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  • avyakt7- New Generation 1:11 PM on February 2, 2022 Permalink | Reply
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    The importance of observing our feelings 

    Mainstream spirituality is about DOING things: Do a good action every day, do the best you can, practice virtues, etc.

    There is nothing wrong with the above; however, that is not the whole journey.

    What do you do when you see someone dying? If that person is a relative, we could DO everything in our power to help, according to our conditioning.

    When suffering is tasted because we perceive it in another, we could do many things to avoid it. We could also act out of desperation, trying to get out of that scene as soon as possible. However, whatever we DO with our vibe or energy, is the true “reason” behind our DOING. That is our feeling.

    The reality of finding out what we truly feel is the pen that Life uses to write our story and through that, further experiences along those lines will be experienced.

    Yes, there is suffering around, but I feel compassion and true love for that one, then; whatever I get to DO will be colored by that feeling.

    Why is that?

    Consciousness is a feeling, a vibe primarily. It is not a thought or the application of some knowledge.

    To be appreciative, thankful and happy in Life, it is not a matter of repeating it or saying it. It is not a mind thing.

    You feel it. Words are completely unnecessary at that point.

    If we feel with intensity something negative for example; that will affect the environment. That feeling may require to be acted out. Feeling hate, acts out in violence towards another sooner or later. We become “clear” from that stored energy of hate through that action, but we also pay the consequences.

    Thus, we may need to be observant of what we feel.

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    The essence of spirituality (part 2) 

    It is important to repeat this: An individual living by perceiving Life only through his mind (THINKING) is unable to know Love as a non-dualistic FEELING. However, that individual will know what most refer to as ‘love’ which is a dualistic emotion. Fear or hate could be the opposite of that ‘love’ depending on the context. Those 2 emotions have a common ground, as one can easily become the other.

    To meet Life we need to be open to expect the unexpected. The mind does not want that. The mind wants security, certainty. Failure to meet that expectation will bring suffering which in time, could lead to an out of balance mind. How come? In Life to experience pain and pleasure are part of the experience of duality, thus unavoidable; but suffering is optional. Psychological suffering comes after the fact and remains there.

    How do I know if I am living in the mind?

    That person usually daydreams. For example: Listen to a song. Observe how we could listen to that same song many times, because we ‘like it.’ There is no longer appreciation of music but it becomes background sound for daydreaming. In the mind, repetition degrades the original experience, although we want to enhance it. Look at a flower: Do you hear your mind saying:”pretty or ugly.” That inner voice is proof that we are living in the mind. The word “pretty” becomes our output. “oh! How pretty!” We say. Whenever we have words as an immediate response to our observation, we are not truly looking at the flower. Any words in our head will distract us from observing; for when we truly observe there is inner silence, no judgment or commentary. It is in that state how our actions could be unrehearsed by the mind. In other words, they will be authentic.

    When you wake up, observe how readily you will turn the cellphone on and get engaged in non essential things in that ‘virtual reality.’ Some even have their devices running all night, not realizing the negative sleeping effects a cellphone or any device transmitting EMF has. In our world, we have abused our eyesight and the mind uses this sense more than any other to release ‘free movies’ in our minds based on memory. Computers, cellphones and ‘virtual devices’ have improved our ability to get in touch and to pass information all over the world but paradoxically, they have handicapped us even further, in our ability to feel Life.

    Many will say that it is ‘impossible’ to be without words in our heads. That is because they have not observed themselves yet. Language is conditioning. We need to use language to communicate with others, but there is no need to mentally talk to ourselves. Is there?

    How do you start perceiving Life through the heart center or feelings?

    In my experience, by healing our emotional body. We have accumulated so much trauma which we have not forgotten even though time has gone by. An intense trauma will linger in our consciousness, although hidden by the memories of many other experiences. Those traumas will make us fearful or violent and those emotions will need to be released to be clear from that trauma. Along with that, we will need to have time in Nature as a source of deconditioning from the mental ways of society. Then of course, limiting our reading habits and accumulation of constant information. Instead we will need to become involved in the arts; such as painting, drawing, playing music and dancing and vast self observation to finally realize our automatic and highly conditioned daily activities. Any sort of structured learning/activities should be minimized. This is a process of deconditioning from a heavy pattern.

    Do you have to make a decision in Life? Consider not using the old formula of weighing pro vs. con. That is too mental. Instead FEEL what is right for you and go with it. Eventually, any structured ‘knowledge’ on how to act, should be left aside. No fool-proof formulas will be needed. Every moment in Life should bring its newness thus boredom will not be.

    I have found that the moment when I wake up in bed, that is a fantastic time to observe the content of the mind. If you remain in bed, you are still in a state where your senses are not fully awake yet. Observe the torrent of thoughts without judgment. When we observe intently as if that movie of thoughts was all there is and we give our 100% energy to look at it, then the current of thoughts will disappear. It is an illusion as if someone was trying to subdue our will by releasing thoughts which we have not consciously willed. It is when we do not realize that the mind is taking us into ‘movie time,’ (that is when we are not 100% ‘present’ or detached from those thoughts) when those thoughts could become strong emotions and anxiety or even depression could settle depending on our degree of “sleepiness.” If you are serious about this finding, willingly slow down your actions during a time, so you are fully ‘present,’ as you take a step, close the door or even prepare your meals. In that way, you will be ‘awake’ when the mind starts another set of ‘movies.’ This is known as “conscious movement.”

    The challenge will be for those whose life depends on being in constant touch with society and its structured way. That is why, many serious seekers have decided to live away from society as to create the necessary space to observe and avoid being sucked into the same old rut. That is the challenge.

    This is not another rebellion against society or a reactionary movement. It is sort of what someone from AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) is expected to do: Stay away from alcohol and do whatever it takes to be sober. If that person was to resume his Life as he always has done, then he will be trapped in no time. However, with an extensive ‘break’ from the old pattern and a high dose of inner observation, that person will gather the strength and wisdom to join the ways of society again, but he will not be lured by it. When we merely run away from ‘temptation’ without being aware of how the pattern reoccurs, we are physically taking ourselves out of the issue through repression, but mentally we are still trapped.

    I understand that by sharing this, many will be wondering if this should be posted in this blog. I feel that what I am sharing here could be helpful for those who would like to take a step further in their inner observation and therefore in their inner knowledge. Without this ‘basic’ step, no matter what religion you follow or philosophy or ‘practice,’ there is very little that we could ‘do’ to help awaken ourselves.

    Self realization is mostly a process of ‘awakening’ from a long lasting sleeping pattern of unconscious living.

  • avyakt7- New Generation 1:11 PM on August 18, 2021 Permalink | Reply
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    Reasons are out, feelings are in 

    At this time, many changes are going on with our planet, the Earth. Our minds may try to understand them, but there is no opportunity to grasp that, as reason is unable to go beyond the surface of what is perceived. Nevertheless, changes are manifesting as everything in Life is constant change.

    Mental health is an issue now and we may witness first hand, how many individuals will experience issues with their minds. Most individuals have invested in a world created by their minds and in that world, to be ‘right’ is of utmost importance.

    We want to do the ‘right thing.’ We want to prove someone else that we are right. We believe that our beliefs are the right ones, the true ones. We defend our ideas of morality because those are the right ones. With that kind of compulsion it is very easy to confront another who in turn would like to put down our ideas, our beliefs, our moral standards and use their reasons, logic and arguments to try to change our minds.

    Observe the conflict, the clash. As they may want to prove that idea X is the true, the right one; we may react and respond with idea Y, which is the most suitable in our view. When the mind is focused in a particular idea, there is no chance to listen to another. It is a waste of time. At this time, most are unable to listen to something different to what they already know, for that little knowledge or idea they believe to know will give them comfort, security. Thus, conflict will unavoidably escalate: From changes in the tone of voice, then into heated arguments and finally into the use of force with their already known consequences.

    That has been world history in a succinct paragraph. All we need to do is memorize some names and some places with dates, add the label: ‘The battle of…’ and we are good to go! Many times I wonder about the value of history as it is taught today. It is the same ‘concept’ of struggle and fight for some ideal liberation. Heroes and villains are made up according to the perception and bias that we subscribe to. However the root, the seed it is found in a profoundly disturbed personality meant to create separation, disagreement, conflict. Greed, envy, and that sickly desire to compete and compare with another to become ‘better,’ are the great liabilities that we owe to Life.

    At this time is more important to maintain our feelings in a good vibration. As James Brown would put it: “I feel good! It feels nice, like sugar and spice…” This is something serious to consider, for that mood will be ‘you.’ In other words, protect that mood of feeling good. Many times to be right, will change your day into night!

    Whenever the mind is engaged, it will do what it does best: Separation, antagonism, differences. That mind created conflict will fill our self with negativity, which then will break into our emotions through repetition. As we emit that emotional negativity many times, then that becomes a habit; which in turn will be food for many entities surrounding us. Thus, we will be forced to emit that distressing sound of negativity as an addiction, thanks to forces outside our will which many are unaware of. That is the ‘reality’ of most of humanity at this time; our ‘World History’ not told by books and researchers.

    In order to keep our sanity and spiritual vibe as high as possible, we may need to walk out from many ‘battles’ where we know to be ‘right,’ if we want to defend that which is precious at this time: Our feelings.

    I feel the above is highly important at this time and it applies to all. The above is a recipe for ‘success’ according to time. Later on, it will change. What is the sense of defending through reasoning something which another will not listen to? It is just masochism. Like hitting your head on the wall even when knowing that that will hurt.

    Defend that ‘feel good vibe’ at every occasion and you will be safe and good… “So good, so good. I got you!”

  • avyakt7- New Generation 6:22 AM on January 3, 2018 Permalink | Reply
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    Question: Why sometimes that thinking which I observe overpowers “ME” and I end up doing something I didn’t want to? 

    Thank you for your very good question.
    The last article about Brahma Kumaris remembrance is one of the most important produced in this website. Nevertheless, it may not be understood in that way by many readers. That practice of BK remembrance is a “trick” to get out of the current events of the mind. It is a necessary “trick” if awareness of the workings of the mind is lacking.

    For instance, if you were a BK; then you could just “remember Baba” and follow some safe script (Maryadas, for instance) so you do not get in trouble and you don’t experience regrets later on. In that “safety” you don’t live Life. That is the price. Nevertheless, the issue with the mind remains. The unobserved conditioning is there. It may leak little by little.

    Dinesh, Congratulations! You are ahead of the game in observing your mind. You realize what is happening. You realize that many times these thoughts could be repeated and we cannot stop them. You realize that these thoughts many times, make us “do” things. A person suffering OCD (Obsessive Compulsion Disorder) is a good example. Repetitive thoughts will force the person to perform a task that the mind believes to be safe or necessary. There is a specific number of times that a repetitive action or “tic” needs to be performed. Because that person is unaware, that person is a prisoner of the mind.

    The answer of your question resides in living in feelings rather than the mind.
    That is another reason why BK meditation stresses feelings of love for Baba. Even though, “Baba” is not an experience for many. They merely visualize him and make up a circumstance to feel “love” so they can get out of the mind and its current trend of thoughts.

    My friend Mathias told me that the mind is a “prisoner” of time. It cannot perceive the small changes in Life. Even though, there is continual change; the mind does not see that. The mind is “BORED” or stuck in time. It is as if the mind is stuck with a picture which does not allow us to APPRECIATE the movie of Life.

    When we are sitting comfortably appreciating our Life (new form of meditation) by becoming AWARE of all the experiences that we can experience within our body in the “now”: From moving our legs and walking to breathing at ease and peace; when there is a feeling of appreciation as we continue on living, that “feeling good” dispels the dictatorship of our mind. This is not a “trick” unless you purposely “practice” to “feel appreciative.” The experience reside in you and not in someone else’s appearance or “remembrance.”

    Many times, we could be in a place infested with recurrent thoughts. We will catch those. The easiest way to finish that situation, is to get out, to go for a walk outside and OBSERVE the difference once we come back.

    We are surrounded by the energy of thoughts from different sources. We just need to be AWARE of those rather than call them “MY THOUGHTS” or try to figure out where they come from? Who originates them? What is the purpose of those thought? Etc. That intellectual nonsense is only noise of the mind, for the mind will never “know” the answers through experience. It can only have BELIEFS.

    As our FEELINGS take over our BEING, then the mind will move into a second plane.

    At this time, the minds of most people; are the masters. They can only display conditioning and regurgitate what has been “learned” to comply with that role. That is why, mental diseases of all sorts are affecting many at this time.

    Thinking kills your feelings. We cannot APPRECIATE and ENJOY Life unless our feelings are alive.

    For the common good.

    • Dinesh Chawla 8:24 AM on January 4, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Hi Ahnanda, thank you so much for responding to my question bro. I remember doing one meditation pratice where we had to lie down and relax and thank each and every part of your body, starting from feet till head. And then in between create a feeling of “YES, YES, YES…”. I have done that only once till now. But it feels awesome for a very long time after that. 🙂 Thanks again bro 🙂


      • Dinesh C 7:12 AM on January 7, 2018 Permalink | Reply

        Well, I came again to share one more thing that I have been observing, the mind actually ends up creating a fictitious story within itself, a story for far beyond future, and if the observer doesn’t know that it’s from the mind, he simply ends up following the mind, without even thinking whether he should follow his mind or not. That’s what has been happening with me you know, I kept on following my mind, always trying to make its stories as a true thing, but never could, because the drama is already made. Now I understand to some extent what’s the meaning of Ahnanda’s statement where he says, “When drama is there, you are not there, and when you are there, drama is not!” AM I right Ahnanda! 🙂


        • avyakt7- New Generation 9:20 AM on January 10, 2018 Permalink | Reply

          The mind is like another person giving us advice on what to DO or believe. We identify with the mind as “Me.” The mind seems familiar to us for it is a repository of conditioning and past experiences.
          There are many ways of interpreting “when the Drama is there, you are not there, and when you are there, Drama is not.” Yours is a valid one. What matters is to understand through our experiences and not to the use our mind/intellect to deduct a meaning.


          • Dinesh Chawla 10:00 AM on January 11, 2018 Permalink | Reply

            Yes Ahnanda, I totally agree with you, as you say, only through experience I am able to understand just the 5 to 10% of what all things you have been writing on your blogs. Thanks bro 🙂


  • avyakt7- New Generation 11:25 AM on March 21, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    Compassion is the only knowledge 

    When we perceive that the Drama is as it must be, a sense of compassion arrives.
    I am using the word compassion, because it is known by the masses thanks to Buddhism. However, the definition of compassion as “sympathetic pity and concern for the suffering and misfortunes of others” is far from what compassion is.

    In my experience, compassion is to acknowledge that every experience as perceived by others or the self, is important for the development of that being.

    Empathy is perhaps the closest word to compassion.
    When there is no knowledge, then pity is the outcome. That energy of pity is highly detrimental when sent to others.

    Compassion arrives as the understanding “that I have had a similar experience which was necessary in my development.” Thus, I feel with you, I empathize with you; but I understand that there is benefit at the end.

    This is hard to understand when we are caught up with what is happening at the moment without knowing the BK motto: “The Drama is beneficial.”

    In my trip to Peru, we experienced some days without water in the capital. There were mudslides in other parts which were contaminating the water supply. Many people experienced hardships (inundation, diseases, animal death, etc.) TV was showcasing sorrowful images and people’s cries for help. Sorrow was everywhere, even for those who did not experience the things first hand.

    Individuals may believe that “God is punishing them.” Very few realize that it is merely a consequence of their own acts to control Nature and that global warming is a reality thanks to Human “Progress” driven by “economy of scales.”

    Yes, someone could help. Someone could act and go there and lend a hand. That is great!
    What is the feeling fueling this action?
    That is awareness for those who are ready. This feeling is the decisive factor for the consequence of that action.

    That is why, to help someone because it is “right” has no meaning. That creates individuals who are unable to feel and empathize with others.

    Of course, there are individuals who can take advantage of this by saying: “Why don’t you empathize with me?”
    The honest answer is: Because I don’t feel it.
    To empathize does not mean to necessarily take action, but the feeling may be the action itself.

    Empathy and not pity is the type of compassion that builds up feelings to take us away from the “righteous mind.” Paradoxically, “real knowledge” is beyond the mind.

    For the common good.

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