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    Misunderstood points in gyan: Numberwise 

    I will start a little series labeled as: Misunderstood points in gyan.
    The purpose is to look at the same Murli point from a distinct perspective. This is necessary to have a deeper understanding of Brahma Kumaris gyan. Otherwise, a limited understanding means misinterpretation for Life and the Universe are greater than a particular perspective of a religion or ideology.

    The typical way “numberwise” is interpreted in Brahma Kumaris is as follows: Every “soul” has a particular capacity, when compared with others, that will give a “soul” a particular ordinal number, a “ranking.”

    In Brahma Kumaris, the most celebrated capacity is labeled as “purity.”
    Therefore, Brahma Baba (founder) is considered number “1” in purity. As a consequence, Brahma Baba will be the first emperor of the “Golden age.” (Narayan I- Krishna.)
    That is the belief.

    In Brahma Kumaris, it is known that because Brahma Baba is the “first pure soul,” he will also be the “first impure.”

    Note that the knowledge of polarity and duality is within that simple affirmation.
    However, the “churning” will stop there, as it is convenient to demonstrate to a follower, the importance of “making effort” to become “number 1,” or rather close to that number.

    As it is said in Brahma Kumaris: “Position 1 and 2 are already taken (Brahma Baba and Mama who will be Krishna and Radhe respectively) but the other numbers are available…”

    That affirmation gave place to infantile games: The top 8 souls. Who is number 3, 4,5,6,7,8?
    “Those souls will not get much “punishment” at the end,” it is said. “Punishment” is important for religions targeting beginners, in their seeking journey.
    Those souls will be Narayan 3 to 8 in the Golden Age.
    All of that is only entertainment for the mind, childish games and a little push for the ego to “become one of them.” It is easier to say “become #1” but this is not a matter of DOING things but on BEING it (embodiment) and that depends on where the individual is positioned, in his range of experiences in the cycle of time.

    Of course, 8 was expanded to 16, 108, 1024, etc. the popular “rosary of victorious souls.”

    In Life, numbers are non-existent. Thus, “Numberwise” cannot be. A “ranking” is a human belief which does not apply to Life. It is merely a “teaching tool” to give a mental carrot to a donkey, who is eager to become SOMEONE.

    Observe that the “purity” of Brahma Kumaris “souls” are in direct proportion to their impurity. Following the belief, there cannot be a more impure soul than a Brahma Kumaris follower. 

    We can also discover that by following the BK belief, Brahma Baba started the impure world, followed by BKs.
    Why is the world “impure”? Because of BKs.
    The “tamopradhan world” is the creation of BKs.
    If this article is understood in its extent, it will be obvious to observe that anything that we believe to BE (pure, compassionate, angelic, etc.) it is certain that we have been or will be the opposite as well (impure, violent, evil, etc.) This is how the feeling of guilt started in our society. We want to pick one side of a coin only, knowing that it has 2.

    In other words, there is the contrast in Life. There is duality; but there is no “numberwise.” That is a BK creation, which is necessary to enhance the sense of being “special;” but that is a necessary enhancing ego trip, to dissolve it.

    For the common good.

    • Gayathri 9:29 PM on October 6, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      Om shanti brother. Trying for the hundredth time (??) to send my comments to this blog. For your information, your blog has become tamopradhan; it is choosy about the comments, it is not a detached observer, does not treat every comment with equanimity. 🙂


    • Gayathri 9:42 PM on October 6, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      It seems accusing your blog has worked! 🙂 🙂 In the mean time i have forgotten what i wanted to say. 😦

      Yes, i had those experiences too.. i was unaware of what was happening inside me ( the ‘spiritual’ ego building up) till i met a few people who were a sort of down to earth and who did better than I did while facing certain situations…. a revelation for me.

      Yes, the “I” is quite deceptive.

      Can i share a joke here? 🙂 My brother is a doctor and most of his close friends are doctors from the same hospital and i ‘know’ many of them. One day, while chatting with me, he was describing a friend as an ‘Eye specialist’. Later on, i realised that that particular person was an Engineer by profession.. and i got confused as to why my brother was calling him an ‘Eye specialist’. Then my dear brother explained to me that that Engineer friend has a lot of EGO hence is called an “I”- specialist.

      Gayathri ben.

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    • Dinesh C 10:54 AM on October 8, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      Hi Ahnanda, nice series taken bro 🙂

      So here am I with a query related to misunderstanding gyan points… your view point on same will really enhance my exploration 🙂
      In the second lesson when they give the introduction of the father (Shiv Baba), they associate Gautam Bhudda and Mahavira as well in that lesson, claiming that they witnessed Shiv baba in their meditation, especially about Gautam Bhudda. Now my exploration of Bhuddism says that either Bhudda never spoke about God or he spoke just once or twice about God. He never claimed to find God or witness God in his meditation. Can you please share your view point on this thing and comment on Gautam Bhudda’s view on God as well. Thanks for sharing your wisdom to enhance our journey 🙂


  • avyakt7- New Generation 11:30 AM on July 18, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    Why are you a Brahma Kumaris (BK)? 

    That is a question worth asking. There are many “reasons” such as: 1. Because my parents were BK 2. Because I had experiences with Brahma Baba. 3. Because I love Brahma Baba 4. Because I love the Dadis. 4. Because I believe that God is with the BKs and I want to get “salvation” and a good “status.” 5. Because I like their values and teachings. 6. Because I like the company of spiritual people. 7. Because God has chosen me.

    Of course, there may be many other “reasons.” But that is not the “why.”
    If we look closely, Brahma Kumaris is a path for self-transformation. Unless a follower is willing to accept that path fully, with all its flaws and merits; that follower is not truly a BK.

    Yes, he may be called “numberwise” and his company may be accepted, but it is important to notice that the purpose of that path is to change who you ARE, not for “you” to dictate the extent of what you want to be changed.

    Brahma Kumaris has a hierarchy. It has a system. Anyone who thinks and plays with ideas which are not contained in their system, is by definition; out of the system. That is the path.

    There cannot be an “Open minded BK.”

    The structure, the strict flavor of the BK path is the first wall that most followers want to “soften” in a “subtle way.”

    That rigidity is meant to put someone in a blender without escape.
    Definitely, “you” will be someone else after a few years, not necessarily what “you” believed that “you” will become.

    As the collective consciousness, the masses “rule” in our society, Brahma Kumaris is forced to change its structure if it is to survive, for there cannot be a religious system with only 5 followers. Brahma Kumaris is a system primarily for the masses.

    Why would you give up your life style to accommodate for a new one such as BK?
    The “why” is that this will make “you” better, elevated, angelic, a king, etc. SOMEONE. That promise is what drives followers to follow.

    A neophyte will look into this as a way to “get more things,” as a way to decorate the “self” into something that will make ME look “good” in front of everyone. That is the dream.
    The “reality” may be that this path when fully followed, will take away who you are, what you have, what you thought you could be. That is a disaster to be feared by the common man who only wants layers of things in top of what he already got. That is what he sees as “becoming better.”

    Paradoxically, those who stick around for a long time, those who are willing to give everything they have for the “yagya,” build their self-value, their self-esteem on that self-denial. The reward is a position (whether administrative or high esteem, psychological boost) in the BK hierarchy which makes a life style parallel to mainstream society. 

    Decorating the self or denying it, will take us eventually to the same place which is to strengthen the “I.”

    So what is the value in this path?
    The value is in the experiences that this path will bring. The different agents that will play out in self change.

    This change cannot be controlled by the “I” to go in a particular way. The change will go according to our destiny.

    That is why in the world there are so many paths, so many systems and methods; but destiny cannot be controlled by none of them.

    That is the predicament of the “I” trying to change itself. The promise that may not be fulfilled.

    For the common good.

    • Gayathri 12:08 PM on July 18, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      Om shanti. Yes brother, there is not much scope for independent thinking in BKs; any deviation from the mainstream thinking is not appreciated.

      In my case, I am a BK though I do not follow many maryadas which I used to follow in my early BK days. On those grounds I may not be considered as a Pucca BK. But there were many ‘take aways’ from my BK life. And more than anything, i had very deep spiritual experiences with Brahma Baba and he remains a very close friend of mine till today.

      You have your ‘Mathias’, so you can understand how I feel about Brahma Baba. 🙂

      Gayathri ben.


    • Gayathri 11:23 AM on July 24, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      Can you elaborate on this?

      By understanding the significance of which aspect do you children not ask for peace or happiness?
      You understand the significance of the drama. You understand that the play is now about to end. You will first return to the land of peace and then go to the land of happiness. This is why you do not ask for peace or happiness. You stabilise yourselves in your original religion of peace. People do not even know about the religion of the self nor do they understand the significance of the drama. This is why they say, “Give peace to my mind!” In fact, it is the soul that needs peace, not the mind.

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  • avyakt7- New Generation 11:23 AM on October 18, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    “Numberwise” is non-existent 

    Going deeper into Gyan is a matter of taking the conditioning of being a Brahma Kumaris actor, out of the “knowledge.”
    Because that conditioning creates a bias. Sakar Murlis look at the Drama as if it was “made” for Brahma Kumaris followers.

    The idea of “status” is so ingrained in Indian mentality, due to the conditioning of their own social class system. This conditioning will color the way Gyan is interpreted.

    Please be aware of this: Life does not work to fit human understanding. It doesn’t follow human social conditioning. Therefore, the more we define ourselves as “good,” “BK,” “ancestral soul,” “Deity,”etc. Our views and understanding will be deeply influenced by the color of those lenses.

    That is how “numberwise” appeared. It is only a cheering phrase to establish a difference between a Brahma Kumaris adherent and the rest of the world.

    A soul comes at a particular time in the cycle. That time is when that soul will experience fullness. Thus, to call that “Golden age” or “Iron age” is of no consequence for that soul; for the expression of fullness is what matters to that soul. After that, in subsequent births, that fullness will diminish through Life’s experiences. Something that was full, must be empty. Once empty, it will need to be full. That is the song to remember about the Drama,  Life.

    Fullness or emptiness is not contingent on the “I” to change. It just happens as the experiences arrive.

    Therefore, where is that “numberwise” idea?
    Nowhere. Many times, it was explained like that for it was an aid to explain the complexity of the Drama, but that aid may become a source of ego later on.
    What are some points to check?
    To divide the cycle of time in 4 or 5 “yugas.” That is non-existent. The Drama is a continuous, a process from fullness to emptiness; which will be experienced by different souls at different levels, at different times according to their roles. A role does not imply “capacity.” That is another addition.
    Capacity for what? “Reality” is according to our consciousness, and our consciousness cannot be changed by DOING things. It changes through Life experiences. That is how we should rest assured that we are “safe” in this Drama/Life.

    In short, “numberwise” and “capacity” of the soul, are additions to Gyan to make a point: Brahma Kumaris souls are “better” than the rest. That is a source of pride, ego. Consequently, my statement that the Brahma Kumaris experience was necessary to enlarge my ego, so it could start its process of dissolution.

    We could observe that “better,” exists because there is “numberwise,” and “numberwise” exists because there is “capacity of the soul.”
    If we understand Life; the knowledge of the Drama; we could see that those words only add separation,  a fictitious status to a play,  which is a game of different actors.
    A game does not require those labels for otherwise, the fun, the enjoyment is taken away in pursuit of the ideal of the ” I” to become “better,” to have a “better status.”
    That is a true Maya.

    For the common good.

  • avyakt7- New Generation 8:55 PM on August 1, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    Oneness is and numberwise is not 

    We are all one. How could this be explained through BK knowledge?
    By understanding the Cycle of Time.
    The cycle of time encompasses everything that exists in a repetitive fashion.

    We are told to be actors. Actors have a role to play.
    In Life, the roles play through “us.” There is a difference.

    The “soul”  is sentient emptiness. The soul will feel according to the role “being played.” Those roles are not depending on the “actions” of the soul. No!
    Those roles are already fabricated to allow for the eternal “Drama,” to recycle. Thus, those roles need to be expressed in the physical realm, but are not depending on a particular individual.
    Nothing “personal.”
    It is not the “I” choosing to DO a particular action. It may look like that, but because the Drama is eternally repetitive, there is no opportunity to change anything at all. Thus the paradox: “I think I am choosing in my limited reality; but in the unlimited; “ I” am not.

    Therefore, how is it possible for the knowledge of being numberwise “according to effort” to arise?
    The cycle of time is a story. All roles need to be played as they are. All roles are necessary in the unlimited movie. Where does numberwise fits in?

    However, how could someone who cannot realize the “deep knowledge” of “no-I” and being ONE with everything; be inspired to “be better” ?
    By creating numberwise. Then, the “I” needs to “make effort,” to reach Paradise or to be a King in the Golden age.

    Then, it is all up to you! Then, it is your “choice.” Then, you “win or lose” according to your will.
    “You” have control. Don’t you like that? The ego, the “I” likes that “choice” very much.

    “God” speaks at this level of consciousness.

    However, in another level; there is no such static entity as “I” at any point in the Drama, but only in most minds, the ego driven mind.

    Think of it in this way: “You” (the physical/subtle manifestation) are the hardware. The software is the Drama, running through you as “1 person/hardware license,” which is a role for one lifetime. That software is designed to DO things, which the mind believes to be “me” DOING. That DOING is necessary for the Totality. Next Lifetime experienced by the same soul, will be a complete new software for the new hardware, although a continuation of many aspects from the previous “software release. “

    That “software” is known as consciousness when referring to one person. But is is known as the “Drama” when it refers to all sentient beings.

    Your understanding or misunderstanding of this, will depend on your role at this time… but all is good and necessary as it is.

    Life is good! 🙂

  • avyakt7- New Generation 4:01 AM on May 21, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    BK “numberwise,” “Shrimat,” and “effort.” 

    Please can you also share on ” Number Wise, following Shrimat and Effort” please???
    Thank you bro!

    Great questions!
    Let us say that you had a vision. You saw beautiful people with innocent faces and well dressed up, enjoying a “Paradise” like setting. A few days later, you saw a picture of the “Golden Age” by the Brahma Kumaris.

    Observe the experience and the assumptions of the mind.
    What are the typical assumptions?
    1. What Brahma Kumaris teaches must be true, because “I” had that experience.
    2. “I” will go to that “Paradise,” for otherwise; “I” wouldn’t have had that experience. “I” need to find out what Brahma Kumaris teaches.
    In those assumptions, observe how heavily involved the “I” is.
    This is important, because everything else in your path will be built upon the confirmation of “your” experience. The “I” becomes the center of attention.

    How do “I” go to that “Paradise”?
    By following Shrimat now. The “elevated directions.”
    “You” are not worth of “Paradise” now, but when you die and after following Shrimat, you will be…
    There are lots of “DOING” for that “I” to DO now, to accomplish his objective in the “after Life.”

    “Shrimat” could be given by God (As understood by BK philosophy) or could be given by human beings (higher ranking in the organization as “instruments” of God.)
    That is where “Shrimat” gets tricky.
    Nevertheless, the “I” will follow those directions hoping to “achieve” a “higher status,” to BECOME (extension of the “I”)  someone else, an ideal.

    Where do those “elevated directions” come from?
    In the belief that a “deity” or an “elevated person” behaves in a particular way.
    For instance: “Buddha” was vegetarian. Therefore, to be “like him,” I must be vegetarian.
    Buddha didn’t have sex; thus I should follow him. Buddha woke up at 3 AM every day, thus “I” should DO that as well, “make that effort.”

    The “problem” with this approach is that “I” will act as someone who is not “Me” now. That is what I call, being dishonest, lying to yourself.
    I will not observe who I AM NOW, but rather work towards an ideal. Let us forget completely about the process, what matters is to DO these things now for otherwise “I” will  miss  a “high status,””Paradise.” Buddha had his own process before getting where he was. For him, it was “natural” for you it is “effort.” That is the big difference.

    “I” cannot wait. “I” want to be like him “now.”  That is greed.
    Therefore, Shrimat and effort.
    “Here are a set of commandments or directions. Follow them, and you will get there…” you are told and you believe it.
    Then comes another belief: “Those who practice those things closely over a long period of time, are the ones who will obtain the highest status. Those who do not, will obtain a lower status.” Thus, the concept of “numberwise” is invented  out of your greed to  have a “high status” and with that the idea of “making effort” to get there appears.
    By the way, this concept of “making effort” is not consistent with another concept: “The Drama is predestined.” It is not “your effort” anymore but it is what is already “written.” The “I” can only DO as much as his role will allow. True, you don’t know how much, but forget about “your” effort. If you go into this alone, you will discover a lot of things about that “I.”

    In my experience, there is no “DOING” that could change the consciousness of a person to BE someone different. Living Life experiences will change consciousness by itself. But the “I” is not ready to accept those teachings of Life. It has to be what the “I” have learned through a philosophy.
    The “I” wants to “control” destiny. The “I” wants to make sure that there are no “mistakes.” Thus, fear appears and with that guilt and shame. Paradoxically, with those emotions, the “I” cannot be a deity, an angel or anything “elevated.”

    “Practice over a long period of time” could lead into great repression, which is interpreted as “fighting against your evil side” and then the mind assumes that to be a “martyr,” a signal of being “good.”

    Observe the assumptions. Observe how the “I” is enticed by an ideal, completely overlooking his current state.

    Nevertheless and paradoxically, to “follow shrimat,” whatever it is; is beneficial as long as we are AWARE of the feelings that it brings and that we are honest with them. If someone wants to “fight it” for a long period of time, then that person will suffer and “karma” will be accordingly. Suffering is a way to feel that ego, which otherwise we could be unaware of.

    That is why in my experience, the Brahma Kumaris path is a path to increase ego. That is very good indeed! for unless the ego is not ripe enough, someone is not ready to dissolve it.

    Thus, concepts such as “numberwise,” “making effort,” and “shrimat,” are part of that method to increase ego.

    “Look: I woke up every day for the last 20 years at 3:30 AM to DO Amrit Vela without missing a day.”
    “Look: I opened (DOING) so many centers for Baba. I gave Gyan to 5000 people.”
    “God has chosen me. I am especial.” “ I am an angel, a deity, an ocean of knowledge…”

    Observe all the ways to increase that ego. Observe the system underneath; made for the ego to accomplish things, to be close to God, to become a Golden age deity, to become this or that, higher, elevated, pure, etc… Just observe.

    For the common good.

    • Shalini Bajpai 8:48 AM on May 22, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      My point of view is ego is less to do with materialistic or so called spiritual attainments..its more of a characteristic of a soul.. what i mean is if someone has the tendency to be egoistic he can be egoistic both in spiritual life or worldly life..Though i have my personal grudges against brahmakumaris but i still feel its not the gyan which increases the ego of a bk..
      it is the already present ego in them which was earlier thriving on material possessions and now on the so called spiritual life..
      the object on which ego thrives has changed…but ego was already there..
      If external things be it worldy or spirutual were the food of ego, then how at times we see someone having all attainments but still very humble or someone having very less but still full of ego..

       Ego can be very subtle..say if someone disagrees with me, i feel hurt , this is ego..

      If someone comes with a sharper analysis, i dislike it, this is ego…

      I was at the receiving end of the egoes of brahmakumari teachers and others..
      But my faith in bk continues because it is established by someone who is absolutly egoless..and
      he or it is god..


      • vageeshverma 5:40 AM on June 27, 2016 Permalink | Reply

        OmShanti Shaliniji,

        Ego is absolutely fascinating ! I think you are interpreting ‘Ego’ as just ‘Pride’ or ‘ahankar’ in hindi.But Ego is more like the feeling that we carry that ‘We’ exist as a separate identity from rest of the universe.It’s very subtle and I don’t know if it can ever be overcome ,probably can be understood.It’s difficult to understand it if one doesn’t have had any experience,words cannot do justice.On Avaykt7’s stating that Bk’s increase the ego..is the way of most spiritual paths work…so that once it reaches to a level we can no longer take it and we awaken to the reality that we are God himself or rather one with God and everything…
        A lot of what I have written I am myself trying to understand,experiment probably but you can listen to Alan Watts on youtube….who explains this and other concepts beautifully…
        Below is one such link :



    • Shalini Bajpai 8:50 AM on May 22, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      Om shanti


    • ahnanda 5:41 PM on June 27, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      Thank you for your link! I am familiar with Alan Watts and his understanding of Zen. He is an example of someone who takes what is supposed to be experienced as intellectual discernment.

      In your link, Watts points out the futility of suffering. There is a misunderstanding of it. The follower who suffers on purpose through physical or emotional pain, believing to burn his sins or his ego or the intellectuals like Alan Watts, who even though have suffered in his own life, he does not realize it… but it is easy to see the suffering of the religious follower with his beliefs, ideas to get mukti, heaven, etc.

      Suffering is the method that Life has to dissolve ego. It is not the method that a religion will give you, it is in the awareness brought to you by Life itself. In that awareness there is the understanding of the ego that you are trying to figure out. It is an experience that cannot be given to another man. You must go through it yourself, when the time is ripe.


    • vageeshverma 3:50 AM on June 28, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      Agree to most of what you say here…we all know ‘the truth’ cannot be spoken but still discuss it because we find it fascinating, probably our role in the drama 🙂
      Just like to say on the statement “or the intellectuals like Alan Watts, who even though have suffered in his own life, he does not realize it” ….its not that Alan watts didn’t realize that he suffered too…….for him happiness/ suffering go together…all opposites go together….the ‘I’ cannot choose one over another….Though watts indeed takes ‘spirituality’ as intellectual discernment but it is based on his genuine so called ‘special’ experiences …which shines through in his talks though his tone can be mundane, humorous and secular…that’s his beauty….


    • avyakt7- New Generation 3:15 PM on June 28, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      If suffering and happiness go together, then why make fun of those who “choose”to suffer to gain Mukti? That suffering is their happiness. They could have chosen “happiness” but that would have been their suffering… There is a point where intellectual stuff becomes so unnecessary….


    • vageeshverma 4:05 AM on June 29, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      Watts is not making fun of anyone. He uses contrasts and accentuates it to bring across a point because we understand things only by way of contrasts…
      In his words “There will always be suffering. But we must not suffer over the suffering “…which typically happens with people interested in’spirituality’.. Anyways not my intention to make you a fan of watts 🙂


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