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    Looking at Godly ego 

    As mentioned in the last article, the experience of spirituality is very subjective. My experience is only mine and it is an illusion to pretend that it should be true for others, or even apply to others as well.

    When looking back at my own life, I could see that my intention to become “good” by shaping up myself when aware of my own shortcomings; started with the experience of Catholicism.

    Catholicism wasn’t something that I picked up by analyzing things and coming up with a rational decision. It was something given through the environment as I grew up in Peru; where Catholicism is part of the politics of that society. The conditioning was there and many do not realize the influence of such tradition. However, there was something in me when I was 17 that didn’t click with Catholicism. I was exposed to different religious/ spiritual literature since I had the desire to know. Even attended different religious faiths. Read J. Krishnamurti when I was 23 and was amazed by his clear-cut views, but couldn’t understand how others did not think the same as I did. Then, I forgot all about it, once I was getting ready “to conquer the world and make my dreams come true” in the biggest capitalist society. I felt welcomed to join that new home with such opportunities.

    I had the “American dream” accomplished in my mid 30’s. However, fears and lack of satisfaction appeared even though I was “supposed” to be happy. Brahma Kumaris appeared at that time. That experience was unique. It wasn’t my choice and because it was beyond my rational conditioning, it had a very strong influence. I had an experience with what I thought was the true God. I couldn’t pass that new opportunity, for it was my original “raison d’etre.”

    That turned my life outside down. I had something new to achieve, to become. My drive was to demonstrate others that I knew God. That was my inspiration to proselytize. I thought I was helping others, but truly; I was helping myself. That was fuel to continue in my journey which I thought was the “truth.”

    The amount of ego emerging from that experience is tremendous: “I” know God. “I” know the truth. Not only that but I knew how to put “reasons” to try to demonstrate that what I knew was the “truth.” Without a doubt, there were very few Brahma Kumaris’ followers who could understand “knowledge” as I did. “I was on my way to Heaven.” 🙂

    Observe how life puts the experiences necessary for that ego to emerge. “Success” in this world or the world beyond is the same thing. That strong desire to accomplish is ego in disguise. I am not saying that to work to accomplish our dreams in ‘bad,’ no. It is a necessary experience to try to get our hands full with something but yet, remain empty inside.

    For that ego to start diluting itself, I had to go through many other experiences. It doesn’t go away because I decide to “conquer it” or to act as if I did not have ego. Usually extreme suffering will cut it off, but that is not the only tool used by Life. It all depends on our own journey.

    Looking back, the teaching wasn’t that I needed to find “God.” The teaching was that I needed to observe that ego and for that, it needed to be fat, juicy and big so I could become AWARE of it. Life gave me that experience through the Brahma Kumaris. The outcome, what we ARE, is what has value. Many times we are entertained by trying to find the “truth,” or believing that our experience is the only and true one. That is a mirage.

    Life experiences are meant to change our consciousness as long as we become aware of the teachings and not become mesmerized by the teacher, even if that one is “God.”

    What did I learn through those experiences? Our service to society is not in revealing who God is, but in revealing ourselves to ourselves while in relation with others. BEING that which we talk about. The rest is only pretty spiritual talk.

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    Recommending the BK path 

    The other day I hired an electrician to upgrade some cables in my place. As we had some time to chat, he mentioned that he was 68 years old. He liked the music that I had on at that time and asked me about it. It was a Solfeggio music at 528 Hz. That is typically used for meditation and healing. He then told me about his quest for spiritual knowledge; so from that small chat, I ended up giving him a book that “a friend of mine” wrote 10 years ago, which is here in English (I gave him the Spanish version.) The book had some stories and it showcased in a way part of the BK movement.

    A few days later, he came back to finish the electrical job and he told me that he was reading the book and found it interesting but the word “God” in it presented an issue to him. Obviously, he wasn’t a believer but yet he was searching for answers. I told him that this book was written 10 years ago and since then, the author had many other experiences. Besides “God” had many interpretations and usually that word is used as a way to reform human beings. Finally, I shared with him that atheists and believers are alike, for even though apparently opposite of each other, they are part of the same experience. Do not know if he understood that part.

    Nevertheless, I told him that it is hard to change from inside unless we are willing to de-condition from the “status-quo” of what is comfortable so we can observe all the attachments keeping us tied up to a system of ongoing conditioning, and I told him that Brahma Kumaris helped me in that regard; for I learned to be self sufficient there, which is a trait that I appreciate even now.

    “Ah.. Brahma Kumaris,” he said. “Alright.”

    So why am I recommending in a way something which I do not subscribe to anymore?

    Because I understand the importance of going through the journey and respect the right of each individual to go through it. It is not about “having the right answer” but about finding it out for yourself. In the process, the electrician may find out about his rejection and bias towards “God,” and perhaps learn to be open to it. Anything triggering a rejection in us, is worth to observe.

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      Dear brother of heart.thank u for sharing .i want to share with u an experience i had today .i was in an online retreat of intense silence ..when i discovered that i was not allowed to be on this retreat any more..and that i can in the futur be in a less intense silence retreat .as this one is for mature bk .i am in this path dince 2010 .althoghy in a house hold …baba and frama helpedxme going forword and creating a sarsung a home ..an hav my house hold cooeration .the senior teacher did not explaine why now i can not go furtherxin this retreat .i hav confused feeling .but i keep baba s hand in mine .can u plz putcsome light in this situation .love and respect to u .om shanti


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        To better answer, could you elaborate on this: “baba and frama helpedxme going forword and creating a sarsung a home ..an hav my house hold cooeration .” What I understand from that, is that you opened a “satsang” in your home. Correct? If so, did you have the permission from the BK ?


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      Sorry drama not frama.

      Yes they were aware and teachers used to come when they are in town.

      Sorry i realised that i wrote in french .


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    The meaning of study in Spirituality 

    In mainstream society, it is believed that spirituality is like taking a class on-line where information is given, and it needs to be studied and committed to memory. That belief has surrounded many religions and followers for centuries.
    Consider this:
    “God is a point of light. He is incorporeal. He resides in the Brahm element. He is the Supreme Soul.”
    All of the above is considered to be a fact for Brahma Kumaris adherents.
    As a matter of fact, many will even have the audacity to say that “we know God.”

    We could add many other lines to the above. “God comes down only once in the entire Kalpa (cycle) to give His knowledge to His children.” We could add the punch line “… to give His knowledge to Humanity” but, that would be stretching the “fact.”

    All the above lines about “God” are only beliefs unless there is experience of them. Moreover, it can only be a personal experience.

    Going further, let us say that I had the “spiritual” experience of a “point of light” while I heard the words “child, I am God.” That is a reassurance for ME that what I have experienced is in “fact” God. Nevertheless, the construction of “more facts” arrive thanks to my own conditioning. Is there a “brahm” element in Christianity? No, that I am aware of. Thus, whoever had the experience of “God,” had to relate that to his own cultural conditioning. That person could be very “special,” he could be a “saint,” nonetheless; his experience is meant only for him. If that experience has changed his Life, then it was worthwhile. If we try to make his words into facts to recite and remember for the benefit of a religious group; then rest assured, that we are trying to construct a “truth” out of a particular experience.

    What is the point in memorizing a description and call it “truth”? Well, the mind likes to be “right.” I could say “I have the truth.” It will show that “I am special.” I could tell everyone who God is, where he resides and what he does…
    Those pieces and bits of information are juicy in our mind driven society, where “information is power.” However, none of that trivia has any value in inner transformation.

    If we had the chance to “know God” through an experience, the “reason” was to transform ourselves, by having a different view thanks to that experience. We cannot deliver that experience to others, no matter how well we explain. However, when that experience changes the BEING of a person, the effect on others may be felt. It is not always what he says, but what he IS. That is why, in Spirituality the “authority of experience” ( as Baba would say) is of utmost importance. Experience is not the same as memorizing and reciting religious paragraphs.

    People living in the mind are concerned with arguments, theories, concepts and how objectively we can “prove” those to be “true.” However, even if those arguments could be proven as “truth,” they have no effect whatsoever on change of BEING. For instance, many talk about “love,” the power of love, etc. That “concept” is factual, it exists in people’s mind. The issue is that “love” only exists in their minds but not in their BEING, what is commonly known as the “heart.” Consequently, these individuals do not FEEL love but THINK they love. Huge difference.

    Thus, to understand the value of Spirituality is to understand that Life will offer many “methods” to change someone’s BEING by overcoming their minds. That is why “spiritual experiences” are not always logical or even plausible. The mind needs to be bypassed, for the conditioning is so strong and the mind will only accept to experience something which is within its “understanding.” A person with a “spiritual experience” will go with the feeling, the sensation which is usually blissful, tender or emotional of that experience, rather than the logic of it. The mind and its logical constructs and conditioning, will be left behind; however, it will pop up with “doubts” and questionings once in a while.

    Therefore, the futility in spirituality to follow known patterns.
    To study in Spirituality is to OBSERVE yourself. We can hear the words of those who had experiences or realizations but observe how they relate to you. Find a link, a clue for your own life. That is to be a “scientist of the inner world.”

    It is of no consequence to memorize philosophies and beliefs, for if those have been our own experiences, then we will remember them without even trying thus, what we speak will be according to what our experience is.


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      Thank you for this wonderful post Ahnanda.

      People are often wilful (Ego/head driven) rather than soulful. Many people with spiritual or soul sickness tend to live in a distorted polarity of living more-or-less from either their physical body at one end of the scale, whilst others live in extremism at the spiritual body end of the scale. Neither is healthy or correct (Kornfield:2000). As the Buddha stated, walk the middle path in life and be moderate in all things. This is a great rule of thumb, and means we need to live across the spectrum of our 4 levels(Physical, mental, emotional and spiritual) of embodiment to be in health and in connection with both ourself (ego) and our spiritual inheritance (Stone:2004).

      But even middle path also generates ego, which needs to worked upon daily basis in order to take care of our all 4 bodies. Many who say they are soulful are in fact wilful. They will tell you that they have done this and that but their experience is not embodied, it is purely intellectual, and now is infused with pride of the ego, and is part of a rationalisation defence about why they do not need to look any deeper at themself (Kornfield:2000).

      So even the middle path also has sort of problem. But it is definitely a less riskier than other 2 extremes. Because from extremes one will never be able to see any sort of problem. As for one everything is I while for other, everything is “I”.


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    Question about the existence of God. 

    A reader asked the question here

    I request you to kindly share your experience as it may be helpful for others to understand the GOD. I am thinking that there is no GOD as such, not sure.. I am confused and unable to conclude any thing about GOD.. But my curiosity would like to explore and i feel you may help me to understand the GOD..

    Is there a really GOD? Please assist us with your experience.”

    Dhruv wants to know if there is really a God… He thinks there is no God but he is not sure, so he wants to know my experience…

    Just a few days ago while I was in a taxi cab, the driver was wondering about my name “Ahnanda;” after knowing that it was my “spiritual name,” he asked if I believe in God. I told him: “God is an experience.” Then he said: “Even though I agree with your answer, there is a yes and a no.” I said: “Do you believe in Santa Claus?” He said:” No!” Then I said: “Why is it that everyone else does? The media, the children even grown up dress as him and will give gift to the kids…” He acknowledged that he has given Christmas gifts to his own child and he made him believe it was Santa. Then I said: “ A yes/ no answer is not enough when the purpose is change of consciousness. The answer is according to the level of consciousness of the person.” He said: “ I believe in God. What do you think?” I said to him: “That is great.”

    The same I say to you Dhruv. “Spirituality” or the art of living Life with joy; is not interested in a yes/no answer. When you look at “God” from the intellectual way or through someone else’s personal experience; you still do not know anything. A “yes/no” answer is expected in the world of society and many times that is all a seeker knows as reference. Rest assured that unless a seeker moves from the mind, its logical tricks and reasons; that seeker is not ready for something new in consciousness. A “spiritual seeker” is concerned with consciousness. A yes/no answer is for those who like to speculate with reasons and proof, etc. My world cannot cross theirs, for my experience will only be considered as “subjective,” that is yet another opinion . They little know that I already have gone through the “yes/no” by living the experience and not by reading books and research from others and their “expert” opinions.

    I have already written many articles about “God,” towards the direction of your question; but perhaps you would like me to be more specific. It will not happen yet. “God” is a very important part of self-knowledge. That is why, I said; it is an experience, a personal experience which WILL change as our consciousness changes.

    You mentioned that you are coming back into the BK world after leaving. Thus, there are some things you still need to experience from Brahma Kumaris. You have doubts of the existence of God and Brahma Kumaris strongly believes in God. Are you looking for an answer to make you stay or quit the BKs?

    Dhruv, you may have “reasons” to join the Brahma Kumaris, but you may need to start your search for God.
    Your mind wants to be “right.” You want to make the “right” choice. You know that “God” is the ultimate for you have been taught that way, it is the tradition and thus, you want to make sure that you are in with “Him.” That is the search of the mind. It is a very lazy search of concepts, expert opinions, logic and definitions. You need to live it. Forget the mind.

    Dhruv, search for God with the heart. Rely on your own experience. Be honest with it.
    Please take that as my answer to you. Certainly, I am sharing my experience with this answer.

    All the best to you.


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      “Dhruv, search for God with the heart. Rely on your own experience. Be honest with it”

      Thank you for taking a time and answering my question 🙂

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      Dear Ahnanda, Do you have any remarks on book, “The Eternal World Drama” written by BK Jagdishbhaiji? As this type of questions are very well answered by him.


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      Dear all, I read this article just now, today. This reminds me of some of the spiritual experiences I had as a BK. I would like to share just one of them for the time being.
      At that time I was 4,5 years in gyan. I used to attend classes only on weekends and would read old muralis at home on the other days. Happy to share with you that I have been a very sincere and intense effort maker all through my BK life and it did get me some bonus/ gifts at certain times; I was blessed with quite a few visions and deep spiritual experiences

      One day, I had a vision – I was in meditation and slowly a bright star appeared before me. Very gently, in my mind, I said, “Baba, look at me, how beautiful I am!” After a few seconds, came the answer, (in the form of thought} “Child, it is Me.” I quickly’ went back’ to have a look at that star as my attention got diverted while listening to Baba’s response. But, by then, the picture/ vision was getting erased. I remained calm and continued my meditation. Then I saw a beautiful star appearing in front of me (in the vision). It was a beautiful star/ soul. Then I asked Baba, “Baba, who is this?” Slowly came the reply (in the form of thought), “It is you.” I noticed that while I was waiting for a reply, I did not pay attention to the vision and when I wanted to have a look at it after getting the reply, the picture in the vision would start fading away.

      I sat still in my vision… and slowly another star appeared in front of me; it was not that bright. This time i made it a point to not to get distracted from seeing the picture and gently asked Baba as to who this star/ soul is. The answer came, “It is you.” I was puzzled and asked Baba how could I be both a bright star as well as a dim star.

      The answer came, “The earlier one was your final form and this one is your present form”. 😦

      After a couple of days, I went for the murali class on a Saturday. The murali was being read… Baba said, “Children, some of you ask me to give a vision of me. But, even if I give you a vision, you will not be able to distinguish whether it is Me or a soul.” 🙂

      Om shanti.

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      i am coming back to same topic with new realization. To the point – The God is nothing but ‘Drama’ 🙂

      In totality there is no separation, when everything is Energy then there is no separation of energy.

      Thank you !


    • Kirtan 7:24 AM on April 29, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      Yes everything is DRAMA! People suffer when they see drama as a GAME of win or loss. But for drama everything is just a PLAY!


      • avyakt7- New Generation 2:20 PM on April 29, 2020 Permalink | Reply

        and… “we” are Drama itself.So who is “winning” or “losing”? The “I.” Thus, once we go into that “I,” we become the Drama even though, we already are.


        • Kirtan 9:01 PM on April 30, 2020 Permalink | Reply

          I knew it man you are going to bring this😅🙏. And I’m sure you are ready to go further into it when you said, once we go into that “I”, we become the Drama even though, we already are.
          So if I am not wrong, for you, I believe the last stage for “I” is soul Consiouness(The Biggest of All I), which is needed to be destroyed. Once that “I” is destroyed we become nothing yet everything! That’s because, When soul destroys itself, a final ego disappears and first it feels like nothing And then, there arrives pure bliss. So here nothing is used for no-ego or no-I state or feeling, And pure bliss is the feeling which no-I state feels. Let me repeat “Pure bliss is the feeling which no-I state feels.” So, Brother here we can say that, no-I state is the same Soul Consiouness state which has destroyed all egos. And because that state has destroyed all egos its now feeling the bliss. This ideology can only answer how one feel nothing yet everything.
          Again let me repeat once again … Pure bliss is the feeling which no-I state feels!!! Don’t try to look this from the blissful state. As from that state everything appears as an illusion or dream. And we know very well that dream exhibit only some imperfections, some supressed desires, some hidden emotions, etc. And one who says it’s an illusion should know how illusion occurs:
          For illusion to occur there must be distorted or unreal view of the object. Secondly, there must be some resemblance between the real object and the object visualised because of illusion, for example, rope in a serpent or a serpent in a rope. Thirdly, illusion is caused if one observes, does not have the super-sight or the super knowledge but is amenable to faulty impressions or erroneous perceptions. Anyone who has the means to see sand dunes as sand dunes, cannot mislead by the glare so as to believe that these are waves of water.
          So please try to look all this from your individual level Consiouness. Because I know you mostly write articles from different level of consiuoness. But in fact its aways your individual level of consiuoness viewing from that different level considering that level a universal Consiouness.


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    “God” in the Brahma Kumaris 

    The word “God” is not used sparingly in the world of religions and spirituality.

    Judeo Christian tradition will give many attributes to their “God”: Omniscient, omnipotent, omnipresence, creator, goodness, even jealousy (Exodus: 20:5-6) among others. This “God” is a conceptual entity as described through books regarded as “holy.”

    “Shiva” which is the name given to “God” by Brahma Kumaris; is also described in Shaivism and worshiped as creator and destroyer of worlds; however, in Brahma Kumaris; Shiva is neither creator nor destroyer, but Brahma is “creator” and Shankar is the “destroyer” who in Hinduism is known as “Mahesh.”

    Hinduism is amazing in the display of colorful descriptions that it could give to their deities and gods. Depending on the tradition that you BELIEVE in, there will be labels to worship and practices for that (puja.)

    Therefore, any religion could build their own labels to define “their” God.
    However, definitions and concepts are for books and scholars, that is only “theory” and none of my concern. What concerns me is the experience of “God.”

    My sister had a vivid experience with Brahma Baba as he appeared to her for the first time, in a regression she had done which was completely unrelated to this experience. It wasn’t until she met the Brahma Kumaris when she recognized Brahma Baba as she saw a picture of him. Consequently, she took the beliefs of the Brahma Kumaris where she learned that Brahma Baba was the “chariot” of God Shiva or even sometimes, it was said that there was no difference as Shiva entered Brahma Baba to speak through him, etc.

    Brahma Baba did not introduce to her as “God”. Later on, he would address her as “child”. We could have many assumptions about this episode, which will be colored (conditioned) by Brahma Kumaris’ philosophy. Notice that we tend to interpret our experiences to fit some known conceptual theory.
    Isn’t a “father” the same as “God”?
    That is another assumption.

    We can make many assumptions. That is the beginning of our self inflicted lies which we will make “effort” to protect, as we are protecting our own ego.
    “I found God. I am special.”

    I emphasize that “God” is an experience. It is a personal experience which cannot be extrapolated to fit a religious system which will fit all. If “God” is used merely as a concept (as it is for the majority), it will have some utility in the minds of followers but never in their hearts. That is the extent of scriptures and Murlis, all about the mind. We cannot say that we “love God” by merely reading or hearing scriptures. That is imagination. Love comes in relationship, an experience.

    Observe if “God Shiva” is merely a concept to believe and worship. For those of Christian background it will be easy to dissociate from that “God”. However; for Indians in particular, it will be harder, as there is a strong conditioning already.
    Somehow, “God” is necessary for the wide majority as their consciousness needs to feel protection and security in an uncertain world.

    This is a much as I will go with “God”. There is more, but I feel that everyone of us will need to go into it.

    Brahma Baba had a huge influence on my sister and she had love for him. He appeared to her many times during her BK time and has helped her in “BK service” in ways that could be hard to believe.
    When it was time for her to go from the BK experience, Brahma Baba appeared to her for the last time in a dream. He told her that he will leave money to her so she can travel (We sold the BK center that we opened in Peru and she traveled with that money) and for her not to feel upset that is time to leave. “Child, you will come back”, he told her.

    She knows that to be certain. It will be in the next kalpa, for sure.

    • Gayathri 2:13 AM on July 11, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Dear Avyakt 7, It is amazing to read the experiences your sister had. I remember the incident – when you translated some material into English from Spanish, she was able to point out where the changes had to be made.
      Obviously, Brahma Baba has understood that he gave all the training that you both needed and allowed you to proceed on your own on this spiritual path. All the best!


      • avyakt7- New Generation 10:11 AM on July 12, 2019 Permalink | Reply

        Brahma Baba knew, as everyone of us has a mission within the Brahmin experience. We are never alone, even if we think we are….


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    Greed for God and Self-realization 

    What is the meaning of desiring to be with “God”? What is the “reason”?
    Salvation? From what? A “high status” in the Golden age? If everyone is happy there, what is the need of a “high status”? Do you desire a “plus,” an “elite” treatment? To be recognized as a king or queen now?
    All of those things only show our greedy nature. I want that because it enhances ME. Nothing wrong with that, but only look at it, observe it.
    Look at the childish motives and the neediness to be “safe” in the afterlife. All “you” want is some gain for “yourself.” Just like the “normal” behavior in society.
    Label that greed as love for “god” and then it will be respectable. All is “good”!

    Have you seen a “respectable seeker” wanting to obtain “self-realization” in this lifetime?
    Pretty much, these naïve individuals believe that self-realization is like getting a masters’ degree or a Ph.D. They are only looking for the guru offering the “fully accredited” method to get there.
    Why do you want to be “self-realized”?  To get a “high status” now. To become something “better” so we believe that all of our problems will get behind.

    It is laughable when some seeker, throws the “I want to be self-realized” without knowing what that entails.
    All our karmic accounts will be settled. From this Life and past lives. That is not an easy scenario. For some you will be the “bad” guy and for others, the “good” one. No one will know if you are really “self-realized” as everyone has an idea, a concept an opinion of what that is, although they don’t know. Those who like you, or who had some utility with your company, aka “experiences”; could make you into an idol to worship. Others, could crucify you in a heart beat.

    Whatever value you think you have or that you deserve, will be gone. Whatever safety our society offers, will not be applicable for you. Do you want to be a “successful” CEO and self-realized? That will not happen. What about a powerful politician and self-realized? That is a good joke. One of the best descriptions I have read of what is like while going through the process is explained in the Tao Te Ching Chapter 20. (Note there are 3 different translations, so we get the idea and not a literal meaning, which is deceitful.)

    “Self-realization” does not happen out of “my effort” or my greed to BECOME something. That is childish. It happens only when it is our time and that is out of our hands to decide. 

    Once someone realizes about their own greed for “spiritual” things, the next question goes like this:
    How do I get rid of my greed, attachment, ego, etc? 
    That question only shows lack of observation of the self. Greed for obtaining self-realization, is not a thing that we can take away by following steps or methods. This is not something that we could get rid off by following some method like “having yoga with Baba for 30 minutes thrice a day for 3 weeks.”

    Simply put: What we ARE we OBSERVE to become AWARE of it. As our awareness increases, then changes will appear. We do not OBSERVE to BECOME “better.” We OBSERVE to acknowledge who we ARE, to enjoy who we ARE.
    Seekers want to change things that they do not believe should be in their personality, to become “pure,” a “saint,” “god chosen ,” etc. 

    All they have are mental concepts of what the “right” thing should be. That ideal is not real. Is not who they ARE, thus repression and dishonesty will occur.

    OBSERVE, become AWARE and let CHANGE happen. What “happens” is a step forward in your own evolution, whether you like it or not. Some may need to go down before going up. Some will go up as they already went down. Every journey is different.
    Learn to appreciate your own role in this Life. Become AWARE of it. Put aside all of those ideas and concepts to reach somewhere “higher.” Appreciate who you ARE. That may be the best thing to DO.

    • Dinesh C 1:42 PM on November 21, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Hi Ahnanda, thank you for writing this article. Now for the questions you have asked in this article, everyone will have different answer, some might match. Considering my case, even after exploring BKs and Osho, I don’t know what is God, but still a desire to know him/her/it is there. In India, most of the children are told that there is a God in early childhood, may be they are introduced to pictures and Hindu statues of Gods and Goddesses. So we grow up with this belief about God. However, later you may become a theist/atheist/agnostic. But for me, God was required to reduce my emotional and mental suffering at the age of 22, before that I never thought about God so much. Suffering brought me to BKs. But even after following BKs for 6 years, I was in state that sometimes happy with Baba and sometimes guilty and upset of not been able to adhere to BK teachings. For me, yes I need God for removing suffering out of my life, but I agree that I haven’t been able to find God, or arrive at any conclusion. I am a failure until now. And moreover, I can’t accept Shiv Baba as my God. Can’t go into details but I can’t.
      Regarding self realization, I think when we come across any genuine self realized being, we feel like to be like them. For example, when I explored Gautam Buddha, I felt some kind of similarity in his viewpoint and mine about life. For example, he had made a clear statement in his teachings that “Life is suffering.” Dukha. When I heard this, I wanted to know more and more about Buddha. We also have a greed for acquired knowledge as well Ahnanda. Also, I somehow feel “Knowing” is kind of an obstacle in the journey towards the SELF, I mean already knowing words and explanations, then mind wants to somehow arrive at that becoming.
      Lastly, you are really scaring me by saying that it is not easy and this will happen that will happen. But what if Drama has not written SELF realization for me?? that’s another thing!!
      Sometimes “I” try that SELF inquiry as well, Ramana Maharishi and HWL Poonja aka Papaji have guided for SELF inquiry. Just sitting silently, not putting any effort, just BEING here and now, not touching the mind, now inquiry starts “WHO AM I”. But the answer doesn’t come.
      By the way Ahnanda, thanks for sharing that it is not decided by ME and it happens at the right time. But there is this belief in Hinduism that after human birth, our soul takes millions of reincarnations in other life forms, like animals, birds and all. I believe in Osho to some extent, he approves this belief and says that it is true. Now if I don’t SELF realize myself in this human birth then again I the soul will have to wait for millions of years and Kalpas?? But one interesting thing in that belief is that how those millions of years will pass away in other life forms, there will be no much recognition of that, because animals don’t live in the time the way and to the extent we humans do. Right!! Anyways, thanks for writing and Om shanti 🙂


      • avyakt7- New Generation 10:19 AM on November 22, 2018 Permalink | Reply

        Too much stuff in your mind. Too many beliefs, too much worry and theories, reading, quotes, etc. Do you know how to get rid of that? That is all. EXPERIENCE that.


        • Dinesh C 11:38 AM on November 22, 2018 Permalink | Reply

          You mean if I somehow get rid of all of that I will be self realized?


          • Dinesh C 12:43 PM on November 22, 2018 Permalink | Reply

            Ok I asked a stupid question!!


  • avyakt7- New Generation 10:22 AM on September 5, 2018 Permalink | Reply
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    The utility of the Brahma Kumaris experience 

    There are plenty of “reasons” to join the BK movement.
    Many are happy with the idea that “they have found God and God is teaching them.” Others are happy with the “reassuring spiritual experiences,” that they experience. Yet others find in the BK movement a source of support from “good people,” the “family,” or perhaps they have a good position within the organization.

    Any time there is a difficulty in their chosen path, it is considered as a “test,” and to remain in the path despite the difficulty, is considered a sign of being “worthy” of whatever label someone appreciates: Son of God, victorious soul, worship worthy, golden aged soul, etc.   Nice labels.
    Most followers will be happily repressing their feelings by following their “will power,” to take them to a mental place that remains only as an idea; fulfilled by hearing a nice label or a pad in the back from someone deemed to be an “elevated soul.”

    That is the “modus operandi” of a typical follower. It is about staying there, no matter what.
    A great opportunity to look at the self has been missed through that stubbornness labeled as “loyalty.”

    Followers who label themselves as being “pukka” or “firm may have many interests other than knowing themselves. There will be lots of things to put up with to reach the “goal.” The sensation that they have “arrived to the ultimate place on Earth,” will be the mental push that will allow them to stay, even though; their bodies and faces will show the reality of their unhappiness.
    Followers will miss that opportunity to OBSERVE themselves.
    Those who decided to leave the movement after an ego clash with someone or by being able to sense the difficulties of this path, but at the same time; looking for a way to save “face,” will use an opportunity to leave the movement without seeing what is truly inside themselves.
    They wanted “name and fame.” It did not come that easy. Time to leave.
    The “choice” to leave or not to leave is there, but what is missing is inner observation. We will convince ourselves mentally, when our gut feelings will tell us otherwise. We will fear repercussions in our “next life,” or some other conditioning learned in the BK movement. The struggle may appear, but as long as we are living wrapped up with the mind, we will not be able to feel what is coming from our inner core. We will not be able to look at the reality of the mirror in front of us, for that is easily dismissed with the label “body consciousness.”

    Will power is a great energy, capable of moving us through a direction. However; love, generosity and easiness are not offspring of will power. Without those “ingredients,” there is no fulfillment in a path.
    If love for yourself blossoms, there will be no struggle with the path followed. However, for many beginners in their spiritual path, self-love is not understood. It may even be labeled as egotistical. Nevertheless, to know Will power as a necessary energy, is important. There has to be a balance.
    How do I know if my so called “love” is not coming from my mind and it is “real”?
    Look at the physical mirror and then listen to your gut feeling. There cannot be love for someone else, even God, if we destroy ourselves.

    • lakshmipriya 12:21 AM on September 6, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Dear brother,

      What you explained is the journey of someone who seeks the trueself. The “TESTs” are experienced as test as one has not become the embodiment of knowledge. Nevertheless, how to look these situations that arises in the life, is to see as a test to use our own spiritual powers and virtues inherently available. otherwise the dirty mind goes on in blaming the situation, people and God.

      Though we sometimes do not fit into the “labels” for the present moment, these give us the power to see through the true self. The weakness of the soul needs to be eradicated through the understanding of the truth. For which this knowledge is very much required.

      For the true seeker there are plenty of opportunities to realize what they are in Bk movement.
      It is not that someone should stick on something based on fear of repercussions, then it becomes Bhakthi. There are many bhakthi souls in the Bk movement, to be honest, the sanskar of Bhakthi emerges even from me which I can understand when I reflect. Hahaha.
      But instead of feeling guilty (I used to say myself even after these many years of meditating…), I am able to accept myself and move on..
      I want to say again, it is the journey. There is nothing wrong in the teaching, it is our own effort in grasping, becoming.. It is numberwise.

      Liked by 1 person

      • avyakt7- New Generation 6:47 PM on September 6, 2018 Permalink | Reply

        There is nothing wrong with BK teachings. There is nothing wrong with any teachings from other religions. There is nothing wrong with people taking these teachings as the “truth.” Every journey is different. Every journey has different timing. Religions /BK movement will help people through their journey. However, as they are helpful; they can be the opposite as well. It all depends on the viewpoint of the seeker.


  • avyakt7- New Generation 6:32 AM on July 25, 2018 Permalink | Reply
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    Brahma Kumaris knowledge denies the existence of a universal God 

    One of the paradoxical aspects of understanding Gyan deeply, is that the label known as “god” and associated with an all-powerful being who created the Universe and who is the cause of all effects, cannot exist in BK gyan.
    Truly, Brahma Kumaris knowledge doesn’t allow for a universal “God.”

    What is the main task of “god” according to Brahma Kumaris knowledge?
    To give theoretical knowledge, known as “gyan.” Other than that, there is no use/need of “god” whatsoever.
    For that reason, “yoga” came into existence: The connection to ”take away our sins.” However, that only works if we become BK followers. The main requisite then, is to be a BK follower to have access to this “God.” That is why, there cannot be a universal God in BK, who could be accessed by everyone.

    By the way, this is the main issue with all religions believing in a “god.” It is THEIR god only.
    Brahma Kumaris is using a universal label to depict a being that should be confined to the BK world. In India, the universal label “Shiva” was used to identify the BK God. That label has an impact there as Hindus will recognize it.
    How is it possible to link Shiva (God) with Brahma Baba?
    That became the task. It is a source of confusion for most BKs. In fact, most BKs do not know the differences between Shiva, Brahma, Dada Lekhraj, Subtle Brahma and BapDada. That confusion added mystery as no one could clearly pinpoint who is who. Not even the Murlis. It is all up to the word of the administration or just to err on the safe side, we could use the label “god” on every instance.
    At the end of the day, none of that matters.

    What matters is the message of this god.
    A message is something that will touch every individual in a different way, for individuals will interpret the message according to their own experience. Thus, a literal interpretation of the message without considering the intended audience, the historical time, translation and degree of consciousness of the translator, could lead to many misinterpretations.

    For instance, if a prospect BK now (2018) enjoys sex with his wife, if you tell him that ”sex is a sin” or some other colorful label depicted in Sakar Murlis, then if that person follows that “instruction,” without a doubt that person will be repressing sex. That is not good for him. He will not be honest with his own experience as he will THINK that following that direction will be best for him. If the direction is followed and the potential follower is unaware of the repression then inner struggle is sure to follow. Even a disease which will be labeled as “settling karma,” could occur. Thus, the BK system is helpful if we are aware of these inner dissonances. To discover that inner lie, is what is all about.

    That label “God,” has been misused and misunderstood throughout history, but many have invested their wealth, their power, their own lives just to continue with the convenient illusion. That label is indeed controlling the collective mind.

    The Sakar Murli mentioned: “ I am bound by the Drama.” [Shiva/God said that] And so are we. Above that ‘god,’ there is the Drama. Many BKS are completely unaware of this, even though they may hear the Murlis many times. Why is that? Because of their conditioning, not from the religion but from society and their learned beliefs. We come programmed with that to the BK world, so it is easy to accept a small deviation from the well known “truth” of  a “god.”

    The avyakt Murlis have a more accurate label for BapDada, that is the “Father.” BapDada is the father of BKs.

    Want to worship and LOVE something UNIVERSAL? Worship the “Drama.” However, let me take away that tasteless label, “Drama” and label things as they are: Worship LIFE.
    LIFE is it. LIFE is as UNIVERSAL as a label could be. It is equally accessible to all.

  • avyakt7- New Generation 6:09 AM on May 30, 2018 Permalink | Reply
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    The existence of God 

    Does God exist?
    There are only 2 possible answers: Yes or No.
    Reasonably, there can be many arguments against or for.
    Experientially, the “special” few will share their experiences to the many.
    The many will become followers, believers…

    Therefore, there are many who are “right” and many who are “wrong,” depending on the chosen belief. An intelligent person wants to align with those who are “right” so he too can be “right.” That is the silly game of the mind.

    “God” is without meaning to those who are only interested in a simple “yes” or “no” or for those interested in being “right.”
    “God” has meaning for those who are looking for a way out of suffering, those who are searching for hope during an otherwise, meaningless life. A simple yes or no will not quench their thirst.

    Religions have their own versions of “God.” Christians have a God who has existed in their awareness for 2000 years. Brahma Kumaris has a God, who has existed for 100 years for those believers. Both gods are different. “Eternal Life” is the only thing they have in common.
    If a Hollywood movie star gives his opinion, such as: “God does not exist. I believe in Science,” or “Everyone has their own take of God. My God is as I want him to be.”
    Those statements make sense, they are reasonable, however; completely meaningless.
    Those movie stars, have not started the journey of searching for answers in Life for suffering hasn’t knock at their doors enough times yet. “Searching” is not about reading books or information.

    To know the answer of that question is a journey: Deny God all you want. It may take many years or a Life time. Then, it is guarantee that you will believe in God. At the end of that journey, you will have the answer.
    OR believe in God all you want. Join religions, convert others, etc. Then, naturally, you will deny his existence. At the end of that journey, you will have the answer. The believer and the atheist are the same.

    The “yes” and the “no” will take you to the same place as long as we go through the complete “yes” and the complete “no.” Otherwise, we will only have beliefs, even though rational, logical; those beliefs will only serve to divide people through the use of labels but there will not be a bit of meaning, able to affect our consciousness.

    A complete journey will change our consciousness, although we don’t know when. It just happens.
    All we have to DO is to allow for change to happen. The “truth” of the answer of the existence of God, is in the honest search which brings a journey.
    No one can give you an answer. We need to find it ourselves.

    The ones who truly know, cannot talk about it. Why?
    The answer: Compassion.

    • Christopher 8:37 AM on May 31, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Dear Avyakt ,I feel that no one knows the answer so how is “compassion “the answer to the one who knows ? (Compassion on what?? I couldn’t understand your point of view .


    • Gayathri 9:38 PM on May 31, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      The one who understands the journey, and finds his own ‘truth’ about God, will not ‘disturb’ others to believe what he has learnt, simply because he is compassionate; he lets them continue with their own journey so as to find their own truth. Any individual would find his own truth in different births in different ways with different answers. 🙂

      In this context i would like to share my experience: i have a friend who is highly spiritual (according to our yard stick 🙂 ) and has certain spiritual gifts. Once, around 27 years ago (I was not a BK then), we were discussing the atheistic approach of two people who were closely connected to us and she told me that both these people, in their previous births, were staunch devotees and priests. Their experiences made them lose faith in God and thus they had become total atheists in the present birth. At that time i just believed what she said because i knew she had no ulterior motives in revealing her thoughts. But now i think i understand the process of our life’s journey to some extent.

      Either way, this also could be an assumption, after all. 🙂


    • Gayathri 2:53 AM on June 7, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Want to share a message that i sent yesterday to a group called Victoriousjewels. I received a few responses and again replied to them. The one i am going to send to this blog was my first message on the topic, “making effort”.


    • Gayathri 2:55 AM on June 7, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Making effort according to drama… some observations.

      Dear Victorious jewels,
      Om shanti.

      Would like to share with you some observations that i made in this spiritual journey. Hope you will go through this message and share your thoughts too.

      I have been in gyan and reading muralis since 25 years… With passing of time, and in the company of some senior yogis, i have observed and learnt a few things.

      1.. Baba gives the murali for students of all ages, starting from the one day old child to 5,6 decade old children. Because of this vast range of ‘age groups’ in the global class room, he has to give different directions to children of different age groups on any given day in a single murali. And it is our job to assimilate the knowledge first at the basic level and then gradually try to learn and experiment at a higher level to become a mature yogi.

      That is the reason why Baba asks us to ‘dive deep in to the ocean of knowledge’ to get the real/ precious jewels. But many BKs get stuck at the basic level and choose to stay only on the shores of the Ocean and collect the shells; that is, they take Baba’s words literally instead of grasping the message he conveys, and end up understanding the murali superficially.

      3.Recently i met a relative of mine who once narrated me his story of meeting an expert of “Nadi shastram’, and this meeting has inspired me to share my thoughts on Drama with you once again after a gap of one year on this topic. 🙂

      (Nadi astrology /shastram is based on predictions that an ancient Tamil sage called Agathiyar had written on palm leaves. Apparently, there’s a palm leaf that corresponds to everyone. If you find your leaf, you’ll get to know your future.)

      And the predictions given for my relative were very very accurate including the name of his wife! Please be reminded that they were written more than one thousand years ago and my relative would have taken quite a number of births after that to reach the present life. That means, unless all his previous births were also predetermined, he would not have reached the present life, the main incidents of which were already accurately written on that palm leaf.

      The sage Agathiyar had predicted the future of lakhs of people accurately that too more than a thousand years ago.

      Baba says that this drama is predestined and that whatever happens now will get repeated every kalpa in the same way second by second. Nadi shastram PROVES this point. It reveals as to what is happening in our present life, that means, whatever we have done in the past 10 or more births (after it was written at least 1000 years ago) must have followed a pre determined pattern for us to have reached the present state of being.

      We may believe that by ‘making effort’ we can change our destiny. But, we have been noticing that even among the BKs who have faith in the Father, and read murali every day, and ‘make effort’ to improve themselves, how many had attained success?

      Why is it that some could make progress and some couldn’t? That is because of Drama which follows the pre written script accurately.

      We notice some BKs, even after decades of practising Raja yoga, have not changed/ could not change their sanskars. Why is it so? DRAMA.

      Baba says, “The role of 84 births are recorded in the soul which can not be erased.” – This is shrimat, is n’t it? This is from the murali, is n’t it? Then where is the question of making effort or not making effort when we could only attain whatever is destined to happen?

      The cassette player (soul) is just a cassette player from which the cassette of our role is being played. The cassette player can not manipulate the cassette to play other than what is recorded in it, or, can it? 🙂

      Understanding this aspect is what enables us to be detached observers and maintain the consciousness of being an ‘instrument’. This makes us to understand every one’s role, and to be sympathetic to them. This realisation enables us to give love and respect to every actor in the drama as no matter what kind of role is being played through a soul, it is just a role and the soul has no authority to bring changes in his/ her role. This is a predestined drama and the drama script is eternal.

      ” But, Baba tells us to make effort!” – Yes, Baba tells us to make effort, that direction is for the beginners. He also says that the Drama is predestined and only those who are destined to come here would come to take the knowledge. And He also says that no matter how much effort one may put in, we can become karmateet only at the end.

      So, even if we make very intense effort to become karmateet in a week’s / month time, our sanskars do not change on the basis of our yoga or service to reach that stage.

      Many BKs behave/ pretend as if they had overcome attachment, lust, anger, ego etc. But it becomes very much visible in an unguarded moment; then it even shakes that person’s confidence too. Our intellect might tell us that we have overcome all the vices, but it is nothing but self deception… by not committing ‘sin’ at the action level, we do not become pure as the old sanskars would be waiting to express themselves at any time. Any amount of preaching, yoga, and service can not change our sanskars EXCEPT when we go through certain experiences in our lives according to the drama script. Till then we would be faking the ‘angelic’ stage but would have continued to remain as a tamopradhan soul.

      “Then, what are we supposed to be doing? Doing nothing?” – Well, well, when we understand that the predetermined role is being played through us on which the soul has no control, let us accept ourselves as we are and be honest with the self, be a detached observer (like what Baba says), and stop pretending / showing off. Only those who are real yogis ‘can cross the river’ and those who pretend to be yogis will have to ‘take a boat’ to cross; and that would be quite embarrassing to the soul.

      I felt like sharing these thoughts as i notice some BKs behaving exactly like lokik business men who ‘work hard’ to amass wealth. Some BKs compete with others, get jealous of others if others could perform better than them in the field of service. Some souls mentally calculate as to how much wealthy they would be in future based on how much they have contributed to the yagya in terms of body, mind, and wealth. Some souls look down upon the new comers and assume that the new students are going to be their subjects in their future kingdom!

      Are we working on becoming yogis and carefree emperors or in becoming kings and emperors? Are we interested in emerging our divine sanskars as claimed by us or are working on amassing wealth and a huge kingdom? Is n’t it like an employee working hard to get a promotion and bonus? Does it not sound like doing a lokik business? 🙂

      “Well, Baba tells us to create our kingdom and subjects.” – Yes, that direction/ incentive is for the elementary class students – Baba also tells us to forget the old world and get detached from all the relationships and physical assets and to focus on becoming completely pure. Why is it that such an important point of knowledge is getting neglected? What should be our aim and objective?

      Luckily, according to drama, we reach our destination automatically (with or wothout making any specific effort) and with much more ease if we are honest with ourselves and accept ourselves as we really are without faking to be an angel.

      But Baba says, “Children, do not say that i would any way get whatever is in my fortune, but make sincere effort.” – Yes, Baba is like our mother. Imagine a mother who has 3,4 children, and she had happened to know the future of all her children (like Baba does). Out of her love for them and also as a part of doing her duty, she would tell every child to study well and to be honest, but she would know in her heart of hearts that only a particular child would study well and others would not. She might be knowing that only a couple of them would lead a life of honesty; but that does not deter her from cautioning/ preaching all the children to lead a life of honesty.

      So, it is high time we started understanding the essence of murali and lead a life of a detached observer. This attitude enables us to understand, love, and respect every role of souls and creates harmony in relationships and peace in the world.

      Om shanti.


  • avyakt7- New Generation 9:38 PM on December 20, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    The search for “truth” in BK Gyan 

    Many followers of Brahma Kumaris are looking for “truth,” that is what “knowledge” (gyan) brings to them.
    The process of de-condition from mainstream Scientific based knowledge into Brahma Kumaris knowledge is an interesting phase, which is typically unobserved by followers.

    The key element is to observe how our “truth” could change from one side to the other, nevertheless; “truth” is never found. It remains as a belief.

    Is linear time factual? Is cyclical time what really exists? Is predestination the “truth” or perhaps it is “free will”? Does God exist?
    If I am a soul, how is it that I feel to be a body?

    Debates and “proofs” of the above or supportive authoritative statements, are part of the “search.”
    However, in Life and self-transformation, none of that stuff is worth a banana peel.

    The mind looks for “truth” and “truth” is not a paragraph to be recited or some sort of statement.
    In Life, there is no “right or wrong.” In Life, there is no “getting ahead.” In Life, there is no rush to get somewhere. In Life, there is no destination to reach. However, for the mind all of those things are important.

    Because the mind is momentarily satisfied with some argument, we believe that we found “truth.”
    We did not.

    Truth is in BEING. BEING happy does not depend on some action or method to follow. BEING fulfilled in Life, is not dependent on some philosophy or scientific idea.

    Life presents itself as a process. There is no completion.
    To reach the “Golden age” may be the  BK “aim and objective” for an ambitious mind;  but you can only BE in the Golden age, if you were there before, in the past. Do we see that?  If you were there, Life will make it happen again.
    What is the effort then? The “effort” is for those who weren’t there, but no matter what effort is done by them, they will not go there.
    Our path has already been walked many times. We don’t remember it.
    “You” cannot be in the Golden age. “You” will not remember. “You” will not be “you.” Do we see that? 
    But yet, we indulge ourselves in making plans about the future in the afterlife.
    That is daydreaming. Though, it is a good way to distract the mind from the reality of the “now.”

    The rush to get into the “Golden age” (“now or never”) is only a tool for motivation. However, it is used many times to inflict guilt and shame in followers. Fear of “failure” of not getting there, is making their “now” into a miserable experience.

    Everyday in Life, there is a lesson on the art of appreciation.
    We are continuously changing. That appreciation “now” is a powerful ingredient to bring happiness, contentment “now.” Appreciation is not an ideal or philosophy.

    Nevertheless, we allow the mind to bring doubts and learned conditionings from scientific research or BK gyan or some other philosophy, so enjoyment of the present moment is gone.

    It is that lack of fulfillment of BEING the one that will drive us to search for “answers,” although the questions that we come up with, are completely conditioned. We believe that Life, the Universe work according to our understanding.
    That is “proof” of our tremendous ego.

    What would happen if Life is found in other planets?
    That means the automatic destruction of all religious beliefs, and scientific understanding of Life.
    That is how feeble the ideals/beliefs of the mind are. It is easier to say : “There is no other Life form but only us in the Universe” although, we do not know.

    However, for the one BEING in fulfillment, whether Life is found in other planets or not, is of no consequence.
    BEING is beyond any ideas of the mind, here is where “true” spirituality resides, away from the beliefs of the mind.

    For the common good.

    • Christopher Joseph 9:49 AM on December 27, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      Sweet Ahnanda,I truly understand and appreciate your point of view.What does it mean when you mentioned about one BEING in fulfilment 🤔Does this being knows how it came into existence?has it undergone an EXPERIENCE🤔and are there such kind of beings living on this planet and have you experienced the feeling of a fulfilment 🤔and “Is it possible to achieve total fulfilment without knowing how this fulfilled being came into existence 😊


    • avyakt7- New Generation 10:24 AM on December 27, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      Fulfillment is not an achievement. It is not something that “I have to do to get it.” Fulfillment comes. I could say it comes to “you” but then you could ask, how it comes to me? what can i do to make it quicker? How do I know if that is fulfillment? Do you know any other BEINGS in fulfillment? What is the experience like to be fulfilled? I can go on…. I think you get my point.
      It will come when it has to. In the meantime, enjoy your experience as it is. 🙂


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