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  • avyakt7- New Generation 4:37 AM on July 20, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    When is the time to leave BK? 

    For most the answer is “never.” But the recognition that Life changes as well as what we call “self” is not there yet. That “never” also means “never change,” which is utopia.

    As mentioned in the last article, the BK path is like a pluming pipe. It conduits followers through it. Followers are channeled to a “worthwhile” purpose in Life. That is helpful for many as otherwise, they may feel lost, alone.
    The pipe is already made. Attempts to drill it  and change it around so the water leaks into other places is discouraged by the BK movement. It is understandable.

    Everything works fine while a person feels fulfilled. He feels at “home.”
    However, there may be times when the path is no longer appreciated as giving fulfillment, but rather as constrictive, detrimental to our health by squeezing the life out of it.

    It is also understandable that many followers may have experienced this many times in their BK Life, however; they stayed and persisted. Will power was used and perhaps other great experiences happened because of that persistence. That was the incentive needed to stick around!

    Sometimes, the water will start leaking through the pipe. It may be a small aperture which was made through the same force of running water itself. The pipe is no longer enough.

    We could attempt to patch it, we could come back again some other time… there are many solutions not to break away.

    The thought of leaving may be coming to our minds, but fear of losing everything we already built (relationships, positions, power, a routine or life style) will keep us there.

    Whether we stay or not, is not the question. Truly, it doesn’t matter. What matters is if we are “true” to ourselves.

    Many have given their lives and gone “through the rainbow” early, out of some sickness. They used their will power alone to stay as long as they did, but their “effort” will not take them to “heaven.”
    The act of not listening to inner feelings, was a violent act to the self.  For outsiders, it may look as the act of a “pukka soul.” But the crucifixion is hidden inside. That is dishonesty with the self.

    Paradoxically, we went through our fears to join the BK religion and to depart from mainstream society’s ways. Now, we may need to go through our fears to go away from it… or to stay.
    What is the teaching?
    To acknowledge our fears. The situations are only pointing to fear, which otherwise, we wouldn’t be able to perceive. 

    When the mind traps a person with a belief system, it is hard to listen to our feelings.
    When a person lives Life through the acknowledgement of inner feelings only, the mind may resent that journey.

    When the mind and feelings are in harmony, there is unity, congruency, beauty. Any action in that state is what it needs to BE and that is way more important, than to choose what seems for the mind and its conditioning,  to be “right.”

    For the common good.

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    A reader leaves the Brahma Kumaris movement. 


    Really nice unveiling…:)

    But just a small thought by me, they did have this belief, “I” can change my sanskar’s at my own will. But Sr BK Shivani has changed that to “I” can change my thoughts at my own will. But again that belief by Sr. Shivani is a contradiction with the articles that you had shared with me about “Welcome to the world of good thoughts and bad thoughts”, and with my personal experience that all sorts of negative, judgemental, and waste thoughts are generated by the mind and not by the SELF.

    Anyways, another thing that I wanted to share is that I have finally left the path of BKs, I just took some time in alone and reflected on my own personal aspects of understanding, did some meditation of becoming totally aware of my own thoughts. And I think I am ready to go ahead with my personal journey.

    This decision of leaving the path of BKs was not because I explored Osho and Ahnanada, but it was just a personal decision. And just wanted to thank you for writing such a thoughtful and truthful articles on avyakt7.com. Also, I just wanted to request you to allow us to provide comments and questions on avyakt7.com as well, as we used to do it before, yes a few may end up criticising or taking wrong meaning of your articles. But what about those who want to explore more on those articles. Or can we just contact you via that “Contact” page?

    I will be visiting the Osho meditation Ashram in Pune for 4 to 5 day in a week or so, to explore more about meditation there. And will definitely share my experience with you.

    Wish you the best in your “decision.” 🙂

    Certainly, feel free to share with us what you find at Osho’s ashram.

    I wanted to clarify certain items in lieu of your comment.
    1.) Avyakt7 New Generation for BKs, is not interested in promoting the BK path nor in obstructing the decision of a seeker. I have no agenda for going “pro” or “against.” Avyakt7 is just sharing a vision from a different consciousness.
    2.) The Brahma Kumaris path was a “good” path for me. Like anything in Life, it had a timing as my consciousness changed. It is my experience that there is no such a thing as “a true” path or the “only shop,” but rather that terminology could be used only in reference to a particular state of consciousness.
    3.) Brahma Kumaris is evolving as well. Yesterday “I could change my sanskaras”, today “I can change my thoughts.” Yesterday, “destruction is just ahead”, today “destruction is transformation.” Those whose mind is stuck in finding a paragraph stating the “truth”, will learn a lot about this belief.
    4.) We could say that “waste thoughts are generated by me.” We could say “waste thoughts are generated by the mind. “ We could say “waste thoughts are generated by Daffy duck.” The origin does not matter, we cannot DO anything to stop them. Paradoxically, when we observe them and become aware of the particular thought without identifying with it (as:  It is my thought, why do I think bad thoughts? I feel bad about it, etc.) at that point, those thoughts go away, because you are in the “NOW,” by being in the “now” the mind is not. 
    5.) Someone in the state of consciousness: “ I create my thoughts,” needs “spirituality” for that state of consciousness. That is what Brahma Kumaris offers.
    If you are AWARE that thoughts come and go without your willingness, then that awareness cannot resonate with the above teaching. That is all.

    For the common good.

    • Dinesh C 3:46 AM on January 6, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      Hey Ahnanda,

      Thanks for your wishes, I already had thought about your very first clarification that this page is not for going against BKs or anything like that and I agree with you that the path was also a very good path for me as well as I had transformed myself from a depressed personality to a happy personality to a high extent but NOT COMPLETELY.

      The path of Bhrama Kumaris is a path of self cultivation with some aim and not a path of becoming total awareness with no aim at all.

      But bro you didn’t answer this:

      ” Or can we just contact you via that “Contact” page? for some queries related to your articles on avyakt7.com”

      Dinesh Chawla


      • ahnanda 9:59 AM on January 6, 2017 Permalink | Reply

        Yes… you can contact me through the “contact” page with questions related with the articles. I will not write an email back responding, I will use the questions into articles.


  • avyakt7- New Generation 6:19 PM on December 13, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    Looking at the Brahma Kumaris perspective of Life 

    Life is greater than our perspectives of it. Life does not function based on our expectations or moral systems. Observe that despite anything that has happened in the world throughout centuries, the “good,” and the “bad,” the “right,” and the “wrong,” we are the consequences of that.

    In other words, without all of that past, we wouldn’t be here today. Everything was needed as it was.

    Brahma Kumaris brings the perspective of removing someone from the world, to make that person “better,” or as they label it; “pure.” However, that implies the rejection of that labeled as “impure.” To make someone “better” implies to reject what he is “now.” 

    This teaching is based on duality. This teaching is based on rejection, distaste of one side of duality to embrace the other side. This teaching cannot integrate an individual into the world, to be part of the world; for there is an inherent rejection: The shudras, the Iron aged people, the impure, the devilish, etc. vs. “us” the “pure.”

    However, Brahma Kumaris does a pretty good job in removing an individual from their previous conditioning. As a matter of fact, to “practice” the Maryadas without fail, is a way to cut off the ties from a previous perspective of Life, deemed as “impure.”

    Unfortunately, followers do not realize duality within the teaching and give the teaching an elevated label, such as the “truth,” the “words of God,” etc.

    Do we see that this is just a perspective of Life? It is a particular viewpoint based on a particular consciousness. Life is greater than just a perspective. A “God” of any kind, necessarily has to “live” in a particular perspective to be understood by their followers, this implies that there cannot be a “universal God.”
    Universal means to be open to all perspectives, to integrate with “what is,” without using labels to create further division, duality.

    When a follower is ready to exit the BK path, mostly is not done out of overgrowing it; as a 10-year-old will feel around kids who are in kindergarten. For most exiting this path comes when they get tired to “practice” Brahma Kumaris’ teachings and become influenced by their previous conditioning, the society as we know. Others, will leave due to an ego clash with the BK system. Anger, bitterness is the outcome of that. Yet others, may feel that Life is too harsh in the BK system and even though they would like to fully participate, they find themselves unable and grow with a sense of being “less than” the most fortunate, Golden age souls.

    Someone who is angry with the BK system will never join this system again in this Life; although their ego is built around the BK system. Their rejection, anger, bitterness and hate will give a purpose to the Life of those individuals. They are defined by the rejection of the BK system; thus; they are still caught up with the BK system. Those who left because they were unable to comply with the BK system, may go back again.
    Guilt and shame will be their companions and to go back to our society will be the opportunity to reject it again. In society we are many different individuals. In Brahma Kumaris, we could feel “special,” for we are part of a “family” of individuals following the same standards of living.

    Personally, my “honeymoon” period in the Brahma Kumaris allowed me to reject society, the “old ways,” and that made my transition easier: I had new people who acted as “family,” even though it was about “service” and nothing else. The disadvantages of being a male in a mostly female religious gathering is apparent. I had new acquaintances who I could call “brother or sister.” Once this arrangement is left, so happens with the “brothers and sisters.” Then, you are back in the “old society.”

    For individuals who are unable to live alone, this arrangement of going back to what has been previously rejected, is a hard experience; for now you will not fit the BK world but neither the “lokik world.”
    Nevertheless, this is a great opportunity for those who are ready to move on, for the realization of observing the perspectives about the world, is in that experience.

    The BK system and the “Lokik world” both bring their own perspective. Join another group, another society and a different perspective will be brought to your awareness.
    However, the neediness for companionship is tremendous in many and because of that the opportunity to observe those different perspectives, may go away.

    Ahnanda/ Avyakt7 NG cannot go back to the BK world, just as I cannot go back to high school. This is not out of rejection or anger or shame and guilt. This is out of consciousness. No better or worse consciousness, just different consciousness.
    High school was an experience; College was another experience. Different perspectives of seeing the world was learned. That ability to acknowledge different perspectives and to be OK with all, is what is needed to free our consciousness by allowing it to change.

    For the common good.

    • Gayathri 9:36 AM on December 14, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      Coaching is given to a selected few. The COACH trains some people/ souls who will become eligible to ‘play’ a particular game while the rest of the people enjoy watching it. This in no way indicates that the spectators are not ‘equal’ to the players in every respect, it is just that the players have learnt, practised the game and became experts in that. There are many facets to human beings. Each one has some specialty or the other irrespective of when they start taking active part in the eternal drama.

      Ironically enough, the so called ‘big players’ will be admiring the ‘spectators’ when the latter enter the drama stage at a designated time. Every new comer on the stage is admired for his/ her specialty. Also, this is the time we ‘learn’ to love and respect every human being for their own uniqueness; yes, we learn to respect our contemporaries too, not just our ancestors or the satyugi souls.

      So, there can not be a COACH / God who could train all the people in the world for one particular game, that is, the art of living in a particular period of time.

      Feeling special,

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      • avyakt7- New Generation 11:09 AM on December 14, 2016 Permalink | Reply

        That is indeed a great way to put it together in simple but meaningful words… Thank you, Gayathri!


        • Dinesh 11:55 AM on December 14, 2016 Permalink | Reply

          Hey…yes Gayatri has used an easy style and vocab but this time i could understand Ahnanda’s writing too..in first attempt… !!
          I wanted to know how can we mail u Ahnanda about certain questions and queries…ur articles are very close to Osho’s way of explanation..infact i thought about you after exploring Osho. I m not comparing u..just noticed something common in ur way of looking at everything n Osho.


          • avyakt7- New Generation 5:11 PM on December 14, 2016 Permalink | Reply

            Dinesh, This is the place to ask questions. Everyone interested could take benefit of it. It will be for the common good. I don’t know who you are nor anyone here, so feel at ease with your questions.

            Yes, I heard about that similarity with Osho. We may have similar experiences especially with sexual energy. However, there are many things that we are different as well such as cyclical time, predestination, our views on homosexuality and scientific involvement in “spiritual” matters to name a few.


            • Dinesh 1:24 AM on December 15, 2016 Permalink | Reply

              Yes Ahnanda, thanks for your reply…things specified by you are a different and more of a personal experience… Now I am putting my first question in the simplest way I can.

              It is about mind and soul. Are mind and soul two different entities or the same entities?

              Now when I practise Rajyoga, it is believed that when soul does the task of creating thoughts, the soul itself is acting as a mind, in other words in the very first lesson, they give a statement that “Mind is one of the three faculties of the soul”.

              However, after exploring you and Osho, I practised “Awareness”, just being aware of all my “Doings” and sometimes “thinking”. So, in that practice I experienced my own mind as a separate entity than me. Because as soon as I was getting a thought of any kind of judgement, I was able to distinguish that I did not create it, it is my mind who created that judgemental thought.

              Also, I am finding it very difficult to practice “Awareness” throughout the day, as I go to office, the level of my “Awareness” (I can also associate it with just being present with what’s happening in the current moment), it decreases and vanishes by evening, and I am again emotionally tired while going back to home and again after reaching home and practising little bit of same “Awareness” and some “Rajyoga”, my state of mind is back to what I was experiencing from morning till afternoon.

              Umm, I know my question and way of asking is bit long, but could not reduce it further.

              Dinesh Chawla


  • avyakt7- New Generation 1:32 PM on June 22, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    The deep routed Fear of Leaving 

    Thank you for your question.
    How to overcome that deep routed fear?
    By being aware of it.
    Become fully aware that it is FEAR. Let us not sugar coat that feeling with “nice” words, such as using the word “love” instead of the feeling of fear.
    Let us not think that “I should be loving. I shouldn’t feel this thing. It is Maya.” That is to sugar coat the real feeling.
    Once you recognize that fear, recognize what do you fear about? What is the object of that fear?
    Is it a mental belief about the “future” or something “real” in the “now”? Is it a tale, second hand knowledge about what will happen in the “future”? Is it what others will think about you? Is it what the organization will label you as? Is it that you have “invested” so much through years of faithful membership?
    Discover that object of fear.
    Then what?

    Get to know that object of fear. Make a point on knowing it. If you cannot, if you cannot meet that source of fear, then it is a mental belief.

    Let me give an example. Let us say that you are a “surrendered soul.” The reality is that if you leave, you may not have skills to survive. You may not even have money to live. That is “real” fear. It is in the “now.” That “real” fear could be resolved “now” as well. But… Become aware of the real reasons as to why you are in the organization. You may be dependent. That dependency could be financial, emotional, ego-trip, attachment, faithful to an experience with Baba, etc… discover that fear. It is everything but… Love.

    Observe that this experience is helping you to discover who you truly ARE… fear at this time, the “now.”
    If you fear, there is no Love.

    I am not persuading you to DO anything. I have known many individuals who felt that they fit in the organization, they love it, they have found “home.” That is great! Excellent! You should see that happiness in their faces. If it is not there, if you have to “make an effort to work on that,” then you are just being dishonest to your feelings.

    Isn’t honesty a virtue?
    You are in front of the pool. You may jump or you may go back. Fear may take you back to a safe site, but then… you will never know how to swim by yourself.
    “Why are you in front of the pool with your swimming attire, then?”

    That is the question that you should ask and answer by yourself.

    For the common good.

  • avyakt7- New Generation 3:39 PM on June 21, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    Exiting the BK world 

    I haven’t seen articles about this topic. You may find emotional articles where ex-members vent their frustrations, their agonies, their new beliefs about the organization, etc.
    This is not about that. It has nothing to do with the Organization and how it negatively affected “you” rather than “positively” which we tend to forget.
    But… It has to do with how “you” feel “now.”

    Everything comes down to your feelings. That is why, it becomes important to learn to discern feelings from mind.

    When you feel that you no longer fit, that is your time. If you have doubts of those feelings, then your time is not up yet. You need to stay. If you feel that you have found your place; good for you… you will be fulfilled. That is the sign.

    It sounds so simple, but like I said before; to be clear, honest with yourself, maybe the hardest thing in the World.
    “You” don’t create your feelings. Those are already there. It is your path.
    The “I” driven by the mind interferes by creating “choices,” “pros and cons,” “right and wrong” criteria.

    The “I” cannot fool what you truly  feel. A point will come when, you will feel suffocated as if Life is no longer enjoyable, even though your belief strongly supports that “You have found God.”

    When you are ready to find “yourself,” you cannot hide behind anyone, including God.

    Yes, we could find plenty of “reasons” to show ourselves how “smart” we are in leaving what we embraced before; we could find plenty of faults with the Organization, call them with pejorative labels, just to save face, to save that “I.”

    When you are ready to discover “yourself,” truly… you may find out that what you already think you know, is worthless.
    The risk to miss Paradise cycle after cycle is there. The “I” wants to be “saved.” There is fear, great fear to “divorce God,” but your life “now” is not worth living it under fear and inner dishonesty. Those traits cannot possibly allow you to fly free into the unknown; into discovering “you” beyond all beliefs, beyond all etiquettes, beyond all commandments.
    That takes utmost courage.
    When you learn to listen to your feelings, honesty flows from you into the sky.

    That is how you learn to “practice” honesty without even practicing it.

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