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  • avyakt7- New Generation 5:33 AM on May 30, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    Questions: Bk in China and Predestination 

    Have you any advice for people who cannot go to a centre and must practice alone?
    I have been practicing for just over a month but live in China, where I know of no centres or gatherings of BK brothers and sisters. I am reading the daily murli and getting so much drishti from it I’m making notes from each murli. Is this right? It’s a lonely business and I’m not experienced enough to open a centre or gathering. Any advice would be appreciated on being a lone BK in China.

    Your IP address comes form Hong Kong. There is a BK center there. You could contact them and decide what you want to do. That is my advise.

    The Brahma Kumaris path is not meant to be “practiced” alone. It is said to be the “family path,” meaning that it is necessary to be in relation with other Brahma Kumaris followers. You may learn that this type of relation is “only for service.”
    The meaning of service is “to proliferate the belief (knowledge) to others.”
    Therefore, service is said to be the “breath of life” for a Brahma Kumaris follower.
    All the best.

    Dear sweet soul .I am really grateful to you for your Inspiring posts. I am very confused when I comes to “predestined drama.”Is it predestined for you to give us Inspiring messages??and is it predestined for souls to be punished by Dharm Raj. I know that you are the only soul who can make it clear to me. Looking forward to your reply.

    If everything is predestined, how can there be “punishment”? For what? Is that for what “you” have done? It doesn’t make sense, for that is predestined.

    Predestination is a “problem” for those whose consciousness is deep rooted in the “I.” Consequently, their understanding of “free will” clashes with predestination. That is the paradoxical aspect of the Brahma Kumaris knowledge. Even though the existence of the “I” is necessary to motivate the follower, at the same time; predestination takes away the “free will” of the “effort making” follower. It is no longer “you” “making effort.” But it is predestined, in the Drama.  Your “choice” is also predestined, although it appears as something appearing from your own volition. Moreover,   the “I” making “choices” is not a static entity. That “I” does not exist but only when our minds believe in something static, unchanged, permanent as the “I.” Thus, the fear to preserve it.  In short, forget about those “concepts.” Those are not helpful at all in living Life with joy.
    For you, my writings could be inspiring. It is predestined that you will take them that way. For others, these writings could be dangerous. It is predestined for them to see that.
    These are only writings, sharings. That is what have been predestined for “me” to write.
    Hope I answered your question. If not, it is predestined to be that way!  🙂

    All the best.

    For the common good.

  • avyakt7- New Generation 8:00 AM on March 28, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    Exploring the duality of free will and predestination through a different lens 

    My sister Raysha, has the gift of “fortune telling.” She could place her fingers on your wrist and she could start telling you what she “sees.” What appears does not depend on her. She basically watches the movie and will tell you the “spoilers.”
    Later on, even few years later you may say: Wow! Everything came true!
    I developed a fascination with her gift. In one of my trips to India, I purchased a book written by Cheiro “Language of the hand.” Fascinating.
    While philosophers and religious believers debate intellectually whether free will or predestination exist, my experience allowed me to take a side: Predestination is “true,” although my consciousness  may show me that “I am making choices” through free will.  How is that “contradiction” possible?  It depends from the angle that you are watching the movie.

    Free will does not exist. Predestination does not exist.
    Those are concepts created by minds stuck in duality which have the “I” as a point of reference (their angle.) The way Brahma Kumaris explains the Drama is centered in the existence of the “I” because of that, Brahma Kumaris knowledge arranges the “free will” of the “I” to fit into the predestination of the “Drama.”

    In “reality” we ARE but… we ARE NOT (as mentioned in another article) thus, the Totality is what exists.
    Let me put it in BK terms: The movie, the Drama, Life is all that exists. We like to dissect the “movie” in parts such as “I”, “you”, “them”, etc. But that is artificial. The hero actor is deeply connected with the villain in a movie. They cannot be separated. One cannot exist without the other. There cannot be a plot without their connection. Without a plot, there is no movie.

    The phrase: “WE ARE ALL ONE.” May be a pretty phrase to repeat in patriotic events or spiritual gatherings, but it is utterly meaningless in Life. There is the Totality and that is all there is. There is no “We” or “I.”

    Without the use of pronouns, it could be very hard to make sense in most languages. But language is not real. It is a man-made mental construct.

    That is why, to have a different understanding or vision of Life, we must step away from language and the mind, for the mind has a repository of social conditionings which we label as being “me.”

    It is that “me” the one who will necessarily create the duality of free will and predestination.

    ME and I, exist  in a level of consciousness BUT they DO NOT in another, at the same time. The mind cannot understand that, but when we can see this clearly, all concepts previously learned including predestination and free will, are thrown away like used toilet paper.

    “So, what about your sister? Her gift does not demonstrate that we are predestined?”
    Wrong question. There is no WE, there is no predestination or free will. There is Totality, a timeless continuous, just a movie repeating itself endlessly … We are not aware of the repetition but that is how fortune tellers can “see”.

    Baba introduced the “concept” of detached observer, for we know it is a movie repeating. “I” (BK teachings have the “I” as a reference)  could detach from the “movie” because of that knowledge. However, consciousness will not go along necessarily with what we know intellectually, so we “fake it until we make it” to be part of the “few.”

    For the common good.

  • avyakt7- New Generation 6:39 PM on June 27, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    God is bound by the Drama 

    That is perhaps one of the most important points of any sakar Murli.
    I recall the “reasoning” in Murli class: “God is so humble… That is why He said that.”

    Later in my Life, I started to understand that point as the statement was faced, without beliefs.
    The Drama is the almighty. 
    Who is the Drama?
    All of us, all that exists, the interplay and change of all. LIFE itself.  Isn’t that a keyword is Ahnanda’s writings?  Experience the Depth of Living – LIFE.

    That is how a misunderstanding arose: “We are all God.” ” God is omnipresent.” That is the price of intellectual understanding without experience.
    God cannot change the Drama. Neither the “I.”

    BK knowledge as explained in the “7 day course, “ depends on the existence of the “I.”
    Even though the “I,” the ego, is only a particular state of consciousness; that “I” is not “real.” That is why ego can be dissolved. It is not the “I” dissolving his ego, but it happens when the time is ripe… after the “I” has grown to the utmost…according to the Drama.

    Because the “I” exists in most consciousness, the concepts of “free will,” and “predestination,” appear. Those concepts cannot exist unless there is an “I.”

    These lines that “I” wrote, have been written in the exact way many times already. It is not “I” who is writing these lines for with observation; the words are coming through “me.” I am not thinking about them.
    That is why the mirage of “making a choice” is there. The “I” is the one choosing based on conditioning.

    That conditioning may not agree with our feelings according to our role; however, that experience of dissonance, of thinking in one way and feeling in another; is fixed in the Drama.

    Therefore, here is one deep “truth” to ponder: “Whether you go left or right. It is according to the Drama. There is no destination, for it is a circle, a kalpa. We go through experiences in Life, according to the roles of the soul; which are neither good, nor bad. Those are only experiences of polarity for an eternal BEING, experiences which are necessary for the Totality, the whole.”

    If we understand the above fully; would you be concerned if you will go to Heaven? Would you be concerned if you “destroy your fortune”?

    There is no way the “I” can make anything. Everything is already made. We just go through the circle one more time. Even though we do not remember it, we have been there before. Nothing new. Your “fortune” is already made.
    Does it mean that “I” can sit around and wait for my fortune to unfold?
    If you sit around, that is what will unfold. That experience will take you to another experience, which in turn will take you into another, in another Lifetime.
    Would you be sitting around there? Not a chance, for you have experienced that already. That is your “fortune.” 🙂

    Your “fortune” does not depend on your actions. It is a reflection of who you ARE.  The Buddha is siting under a tree. Enlightenment happened to him. He was sitting around. You may sit under a tree, you are DOING the same thing.. but you ARE not the same BEING.

    Your concept, your belief may trap you in this Life, but the Drama will take you to the opposite experience. 

    Therefore, what is the sensible thing to DO?
    Enjoy the ride, guilt free, stress free. That is to be “fearless.”
    This may be misunderstood by some as being lazy,  as trying to promote laziness. Therefore, only those who have experienced what I am trying to convey, will understand. Every reader will read the same lines, but understand it differently. That is the wonder!

    For the common good.

    • Shalini Bajpai 11:40 PM on June 27, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      Since u have deleted the option of replying to the post on your main page,have to respond wrt your new post here..
      well a person doesnt take the path of spirituality when he realises he has vices..no one is that great..but when he is unable to bear the sufferings of his life, as a rescue..
      Moreover calling someone’s pain(instead of being any help) as an emotional drama is nothing but a reaction of a hurt ego, the so called “i” according to your understanding..


    • Shalini Bajpai 10:12 AM on June 28, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      Dear brother
      this is my last text..
      i understand you are not interested in replying me..
      no issues..
      anyways im sorry if i unintentionally hurt u..

      u r doing a good job..
      Im sure some day your point will be acknowledged by all..

      It is my humble request please join the bk group again..
      it needs intellectuals like you..

      Since i myself is a new and probably unaccepted entrant there, so this request
      might appear useless..
      but like i believe bk is as my own as it is to the biggest authority there..
      since it is my conviction it is established by our own father..(mother)

      You might have had issues there..but thats past..
      My understanding is you are not much far from your final stage..
      Restart those disciplines…amrit vela,traffic control, numasham yog etc..
      Since now u r in a higher consciousness you will understand how to keep a well balance between
      following discipline yet not repressing yourself..
      i liked the point you mentioned love comes with detachment as discipline comes with flexibility..


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    • Gayathri 5:19 AM on June 29, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      Dear Luis bhai, this is a good article, I agree with the points mentioned there in. 🙂 best wishes,

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