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    Pain and Suffering 

    The other day my friend Mathias was telling me that Life offers opportunities to change the direction in our Life. The signals may come from different places, people or events. We just need to “listen” to those signals.

    There is a huge difference between “listening” and “hearing.” Those who actually listen will have an experience which could make them change their current path. However, many times that experience gets buried through thoughts, beliefs and conditioning which will take over and eradicate that new seed which was ready to grow and blossom. In a few words, we will become unconscious, sleepy. Those who only “hear” on the other hand, will continue moving on in “automatic” pilot for what they heard is not part of their experience yet.

    Nevertheless; for those who listened and yet forgot, the body will react to remind us, giving another chance. Many times we still do not listen to it. What is the result then?

    Pain. That is another signal.

    It has been said: “When emotions express themselves, there is liberation. When they do not, the body aches.” That is another opportunity to “Listen.”

    Mathias also shared with me that there are 2 types of pain: 1) Pain due to “purification,” that is when a person changes into a new being which could be observed when a child has new teeth, when a boy becomes a teen (psychological distress) or even when the vibration of our physical body changes into another element (“5th Dimension” comes to mind) and then the most common one, 2) There is pain due to stubbornness.

    Those types of pain are part of the human experience, but stubbornness is a trait which many times reflects rigidity and as my friend Mathias said, “Perfectionism and Rigidity are intimate friends.”

    Whenever we experience physical pain, there is the experience of it but eventually it will go away. The mechanism is exactly the same as pleasure but in the “opposite” direction. When the mind comes to play this “game,” the anticipation of more pain (future) or the memory of it (past), is known as suffering. Observe that suffering is in a way the unnecessary extension of pain. Now, what could be the equivalent of that in the side of pleasure?

    Any guesses? It is called addiction. Yes, it is another mind “game” for the most part.

    Where pain and pleasure are facts of Life, suffering and addiction are optional. What makes it so hard to break away from those if intellectually, I see the issue?

    It is the depth of the habit. (For how long, how many times, how integrated it is in our life, how dependent we have become, etc.) For that reason many religions including the Brahma Kumaris, will make an emphasis on the type of habits that we introduce in our lives, for eventually those habits will break the delicate balance between health and sickness, whether physical, or psychological.

    However, when we have a set of daily habits which are clean, wholesome and positive, many will fall into rigidity, perfectionism and again the fine thread of balance and harmony will be broken: Discipline vs. Flexibility.

    As we can see; rejection of pain or pleasure is not the answer, for that duality is meshed together through fine golden threads of balance. That balancing act between pain and pleasure, is something which cannot be spoken or put into commandments, for everyone is in a different journey. Some have labeled that balancing act as “the middle way.”

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    The need to transcend and non-duality 

    A friend wrote: “Felt it. No need to transcend anything. Trying to transcend something that I am not. Non-dualism is where it’s at.”

    The above is very important. “Felt it.” That is the first indication of how genuine a realization may be. While for most, it could be something like: “I understood” or “I thought,” here a feeling conveys a deeper significance, for it is beyond the mind.

    While many religions teach to transcend the “bad” in us to only have the “good,” what is actually happening is an inner division: Two sides in the same person, where none could ‘win’ for one side complements the other. How could you transcend greed? When living in the mind, we believe that we can do that by acting in a generous way. However, acting (DOING) is not enough to change BEING (greed.) Then, we could use some repression based on some belief system or we can even write down how many times during the day we acted in a generous way to make it a “sanskar.” However, none of that takes care of greed.

    Now, let me go a bit further. Some ‘spiritual’ individuals may want to transcend the body, for they have even felt that they are not the body. What they are, could be labeled as soul, spirit, source, etc. Any name will do. The important aspect is to realize that we will start denying that which we think/ feel we are not.

    That perspective has a problem. In order to live in our current physical realm, we need the body. How could we make a philosophy of living by denying that which we need to live? That denial could go on: Deny sex, deny any sensual aspect of the body like dancing or sports, deny any pleasure coming from the senses, deny anything that could get someone addicted through the experience of the body.

    In the end; that experience of continuous denial, truly promotes a lack of self love.

    On the other hand, if that person observes his every feeling and action; that person will be aware when the threshold of feeling in harmony has been crossed. For instance, whenever we eat a meal. It could be truly delicious and then the “I want more” will arrive. I could stuff myself and pay the consequences or I could leave from that experience satisfied and in harmony with ‘what is.’ “Stuffing yourself” apparently has no consequences, but as our level of awareness ‘improves,’ then we will be able to observe the ramifications and how addiction comes into the picture.

    Observe that “I” am not denying anything but just observing. As learning comes by assimilating an experience, naturally the path of least resistance will be followed without struggle. Many believe that observation is superficial. They do not want to go deeper into the emotional source behind the action.

    Someone who has experienced a religious path of self denial (path of high resistance,) will immediately know what I am talking about. That experience is important to observe how we have reacted and that is the benefit if we learned from that.

    Someone who does not know anything about spirituality or religion, will be living by following the “normal” dictates of society and its conditioning, which means violence at every corner with few sparks of generosity here and there. For example for many in that world; sex is not fully understood. It is a “problem.” As many have the same problem, then the word “normal” has been used to cover the issues. However, what is “normal” is not necessarily healthy. The end result will be an individual who lacks self observation, awareness, who is not interested in self knowledge at all; that is until things start turning sour, then this person will look for help and then experience for the first time the ‘benefits’ of self denial: That which was ‘good’ or ‘normal’ turned into ‘bad.’

    Due to the above explanation, we could see that different paths are needed and they fit individuals according to their stage or conscious level. However, that level of consciousness will change and that is where an inflexible spiritual path becomes a burden. Time to change.

    “Non-Dualism is where it’s at,” my friend said. In the BK murli there is a concept known as “neti neti” which is part of Hinduism. That translates as: “Neither this nor that.”

    While the mind makes a distinction and creates a duality, a different consciousness could perceive the unity of all, neti neti. The BK world explains this through the knowledge of the “eternally repeating cycle of time,” where there is a togetherness as a movie reel which is continually being played. For instance, while for spectators the movie “Captain America: The first avenger” is just a movie which could be played many times with the same outcome; for every starring participant like the “Captain” (Steve Rogers) there is a particular role, an individuality which brings particular virtues and defects that his role has, which will be necessary in that movie at a particular sequence. “Captain America” is not the same individual for the 2.5 hours of the movie, for ‘he’ has interacted with others, things have happened to ‘him.’ ‘He’ has learned new things and changed into a different character, little by little although most will not realize that.

    When we are able to perceive that movie as a ‘holistic scene’ where everything filmed was needed, then we are observers. If Captain America knew about this 2.5 hours of filming of himself, he wouldn’t take everything happening there so seriously as “his life,” but rather he could be amazed to feel himself as something alive; able to perceive things with his senses, although he knows that ‘he’ is part of the film. That actor can be an individual while knowing to be the movie reel itself.

    That is to be a detached observer in a way; that is to experience non-duality, for there is no separation between ‘him’ and the 2.5 hours movie and everything it brings. It is in this consciousness when non-dual feelings could be felt, like Love; for what is there to hate or be afraid of if ‘you’ are the movie itself?

    In “New Age” jargon, that state of being is known as the experience of the “5th Dimension” and that change is where some humans will be able to experience in their current life times.

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      Thank u sweet brother .while reading transding the bidy ..came to my mind 2 distinct things .body consciousness and body awareness .i think that The latest does not allow vices to grow in the consciousness .why ..because we remaine above what is happeni.g in the body .like keeping 1 cm between us and our own skin .gratitude.

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    A deeper view of Duality through poetry and painting 

    “The fool thinks that the egg comes from the bird-or else that the egg comes from the bird. The wise man knows that they come from each other. The egg falls from the bird and, grotesque as it sounds to say it, that is all there is to the doctrine of the fall. The bird rises from the egg, and that is all there is from the doctrine of evolution. Logically contradictory as the two doctrines are, until imagination “marries” them the truth, Blake believes, will not be born.”

    Extract from “Blake’s fourfold vision”. by Harold C. Goddard – Pendle Hill pamphlet page 18.

    The above quoted paragraph is from a small treaty on William Blakes’s life and poetry. Blake was an English poet, painter and printmaker. He was believed to be ‘crazy’ due to his spiritual visions and misinterpreted poetry. Needless to say, he was little known during his lifetime. Even today when reading some of his poetry (“The Marriage of Heaven and Hell” comes to mind) most conditioned individuals will not understand the depth of what he is trying to portray with the limits of dualistic words and his worldly experience at that time.

    He is quoted saying:”Improvement makes straight roads, but the crooked roads without improvement are the roads of genius.” That may not make much sense, until perhaps we see his painting of “Jacob’s ladder.” (Here is an article I wrote as a BK almost exactly 9 years ago https://explore7.wordpress.com/2012/07/11/exploring-the-meaning-of-the-ladder/) That ladder is not a straight ladder. With greater depth, we could realize that “Improvement” is only a conditioned human ideal.

    Blake came to my attention as I was understanding the picture of the “Ladder” of Brahma Kumaris, 9 years ago. I just recently saw that pic again, and further understanding came. I wanted to know more about Blake and ended up buying this booklet by Goddard for less than 3 dollars on-line. Goddard does a very good job expanding the depth of intellectual understanding by giving plenty of citations and quotes from others, but he lacks the spiritual experiences to go beyond that realm. That is one of the shortcomings in my view, from having academia translate or figure out the meaning behind mysticism. You have to have the experiences to know.

    Blake had an unprecedented understanding through his visions of what duality really means. The worldly background or experience he had to explain it, was the doctrine of Christianity; thus using God, demons and angels, to explain his visions and realizations. He was an artist not a religious seeker and he used that religious background in his poetry.

    “… and the original Archangel …. is called the Devil or Satan” he said. Interestingly, the rebellion of good (Archangel) vs the reign of good (God) became evil. Sort of like, positive pole together with positive pole will repel each other. Now, try telling that to a Christian or to those giving sermons on-line whose idea of duality is a straight line defining good from evil. Interestingly, “Free will” comes to the rescue of that God, for the Archangel could have done otherwise, and therefore the idea of punishment is justified . All of that could be gullible and in fact, it was for many centuries; until we discover predestination…

    Definitely, there is so much depth that we could go into based on Blake’s views but it could be misunderstood. I just want to add some points based on the quote at the start of this writing, the rest is for the reader to ruminate upon: “Imagination” does not marry two opposites (Blake used the word ‘imagination’ to describe how two opposites could be together) if we use the dictionary meaning of that word. It is the mind only making that separation of angels and devils. Nevertheless, Yes that separation exists… but it doesn’t.

    What do you mean?

    Ah! That is a long talk and many experiences to go through to understand.

    Now in the “Spiritual talk” we use the word INTEGRATION rather than “imagination” for what Blake perhaps, tried to explain.

    How do you integrate good and evil? Well, You don’t.

    What do you mean?

    That is another long talk and many experiences to go through.

    The doctrine of the fall of man is a religious view, while evolution is a mix of religion and science. Both are explanations of the purpose and destiny of man and both are creations of a dualistic mind which supports struggle, fight to survive; while Nature does not operate through that duality, but rather complements, balance, harmony. Observe that our perception of Life is biased due to our conditioning.

    Who is first, the bird or the egg? It depends on your point of reference. Goddard didn’t know that; but yet he chooses “who is the fool and who is the wise” (duality) based on judging different perspectives.

    “The roads without improvement are the roads of genius,” Blake said. But also of madmen and mystics. It all depends on your point of reference. Ask Albert Einstein, in doubt!

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    King Vikram to Krishna: Duality in roles 

    King Vikram to Krisha” is one of the stories in the BK philosophy dealing with the experience of duality. According to BK philosophy, Vikram was the first “impure” person (by promoting the carving of sculptures engaged in sex in some temples- famous in the Murli is the temple of Khajuraho;) which marked the beginning of the “Copper age.”

    Interestingly, Lekhraj Kripalani or Brahma Baba now; had the role of being the “first pure” in the role of Krishna but also the first “impure” in the role of King Vikram, according to BK beliefs. The role of Brahma Baba however, is quite important as it makes the transition from “impurity to purity.”

    We forget that human vision of sexuality had a different perspective at that time; which probably was positive and uplifting for human sexuality represented the embrace of duality (man and women in union) also known as integration of opposite but complementary forces in Life. That integration when attained, is sacred. It deserves to be in a temple. However; in the vision of most at this time (a. k. a “impure,”) that representation may only serve as a source of pornography. This confirms that “sin” is in the eye of the beholder- the BEING – and not in the sculpture itself.

    “The first pure became the first impure.” Seemingly opposites, a virtue and a sin; personified by the same “soul” at different times. This elaboration of duality shown in BK beliefs can be observed in other human roles in history, as well.

    For instance, many get caught up with the role of “villain” in history. However, according to the laws of duality; that same “soul” may have represented or will represent a “saintly” role as well at another time, of course; after experiencing roles of suffering as that is an agent of “purification.” The “capacity” for that duality is proportional in both, good and evil. It is that understanding known as “Unlimited” the one that is able to observe that everything is fleeting in a predestined Drama. Basically, “wrong” karma will lead into “good” karma to settle things into a “zero balance” and then into neutral karma or “karmateet.” All according to the “capacity” of that soul which means the ability to withstand both sides of a duality. That is the personal “Drama” or personal plot of every human role, which is entangled with others at the same time. Observe that there is no way for Dada Lekhraj to stop none of the 84 roles “given” to him to perform in Life, according to BK philosophy.

    To be able to better “digest” what was explained, we may need to put many beliefs aside and open up to unlearning. Therefore, whenever we get caught up in a particular role of a particular person, we may need to see that in an “unlimited” way, by looking at both sides of the coin and knowing that “he/she” is truly none of the roles being portrayed and at the same time to observe that “I” was put in front of that person for a “reason.” Nothing happens in Life in a random fashion. Everything is meaningful, although if we search for that meaning, we will be wasting our time, for Life is not about finding intellectual meaning to it; but consciously living the fleeting experience. If we experience something and label it as “bad,” for sure something “good” is on the way or vice versa. It is unavoidable, for that is the complete experience. Duality.

    All experiences are fleeting. Some may last longer than others, but everything goes away, that is certain. However, as they go away they will come back again in a cycle. Do you see the “game”?

    What is important to know about all that philosophical, intellectual nonsense explained above? To enjoy the experience, whether we label that as “good” or “bad.” As a matter of fact, let us forget those childish opposite words which only cause confusion. “Consciously enjoy the now, for it will change and change is fleeting.” Embrace that duality as depicted in those temples.

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      Om shanti. Brother, this is a wonderful presentation of gyan. I have been thinking in the same lines to some extent and this attitude/ perception has really made my life more comfortable. Rejecting people in my mind automatically projects my views about them in my drishti and activity and it in turn creates negative response from others. Only very recently i have brought drastic changes in my response to others’ activities and I am surprised to see the positive responses. This does not mean I encourage people to behave in a particular (negative) way, but I am able to let go of my expectations from them to some (Till now only to SOME) extent. 🙂 So far so good. 🙂
      Thanks for your inspiring articles.
      P.S. Actually, it is not even necessary to go back to a couple of thousands of years to compare how the thinking of people has changed; in general – when a traditional Asian/ Indian lady observes the way some western ladies dress up, she may not appreciate it at all. But for those ladies and their country men that type of dressing looks perfect. We interpret things based on our mental conditioning.


      Sorry, I have typed this reply on another message of yours. 😦

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      Om shanti brother of light .reading your insights is full of positivity. I guess that the hole problematic is that some time we find our selves obliged to use images ( metaphore) to explaine some thing spiritual ….and at in othe times ..this same tool is the mean to creat ” impurity”..in the mind .we were incorporeal in the thought..and then we became corporeal in the thought .anavoidabl proccess . Thank you for ur time end energy.

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    Duality in Life expresses as personal Karma 

    From last article, we could follow how many times we are so entrenched with mental concepts which do not fit the reality of Life. In BK terms, the “Drama” cannot be fully explained through words.

    Let me go a bit deeper. A person expresses through actions. Those actions are the moving blocks of the Drama or Life. Whether we DO or we don’t DO, still things get DONE. I am not talking about things in our little corporation or cubicle, not even governments and their manipulation of “realities” which is very limited. Human rules are for human societies, but that “Matrix” is a small part of Life, the Drama. Let me illustrate: Through laws a president could be ousted from power. That is within the realm of human laws. However, we cannot foresee the consequences of that. “The people” may revolt without consequences, while very few may revolt and there could be large consequences: Killing, accidents, etc. Immediately we look for a “responsible” party to punish them for “their” actions, and we believe that justice has arrived. We condemn them and repudiate those activities; then we forget the incident until something similar happens again, for “history repeats itself.”

    Those powers of action and reaction when looked at the personal level are known as karma. Those who died in the example above, had a Life which karmically needed to end in genocide, that was the type of experience that they needed to experience. Probably these individuals were involved in something which ended up in death of others in another Life experience.

    We label experiences as desirable if they fit our convenience, our ideals or undesirable if we feel against them. We keep on labeling things: Good, bad, sinful or virtuous but in the Drama, those scenes are merely experiences, after all; aren’t we “eternal” beings? What is the “worse” that could happen to you? This belief, however firm; does not fit the reality of our consciousness.

    Life uses activities to move forward into another experience which could bring further suffering to the collective consciousness but necessary for their experience. The “ups and downs” in Life are necessary as they are. Those “ups and downs” express duality.

    Since we are “here,” we experience that duality as agents of change whether we realize that or not. Therefore, our little debates over “free will vs. predestination” amount to nothing. We are unable to observe all ramifications and scenes in Life; the different threads of actions meshed together giving the experience of duality.

    That is why, a “detached observer” is needed to live harmoniously within that duality but that cannot happen while our consciousness of “i” is very strong. A detached observer experiences the insubstantiality of that “i,” thus there is no concrete, stable “i” DOING something, but he is aware that things get done through “him” as he is part of the Drama, Life and there is a higher ultimate theme which needs to be performed.

    Some may believe that Avyakt7-NG is a “good” writer of spiritual knowledge because they can understand what I convey. Some may disapprove by thinking that he only copies stuff from some Asian philosophy. If there is a writer, there is a reader (duality.) Those agreeing or disagreeing are meshed together with me in this experience. “Your” karma may be to understand these things which may have value in your Life, which others do not give a lonely peanut. However; through duality, if those accolades affected me and my ego was inflated, then necessarily I will need to experience the opposite, which may cause suffering. However, if fame and defamation are accepted but there is no ego to be affected positively or negatively by that duality, then the Observer becomes detached although allowing people to act their parts. Rejection of another person’s part, will bring further repetition of the same experience. That is why, “history repeats itself.”

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      Om shanti brother.

      Thanks for the thought provoking article. I agree with you that as log as the mind is active, it only keeps on thinking… what we need is to ‘silence’ the mind. The real spiritual experience is felt in that silence and transformation of the soul happens / starts to happen in that silence.

      Being a detached observer and and not getting influenced by others’ activities and not getting hurt by defamation or are elated by praise is an indicator of becoming a detached observer.

      In this context, i remember one episode that Dadi Janaki ji had shared in our class. Long long ago, in the early days of yagya, when she was serving in Pune centre in India, her co-centrewasi visited Mdhuban. And Baba was all praise for Dadi Janaki ji and had enquired a lot about her well being. This made that sister confused and after returning from Madhuban, she asked Dadi ji as to why Baba was so impressed about her but in reality she was not even able to do much service in Pune because of her ill health. Dadi ji was also a bit confused.
      And when it was her turn to go to Madhuban, in the Murali class, she told Baba that she was not able to do any service and was feeling bad about it.

      Then Baba asked the entire class, “Did Janak gave sorrow to any one of you?” They all said, “No, Baba.” Then he turned towards Dadi ji and asked her, “Do you take sorrow from any one?” She said, “No Baba.”
      “What more do you have to do?” He asked her. She was perplexed and asked him, “Is that all I have to do Baba?” He said, “YES.”

      This shows how we interpret gyan in our own way and go about just doing service with body, mind, and wealth and forget the fact that what is actually required is, BRINGING A CHANGE IN OUR CONSCIOUSNESS.

      Om shanti.

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      “Rejection of another person’s part, will bring further repetition of the same experience. That is why, “history repeats itself.” – This is scary!! 🙂


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      Om shanti. Brother, this is a wonderful presentation of gyan. I have been thinking in the same lines to some extent and this attitude/ perception has really made my life more comfortable. Rejecting people in my mind automatically projects my views about them in my drishti and activity and it in turn creates negative response from others. Only very recently i have brought drastic changes in my response to others’ activities and I am surprised to see the positive responses. This does not mean I encourage people to behave in a particular (negative) way, but I am able to let go of my expectations from them to some (Till now only to SOME) extent. 🙂 So far so good. 🙂
      Thanks for your inspiring articles.
      P.S. Actually, it is not even necessary to go back to a couple of thousands of years to compare how the thinking of people has changed; in general – when a traditional Asian/ Indian lady observes the way some western ladies dress up, she may not appreciate it at all. But for those ladies and their country men that type of dressing looks perfect. We interpret things based on our mental conditioning.



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      The above message was sent here by mistake. It was actually a comment on the article, “From King Vikram to Krishna…” Sorry.


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    The misunderstood “Maya” in Brahma Kumaris 

    The extent you know “Baba” so “Maya.” 
    The word “Maya” is one of the most misinterpreted or perhaps, the one with more interpretations in the BK ideology.
    For some, Maya is “illusion.” That illusion is interpreted as “vices,” or perceptions due to an inaccurate (sick) mind. For others, “Maya” is equivalent to “Satan” in Christianity, it is the antithesis of “Baba.”
    Some may say that everything is “perishable” except the “soul.” Thus, everything is “Maya” with the exception of the “soul” and “Supreme soul.”
    That is a “Maya” (illusion) in itself.

    According to BK knowledge, in Life everything is eternal but ever changing. That is a perception. For others, everything is perishable, except the soul. That is another perception. It all depends from our point of reference, our consciousness. Again, it is a matter of consciousness, not just some intellectual “truth” to accept.
    The big question for any seeker at one point of their “spiritual careers,” is this:

    Do I honestly go with my perception? Do I go with someone else’s perception and label that “truth”?
    For instance, I can know the “truth,” that the “soul” is eternal. Intellectually, I know that. I could teach that to others; but yet; when there is some sort of danger to lose my life, I will go on as if I didn’t know that. I will cry out, I will beg for my life, I will get all stressed out to save it.
    I could know that Brahma Baba was unmovable in front of danger. I want to imitate that, but the HONEST reality is that I cannot. That is the TRUTH.
    On the other hand, I can honestly go with my perception and live the experiences that come with it, after all; there is a teaching that I must learn.

    Is it possible for God to want me to be DISHONEST with my perceptions? If I go on and follow someone else’s truth then eventually, I will find all the repressions that I have done in the name of going to “heaven.” Could a repressed individual go to “heaven”?
    Life has its own timing. Those who are ready to become a Buddha or a Brahma Baba will obtain the necessary experiences for that. This is not a matter of “will power,” or a decision that “I want to be like that.”
    As a kid I used to like “Batman.” He was my favorite superhero. He was human. He did not have any “special powers” other than what some people already have (intelligence, physical prowess, money.) Nevertheless, I could not imitate him. After all, I am not “Batman.” There are many experiences that I need to learn as merely being ME.

    That is why, religions have added the element of “pressure.” “Time is running out. Now or never. BE what you are not ready yet. Get there quickly. Fake till you make it.” Eventually, that follower has the potential to either break down or become a fraud, an imitator.
    My question is: Where is “Maya” then?
    It is in US, yet we do not look there. We want “truth” elsewhere. 

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    Question on beliefs and mediumship 

    “Please share your experience about channeling and mediumship. Some oraganization and individuals claim challenging each other about mediumship. When asked at Brahmakumaris how God can come in individual person? They quoted a verse from Bhagvad Gita “Whenever there is decay of righteousness, O Bharata, And there is exaltation of unrighteousness, then I Myself come forth ; For the protection of the good, for the destruction of evil-doers, For the sake of firmly establishing righteousness, I am born from age to age” (ch-4 verse 7-8). I have read Bhagvad Gita and feel that it explores every aspects of life.
    Please share your opinion.”

    Thank you for your question.
    What is important is to be honest with our own experience.
    I have second hand experience of what is mediumship through my sister Raysha, when she is the medium of Mathias (Being of light.) That is only my experience. Someone else may have a different experience and that is fine.
    It seems that you BELIEVE in the “Bhagavad Gita.” Have you experienced that verse?
    As far as Avyakt7 NG is concerned, that verse is inaccurate or ill translated. Good cannot exist without Evil. Duality 101. Duality is not a belief. We EXPERIENCE it all the time, although many may not be AWARE of it. When there is no duality, there cannot be “good.” If someone uses that word to represent the absence of duality, that person does not know by EXPERIENCE and is being led by the shortcomings of language, thus; a misrepresentation.
    If Brahma Kumaris uses that verse to support their belief in “God” coming through a person, I haven’t seen BapDada “destroying evil doers.” Does BapDada fit the description of the Bhagavad Gita then?
    The above is my EXPERIENCE.

    My opinion is of no consequence for everyone has one, all equally valid and all far from what IS.
    WHAT IS, cannot fit an opinion.
    BELIEVERS are spread out all over the place. They BELIEVE in religion, science, philosophy, people, etc. That BELIEF becomes their dogma. When doubts arise, they either create another belief to put their doubts away or create another belief to run away from their former belief. Either way, that former belief will hunt them down for the rest of their days. The stronger they believed in something, the stronger that shadow upon them will be.

    An experience is a gateway for further experiences as long as our minds do not take that experience as the “only truth.” For at that point, a belief is created.

  • avyakt7- New Generation 6:16 AM on May 2, 2018 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , , duality, , heaven hell, , , ,   

    “Spiritual Teachings” through contrast 

    The “Golden age” is heaven. It is good, pure. In contrast, now is the “Iron age.” It is bad, sinful…
    What is the teaching? Forget the un-rightful world. Make effort to go to the “rightful world.”
    Nevertheless, because we live in the world of duality, what it is “now” is the consequence of what it was before, the “Golden age.” “Hell” is there only because of “Heaven.”
    Therefore, what it is now is “right,” just as it is. Don’t want that? Then do not have a “golden age.” Simple as that.

    Do you want a “high status”? Open many centers for the Brahma Kumaris religion. Proselytize as much as you live.
    After all, the “Golden age” is a trade mark, an exclusivity of the Brahma Kumaris religion. Correct?
    No? Then try the Christian “Golden age.” It is called “Heaven.” Christians offer a “better deal,” all you have to do is “good actions.” They already have all the temples they need. 

    The “Golden age” and the “Iron age” are ONE. For there cannot be Golden age without Iron age. This is a different “teaching.”
    When we stop looking at the scenes of duality as different from each other (by taking the childish approach of choosing one side and rejecting the other,) or wanting to hold on into something that is meant to change; at that point, we could look, observe and see the beauty of all.

    That beauty is tarnished in our own mind with conditioned ideals of what is “good, bad, right, wrong, what should be and shouldn’t be,” etc. That beauty is polluted with our own greed to “insure ourselves” for the afterlife (salvation.) That greed is fueled by fear of being a nobody, a loser or sinner missing the opportunity to become a “somebody” in the future.

    Interesting how we can dress up our fear, greed and obsessive-compulsive mind with a saintly looking dress or a religious title, under the label of “purity.”

  • avyakt7- New Generation 7:31 AM on March 28, 2018 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , , duality, , , , , punishment, reward   

    Message 11: No punishment in Life 

    A childish understanding of the movie that we call Life, invents the duality of reward and punishment.

    There is no DOING of certain actions that will make someone “better” in Life.
    If I help a little old lady to cross a busy street, I am not making points to go to heaven. I am not DOING “good karma.” I am not becoming “better.”
    That is childish.

    If my DOING is driven by those ideas, I am only showing my ego.
    The truth is I AM a greedy, ambitious person. I am DOING an action not because I FEEL it, but because I THINK it. I THINK that I am gaining something for myself. The conditioning says that I must take advantage of that opportunity. 
    That is what we have learned in society, we applaud that. We teach that and label that as “good action.” We anticipate “reward points” in our Godly “visa card.” That inner dishonesty does not work in Life.

    What we DO to others, we DO it to ourselves.
    There is no reward system. No punishment needed. No little bed stories of “salvation” required.

    • Gayathri 9:34 AM on March 28, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Hi. Yes, i agree. Doing things which are labelled as good and benevolent with a hope of getting rewarded does not make a person a benevolent one. Most of us ‘did’ service expecting our good karma to fetch good results. We felt justified as we considered it to be a part of following shrimat. But the question is – if, for any reason, Baba tells us that doing service does not really beget any fortune, are we still going to show the same kind/ amount of interest in doing service? 🙂 Whatever little help we offer to people without any expectations is the ‘real us’. Thanks for the article. Gayathri.


      • avyakt7- New Generation 12:00 PM on March 28, 2018 Permalink | Reply

        Paradoxically, “Doing service” brings fortune to ourselves.
        It increases our ego.
        Baba may not say that, for without “service” others may not know about the BK movement and thus, lose their “fortune” to increase their ego before getting in the path to reducing it, for before it decreases, it needs to increase to the max.


    • Gayathri 12:37 PM on March 28, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Brother, you are not being fair. 🙂 Here we have been assuming / believing that we had shed our ego and that we have become quite humble. Look at the way we serve! We face humiliations from our friends, relatives, and acquaintances and get challenged many times. But we have been serving the yagya without a complaint and with a smile. 🙂 🙂
      Anyway, of late, i speak only about how to lead a happy life, may be, i sound very practical (mundane?) and down to earth. I do not feel bad if others are not following or accepting BK philosophy; that is perfectly fine with me. Drama has its own plan/ script. Whether i like it or not, i can not change it. Sometimes, how i wish i could change the things to suit my convenience! 🙂
      Thanks brother for making me think out of the box. Regards, Gayathri.


      • avyakt7- New Generation 1:22 PM on March 28, 2018 Permalink | Reply

        Baba knows that his children are lost in the duality of “good and bad.” To increase ego is not “bad” but necessary in Life. Part of the Drama.
        Thus, we can see the need of paths like BK.
        Baba’s children have the opportunity to increase “self-respect” in the BK path, but as they live in the mind, that opportunity tips over arrogance, self-righteousness and pride; which is not “bad” but necessary. Otherwise, how could we say that the “Drama is benevolent”?

        Facing humiliation and challenged is the price of defending our cause, what we consider to be “good for all” and others reject. That is the other side of ego.
        Our cause , our belief, our ideals… nothing but ego and more ego to defend.


        • Dinesh C 2:02 PM on April 2, 2018 Permalink | Reply

          Hi Ahnanda, very well said. This BK path came in my life exactly when it was needed at the time when I had started considering myself as Zero because of being jobless for very long time. And then, Baba made my thinking like “I am a hero actor, I am a special soul, master almighty soul…and few more things” Well, it was long back around 7 years back.
          Okay, coming to the main part of saying “Thank You” to you for a message that you had given me in response to a comment. It was 5 to 6 lines:
          “Observing the experience as it is in the now and not wanting to make it better for future.”
          Well, this became my experience in past two months where I ended up losing my pervious job for wanting a better one. I have SOME job, but sometimes wanting better make us lose what we have in present that actually can be best if you accept that and betterment of our life drama’s future is never exactly known to us. 🙂
          Thank you Ahnanda 🙂


    • Christopher 6:48 AM on April 6, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Dear brother according to bk dharamraj is also in the drama and he has to give us the very same punishment over and over again every cycle ( every time we die DEPENDING on the number of births granted to us from the copper age so if I was given punishment it is everlasting punishment ( we have no chance of correcting ourselves (coming into existence play whatever role we have to play (eg. if I was a murderer subjected to Life imprisonment I’m already condemned to everlasting hell) as I have to play role over and over again and dharamraj also has to play his role like a CD so we came into existence Already condemned. 😂😊🤣and each and every soul has to become tamopradhan in the end whether they like it or not.(It looks to me judgment is over and we are condemned numberwise 🤔isn’t it.🙄🤔Could you tell me if this is possible🤔???


      • avyakt7- New Generation 10:12 AM on April 6, 2018 Permalink | Reply

        Isn’t that a very masochistic belief? 🙂
        Christopher, we are living to experience. If you want to experience wild destinations where would you go in the world? Definitely Africa has to be in your plans. If you want to experience duality, where will you go? The Earth.
        My friend Mathias gave me a similar response sometime ago, which I am paraphrasing.

        Brahma Kumaris states that the “goal” is to be in the Golden Age, to experience non-duality. Nevertheless, those who have experienced the Golden age, will experience duality when their time arrives to experience the Copper and Iron ages. Note that Life does not give preferences. If you experience Summer that means that you had to experience Winter. Otherwise how can you experience Summer without knowing Winter?

        Religions tried to “solve this problem.” They became “Renunciates.” They thought:”I don’t want to experience pain thus, I must not experience pleasure.” Nevertheless, by denying themselves to EXPERIENCE, they are not living, they cannot have joy, vitality in Life. They can only “think” they do.

        You said: “We have no chance on correcting ourselves.” That is a conditioned vision of Life. There is no need for “I” to correct anything. Do you know why?
        Because that “I” is not real. It is a persistent illusion.
        LIFE (Drama in BK terms) manifests through “us.” There is not a time where that “I” has ever existed, but now that you mentioned, that “I” also creates the duality of “no-I.”

        Christopher: Explore “no-I.” That is where “salvation” from all of those beliefs systems resides.
        When “you” are not, “you” are.


    • Christopher 1:14 PM on April 6, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Wow!what insight🤔I don’t have words to thank you for the most meaningful video.You are truly a mind reader who could read my mind miles away and sent me that juicy carrot after a tiring journey which shows me very clearly the necessity of duality.🙂 Love you a million + times for this wonderful inspiration.😍from inside and all sides of my heart.🙂😀♥️


  • avyakt7- New Generation 4:38 AM on February 7, 2018 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , being doing, , , , duality, right and wrong,   

    Message 4- Conditionings 

    To know that Life is predestined implies the awareness that our unconditioned gut feelings is what truly matters; that is what “we” are meant to manifest in Life through actions (BEING before DOING.) De-conditioning is helpful “spirituality.”

    When we act based on a “recipe” of what we believe to be “good,” we are merely expressing our conditioning. We cannot explore what we call “self,” until we recognize our conditionings.

    “Spiritual progress” or an ample consciousness is not limited by conditionings. To go beyond that, does not mean to rebel or to reject a conditioning.
    It just means to acknowledge that every person looks at Life from a different perspective. That is what is meant to BE.

    Going beyond “right” and “wrong,” we find peace with what IS.

    • Dinesh Chawla 10:02 AM on February 7, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Your all articles nowadays make me reflect more about “How to go closer to the Universal Truth” 🙂 Thank you, brother 🙂


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