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    Spirituality of the mind 

    I would like to share that as part of my on-going changes in this experience of Life, writing is becoming somewhat a heavy task. It seems as if written words no longer have an appeal to me. However, I realize that in order to share, I need to use writing at this time. Thus, my writings in both blogs will be shorter.

    I am finding myself more inclined to drawing, playing the guitar, observing my plants in their pots as they blossom and change, listening to the language of birds (adamic language) than using the computer and the “virtual” world.

    As I watch the world being more “connected” through videos, words, pictures, news, more mental than ever before; I feel that the gap of human closeness is growing larger as time goes by. That is the paradox of being connected but without closeness.

    Have you ever listened to the song the “Tin man” by America? Great catchy tune. Have you ever tried to make sense of the lyrics of that song? That is the mind in action. That song is enjoyable as it is, without further interpretation by enjoying the sounds, even words are mere sounds helping to increase the overall experience. Whenever the mind wants to make sense of it by analyzing the lyrics, the magic is gone. That is true in Life as well. The mind will only interpret, which many times is not what truly is. For me, that song means that when we ARE truly “good,” we do not need justification. My interpretation may not be what the author had in mind but it is “my” reality about that song. The mind makes up its own reality.

    The “pandemic era” has a value for those who are willing to know themselves. It is a clear opportunity to be someone new. Many would like to keep things as they “have been,” and thus, obtaining their support from the known and comfy mental world, but there are those who will need to “transform” and become different in order to live a different experience. That is the challenge.

    In society there is the well known phrase: “Survival of the fittest,” where the stronger will survive. In Life, however; and at this time, it is the courageous who will be able to go on. Courage is required to change and be someone new.

    I realize that I am going further away from the main topic of the Brahma Kumaris in this blog as time goes by. That is perhaps one of the signals of newness. When day transforms into night, it is a subtle experience as when leaving something or someone behind, thus I changed the title of the blog to Brahma Kumaris and Beyond.

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    Projection of the mind 

    “The perfect man uses his mind as a mirror. It grasps nothing. It regrets nothing. It receives but does not keep.” – Chuang-Tzu

    One of the most useful quotes I have found to explain the reality of “no- mind,” is the one above. If we have ever observed our thoughts, our perceptions through the mind; the above will make perfect sense; but if we have not, the above will be difficult to understand and even considered as nonsense.

    It is in each of us to go as deep as we would like. It depends on our level of experience; how often we are able to put the above in “practice” in real life and identify how it works.

    Nevertheless; awareness, observation, requires no practice. It is like breathing, a normal, every day affair, but as we go through Life in automatic-mode, where the mind is our world, then we will need to stop, breath in and out consciously for a few times and realign with how present we could be in the “now.”

    The mind will give us information all the time. We believe it. We make forecasts as to how the future will look like, we even play victims by recalling experiences which are no longer here. If the mind acquires, grasps some information, then “we” will believe it. It happens all the time. If I read something or someone “important” said something, or someone writes a quote from a spiritual teacher, then it must be true. I believe it. That information will stay with me. It has been grasped.

    The other day someone wrote a post in a group that a particular well known spiritual teacher was making a fortune out of his teachings which were only recycled in every book. Many fans of that spiritual teacher reacted defending him, that is rejecting the post. That is a form of regret, that is declining something. The other form of regret is when a state of sorrow is triggered from a memory.

    Someone could be angry at us. Someone could react toward us in a negative way. Do we keep that experience so it will be nagging us and producing a bias against a particular individual or someone who looks like her? That is to keep something within us.

    A mirror reflects. How we perceive something only talks about ourselves, it is a description of ourselves. However, what we typically do not examine is how we could project previous information into a new experience. For instance, while living in the USA; I met someone who asked me where I was from due to my Spanish accent. I told her: ”From Peru.” She said: “ I am glad you are from there and not from Colombia for all the drugs in this country come from that place.” Imagine, that is an extreme case of lack of awareness: That person was projecting information that she either read or even experienced ( her brother was an addict,) but nonetheless it was projected to someone who probably has nothing to do with importing drugs to the USA, just because he was coming from a particular country. The mind likes to generalize and put items in containers, something like: “ You are from Colombia then you are part of the problem I have.” The Colombian container.

    That sort of projection has caused plenty of sorrow in the world. Jews were treated all under the same bag due to some projection. Similarly is the fate of snakes and the belief of them being representatives of evil.

    Generalizing is easier to observe than projecting, for a projection can include many other unobserved beliefs to uplift or degrade a person, an idea or ideal.

    When a mind is not observed, we believe the information it gathers without doubting it, without seeing how it could affect us emotionally, in that case we are still sleeping although believe that we are fully awake.

    *** Will resume writing on December 15th. Until then!!

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    The process of experiencing an experience 

    As we become aware of the benefits and shortcomings of having a mind, we could observe that every human being has a consciousness similar to a filter or better yet a sieve: Experiences are meant to go by and we could become involved in them at the moment they happen, but then afterwards; they should go away to allow for newness to come in. Otherwise, the mind will use previous experiences as the way to deal with new ones. This is considered to be “normal” and even “healthy,” but this activity also results in being unable to be natural, open and spontaneous in Life. Experiences trapped in the “fine collector diaphragm” of that sieve, are like clumps of food which are unable to go through.

    Those “clumps” remain in our consciousness as unprocessed experiences which our minds will be remembering over and over, creating dualistic emotions which could intensify the experience (now a trauma.)

    Recalling the old to meet the new, is a tremendous handicap in consciousness.

    For example, by reading the story of a hideous crime where we could even see the picture of the perpetrator; if that experience does not go through the sieve, it will remain in our consciousness: We will remember the picture of the crime perpetrator and even feel insecure around people which we could identify as potential killers due to similarities in looks to the picture we have seen.

    The question is why?

    The answer: There was a rejection inside us to that person or to the crime itself.

    For most “normal” people that rejection is “good” and accepted by society. It is a chance to display our moral values and to repel the perpetrator. We treat the whole experience as repulsive. However, as our consciousness increases and our spiritual knowledge as well, the feeling of mercy will allow for that experience to go through the sieve without becoming a clump, which will create a personality with fear.

    Spiritual knowledge could be about knowing the “law of karma,” and to know that that poor fellow will experience hardship at another time whether that is in another life or in hell (according to the belief that someone subscribes to) and in top of that, there may be severe punishment from the legal system.

    All of that theory is good to know, but worthless when we deal with our consciousness and its inner rejection. There cannot be change in BEING with theory alone.

    Every clump of experience trapped in our ‘sieve’ of consciousness will create a trauma which will need to be healed at a later time. In fact, when we look at life with a trauma inside us, our vision is not clear. We lack the amplitude to understand that human activities have an ultimate reason to be the way they are and it is not on us to judge those actions, but rather to emit a feeling of mercy, compassion and move on. There is a legal system to take care of social issues, but our responsibility ( for those with higher consciousness) is to maintain the sieve of consciousness clean from clumps of experiences.

    The cleaner that ‘sieve’ remains, the easier will be for the feeling of Love to flow as this feeling does not measure who deserves it and who doesn’t, but it merely flows as the sieve allows for that free flow to happen.

    Another example of this type of “contamination” is when we experience something and we interpret that as a struggle where we ended up being ‘victorious’ and then we tell that story to another person with full details. We could perhaps realize how we could re-live the moment and how we could put ourselves in that story as some sort of ‘hero’ and even embellish the story. That will create clumps as well, which will not be able to go through the ‘sieve’ of consciousness. Another way to enhance the ego.

    Observe how either in “positive” way or “negative,” there are crumbles of experiences created which in turn will accumulate to enhance our experience of ego.

    Thus, greater ego means a lesser ability to experience Love and with that, lesser ability to experience fulfillment in Life.

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    The essence of spirituality (part 2) 

    It is important to repeat this: An individual living by perceiving Life only through his mind (THINKING) is unable to know Love as a non-dualistic FEELING. However, that individual will know what most refer to as ‘love’ which is a dualistic emotion. Fear or hate could be the opposite of that ‘love’ depending on the context. Those 2 emotions have a common ground, as one can easily become the other.

    To meet Life we need to be open to expect the unexpected. The mind does not want that. The mind wants security, certainty. Failure to meet that expectation will bring suffering which in time, could lead to an out of balance mind. How come? In Life to experience pain and pleasure are part of the experience of duality, thus unavoidable; but suffering is optional. Psychological suffering comes after the fact and remains there.

    How do I know if I am living in the mind?

    That person usually daydreams. For example: Listen to a song. Observe how we could listen to that same song many times, because we ‘like it.’ There is no longer appreciation of music but it becomes background sound for daydreaming. In the mind, repetition degrades the original experience, although we want to enhance it. Look at a flower: Do you hear your mind saying:”pretty or ugly.” That inner voice is proof that we are living in the mind. The word “pretty” becomes our output. “oh! How pretty!” We say. Whenever we have words as an immediate response to our observation, we are not truly looking at the flower. Any words in our head will distract us from observing; for when we truly observe there is inner silence, no judgment or commentary. It is in that state how our actions could be unrehearsed by the mind. In other words, they will be authentic.

    When you wake up, observe how readily you will turn the cellphone on and get engaged in non essential things in that ‘virtual reality.’ Some even have their devices running all night, not realizing the negative sleeping effects a cellphone or any device transmitting EMF has. In our world, we have abused our eyesight and the mind uses this sense more than any other to release ‘free movies’ in our minds based on memory. Computers, cellphones and ‘virtual devices’ have improved our ability to get in touch and to pass information all over the world but paradoxically, they have handicapped us even further, in our ability to feel Life.

    Many will say that it is ‘impossible’ to be without words in our heads. That is because they have not observed themselves yet. Language is conditioning. We need to use language to communicate with others, but there is no need to mentally talk to ourselves. Is there?

    How do you start perceiving Life through the heart center or feelings?

    In my experience, by healing our emotional body. We have accumulated so much trauma which we have not forgotten even though time has gone by. An intense trauma will linger in our consciousness, although hidden by the memories of many other experiences. Those traumas will make us fearful or violent and those emotions will need to be released to be clear from that trauma. Along with that, we will need to have time in Nature as a source of deconditioning from the mental ways of society. Then of course, limiting our reading habits and accumulation of constant information. Instead we will need to become involved in the arts; such as painting, drawing, playing music and dancing and vast self observation to finally realize our automatic and highly conditioned daily activities. Any sort of structured learning/activities should be minimized. This is a process of deconditioning from a heavy pattern.

    Do you have to make a decision in Life? Consider not using the old formula of weighing pro vs. con. That is too mental. Instead FEEL what is right for you and go with it. Eventually, any structured ‘knowledge’ on how to act, should be left aside. No fool-proof formulas will be needed. Every moment in Life should bring its newness thus boredom will not be.

    I have found that the moment when I wake up in bed, that is a fantastic time to observe the content of the mind. If you remain in bed, you are still in a state where your senses are not fully awake yet. Observe the torrent of thoughts without judgment. When we observe intently as if that movie of thoughts was all there is and we give our 100% energy to look at it, then the current of thoughts will disappear. It is an illusion as if someone was trying to subdue our will by releasing thoughts which we have not consciously willed. It is when we do not realize that the mind is taking us into ‘movie time,’ (that is when we are not 100% ‘present’ or detached from those thoughts) when those thoughts could become strong emotions and anxiety or even depression could settle depending on our degree of “sleepiness.” If you are serious about this finding, willingly slow down your actions during a time, so you are fully ‘present,’ as you take a step, close the door or even prepare your meals. In that way, you will be ‘awake’ when the mind starts another set of ‘movies.’ This is known as “conscious movement.”

    The challenge will be for those whose life depends on being in constant touch with society and its structured way. That is why, many serious seekers have decided to live away from society as to create the necessary space to observe and avoid being sucked into the same old rut. That is the challenge.

    This is not another rebellion against society or a reactionary movement. It is sort of what someone from AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) is expected to do: Stay away from alcohol and do whatever it takes to be sober. If that person was to resume his Life as he always has done, then he will be trapped in no time. However, with an extensive ‘break’ from the old pattern and a high dose of inner observation, that person will gather the strength and wisdom to join the ways of society again, but he will not be lured by it. When we merely run away from ‘temptation’ without being aware of how the pattern reoccurs, we are physically taking ourselves out of the issue through repression, but mentally we are still trapped.

    I understand that by sharing this, many will be wondering if this should be posted in this blog. I feel that what I am sharing here could be helpful for those who would like to take a step further in their inner observation and therefore in their inner knowledge. Without this ‘basic’ step, no matter what religion you follow or philosophy or ‘practice,’ there is very little that we could ‘do’ to help awaken ourselves.

    Self realization is mostly a process of ‘awakening’ from a long lasting sleeping pattern of unconscious living.

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    The belief in mind control 

    BK Raja Yoga is the “Yoga of the mind.” What does that mean? It is the link through the mind with the Supreme Soul. The path of Raja Yoga is to “remember our original nature of being a soul and then the realization of God.” Accordingly, this is acquired through the practice of meditation. Basically, we sit down and concentrate in a point of light with the belief that this point is God, not allowing other thoughts. Those who have “practiced” that will need to realize at one moment in their journey that using force, controlling the mind is a short lived path. However; it is said that after awhile, the connection will be “natural” for there will be a pleasurable sensation known as “bliss,” which will be there. Many will take that as the “proof” of connecting.

    Observe that pleasure (bliss) becomes a sensation craved by the mind. Observe that love, which is a keyword in that link or connection with God, is not of the mind. Those are the 2 main points to observe.

    Am I saying that Raja Yoga as defined by BK is “wrong”?

    NO! I am saying that as it is defined, is necessary for beginners who are conditioned to relate with Life only with their minds. It is rare to have there a person who already relates with Life through the heart center or beyond, for otherwise BK will not be a needed experience in their path. However, there may be exceptions as those individuals are needed for “service” within the BK system.

    It is very important to observe the mind. As far as I am concerned, that should be the trademark of any religious or scientific path of some ‘spiritual’ value.

    The mind complains, the mind agitates our surrounding, the mind wants to control and understand things in a logical way. The mind remembers selectively what has had some importance to us in a “positive” or “negative” way. The mind is extremist, “black or white.” The mind is easily influenced by the surroundings, the collective mind. The center of ego is none other but the mind. The center of conditioning resides there.

    The ones who haven’t initiated their “spiritual” journey, identify fully with their minds. Their “I” is in their minds. That is their unawareness, which is the first level of awareness.

    No wonder, Brahma Kumaris’ task is to give importance to the mind as a second step in the journey. However, it is for the follower to look deeper than that second hand information given, and beyond the memorization of definitions and beliefs, for there is more.

    Beyond the mind, there is no-mind. There, may be the natural link.

    What could be no-mind? When there is no difference between the observer and the observed.

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    The confusion in “I am a soul.” 

    When I started my “spiritual” career at Brahma Kumaris, I learned that “I” wasn’t a body but rather a “soul.” As I did not have any experience of what was a “soul”, “I” merely thought that “I” was this consciousness, this awareness that “I am.” Picture “me” without the physical body. What is left?
    The mind? That is an “organ” of the soul (according to BK knowledge). The questioning can go on and all we can have is an “idea” of what “should be”, but that is not what IS.

    Many Bks could add other “ingredients” to that idea such as a “perfect personality” as the ideal of “I am a soul”. Imagination and visualizations are great aids for that. For most; there is no awareness that in general, whatever they remember or know at this time, will be gone after this Life time. That “I” is gone.

    Now after paying my dues at the Brahma Kumaris, I could observe that consciousness is the expression of the role. Thus, every role has a different consciousness. Through our limited language “I” could say: “I will play a role with different consciousness each time.” Although that is grammatically correct to say, in the “spiritual realm” that is incorrect, for there is not a trace of “I”  in that which contains roles; the soul.

    “I am consciousness”, yes. “I am a role”, correct. But… “I” cannot be a soul.

    It is that emptiness, that lack of “I” which is the nature of the soul.
    We are so tempted to say “I am a soul”, but again; there is no “I” in the nature of the soul.

    The Sakar Murli repeats endlessly: “Become soul conscious.” Let me rephrase that to “Become conscious, aware of that emptiness.”

    Where is the experience of “silence” coming from?
    That vast but yet tiny, emptiness.
    Every soul is that. Emptiness. Silence.
    “God” is a soul. Correct? Thus, “God” is empty and so is every soul. That is how someone said: “Everyone is God.” But that, will surely be misunderstood. How is it possible for everyone to be God? “Me”, “You” and “They” are God? No way!
    No. That is not what it means. To avoid that misunderstanding, we could say “Everyone is emptiness.” Or to make it more palatable:”Everyone is Peace.”

    In Brahma Kumaris is said that “our nature is peace.” Sounds pretty! But to say, there is “no -I in the soul”, that is to be frowned upon!

    No-I, emptiness, peace, silence…. In “spirituality” those words are synonyms.
    When we are living through the mind, those words are important. Once we have experience, once we have practical knowledge; then words are limiting. They only cause misunderstanding to others without the experience, by concealing the amplitude of the singular experience with an insignificant word.

    It is that emptiness the one able to change an individual, for he will realize that there is another reality besides the mind. Out of the mind, we are free from a cage; but that could be misunderstood when we say” You are out of your mind.”

    Being out of the mind is the joy of emptiness.
    Does it sound like Buddhism? Let us call it PEACE instead.
    OM SHANTI.       Now, that is more likely!  🙂

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      You are only replacing “I” with emptiness/silence. According to my own intimate experience, “I” exists. I got the inspiration to think so during my pre-BK days when I read Collected Works Volume 10, written by Carl Gustav Jung who said dreams are guidance the “I” the soul passes on to each individual using pictorial language.

      Now let us give some thoughts to his analysis. It takes intelligence and insight to make a story filled with metaphors because a careful study of events woven through their cause-effect mechanism is involved in such story making. Similarly, dreams are designed by very intelligent and insightful entity within us and many times they are presented to us as guidance when body is taking rest. This is what Carl Gustav Jung, famous Swiss psychiatrist and psychoanalyst who founded analytical psychology, found out from analyzing HIS OWN dreams. He considered dreams as the medium which our sub-conscious mind uses to communicate with us by delivering messages direct to the conscious. Although many different characters can appear in our dreams, he says that “every character is a different aspect of our unacknowledged self or a prevalent situation in our life. Basically, we cannot easily retrieve the data stored in our unconscious mind, so dreams offer the opportunity to view the data so that we can achieve inner peace, balance and harmony and achieve self-growth and self-realization, which propel us towards our unique higher purpose….Dreams are impartial, spontaneous products of the unconscious psyche, outside the control of the will. They are pure nature; they show us the unvarnished, natural truth, and are therefore fitted, as nothing else is, to give us back an attitude that accords with our basic human nature when our consciousness has strayed too far from its foundations and run into an impasse.” [Collected Works Volume 10]

      Our soul knows the full history of our personality with all its minute details, hence is in a better position to tell us where we are heading. And guidance is provided through dreams, through symbolic representations. It comes in motion pictures because our subconscious mind thinks in pictures, uses pictorial language and takes in/gives out information through pictures. Only the person who receives dream is able to understand it because it pertains to his life, and characters are different aspects of his own personality. Through regular practice, one would be able to take the message as easily as we take the message from Traffic Signals—Red Light (Stop), Green Light (Start) and Flashing yellow or orange (cross with caution) …etc. Carl Jung was an expert in this—he took messages from his own dreams to guide his life and even to cure his clients. He benefited from the study of his own dreams to the extent that he wrote: “Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.”

      THIS WAS TRUE IN MY CASE when I started analyzing my own dreams. I am convinced that soul exists as “I”. And I still take guidance from dreams “I” the soul provides.

      If a part of your intelligence were to study your life and give a coded message through pictorial symbols in a way that only you could understand it, then it proves more than just immortality of your “I”. Obviously it shows you are a soul with vast intellectual and insightful ability to guide yourself with knowledge of what is right and what is wrong. See what happens when we look beyond thinking ability. “The moment you start watching the thinker, a higher level of consciousness becomes activated. You then begin to realize that there is a vast realm of intelligence beyond thought, that thought is only a tiny aspect of that intelligence. You also realize that all the things that truly matter — beauty, love, creativity, joy, inner peace — arise from beyond the mind. You begin to awaken.” (The Power of Now, Ekhart Tolle) It is from this “vast realm of intelligence” that dreams are designed. Many scientific discoveries (such as Periodic Table, Aromatic Chemistry, Insulin …) have their roots in dreams. (http://dreamtraining.blogspot.com/2010/12/inventions-that-came-in-dreams-largest.html) Even Einstein’s great invention of Theory of Relativity is connected with two dreams he had. (Einstein: A Life by Denis Brian p.159)


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        “What is this life? A frenzy, an illusion,
        A shadow, a delirium, a fiction.
        The greatest good’s but little, and this life
        Is but a dream, and dreams are only dreams.”

        • Pedro Calderon de La Barca

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    Neurosis as incentive for the search of salvation 

    Raja Yoga is the yoga of the mind. What happens when the mind is disturbed?
    In my own self search I was observing some of the expressions of my mind as a neurotic entity. Observe how yourself will fit into that broad spectrum of neurosis.

    In my search for information, I found the following book: “Neurosis and Human Growth: The struggle for Self-Realization.” This book was published back in 1950. It was written by German- American psychoanalyst Karen Horney. Although, I will not read the whole book; I was fortunate to be exposed to the introduction of the book: “ A morality of evolution” which I’d like to share with you. Please read those 3 pages.

    If you are a “seeker” observe how the pattern of “improving yourself” according to an ideal, becomes a source of anxiety, guilt and even pride and arrogance. According to the type of moral standard that you subscribe to (According to Horney, there are 3) so will be the type of disturbance experienced.
    Want to attain perfection? That is a source of neurotic expression of a disturbed mind.

    If we had a Christian background, definitely we will fall into the first category of morality: Man is sinful by nature. We must tame those primitive impulses.
    If we had a Brahma Kumaris background, we will fall into the second category: Man has some good and some bad traits. We should keep the good and get rid of the bad. The problem of this duality is that a separation of opposites is just an ideal not a reality. We will strive to reach an ideal which is not real. That lack of touch with reality is an ill interpretation of the mind which will support further neurosis.

    The third type of morality is what Horney calls “self-realization.” That has nothing to do with “spiritual” self-realization; although it has some link to it; for instead of fighting and denying those things which are not helpful in our development, we will outgrow them after being able to observe and acknowledge them. Obviously this “morality by evolution” requires a person with greater consciousness who is able to be aware. Nevertheless, a support group (parents) is needed to allow for this to happen in a child, before neurosis sets in. Unfortunately, most parents are busy dealing with their own neurosis, their own dream of “what should be” and are unable to allow for a child to discover his own potentialities.

    Our inability to grow, change, adapt to new situations is without a doubt a sign of neurosis. We feel comfortable with what is known. We want to stick with that even though we feel suffocated. We want to hang on even if that means our own death, for there is a fear. Life is not worthwhile to live in that sort of mind, unless we keep ourselves protected in a golden jail.

    The “a-moral” person is by all means, a healthier individual. I am not saying “immoral” but “a-moral.” That type of person is not reactive. He is not a revolutionary who changes things from one extreme to the other.
    The “a-moral” person is truly free from the conditioning of the mind, he lives in “carpe diem.”
    However, to get there naturally (As BapDada prescribes,) we will need to go through the 3 stages of morality. It is a gradual change as day changes into night.

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      True. The third type fellow reaches the peak (which the other two types are trying to reach) earlier. Yes, it needs self acceptance, courage, and patience.


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    “Yoga of the mind” to live in the mind 

    If Meditation is the tool used for the mind. Contemplation is for no-mind.
    The mind will show us the obvious, more often; the surface of things. No-mind (the path of the heart) will show us beyond the obvious.

    Observe how a religious follower will try to convince others about their own “truth.” Observe how the belief to have found the “truth” and the need to disseminate it, and even (when in disharmony) to impose it, will be imperative.
    All of that is the path of the mind. Ego is within the mind.

    “I am special because I understand the “truth.” I have the “truth”. Others are less privileged. I must teach them. I must help them.”

    Big Ego.

    There is nothing wrong with following such path, but please ONLY be AWARE of this fact. That is the “cure.”

    The world of “reason”, the world of “logic”, is only a way of perception. Only that. This perception is unable to go to the depth.

    The other day, I went to see a doctor. The process he used to try to discover the “disease” was very similar to the process a computer tech will do. Tests, analysis, observation of those results, interpretation based upon previous experiences or second hand experiences and finally, a “treatment.” Those are the steps of a world ruled by the mind. Those steps are unable to see relationships beyond the physical, beyond the obvious.

    A human being is part of Life itself. Life is not logical. It isn’t “reasonable.” Our society may be, but Life is greater than that “shoe box.”
    Life has its own way. The way, the “Tao”; goes well beyond the understanding of the mind; we could harmonize with that “reality”, we could be in balance with “what is” and that is not a mental process at all. That is the heart, no- mind.

    We need to feel it.

    Raja Yoga Meditation is a step forward in the awareness of the mind. “Gyan” is a step forward in giving certainty to a fearful mind, but those are only a beginner’s journey.
    If discipline in the form of norms and laws are needed to give direction to a confused soul who is looking for meaning; then that discipline has timing before it turns into a personal jail. Most of the time, that jail becomes too comfortable to step out.

    A person without the experience of discipline, will go astray. Thus, discipline is part of the process but not the goal.
    Lack of discipline calls for discipline, but then while still in the mind, we will go back to lack of it again, as a result of some repression within; unless there is the experience of no-mind.

    In the heart (no-mind), there is harmony, balance. That is unwritten. That cannot be told to another. There are no steps 1,2,3 to follow. There are no descriptions or studies to read about to “know” information. That is useless there.

    The world of DOING to fulfill our conditioning, then is over. BEING appears for the first time and thus, DOING follows naturally. There are no conflicts.

    Peace is in no-mind.
    There is no peaceful mind, but rather a dull mind.

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    The “right” belief system 

    What makes your belief to be the “right” one?
    What is the standard that we have chosen to call our beliefs as “the truth”?
    Is it your particular experience?
    Is that enough to call it the “truth”? When you proselytize to “help others,” aren’t you truly helping only yourself to support your beliefs?

    Have we ever watched a bunch of pelicans flying by the beach in a formation?
    Our inquisitive mind asked: Why do they fly in that particular way?
    Our “research” responded that this is an aerodynamical efficient way to fly. We believe the “why” has been responded. Fighting planes will copy that formation, after all; they have a good logical answer of why do it that way.

    Have we ever wondered how pelicans know that? Have they ever done some research on their own? Oh! Our answer is: “It is instinctive.” Our minds are happy because we have an “answer.”
    But, how that “instinct” was put into them? Moreover, how is that humans have lost “instinct” and replaced it with intellectual research and belief?
    Here goes another answer: “God created them that way, BUT he gave humans free will to think on their own.” The mind is happy again! How fortunate we are! How special!
    Or if we are not into the belief of God, we can say: “Nature has its own intelligence.” Wonderful answer!

    We know nothing. We try to make sense of everything according to our conditionings. Once we come to terms with this, then our minds will not have so much power over us.

    A belief will be just a belief. The research will be just that, a “research.” Nothing to do with “truth.” For we can observe “facts” in Life; but we can only know our own “truth.”
    That inner honesty is what is called at every step in our lives to feel fulfilled, to feel at peace with ourselves, to feel that Life has meaning and we are part of that.

    Next time we see pelicans flying in such formation, we will be at awe of seeing that mystery.
    Life is a mystery. Appreciate it. Enjoy it. Be grateful of the opportunity to be able to witness that. Let that honest vibe expand and touch others without wanting to. Just by being there with them.
    There is no other “spirituality.” That is my experience, my “truth,” my “belief.” It is not “right” and for that, it cannot be “wrong.” There is nothing to defend, nothing to convince to others, nothing to make into a “teaching” to “improve” others.
    That ignorance is bliss. 


    PS: Will not write until July 4th as I will be on vacation.

  • avyakt7- New Generation 6:55 AM on May 16, 2018 Permalink | Reply
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    Yoga of the mind 

    Out of the mind, there is “improvement” without trying to improve.
    Out of the mind, there is “spirituality,” without trying to be “spiritual.” Yet, we say “You are out of your mind” to someone who acts in a crazy way. However, craziness is 100% mind.

    Our society and religions are all caught up with the mind.
    Although, most individuals at this time have mental issues, these individuals are unable to observe those, for their own mind is their only point of reference. They are self-absorved. The mind creates a strong sense of “I.”

    Forcing the mind to see things which it does not perceive is dishonest, although we call that “spiritual.” Trapped in the comfort of “status quo,” that is a sure way to create stagnation of the mind, lethargy.

    The mind is only a tool. However, at this time; it is the master for most of civilized humanity.

    “Yoga of the mind” is uncertain, once we are aware of what our minds are doing to us.
    Without that awareness, it becomes a discipline by force to pretend to attain something which is not attainable, but we can label as “spiritual.”

    “Yoga” as Brahma Kumaris refers to, is natural once the mind is out of the picture.

    “Not to think” is a level of consciousness that those used to thinking everything are unable to understand. When we connect to Life, thinking is not needed, that connection is clear. There are no doubts. There are no “goals.” It is what is.
    When we use our thinking, is only about what is “good for me.” 
    That “good for me” is heavily conditioned. Therefore, to be “better” within the realm of the mind is an illusion. 

    Observe the mind. Become aware of your own mind in your every action. Once you know what mind is, then you will know what is not. There resides a different experience.

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