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    The foundation of knowledge is faith 

    Murli 23-06-17

    Sweet children, the foundation of knowledge is faith. Make effort with your intellect having faith and you will reach the destination.
    What one aspect should you understand deeply and have faith in?
    The karmic accounts of all souls are about to be settled and everyone will return to the sweet home like a swarm of mosquitoes. After that, only a few souls will go to the new world. This aspect should be understood deeply and you must have faith in it.
    Which children is the Father pleased to see?
    The children who completely sacrifice themselves to the Father, those who are not shaken by Maya, that is, who are as unshakeable and immovable as Angad. The Father is pleased to see such children.
    Have patience, o mind! Your days of happiness are about to come.

    A friend, sent me this Murli for my comments.  Here they are.

    In the Sakar Murli of 6/23/17, we could observe that knowledge according to Brahma Kumaris, has a foundation before it. That foundation is faith.

    Faith is a sentimental belief beyond rational, intellectual grasp.
    Knowledge is the theory, it is the belief of “truth.” It is something that could be explained to others, rationalized. In the case of Brahma Kumaris, it is the explanation on how everything works in Life, our “purpose” and what God is.

    For most followers, there is no experience of “knowledge.”
    It is a tale for grown-ups. What is the use of knowing that God is a soul, or that “I” am a soul if there is no experience of that?
    What is the use of the knowledge of predestination if there is no experience of that?

    Those are the theoretical aspects to believe in. Blindly.
    If those aspects of knowledge where experienced, there wouldn’t be a need to have faith.

    This is the first point to observe about this Murli.

    Again, in the second question there is the aspect of “understanding” intellectually what “karma” is and to have faith in that.
    There is the “theory of karma” and we should act according to our understanding of it.
    I act in a certain way and there are consequences of those actions. Karma is action.
    Let us say that I am riding my bike and a lizard appears from nowhere. I still have time to use my brakes, but I decide to go on thinking the lizard will “see” the bike. It doesn’t happen. The lizard gets run over. That is the action. What are the consequences?
    Karma is not as simple as that. INTENTION is a big player in every karmic consequence. However, that is not explained in Brahma Kumaris knowledge. A “black or white” knowledge is easy to follow, easy to understand; however, it is far from what it “is.”
    Brahma Kumaris is the path of the mind. To conquer the mind means to follow some activities, so even if internally thoughts are infused with negativity, even if the root is negativity, “I” will re-shape them into some learned “positivity” and reinforce that with some actions, karma, doings.

    We have not changed the source. No matter what we DO. Consider that.

    The second question in the Murli, is about “sacrifice” for the “Father.”
    How do you sacrifice? What is the need to sacrifice?
    Those are the main questions to answer. In my experience, any form of DOING for others, may have good reviews from others, it may be morally accepted and praised, but we are merely conforming to our conditioning.

    To follow a religious path is to “sacrifice” yourself. But, don’t believe that something “good” will emerge out of that. No matter how “unshakable” (stubborn) we become.
    Love has been the way, but when we do not know love, sacrifice has been invented.

    The “song” in the Murli gives importance to the mind. There is no happiness for the mind. The whole thing about the mind is to be active, to search for things, to be in movement wanting, desiring, acquiring, looking for something else.
    Happiness is in no mind, but this is not something to DO. It happens.

    For the common good.

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      Om shanti.

      Thanks brother for explaining. The ‘no mind’ stage comes when we learn / realise to accept the drama as it is. Then there will be no goals to achieve, no need to criticise others.

      Having total trust in the drama that everything that is happening and the things that we are going to do are going to be the accurate ones makes our life’s journey entertaining. We can not become a ‘saint’ in one day even though we know all the rules and principles that one has to follow’ to become’ one. The day we become real ‘saints’ our behaviour would automatically be ‘saintly’. 🙂

      We do not need to ‘reach’ somewhere, we just have to keep going and enjoying life.

      (Today Gayathri ben has been speaking like an experienced spiritual person! Actually she has not reached that stage, she is just imagining the future path. 🙂 )

      best wishes,

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    Seeing the Drama of Life from “up above.” 

    Because of our conditioning, we look at things from our perspective and we believe that our perspective is the “right” one or the “truth.”

    For example, most believe that Brahmacharya (teachings of Brahma) or celibacy is about using our will power to repress sexual energy or to come up with “yuktis” (methods) to avoid sexuality. That is not so. Brahmacharya is not about avoidance, rejection or repression. If a Brahma Kumaris follower is repressing or rejecting his own sexual energy, that individual is not “practicing” Brahmacharya.
    Now, this is a new way to look at celibacy from mainstream.

    Similarly, we could look at the Drama of Life. Every Brahma Kumaris follower “knows” that it is predestined but there is more to it, that we may need to look at.
    Let me give an example.

    BK Anthony Strano died relatively young of heart problems, while being a Brahma Kumaris follower. Let us say that he picked up a virus during his many service trips to India as a BK follower.
    Let us assume that we knew about his fate 30 years ago. Absolutely sure that this will happen to him. 
    What would you do?
    The only way that information could be meaningful to us, is if we knew Strano, if we were close to him.

    If you were his relative, wouldn’t you do anything in your power to convince Strano not to join the BK organization or to leave it or ask him not to travel to India?
    Wouldn’t you think that Strano is “wasting his life” there as he will not achieve anything tangible for his Life? For most, having 3.5 kids a pet and an “office job” means “not to waste your life,” that is tangible.

    Here we can see the conditioning behind being a relative of Strano. In our mind as relatives, we may think that we are DOING the best for him.
    What about if I come along and tell you: “That is human petty morality. That is attachment.”
    Wouldn’t you be upset? And if things did not go YOUR WAY, wouldn’t you be against the Brahma Kumaris, perhaps blaming them for Strano’s fate?
    It is expected. However, look at all the REACTIONS to something that is PREDESTINED to happen.
    The experiences Strano had in the Brahma Kumaris were necessary in his particular path.  Outsiders will judge based on their conditioning, their perceptions. Strano made his “choice,” although it was his predestined path. Strano will move on into a different experience.

    Beings of light like BRAHMA BABA, look at things from that perspective; the “unlimited perspective.” What is in the Drama is what will happen, regardless of what we believe should happen or what we want to happen though our conditioning.
    That experience in itself (good/bad) is what changes consciousness in individuals, not a belief in the practice of some morality or the conditioning of some society/religion.

    From the above example, we discover attachment to the role of certain people (my friend, my sister, my father,) but even more subtle than that, attachment to our conditioning, our believes in what is “right” or “wrong.” That is how we may feel “rightful” in judging others.

    Every Life is being lived exactly as it should. Thus, when we ACT, do we use our conditioning to enforce our actions as being “right”? Or do we ACT because that is what is inside of us to DO, without thoughts, without the mind entering into the picture to bring a conditioning? In that way, what we ARE will certainly come out, raw, unconditioned.

    When an action is done through the conditioning of society/religion/morality etc. there is truly a “someone,” the conditioned “I” DOING things. 
    Here is the catch: Whether we act based on the conditioning of society or the role of the Drama, what is happening is what is supposed to be.
    What is the difference, then?
    The difference is if there is “I” DOING which will bring consequences besides strengthening ego, as our conditioning is not necessarily in harmony with the need of the time, according to the Drama. When there is no one doing, “No-I,” “we” are agents, “instruments” rather than DOERS. When there is an “I” there must be the consequences of the law of karma, when there is no- “I” doing; Karma is not. (Akarma.) That is a detached observer.

    Through our vision of the Drama from “up above” like a being of light, we could understand our conditioning and enjoy the movie of Life.

    For the common good.

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      Yes, it is a predestined drama. 🙂


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    The Paradise “trick.” 

    If the Drama, Life, is all predestined and moves according to its inner intelligence of self-preservation through changes, and we are agents, to manifest those changes; then, how “I” can change “my” destiny to go to a place labeled as Paradise?

    That has been the trick of many religions. Here is a nice little place in the “future.” You can go there, all you have to do is “sign up” with us; for “we” are the “only ones” who can go there.
    Every religion believing in such place labeled as “Paradise or Heaven,” has the same “modus operandi.”

    “Now” is the time that you can “make effort” to go to Paradise.

    Never mind the many lives that you had before. Never mind the karmic consequences from so many births. Magically, the “law of karma” can disappear because God is doing his magic “now” and just for “you” Brahma Kumaris followers, because “you” are special, the “best,” etc. 

    It is not like that.

    Consider this: “Paradise” exists only now. It is an idea, an ideal. Yes, you had experiences, visions, etc. Because the place was so nice, you called it “Paradise.” For all I am concerned, you could have had visions towards the end of the Silver age. Who is there to say no?
    Anything better than “this,” the “now” is Paradise. Because it is a vision, we could dream about it. That is the “hope” to get you away from the “now.”

    Some news: Let us say that “you” were living in that vision. Let us say that “you” made it there. Here is something for “you” to know: “You” wouldn’t know that you are in Paradise. There is no way to tell. “You” wouldn’t know it is “you” for as explained about the soul, it will be just the Operating systems kicking in as the soul is empty, not “you.”

    The issue is too much “I,” “you,” “me.” The knowledge as interpreted by 99% of Brahma Kumaris followers, is an extension of pampering the “I.” That is not bad at all. It is necessary, but there cannot be self-realization through “I pampering.”

    It is the “I” wanting to change the Drama/Life to fit his own interests. That is the dream that every religion should fit to gain followers.
    The soul has many operating systems installed already. One polarity is called “Paradise,” the other “Hell.” However, every soul has that. Whether Brahma Baba goes to the “real” Golden Age and not “me,” is of no consequence. The bottom line is that “I the soul,” will experience my “Paradise” and my own “Hell.” Do we see that?

    But… my ego wants what Brahma Baba will have because it is “better.” That is the idea, the conditioning, the trick. Let me fight and get it… Let me DO something about it.

    There is no “I.” There is no choice but conditioned actions through the mind. The “I” is pure mind, thus “Raja Yoga.” The “I” separates from Life, the Drama.

    “Paradise” is a nice pampering for the suffering of the heavy “I.”

    There are 4 seasons in the year. Because “I” don’t experience Spring Time, it doesn’t mean that “I am less than.” It just means that your Fall will be my Spring. Who is who to say that some experience is better than another?
    Comparison is the ego centered ticket to your lack of awareness. Without awareness it doesn’t matter where “you” live… “you” will not notice it, “you” will be asleep… then “Paradise” is a nice dream to dream of, always in the “future,” never “Now.”

    For the common good.

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    Aware of the way of Life 

    Why God doesn’t stop evil in the world? There are many people suffering and God doesn’t do anything about it! Why?
    Why there are so many things happening in the BK organization and BapDada doesn’t stop that?

    Do you want to know why?

    It is simple. We are “eternal”  as Life itself. If someone is experiencing suffering, that is not the end. It is a process without an end. It is about experiences. It is “karma,” and that process will lead someone into a different experience.
    What is the need to interfere with that? Life is DOING it.
    Yes, feel compassion. That is the present, the “now.” That feeling acknowledges the situation, empathizes with the “actor” without feeling pity. However, any attempt to change things just to fit our biased and conditioned morality and beliefs, is truly violence. It is the “I” trying to change “what is” into what “I” think should be.
    If you ACT because it is in “you” and not because you are following some law or some belief, then that action is non-violent.
    Because the Drama, Life is manifesting through “you.” “You” are an “instrument.”
    The word “instrument” is misunderstood. An “instrument” follows his gut feeling. It is not the “I.” However, that is very hard to “do” for someone who has been conditioned to Live Life at the mental level, he cannot live without that “I.” Therefore for “normal” individuals, to discern the “gut feeling” is very hard.

    The beauty of Life is that whether “you” act from your gut feeling (no-I) or from your mind (“I,”) either way is necessary as it is. The difference is in what comes back to “you,” karma… which is meant to eventually change as Life changes. Thus, the Drama, Life itself, is “beneficial.” It is a circle.

    Knowing all of this, what is the need for God to do anything? Our limited morality and conditioning does not allow us to see beyond the limited “reality.” We are caught up with the image of the hungry kid in Africa. We want to “send money” as the solution for their suffering. Humanity has created the problem and also the solution: Money.

    Obviously, “sending money” helps the sender feeling generous. That is the impersonal way to feel that “I am helping,” “I am good,” “I am earning Paradise.”

    FEEL them. Be with them. Give your time. Feel compassion not through the images of the TV, but allow for the experience of being there, to change you.

    “Are you kidding me?” I don’t want to leave my cushy job, my nice apartment, my comforts, my status to be with them…I’ll just write a check.
    That is fine. Just stop pretending to ‘help’ someone.

    Since everything is as it needs to be, what is the need for a God?
    Think about that.
    To give “you” knowledge? To give “you” salvation? To give “you” the Golden age? To give “you” miracles?
    How about, to give “you” ego?
    Thank God for that.

    Here is the “knowledge” in a nutshell: Life is a movie. It has already been made. “You” could be in the consciousness of the “actor” or the “spectator.” Enjoy the movie. It is unique. Everything that exists in the movie is eternal and recycles itself. That is Life.
    Life will take you from one experience to the other at the right time.
    Compassion and Love are labels until you feel them. The mind is our worst enemy when left unchecked.
    The rest may be either misunderstanding or tales for grown-ups. 

    For the common good.

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    Karma and Drama 

    In the physical plane we could observe that any manifestation of Life will express itself. In the case of human beings, we express through words, emotions, feelings, actions.

    The word Karma as understood in Brahma Kumaris, is without depth. It is good for “beginners,” but depth is necessary to understand beyond the surface.

    In Brahma Kumaris the emphasis is on the ACTION the DOING. Karma means ACTION. ACTIONS are conveniently classified in “good, bad and neutral” which consequently will give as a result a “good, bad or neutral” karma in the future.

    That understanding although “easy” it is for neophytes, thus;  it has overall value.

    As it was explained in many articles in this blog and in “Exploring the Depth of Living,” ACTIONS are the cover up of BEING in “spirituality” for the masses.

    For example, someone with a killer instinct is told to DO “good actions,” that means rather than killing others, to “love” others.
    The killer now will be a lover by ACTING his love. But he IS not Love yet. He IS anger.
    The Killer IS still a killer. His BEING IS killing. Although, he will not get in trouble, he will be frustrated, repressed. To tell him that his karma in the future will be “good” is not accurate, for karma is intimately related with who we ARE, with BEING.

    Although the example above is extreme, it is meant to make a point.

    Brahma Kumaris also teaches that by “practicing” “good actions,” we will be “good,” as our sanskaras will change.
    That is not accurate for BEING does not change by DOING. This little phrase has been used plenty of times now.

    Therefore, what is that karma that “I am” DOING?
    It is the Drama manifesting through you. Yes, you can “change” that by thinking your actions, by “thinking before you DO,” however, what YOU ARE will not change.

    It is very important to understand the following: When we are beginning our “spiritual journey,” we are full of emotions. Our emotions will run our Life. That is why, Brahma Kumaris method is highly positive for those who need to THINK before getting in trouble out of their emotions. That THINKING it is just a break. As the “spiritual person” is able to be AWARE of his emotions, then to dissipate them, to clear them, will be the next step that Life will bring.

    It comes to a point, when to integrate with Life or the Drama, becomes important to be one with Life. That is another level of consciousness not known by many.

    YOUR karma is your DRAMA… your Life; or more accurately; it is what will be manifested through you. It is pointless to call something as “good, bad or neutral” for what it is, is the consequence of many threads of many lives coming from different people, environment, etc. Thus, acknowledge what is. Be Honest. 
    To simplistically say that “I can change my karma” is utterly infantile, for “you” is not something separate from Life. There are many threads making up “you” and our mind only “chooses” a particular thread to call that “Me.” The key is not to change things, but to be AWARE and acknowledge what is, not as an intellectual idea but in your heart.

    When we observe everything that we experience, without labeling it, without putting emotional twists to it, we are “watching the movie,” as a “detached observer.”
    Of course, for that we will need to clear our conditioning, beliefs and emotional traumas.
    That is necessary for the spiritual Life walker to integrate his BEING into Life, without this step; there may not be self-realization. Of course, this will arrive when “you” are ready.

    For the common good.

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    The Drama is predestined 

    Thousands of Brahma Kumaris brothers and sisters, have heard this “Murli point” so many times, but yet 99% of BKs cannot “make sense” of it.
    The “I” making decisions, thinking about every action, for the ramifications could affect “my” experience in Heaven…

    “The Drama is predestined, but we don’t know what is going to happen, therefore, it is on you to change things based on knowledge.” “If you DO something and that doesn’t have a positive effect in your efforts, then; that is the Drama.”
    “You need to DO something, for otherwise the Drama will not move.”
    “First “I” DO then, it is Drama.”

    All of the above is not accurate.
    “Confusion” is there, because Brahma Kumaris knowledge as it is taught, relies on the existence of the “I” as a separate entity from the Drama.

    Let me illustrate the above.
    Please watch the link below.
    It is a clip from one of my favorite superheroes, the “Batman.”

    What is the outcome of Bruce Wayne- Batman (The young guy) being in that prison and willing to escape?
    That he will escape and through that the other prisoners will escape as well.
    That is the Drama. It is the script to be performed.

    Bruce Wayne does not have any knowledge about the “soul” or the “spirit.” He IS anger. He knows that. He doesn’t deny that anger. Without that energy of anger, he wouldn’t have the drive to escape and overcome fear.
    Notice how the Drama “uses” every human for a particular role: Advising Bruce Wayne, cheering him up, allowing him to train and BE.

    Bruce Wayne could have been caught up with the “I.”
    “I” shouldn’t be here. “I” may fail. “I” may die.
    Anger is not what Bruce Wayne chose in Life. The Drama expressed that emotion through him. Every experience in Bruce Wayne’s life was leading to the moment when he had to make the jump.

    Bruce Wayne may think that “he made the choice,” but that anger driving him into the jump, wasn’t his choice.
    It was in the Drama.

    That movie “The Dark Night rises” is Life, the Drama. Bruce Wayne is an actor of that movie along the others. His actions in that movie are predetermined, predestined according to the script written by the writers of the movie. Bruce Wayne has “no choice” but to escape from jail and allow the others to escape… whatever he may do, will lead into that scene. All of his previous experiences in Life, in his childhood, have changed his consciousness to be that way, the hero type:
    His parents were assassinated. “Bad karma,” right?
    His love in Life murdered and before that she chose another person. “Bad karma,” right?
    He lost all of his possessions, his “inheritance.” “Bad karma,” right?
    All of that, just prepared him for the jump to “save others.”
    Is that “bad karma” or “good karma”? 😉

    Through living that scene of Life, everyone will change. Their consciousness will open to other realities.

    All actors have in common a particular role in Life. That role is their consciousness. They can only “see” what the consciousness for their role dictates.
    That consciousness is not for them to change. The “I” cannot DO that.
    However, that consciousness will change through Life experiences.

    Every episode in Life has us, as the protagonists. There is a script which needs to be performed and Life manifests that through us. Life does not use us, for we are Life itself, the Drama itself.

    Therefore, the Drama is predestined when the “I” is outside of it. When inside, there is no “I” thus, it cannot be predestination.

    The Drama is repetitive, when we observe that past, present and future do not exist as different things in reference to the “I,” but is a continuity. Every moment is eternal for it will repeat again. What truly exists is “now” as long as we are aware of it.
    Why the Drama repeats?
    Obviously for self-continuity. It is eternal.
    What should “you” be afraid of?
    What are you going to miss?
    If you go left, you will go right.
    If you go down, you will go up.
    If you are anger, you will be compassionate. Every role is different. Today “you” are a womanizer, 3 lives down the road; “you” will be a priest. Is that good or bad?

    As a womanizer you cared for many people. As a priest, you only cared about yourself. As a priest, you embraced spirituality; as a womanizer you despised anything spiritual.
    Enjoy the roles, the movie, for it will change… but… It will repeat again!

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      Dear divine brother, Om shanti. Would like to share my thoughts/ feelings here. 🙂  It is a bit difficult to understand/ accept that we have no authority or option to do whatever we want to do as the entire drama is predestined.  Here goes another way of understanding the drama which is more ‘convincing’ (for me at the moment) and more interesting.  🙂 Yes, the drama repeats identically every cycle/ kalpa. Though this may be labelled as an assumption on my part, at least i am convinced that it is true; it suits me well. 🙂 Every kalpa the drama follows the same old track because if we take as satyug/ the first era as the starting point or any other era as one; the climate, the atmosphere, the number of people, and quality of the people would be the same. Under those conditions people/ souls with their respective sanskars/ personality traits could act only in a particular way. And that again adds to the on going drama; the elements, and the people would respond to each other only in a particular way that suits them the most. There is a choice to act, and that choice would be the same every kalpa because on the basis of their sanskars and the atmosphere around, people would zero in on a particular way of action only. Even now, one could guess what one’s spouse, close friend, child, etc. would behave under certain conditions and  in certain situations. And most of the times one could predict it correctly.  🙂 It is not the drama dictating a person to act in a particular way, he/she had thought about it and did things in that way after weighing the pros and cons. It was a ‘coincidence’ that he/ she acted in the same way in the last kalpa too.  That is how the drama repeats itself identically every kalpa. Baba also says that the drama is being made/ happening once again. (Banee, banaayee, ban rahee.) In simpler terms, it is the predestined drama which is happening once again.  No matter how much we may convince ourselves that every soul would experience both happiness and sorrow, if even one soul does not experience much happiness compared to others  because the drama ‘has made him’ act in a certain way on which he had no control over which in turn has caused him a lot of stress, sorrow, and fear, it does not sound fair. Brother, thanks for thinking out of the box and giving us a glimpse of viewing things differently.     regards,Gayathri.

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    The misunderstanding of sanskaras 

    When the “I” is important, then the “I” creates sanskaras.

    What is a sanskara? A mental impression or psychological imprints believed to carry over from every Lifetime. The “soul” will carry those imprints.
    The application of this belief is as follows: “While DOING our karma (action) we need to remember that this is getting “recorded” in the soul. These impressions are permanent recordings which we will experience in this life and future lives.”
    What is the message?
    Warning! Be careful with what “you” DO. You may make costly mistakes.
    It doesn’t matter what you ARE. Don’t look at that. Replace that with some thought out DOING (karma) which will be “good” for “you.”

    The “I” has to BE good by DOING what is believed to be “good” to get “good” things in Life.
    Be smart, rather than honest.
    “Heaven” is good for you. Therefore, DO actions to take you there.
    What are those actions?
    DO “service” like opening centers, helping to spread a religion so everyone knows about it.

    What is the sanskar that will be recorded there?
    “I” am doing this for my own good. “I” am a manipulator. What “I” believe to be “good” should be good for everyone. What is the sanskara that will be recorded?

    What is “service” then?
    To DO what I believe others need.
    What is the sankara to be recorded?
    “I” am above you. Ego.

    How is it possible to go to Heaven with those sanskaras?
    All it takes is a belief.

    Sanskaras are the byproduct of Living Life. Beliefs, experiences, taboos, hang ups, ideals, family ties, all of that, will manifest at some point. It may not be in this or the next Life time, it may be later on. We do not know. All we know is that every sankara has 2 ends. Some people call one end as “positive,” and the other end as “negative.” In their belief, the thing to DO is to get rid of the negative, so the positive remains.

    That is a complete illusion. Just remember this piece of knowledge:
    “The Drama is predestined.” Meaning: Sanskaras are predestined. Our experiences are predestined. The Drama goes from one side of the end, into the other side… and then repeats again!
    Who is that “I” who wants to be saved?
    The “I” wants to be a “detached observer,” when already has an idea of what is convenient for him.

    When there is “no-I” there is no predestination. “You” are a detached observer.
    Thus, you may be in “Heaven” without DOING a thing.

    Many times what we think we know, can work against us. The veil of knowledge can glorify the mind, but the sanskara needed to be in Heaven is the one of “no-mind.”
    Have you seen an intellectual deity? A knowledge-full deity?
    That emptiness is “achieved” after being full of the mental knowledge, full of the ego of knowing.
    Sooner or later, that will need to go just to BE.

    In the Observation of “what is” resides the solution of the puzzle. The “I” will try to fix what is meant to be observed, aware of. Once we know what we ARE, once we identify our beliefs, hang ups, traumas and taboos; then Life will offer the solution to dissolve those.  

    The use of fancy names like “Sanskara,” Karma,” “mind,” “intellect,” only confuses through labeling what only needs to be observed. It doesn’t matter if what you feel “now” came from some “bad karma” performed in the 1700. What matter is that it has been identified “now.”  That awareness, that honesty of seeing without filters, bring the steps to unlearn what has  been learned.

    Awareness is the key.


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      Yes brother, Awareness is the key.

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    • vageeshverma 2:12 PM on July 5, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      As always beautiful….just like to say…all of brahmakumaris don’t teach or preach with the same consciousness …which you have taken apart( though quite a lot do indeed)….. fascinating to see Sister Shivani talk about karma etc….but her consciousness is so different…and her simple language so easy to follow…compared to “no I” kind of high brow spirituality….which is fascinating in its own right…though at the same time there is an underlying unity in both the ways…..

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      • avyakt7- New Generation 2:58 PM on July 5, 2016 Permalink | Reply

        This bring the interesting point: Who is right? Who has the “truth”? Is Shivani right and Avyak7 NG/ Ahnanda wrong? 🙂 or is it the opposite? As we know most religious followers are interested in the “truth” and nothing but the “truth.” The issue is, that most want for someone to tell them, what the “truth” is. They just want to believe in someone. Better if it is God Himself.

        As you mentioned, there is unity in both perceptions. “Truth” is a very deceiving word. It all depends in the consciousness that you are coming from. That is your “reality.” The issue is when we deny our reality to embrace a belief. That could become our Life lesson in our “spiritual” journey.

        Easy to understand, simple language is for a particular type of consciousness. It has immense benefit for that type of consciousness, thus Shivani is benefiting many with her understanding.
        Thank you for your “enlightening” comment, Vageeshverma. 🙂

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    • vageeshverma 12:29 AM on July 6, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      Hope the “enlightening” reference was not sarcastic ;-))


    • avyakt7- New Generation 11:33 PM on July 9, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      That is good! Something to be uncover by you. 🙂


    • avyakt7- New Generation 11:35 PM on July 9, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      The issue is the mind… That is why, there is the experience of “no-mind.”


    • avyakt7- New Generation 9:32 PM on July 10, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      If you know about “living in the present moment,” you surely know about “no-I.”
      Observe your question. You want to find out how my life is better than yours, through “no-I.”
      Does it matter to you? Why not only look at your own Life.
      The mind that compares cannot enjoy the “now.”

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      • avyakt7- New Generation 8:23 AM on July 11, 2016 Permalink | Reply

        In my experience, the mind cannot be in the now. It can be in the past or future though. To be in the now means no mind…. And no mind means no-I .
        The answer to your question…


  • avyakt7- New Generation 6:09 AM on May 20, 2016 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , , , karma, , wisdom   

    Question:Creating positive karma with Gyan 

    Om shanti, what wisdom can we use in creating positive karma with gyan, applying them in our daily life? Thanks.

    Thank you for your well elaborated question.
    My short answer is AWARENESS. To be conscious with gyan or without it.

    In my experience, wisdom is not something that “I” can create. If “I” am aware of Life experiences, conscious of them; then this insight which is my own experience, will express to the outside as “wisdom.” My action will be according to the time and not according to a recipe.

    For example; In my first visit to a dentist I could be afraid (experience.) That reaction has a consequence which is neither positive nor negative. If “I” become aware of it, in my next visit to the dentist, I will not be so tense, I may even relax. Why? Because I was aware of the tension.

    Gyan is like a mental recipe. Something like: “I am a soul not a body.”
    I could be an actor and act according to that recipe.” I should feel no pain, because I am not the body.” However, that is not truly who I am while in the dentist chair. Pain in the body may be there in different degrees, but I will only be aware of this, know this through the experience.

    One great point in Gyan that encompasses everything is: “The Drama is beneficial for all.”
    Therefore, “good karma” and “bad karma” are limited labels when you look at the big picture, what Baba calls the “Unlimited.”

    In Gyan, we could believe that “positive karma” is all that matters. That is a “black or white” understanding.
    Many times to experience “bad karma,” is the key to “improve” our karma later on.

    Gyan has a recipe of what is “good” and “bad.” That is the starting point into our AWARENESS.
    As we evolve, we could see that “good and bad” are points of reference which are not set in stone for Life moves, changes.

    We could try to “apply” any point of Gyan into our Life, thinking that “this will bring good karma,” but we are UNAWARE of our current situation and state of consciousness… or even our previous karma.

    By all means, apply any point of Gyan into your Life. Observe what truly happens, without the belief that “this should be good.” By being detached from your beliefs, (detached observer) you will be away from the mind, and then you could witness the outcome, “what is.”
    That is how insight will develop, which means gaining wisdom, which means “improving karma.”

    In my experience, Life is the teacher. We may need to be just AWARE of those teachings without judging the way Life has chosen to teach us, for to judge means not to understand that Life does not move under a particular set of religious ideals or beliefs and most important, that whatever is in the Drama is beneficial for all.

    For the common good.

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