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    The mind and its extremes in BK Life 

    One of the characteristics of a person being utilized by his own mind, is that he will go to extremes as part of his beliefs and ego needs.

    Brahma Kumaris will offer that experience, but if we are not AWARE, we will miss the chance.
    For instance, a follower who has believed in Brahma Kumaris for a long time and has invested resources to support his belief system, is going to “teach others” as he will believe that he is DOING good to others or that he is BECOMING someone “special.”

    The ego needs a way to expand. “My beliefs are TRUE therefore, I am helping others who cannot see what I can.” This sort of grandiose is only showing ego. A person who is UNAWARE, will not notice such pretentious life. It is no longer about “self-realization” but to “self-realize others.”

    Let us say that this person gets disappointed and leaves the BK system. More likely, if his ego is starving for recognition; he will go to the other extreme.
    Now, he will preach “salvation” from the BK system.
    Observe that this person is DOING exactly the same thing, but in opposite direction.
    That is a DOING of the mind.

    Most of the time the extreme is proportional. That is, the deeper we go on one side, the mind will go into the other at the same intensity.

    Observe that Brahma Kumaris teachings are of no consequence for those who are AWARE. What matters is to observe “ME,” to observe how is it possible to believe on having the TRUTH just to go to the other side and deny it, but still saving face as a “SAVIOR” in both instances.

    It goes something like this:
    “I believe in BK teachings. I AM good because I spread them. A few years later: I don’t believe in BK teachings. I AM good because I am saving others from it.”

    We are not aware of the dualistic mind.

    Isn’t “self-realization” what “spiritual” seekers want?
    How is it possible to pass the opportunity to observe their own mind?

    The conditioning is great. As a BK, we see Life as “good or evil.” (duality.)
    Out of the BK experience, still the same duality exists. The EGO perceives that “I was wrong,” so the way to make things “right” is to go against what was embraced before. I must redeem myself.

    In “spirituality” there is no such a thing as “God realization.” But when “the others” is very important in our Life and our dependency is great; then “god realization” weighs more than “self-realization.”

    Also, there is no such a thing as “DOING service.” You ARE therefore, that is what is serviceable or non-serviceable. To DO a recipe of things believing to be the “right” thing, despite not BEING congruent with that DOING, is lack of honesty.

    Any follower who is expecting for words to show them “truth,” is kidding himself. If those words aren’t according to my experience, I am lying to myself.

    The original teachings of Brahma Baba through his experience have been changed. There have been many people (leaders) putting their hands on these “teachings.” This is a frequent experience when regular people surround someone who is in the process of changing his consciousness at a different level. These followers are more concerned in spreading their “truth” and making it available to the masses, rather than learning themselves from that unique experience of witnessing someone closer, going through the process of self-realization.

    So why Brahma Baba does not show up and take a stand against those BKs who are misinterpreting his teachings?

    Brahma Baba had his chance to act. He did while “alive.” Now, others have the opportunity to act as well. This is not about “making things right.”
    That is a human limited vision based on a strong conditioning. In the unlimited, it is about the experience that will be able to change consciousness. To allow everyone to “act” as they need to; for at the end of the game; we know that in fact it is a predestined game, and everything will be as it has to BE. What is “good”? What is “right”? Obviously what is happening in the Drama / Life. Therefore, nothing is “bad” or “wrong.”  Do we have the openness to consider this?  Many like to throw their human morality into the picture and then want to be self-realized at the same time!! This, does not mean either to be “immoral.”  Let us not go to the extreme of mental dualities. It just means to have acceptance, amplitude, “open mind,” to appreciate things beyond our narrow intellectual perception, our “black or white” illusion of a world full of color.
    Therefore, OBSERVE your own game. Become AWARE of it… a “detached observer” of it.  

    For the common good.

  • avyakt7- New Generation 4:43 PM on September 13, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    The perception of those outside the BK world 

    My sister, an ex-BK like Avyakt7; suggested to me to write about the significance and perception of those who are outside Brahma Kumaris Life.

    She mentioned that the stigma used to the ones who have left, is similar to the one of other religions. However, the main point is the showcase of a “God” with resentments, severities and negations.

    From that input, I could go on… 🙂
    Many are aware of the words of Sakar Murlis about how “God gets upset” when a child is gone from the religion.

    The knowledge of “predestination” and the “eternally repeating cycle” is forgotten at that time, to allow for condemnation and damnation.
    The strong disapproval is followed by some eternal punishment.
    That is the way of the main monotheistic religions, but Brahma Kumaris without a doubt, is even stronger in this severity.
    The negation of the “fortune” of the child which is known only by “God,”  is reminded, the labeling to discourage others is uttered: “Tamopradhan soul.”

    The label of “tamopradhan” soul is even stronger than “heathen,” which is used by mainstream religions.
    Without a doubt, fear is used as a tool to discourage other “children,” to look around and follow their heart.

    The other day, I was communicating with a BK friend and she mentioned that “Many BKs are angry at Avyakt7” and that officially, “Avyakt7 is a tamopradhan soul for those BKs.”

    I couldn’t help but laugh at those remarks.

    I wonder if that anger, is actually anger at themselves for their inability to express a different view, a different perspective.
    Isn’t that the anger of someone who has put their faith in avyakt7 to support their own ideals and beliefs?

    That is almost like a father who puts his expectations in his kid and when the kid decides to do something else, then the father gets upset, angry… The father is living his dream out of his kid. So much for “love.” So much for “respect.”

    Brahma Kumaris is a great path. A path for few although it has been “massified.” As we can see; we could hide our hidden agenda under those white robes. We could hide our own hangups and fears under the façade of a morality. We could be completely dishonest with ourselves for the sake of being complaisant to a “God” due to fear.

    A BK TALKS knowledge. A BK DOES service. A BK FOLLOWS a life style.
    But who ARE you? ARE you hiding behind those white walls of beliefs in “purity”?
    You see, to know that you ARE a soul, is completely meaningless… What you truly are is hidden, suppressed, repressed, negated.

    Do you see that?

    There is no doubt in my mind and experience, that what have been taught by Brahma Baba has been modified. He wouldn’t be a being of light (as he is now) if his personality was showing resentment, contempt and severity.

    That  type of “God” is a creation of human minds, as we have seen throughout history.

    For the common good.

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