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    The stratagem of “Baba and I.” 

    What are the 3 main points in BK knowledge?
    Baba, Drama and I.

    Many BKs will repeat this and will act as if no one else was important in their world.
    That “point of knowledge” eventually came down to “Only Baba and I.”

    Many BKs assume that “Baba” works as a filter or middleman in between “I” and the world.
    Emotional suffering is not possible if my emotional energy goes only towards Baba and no one else, in theory.
    Thus, “Baba and I and no one else.”

    This BK method is mostly misunderstood. There are very few who may know the significance of this “yukti.” It is a stratagem.

    First, when we say “Drama,” automatically Baba and I are included. Why?
    Because I and Baba are part of Drama. In fact, not only part but Drama itself.
    There is only Drama, Life. Nevertheless, through our limited language of separation, the belief that there are many separated things is obvious, for we do not see the intimate relationship of all, as unity, as One.

    It is like naming the body parts as separate entities of the outer “me.” A label like “hand” is used for practical reasons, but hand does not exist without arm and arm does not exist without chest and so on. It is a system, unity.

    Similarly, we cannot separate from people and things by just saying “Baba and I.”

    If we want to go deeper; let me ask you:
    Who is that I?
    Most BKs will say “soul.” But to say “soul” is truly like saying “body.”
    I am referring only to the container. A “soul” is a container.
    “you” were a soul (container) in the Silver age as well as now, however; different. What is what makes the difference?
    It is called consciousness, your “part” that is who you perceive to be “you.” Our part is not just the job that we have. The part are ideas, feelings, beliefs, traumas, thoughts, emotions, etc. All of that is “you.” The “soul” merely contains that as a glass contains water, air, juice, milk, wine, etc.

    That “liquid” inside the glass is “you.” That liquid is Drama… or CONSCIOUSNESS.
    Therefore, when we say “Baba and I” we are referring to that “liquid” (consciousness) at this point in time. That liquid will change as we have changed throughout time. For Life/Drama changes.
    What is the effect of “Baba and I”?
    To define the unconstricted liquid “I” into something concrete. It is a “spiritual stratagem.” Ego strengthens, increases when it is concrete, thus  “I.” 

    That is why, I have mentioned many times that the BK “method” is meant to increase ego for the more we define that “I” with the support of “Baba” and the intention to separate those two from the rest of the Universe, that is an excellent way to support the existence of the “I.”

    There cannot be “Only Baba and I.” It is impossible, for the Drama is unity of all those things that we see as components, parts, etc.

    Thus, it is infantile to separate that which cannot be. Nevertheless, it is a great method to solidify ego. That is great! For ego can be dissolved only when it reaches its utmost of expansion. That is where the BK “method” becomes exceedingly efficient.

    To change our consciousness, our perception of the Universe, we need to change our referential position. If we just follow a “method” which only brings known “truths,” it is impossible to act spontaneously thereby change positions, for we will only follow a known paradigm. A stratagem will allow us to go outside the “known truth,” to find the “truth” within ourselves.

    For the common good.

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      Thanks brother. 🙂


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        Thank you, sister… I know you will realize many other things out of that piece. 🙂


    • Dinesh Chawla 11:10 PM on April 15, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      Brother Ahnanda has used BK knowledge may be to explain “Adwaita” philosophy, where God and you are considered as one, correct me if I am wrong 🙂
      I have come across such thing through some other ways as well, but never thought that BK gyan can also be used to explain same… Ahnanda is really a great thinker you know… 🙂
      But brother, theoretically it is quite easy to understand, but how one can experience such thing, like the “I” and “God” both as one? Because through you, to some extent I have understood that experience is what matter the most, right! 🙂
      Thanks for writing this , Om Shanti 🙂


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    The path of yoga 

    A child’s consciousness will change all by itself into a teenager. There is no consciously “effort” driving this change. As the child ages, his body will transform and reach a point of maturity and then start a process of aging, decaying.
    Observe that this process is not just about the body, but also about consciousness.

    Is there at any point any need for “effort” to change?
    There is no need. It just happens, and what happens is out of our control. It is in the Drama.

    The path of yoga introduces the possibility for someone to change himself by sheer use of will power.
    This change is according to a particular belief, a particular morality considered to be “right or good.”

    A follower of the path of yoga is interested in “DOING the right thing.”

    This entails the belief that right now, as we are; we need “improvement.” This improvement is conceptualized by agreement of what SHOULD BE “good or right.”

    In Brahma Kumaris to be “right” is supported by the belief that a set of behaviors are considered to be given by God. In other words, to DO something “right”, according to a direction given by God. Your belief in God creates the need to comply with God; according to someone’s concept or experience of what God SHOULD BE.

    This is how yoga starts. “Union” or yoga is identified as becoming someone “better,” by using our will power to change ourselves.
    “Becoming better” is accomplished by not DOING some things and by DOING others, that is; it is about BEHAVIOR.
    To follow a set of “nice” words called “virtues” become the goal, for that; rejection of who we are “now” by suppression and repression becomes part of the training of not DOING.

    Therefore, Yoga becomes the path of inner fight. The path of inner struggle.

    I am angry, but I want to become anger free. I will “work on it” by becoming aware when anger appears so I could suppress it, or by minimizing the situations that could start my anger, that is by controlling Life. This is a continuous inner fight. It is believed that at one point through “practice”, anger will go away…

    However, anger will be there as long as compassion is needed. Ego will be there as long as the mind exists to separate. Attachment will be there as long as ego exists. That is the untold dilemma of Yoga.

    The continuous inner struggle is like the metaphorical fish going against the current of the River. Where is the fish going? This stubbornness or courage will lead the fish into some sort of imagined glory among other fish, if it survives.
    All of this “effort” only strengthens the idea of separation between “I” and the rest, thus it fortifies the ego.

    This path of yoga however, is part of the journey. For ego needs to grow up, to build itself up in order to disintegrate itself, to dilute itself.

    What happens when ego dilutes?
    There is no fish to struggle against the waters of the River, although; there is a fish. Where is the fish going?
    That is no longer a good question. There is no fish, so who is going where?  but there is River… although, there is a fish.
    How could there be a fish but yet not be a fish? That is illogical!
    That cannot be understood by Yoga… even though, there is “knowledge” of the eternally predestined Drama.

    Brahma Kumaris’ path relies on the yoga of the “I.”

    For the common good.

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      It’s really a deep insight on Yoga.



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    The core of Brahma Kumaris gyan. 

    Looking back from my actual perspective of Life, the piece of Knowledge which has had significance in my Life, is the cycle of time.

    As a matter of fact, from my view it is the only “knowledge” with significance.
    The cycle of time is not a Brahma Kumaris discovery. It has existed in Hinduism, although with a different take, duration, stories, etc.

    A deeper understanding of it, will take someone into what Zen, Taoism and even Tantra are explaining in their own ways.
    The “unlimited” movie is all that exists, and it already has a reel of scenes which have been already shot in “advance,” which are always running.  We could perceive things as the “I” separated from the movie as many religions including Brahma Kumaris perceive, AND/OR we can see that the “I” as separation is an illusion.  Have you heard this terminology? To BE nothing, to DO nothing, to witness, to BE everything there is…. The Drama. 

    Who am I? That question when answered honestly does not have an answer. Yes, it is the soul, right? No. That is a BELIEF. For most is only about replacing the word “I” with the word “soul.” To say “I am a soul” does not mean that I have honestly felt, that I know out of my own experience.  If you knew, you wouldn’t be a BK follower, because the “goal” would have been “achieved”. Soul conscious.   The belief is that by DOING or not DOING things, soul consciousness will arrive to you.

    Because the movie is a “game,” to enjoy that experience is the natural outcome of “understanding” deep gyan, which is the core of Tantra.

    The importance and emphasis of the “I” in Brahma Kumaris knowledge, may be a source of distortion.
    It is “Baba and I,” “Mera Baba,” the “I” is always there, even in Heaven; thus; the need of that “I” to DO things to make things happen and fight with all forces of evil or Maya or anything which comes in front, to obtain the goal, the golden carrot; which is obtained with much denial of what our current Life offers to the “I,” for those things are “impure,” and “I” am becoming “pure.”
    Without a doubt that is a great setup to observe the ego in action. Unfortunately it is not like that for in that state of consciousness, awareness is not developed yet.

    Baba needs to tell me what to DO, how to DO it and WHEN to DO it.
    “I” am totally dependent on his instructions. “I” am afraid of making “mistakes,” for “I” want to be “right.”

    If that “I” is not seen for what it is, I am afraid the BK experience will only serve as a way to further enhance the ego. Either way, it is good.

    Many Brahma Kumaris followers are beginning their “spiritual careers” by understanding the mind.
    I recall that avyakt7 was a great “churner” of “knowledge.”
    To figure out the whereabouts of Lakshmi and Narayan, the Advanced party and all the secrets behind the 108 and the first day of the Golden age, and then to go into the dinosaurs alley and their existence in the “Copper age” or lack of it, all of that has no value for me at this time.
    Zero, Nada, Zilch.

    However, I can understand why many Brahma Kumaris brothers and sister are still using their minds to figure those things out. I was there.
    You may get the reputation of “best churner,” and be compared with Jagdish Bhai nevertheless; all of that is pointless in self-realization, but yet another good source of ego.

    To go into the significance of the cycle of time and its repetition, is to discover that the separation of the “I” from the unlimited movie, is a mirage, a “big maya.” Everything is together. Everything is the movie, including “you,” the “I.”

    In order to dilute the ego, it needs to be enhanced first; and Brahma Kumaris does a pretty good job in that.

    For the common good.

    • Dinesh Chawla 8:50 AM on January 11, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      Hmm, well portrayed Ahnanda… The knowledge of drama is wonderful. But two things that make and made me feel strange and do something like “eeyyyooo (A feeling of great dislike)” after the lesson of drama are:

      All that bad stuff and immense suffering I went through since iron age and especially in this particular birth is going to happen with me again and again in every kalpa, every cycle, because my suffering in this particular birth was immense…:(
      Since the drama is cyclic in nature, you cannot escape from it, there is no way, if I would request Baba that I don’t want to come in iron age and copper age, I only want to come in golden and silver age, he will say “Law does not hold that dude”. Because right now you are in the drama and to play your part you have to come again so no chance to obtain moksha, libration from cycle of birth and death (My one reason of leaving BKs was this, I would like to take this topic as well with you Ahnanda in future). If we want to escape, we will have to make the drama as linear may be which happens only once. But that’s just my view, you have said in few of your articles that time is cyclic in nature.
      Apart from this Osho explains in one of his lecture that, do you really think that a world so called heaven where everything is considered as perfect, it will be enjoyable to live there. How boring that would be to live there without any problem, like you don’t have anything to do there, no job for survival, no business, although BKs do claim that there will be barter system there, but barter system brings a lot of problems, inequality, storage of material, and so on, so how can a world where there exist a barter system be free from emotional suffering, people won’t feel jealous or low or high when they exchange stuff in barter system!!
      He claims that hell in fact would be a more colorful place, with so many variety of people existing at same time, so many varieties of dances, will there be any dance in heaven, if yes, how many varieties? he goes on and on explain that people have been running behind heaven but you can be in heaven even if you are living in a hell world of today.

      Dinesh C


      • Anil Kumar 10:12 AM on January 12, 2017 Permalink | Reply

        There are still some tribal societies who have no contact with modern society. They use barter system for getting their daily necessities. They enjoy their life with pristine nature. The drama has place for something at a right time.

        Anil Kumar


        • avyakt7- New Generation 10:55 AM on January 12, 2017 Permalink | Reply

          That is right, Anil. The Drama has place for something at the right time. It cannot be any other way as we are all part of this marvelous movie.
          Dinesh: The article today goes into your question. I would be glad to go further into it in another article if you have further questions.

          One important thing to remember is that in the Golden age BEING is complete, full. Naturally those BEINGS are “good.” Therefore, whatever they DO is good as well. There is no greed. On the other hand, at this time for most; BEING is incomplete. This is not “bad” but just an experience of the range of experiences which always move from one extreme to the other, from completeness to incompleteness.
          There is nothing to fix, as this is the natural law; only be aware, acknowledge of who we ARE, that brings automatic change.

          Spiritually nowadays, is busy covering our BEING with DOING. Our actions look “good” in the surface but are driven by greed, whether that is to make more money or to get Paradise in the afterlife, it is the same thing.

          Bartering is not a problem. It is not “impure.” Just like sex. The issue is BEING, the type of consciousness behind the action.



          • Dinesh Chawla 2:39 AM on January 13, 2017 Permalink | Reply

            Hey, this may seem a little argumentative, “There is no greed in Golden age”. Now suppose ABC BEING is a deity in golden age, sitting and eating the perfect food, as in golden age the food is going to be the Great, “they call it 56 bojan”.

            Now the ABC deity likes one food item and he wants more food item, to get more experience of those 56 bojan, my point is “subtle wanting more” is going to be there, I am sorry to disagree with Ahnanda for the first time, but after all “GREED IS GREED”.

            There is GREED in golden age as well.


            • ahnanda 4:25 PM on January 13, 2017 Permalink | Reply

              Dinesh: You are assuming that deity ABC will act as “normal” people here. Greed is defined as:”intense and selfish desire for something, especially wealth, power, or food.” THE KEYWORD IS “SELFISH.”
              If I want more food because I am legitimately hungry, that is not greed, it is hunger. If I want more food because is the last portion or someone else may take it, that is not hunger but greed.
              Greed is greed, but hunger is not greed. 🙂


        • Dinesh Chawla 2:43 AM on January 13, 2017 Permalink | Reply

          Daily necessities, enjoyment with pristine nature and a place in drama is not going to free them from all sorts of sufferings forever.

          I am sorry, I have been quite argumentative in both the comments, but one can’t deny these facts. Can you Anil?

          Now may be you have a question why to get rid of all sorts of suffering for ever? Let’s see whether I am able to find that in my personal journey… 🙂


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    A reader leaves the Brahma Kumaris movement. 


    Really nice unveiling…:)

    But just a small thought by me, they did have this belief, “I” can change my sanskar’s at my own will. But Sr BK Shivani has changed that to “I” can change my thoughts at my own will. But again that belief by Sr. Shivani is a contradiction with the articles that you had shared with me about “Welcome to the world of good thoughts and bad thoughts”, and with my personal experience that all sorts of negative, judgemental, and waste thoughts are generated by the mind and not by the SELF.

    Anyways, another thing that I wanted to share is that I have finally left the path of BKs, I just took some time in alone and reflected on my own personal aspects of understanding, did some meditation of becoming totally aware of my own thoughts. And I think I am ready to go ahead with my personal journey.

    This decision of leaving the path of BKs was not because I explored Osho and Ahnanada, but it was just a personal decision. And just wanted to thank you for writing such a thoughtful and truthful articles on avyakt7.com. Also, I just wanted to request you to allow us to provide comments and questions on avyakt7.com as well, as we used to do it before, yes a few may end up criticising or taking wrong meaning of your articles. But what about those who want to explore more on those articles. Or can we just contact you via that “Contact” page?

    I will be visiting the Osho meditation Ashram in Pune for 4 to 5 day in a week or so, to explore more about meditation there. And will definitely share my experience with you.

    Wish you the best in your “decision.” 🙂

    Certainly, feel free to share with us what you find at Osho’s ashram.

    I wanted to clarify certain items in lieu of your comment.
    1.) Avyakt7 New Generation for BKs, is not interested in promoting the BK path nor in obstructing the decision of a seeker. I have no agenda for going “pro” or “against.” Avyakt7 is just sharing a vision from a different consciousness.
    2.) The Brahma Kumaris path was a “good” path for me. Like anything in Life, it had a timing as my consciousness changed. It is my experience that there is no such a thing as “a true” path or the “only shop,” but rather that terminology could be used only in reference to a particular state of consciousness.
    3.) Brahma Kumaris is evolving as well. Yesterday “I could change my sanskaras”, today “I can change my thoughts.” Yesterday, “destruction is just ahead”, today “destruction is transformation.” Those whose mind is stuck in finding a paragraph stating the “truth”, will learn a lot about this belief.
    4.) We could say that “waste thoughts are generated by me.” We could say “waste thoughts are generated by the mind. “ We could say “waste thoughts are generated by Daffy duck.” The origin does not matter, we cannot DO anything to stop them. Paradoxically, when we observe them and become aware of the particular thought without identifying with it (as:  It is my thought, why do I think bad thoughts? I feel bad about it, etc.) at that point, those thoughts go away, because you are in the “NOW,” by being in the “now” the mind is not. 
    5.) Someone in the state of consciousness: “ I create my thoughts,” needs “spirituality” for that state of consciousness. That is what Brahma Kumaris offers.
    If you are AWARE that thoughts come and go without your willingness, then that awareness cannot resonate with the above teaching. That is all.

    For the common good.

    • Dinesh C 3:46 AM on January 6, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      Hey Ahnanda,

      Thanks for your wishes, I already had thought about your very first clarification that this page is not for going against BKs or anything like that and I agree with you that the path was also a very good path for me as well as I had transformed myself from a depressed personality to a happy personality to a high extent but NOT COMPLETELY.

      The path of Bhrama Kumaris is a path of self cultivation with some aim and not a path of becoming total awareness with no aim at all.

      But bro you didn’t answer this:

      ” Or can we just contact you via that “Contact” page? for some queries related to your articles on avyakt7.com”

      Dinesh Chawla


      • ahnanda 9:59 AM on January 6, 2017 Permalink | Reply

        Yes… you can contact me through the “contact” page with questions related with the articles. I will not write an email back responding, I will use the questions into articles.


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    God and Drama 

    Even though I know through my experience somethings about God, I cannot share it with you. If I say: “God is this,” it will only be information for you. Someone may say: “God is that,” and then you will need to “choose” based on whatever fits your day.

    Therefore, find out for yourself; go through the experience.
    That is my respect for your own path.
    However, let me share this:
    The word God is truly a loaded word. What exists, in my experience; may not fit any descriptive word or definition..

    Brahma Kumaris as well as monotheistic religions define God. “God is this,” and by doing that followers have an idea, a mind set up to believe. God as defined by Brahma Kumaris, does not necessarily fit the knowledge of the Drama. For that, here is my suggestion:
    Dive in the knowledge of the Drama to find the “jewels of knowledge,” not in infantile stories of Lakshmi and Narayan and what will happen in the golden age or when Krishna is born. Those stories are only “futuristic” bed stories for little kids, before they go to bed.

    The Drama/ Life is about “you” right now. Stories of someone else will not help you, if your quest is for self-realization.
    Brahma Kumaris’ knowledge of the Drama is unique and that knowledge alone has helped me tremendously to understand the “I.”

    All you are looking for is in that “I.” Observe its existence, observe how it is impossible to say “I am a detached observer,” for as long as there is identification with an “I,” there is separation from Life, from the movie and in that separation there is no witnessing.

    The experience of the actor acting in a movie is unique, although that experience just happens to be interpreted in a particular way by the actor. If we keep that experience in our mind by giving it high value, we will look for it again, which means, disappointment may happen, or we may reject it that experience and keep it in our minds, which means that we have created a trauma.

    If there is openness in you to be like an open door, the experience will be experienced and it will go away, to let room for further experiences. The “I” is there to absorb experiences, keep them and “choose” this and not that (filter them.) That gives “identity.”

    A detached observer is like an open door. Open to everyone, but capable of closing itself, that is the beauty of experiencing the “I” and the “no-I,” both at the same time, thus the duality of choosing is not based on mental conditioning but in your gut feeling, in your connection with Life… There is no duality there, no choice.

    That is what the knowledge of the Drama may teach you. The movie is what is. Your questioning, your morality, your ideas of what should be are huge obstacles in the enjoyment of the movie, as it is.

    Wherever you ARE in your journey is “good” for it will change. It is guarantee. Therefore, enjoy that experience, for it is unique, it is the “now.”

    Life offers you that opportunity to experience. Keep your labels aside, your beliefs aside and see how change is all there is and for that there cannot be a static, solid, concise “I” supported by mental paradigms, which we are so identified with.

    “I am a soul,” “I am an angel,” “I am a deity.” No! You may experience those things, but be certain that “you” are none of them. You are moving on with Life, you are Life itself. There is no need to define yourself. That is why, to love ourselves deeply what we perceive to be “now,” is to love Life. Being in love with Life, there can only be …… (No descriptions.)
    Experience and acknowledge who “you” are now, enjoy that;  and let Life change it, in that way death may no longer be a trauma, something to be afraid of, but the opportunity for newness in Life.
    For the common good.


    • Dhruv 8:16 AM on March 15, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      Hi Avyakt7..

      I was following you 4 years back and now following you again.. The same go with my BK path; i was following the BK path and left the path 4 years back and now i am following the BK path again..

      I admire your role in this drama, you consciousness is unique and helpful for many people like me to understand a drama with different perspective.

      You had mentioned in this article about your experience of GOD. I request you to kindly share your experience as it may be helpful for others to understand the GOD. I am thinking that there is no GOD as such, not sure.. I am confused and unable to conclude any thing about GOD.. But my curiosity would like to explore and i feel you may help me to understand the GOD..

      Is there a really GOD? Please assist us with your experience.

      Thank you !


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    The “soul” and “Paradise”: Many years of Misunderstanding 

    Misunderstanding of the “knowledge” starts with the concept of “soul.”
    For most BKs, the soul is “I.” Unfortunately for most this only stays at the verbal level, the mind. Hence, the belief that “I will go to Paradise if I DO some things” (masked with the word “effort”) is prevalent.

    The best example that I could come up at this time, to explain the “soul” at the intellectual level is related with computers. Those familiar with computers will be able to understand it.

    The soul is like a hard drive. It is empty until it is formatted. The soul has been formatted with different partitions (84 lifes or whatever number) each partition has a different operating system (windows 10, Mac OS X, Ubuntu, Red Hat Linux, Windows XP, etc.)

    “I” am the operating system of one partition. For instance, Ahnanda now is “Red Hat Linux.” Once “I” die, the hard drive will pick the following installed operating system, which means that “I” am “Mac OS X” in that “life.” Observe that every operating system is different. That is the “I.” What continues on from one Life into the other, are the text files edited through the Operating system’s editor. Every Life adds stuff to it and deletes other things through experiences. Those are the sanskaras brought to you by the “mind.”

    The soul is an empty repository, the hard drive. That comes preformatted with roles, it is the “I” in every partition. Those roles are pre-arranged, but yet still, we believe that “I am DOING,” despite the knowledge of predestination of the Drama.

    What is to be “soul conscious”? To become aware of that emptiness of the hard drive and the fullness of the 84 partitions and how each operating system will do its thing when activated, for in that consciousness of being empty, we automatically become “detached observers.” There is no particular “I” to identify with, even though in Brahma Kumaris, it is about identifying with the most “elevated” role/ partition.
    With deeper insight, we can observe that the soul is not a particular partition, but all of them (content) and none of them (emptiness.)

    In content, every hard drive (soul) is different, unique. Without content, that is in emptiness; all hard drives are the same.  That sameness is omnipresent consciousness that we share with all living beings.

    As we become aware of our emptiness, we become closer to the soul. That emptiness could be realized through stillness of the mind… then we can feel, the “inner smile” of bliss may be felt.
    To be in tune with that emptiness, is what has been mystified by religions with pretty names: Meditation, stillness, peace, concentration, absorption, etc.

    Most humans fear the feeling of their own emptiness. Humans crave for content, as content gives the sensation of purpose.
    That is why to reach Paradise and God, become a valued purpose in religions. Those “ideas” are necessary for many seekers who are unable to feel at ease with a purposeless life, a life acquainted with emptiness, stillness. They are unaware that emptiness brings newness when a partition of the hard drive (the soul) is replaced by another through the process of what we call death.
    For the common good.


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    Karma and Drama 

    In the physical plane we could observe that any manifestation of Life will express itself. In the case of human beings, we express through words, emotions, feelings, actions.

    The word Karma as understood in Brahma Kumaris, is without depth. It is good for “beginners,” but depth is necessary to understand beyond the surface.

    In Brahma Kumaris the emphasis is on the ACTION the DOING. Karma means ACTION. ACTIONS are conveniently classified in “good, bad and neutral” which consequently will give as a result a “good, bad or neutral” karma in the future.

    That understanding although “easy” it is for neophytes, thus;  it has overall value.

    As it was explained in many articles in this blog and in “Exploring the Depth of Living,” ACTIONS are the cover up of BEING in “spirituality” for the masses.

    For example, someone with a killer instinct is told to DO “good actions,” that means rather than killing others, to “love” others.
    The killer now will be a lover by ACTING his love. But he IS not Love yet. He IS anger.
    The Killer IS still a killer. His BEING IS killing. Although, he will not get in trouble, he will be frustrated, repressed. To tell him that his karma in the future will be “good” is not accurate, for karma is intimately related with who we ARE, with BEING.

    Although the example above is extreme, it is meant to make a point.

    Brahma Kumaris also teaches that by “practicing” “good actions,” we will be “good,” as our sanskaras will change.
    That is not accurate for BEING does not change by DOING. This little phrase has been used plenty of times now.

    Therefore, what is that karma that “I am” DOING?
    It is the Drama manifesting through you. Yes, you can “change” that by thinking your actions, by “thinking before you DO,” however, what YOU ARE will not change.

    It is very important to understand the following: When we are beginning our “spiritual journey,” we are full of emotions. Our emotions will run our Life. That is why, Brahma Kumaris method is highly positive for those who need to THINK before getting in trouble out of their emotions. That THINKING it is just a break. As the “spiritual person” is able to be AWARE of his emotions, then to dissipate them, to clear them, will be the next step that Life will bring.

    It comes to a point, when to integrate with Life or the Drama, becomes important to be one with Life. That is another level of consciousness not known by many.

    YOUR karma is your DRAMA… your Life; or more accurately; it is what will be manifested through you. It is pointless to call something as “good, bad or neutral” for what it is, is the consequence of many threads of many lives coming from different people, environment, etc. Thus, acknowledge what is. Be Honest. 
    To simplistically say that “I can change my karma” is utterly infantile, for “you” is not something separate from Life. There are many threads making up “you” and our mind only “chooses” a particular thread to call that “Me.” The key is not to change things, but to be AWARE and acknowledge what is, not as an intellectual idea but in your heart.

    When we observe everything that we experience, without labeling it, without putting emotional twists to it, we are “watching the movie,” as a “detached observer.”
    Of course, for that we will need to clear our conditioning, beliefs and emotional traumas.
    That is necessary for the spiritual Life walker to integrate his BEING into Life, without this step; there may not be self-realization. Of course, this will arrive when “you” are ready.

    For the common good.

  • avyakt7- New Generation 4:11 AM on September 27, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    Content and Emptiness 

    Life is content. Death emptiness.
    Content brings emptiness and emptiness, content.
    Just like form brings no-form and “I” brings “No-I.”

    That apparent separation of natural states of BEING, are a problem for our society and religions.

    The idea of “Good” and “Evil” are together, just like content and emptiness.
    In BK terms, as long as Maya exists, God will exist. In the “Copper Age,” the age of duality; Maya appeared and thus, God.

    Therefore, there was non-duality and then duality. It is “Natural.”
    One of the most noticeable misunderstandings of our society, religion and morality came about in “choosing” “Good” and rejecting “Evil.” “Choice” is the issue supporting the  “I.”

    Brahma Kumaris as a religion, is firmly established in the belief that we must always “choose” what is “Good.” The definition of “good” is spelled out to followers.

    If we understood the previous articles when the Drama was explained, we could understand that “Good” is not an idea, a philosophy, a commandment, a particular action, but to be able to live according to the Drama of Life. What is necessary according to time, is “good.”

    This is a tremendous shift. We are leaving aside our mind and the proclivities of the mind to live in duality.

    To “Be one with the Drama” is to be “Good” without the duality of “bad,” otherwise, as long as we use our minds to act by choosing according to some morality or some rules; duality will be there, which means that sooner or later that which we rejected will be embraced.
    They come together as a package.

    Brahma Kamaris knowledge is based on resistance of the inevitable outcome of duality.
    Because Brahma Kumaris knowledge is based on the duality of the mind.

    To be able to step away from the mind, is part of the process of some individuals like Ahnanda, for instance; thus, while for BKs living in the mind, God and Maya exist by labeling a particular experience or being as “God” or “Maya;” for Ahnanda; they are just labels denoting duality.

    Content is Life itself. “You” are content. Emptiness is the “soul.” Who are “you,” then?
    According to your consciousness, YOU are content. You are not emptiness, a soul.

    “You” want to be “soul conscious,” empty while being content, Life?
    Do not make a duality out of them; step away from the mind and explore the heart, but if you could go even deeper, go to the “gut,” then “you” and Life will be one. 

    The Drama and you, are one already, so it is a matter of realizing it. However; not through the mind, the intellect,  but through the gut feeling.

    For the common good.

  • avyakt7- New Generation 4:33 PM on September 22, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    The Predestined Drama and “I” 

    As we go deeper into the experience of knowing that we cannot separate the “I” from everything else; for everything is unity; then we could see that the Drama of Life is like a movie. (as we know) however, what we do not realize is that what we call “I” is confused with the label “soul.”

    Your physical body is part of the movie. What will happen to that physical body is already contained in that “movie.”

    Consciousness is what that “magic word” soul brings. That consciousness is like being awake. What we interpret out of being awake is given to us by our mind, intellect and sanskars. That is the information of this life experience as well as many others. Life experiences and their interpretation will dictate our sanskars. The intellect is separated in Brahma Kumaris knowledge as the “seed” of the “I,” the one who chooses, the one with “free will.”

    Basically, mind, intellect and sanskaras are all together to bring us our “role” in Life. That is what most people call consciousness, but Ahnanda is making a difference between the “role” and the sense of being awake, alert, conscious.

    “Soul” goes along with that alertness. Everything else such as what we call “my thoughts,” “my emotions,” “my ideals,” etc. are part of the “role.”

    In Brahma Kumaris we have learned that “I” can modify those things at “will” but observe that any modification is just behavioral. The “I” cannot go to the “root” of itself to make any changes.

    Changes happen through Life itself. The experiences in Life will make those changes as we are all together in this.

    A “detached observer” is aware that everything is the “movie”: My thoughts, My ideals, My emotions, My morality, etc. It is not only about “others” but what is running in “Me.” Are you aware of it?

    The soul will move on and so the content that you knew about “this” Life.

    Therefore, who is that “I”? Who is that “I” who wants to go to Paradise? If it is “I, the soul” that “I” is empty, void of content.
    The content is the role and that role is predetermined… or rather manifests through “you.”

    Most individuals unaware of this, are so identified with the content what they like to call “I.” That identification overflows into the body… when in reality, the body and the content are both part of the Drama.
    Those individuals may feel by hearing this, like “puppets of destiny.”
    However, there is no puppet at all. That “soul” is AWARENESS without content. Destiny is the movie. Everything is the movie.
    AWARENESS will allow the “observation” of the movie without identification. That is how the observer and what is being observed are truly the same thing, when there is only observation, alertness. For there is neither observer nor the object of observation. Only Consciousness.

    The label “Drama” is insipid, it is separating “I” from everything else.
    Drama is truly Life. Do you love Life? That is why “spirituality” cannot be separated from Life.
    Ahnanda loves Life. He is in love with it, for Life IS.
    Observe the changes, the newness, the plot… and how the mind, intellect and sankaras and all its content is limiting the enjoyment of something that is meant to touch the heart, the feelings, not just the mind and its interpretations.
    The soul feels the “movie,” LIFE.

    For the common good.

  • avyakt7- New Generation 11:45 AM on September 20, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    Going deeper into the “Predestined” Drama 

    I could only share about the Drama with Brahma Kumaris brothers and sisters.
    It is paradoxical how such a piece of extraordinary “information” it is taken so lightly, so superficially, as if followers truly did not understand what the Drama means, but rather have it clouded, with assertions of the “I” and worship of a God who “saves” when there is no need to “save” anyone.

    Let us say that you knew exactly what is in the Drama. In other words, you knew what is going to happen in the “future.”

    Question: Would you be “acting” differently?
    Let us say that you are living in 1938 and saw that the “second world war” was coming.
    First, you didn’t label it as the “II world war.” Probably you may have use another label, such as the “great war,” “The end of times,” “Human annihilation,” etc.
    Then your own conditioning will “interpret” what you have seen or know.
    The question is: Would you DO something to stop the war, even if you knew that your action will be for nothing? Would you give away your own Life for nothing?

    Here is another question to consider: If you contacted God and you prayed for the war to be stopped, do you believe that he will DO that?
    Isn’t God all “righteous,” and “good,” and therefore he should DO something to stop such a massacre?

    Obviously “God” acts with a different morality, which is not the one humans know about.

    That is the first teaching of the Drama.
    What you think to be “good” or “right” or the “way to do it,” is of no consequence. Many times we tend to judge Life from our conditioned insipid, human morality.
    Ultimately, if you truly understand the Drama… what is truly “good” if it is not to go along with the Drama?
    But… we typically do not know what is coming next…  🙂
    That is why, whatever you “think” it is what you have to DO, is on “you.” Defend your actions with pretty labels, morality, worship… It doesn’t matter.
    “You” may not realize it, but “your” DOING is according to the Drama… and as it is… it is “good.” Of course “good” with knowledge, means “necessary.” Do you like that “definition”? It is not in the dictionary.

    To learn to go with the Drama means to learn to listen to your “pure” gut feeling, your intuition, without the conditioning of society or the religion. That conditioning uses your mind and it separates “you” from Life.

    If “you” DO according to your gut feeling would you call that: “ I am doing according to what I feel”?
    Observe that it is not “you.” It is happening to you… It is part of the Drama and “you” are a manifestation of it.

    Nevertheless, we are so caught up in being “right,” in DOING according to some artificial morality, in understanding what “God wants out of me,” and all those ego trips that only support the idea of a mirage.
    What is that mirage?
    That “I” am separated from the Drama.

    Please go into it, if you would…

    For the common good.

    • Gayathri 9:08 PM on September 21, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      Om shanti.

      Yes brother, it takes time to understand and then to assimilate the reality and certainty of Drama. When we really realise how the entire universe as a whole, continues to change in which all souls/ human beings, and other living beings, and the 5 elements are part of, and creates the Drama, the ego becomes humble.

      Baba tells us again and again that the Drama is predetermined and that it repeats itself identically every kalpa. None of us could play our roles independently of the rest of beings and elements. Eternally we are all linked to one another and ‘create’ the drama.

      The roles are fixed… the drama continues, the changes continue to take place and comes to a point where it is more or less in equilibrium like it was some thousands of years ago and then goes on changing once again…

      When we realise that the roles are being played through us and not the other way round (we are not playing the roles using our intellect), we become ego-less. Yes, we do ‘use’ our intellects, according to the role in the drama!

      In a cinema, the actor may play a role in which he/ she ‘uses’ his/ her intellect to achieve something ‘written’ in the story (according to the script). But the actor has no choice but to act that way, the script is the deciding factor.

      Baba says that one who is beyond the effects of praise and defamation is a mature soul who is close to his karmateet stage. When we realise that fact, the race for superiority, to become a world emperor, to have a huge ‘kingdom’ now and in the future will cease. Ironically enough, only those who are desire-less and ego less are the ones who will become the world emperors in future as it is the basic quality/ sanskar needed to become one. Thanks for your churnings.


    • Gayathri 5:07 AM on September 22, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      Modified my previous message a little bit.

      Om shanti.

      It takes time to understand and then to assimilate the reality and certainty of Drama. When we realise how the entire universe as a whole continues to change in which all souls- human beings, and other living beings, and the 5 elements are part of, and creates the Drama, the ego of being quite intelligent, an accomplisher, a self- made man, etc. fades away and we become humble.

      Baba tells us again and again that the Drama is predetermined and that it repeats itself identically every kalpa. None of us can play our roles independently of the rest of the beings and elements. Eternally we are all linked to one another and we ‘create’ the drama.

      The roles are fixed… the drama continues to unfold, the changes continue to take place and comes to a point where it is more or less in equilibrium like it was some thousands of years ago and then goes on changing once again…

      When we realise that the roles are being played through us and not the other way round (we are not playing the roles using our intellect), we become ego-less. Yes, we do ‘use’ our intellects, according to the role in the drama!

      In a cinema, an actor may play a role in which he/ she ‘uses’ his/ her intellect to achieve something. But the actor has no choice but to act that way, he has to follow the script, it is the script which is the deciding factor. In the case of a filming of a cinema, the actor practises his dialogues before the film is shot. So, he is aware that he is acting out his role. But in our daily life we are not ‘given’ any script to learn our dialogues; here the ‘script’ automatically gets played through all of us, there will be no rehearsals nor prompting. 🙂

      Baba says that one who is beyond the effects of praise and defamation is a mature soul who is close to his karmateet stage. This is because getting rid of the limited “I” and “mine” frees us from getting influenced by praise and defamation. Baba keeps reminding us to surrender that “I” to Him with love. When we understand that all our achievements are not the product of our intelligence and creativity but it is the universe expressing itself through us, various actors; there will be no scope for the ego to survive.

      When we realise that fact, the race for superiority, the urge to become a world emperor, to establish a huge ‘kingdom’ now and in the future will cease. Ironically enough, only those who are desire-less and ego less are the ones who will become the world emperors in future as it is the basic quality/ sanskar needed to become one.


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    • avyakt7- New Generation 4:41 PM on September 22, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      A very good explanation there. Thank you! AT the end of the road, it is about experience. We cannot understand what we do not experience…. that is the beauty of Life, the synchronized changes catered to “me” and everyone else, to all of us. Such synchronicity and harmony needs to repeat to maintain itself eternally, and we are “helping” on that, whether we are aware of it or not…. Go left, go right… It is the same…. Such Paradox escapes the understanding of many… but not yours 🙂


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