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    The shortcomings of fortune telling and the BK world 

    For those who understand clearly the implications of the “eternally repetitive cycle,” there should not be doubt as how plausible it is to “predict” the future. The reason is that in an eternally repetitive cycle of time, the future has been the past.

    There is nothing “magical” about it or “devilish” in “fortune telling”other than our own misinterpretations ( from the one doing the reading and the one being read; both have interpretations.)

    Consider Brahma Baba’s interpretation that “destruction is just ahead” even by giving a time frame of a few years. This has been the reason as to why many BKs are waiting for “destruction” to occur and becoming busy in “preparation;” although, most are scared to death. They want to be “saved.”

    Brahma Baba had a vision whose content is most probably true (destruction,) his interpretation of that vision made him forecast a time frame which wasn’t in his vision.
    Those are labeled as “failed predictions,” nevertheless; it may not be.

    In my experience, I had many “readings” from different sources. Most were a “feel good” placebo for the moment in which I had the readings, but overall; they had no practical value.
    The best “readings” I had, were with my sister. She reads the pulse of a person and then images arrive in her head which she will describe. Notice the elements of interpretation. What she “sees” she will put in language and then it will be understood by the person being read.

    The “seer” has great responsibility on the reading. He needs to know what to disclose and what not. Let us say that a person will get cancer 5 years from now. Should the fortune teller speak about it? Of course not. The word “cancer” is greatly feared. The “prediction” will become a reality thanks to an information which was used as internal, self- hypnotic suggestion out of fear.

    A good reading will give hope. If someone is going through difficult times, he will have something to look forward to. The light at the end of the tunnel.

    I learned that who you are in the “present” will not be the same as who you will be in the “future” and thus, the way we react will be different. For instance, I live in Peru now. Before I lived in the USA for many years. If someone told me 5 years ago that I will move out of the USA, I would have done everything in my power not to do it. Dadi Janki gave me the advice to stay in Peru back in 2005. I did it to comply, but it was miserable for I left in the USA a comfortable life style and the opportunities to get a “good” job there. I was a 2 year old BK at that time. “Fortunately” for me, 2 well known, “higher up” Bks gave me the “go ahead” to come back to the USA when my sister interceded on my behalf.
    I wanted to be a conqueror of attachment, but I wasn’t ready. Theory does not work once a practical life experience arrives. Living in Lima, Peru after you have tasted a comfortable life style in the USA, is not “like going to your auntie’s home.”

    Last year one of my “guides,” Mathias, suggested that I should go back to Peru. It was a shock for me to leave everything again (for the second time) which I had worked “hard” to build (despite receiving a significant pay raise) but at this time; I was ready. That is when I realized that the person that I was before, is no longer here. Some people are afraid of death. I tell them that the person that will encounter death when it happens, will be different than the one now. Most will not understand what I refer to.

    None of my psychic readings mentioned anything about leaving the USA. A reader can only “see” what Life allows. All of that is part of the eternally repeating cycle of time. It is fixed, as we know.

    Can we say that Dadi did not give me proper advice? No. I can see now, that the experience was needed “practice” for me, although it was emotionally painful. However, at the time I resented such advice and that I was reminded by some Bks that “Dadi told me to stay in Peru.”
    We need to cross the valley and go up the mountain of experiences to finally observe the beauty of the valley.

    Brahma Kumaris is full of predictions and futuristic “realities” which are used as instruments to shape the behavior of followers. However, there is no certainty of anything, even if the predicted event happens; for the way we ARE and react, will certainly be different in that future.

    “I will be a deity.”
    That is fantasy for the present “I.” However, it is also hope in a “bright” future. A “good reading.”  🙂


    Best wishes for the upcoming 2020 year!  I will resume writing on January 8, 2020.

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    Understanding the Cycle of time from an unlimited way 

    For those non-Brahma Kumaris readers; it is my experience that time is cyclical and repetitive, just like Brahma Kumaris teaches. This is not a belief for me, it is an experience. Thus, predestination is the outcome of that cyclical time: Fortune telling is possible and it could be very accurate to the point of knowing your day and time of death.  

    The “I” does not like that “concept,” for the “I” likes “free-will.” However, The cycle of time also shows that there is no “I.” Why? If everything repeats, what is that which “I” am doing out of my “own volition”? It is better said: It is done through “me.” But that is not completely accurate… 🙂

    Paradoxically, the teachings from Brahma Kumaris about the cycle of time are limited by the presence of the “I.”

    If we could grasp that this famous “I” exists in a particular consciousness but in another it doesn’t, then we are ahead from the limited understanding of the cycle of time.

    We are, but we are not. That is the main difficulty to understand. For an intellectual, that is illogical, it is not reasonable.

    The “I” exists but it doesn’t. When the “I” exists in our consciousness, then there is time (past, present and future) for the point of reference is the “I” NOW. Note, that movement in Life is constant, so “now” is not possible strictly speaking.
    When the “I” exists, there is predestination and free will; as both concepts deal with the ability of the “I” to act. There is that duality.

    When there is “I,” it is hard to understand how Life, the Drama, could be eternally repetitive.
    That “I” invents Success and Failure. Guilt and Pride. Nevertheless, it is contradictory for in a predestined Drama, there is no “I” that could act with his own volition: It is merely a script performed by someone. That one is compelled to act in a certain way. Thus, how is it possible for Brahma Kumaris to teach about “making effort” to “save yourself”? That is the catch.
    That is why, despite the fact of predestination, Brahma Kumaris supports the idea of free will: We make our “choices.” 🙂

    When the “I” is asleep, ignorant of the different forces influencing his activities… what kind of “choice” is that?

    Brainy individuals, someone who is stuck in their own mind; may not like the “concept” of predestination and the eternally repeating cycle of time.
    After all, that “nonsense” is not supported by science. The “I” thrives in his “free will” even though that free will, is mere conditioning for 99% of the “free” people in the world today.

    When “we move” into a different space of consciousness, little by little we could observe that there is nothing static that we could call “I.” We can put layers of traditions, social conventions and moral values into that “I” to make out of him, something static, unmovable, even permanent…. The “I” loves that!

    Everything that exists in the physical realm is cyclical, for it is in continuous change (Life is change.) How many permutations change can have? Many for sure, but it is bound to repeat itself.

    It is that repetition what makes “someone” eternal…
    Eternity is already “here.” Because we don’t perceive it, we look for it, we believe in eternal things only in the afterlife, etc.

    When the “I” is not, then time is not. If time is not, what is there? Eternity.
    But yet, we look for “salvation.” In the Brahma Kumaris world, someone believes that “he will be saved” if he experiences a particular “age” such as the Golden age.
    That is not accurate, for that “salvation” will finish as the cycle will move on. It is a matter of “time.” 🙂  Everyone has different experiences, none “better” than others, as one experience calls for another, automatically: Peace calls for war and war, for peace.  Different experiences, but complementary of each other in the world of duality.

    Someone who has the ability to see the future, is also seeing the past. Thus, past and future are the same thing in a cyclical view of time, and as expressed above, the “now” the present is not. No past, no present , no future.  What is there then?  However, there are times when “telling the truth” about the future is counterproductive to the evolution of a person and sometimes, it is important and even necessary, according to the “Drama.”( Unlimited vision.)

    A Being of light, could tell the difference for he is unlimited, a fortune teller; cannot.
    When we realize about our own nothingness, the mental concepts such as predestination and free will, could go out of our system for in the “unlimited,” there are no “good or bad” experiences; but only experiences which will help us in our evolution.
    As the Brahma Kumaris teaches: The Drama (Life) is beneficial. Even though many do not understand that, and want to DO something to be “saved.”

    For the common good.

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    Exploring the duality of free will and predestination through a different lens 

    My sister Raysha, has the gift of “fortune telling.” She could place her fingers on your wrist and she could start telling you what she “sees.” What appears does not depend on her. She basically watches the movie and will tell you the “spoilers.”
    Later on, even few years later you may say: Wow! Everything came true!
    I developed a fascination with her gift. In one of my trips to India, I purchased a book written by Cheiro “Language of the hand.” Fascinating.
    While philosophers and religious believers debate intellectually whether free will or predestination exist, my experience allowed me to take a side: Predestination is “true,” although my consciousness  may show me that “I am making choices” through free will.  How is that “contradiction” possible?  It depends from the angle that you are watching the movie.

    Free will does not exist. Predestination does not exist.
    Those are concepts created by minds stuck in duality which have the “I” as a point of reference (their angle.) The way Brahma Kumaris explains the Drama is centered in the existence of the “I” because of that, Brahma Kumaris knowledge arranges the “free will” of the “I” to fit into the predestination of the “Drama.”

    In “reality” we ARE but… we ARE NOT (as mentioned in another article) thus, the Totality is what exists.
    Let me put it in BK terms: The movie, the Drama, Life is all that exists. We like to dissect the “movie” in parts such as “I”, “you”, “them”, etc. But that is artificial. The hero actor is deeply connected with the villain in a movie. They cannot be separated. One cannot exist without the other. There cannot be a plot without their connection. Without a plot, there is no movie.

    The phrase: “WE ARE ALL ONE.” May be a pretty phrase to repeat in patriotic events or spiritual gatherings, but it is utterly meaningless in Life. There is the Totality and that is all there is. There is no “We” or “I.”

    Without the use of pronouns, it could be very hard to make sense in most languages. But language is not real. It is a man-made mental construct.

    That is why, to have a different understanding or vision of Life, we must step away from language and the mind, for the mind has a repository of social conditionings which we label as being “me.”

    It is that “me” the one who will necessarily create the duality of free will and predestination.

    ME and I, exist  in a level of consciousness BUT they DO NOT in another, at the same time. The mind cannot understand that, but when we can see this clearly, all concepts previously learned including predestination and free will, are thrown away like used toilet paper.

    “So, what about your sister? Her gift does not demonstrate that we are predestined?”
    Wrong question. There is no WE, there is no predestination or free will. There is Totality, a timeless continuous, just a movie repeating itself endlessly … We are not aware of the repetition but that is how fortune tellers can “see”.

    Baba introduced the “concept” of detached observer, for we know it is a movie repeating. “I” (BK teachings have the “I” as a reference)  could detach from the “movie” because of that knowledge. However, consciousness will not go along necessarily with what we know intellectually, so we “fake it until we make it” to be part of the “few.”

    For the common good.

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