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    The Religious path of duality 

    Anything that a religious path chooses as an objective or an ideal, automatically will reject what is not included, for that is not part of the ideal.
    For example, if “Peace” is the objective, the rejection will be on those things which are not identified as being peace.

    To condemn something that is in the Drama is to reject it.

    That lack of peace is a “step forward” into “Destruction”, according to Brahma Kumaris knowledge. Isn’t this the way that the Drama has to bring heaven? Typically, this type of contradiction is unavoidable once we select one side of a duality. Then, a BK leader or follower talking about peace or condemning criminal actions will look dishonest, because their aim and objective is “Paradise, Heaven” and the means for it, is through those things which are rejected.

    Thus, when there is deep understanding that Life is not about labeling things to demonstrate our alliance or lack of, but rather to observe that anything that is happening has a reason to be there, to be present; then we could move forward with a different consciousness.

    Do not misunderstand me. I am not saying that war is “good” or criminal activity is “right”. I am saying that once there is this knowledge of the Drama and the cycle of time; there is no reason to label events and people in dualistic terms (good, bad, right, wrong, etc.) that is to foster separation, to be antagonistic of the “way of things”.
    Observe. Be a detached observer and enjoy Life as it is… That is without our conditioning and “learned lenses” to look at things.

    Therefore, to move forward means that “lokik and alokik” do not exist.
    “Shudra and Brahmin” are mental fantasies…
    Brahma Kumaris’ knowledge brings this element of separation through labeling.
    It is dishonest to say that someone is loving the world, when there is labeling to separate. We could use labels to identify through the shortcomings of language, but our feeling behind those labels will reveal our rejection or acceptance.

    That separation brought by society, religions, races, lifestyles, languages, customs, traditions, etc. due to misuse of the mind, is keeping our consciousness stuck, unable to change and open up, despite all spiritual teachings.

    It is paramount to realize that unlearning is what will move us forward.
    It is so contradictory to what the “office world” or a religion will want us to know. There is always information, teachings to learn so we could comply with the conditioning. Through this writing, I am merely exposing this for your consideration.

    A step forward in consciousness is always out of our comfort zone. It is not about becoming “somebody” in the afterlife; but to take away the layers of conditioning, to be “nobody” … now.

    For the common good.

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      True. The religious paths in the name of removing layers of conditioning are actually adding new layers of conditioning. But that is necessary as it is part of the drama.


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    Observe the cycle of time 

    Yes, you had the experience with Brahma Baba, a being of light. You had visions of Paradise… That is a gift! That gift came with some human gift wrapping, some interpretations of the cycle of time which you took as the “truth.”
    There is a difference between your “spiritual experiences” and the dogmatic belief. Experiences were yours, the other was learned and accepted deep inside as “true.”

    Observe the cycle of time. It is a circle. Every event of that circle leads automatically to another.
    Can we divide the circle in parts?
    No! That is artificial. Reality is a continuous. Events in that circle change perspective depending on your point of reference.
    Why label some events as “good” or “bad” if they are all necessary for further change?
    Why call a certain region of that circle as “heaven” to “like it better” than the rest?
    That is an artificial gimmick catered to people living on the mind.

    Observe your consciousness, your understanding beyond the mind. Did you do it? No! It happened to you.
    “You” cannot separate from everything else. “You” are part of the movie, thus; change in “yourself” does not depend solely in your “efforts.” There is way more than “you.” All of that is happening without your awareness, all interlaced with what you call “I.”

    Did you know that the Drama, Life, the “big” movie… has been already done?
    Yes? Then, how can you think that “you” are going to change it.
    “Your” DOING, your little efforts are not able to change your consciousness, for consciousness is part of the Drama, Life. “You” are an agent, a form manifesting, expressing a particular part.

    “Soul consciousness” does not depend on “you.” There is nothing “you” could DO to get it. It happens when it is time and that does not depend on “you.”

    As long as there is an “I” striving to become something such as “soul conscious,” “pure,” “an angel,” “a deity,” etc. Nothing could happen for the “I” is in the way.
    I know that “you” want to DO something. I know that “you” want to be “better,” to leave a legacy in Life, to be an example for others, etc.

    Forget about it.
    Let all of that striving to rest in peace. Merely BE acquainted with that static “I.” Recognize the beliefs, the ideals, the values, the conditioning and allow them to dilute themselves until “you” become a “nothing.” No longer an “I,” somebody; but “nothing.”

    I know that this is not what you’ve been taught. “You” have been taught to be “someone,” to strive to become something “better” in the “future.”

    As long as you are “someone” there will be lack of fulfillment, for fulfillment appears out of that nothingness, for there will not be a thing to reject. Life, the Drama, is good as it is. It will change without your “help.”
    The Drama of Life shows us that what have been determined already, will happen.
    Therefore, allow yourself to be in tune with what will happen.
    You don’t know what will happen?
    You don’t need to. Just let it happen. 🙂

    For the common good.

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    • Anil Kumar Reddy Mendu 11:26 AM on October 27, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      Thank you brother,
      While reading the post, a new desire to become “nothing” has started without my awareness.


      • avyakt7- New Generation 3:31 PM on October 27, 2016 Permalink | Reply

        Please keep this in mind: A desire to be someone is as ego centered as the desire to be “nothing.” How can you be “nothing” if you don’t have a desire? It happens when the “I” diminishes, unlearns, takes away rather than adding stuff; that is unlearns beliefs, ideals, taboos, hang ups, moral standards, conditioning, etc. all of that which makes an “I.” That is a journey in itself.

        All the best! 🙂


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    Paradise is there waiting for "you" 

    What is the point of trying to go to a Paradise, if “you” as “you” are now, will not be aware of it?
    Are you aware that once you have experienced that, the experience will go away?
    Isn’t the main element to “go to Paradise” to be “soul conscious” in this Life?
    Are you going to BE soul conscious by DOING things? By giving knowledge? By DOING service? By following a “code of conduct”?

    Change of behavior due to some belief of the “I” has no consequence in BEING someone different.

    Do you believe that because you joined the Brahma Kumaris movement, you automatically will go to the Golden age?
    That is not so. Joining a movement and distinguishing yourself with a label has no relationship with “soul consciousness.”

    The “I” has to go away, for “soul consciousness” to appear. This will not happen by any activity the “I” could accomplish, for any accomplishments of the “I” is only a source of ego.

    Therefore, what is the fuss about going to “Paradise”? That is a tool sold to many.
    Certainly some will experience the first quarter of the kalpa, but to call “Paradise” to that experience is only a game of words, for if someone experiences the second half of the kalpa first, that person will be full, complete with that experience as well. “Sleeping time” is the difference in the “soul world,” and as we “know,” there is no time for souls.

    The game of “hurry up,” “now or never,” “you will regret it, if you don’t DO anything,” etc. is only a game for grown-ups.

    The best time is NOW. Enjoy it. Allow yourself to experience the experience, for what comes next is already there waiting. The idea that the “I” can change things through “good actions” is merely a belief. “Good actions” are relative. “Good actions” are not “good” when they are rehearsed, created in our minds; for those are artificial and nothing artificial is manifesting who you truly ARE.

    BEING changes automatically like a fruit becomes ripe in time. Ripeness is not “good.” It is just a state of BEING which appears after a process, a Life journey.

    BEING AWARE of that, will give us the quality of trust that we need to relax, unwind, take the time to smell the roses, for there is nothing “you” can DO to change what is already changing. BEING entails change, being aware of the process, you could enjoy it; for it is unique. There is nothing to rush for.

    “Destruction is just ahead.” Do you want to DO things to stop it? Do you want to DO something to “save yourself”?
    Are you afraid? Do you experience anguish?

    I thought you were an eternal BEING. A soul.
    How is that realization going to sink in? It has nothing to do with the understanding of the mind, with “knowledge.”

    For the common good.

    • Anil Kumar Reddy Mendu 12:41 PM on October 25, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      I guess that a core believer of BK movement identifies you as an agent of “maya” after reading this blog post and he/she avoids further reading of this blog posts to go to paradise.


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    The Paradise “trick.” 

    If the Drama, Life, is all predestined and moves according to its inner intelligence of self-preservation through changes, and we are agents, to manifest those changes; then, how “I” can change “my” destiny to go to a place labeled as Paradise?

    That has been the trick of many religions. Here is a nice little place in the “future.” You can go there, all you have to do is “sign up” with us; for “we” are the “only ones” who can go there.
    Every religion believing in such place labeled as “Paradise or Heaven,” has the same “modus operandi.”

    “Now” is the time that you can “make effort” to go to Paradise.

    Never mind the many lives that you had before. Never mind the karmic consequences from so many births. Magically, the “law of karma” can disappear because God is doing his magic “now” and just for “you” Brahma Kumaris followers, because “you” are special, the “best,” etc. 

    It is not like that.

    Consider this: “Paradise” exists only now. It is an idea, an ideal. Yes, you had experiences, visions, etc. Because the place was so nice, you called it “Paradise.” For all I am concerned, you could have had visions towards the end of the Silver age. Who is there to say no?
    Anything better than “this,” the “now” is Paradise. Because it is a vision, we could dream about it. That is the “hope” to get you away from the “now.”

    Some news: Let us say that “you” were living in that vision. Let us say that “you” made it there. Here is something for “you” to know: “You” wouldn’t know that you are in Paradise. There is no way to tell. “You” wouldn’t know it is “you” for as explained about the soul, it will be just the Operating systems kicking in as the soul is empty, not “you.”

    The issue is too much “I,” “you,” “me.” The knowledge as interpreted by 99% of Brahma Kumaris followers, is an extension of pampering the “I.” That is not bad at all. It is necessary, but there cannot be self-realization through “I pampering.”

    It is the “I” wanting to change the Drama/Life to fit his own interests. That is the dream that every religion should fit to gain followers.
    The soul has many operating systems installed already. One polarity is called “Paradise,” the other “Hell.” However, every soul has that. Whether Brahma Baba goes to the “real” Golden Age and not “me,” is of no consequence. The bottom line is that “I the soul,” will experience my “Paradise” and my own “Hell.” Do we see that?

    But… my ego wants what Brahma Baba will have because it is “better.” That is the idea, the conditioning, the trick. Let me fight and get it… Let me DO something about it.

    There is no “I.” There is no choice but conditioned actions through the mind. The “I” is pure mind, thus “Raja Yoga.” The “I” separates from Life, the Drama.

    “Paradise” is a nice pampering for the suffering of the heavy “I.”

    There are 4 seasons in the year. Because “I” don’t experience Spring Time, it doesn’t mean that “I am less than.” It just means that your Fall will be my Spring. Who is who to say that some experience is better than another?
    Comparison is the ego centered ticket to your lack of awareness. Without awareness it doesn’t matter where “you” live… “you” will not notice it, “you” will be asleep… then “Paradise” is a nice dream to dream of, always in the “future,” never “Now.”

    For the common good.

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    The inner journey starts with the mind 

    Looking back into my own journey, I could see that whenever I felt comfortable with a particular experience, my world was shaken to be placed into a different one, usually the opposite.

    I was comfortable “achieving things,” “getting ahead,” and “showing who I am,” to the world, when I had an experience with “God.”
    That took me into the Brahma Kumaris experience.

    Even though, both experiences are opposites; they also have a similarity for both experiences are about the mind.

    Achieving in the “Office World” is of the mind and so to achieve enlightenment, Paradise, the karmateet stage, etc. The Mundane vs the Divine.

    Raja Yoga is about the mind and so is Brahma Kumaris knowledge. However, anything that is of the mind does not bring “constant” change (using Baba’s word) but only behavioral change for a little while.

    Thus, to be a “knowledge-full soul” as in keeping lots of information in the mind, means very little… Unless “I” put it into “practice,” right?
    No! Practice is the mind, it has to go to the heart, the feelings to be “you.”
    That is why, paradoxically even though Brahma Kumaris is an experience of the mind (Raja Yoga) “love to Baba” is emphasized to open the heart.

    Knowledge is not to know that the Drama is eternally repetitive. That is only information.
    Knowledge is not to “churn” that “who I am now, I was before.”
    Knowledge is to BE the practical aspect of knowing that the Drama is eternally repetitive.

    “What is that?”
    Well… that is what the “power of churning” is all about…
    Guilt, shame and fear should be left aside.
    Because you are not that. It is the role DOING the things through you as the role manifests now. Guilt, shame and fear are not “bad.” They have timing. The heart cannot be open until those energies are released.

    Allowing for that emotional energy of fear, guilt and shame to go away, is of great importance, for the empty space created when that energy vacates ourselves, is full with newness, for we are already that which we would like to be.

    When you churn deeply the point of the “Drama repeating identically every kalpa,” you should get over the emotions of fear, guilt and shame. If you can’t, then you will discover that even though the mind is full of information, the heart is full of emotional energies… and that release of energy is what makes the change.

    For the common good.

    • Gayathri 7:30 AM on September 14, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      Yes brother. It is of no use if we just repeat the words, “Drama is pre destined”. The real understanding gets reflected when we are able to let go of our guilt, shame, and fear. It is not easy, but that attitude could be developed by reminding ourselves about the pre destined drama. 🙂


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    The greed for Paradise 

    Why do I have to be “good”? Why do I have to “DO” “good actions”? Why I cannot act the way “I AM”?

    Those are the truly “important questions” in Life. 🙂

    I AM not “good” as I AM, therefore; I need to ACT to BE someone else.
    If “I ACT” the reward is Paradise once I end my Life of trying to be someone who “I AM” not.

    “Good” is the word to BE. The definition of “Good” is according to every religion, moral system, society.

    For example, a person who has sexual activity in not “good” in the BK system; but the same person in a different religious system, “is good.”
    Therefore, the path to Paradise is built by a system, a method with a belief system underneath.
    It is believed that by performing certain actions, by DOING something, we will get there.
    That is how BEING is covered. That is how the greed for a concept overcomes the acknowledgement of who I AM now. Observation, AWARENESS is put aside for the pursue of a concept.

    It doesn’t matter if Paradise exists as a place. We cannot get there by ACTING what we ARE not.
    How do I know that?

    DOING does not change BEING, for DOING is the outcome of BEING.

    Let me explain that:
    When I was a child I was told to change “my lazy ways for love of Jesus.” I used to confess to the priest: “I did not feel like making my bed; but I did it for love of Jesus.”
    Observe that Jesus is used as a “method” to change my behavior, but laziness is still there, underneath my “good action.”
    Later on in Life, “sacrifice” is the keyword.
    What is the end result of that sacrifice?
    Nevertheless, we believe that to be love. We were taught to change labels.
    If it was love, we wouldn’t use the word “sacrifice.”
    The same action performed by 2 different individuals, is not the same.

    For the common good.

    • Anil Kumar Reddy Mendu 1:49 AM on August 31, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      Most of the BKs take Brahma Baba and Mamma as guides to secure a seat in Paradise. They say that they are DOING what their guide did in his sakar role.


      • avyakt7- New Generation 11:39 AM on August 31, 2016 Permalink | Reply

        Good belief. It is easy to follow, it is “safe.” Nevertheless the “Office world” ways of “securing a seat in Paradise” as when someone saves our seat to watch BapDada “live”… does not work when consciousness is at stake. Self-realization is a unique path according to who we ARE, it is not a matter of following the steps of someone else’s path… but there is benefit on following, it is part of the process. As you can see, there is always benefit! 🙂


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    The fairness of the Drama 

    Thank you for expressing your thoughts/feelings.

    BK Knowledge as it is taught, is about ACTING in the “right” way. The “right way” is the belief that certain actions will take someone to “heaven.”

    However, “Paradise” is not enough. You need to be the “King or Queen,” in Satyug, not in the Silver age.

    The whole teaching is based on the “I” accomplishing things, DOING things exactly as what we DO in the “office world.” Get ahead. Be ambitious. Be “someone” in the future.

    Look at the Indian educational system. Most are caught up in getting a “good future,” by pursuing education. In the USA most immigrant Indians are either doctors or IT engineers, for those professions command more income and “status.”
    Nothing wrong with that. I am just pointing out that the same belief is followed for the “after Life,” for it is “easy to understand.”

    I can assure you that it is not like that.

    The masses are able to grasp that if they “do lots of effort,” if they sacrifice now to enjoy the future, they will be successful. As when poor parents make sacrifices to send their kid to a good school, with the hope that he will make it in Life and help the family; that method for “success” should apply to “get heaven” as well, it is thought.

    That is great for the “office world,” but not when it comes to the Unlimited.

    In the Unlimited, we are talking about the journey of a soul, experiencing different roles in every Life time. Those roles are predetermined but they extend to the whole range of experiences, from left to right, up and down, good and bad, etc.
    As you know those roles are according to the capacity of the soul. A large glass has more room for liquids than a smaller glass, nevertheless; both glasses will experience the same types of liquid. 

    BK knowledge teaches that souls are “numberwise.” That has the effect of activating greed in a follower. It activates competition as taught by the “office world.”
    “Different capacity” is not the same as being “numberwise.”
    A large glass is not “better” than a smaller glass, just like a Doctor is not better than a Computer Scientist. Different roles.

    Most BKs cannot understand that the “I” is not a static entity, it changes, it is never the same but when you have a belief system, that belief will define the “I” so, the “I” will fight “natural” change to preserve the “definition” in his mind.

    Of course, that “I” is different than the Drama. That “I” knows about responsibility, guilt, failure, fear… those are the consequences of “making a choice.” Because of that, that “I” cannot be like a child. Paradoxically, that is what Baba calls his children (”child.”) But there cannot be a child if the mind is full of worries to achieve “spiritual” goals, a “high number,” “before destruction takes place.”

    The Drama does not “make someone act in a particular way.”
    The “act” is the role, the role is the Drama. The soul does not act, the soul experiences the role. 

    BapDada teaches “no-I,” but he doesn’t call it that way. BapDada calls it “Detached observer.”
    Sakar Mulirs do not know about that, but those Murlis are “easy to follow.” Avyakt Murlis on the other hand, are not.

    The Drama is predestined. That is why it repeats identically. We are the Drama, the roles. Therefore: It doesn’t matter what role we perform, whether a BK believes to have a “lousy role” or a “first class” role. What matters is if we can detach from it and observe the movie, Life with awe. The Drama is already done and it is being made again, so there is nothing to DO  but to enjoy the “now,”  for it changes.

    Why a cremator in the Golden age doesn’t compare with Narayan? Why he does not think that Life is being unfair with him? Why is he happy with his role?
    Because he is a detached observer. “No-I.” The role is not him. He experiences that.

    A BK now, can “know” so much about failing and becoming a cremator, but he only knows the stage of a detached observer as “theory.” A BK now is so trapped in DOING in acting to become someone in the future… But BEING a detached observer, experiencing “no-I” is the “first class” ticket.

    In the Unlimited, when “knowing” is limited by lack of Life experience, misunderstanding will happen.

    For the common good.

    • Gayathri 12:00 PM on July 10, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      Thanks brother for explaining the drama so well. It makes sense. I may have to re-organise my thoughts now… 🙂 regards,

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    The misunderstanding of sanskaras 

    When the “I” is important, then the “I” creates sanskaras.

    What is a sanskara? A mental impression or psychological imprints believed to carry over from every Lifetime. The “soul” will carry those imprints.
    The application of this belief is as follows: “While DOING our karma (action) we need to remember that this is getting “recorded” in the soul. These impressions are permanent recordings which we will experience in this life and future lives.”
    What is the message?
    Warning! Be careful with what “you” DO. You may make costly mistakes.
    It doesn’t matter what you ARE. Don’t look at that. Replace that with some thought out DOING (karma) which will be “good” for “you.”

    The “I” has to BE good by DOING what is believed to be “good” to get “good” things in Life.
    Be smart, rather than honest.
    “Heaven” is good for you. Therefore, DO actions to take you there.
    What are those actions?
    DO “service” like opening centers, helping to spread a religion so everyone knows about it.

    What is the sanskar that will be recorded there?
    “I” am doing this for my own good. “I” am a manipulator. What “I” believe to be “good” should be good for everyone. What is the sanskara that will be recorded?

    What is “service” then?
    To DO what I believe others need.
    What is the sankara to be recorded?
    “I” am above you. Ego.

    How is it possible to go to Heaven with those sanskaras?
    All it takes is a belief.

    Sanskaras are the byproduct of Living Life. Beliefs, experiences, taboos, hang ups, ideals, family ties, all of that, will manifest at some point. It may not be in this or the next Life time, it may be later on. We do not know. All we know is that every sankara has 2 ends. Some people call one end as “positive,” and the other end as “negative.” In their belief, the thing to DO is to get rid of the negative, so the positive remains.

    That is a complete illusion. Just remember this piece of knowledge:
    “The Drama is predestined.” Meaning: Sanskaras are predestined. Our experiences are predestined. The Drama goes from one side of the end, into the other side… and then repeats again!
    Who is that “I” who wants to be saved?
    The “I” wants to be a “detached observer,” when already has an idea of what is convenient for him.

    When there is “no-I” there is no predestination. “You” are a detached observer.
    Thus, you may be in “Heaven” without DOING a thing.

    Many times what we think we know, can work against us. The veil of knowledge can glorify the mind, but the sanskara needed to be in Heaven is the one of “no-mind.”
    Have you seen an intellectual deity? A knowledge-full deity?
    That emptiness is “achieved” after being full of the mental knowledge, full of the ego of knowing.
    Sooner or later, that will need to go just to BE.

    In the Observation of “what is” resides the solution of the puzzle. The “I” will try to fix what is meant to be observed, aware of. Once we know what we ARE, once we identify our beliefs, hang ups, traumas and taboos; then Life will offer the solution to dissolve those.  

    The use of fancy names like “Sanskara,” Karma,” “mind,” “intellect,” only confuses through labeling what only needs to be observed. It doesn’t matter if what you feel “now” came from some “bad karma” performed in the 1700. What matter is that it has been identified “now.”  That awareness, that honesty of seeing without filters, bring the steps to unlearn what has  been learned.

    Awareness is the key.


    • Gayathri 12:28 PM on July 5, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      Yes brother, Awareness is the key.

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    • vageeshverma 2:12 PM on July 5, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      As always beautiful….just like to say…all of brahmakumaris don’t teach or preach with the same consciousness …which you have taken apart( though quite a lot do indeed)….. fascinating to see Sister Shivani talk about karma etc….but her consciousness is so different…and her simple language so easy to follow…compared to “no I” kind of high brow spirituality….which is fascinating in its own right…though at the same time there is an underlying unity in both the ways…..

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      • avyakt7- New Generation 2:58 PM on July 5, 2016 Permalink | Reply

        This bring the interesting point: Who is right? Who has the “truth”? Is Shivani right and Avyak7 NG/ Ahnanda wrong? 🙂 or is it the opposite? As we know most religious followers are interested in the “truth” and nothing but the “truth.” The issue is, that most want for someone to tell them, what the “truth” is. They just want to believe in someone. Better if it is God Himself.

        As you mentioned, there is unity in both perceptions. “Truth” is a very deceiving word. It all depends in the consciousness that you are coming from. That is your “reality.” The issue is when we deny our reality to embrace a belief. That could become our Life lesson in our “spiritual” journey.

        Easy to understand, simple language is for a particular type of consciousness. It has immense benefit for that type of consciousness, thus Shivani is benefiting many with her understanding.
        Thank you for your “enlightening” comment, Vageeshverma. 🙂

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    • vageeshverma 12:29 AM on July 6, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      Hope the “enlightening” reference was not sarcastic ;-))


    • avyakt7- New Generation 11:33 PM on July 9, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      That is good! Something to be uncover by you. 🙂


    • avyakt7- New Generation 11:35 PM on July 9, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      The issue is the mind… That is why, there is the experience of “no-mind.”


    • avyakt7- New Generation 9:32 PM on July 10, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      If you know about “living in the present moment,” you surely know about “no-I.”
      Observe your question. You want to find out how my life is better than yours, through “no-I.”
      Does it matter to you? Why not only look at your own Life.
      The mind that compares cannot enjoy the “now.”

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      • avyakt7- New Generation 8:23 AM on July 11, 2016 Permalink | Reply

        In my experience, the mind cannot be in the now. It can be in the past or future though. To be in the now means no mind…. And no mind means no-I .
        The answer to your question…


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    Exiting the BK world 

    I haven’t seen articles about this topic. You may find emotional articles where ex-members vent their frustrations, their agonies, their new beliefs about the organization, etc.
    This is not about that. It has nothing to do with the Organization and how it negatively affected “you” rather than “positively” which we tend to forget.
    But… It has to do with how “you” feel “now.”

    Everything comes down to your feelings. That is why, it becomes important to learn to discern feelings from mind.

    When you feel that you no longer fit, that is your time. If you have doubts of those feelings, then your time is not up yet. You need to stay. If you feel that you have found your place; good for you… you will be fulfilled. That is the sign.

    It sounds so simple, but like I said before; to be clear, honest with yourself, maybe the hardest thing in the World.
    “You” don’t create your feelings. Those are already there. It is your path.
    The “I” driven by the mind interferes by creating “choices,” “pros and cons,” “right and wrong” criteria.

    The “I” cannot fool what you truly  feel. A point will come when, you will feel suffocated as if Life is no longer enjoyable, even though your belief strongly supports that “You have found God.”

    When you are ready to find “yourself,” you cannot hide behind anyone, including God.

    Yes, we could find plenty of “reasons” to show ourselves how “smart” we are in leaving what we embraced before; we could find plenty of faults with the Organization, call them with pejorative labels, just to save face, to save that “I.”

    When you are ready to discover “yourself,” truly… you may find out that what you already think you know, is worthless.
    The risk to miss Paradise cycle after cycle is there. The “I” wants to be “saved.” There is fear, great fear to “divorce God,” but your life “now” is not worth living it under fear and inner dishonesty. Those traits cannot possibly allow you to fly free into the unknown; into discovering “you” beyond all beliefs, beyond all etiquettes, beyond all commandments.
    That takes utmost courage.
    When you learn to listen to your feelings, honesty flows from you into the sky.

    That is how you learn to “practice” honesty without even practicing it.

  • avyakt7- New Generation 3:57 PM on June 7, 2016 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , , , , , , , , , paradise, ,   

    The “advance party,” “ancestor souls” and other “I”-ness trips in Gyan 

    1. Can you please explain about the ‘advance party’ as well as the ‘ancestor souls’ ….. And their roles pls? Many thanks

    As “avyakt7,” there are many articles written about that topic in “Exploring the Depth of Living.”
    Now, as “avyakt7- New generation: Ahnanda,” I have a different perception.

    Observe the story. “I AM great.” “I Am an ancestor soul, from the Golden age. That is the best of all ages in the kalpa. First, I am a Brahmin soul, the “top notch,” then I become part of the “Advance party” after my BK days are over… and then I will become an angel, and after that a Deity, an ancestor soul.”

    How do I get the ticket to the advance party? By being a BK “now.” How do I get the ticket to be a Deity, an ancestor soul? By being a BK now. No one else can do that unless they are scientists who will be needed by arts driven BKs. Even though they could be part of the “greatness,” they will have a lower status unlike mine, a full BK!

    What is the issue with the above statement of greatness?
    It is based on the future. It is mind driven. It is no longer about who I am “now,” but about what I can become, based on a story. Even though the soul does not have “I” in it, “I” believe that “I” will be an angel, a deity, an ancestor soul, etc.

    In reality, none of that helps for self-realization, but it is helpful to increase the ego; which is important in our journey, as explained in previous articles, Thus; all is beneficial!

    For Ahnanda, those stories even if true, don’t make any difference in his inner observation. Even though there may be true, those stories only build up and caress the ego. Ahnanda knows that he has been through the “ego booster” beliefs already. It was a necessary part of his path; now it is not.

    Many new seekers, living in the mind will ask: “What is the purpose of Life? Why am I here?”
    These people only want an answer. “The purpose of Life is to be part of the advance party when you die. You are here because you will be a Deity, worshipped by all.” If they believe that answer, their mind will be happy; however, their consciousness will be the same. Nothing has changed in them.
    From Ahnanda’s perspective those types of mental questions are meaningless now. When you step away from the mind, there is a different perspective which cannot be told to another, you have to discover it.

    2. How is the Drama “beneficial”? Gyan says that BABA tells us so…..but besides the fact it is eternal… How is it of benefit??

    The Drama is beneficial means that the Drama is not detrimental, disadvantageous.
    I just used the antonyms of the word “beneficial” to come up with than answer. Clever huh?
    “Beneficial” is a word used to try to describe what cannot be described.
    The Drama is a circle. Everything repeats exactly. The movement, the change is driven by polarity. Your “highest” and your “lowest” are related. It is the same energy at different polarities. Therefore, it is guaranteed to reach your highest if you have experienced your lowest. “High and Low” are just words, which we take as “good and bad.” That is the issue with duality based religions and belief systems.
    High and low are just different levels of experiences, all necessary, thus all “good,” thereby; all beneficial.
    For the common good.

    • R.s 9:41 PM on June 7, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      Hello Sir.
      Is their any relation b/w Dramas repetition and Mind’s repetitive nature? Does the mind reflect Drama’s nature that way?…. 🙂


      • avyakt7- New Generation 10:12 AM on June 8, 2016 Permalink | Reply

        That is a great inference. We are all one. Nevertheless, to know what I just said; it is only good for the mind… The mind will use that knowledge and display it to defend itself or to judge others; that is known as ego.

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