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    Understanding the Cycle of time from an unlimited way 

    For those non-Brahma Kumaris readers; it is my experience that time is cyclical and repetitive, just like Brahma Kumaris teaches. This is not a belief for me, it is an experience. Thus, predestination is the outcome of that cyclical time: Fortune telling is possible and it could be very accurate to the point of knowing your day and time of death.  

    The “I” does not like that “concept,” for the “I” likes “free-will.” However, The cycle of time also shows that there is no “I.” Why? If everything repeats, what is that which “I” am doing out of my “own volition”? It is better said: It is done through “me.” But that is not completely accurate… 🙂

    Paradoxically, the teachings from Brahma Kumaris about the cycle of time are limited by the presence of the “I.”

    If we could grasp that this famous “I” exists in a particular consciousness but in another it doesn’t, then we are ahead from the limited understanding of the cycle of time.

    We are, but we are not. That is the main difficulty to understand. For an intellectual, that is illogical, it is not reasonable.

    The “I” exists but it doesn’t. When the “I” exists in our consciousness, then there is time (past, present and future) for the point of reference is the “I” NOW. Note, that movement in Life is constant, so “now” is not possible strictly speaking.
    When the “I” exists, there is predestination and free will; as both concepts deal with the ability of the “I” to act. There is that duality.

    When there is “I,” it is hard to understand how Life, the Drama, could be eternally repetitive.
    That “I” invents Success and Failure. Guilt and Pride. Nevertheless, it is contradictory for in a predestined Drama, there is no “I” that could act with his own volition: It is merely a script performed by someone. That one is compelled to act in a certain way. Thus, how is it possible for Brahma Kumaris to teach about “making effort” to “save yourself”? That is the catch.
    That is why, despite the fact of predestination, Brahma Kumaris supports the idea of free will: We make our “choices.” 🙂

    When the “I” is asleep, ignorant of the different forces influencing his activities… what kind of “choice” is that?

    Brainy individuals, someone who is stuck in their own mind; may not like the “concept” of predestination and the eternally repeating cycle of time.
    After all, that “nonsense” is not supported by science. The “I” thrives in his “free will” even though that free will, is mere conditioning for 99% of the “free” people in the world today.

    When “we move” into a different space of consciousness, little by little we could observe that there is nothing static that we could call “I.” We can put layers of traditions, social conventions and moral values into that “I” to make out of him, something static, unmovable, even permanent…. The “I” loves that!

    Everything that exists in the physical realm is cyclical, for it is in continuous change (Life is change.) How many permutations change can have? Many for sure, but it is bound to repeat itself.

    It is that repetition what makes “someone” eternal…
    Eternity is already “here.” Because we don’t perceive it, we look for it, we believe in eternal things only in the afterlife, etc.

    When the “I” is not, then time is not. If time is not, what is there? Eternity.
    But yet, we look for “salvation.” In the Brahma Kumaris world, someone believes that “he will be saved” if he experiences a particular “age” such as the Golden age.
    That is not accurate, for that “salvation” will finish as the cycle will move on. It is a matter of “time.” 🙂  Everyone has different experiences, none “better” than others, as one experience calls for another, automatically: Peace calls for war and war, for peace.  Different experiences, but complementary of each other in the world of duality.

    Someone who has the ability to see the future, is also seeing the past. Thus, past and future are the same thing in a cyclical view of time, and as expressed above, the “now” the present is not. No past, no present , no future.  What is there then?  However, there are times when “telling the truth” about the future is counterproductive to the evolution of a person and sometimes, it is important and even necessary, according to the “Drama.”( Unlimited vision.)

    A Being of light, could tell the difference for he is unlimited, a fortune teller; cannot.
    When we realize about our own nothingness, the mental concepts such as predestination and free will, could go out of our system for in the “unlimited,” there are no “good or bad” experiences; but only experiences which will help us in our evolution.
    As the Brahma Kumaris teaches: The Drama (Life) is beneficial. Even though many do not understand that, and want to DO something to be “saved.”

    For the common good.

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    Baba is Karankaravanhar 

    “Karankaravnahar” is a mouthful word meaning “The one who does through others.”

    In Brahma Kumaris it is believed that God “acts” through “instruments” that is typically a Brahma Kumaris adherent.
    In Brahma Kumaris, the way to show a humble demeanor is by saying: “I am an instrument. Baba is the one doing.”

    Nevertheless, in the Drama no one DOES. Actions manifest through human beings. This is an immediate consequence of believing in “predestination.” How are “you” going to DO things, if those things have been repeating through the eternal repetitive Drama?
    That is a point in depth. 

    That is how Brahma Kumaris came up with another concept: “it is YOUR fortune.”

    For most followers saying that God works through “you” or that your activities and consequences of them are “your” fortune; merely strengthens the idea of being separated from the Totality. That is how the “I” increases in size.

    “God is working through me.” “I am only an instrument.”
    Big size “I.”

    From another perspective, there is no need of God as a separate entity to DO anything through someone else. “God” is part of the eternal repetitive Drama, correct?
    Then, the Drama is behind everything. The Drama is the true “Karankaravanhar.”

    But something so “impersonal” and “omnipresent” as the Drama cannot be worshiped, loved or romantically attached as “God” could be.
    That is the point on choosing a “personal” God.

    For those who like deep things, here is another one:
    What is “Maya” then, if everything is predestined?

    Every “illusion” that a person could be going through, it is part of the experience that this person needs to go through. “Everything in the Drama is beneficial.” Do we remember that teaching? That includes “Maya” as well.
    The world of ideas and ideals will not take anyone to a change in consciousness. Neither to learn mouthful words or to add new concepts to a belief system.

    As that “I” dissolves into the beauty of Life (Drama,) we liberate ourselves from our mental bondages.
    How? Why?
    Because the “I” disappears… little by little, like a magic trick.
    For many that is a hard to grasp “concept.” However, it is not a “concept” once there is experience. It is only a state of consciousness.
    In the meantime, “I” learn the “concept,” “I” repeat it. “I” use it to sound “knowledge-full. That is the way to DO it!  … but not to live it.

    For the common good.

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      YES! 🙂


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      According to my experience, BKs think of Baba as Karankarawanhar to be free from Ego, Baba made me do this, he used me for something good, I am just his instrument.

      Om shanti 🙂


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    Oneness and Brahma Kumaris 

    Have you ever heard of Brahma Kumaris or other monotheistic religion/faith speak about Oneness?
    That is out of their philosophy.
    They may talk about the “One” in reference with God, but the idea of being ONE with everything is typically out. The label used for that is “omnipresence.”

    Nowadays, the slogan “we are all one” is promoted by “new age” movements. There is the “oneness blessing” and other things which give the idea of inclusiveness.

    The World Cycle, the Drama is ONE. Brahma Kumaris’ philosophy explains about predestination of this. It is like a movie. The movie is one. The actors filmed in the movie have preordained activities to comply with the script. Consciousness will dictate their script. That is who we are: Consciousness (“roles” is the term used by BKs, but it is not accurate from my view) but we only see the separation of the bodies, the apparent individuality.
    Do we see that?

    In which moment do we see the “reality” of individuality and free will? Only when there is consciousness of separation of this entity called “I” from everything else.

    God is separate from “I.” The Drama is separate from “I.” Although, the teaching is predestination, which implies oneness; for who is in “control”? The teaching also supports that “I” can make “effort” and change “me” according to my beliefs. I am not saying that this may not happen. I am saying that it may happen only if it is in the Drama. Therefore, I can DO other things beside the BK beliefs to get “there” if I believe so, but the belief is that only BK teachings and practice will take you there, although there is no guarantee of “success.” Do we see that?  Are you karmateet yet? Why not?  Perhaps need more “effort”?  Maybe. It is a matter of belief. Thus, the most important component is INTENTION, for the Drama already has its script and whatever that is, IS what is necessary, “good” and needed for all.

    For all of those believing in “We are all one” then predestination is the obvious piece of the puzzle which is missing, but most will not accept it. It doesn’t sell.

    Life moves as a giant unity. ‘We” are not separated from the environment, people, settings, etc. Yet, we want to control those things so “I” can prevail and accomplish “my” beliefs.

    Do you see that God is bound to the Drama? So are “you.”
    What is God then? A label.
    Who am ”I”? If the answer is “soul,” all it has been done is to change a label for another. That is the trap of individuals caught up in the mind. Their world is about switching labels, ideas, concepts which are deemed to be “better.”  “Soul” is a catch all label, when the experience of it may be different for every consciousness. Who is to tell if someone is “soul conscious”? 

    “I” am ONE with everything that exists. There is no separation. When consciousness is at this level, the search for God, salvation, heaven and all of those “achievements” are no longer needed. “I” am nothing in particular and everything. Both at the same time.

    When consciousness is not there, what we perceive is the separation of that which we call “I.” At that point, salvation is needed as well as the pursue of the “one” who will grant it for “me.” The “I” perceives its limitations, its fears. The “I” needs to cling on a God to be “someone” that will last …. forever.

    It is all about consciousness. The journey is to experience the limitations of the “I” to embrace the unlimited experience of Oneness.
    Thus, there is no one view which could better than another when we are honest with our level of consciousness. Those 2 seemingly different views are stages of the same path. If we are not honest, we will “believe” in the “better” alternative, we will use the mind, the concepts to defend our position to be “right.”

    That will not take us anywhere, but to strengthen the “I.”

    Let me finish with this: Predestination and free will DO NOT EXIST. They are only concepts. What exists is the “Drama,” Life itself… the movie.  🙂

    For the common good.

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      Hi Ahnanda,

      That makes a lot of sense bro, but can you please explain a bit more about consciousness, with reference to awareness, now what my experience so far with BEING aware is that, it is just a state of being there, separation from thoughts is experienced when you BE AWARE with high alertness from inside, but what is this consciousness, now an India is in different conciousness than an American based on their culture when they meet.

      Is conciousness nothing but the awareness of our own set of believes? Like an Indian has different set of believes than an American, so they both behave in different conciousness when they meet. Also, when two people with same conciousness meet, they behave in different way than people with different conciousness, like a BK behaving with some love and affection with another BK, well I am just taking examples to support my understanding, also to be conscious is same as to be aware!!


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    Being does not mean to BE something. 

    The Drama has a path to follow. It moves through the same steps over and over again.
    Any person is included in this movement. Some people in this life time, will “improve,” others will not. Different timing.

    From our limited (ignorant) perspective, if “I” want to improve “now,” I should DO things to fight and get my way. (“My” idea of improvement.)
    Observe that it may not be my time yet. It may be a different life time. Nevertheless, that fight “now” with my destiny, is needed in my Life experience.
    Therefore, DOING some practice is not the issue for whether I DO or I don’t, still my destiny will be what it ought to be. In Life, we don’t need to learn to swim with the current or against it. We just need to float and let the current take us. When you know that Life is a circle; What is the hurry? Where do you want to get “first”?
    We are sold on the label “improvement.”

    What do we typically call “improvement” in “spirituality”?
    I use to DO this and now I don’t OR, I didn’t DO that but now I DO.
    Everything is in the realm of DOING. That is a “Yogi.” Yogis are using their will power to overcome everything. “I” will make myself DO or don’t DO certain things which I BELIEVE to be right for MY “improvement.”

    Out of all the “practices” in my Brahma Kumaris experience as a yogi, the only one  remaining is to be a vegetarian. Certainly, it is not a “practice” for me.

    That is natural to me. It was with me even before joining the Brahma Kumaris. I did not make any effort to “practice” that, thus; when the Brahma Kumaris conditioning ended in my path, that is the only thing that remained true to myself.
    Everything else was artificially put there through my will power an my beliefs.
    Those things went away.

    What is natural is what you ARE. Acknowledge that. Learn from that.
    Consciousness does not change through opposition of something which we may label as “bad.”
    That only allows for a fight to appear, a clash. However, that is not “bad,” for it may be part of someone’s path.
    The “I” opposes to something to differentiate from it, but there is nothing solid to define the “I.”

    What do we call “I”?
    That is the question that continually gets covered with other “nice” labels.
    “I” am a soul, a son of God, an angel, a deity, etc.
    Those labels will not allow me to look inside and see who “I am.”

    Brahma Kumaris knowledge makes a distinct separation between the “I” and the Drama of Life. This separation makes the journey of the yogi.
    Nevertheless, the same knowledge points out the repetitive nature of the Drama, its predestined path. The “I” is part of it.
    The issue is not whether to DO or not to DO something in Life.  The issue is whether we are conscious, aware of the direction of the current of Life.

    You have the right path and the left path. The “right” path is not necessarily to go right all the time. Feel the path. If we are conditioned to believe that the left path is “bad,” we will not be able to feel. The mind usually will set up our lives into narrow paths, the heart feels Life.

    For the common good.

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    Seeing the Drama of Life from “up above.” 

    Because of our conditioning, we look at things from our perspective and we believe that our perspective is the “right” one or the “truth.”

    For example, most believe that Brahmacharya (teachings of Brahma) or celibacy is about using our will power to repress sexual energy or to come up with “yuktis” (methods) to avoid sexuality. That is not so. Brahmacharya is not about avoidance, rejection or repression. If a Brahma Kumaris follower is repressing or rejecting his own sexual energy, that individual is not “practicing” Brahmacharya.
    Now, this is a new way to look at celibacy from mainstream.

    Similarly, we could look at the Drama of Life. Every Brahma Kumaris follower “knows” that it is predestined but there is more to it, that we may need to look at.
    Let me give an example.

    BK Anthony Strano died relatively young of heart problems, while being a Brahma Kumaris follower. Let us say that he picked up a virus during his many service trips to India as a BK follower.
    Let us assume that we knew about his fate 30 years ago. Absolutely sure that this will happen to him. 
    What would you do?
    The only way that information could be meaningful to us, is if we knew Strano, if we were close to him.

    If you were his relative, wouldn’t you do anything in your power to convince Strano not to join the BK organization or to leave it or ask him not to travel to India?
    Wouldn’t you think that Strano is “wasting his life” there as he will not achieve anything tangible for his Life? For most, having 3.5 kids a pet and an “office job” means “not to waste your life,” that is tangible.

    Here we can see the conditioning behind being a relative of Strano. In our mind as relatives, we may think that we are DOING the best for him.
    What about if I come along and tell you: “That is human petty morality. That is attachment.”
    Wouldn’t you be upset? And if things did not go YOUR WAY, wouldn’t you be against the Brahma Kumaris, perhaps blaming them for Strano’s fate?
    It is expected. However, look at all the REACTIONS to something that is PREDESTINED to happen.
    The experiences Strano had in the Brahma Kumaris were necessary in his particular path.  Outsiders will judge based on their conditioning, their perceptions. Strano made his “choice,” although it was his predestined path. Strano will move on into a different experience.

    Beings of light like BRAHMA BABA, look at things from that perspective; the “unlimited perspective.” What is in the Drama is what will happen, regardless of what we believe should happen or what we want to happen though our conditioning.
    That experience in itself (good/bad) is what changes consciousness in individuals, not a belief in the practice of some morality or the conditioning of some society/religion.

    From the above example, we discover attachment to the role of certain people (my friend, my sister, my father,) but even more subtle than that, attachment to our conditioning, our believes in what is “right” or “wrong.” That is how we may feel “rightful” in judging others.

    Every Life is being lived exactly as it should. Thus, when we ACT, do we use our conditioning to enforce our actions as being “right”? Or do we ACT because that is what is inside of us to DO, without thoughts, without the mind entering into the picture to bring a conditioning? In that way, what we ARE will certainly come out, raw, unconditioned.

    When an action is done through the conditioning of society/religion/morality etc. there is truly a “someone,” the conditioned “I” DOING things. 
    Here is the catch: Whether we act based on the conditioning of society or the role of the Drama, what is happening is what is supposed to be.
    What is the difference, then?
    The difference is if there is “I” DOING which will bring consequences besides strengthening ego, as our conditioning is not necessarily in harmony with the need of the time, according to the Drama. When there is no one doing, “No-I,” “we” are agents, “instruments” rather than DOERS. When there is an “I” there must be the consequences of the law of karma, when there is no- “I” doing; Karma is not. (Akarma.) That is a detached observer.

    Through our vision of the Drama from “up above” like a being of light, we could understand our conditioning and enjoy the movie of Life.

    For the common good.

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      Yes, it is a predestined drama. 🙂


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    Questions: Bk in China and Predestination 

    Have you any advice for people who cannot go to a centre and must practice alone?
    I have been practicing for just over a month but live in China, where I know of no centres or gatherings of BK brothers and sisters. I am reading the daily murli and getting so much drishti from it I’m making notes from each murli. Is this right? It’s a lonely business and I’m not experienced enough to open a centre or gathering. Any advice would be appreciated on being a lone BK in China.

    Your IP address comes form Hong Kong. There is a BK center there. You could contact them and decide what you want to do. That is my advise.

    The Brahma Kumaris path is not meant to be “practiced” alone. It is said to be the “family path,” meaning that it is necessary to be in relation with other Brahma Kumaris followers. You may learn that this type of relation is “only for service.”
    The meaning of service is “to proliferate the belief (knowledge) to others.”
    Therefore, service is said to be the “breath of life” for a Brahma Kumaris follower.
    All the best.

    Dear sweet soul .I am really grateful to you for your Inspiring posts. I am very confused when I comes to “predestined drama.”Is it predestined for you to give us Inspiring messages??and is it predestined for souls to be punished by Dharm Raj. I know that you are the only soul who can make it clear to me. Looking forward to your reply.

    If everything is predestined, how can there be “punishment”? For what? Is that for what “you” have done? It doesn’t make sense, for that is predestined.

    Predestination is a “problem” for those whose consciousness is deep rooted in the “I.” Consequently, their understanding of “free will” clashes with predestination. That is the paradoxical aspect of the Brahma Kumaris knowledge. Even though the existence of the “I” is necessary to motivate the follower, at the same time; predestination takes away the “free will” of the “effort making” follower. It is no longer “you” “making effort.” But it is predestined, in the Drama.  Your “choice” is also predestined, although it appears as something appearing from your own volition. Moreover,   the “I” making “choices” is not a static entity. That “I” does not exist but only when our minds believe in something static, unchanged, permanent as the “I.” Thus, the fear to preserve it.  In short, forget about those “concepts.” Those are not helpful at all in living Life with joy.
    For you, my writings could be inspiring. It is predestined that you will take them that way. For others, these writings could be dangerous. It is predestined for them to see that.
    These are only writings, sharings. That is what have been predestined for “me” to write.
    Hope I answered your question. If not, it is predestined to be that way!  🙂

    All the best.

    For the common good.

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    Exploring the duality of free will and predestination through a different lens 

    My sister Raysha, has the gift of “fortune telling.” She could place her fingers on your wrist and she could start telling you what she “sees.” What appears does not depend on her. She basically watches the movie and will tell you the “spoilers.”
    Later on, even few years later you may say: Wow! Everything came true!
    I developed a fascination with her gift. In one of my trips to India, I purchased a book written by Cheiro “Language of the hand.” Fascinating.
    While philosophers and religious believers debate intellectually whether free will or predestination exist, my experience allowed me to take a side: Predestination is “true,” although my consciousness  may show me that “I am making choices” through free will.  How is that “contradiction” possible?  It depends from the angle that you are watching the movie.

    Free will does not exist. Predestination does not exist.
    Those are concepts created by minds stuck in duality which have the “I” as a point of reference (their angle.) The way Brahma Kumaris explains the Drama is centered in the existence of the “I” because of that, Brahma Kumaris knowledge arranges the “free will” of the “I” to fit into the predestination of the “Drama.”

    In “reality” we ARE but… we ARE NOT (as mentioned in another article) thus, the Totality is what exists.
    Let me put it in BK terms: The movie, the Drama, Life is all that exists. We like to dissect the “movie” in parts such as “I”, “you”, “them”, etc. But that is artificial. The hero actor is deeply connected with the villain in a movie. They cannot be separated. One cannot exist without the other. There cannot be a plot without their connection. Without a plot, there is no movie.

    The phrase: “WE ARE ALL ONE.” May be a pretty phrase to repeat in patriotic events or spiritual gatherings, but it is utterly meaningless in Life. There is the Totality and that is all there is. There is no “We” or “I.”

    Without the use of pronouns, it could be very hard to make sense in most languages. But language is not real. It is a man-made mental construct.

    That is why, to have a different understanding or vision of Life, we must step away from language and the mind, for the mind has a repository of social conditionings which we label as being “me.”

    It is that “me” the one who will necessarily create the duality of free will and predestination.

    ME and I, exist  in a level of consciousness BUT they DO NOT in another, at the same time. The mind cannot understand that, but when we can see this clearly, all concepts previously learned including predestination and free will, are thrown away like used toilet paper.

    “So, what about your sister? Her gift does not demonstrate that we are predestined?”
    Wrong question. There is no WE, there is no predestination or free will. There is Totality, a timeless continuous, just a movie repeating itself endlessly … We are not aware of the repetition but that is how fortune tellers can “see”.

    Baba introduced the “concept” of detached observer, for we know it is a movie repeating. “I” (BK teachings have the “I” as a reference)  could detach from the “movie” because of that knowledge. However, consciousness will not go along necessarily with what we know intellectually, so we “fake it until we make it” to be part of the “few.”

    For the common good.

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    The Predestined Drama and “I” 

    As we go deeper into the experience of knowing that we cannot separate the “I” from everything else; for everything is unity; then we could see that the Drama of Life is like a movie. (as we know) however, what we do not realize is that what we call “I” is confused with the label “soul.”

    Your physical body is part of the movie. What will happen to that physical body is already contained in that “movie.”

    Consciousness is what that “magic word” soul brings. That consciousness is like being awake. What we interpret out of being awake is given to us by our mind, intellect and sanskars. That is the information of this life experience as well as many others. Life experiences and their interpretation will dictate our sanskars. The intellect is separated in Brahma Kumaris knowledge as the “seed” of the “I,” the one who chooses, the one with “free will.”

    Basically, mind, intellect and sanskaras are all together to bring us our “role” in Life. That is what most people call consciousness, but Ahnanda is making a difference between the “role” and the sense of being awake, alert, conscious.

    “Soul” goes along with that alertness. Everything else such as what we call “my thoughts,” “my emotions,” “my ideals,” etc. are part of the “role.”

    In Brahma Kumaris we have learned that “I” can modify those things at “will” but observe that any modification is just behavioral. The “I” cannot go to the “root” of itself to make any changes.

    Changes happen through Life itself. The experiences in Life will make those changes as we are all together in this.

    A “detached observer” is aware that everything is the “movie”: My thoughts, My ideals, My emotions, My morality, etc. It is not only about “others” but what is running in “Me.” Are you aware of it?

    The soul will move on and so the content that you knew about “this” Life.

    Therefore, who is that “I”? Who is that “I” who wants to go to Paradise? If it is “I, the soul” that “I” is empty, void of content.
    The content is the role and that role is predetermined… or rather manifests through “you.”

    Most individuals unaware of this, are so identified with the content what they like to call “I.” That identification overflows into the body… when in reality, the body and the content are both part of the Drama.
    Those individuals may feel by hearing this, like “puppets of destiny.”
    However, there is no puppet at all. That “soul” is AWARENESS without content. Destiny is the movie. Everything is the movie.
    AWARENESS will allow the “observation” of the movie without identification. That is how the observer and what is being observed are truly the same thing, when there is only observation, alertness. For there is neither observer nor the object of observation. Only Consciousness.

    The label “Drama” is insipid, it is separating “I” from everything else.
    Drama is truly Life. Do you love Life? That is why “spirituality” cannot be separated from Life.
    Ahnanda loves Life. He is in love with it, for Life IS.
    Observe the changes, the newness, the plot… and how the mind, intellect and sankaras and all its content is limiting the enjoyment of something that is meant to touch the heart, the feelings, not just the mind and its interpretations.
    The soul feels the “movie,” LIFE.

    For the common good.

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    Going deeper into the “Predestined” Drama 

    I could only share about the Drama with Brahma Kumaris brothers and sisters.
    It is paradoxical how such a piece of extraordinary “information” it is taken so lightly, so superficially, as if followers truly did not understand what the Drama means, but rather have it clouded, with assertions of the “I” and worship of a God who “saves” when there is no need to “save” anyone.

    Let us say that you knew exactly what is in the Drama. In other words, you knew what is going to happen in the “future.”

    Question: Would you be “acting” differently?
    Let us say that you are living in 1938 and saw that the “second world war” was coming.
    First, you didn’t label it as the “II world war.” Probably you may have use another label, such as the “great war,” “The end of times,” “Human annihilation,” etc.
    Then your own conditioning will “interpret” what you have seen or know.
    The question is: Would you DO something to stop the war, even if you knew that your action will be for nothing? Would you give away your own Life for nothing?

    Here is another question to consider: If you contacted God and you prayed for the war to be stopped, do you believe that he will DO that?
    Isn’t God all “righteous,” and “good,” and therefore he should DO something to stop such a massacre?

    Obviously “God” acts with a different morality, which is not the one humans know about.

    That is the first teaching of the Drama.
    What you think to be “good” or “right” or the “way to do it,” is of no consequence. Many times we tend to judge Life from our conditioned insipid, human morality.
    Ultimately, if you truly understand the Drama… what is truly “good” if it is not to go along with the Drama?
    But… we typically do not know what is coming next…  🙂
    That is why, whatever you “think” it is what you have to DO, is on “you.” Defend your actions with pretty labels, morality, worship… It doesn’t matter.
    “You” may not realize it, but “your” DOING is according to the Drama… and as it is… it is “good.” Of course “good” with knowledge, means “necessary.” Do you like that “definition”? It is not in the dictionary.

    To learn to go with the Drama means to learn to listen to your “pure” gut feeling, your intuition, without the conditioning of society or the religion. That conditioning uses your mind and it separates “you” from Life.

    If “you” DO according to your gut feeling would you call that: “ I am doing according to what I feel”?
    Observe that it is not “you.” It is happening to you… It is part of the Drama and “you” are a manifestation of it.

    Nevertheless, we are so caught up in being “right,” in DOING according to some artificial morality, in understanding what “God wants out of me,” and all those ego trips that only support the idea of a mirage.
    What is that mirage?
    That “I” am separated from the Drama.

    Please go into it, if you would…

    For the common good.

    • Gayathri 9:08 PM on September 21, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      Om shanti.

      Yes brother, it takes time to understand and then to assimilate the reality and certainty of Drama. When we really realise how the entire universe as a whole, continues to change in which all souls/ human beings, and other living beings, and the 5 elements are part of, and creates the Drama, the ego becomes humble.

      Baba tells us again and again that the Drama is predetermined and that it repeats itself identically every kalpa. None of us could play our roles independently of the rest of beings and elements. Eternally we are all linked to one another and ‘create’ the drama.

      The roles are fixed… the drama continues, the changes continue to take place and comes to a point where it is more or less in equilibrium like it was some thousands of years ago and then goes on changing once again…

      When we realise that the roles are being played through us and not the other way round (we are not playing the roles using our intellect), we become ego-less. Yes, we do ‘use’ our intellects, according to the role in the drama!

      In a cinema, the actor may play a role in which he/ she ‘uses’ his/ her intellect to achieve something ‘written’ in the story (according to the script). But the actor has no choice but to act that way, the script is the deciding factor.

      Baba says that one who is beyond the effects of praise and defamation is a mature soul who is close to his karmateet stage. When we realise that fact, the race for superiority, to become a world emperor, to have a huge ‘kingdom’ now and in the future will cease. Ironically enough, only those who are desire-less and ego less are the ones who will become the world emperors in future as it is the basic quality/ sanskar needed to become one. Thanks for your churnings.


    • Gayathri 5:07 AM on September 22, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      Modified my previous message a little bit.

      Om shanti.

      It takes time to understand and then to assimilate the reality and certainty of Drama. When we realise how the entire universe as a whole continues to change in which all souls- human beings, and other living beings, and the 5 elements are part of, and creates the Drama, the ego of being quite intelligent, an accomplisher, a self- made man, etc. fades away and we become humble.

      Baba tells us again and again that the Drama is predetermined and that it repeats itself identically every kalpa. None of us can play our roles independently of the rest of the beings and elements. Eternally we are all linked to one another and we ‘create’ the drama.

      The roles are fixed… the drama continues to unfold, the changes continue to take place and comes to a point where it is more or less in equilibrium like it was some thousands of years ago and then goes on changing once again…

      When we realise that the roles are being played through us and not the other way round (we are not playing the roles using our intellect), we become ego-less. Yes, we do ‘use’ our intellects, according to the role in the drama!

      In a cinema, an actor may play a role in which he/ she ‘uses’ his/ her intellect to achieve something. But the actor has no choice but to act that way, he has to follow the script, it is the script which is the deciding factor. In the case of a filming of a cinema, the actor practises his dialogues before the film is shot. So, he is aware that he is acting out his role. But in our daily life we are not ‘given’ any script to learn our dialogues; here the ‘script’ automatically gets played through all of us, there will be no rehearsals nor prompting. 🙂

      Baba says that one who is beyond the effects of praise and defamation is a mature soul who is close to his karmateet stage. This is because getting rid of the limited “I” and “mine” frees us from getting influenced by praise and defamation. Baba keeps reminding us to surrender that “I” to Him with love. When we understand that all our achievements are not the product of our intelligence and creativity but it is the universe expressing itself through us, various actors; there will be no scope for the ego to survive.

      When we realise that fact, the race for superiority, the urge to become a world emperor, to establish a huge ‘kingdom’ now and in the future will cease. Ironically enough, only those who are desire-less and ego less are the ones who will become the world emperors in future as it is the basic quality/ sanskar needed to become one.


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    • avyakt7- New Generation 4:41 PM on September 22, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      A very good explanation there. Thank you! AT the end of the road, it is about experience. We cannot understand what we do not experience…. that is the beauty of Life, the synchronized changes catered to “me” and everyone else, to all of us. Such synchronicity and harmony needs to repeat to maintain itself eternally, and we are “helping” on that, whether we are aware of it or not…. Go left, go right… It is the same…. Such Paradox escapes the understanding of many… but not yours 🙂


  • avyakt7- New Generation 12:01 PM on September 15, 2016 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , , , , , , , , , , predestination,   

    The word is “God.” 

    Why accept the Sakar Murlis as the “word of God”?
    That is a good question.
    A writing which “officially” has been changed many times to make an attempt to fit it into the changing world, is without a doubt; a writing away from its source.

    The “avyakt” Murli is completely different in content and intention, it is the “current” word of “God” without changes but yet is not used as much as Sakar Murlis.

    There may be many explanations, but the core of the religion with the “Do’s and Don’ts” is in the sakar murli.

    There are many BKs brothers and sisters still wondering if “God” is truly part of the BK religion.
    Their own experiences is all they have as “proof.”
    For many, that is enough to promise to themselves “never to leave that God.” After all it is “stupid to leave God.”

    Many fail to realize that however wonderful your experience may have been, it is just your experience and there may be other experiences which we may be denying to ourselves to keep a static belief “current.”

    Everyone else has a belief in their own “God,” what makes you so sure that yours and not theirs, is the “true and only God”?
    Your experience?
    What about theirs?
    Your knowledge? Even though most BKs do not understand it?
    Let me suggest to start the search with the word “God.”
    Please observe all the conditioning behind that word, all the expectations behind that word and how much ego celebrates to be the only one, the chosen one by a particular “God.”

    Even though BK knowledge doesn’t need a God… there is the belief in God.
    Why BK knowledge does not need a God?
    Because everything is already in the Drama… and it is predestined. Correct?
    God doesn’t create the Drama. God cannot modify the Drama.
    Is that your “definition” of “God”?   🙂

    You are in “love” with Baba because “he is God.”
    No. You are in love with the word “God.”
    That “word” is important for you and to know that you have found the “true” God only makes you self-righteous. It is about your ego.

    Every religion will bring different aspects of “knowledge” that others lack. Brahma Kumaris is not an exception.
    The deepest point in BK knowledge which is to know about the Drama is looked at so superficially… but you don’t need to go deeper for you have “God” there to “save you.” All you have to DO is “love him.” How can you love someone who you don’t relate with?  Is your need for touch and closeness being met? Is your relationship based on sharing the same experiences in Life? or it is just you going through an experience and his words of wisdom?  The extent and depth of LOVE is meant to be experienced with human beings… a human with a human, not a human with a spirit. Why? Because to be a human being means to experience the fullness of it. Love is in that fullness. To deny your own body is to deny Life.

    For the common good.

    • Gita 9:44 AM on September 18, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      Some observations:

      Brahma Baba has made it very clear in the sakar muralis that he gets up early in the morning and churns the knowledge that he has understood. Shiv Baba used to speak through him only some times and most of the time it was Brahma Baba who spoke.
      Baba (Shiv Baba) has told many times that He has chosen Brahma Baba because he was an experienced person and also was on the family path hence he could understand and explain the knowledge with ease. Shiv Baba does not have the experiences and sanskars of a human being, He only gave deep experiences to Brahma Baba and helped him in understanding and assimilating the knowledge slowly and steadily.
      How many times did Baba say that Brahma Baba was also a student and that he also had to learn this Raja yoga along with the others.
      Baba also mentioned it many times that both of them speak the murali, some times it was Shiv Baba and some times it was Brahma Baba who spoke the murali on any given day. It was always Brahma Baba who used to give the examples of lokik life to explain the spiritual knowledge.
      Brahma Baba was also a student and he himself accepted this fact many times. That is why he also took his own time in understanding gyan. In the early days he felt that the soul was in the shape and size of a thumb. Once he realised the actual size and shape of the soul, he got all the previous muralis destroyed.
      After he got transformed into Brahma Baba, it also took some time to get rid of his anger completely; he was attached to the divine family a lot and slowly he became detached and loving. He became karmateet after three decades. He became an angel.
      That is why his avyakt muralis are very much different in quality and substance. His way of teaching changed enormously after becoming karmateet and angelic.
      Shiv Baba accepted many times that He can not change the drama and that He too is bound by the drama. How many BKs would be born, how many of them reach the 8, 108, and 16,108, etc are all fixed. The intensity of effort to be made and opportunity to become any particular variety of actors is also fixed in the drama.

      Since we are so much immersed in playing our roles, we experience the roles to be our real form. It also happens to us when we are deeply immersed in watching a movie; we tend to get excited or feel sad and agitated based on what is happening in the movie even though we are aware that we are watching a movie. 🙂

      We can not experience GOD completely if we remain in our body-conscious stage. To experience Him fully, we should ‘go’ to His abode/ stage and our ‘form’ should match that of His; if we are in the incorporeal stage, we can experience Him in His incorporeal form. IF we stay in the angelic stage, we can experience BapDada.

      Om shanti.


      • ahnanda 11:03 AM on September 20, 2016 Permalink | Reply

        Thank you for taking the time to come up with those interesting points. 🙂


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