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    Liberation from Karmic accounts 

    Typically in the BK world these “karmic bondages” refer to relationships. For example, BK A could fall in love with BK B. Even though, this is not encouraged and even forbidden in the BK world, this happens more often than what we know of. It is in “normal” human nature.

    Whenever that “love” is not corresponded due to the other person lack of interest or due to the BK setting which will not allow for this to flourish, then for sure; we are under a karmic bondage.

    Mentally we could say: “ I don’t remember what I have done to you, but forgive me and I forgive you for the pain that is coming through you. Moreover, here comes my blessings to you.”

    That sounds lovely. However ineffective to “get rid of that bondage.” It is important to be honest as well, and admit that we are uttering those words because we want out of a particular suffering. Yes, it is about us.

    Every conscious effort of that “I” to reject a particular experience, is in fact; a lack of understanding.

    Let me illustrate: Karmic accounts are part of Life. It is the play of action and reaction. It really fits into our world of duality whenever “I give, then I take” or If I have taken, then I need to give.

    A karmic account is not an invitation to fix things. It is rather an invitation to experience a new experience. The way we deal with that is the teaching that we need to learn to move forward in Life.

    BK A has a situation with BK B. Is he trying to conquer the heart of BK B despite the fact that this is not allowed in the BK setting? Then, that is the teaching. To observe how we are willing to bend some rules to accomplish our perceived needs. Perhaps BK A rejects completely any association with BK B. Then, that rejection is tinted with an inner lie. Can we observe that? Any action that we decide to DO will bring a reaction. If we try to solve things by believing that we should act in a predetermined way, then we are not acknowledging what Life is trying to tell us. There are no formulas.

    Many times our own experience of suffering is the way to dissolve that karmic account. Therefore, what is the sense of trying to figure out how to resolve something? The solution will unfold itself when we learn to observe what Life brings rather than to blindly follow a philosophy, an idea or some moral value of what should be right.

    It is important to point out that we do not know the extent of how a karmic account will go. It could go on for the next life time and that is necessary, unless we are ready for self realization and that is not like “going to your auntie’s home.”

    In a nutshell, there is no way for us to “settle” a karmic account or to liberate ourselves from a karmic bondage out of our own doing, formula or magic spell; for that situation is the fair return, a consequence. However, paraphrasing the Murli; “we could feel a crucifix like a thorn.” That is the mature extent of how spirituality could help us deal with a karmic situation.

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    The story of Karmic “accounts.” 

    One of the most colorful stories that I recall from my BK days, was without a doubt; the “settlement” and “opening” of karmic accounts.

    As we may recall, a “karmic account” is a new age word for a ready made explanation as to why something usually “bad” is happening to us. Something like: “Why is this person continually fighting with me? I don’t want to. I try to be nice…” The “answer” is something like: “ It is an old karmic bondage that you need to settle with that soul.”

    We believe that “karma” is like a bank account wherever we open and close accounts at will.
    The aftermath of this belief is that the follower will be afraid to live Life. Many BKs will be afraid of “opening” accounts with “souls”, since at the end of the confluence age, those will need to be “closed” to reach a ‘karmateet’ stage.

    Let me be succinct with such beliefs:
    1) There is no way that “I” can close a “karmic account.” That happens when its time has arrived. We do not know the extent and the need of a determined Life experience, all we can do is label those as “karmic bondages” or “good karma”, but the labels don’t mean a thing, when we do not know the origin and the extent of such experiences.

    2) Life is about “karma.” Performing karma and experiencing the consequences of it. Things are not as simple, cut and dry as we may believe. Karma is like spider web with different threads, and the spider is usually walking trough only one of those at a particular time.

    3) At the end of the game, we don’t “settle karma” by DOING something specific to a person or a situation. Karma is settled, when we are beyond the effect of it, that is; when we become detached observers, witness of the consequences to the extent that there is no longer an emotion when the situation arises.

    We may want to rationalize that if something “bad” is happening to us, we are “settling” a Karmic account, as the Sakar Murli mentions, but many times “bad” is only an ill perception, a very narrow vision of the extent of circumstances. When the Drama/ Life is predestined, then everything fits together as it is.
    Many times, we are only conditioned to perform certain actions, believing that those will help us to reach some “godly” goal. That is naive, if the INTENTION behind the action is ego driven.

    Opening many BK centers, as the Sakar Murlis point out; is considered “good”, however; observe the ego of those fools who believe that now they deserve Paradise or worse yet, that Paradise is assured for them. On the contrary, that “good” action will have as a consequence, greater ego.

    “Greater ego” is not “bad” in the unlimited. It is merely a stage necessary to dilute it. Thus, where is the “bad” thing?
    A karmic bondage has its own way out after we have gone through the complete experience. We want to “speed things up”, we want to settle the account, etc. but it is a “good” thing, that many things in Life do not move according to our wishes, but according to what ought to BE.

    In the meantime, “work on” acceptance, gratitude and enjoyment, to make the experience the most pleasant one.

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    Work, karmic accounts and “spirituality.” 

    As a person going through the process of self-realization settles karmic accounts, huge changes will happen in his Life. Relationships will change, health will change as the body will need some time to adapt due to circumstances and emotions which are totally unforeseen. Even work will change. It is important to emphasize that

    “I cannot settle karmic accounts by believing that I am doing so, or by avoiding situations or people.”

    The settlement happens when it is time for that. We cannot run away or avoid when the time has arrived.

    The perceived economical security that a job in our society brings, is one of the many illusions that we may hang onto. Nevertheless, as mentioned many times; all of these changes will happen naturally, at its own time. This is not something that will happen because “I want to follow so and so who is a saint.” That is artificial.
    When a person is going through the process of self-realization, this individual will need plenty of free time to be alone, for all the inner transformations to take place. All of these will be offered in Life through circumstances. This is not the seclusion that some religions offer to their followers. That is artificial, nevertheless; it has some benefit for followers.

    Through different channels, unforeseen circumstances, things will happen. Life will provide. The ability to think and “plan for the future” is truly an obstacle to perceive things from different perspectives. Of course, the above is not taught in our society. In our society it is important to plan and use reasoning to come up with some futuristic, idealistic plan where I will be “secure” as well as “my loved ones.”

    All of these combined changes truly bring a new person throughout the process of catharsis. That is why it has been traditional, to change names. Religious followers will copy that; although there has never been a change to a “new” person. It is all for the sake of “fashion.”

    Brahma Baba (Dada Lekhraj) did not have any ties with “regular work” at one point in his Life. It is said that he donated his money and put some individuals in trust, to help run the space that he was providing for those seekers who later became an organized religion, the Brahma Kumaris.
    Someone who is providing some sort of “spiritual support” through his inner transformation, is not fit to play the game of “having a job” or “administer funds.” This has been a problem in many religions as those appointed to administer things are conditioned to run a “for profit” institution. The “spiritual” purpose is forgotten and the aim is to spread whatever teachings for the sake of gaining followers, for that means; greater institutional profits.

    Our society has its ways and a person going through the process of self-realization does not fit that anymore.
    Observe a person running a “spiritual center” sponsored by a religion or institution. Sooner or later, the interest of the organization (to exist, expand and flourish) will overtake personal time needed for inner development. Granted, not every person running a center is fit for self-realization, thus; consider the type of “spiritual support” that this person is providing. This is an issue that every organized religion has to deal with. “Good administrators” does not translate into good providers of “spiritual support” for seekers.

    Nevertheless, any religion is an optimal starting point for a seeker. A particular seeker will be attracted to a particular path, according to his destiny. However, that religion is not necessarily the end point of the journey, as everyone needs to be exposed to different experiences to trigger inner changes. Life offers those experiences, not people with thought out plans or “methods.”

    The experiences offered by Life are unexpected, for otherwise; those experiences are artificial. Nothing artificial could bring true change, but only a shortly sensation that “I am changing.”
    Life is the true religion, but we may need to experience fully a religion to truly understand that. Those who are in the religion of Life, will need to experience complete insecurity, that is when the limited supports brought by our society, fall apart. Few are fit for that.

    A child could play safely in the playground of a religion. But that is a preparation to open the gates and meet Life. Nevertheless, most believe that Life is society. To be able to go beyond the conditioned playground of society and all its fictional securities; is the next step to experience.
    Those who are trapped in society will need to go to a different playground; a religion perhaps, to experience something different. Those who are AWARE of the different playgrounds may learn something useful for their own edification.

    Finally, these things need to be experienced as Life brings the experiences. These things are not meant to be intellectually understood.

    • Dinesh C 9:05 AM on November 29, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Dear Ahnanda, will knowing for an individual that he/she is in a process of self realization develop subtle ego? That he/she is going through some hi-fi process and others are not! Can you please comment on that.


      • avyakt7- New Generation 9:24 PM on November 29, 2018 Permalink | Reply

        Of course. It is part of the process.


        • Dinesh C 2:10 AM on December 1, 2018 Permalink | Reply

          Ok Ahnanda, congratulations to you for being in your process, but i had a small query. I am putting efforts to be alert, attentive and aware of the mind, emotions and feelings. Acceptance of life and surrender to life are my another efforts. Some self realized beings have said that no efforts are required to realize your self. On one level, i m putting these efforts to live life in a peaceful way, however the desire for liberation, enligtment and self realization is still there on a superfitial level. Now, my concern is, I need to continue with these efforts or not? I know that it is me who need to answer this question to myself but your respose will be appreciated. Thank you.


    • Gayathri 1:06 AM on December 27, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Dear avyakt 7, i agree with you fully about spiritual growth and self realisation. Life teaches everything. It makes us grow, it makes us become open to other paths / other ways to perceive things when the time is ripe. Thanks for sharing.

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    The Benefit of the Drama in Life 

    “Everything happening to us is accurate and beneficial. It is accurate because it is according to our karmic patterns. There will definitely be benefit in it which will get revealed later, and even if there is no outward benefit, we would have come out of the situation emotionally empowered, that is the inner benefit.”

    The above is an excerpt from a friend’s email.

    Observe that everything is beneficial. If you have “bad” karmic accounts that “you” are settling; then that is beneficial for there will be inner learning that otherwise, you wouldn’t have. That means greater insight, which translates into Life wisdom. This is not “theoretical” wisdom that can be put into some sort of “knowledge” for others. NO! This is inner knowledge. “You” know without using your mind according to some teaching. You have been through it, you have experienced it, you know.

    Look at the labeling: “Bad” karmic accounts.
    Through the above we know that this is not true. Yes, there may be suffering, but the end result is ALWAYS beneficial.
    Because the Drama is beneficial for all. ( Murli point.)

    Therefore, if you go right. That will have benefit. If you go left, that will be beneficial as well.
    Why separate “right” as “good” and “left” as “bad”?
    Because the mind is conditioned with the perception of immediate “benefit” for “me.”

    Observe that “my bad” karma was the product of “my” doing, with the consciousness that “I” had at that time. That consciousness, however; is not “my” choice. It is a role.

    Observe your consciousness now. Even though, “you” know so much, you make “mistakes,” you open more karmic accounts…
    Why not be honest with ourselves and observe that even though we think we know, we don’t?

    Why not forget about all of those beliefs and self-righteousness about what is “good” and what is “bad,” in light of the understanding of the benefit of the Drama?

    “But destruction is just ahead, and I need to become “perfect” before then!”

    Observe this: “You” don’t know about yourself. “You” don’t know how to get to that heaven that you believe in. “You” don’t know how to be “perfect.” You only have beliefs and the support of more believers.
    Do you see the benefit of the Drama?
    It doesn’t matter if you go left or go right. You will get to your destination. It doesn’t depend on “you” for that “you” is artificial. It is merely mental conditioning.

    Brahma Kumaris is a method.
    Do not judge the method for failed predictions of destruction. That has nothing to do with its purpose.
    The purpose is to give extra push to believers. That is “good”!
    What extra push?
    The opportunity to ripen that ego.
    That is why, there will be dates for destruction as long as the “method” exists.
    It is part of the method.

    Perhaps now, we can realize that Life does not depend on the “I.”
    The Drama is beneficial, therefore; “your” DOING does not matter for “your benefit,” but it does for the Unlimited (Totality) as the role is completed as it needs to be.
    Not as “I” want; but as it needs to be.

    For the common good.  


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