That person is not living Life anymore. Closed in their own jail/bubble of “purity” surrounded by “impurity”.

    The mind can do that trick, because the mind is about division. It divides everything. Nevertheless, the reality of Life does not fit that artificial division.

    When a Brahma Kumaris follower transcends the mind, his reality will be different. That may be the “reality” of a Deity, who does not know what is “yoga of the mind.”

    To “create” sanskaras of a Deity then, do not divide. Embrace both sides of duality, to transcend it by integrating “what is”.
    That is a notch above the game of “pure vs. impure”.

    For the common good.

  • avyakt7- New Generation 9:01 AM on January 24, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    “Becoming” is the teaching of the mind 

    The word “becoming” is used many times in the Brahma Kumaris teachings.
    Become an angel, become a deity, become a detached observer, become equal to god, become like the father, become a conqueror of attachment, become number 1, etc.

    There is a method to achieve that “becoming,” as it is believed that it all depends on “you.” Just got to DO it.

    The burden of responsibility is shifted upon your shoulders. There is little time left to “save yourself”, if you “fail” it will be forever…. 🙂 That is the pressure.

    The game is that you will never know if you have reached any of the “becoming” goals.
    This method is purely of the mind but for people living in the mind.

    How is this teaching of “becoming” congruent with an eternal repetitive Drama?
    They do not fit well.
    “Becoming” is on “you” but “you” are predestined. Whatever “effort” you make will give you a “better” status… Again, the thought is that “you” can improve “yourself” which is impossible given the circumstances of the Drama, “you” are not separate from the Drama, “you” are it… 

    Because “you” don’t know how to “become” “better”, a “method” is given to you, it is something that you have to DO.
    DOING it many times will overwrite your sanskaras, right?

    I used to believe that, until I discovered through my own experience that behavior cannot change consciousness.
    My sanskaras could be overwritten, but consciousness is before sanskaras.

    A brainwashed individual acting like a saint, is not a saint. BEING a saint is the process of consciousness through the assimilation of many Life experiences, it is a temporal stage in the Unlimited Drama, never a “destination” or the “ultimate goal.”

    A detached observer is consistent with the existence of the eternal predestined Drama. Even though you are acting, it is for “name’s sake only” as BapDada says; however, we like to say “I did it,” just like the DOING that is necessary to “become” an angel or equal to god… 

    Do you see the issue?
    The Drama is DOING through me and not “I” am doing. Of course, this DOING through me does not happen if my mind is full of ideas, beliefs and so forth; for what comes through me is filtered through the mind, judged and repressed or expressed according to my beliefs of what “should be.”

    This repression is the product of the belief that “I” should be “saved,” that I should “advance in my career in Heaven,” by sacrificing now… without realizing that the Drama does not depend on the “I” at all.

    The “movie” is already made. ENJOY IT. Get into that space of inner emptiness, of innocence, so the child inside could arrive. That is how we “become” children again, not by DOING, but by allowing it to BE… and it will BE at the right time.

    For the common good.



  • avyakt7- New Generation 11:41 AM on June 3, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    Becoming "number 1" 

    One of the interesting aspects about the BK religion in my experience, was the continuous assurance that “ I am number 1.” “I am important.” “I am a true Brahmin.” “I know the truth,” “I know God.” “I will go to heaven.” “Wah! My fortune!!”

    It is through that shield of “I-ness” how ego develops into self-righteousness. “ I know more than …” “I am more fortunate than…”

    The appeal for the masses is tremendous. “I may not have wealth, fame and health now, but in the future, I will. Not only that, but I know God. He is there protecting ME.”
    The “I,” The “Me,” continually is build up.

    To make that appeal even stronger, “I am in the good side, the Godly side, helping God and having distaste for what is not righteous.”  “Righteous” is a definition based on someone standards. My belief is that it is “God’s standards… for I know the truth.”

    “God has founded the BK religion unlike any other religion.”
    “God is speaking only to us.” “No one else but us, BKs.”
    “In my first birth, I will be a deity. I am an ancestor soul.” “I am someone.”

    That “pure” pride is a way to build up that ego.

    While watching “Kung Fu” the other day I heard this teaching: “A man truly himself will not enrich his own interests and make a virtue of poverty. He goes his way without depending on others, yet is not arrogant that he needs no other. The greatest man is nobody.” – Master Kan, quoting CHUANG TZU Chap. 17 #3.

    If God could say to me “You are nobody.” Wouldn’t I consider that an insult?
    Could my ego dismiss that entity as God?
    Wouldn’t it take maturity, experience, to understand that this “I” is a fiction which needs to be pampered to the point where it is necessary to dissolve it?

    Then I heard another teaching in “Kung Fu.”
    “Do not the ancients say, ‘Rank and reward have no appeal for a man one with himself.'” – Master Kan quoting CHUANG TZU Chapter 17 #3

    Have I gotten to the point where I AM one with myself?
    “I am a soul not a body.” “I am an angel.” “I am a deity.” “ I am a….”

    For the common good.

    • madhvisai 4:49 AM on June 6, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      Brother how do I post you a new question?

      In this box??


      • avyakt7- New Generation 8:45 AM on June 6, 2016 Permalink | Reply



        • madhvisai 3:08 PM on June 6, 2016 Permalink | Reply

          While I und the importance of routine and discipline in spiritusl life, what I still find hard to accept is the specif times advised to connect to Baba and have your heart to heart with him at 4 am. On one hand I can connect to Babs any time….also he is only a thought away. .so ehy fo I get told that only between 4 and 4.45 would he like to meet his brahmin children. Edp because the energies are clear at that time….pls can you share your understanding on this? Many thanks.


          • avyakt7- New Generation 3:39 PM on June 6, 2016 Permalink | Reply

            When I was a BK , I used to follow the Amrit Vela system. Now that I am not, I don’t. That is all I have to say about that question. 🙂


    • non BK 10:21 AM on June 6, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      is there anything like conscious repression?


    • R.s 10:26 AM on June 6, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      can one consciously repress??:-)


      • avyakt7- New Generation 3:02 PM on June 6, 2016 Permalink | Reply

        Certainly. Many times we will consciously repress something which is natural in us, by blindly following an ideal or a belief. Once the ideal of the belief is confronted, the repression will go away.


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