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    If each soul has all its eternal role engraved, how could it have freedom of choice and create karmic accounts? 

    This excellent intellectual question based on BK philosophy, was asked here.

    Isn’t freedom of choice the opposite of predestination? That is what we have been told. Most at this time, experience fully their “freedom of choice” (they believe,) although; it is known that most are not awaken from a conditioned Life ruled by the mind. No newness in their thinking but only to follow a pattern given by tradition. That is the extent of “free will” of most humans.

    I recall a similar question was asked at a BK retreat. The person giving the talk did her best to harmonize free will with predestination: “If you give me your hand to shake, that is your free will,” she said. However, we may need to inquire into how learned traditions and traumatic experiences influence our “free will.” To put it bluntly: Can a psychotic claim that he has free will?

    Isn’t individuality the opposite of Totality? That is what we have been told and most consciousness at THIS TIME EXPERIENCE that: “I” am different than “you;” but it is difficult to see that this “I” cannot exist without that “you,” thus there is an inter-relation; “I” and “you” are meshed together which is what the Drama of Life expresses: Unity, Totality even between perceived opposites. Thus, there is a double “reality” which is opposite but complementary at the same time.

    In BK knowledge or philosophy there is a clear distinction between “I” and the Drama (Life, Totality.) That distinction creates free will, thus karma, thus punishment, thus salvation, thus guilt, thus shame. “There is only Baba, I and Drama” it is said in BK teachings. That separation supports the above. But “karma” is nothing but your personal “Drama.” Your personal Drama is also the “big” Drama/Life/ Totality, which paradoxically ‘repeats’ and it is ‘new’ at the same time.

    Do you see the theme here? In Life, repetition is the same as newness. That is not human logic or reason, that is insight from deep understanding. Then, predestination is the same as free will. But, it all depends from where you look at it: From the perspective of the “I” with its reasoning and logic, or the Totality. Most will not understand intellectually what I just expressed for there is no experience of that.

    But; Why is Brahma Kumaris using a concept which we can identify as being contradictory, “wrong” as when having free will but having at the same time a predestined role?

    Short answer: To regenerate the follower. If a person is corrupt, lies, cheats, kills and gets away with that, then fear of punishment due to “vikarma” will try to stop that person from performing evil deeds for the well being of society. However, that is only a repression out of fear. But the immense majority of people are in that state of consciousness.

    Many BKs do not fully understand the significance of a predestined Drama for they are stuck in the “I” separated from everything else, including the Drama or Life. Moreover, the word “predestination” infuses fear in many. Greater fear is experienced with the word “anatman” or “no-self,” a.k.a “omnipresence.” Thus, the consciousness of that famous “i” will bring other very important things that you may need to discover.

    With your question you have discovered a contradiction. If your finding is only at the mental level; then you could say: “I will not feel guilty anymore. I am a puppet of destiny. I don’t create anything in Life, for everything is already predestined.” Logically, reasonably you may be “right,” BUT that is a limited view. Have you inquire into the existence and permanence of that “I”? Trapped at the mental level, there is no way out as the mind is full of “I.” However, those who have been able to go beyond the mind, into “no-mind,” “heart center” or whatever technical term we may want to use, those know another reality; where the words predestination and free will mean absolutely nothing. Where Life is about experiences and when someone experiences “left,” he may need to experience “right,” as well. Duality. Others call that “karma.”

    There is the duality of individuality and Totality. Those are not contradictory anymore. Just like the words predestination with free will, karma with akarma, for we can see what the “I” truly does. But for those in the logical mind, those words represent only the opposite of each other.

    Therefore it is “safe” for most in society, religions and the BK system as well; to stick with free will, punishment, karma and the rest of it until the person is able to experience the reality of that “I-ness.” Then, the former “formula” will change as the realization goes beyond the understanding of the mind.

    Your question was fully answered.

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    Predestination supports the “Drama,” which bears omnipresence. 

    The article before mentioned: “The 3 acts of God are Brahman.”
    Creation, Sustenance and Destruction are “what is” in the Universe. Isn’t that the “Drama” as well? Yes, of course.
    Brahman is omnipresence.

    In the world of duality there are two aspects which are truly one, for one brings the other as continuity of the same phenomena. However, in the world of perceptions, those are 2 separate, distinct things.

    Nevertheless; “We” are identities, persons, souls, bodies, whatever name we want to put there to denote separation between one person and the next… and
    There is oneness, omnipresence, ubiquity at the same time.
    Observe that the typical conditioned mind, will not be able to easily grasp the above. For that “logical” mind, we are either “A or B.” We cannot be “A and B.”

    In Brahma Kumaris as other monotheistic beliefs, their “reality” is that we are “A” only, (soul) not even considers “B.” That “reality” denies the existence of any other perceptions or consciousness. That perception, however; is inaccurate.
    The shift for a potential believer is to label “A” as a “soul” rather than his previous label “B,” “body” and adopt all the definitions behind that new concept.
    That change for most is only intellectual. It is about changing labels and denying what the previous label implied.

    That is why, it has been extremely hard for most BK followers, to understand predestination, even though it is an important part of the BK philosophy.
    That is “A” (soul) has to have “free will” which is not what predestination implies. That mental conflict is seldom understood.

    “First I try, and then if it doesn’t happen, then that is the Drama.”
    Very infantile defense of that “I.”

    “Omnipresence is poison;” a Sakar Murli mentioned, (along those descriptive words if I recall.) Obviously, the defense of the “I” implies a complete denial of omnipresence, for otherwise; how is a follower going to feel guilty then? How is he going to “make effort”? How is it possible for that “I” to “make its fortune”?
    Not possible. The “I” must survive to push the follower into different behaviors.
    Nevertheless; as mentioned before, the ACTION to “make my fortune” is trivial in the unlimited; when what truly matters is my INTENTION coming from honest BEING.
    That intention cannot be faked to ourselves and Life. It can be faked to others and that is its “success,” for that brings approval.

    A movie is playing. We don’t know what is going to happen although, what will happen couldn’t happen any other way for that is the way it happened before, thus; what happens is “right,” not according to some prefabricated “good morality,” but according to Life, to the Drama itself.
    That is what we may need to take out of that philosophy of predestination.

    The “Drama” is everything there is. We are in it. We are part of it. Our minds, our consciousness, separates from “it,” and that is what creates the perception of our world as it is now.
    It is perfect. It is what it needs to be at this time.
    However, there are those who are genuinely able to perceive that the duality of “A and B” go together, embracing each other.
    How can we die when we ARE everything? But yet, we DO, infinite times… just to BE again: Creation, Sustenance, Destruction. Brahman. Omnipresence.

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      Dear brother, Om shanti. I have no words to express my satisfaction and appreciation to this article. It is simply great! I congratulate you for your capacity to understand drama with such clarity.
      Best wishes and regards,

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      Om Shanti brother. So we r living in year 5016 BC and 2020 AD simultaneously. Is this analogy correct?


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        We are living in the now.


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          Yes, now is the ultimate as far as soul consciousness is concerned. But what about Avyakt Baapdada’s predictions on Yug parivartan. Is he lying about 5000 years? Because even he knows terms like time, space, etc. has no meaning at that that ultimate “NOW” stage. So he is obviously talking about this terms for where it is applicable. Don’t you think we need little bit more churning on this.


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            Well I see you have discussed about this a lot. Sorry for asking, as I was unaware of this previously! I can see though ultimately our own experience only matters in self realization, and once it’s realized by personal experience than any theories, any words cannot describe it, and as a soon as the experience transforms into language, it becomes ambiguous.
            Again very sorry for asking such question without checking your previous blogs.


            • avyakt7- New Generation 9:48 PM on April 3, 2020 Permalink | Reply

              The blog explore7.wordpress.com has many articles on that question. Use the search button with a keyword. I will write an article next week concerning your questions. Thanks.


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    The shortcomings of fortune telling and the BK world 

    For those who understand clearly the implications of the “eternally repetitive cycle,” there should not be doubt as how plausible it is to “predict” the future. The reason is that in an eternally repetitive cycle of time, the future has been the past.

    There is nothing “magical” about it or “devilish” in “fortune telling”other than our own misinterpretations ( from the one doing the reading and the one being read; both have interpretations.)

    Consider Brahma Baba’s interpretation that “destruction is just ahead” even by giving a time frame of a few years. This has been the reason as to why many BKs are waiting for “destruction” to occur and becoming busy in “preparation;” although, most are scared to death. They want to be “saved.”

    Brahma Baba had a vision whose content is most probably true (destruction,) his interpretation of that vision made him forecast a time frame which wasn’t in his vision.
    Those are labeled as “failed predictions,” nevertheless; it may not be.

    In my experience, I had many “readings” from different sources. Most were a “feel good” placebo for the moment in which I had the readings, but overall; they had no practical value.
    The best “readings” I had, were with my sister. She reads the pulse of a person and then images arrive in her head which she will describe. Notice the elements of interpretation. What she “sees” she will put in language and then it will be understood by the person being read.

    The “seer” has great responsibility on the reading. He needs to know what to disclose and what not. Let us say that a person will get cancer 5 years from now. Should the fortune teller speak about it? Of course not. The word “cancer” is greatly feared. The “prediction” will become a reality thanks to an information which was used as internal, self- hypnotic suggestion out of fear.

    A good reading will give hope. If someone is going through difficult times, he will have something to look forward to. The light at the end of the tunnel.

    I learned that who you are in the “present” will not be the same as who you will be in the “future” and thus, the way we react will be different. For instance, I live in Peru now. Before I lived in the USA for many years. If someone told me 5 years ago that I will move out of the USA, I would have done everything in my power not to do it. Dadi Janki gave me the advice to stay in Peru back in 2005. I did it to comply, but it was miserable for I left in the USA a comfortable life style and the opportunities to get a “good” job there. I was a 2 year old BK at that time. “Fortunately” for me, 2 well known, “higher up” Bks gave me the “go ahead” to come back to the USA when my sister interceded on my behalf.
    I wanted to be a conqueror of attachment, but I wasn’t ready. Theory does not work once a practical life experience arrives. Living in Lima, Peru after you have tasted a comfortable life style in the USA, is not “like going to your auntie’s home.”

    Last year one of my “guides,” Mathias, suggested that I should go back to Peru. It was a shock for me to leave everything again (for the second time) which I had worked “hard” to build (despite receiving a significant pay raise) but at this time; I was ready. That is when I realized that the person that I was before, is no longer here. Some people are afraid of death. I tell them that the person that will encounter death when it happens, will be different than the one now. Most will not understand what I refer to.

    None of my psychic readings mentioned anything about leaving the USA. A reader can only “see” what Life allows. All of that is part of the eternally repeating cycle of time. It is fixed, as we know.

    Can we say that Dadi did not give me proper advice? No. I can see now, that the experience was needed “practice” for me, although it was emotionally painful. However, at the time I resented such advice and that I was reminded by some Bks that “Dadi told me to stay in Peru.”
    We need to cross the valley and go up the mountain of experiences to finally observe the beauty of the valley.

    Brahma Kumaris is full of predictions and futuristic “realities” which are used as instruments to shape the behavior of followers. However, there is no certainty of anything, even if the predicted event happens; for the way we ARE and react, will certainly be different in that future.

    “I will be a deity.”
    That is fantasy for the present “I.” However, it is also hope in a “bright” future. A “good reading.”  🙂


    Best wishes for the upcoming 2020 year!  I will resume writing on January 8, 2020.

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    If everything is fixed, why should “I” try? 

    Avyakt7-NG will go into some aspects that he considered important about the writing by “Rose Mary” shared below in the comments section by Gayathri, concerning the repetition of the “Drama.” (Rose Mary’s writing is in red in this article.)  My style is not to write long articles, but this time I wanted to put everything in it.  I will use my understanding of BK Knowledge for this writing. I am not subscribing to it, but merely using it to clarify some points brought by “Rose Mary.”

    The main misunderstanding in the BK world about “gyan” itself, is to consider that there is an “I” independent from everything else and which remains for eternity. Thus, ” I am a soul” is incorrect. The soul contains roles. “I am a role” if anything else. Without the role there is emptiness in that soul. The experience of that emptiness is known as “silence” or “peace” or “mouna”. There is nothing as “I” there.
    The depth of understanding the Drama is in this:
    There is no “I”, but only as a limited perception. It is a valid perception yes; an understandable perception which many are into due to their consciousness, which is perfect at this time. Why? Because through the full experience of “I” comes the experience of “no-I.” Life, the Drama is about experiences. None is “better” or more “elevated” as this creates “worse” and “inferior” which will be experienced as well.

    Let me put the Cycle of time in this duality: “No-I” (Golden and Silver ages) and “I” (Copper and Iron ages.) This is like saying “soul conscious” and “body conscious” without the negative stigma that some BKs will give to the body due to an ingrained misunderstood rejection.

    Now, into some of the points of her writing:
    “God Shiva gives a perfect start to humanity.”
    “God Shiva” does not give a “perfect start to humanity.” It is all in the Drama. It happens automatically. Moreover, there is no “perfect start”. This is the world of duality. “High” goes into “low” to repeat again, that “journey” is perfect in itself. “God Shiva” does not need to do anything. It is amazing to me how the Drama is played down in BK knowledge, and many things happening there, are attributed to “God.” That is part of the conditioning to be aware of.

    “Forgetting and not forgetting”: (“The Murli says” about the Drama)
    This is true only if an entity labeled as the “I” remains and we take that as reference. However, the soul which is an empty container has many roles which will express in the physical realm. One role does not need to know what the other does. The soul does not remember nor forget. A role does not do that either. It is a fresh start every time it appears (aka. repeats.)

    “The reason why people repeat is that each atma is unique and has also unique sanskar. “ That is not what Gyan teaches. Each soul has roles to play or better to say, each role will play through the soul which uses a body. The roles are unique. Each role has different sanskaras.
    “Repetition” only appears when we are conscious that is happening because we “remember” what has repeated before. That is not the case; thereby; it is a fresh start every time. Observe that the knowledge of the “soul” having a mind, intellect and sanskaras are of no consequence once we realize that everything is fixed in the Drama, as BK knowledge teaches.

    “In fact, each one is only acting according to his taste and liking which is NOT CHOOSING. Likes and dislikes are fixed whereas choice is dynamic. “
    Correct. Likes and dislikes are fixed, just like everything else. There is no “choice”. Why? Because truly there is no “I”. Therefore, who is going to choose? If the “I” truly existed, still there wouldn’t be truly a “choice” as for most, thinking and actions are conditioned, reactionary. Do we see that? The perception of the “I” gives the perception of “choice.”
    The “I” that most identify with is the body as gyan teaches.

    Let me illustrate the existence of that “I”: Most everyone has a cell phone these days. A cell phone has a hardware and a software. We buy the hardware but the utility of a cell phone is in the software. The hardware is like the human body. What makes the utility of a human being in the Drama (Life) is the software being downloaded from the “cloud” (Drama) which has many versions, many updates and many customizations (Life experiences, settings, circumstances, etc.) Every cell phone is different. Cell phones may have the latest operating system and others may not (consciousness).
    Do we have the “choice” to download the software? Apparently, but at the end we are forced to, if we want to keep using the different “apps” for they get constantly upgraded. Similarly is with human beings. Their software changes continuously. It doesn’t depend on “me”. It is depending on what that role needs to play. The human software (consciousness) mostly identifies with the hardware AT THIS TIME. The hardware is necessary but “I” am not the hardware. Neither the software. Who am “I” then?
    Do you see that the “cloud” (Drama) is the one dispersing its software (consciousness) into little tiny pieces into the hardware? That is just like the Ocean dispersing drops of water in different containers. The soul is such container.

    There is the belief that if “I DO some action like, Amrit Vela meditation many times and consistently, “I will gain” something for myself. Now, we could see that if the “right” software hasn’t downloaded yet into our hardware, we could DO an action many times and we will get used to it, but change of consciousness may not happen as we envision.  The “right software” is not triggered by the compulsive action of the “I” to become “better”. Therefore, DO but for the sake of enjoying DOING it without further motives or as the AV Murli states : “Do for the sake of doing.”

    In BK understanding of knowledge, the soul has been labeled as the “true I”. But the soul only holds roles, consciousness for every life time. So, who is going to “heaven”?

    The repetition of the cycle of time, through the experience of duality, assures self preservation of the Drama. Thus, everything which existed, will be again.

    Consciousness allow us to feel this “I”. Just like our senses allow us to have a material experience, when according to Max Planck (Founder of Quantum theory) in “truth there is no matter.” That is a fantastic experience, for the Ocean is able to “give” a sense of individuality to each of its own drops, but the Ocean is not different than its drops. When we understand this deeply, we will welcome the “idea” of omnipresence, which is a “bad” word in BK philosophy, due to Sakar Murlis.

    On “nimit” “instrument”:

    To be an “instrument” is a “humble” way to represent that “I” which does not exist. There cannot be deeper understanding of Gyan unless the identity of the “I” is understood. It is difficult for we may feel hurt and want to reject such “idea” and readily accept any ideology which pampers the “I” and gives it a reward in the future, in heaven. However, that is part of the process.

    Who am I?  The Drama. Life itself. Another way to express it: Nobody. Nothing. This is not negative at all; for at the same time this allows “me” to be everything. A drop of the Ocean identifies itself with being a drop without realizing that it IS in the Ocean itself. That drop may need to realize its own nothingness to be able to perceive its everything-ness. Self-realization may be along those lines. Self realize the absence of self (“I”) through the journey of experiencing self.

    I remember a good friend of mine, a non- BK seeker, who told me: “You cannot say that the “I” doesn’t exist, because I am.”
    He was honest with his experience. He didn’t accept “I am a soul” for his experience dictated that he was a person. That is to be honest with your experience, your current consciousness. The “I” exists like matter, although; it doesn’t. That is the paradox of existence and non-existence, something which current understanding of BK knowledge is unable to consider.

    There are plenty of religions supporting the “I”. Brahma Kumaris is one of them. However, there is the other reality of no-I. To build a “Godly” philosophy based only on the existence of the “I” is not the whole “truth” when we are aware of the whole Ocean rather than just being the drop.

    “Even the fly that passes your face will repeat it in the next Kalpa. This is just another way of saying everything (micro and macro) repeats, and this statement often comes with other statements such as: “BKs are those who do not engage in vices. If a BK commits any vice, he/she will lose his/her status and will also receive 100 times punishment…..etc.” Thus in essence what He says is that Drama is a play of both freedom and destiny.”

    That paragraph contradicts the understanding of predestination and choice given above by “Rose Mary.” The fly that passes every kalpa means predestination which is not different than the “sin” committed by a BK. The wonder is to receive “punishment”for something which is predestined. Cause and effect affects all. BKs don’t get more or less of a consequence than anyone else. That is only a belief used as a tool to discourage a BK from making “mistakes.”
    “Your choice” is compelled by your sense of morality which is conditioned, although we may label it as “right”. Or you may forget about it, “indulge in vice” and feel guilty for the rest of your Life, if that action is only reactive without full understanding.
    Most BKs do not observe that they can be “virtuous” by following their own definitions BUT live a repressed Life; with the consolation that they will “BE someone of high status in the “future”, the Golden age.” That is to live in the mind.
    Here is the question: Is repression virtuous? Is a repressed life now a guarantee of “being in the golden age”? Is denial of your honest feelings according to your current consciousness, a sin?
    Under that situation then, many dishonest “souls” will be in Paradise. Do we see that?

     Whether we DO something or we don’t, all is  according to the Drama. It is all PERFECT.  There will be consequences from DOING and NOT DOING, but at the same time; “we” are equipped by the Drama to take that as another Life experience. Couldn’t be otherwise, for “I” am not a DOER, for there is “no I” therefore, who gets “punished”?
    “I”? Better switch to “no-I”.    🙂

    Life (The Drama) is beyond “right and wrong.” What it IS, IS. Life is not concerned with human morality and our little definitions of “good and bad,” for if you are “good” you will be “bad” and vice versa (The “soul” through roles will express both roles at different times.)  Take one side of a duality to experience the other. That is part of the whole human experience.

    Therefore, upon understanding the above; honor your current consciousness. OBSERVE become AWARE of that which we call SELF. Live a full Life so that does “service” to others who may be fearful and trapped by all sorts of conditioning of the mind. FEEL Life. That will show “you” what is “right” for “you”.

    Perhaps this writing will be considered by BKs.

    Finally, I wanted to clarify that a belief system is merely that, a belief. There is no “spiritual truth” which could be described or affirmed through dualistic language. In my experience, the cycle of time exists and it is eternally repetitive, therefore; this is not the first time that “I” write this article, nor it will be the last time.  However, the knowledge of that cycle of time is inconsequential for self-realization. It doesn’t matter if we believe in it or not. The same with the “soul”. It is of no consequence whether we believe in it or not. The cycle of time and the soul are also ways for the “I” to protect itself, as there is an assurance that “I” will continue on.  The bottom line is that fear is there.  Just as when the Murli repeats: “Destruction is just ahead”, “I” will look for ways to preserve myself. Even if that means to live in India for it is believed to be a “safe” place. That is what we may need to OBSERVE and be acquainted with. There is fear of death. There is fear of living. There is fear of uncertainty. There is fear. That “reality” is unquestionable, it is completely “real” and once we go into it, none of the beliefs systems, not one of them will be relevant anymore. That freedom from the mind, will allow us to look into what is truly important: Self-knowledge.

    Looking inside means to OBSERVE to be AWARE of the contents of this “I”, to empty the baggage so fear will go as part of that “cleaning”.

    Life then, will have a different meaning. Whether “I” go  away or “I” return in “another life” will not matter at all; but to be appreciative and grateful of this experience NOW, fulfilled that “I” had the chance to experience without further expectation; thus, fearless.

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      It is a great article! Thanks.


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      Avyakt7’s analysis revolves around the view that “there is No-I” saying “The “I” exists” like matter, although; it doesn’t.
      This view of “no-I” is one that is taken to one extreme, and other view that ‘there is the I that works for reward’ is one that is taken to the other extreme.
      Middle ground is the truth—that is what the beautiful word NIMITH conveys. In NIMITH there is “I” but in low profile which is the panacea for all social ills. This is what the incomprehensibly vast universe and a tiny earth convey to the inhabitants on this tiny dust-like home, called earth. Anyone who is aware of the vastness of universe will always act with humility and benevolently towards others, as Johannes Kepler (famous German astronomer and mathematician) rightly said: we should marvel rather “much more at the smallness of us mankind and the smallness of this our tiny ball of earth.” When everyone feels small or egoless at heart, virtues will start flowering from everyone naturally without effort, without the thought for reward ..etc.
      Advaitists brought the concept that there is no “I” saying everyone is God which is like ocean and drop. Their innocent motive was to somehow prevent the people from hurting others. This was an act of desperation, not of conviction, just like all religious views are because they need something for preventing people from hurting each other, for social order. Such views exist because the so-called truth seekers seek the comfort of conclusions, not the truth.
      True Truth-seeker is not bothered about conclusions—he knows only the intensity and seeking. To such ones truth opens up by itself. During my college days, when a palmist told me that I will abandon Christianity and would later take up what could now be described as Brahmakumaris teaching, I did not believe it, and I did everything against such a potential move from my side. Yet I ended up in BK teaching. Even the very word Brahma means all about having brah (great) + ma (mind) of treating everyone as brother/sister. This is in contrast to the criminal (or egoistic) eye of treating others as less than brother/sister—which is nothing but violence because it is contraction from the truth which is at the root of all social evils.
      Spirituality is opposed to ego, yet ironically, in overall view each of them arises from the other just like religion speaks against ego, yet religion itself has to be egoistic for its own existence. Once gone deep into egoistic pursuits, a person will ultimately realize the folly of it and will move into spirituality. Yet being at the height of spirituality he will not tolerate the appearing of a rival that would dim his fame, hence will do everything to safeguard his number one position which he doesn’t realize is all about ego. See how one started against ego and ended up in safeguarding the ego.
      Avyakt7 can say truth is relative in some areas:
      He can say sun ‘rises in the East’ to some people,
      He can say ‘where the sun rises is East’ to other people,
      and He can also say ‘there is no rising of sun and there is no East nor West’ to astrophysicists …

      but He can’t say this with regard to THE PERCEIVER who has to be real, existent to make the very act of perceiving.
      People can have different views regarding the same subject. For example subjects such as illogical stories of religions, question of suffering gave rise to three major conflicted groups:
      Atheists who say there is no God
      Theists who teach about God through scriptures
      Deists who say there is God the Great Provider but reject all scriptures.

      God says there is “I,” and also showed me through my meditation [which I was practicing during my pre-BK days] what I would do once exposed to BK gyan.
      God consistently makes clear about identical repetition of drama comparing it with main events in a film: “The buildings etc. collapse in the film and later you see those same buildings being shown again. That also repeats identically. There is no need to be confused about this. THE MAIN ASPECT IS THAT OF GOD, the Father of souls. Souls have been separated from the Supreme Soul for a long time. They separate and then come down here to play their parts. …Those who have done the most devotion are the ones who will go fast in knowledge and they will also claim a high status.”—(Murli 26.07.2019) Those who worked more, in the 2nd half of the Drama, are fast in knowledge, and are rewarded accordingly. In other words, drama is another word for Karma.


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    The cycle of time beyond BK conditioning. 

    A deep understanding (if at least intellectual) of the significance of the cycle of time will give us the answers which many different religions, philosophies and “isms” have presented during our history.

    Cyclical time is not an exclusive belief of Brahma Kumaris, but in my humble opinion; there hasn’t been writings or “churnings” which I am aware of, considering the depth of it.

    Let me present some items to consider using BK philosophy.
    Have you heard in “New Age” the popular: “we are all ONE”? Probably we have heard several explanations to try to make sense of that one: “Brahman is Atma. Atma is Brahman” is one of them.
    Everything which is included in the cycle of time is bound to belong to it, including “your” thoughts. Yes, we are all ONE.
    A jigsaw puzzle has pieces. Every piece has meaning as part of the puzzle. However, the puzzle has meaning thanks to the picture over the pieces (typically landscapes.) That picture is the “Drama of Life” depicted by the movement of the world cycle. Every piece has a small chunk of the whole picture. A piece is nothing by itself; but only in relationship with other pieces to make something bigger than themselves.

    Even the picture of the “3 Worlds” depicts a relationship between “Parandham”, the “Subtle Region” and the Physical World. The “world Drama” happens in the physical realm; but there is influence of the other two realms. There is a continuous interchange. What is the “purpose” of “Parandham” other than to supply “souls” to the physical world? At the same time, isn’t the purpose of the physical world to supply souls to Parandham? Isn’t the subtle region in a way, a reflection of the physical world?
    Therefore, everything works in synchronicity and there is no one accounted for that feat. No need of a “creator”. It just happens.
    The Universe is perfect, despite the popular saying that “Nothing is perfect”, we could now observe that nothing could be but perfect. For it IS as it has to BE.
    “Perfection” is not a human ideal to reach. It already IS.

    Therefore, Who are you?
    Isn’t the “soul” merely an agent of destiny “equipped” for every journey, every Life, with particular experiences?
    Where is your “free will” then?
    That will probably hurt most “unprepared” egos. That is probably why we haven’t heard about the cycle of time with certain depth yet. It is easier to say: “ Baba says, it is a predestined Drama; but you can change things “now” (free will) because we don’t know what will happen.” A “shrewd intellect” could realize that we have to DO things, certainly; but we are driven to DO something based on circumstances, conditioning, etc. That unobserved drive we could call “free will”, the name is irrelevant; what is important to notice is consciousness behind an action; and consciousness does not depend on us. It happens.
    Religions have pretended to go around this obvious observation, by creating an artificial moral system whereby a particular ACTION is labeled as “good” without care on consciousness. The output of such trap is that many followers will DO something labeled “right” although, they do not feel in the same direction.

    Let me illustrate: According to BK knowledge, “sex is bad.” Don’t DO it. However, is that truly the way you feel? In other words, is your CONSCIOUSNESS according to that action? That is how repression arrives and many mental problems after that.

    Now, let me go into the trap of “I”.

    Who “I think I am” is merely that. It has no significance in Life but in our artificial society. Moreover, It has no significance if “I think that I am important, now or in the future.” It is all human day dreaming.

    There is NO ONE in “you”. Nothing. Go to sleep at night. The mirage is gone. It happens every day of our life.
    Alzheimer anyone? Who are “you” if you don’t remember? Others may remember “you”, but we are always changing. What “YOU,” do they remember then? That “soul” (Atma) is only a container. It is not “self.” As every BK knows, that container can have up to 84 lives (experiences in Life) all “recorded” already.  Again, “self” is not “soul.” “You”(self) will not go beyond this experience which we call Life. Please “churn” that. It is all coming from the understanding of the predestined world cycle.

    Now, let us take a look at “Predestination.”
    It merely means that the consciousness that we have is already set up, as we are part of the cycle of time; and it has to display different circumstances according to “time.”
    “We” are merely agents of “time”. “Fabricating” changes which are already set up. Thus, the morality of “good and bad” is another human creation not supported by Life itself. Life is beyond “good and bad”. There will be consequences of “our” actions, yes; but we will be equipped to withstand those as well. That is known as “karma.”

    What is this idea of “God” then? I will not go into that at this time, as I have offered enough to “churn about”. If you’d like to explore that, you may do it.

    Don’t we feel trapped, like “puppets” moved by the puppeteer, the “Drama”? Do you feel unhappy?
    That is because we do not understand a thing, yet.

    Nothing is asked from “you”. Nothing to “do.” No purpose to reach. “You” are already FREE.
    All you have to DO is ENJOY, APPRECIATE and SMILE. That is the “effort”.
    Whatever you DO is meant to BE. Wherever you ARE is meant to BE.
    Look how the conditioned mind wants you to “achieve,” to “make effort,” to “save yourself”. No time for enjoyment. Got to get busy… “Do service.”

    As “I” am dying from “myself”, death becomes not only acceptable but liberating. Do you think “I” am afraid of “destruction just ahead”? Isn’t that only another picture of the jigsaw puzzle?

    “I” am a soul. 🙂 How could you BE a soul (container) if “YOU” are not?
    “Atman is Brahman”. That is more accurate but typically; misunderstood.

    There you have something “new,” precious to churn about; thanks to the cycle of time. 🙂

    • Gayathri 2:30 AM on July 5, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      I like the words, “..Every piece has a small chunk of the whole picture. A piece is nothing by itself; but only in relationship with other pieces to make something bigger than themselves….”
      “Even the picture of the “3 Worlds” depicts a relationship between “Parandham”, the “Subtle Region” and the Physical World.”
      Well, i am a soul, the container, that contains all the roles that i need to play in a kalpa.
      Thanks for sharing the gems.



      • avyakt7- New Generation 8:37 AM on July 5, 2019 Permalink | Reply

        An empty soul, with nothing other than pre recorded roles to play. It is that emptiness the one that we discover when the mind is still or not there. We call that peace. Another name “Brahman.”


    • Gayathri 12:07 PM on July 18, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Here is an article by “Rose Mary” on Drama.

      If everything is fixed, why should I try?

      When it is told that everything in the Drama is fixed and repeats itself every Kalpa, some may feel: “If so, why should I try? Would it not be boring? ..etc.”

      Just like there could be wrong answers, there could be improper questions also. For example, after seeing non-vegetarians enjoying their food, one cannot ask “Is flesh of other living beings a very enjoyable food?” This question is not fully right because it has conflicting answers. Flesh is a delightful food for one group whereas flesh is highly abhorrent for people who value lives of other living beings. Similarly, you can’t ask “Is an idol (pratima) good?” because some religions hate it whereas in India, pratima is helpful. Prathima [from the root ma = to measure] is defined as Prathimeeyathe ithi prathima which means conveying the character of god/goddess in equal measure into another medium, as in the case of picturization of Narayan whose core characteristics are shown through four hands holding swadarshana chakra (knowledge that he is atma), mace (victory over Maya), lotus (purity) and conch (announcing the knowledge of incoming Golden Age with others and enabling others to become like him).

      That means conflicting answers can have for certain questions depending on various factors, and true meaning of a statement is inseparably connected with its context. In the context of saying history repeats identically every cycle, God may say ‘even a fly that passes by your face may do so in the next cycle too.’ People who look for essence rightly think: “If so, the more important things too will surely repeat identically.” It is not unusual to take minor things to highlight major things. For example, Jesus said: “Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother’s eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye” (Mathew 7:3) He was not thinking about a dust particle. Rather he was saying most people are inclined to see even the minor faults of others (not their own major faults); thus they never feel the need to change, hence good and bad people repeat what they have been doing (Mathew 12:35) and because of this he declared: “Wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it. But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it.” (Mathew 7:13, 14)

      When God Shiva says ‘everything repeats itself’—it is simply His experience that everything repeats itself. He gives a perfect start to humanity at the start of every Kalpa and they reach decadence in the end, hence He has been renewing what has become old at the end of each Kalpa. Things begin to become old as inhabitants on earth fall into forgetfulness about true nature of themselves and of God; thus history is cycle of “forgetting and not forgetting” (Murli 05.09.2017) which is all about repetition. Things repeat in small and large scale. To mention a few examples: Billions of deaths have occurred, yet people repeat the style of living as though they will not die. Even though mechanism of Cause and Effect is everywhere, most people repeat hoping they can evade consequence for their actions, thus we have increasing crime rate, abortions …etc. Everyone knows sensual pleasures are sweet in the begging but bitter in the end resulting in many sufferings, yet people repeat running after them. Even though everyone in India knows Gandhiji entered into politics with no selfish interest, people repeat entering into politics with selfish interest.

      The reason why people repeat is that each atma is unique and has also unique sanskar. Hence even though one may think that he is choosing his action, in fact he is only unfolding according to his likes and dislikes. People going to a restaurant and ordering for different items may give the impression that they are choosing. In fact, each one is only acting according to his taste and liking which is NOT CHOOSING. Likes and dislikes are fixed whereas choice is dynamic. One may unwillingly donate for a welfare cause all because he is worried about his image, thus his donation was a forced giving, NOT A CHOICE. What people do is only an expression of what they really are. What one is doesn’t depend on him. What is in the tank only will come through the tap. What is in one’s sanskar only will come out as his actions/reactions. Hence whatever one does is unfolding of his likes and dislikes which is, in effect, like ROLLING DOWN, hence choice is not a right word to describe our actions. Our actions are best described by the word nimith or “instrumental consciousness,” says Gulzar Dadi (World and Wisdom of Gulzar, p. 74). Because it is under various factors and forces that each person acts. This word nimith is a combination of ni (down, back) and mitha/mith (moderate/measure, from the root ma, to measure) [as in nirog which means “free from disease”]. Hence when you say “I am nimith” it means your part in any happening is too small to measure as you are flowing with many factors and forces (seen & unseen, discernible & indiscernible). When you say “I had my lunch” it may look too simple. But, to make it possible, how many people should work directly and indirectly—including the invisible labor force of micro organisms working beneath the mud in the farmlands?

      In view of the above, one would easily understand the import of what Baba says “even the fly that passes your face will repeat it in the next Kalpa.” This is just another way of saying everything (micro and macro) repeats, and this statement often comes with other statements such as: “BKs are those who do not engage in vices. If a BK commits any vice, he/she will lose his/her status and will also receive 100 times punishment…..etc.” Thus in essence what He says is that Drama is a play of both freedom and destiny. All those who are acting do not feel they are acting in a fixed way but feel that they are choosing, yet in fact they are only unfolding according to their sanskar. There is no choice in unfolding, it is fixed. Hence actions are fixed, and results are inseparable from action, hence they too are fixed.. Fixed by whom? By each individual. For example, Baba says: “You could even go higher than Mama and Baba, but the conscience says that no one can go higher than Mama and Baba.” (Murli October 09, 2017) In other words, in Drama everything repeats because of the fixed thinking of individuals. In some cases it is very obvious. For example, habitual late comers have a fixed thinking; and habitual time-keepers too have a fixed thinking; hence both groups repeat their habit.

      When BK gyan was introduced to us we readily and delightfully accepted it, and superficially it seemed it was our choice. Yet truth is that we accepted because it matched with our sanskar. When I went through the 7-day course of Brahmakumaris, I felt an overwhelming leaning towards it from my subconscious mind to accept it readily as though I have lived through the first perfect half of the Kalpa. In other words, it was like I was re-awakened to BK gyan just like I am awakened from sleep by the sound of an alarm clock which is not a choice in its real sense. Those who reject BK gyan too do the same in every Kalpa. They are like those who have never visited foreign countries; and to them names of foreign countries are just names with no memories attached. But name Switzerland comes with many fond memories to a person who has already visited that country. Those who accept truth will do so in every Kalpa and those who reject it will do so in every Kalpa. Everyone knows there is love, and there is real love too; there is seeing, and there is real seeing too….etc. Similarly, those who see will always see [what physical eyes can see], and those who really see will always really see [what non-physical eyes can see]. Physical eyes see seed-tree-seed mechanism whereas non-physical eyes see an eternal cycle behind them. Physical eyes see the end of Kaliyuga and non-physical eyes can see beginning of the next cycle too.

      Thus two types of people are repeating two different sanskars. Spiritual person and physical person may always repeat acting in a fixed way. For example, when a spiritual person sees a purse falling on to the road from another person, he simply returns it to its owner and feels happy about that very act and WOULD NOT WANT ANY PUBLICITY to it. On the contrary, when a physical person sees a purse falling on to the road from another person, he simply takes it to himself and feels happy about the things he can buy with the money in that purse and WOULD NOT WANT ANY PUBLICITY to his taking the purse. These two types of people would always repeat their style of functioning. This is true in large scales also. In the first half of the Kalpa, inhabitants only enjoy the fruits of their actions performed in the Confluence Age. In second half more souls descend and divisiveness starts—and it is unstoppable. If anyone tries to introduce the features of first half of the Kalpa (such as one Government for all, one religion for all, one economical system for all, one language for all …etc), he will simply be resisted by all, and he will understand how impossible such change is, even though everyone knows it is highly beneficial. What an irony it is! Yet it is a fact! It means highlights of first half of the Kalpa and highlights of second half of the Kalpa simply repeat identically. It is an endless cycle of elevation and entropy! The only thing individual can do is acceptance or Amor Fati (love and accept everything that happens)—a beautiful concept the ancient Romans understood. In acceptance, there is peace, which brings other virtues such as love, joy…etc.

      Thus, in overall view, there is contentment. It is like one praising rain in overall view: “What a wonderful arrangement the rain is! It pours on all places.. It starts from ocean and travels through air as cloud and falls as drops and flows back to ocean. In the process, it cleanses the land and nourishes the living beings.” See what happens when he has limited view about rain: “What wastage! It pours water on rock, mountain, deserted areas …. etc.” Similarly, in limited view one may not fully appreciate the repetitive aspect of Drama saying “What a boring it would be!” Some would even ask: ‘If everything is fixed, why should I try or do seva?’ Such question has no meaning in their personal life because if someone is a skilled cook/dancer/driver/singer …etc, he/she would not ask “why should I be careful while cooking/dancing/driving/singing …etc?”

      The more attentive to one’s talent, skill, and work, the more enjoyable life would be no matter how repetitive the action is. As John Milton rightly wrote (in Paradise Lost): ‘The mind in its own place and in itself, can make Heaven of Hell, a Hell of Heaven.’ You can find this true by a simple experiment. Imagine you are a grandfather. You kept a ladu [Indian Sweet] on dining table and went to washroom, and when you returned to eat it, it was missing. Now you begin to think who the possible culprit could be. You feel anger, when you think your maid as the culprit. You feel no anger when think of your wife. You feel happy when you think of your daughter. And you feel double happiness when you think your grand-daughter ate it. See how negative emotion of anger changed into double happiness according to the change in thought! A person who interacted with over 12000 persons during their wait for death, in the dusk of their lives, gives the highlight of what they all said: “One should try to find joy in the small things, for that is what would bring a blot of happiness. One should learn to accept the situation and choose what you deeply feel will be of value to you.” (Vibes: Incessant Journey of thoughts, by Mizuma Lenin)

      It’s all in our mind. If one feels “repetition is boring,” then it is boring; and if another feels “repetition is not boring,” then it is not boring. People who have overall view have no problem with the teaching that ‘everything (micro and macro) repeats’ because they know that happiness does not depend on whether something is repetitive or non-repetitive. Happiness depends on doing what we enjoy doing or on liking what we do, fully concentrating on the now, regardless of whether it is small thing or big thing, repetitive or non-repetitive. There are many things we do daily, on repetitive mode, such as brushing the teeth, bathing, eating … yet we don’t feel they are boring to us. Such routine things become even more enjoyable when we do them consciously. Apply this principle to everything we do; and you will find every moment become moment of joyfulness. Shrewd ones would also safeguard his happiness by keeping only positive and inspiring friends. And this is all the more necessary now as we are very close to the Golden Age.


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    Message 13: Predestined free will. 

    If free will exists, “you” are doomed by making choices that “you” don’t fully understand. All we have is the conditioning of society and religions to go by. We cannot be free. The paradox is: We cannot be ever free with free will. It is like a blindfolded individual walking by a precipice.
    Society and religions will teach us to stop and sit, to be “safe” so we don’t live Life, rather than allow us to discover the veil over our eyes. How could they, if they are not aware the veil exists?

    If there is predestination, “you” do not exist as something separate from Life. That “I” is merely a recurrent and omnipresent illusion.

    But, whether you take the veil off or remain blindfolded, it does not matter at all. What matters is to enjoy the unique experience, for it will change. Every experience in Life is important, for it is unique. If you sit, enjoy sitting. If you want to walk, then walk. If you think that you shouldn’t walk because you will make “mistakes,” then you will not live. You will repress and reject.
    No one can live being “right” when the duality of “wrong” is part of it. “Right and Wrong” come together in the same package.

    We experience free will despite predestination.
    That is because in Life, both are the same exact thing; but for our educated minds; one is opposite of the other.
    Embrace both concepts or better yet, forget about them.


    • Dinesh C 2:20 PM on April 11, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Hi Ahnanda, thank you for writing this message. Some of my current experiences are in connection with this message of yours.
      We choose to Do something and later “I wish” OR “it could have been like…” OR “the religious conditioning” make us think that may what I did was not right.
      I would like to share a small recent example of today:
      I decided to meet a friend of mine at around 6:00 PM and was a little tired, and later while standing in queue to buy something, I decided not to meet him and return back home. Now until I come home i.e. until 7:30 PM, the mind was giving me thoughts like “My friend must have felt bad for my cancelation of meeting” and the main thing “I had to lie to cancel our meet”. Two religious conditioning
      1. Don’t do something to make others feel bad for your selfishness
      2. Don’t lie
      Were actually stopping me to enjoy while I reach home. Because that scene in drama already happened, that too in past. Well there are some more examples like these, but observing our own drama of life is very interesting. Thanks Ahnanda 🙂


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    Message 7: Predestination and the Cycle of Time. 

    For some consciousness, we are all ONE.
    Who is predestined then?
    That ONE changes through its full range. That is known as the “cycle of time.” If there wouldn’t be any change, then there wouldn’t be any movement. Without movement, there is no Life.

    Because there is Life in that ONE, then it changes.
    Who is predestined then?
    When that ONE is divided in many. Then “I” appears. Then “I” will be sleeping in the belief that there is free will or predestination for “I” cannot see the ONE.
    It is all appearances, illusions when we look at things from the “unlimited” from the ONE.  Is god the ONE?  I am not referring to that one. I am referring to Everyone.

     Predestination is for the many. “God” is predestined. “We” are predestined. Although, our consciousness says that we have “free will.” Believe in whatever you want. Even in the “I.”

    What is the value of knowing about predestination?
    Little. Unless we are ready to OBSERVE, for then we will not be caught up with definitions, concepts and thought.
    Most don’t want to OBSERVE. Most want to believe in the “truth.”
    Do you want to hurt the “I”? That is predestination.
    Do you want to pamper the “I”? That is free will.

    Oh, truth seekers! Where is the truth that you shall find?

    Find the “reality” of the “I.”

    • Dinesh C 12:33 PM on February 28, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Hi Ahnanda, the question at the end is really wonderful but “I don’t know, how to find the reality of this “I”. I mean my current understanding is that, I want to find the meaning of this “I”, I mean if I desire about something, unless and until I don’t fulfill that desire “I” don’t feel the substantial meaning of my “I”. sometimes I feel it’s ok the way life is you know, just carry on with acceptance, but then again the external pressure, no no no, how can you be so relaxed about life, we have struggled so much in life, life is not meant to be relaxed, the “Others” also contribute for creating that desire of “Meaning of the “I”. But I personally don’t feel there is any useful meaning of this “I” through fulfilent of desires. 🙂 Thanks for writing this message Ahnanda 🙂 Om shanti.


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    The search for “truth” in BK Gyan 

    Many followers of Brahma Kumaris are looking for “truth,” that is what “knowledge” (gyan) brings to them.
    The process of de-condition from mainstream Scientific based knowledge into Brahma Kumaris knowledge is an interesting phase, which is typically unobserved by followers.

    The key element is to observe how our “truth” could change from one side to the other, nevertheless; “truth” is never found. It remains as a belief.

    Is linear time factual? Is cyclical time what really exists? Is predestination the “truth” or perhaps it is “free will”? Does God exist?
    If I am a soul, how is it that I feel to be a body?

    Debates and “proofs” of the above or supportive authoritative statements, are part of the “search.”
    However, in Life and self-transformation, none of that stuff is worth a banana peel.

    The mind looks for “truth” and “truth” is not a paragraph to be recited or some sort of statement.
    In Life, there is no “right or wrong.” In Life, there is no “getting ahead.” In Life, there is no rush to get somewhere. In Life, there is no destination to reach. However, for the mind all of those things are important.

    Because the mind is momentarily satisfied with some argument, we believe that we found “truth.”
    We did not.

    Truth is in BEING. BEING happy does not depend on some action or method to follow. BEING fulfilled in Life, is not dependent on some philosophy or scientific idea.

    Life presents itself as a process. There is no completion.
    To reach the “Golden age” may be the  BK “aim and objective” for an ambitious mind;  but you can only BE in the Golden age, if you were there before, in the past. Do we see that?  If you were there, Life will make it happen again.
    What is the effort then? The “effort” is for those who weren’t there, but no matter what effort is done by them, they will not go there.
    Our path has already been walked many times. We don’t remember it.
    “You” cannot be in the Golden age. “You” will not remember. “You” will not be “you.” Do we see that? 
    But yet, we indulge ourselves in making plans about the future in the afterlife.
    That is daydreaming. Though, it is a good way to distract the mind from the reality of the “now.”

    The rush to get into the “Golden age” (“now or never”) is only a tool for motivation. However, it is used many times to inflict guilt and shame in followers. Fear of “failure” of not getting there, is making their “now” into a miserable experience.

    Everyday in Life, there is a lesson on the art of appreciation.
    We are continuously changing. That appreciation “now” is a powerful ingredient to bring happiness, contentment “now.” Appreciation is not an ideal or philosophy.

    Nevertheless, we allow the mind to bring doubts and learned conditionings from scientific research or BK gyan or some other philosophy, so enjoyment of the present moment is gone.

    It is that lack of fulfillment of BEING the one that will drive us to search for “answers,” although the questions that we come up with, are completely conditioned. We believe that Life, the Universe work according to our understanding.
    That is “proof” of our tremendous ego.

    What would happen if Life is found in other planets?
    That means the automatic destruction of all religious beliefs, and scientific understanding of Life.
    That is how feeble the ideals/beliefs of the mind are. It is easier to say : “There is no other Life form but only us in the Universe” although, we do not know.

    However, for the one BEING in fulfillment, whether Life is found in other planets or not, is of no consequence.
    BEING is beyond any ideas of the mind, here is where “true” spirituality resides, away from the beliefs of the mind.

    For the common good.

    • Christopher Joseph 9:49 AM on December 27, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      Sweet Ahnanda,I truly understand and appreciate your point of view.What does it mean when you mentioned about one BEING in fulfilment 🤔Does this being knows how it came into existence?has it undergone an EXPERIENCE🤔and are there such kind of beings living on this planet and have you experienced the feeling of a fulfilment 🤔and “Is it possible to achieve total fulfilment without knowing how this fulfilled being came into existence 😊


    • avyakt7- New Generation 10:24 AM on December 27, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      Fulfillment is not an achievement. It is not something that “I have to do to get it.” Fulfillment comes. I could say it comes to “you” but then you could ask, how it comes to me? what can i do to make it quicker? How do I know if that is fulfillment? Do you know any other BEINGS in fulfillment? What is the experience like to be fulfilled? I can go on…. I think you get my point.
      It will come when it has to. In the meantime, enjoy your experience as it is. 🙂


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    Question on responsibility of sorrow of others. 

    “How much are we responsible for the sorrow of souls in connection with us? BKs believe that “we are not responsible for the unhappiness and sorrow of other people, it’s just their creation”. At the same time, others are also not responsible for our sorrow and unhappiness!! Can you PLEASE take this subject for one article in upcoming week.
    My second question is a small and direct question, the path of BKism has no way to experience “No-Mind” and “No-I”?? Ego can’t be dissolved with Shivbaba?”

    Thank you for your questions.
    The word “responsible” is a word that we have learned in the “Office world.” We are responsible for educating our children, we are responsible for our actions in society, etc. But at the same time, we know about PREDESTINATION.
    Then, who is responsible?

    The “office world” does not know about PREDESTINATION. They just know about “free-will” thus, to be “responsible” exists there. It is interesting that BK borrows many words from the “Office world” which truly does not apply to PREDESTINATION. They may do it for the sake of understanding, which many times turns into misunderstanding. Something like: ” You have free will to DO something, but once it is DONE, it is the DRAMA… and that will repeat…”  

    My direct answer is: Does it matter? You feel sorrow. Look at it. Acknowledge it. Embrace it. Learn from it. Do you feel that we are all ONE? Then what you DO to others, you DO it to yourself.
    Perhaps, you do not feel that we are ONE. Then, try to take advantage of others. Learn from that experience. Your Life will be a lesson.
    So, you are not AWARE enough to learn from your own Life… then “knowledge” comes to the rescue. Let me teach you about KARMA. You will be afraid of it. Your DOING will be restricted to your thought of DOING things “right” according to your understanding or the understanding of others. Acting this way appears to BE safe, although you ARE not the image of WISDOM but the image of cheap imitation as your ACTIONS (DOING) are carefully thought out. You are condemned to live in your head, with your ego telling you what to DO according to the understanding of the conditioning that you have received.

    “Responsible”…. Let me smile at that word… 🙂 Responsible brings irresponsible.

    Now on your second question. Observe how you have distorted what I said in the previous article. I wrote “No-mind” does not exist in the BK vocabulary.” And then you add “experience” and bring “ShivBaba” into the picture.
    So you want me to tell you if ego cannot be dissolved throuhg ShivBaba?
    Then I ask you: How do we know that what we experience is ShivBaba? Then, we go back to the repeated example in my last article.
    “I am a soul.” “ShivBaba is my father.”  Repeat the mantra until it sinks in the mind. No experience.

    Now, do you see why I repeat the same examples?
    If I say: “I have not experienced that my ego gets reduced through yoga with ShivBaba” then others will say, that they have experienced that. Who is who to say when ego gets reduced when we are not aware when ego increases?
    Direct answers such as “Yes” or No” are so deceiving, when you have not experienced something and you just want an answer for the sake of being “RIGHT.”

    Spiritually is not about BEING “right or wrong.” So what is all about?
    That… “You” will need to find out yourself.

    For the common good.

    • Dinesh Chawla 1:54 AM on December 14, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      Thank you so much Ahnanda for responding to these questions. I somehow realize that if “Enligtment” or “Self realization” is for individual and no one else can give me, then there no meaning in asking so many questions and reading so many books! So I won’t be asking too many questions henceforth, I recall you writing in one article that “if there is a beatiful sun rise or sun set scene, rather than enjoying it, we ask questions on sun!”, in the same way rather than asking questions on words, I should enjoy reading and reflecting on those words! 🙂
      Another thing I wanted to say here is that I value BKs for one main thing and that is the realization of “I am not the mind”, becuase it happened only becuase of the belief given by the BK that Mind is the part of the soul, I am the soul, so I am the mind itself 🙂 Thanks Om shanti 🙂


      • avyakt7- New Generation 7:45 AM on December 14, 2017 Permalink | Reply

        Dinesh: Enjoy your Life as it is, as the experience arrives without thoughts of comparing with others or hopes of
        making this experience “better in the future.”
        Enjoy the now as it is. Likewise, let others enjoy their version of happiness, for whatever that may be. If you take something out of these hundreds of writings, let this 5 or 6 lines be the main point. Thanks for BEING there.


        • Dinesh 8:32 AM on December 17, 2017 Permalink | Reply

          Yes Ahnanda…thank you so much bro…☺


  • avyakt7- New Generation 10:04 AM on October 24, 2017 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , , , devil, , , , , illusion, lucifer, , predestination, satan   

    The world of Maya 

    As humans have different consciousness and ranges of experiences, there cannot be an item that could be labeled as the “truth,” for that depends on our predestined perception.
    This is very important to understand at least at the intellectual level.

    Observe that many times you may be well and smiling and then, some thought will appear, some sensation will invade you and will change that “sunny day,” into thunderstorms.
    The mind will believe the contrast and identify with the experience. While we walk around with a rainy cloud, everyone else around us seems to be living a sunshine.

    Nevertheless, we fail to realize that sunshine or a cloudy day are fleeting experiences, complementary of each other and we rather live the perception, that this is “Me.”

    Maya is “Illusion.” The Brahma Kumaris uses this word to signify anything that is not what Brahma Kumaris perceives as “what should be.”

    Did you wake up late for Amrit Vela? It wasn’t you. It was Maya making it happen.
    Didn’t you follow a particular “code of conduct”? You are full of Maya.
    “The world is an illusion” it is said, and what is “real” is what the Brahma Kumaris says it is.
    Thus, the “Godly side” is created to contrast the “Maya side.”

    While Christianity uses Satan, Lucifer as the nemesis of God; Brahma Kumaris uses “Maya.”

    The contrast is necessary to “shape up” followers into a particular side. Nevertheless, that seemingly opposition does not exist. Yes… we may say it is an “illusion.”

    God is complementary of Satan or Maya. One cannot live without the other.

    We are living in perceptions according to our consciousness. We could say “reality” itself is an illusion and every “Illusion” is a reality.

    Truly “Maya” is a tool for teaching purposes.
    In a “eternally predestined Drama,” as every Brahma Kumaris follower “knows,” what could be an “illusion”?

    Waking up from “illusions,” is like waking up from a dream. We just go into a different “reality.”
    But while the dream was on, that was “real.”

    Therefore, do we want to find out what is the “real” reality, the “truth”?
    If your answer is “yes,” you have not understood this writing.
    If your answer is “no,” there is no understanding of the above.
    If you don’t answer, you may have understood… but perhaps, you may need for the question to be repeated again… Only you know.
    The question does not matter a bit.
    It all comes down to the experience.
    As you perceive your experience, so it will be your “reality.”

    There is no need to change your perception for a “good one.” There is no need to make the effort to change your sensation of depression into a fake smile.
    Just observe how fleeting your sensations are. Observe how easily we identify with a particular state of being.
    Equanimity is in that observation. There is no “Maya” there nor “reality.” That is “limbo.”

    Christians invented limbo when they realized that “reality” cannot be “black or white” only.
    The Brahma Kumaris’ murli will pinpoint to some “exceptions” of the typical “black and white” world; nevertheless; usually ignored by followers.

    When a religion is dealing with masses of people, who has the time to dwell into every possible exception?
    Thus, a “black and white” world will fit the bill. Although that is an “illusion,” (Maya) it could be made “real.”

    For the common good.

    • joyshimmers 11:29 AM on October 24, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      AMAZING!! ✨❤️🙏

      Liked by 2 people

    • Gayathri 4:59 AM on November 6, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      Dear divine family,
      Om shanti.

      Recently some one asked me about how to develop a clear consciousness, whether we need to practise something to get it; and the process of self transformation – whether it happens first in the consciousness, mind, in the intellect, or in the actions…

      In this eternal journey of the soul, there are periods when the soul experiences a clean and clear consciousness; and there are periods when it experiences an impure/ dirty consciousness, in other words, a consciousness tainted by ‘vices’. It is tough to say in a cyclic time whether it was the egg or the chicken that came first… but we all know that the chicken can lay eggs and and that the eggs can become chicks. 🙂

      In the same way, in this eternal drama, in the eternal journey, the soul experiences both the shades of pure and impure consciousness, and this can not be avoided. So, let us accept our consciousness as it is at any given moment and not inflict any ‘punishment’ on us simply because we find our consciousness to be not so pure or not the way we want it to be.

      Can we grow ten years older in ONE day? Why not? Why can’t we achieve that feat through intense effort? Can we bring in Satyug today through intense Yoga? In the same way, the eternal and predestined drama takes its own course and everything happens only at the destined time.

      There is no practice needed for changing the consciousness; it will change only when it has to. For ex: most of us would have come across people who will not budge to any loving suggestion, external pressure, explanations, threats, etc for a long time but on one fine morning they change their attitude suddenly through some realisation. Our efforts in the past also might have contributed to that, but unless and until there is some kind of realisation (through some pleasant, or unpleasant experience), the transformation does not take place.

      We meet people who may be very religious and devotional, but in their day to day life they might behave ruthlessly, arrogantly, and selfishly. Why is it that their regular spiritual and religious practices did not change their consciousness?

      It is because, the teachings had only touched their intellects but not their hearts. When the heart receives the message, that is, when they do not merely understand something intellectually but also start feeling it, does the consciousness change.

      Can performing good actions change our consciousness?
      Many people do charity in a big way, but when we notice the reason for their charity, it could be for things like –

      By doing some charitable work, people would respect me, praise me.
      By doing charity, God blesses me, hope He would remember what all I have done. 🙂
      Some people even narrate to God what all good things they have done so as to make sure that He had heard it and would pay back multi-fold.
      Some narrate about their charity to all their friends in great detail, but to conceal their ego, at the end they say that they are just doing Godly service and it is He who is getting the service done through them. :-).
      Some do charity because they believe in the Karma theory and feel very satisfied whenever they do some service as they feel that they would certainly reap the fruits of their service.

      For them, doing service is a sure way of accumulating for their future hence they would not hesitate to ‘invest’ their energies, time, and money for receiving more and more. They somewhat follow the ‘barter system’.

      Some do service for getting a high status in the future births.
      Some do service so as to enable themselves to get some position, recognition, and power in the present life.

      If any of the above mentioned motives are the basis for ‘performing good actions’ (doing service), no matter how many years one may lead a spiritual life, their consciousness would not change. This answers the question whether our consciousness can change by performing good actions.

      The very first pure soul, Sri Krishna also would go through changes in his consciousness and would be the first one to fall into vices. This process can not be stopped by making effort. Again it will take him 63 births to come out completely clean; the transformation can not be ‘fast forwarded’.

      So, let us first accept ourselves as we are, have love and regard for the self, accept the fact that inevitably we have to pass through all these experiences. Forcing the self to ‘become pure’, getting depressed for not seeing any progress in the self, feeling guilty, etc , will not help us in any way.

      Let us just be honest with ourselves, honest with God, and take every day as it comes.

      Will take up a few other points later on.

      best wishes and regards,
      Gayathri ben.

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