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    Repressing sexuality is not celibacy but violence 

    The most read articles in this blog, are the ones dealing with sexuality and then the BK (Brahma Kumaris) “knowledge” or “gyan.”
    It is no wonder; for the great majority of Brahma Kumaris adherents are repressing sex in order to comply with the ideal of celibacy. That repression paradoxically, creates inner fascination with sexuality.

    Human sexuality has many shades. However, most only know one side of it. As a human being frees himself from emotional traumatic experiences and ingrained false beliefs (which at one time may have been useful,) that person will experience a new dimension of human sexuality.

    In my experience, sex is a source of regeneration, tenderness, sensuality and great bliss which can be “practiced” with yourself (recommended to explore your emotional/physical and mental being) or with a partner. The outcome is a happier individual. The emotional “work” needs to be done to clear the “nadis” or subtle channels which are clogged up as a consequence of the experience of living in repressed, violent societies throughout many lives.

    “Regular sex” in a “normal” man will bring explosive pleasure and waste of vitality. Subconsciously, a man will feel in conflict for he may want to experience sexuality several times, but the feeling of depletion will be there as well. Unconsciously, a man may feel resentment towards his female partner.

    As a consequence, the typical display of violence of man towards women will be experienced. Men speaking/ feeling no respect towards women. The “macho” image sells and pornography is the outcome of that. A woman is viewed as an insatiable “thing” which in turn has been repressed of her sensuality and taught that a woman enjoying sex is a “bad” woman.
    All of that is ingrained in our subconscious as traumatic experiences a.k.a: “sin.”

    There are lots of aspects to realize which I cannot cover in this article. However, the bottom line is that the great majority of men are “handicapped,” as their emotional baggage will not allow them to enjoy and take benefit of human sexuality. In turn, great majority of women have been brainwashed in denial of what is their right of enjoyment. Fear is the greatest tool used to condition a person.

    Celibacy in Brahma Kumaris is simple repression for those who otherwise, could engage in “normal” sexuality. Nevertheless, it works as “protection” for those who may have compulsiveness or other mental/emotional issue which uses sex as an outlet. Also, for those who cannot connect their feelings (heart) to their sexuality; lacking care and tenderness while engaged in sex with themselves or a partner. For those individuals, sex is a potential source of problem which is being stopped through the BK practice of celibacy.  It is important to realize that sex without feelings is unfulfilling.

    If “God says that lust is the greatest enemy,” why look at sex as the culprit?
    Lust is not sex. Lust is the emotional make up of a repressed individual who is incapable of relating with a person who he is attracted to; in a loving, tender way. In short, his ability to feel has been hindered through emotional traumas. That is what needs to heal.
    Lust is violence, because “we” ARE violence and therefore, our activities will be violent. Sex being an activity.

    Repressed sex is a violent celibacy. Since violence is within us even though we repress sex, we ARE still violent. That is what needs to be understood.

    As a BK, I enjoyed great protection through the practice of celibacy, for I accumulated energy which otherwise; would have been wasted aimlessly. Although, I paid the consequence of my repression through prostate inflammation towards the end of my BK “career.” Once healing occurred, the “practice” of repressed “celibacy” was no longer necessary.

    As a small note to portray Life’s “sense of humor”: I recall that in one BK public service that I was involved with while living in the USA, I met a woman who I did not know was a fortune teller. She looked at my hands and said: “You will be a friend of sex.” Then, I laughed and told her that that could not be, for I “practice” celibacy. She did not say anything else.

    She was “right on the money.”
    My “enemy” became my friend. The complete experience. Duality.

  • avyakt7- New Generation 8:07 AM on December 20, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    The danger of extremes 

    Balance, harmony, vitality. Those labels are more than words, indescribable states of being.
    There are no formulas, not methods to “get there,” for no one but yourself could find that state.

    Harmony, vitality and balance are never found in extremes.
    If there is a suggestion that I’d like to convey to BK brothers and sisters out of my experience in the Brahma Kumaris movement; is the above.

    Brahma Kumaris is an ascetic path meant to reform an individual. Every individual has different needs, different timing. Once the timing is over, “zeal and enthusiasm” will be lacking. At that point, many will DO things to continue on, to force things. The rationale goes something like this: It is the “right thing to DO,” “I should be doing this,” “I am an example,” “what the senior/God may think about me?” etc.
    The outcome is the feeling of duty. It is a burden that many are willing to live with as “martyrs” for the rest of their lives.
    That is when we reach the extreme. However, the conditioning of the mind and all the learned fears imbibed through continuous hammering of beliefs, could be very resilient.

    Life “now” is no longer an enjoyable experience, but a thing to fear for we have to be careful not to miss our “opportunity” to be someone in the  future,  the “Golden age.”
    The belief is that we know exactly what to DO but, that DOING does not change BEING in the most minimum.
    For when there is fear to Life there cannot be love. Love changes, transforms. Fear stagnates.

    That is how a BK brother or sister could be proud to be X number of “years in gyan,” but that doesn’t tell the full story.
    There may be fear underneath which is covered up so we can look “good” now and to convince ourselves that this will take us to a happy “Golden age” in the future, with a “good status,” a veeman and a Life of artistic endeavors in debonair style.
    Make your life miserable now. Suck it up in the name of God. Repress yourself but label it as being virtuous. Tomorrow, “you” will be a happy camper!

    That is a self-inflicted lie.

    Reformation ends when we discover inner honesty.
    That is what we have lost by living under the conditioning of a society. 
    Rather than observing that from a different perspective, the one offered by Brahma Kumaris; and use that time to heal our traumas; we use the time to become self-righteous by being oblivious of our own feelings and observations and many times become obsessed with an ideal, which we will always fall short on reaching. It is the pie in the sky syndrome.

     The extreme has been reached and we are not aware of it.

    This is how many followers have lost their own lives. It is not because of the BK path, for their mission is to entice the follower to follow until the “end,” as otherwise it will not take the effect of a reforming path.

    There is no glory in reaching the extreme, but to experience it can only take someone sooner or later, into the other extreme. Paradoxically, the extreme that is avoided, will be embraced. That may be the Life teaching; therefore, there is nothing wrong with reaching the extreme, it is neither good nor bad; just “is.” Don’t worry. Whether you get there or not, you will be alright…   Enjoy the game. Be aware of it.  🙂

     For the common good.

    Happy Holidays! Until January 3rd! 🙂

    • Dinesh 4:31 AM on December 30, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      Hi Ahnanda,

      Both of your articles “The danger of extremes” and “Inner dishonesty behind spiritual path” were real great. I will definitely share my experience of reaching on an extreme in BK path when I had left them for 4 to 5 months. But not now, later, as I have some experience and a question to ask.
      I was just pondering over your articles and reflecting on them and a thing came to my mind that there has be a state for a person who is on some or the other kind of spiritual path where he/she becomes free from all sorts of questions. I am not on that stage as I am still asking so many questions, it may come, who knows 

      But that is not my question. My question is again regarding the practice of “Awareness” or “Being Awareness”. As I have been practicing it without doing Rajyoga from past 10 to 11 days and as you said in your article that “Observation is the core”. What I observed or rather experienced was “The mind” is still most of the times taking me into future. I am talking about my own personal case of being more in future because some people who choose this practice of “Awareness” can come across an experience where “The mind” takes them more in past.

      When I say my mind takes me in future, it goes like this; I am interested into dance a lot and go to dance class twice a week. When I listen to music, I end up visualising myself doing many many steps in my mind. But apart from that, my mind sometimes gives me visualisations as if I have become a great dancer of the word. Like me dancing in front of large crowd like a big concert or something, and it happens in awake state, not in dreams of my sleeping state. This was just one example, likewise, a person practising spirituality (this happens with me as well), the mind gives visualisations either in awake state or in sleeping state that you have become a great spiritual leader of the word, a great Buddha.

      What I personally fell is that, this should not happen. Please comment and throw some light on it.


    • avyakt7- New Generation 11:05 AM on January 4, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      Hello Dinesh,
      Thank you for your question. “This should not happen,” is the path of denial. What you experience is what is happening in you, that has value.
      If you are able to catch this in the moment that is happening, it will not happen. That is all. The mind does not live in the “now.” To catch that, may be called as to live in “no-mind.”

      Best to you. 🙂


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    The price of being labeled as “pukka” 

    “Pukka” is a word used in Brahma Kumaris to label those who behave in a “firm, permanent or unshakable,” way. Those who are there to stay until death separates them from the religion.

    It has been my observation and my own experience that an obsessive mind could transform sheer self-denial into a ticket to what is believed to be “Baba’s lap.”

    Here is my own experience. I have written quite a bit about celibacy when I was Avyakt7. I thought I have conquered “sex lust.” I had “tests” of women wanting to be closer to me, and I was “unshakable.” That was a source of pride, of ego. I paid for it. Few know that my last couple of years as a BK, I had developed prostatitis.
    Sure, I was celibate and the only way that my “normal” bodily functions of an otherwise healthy young male could have a “release,” was to have a wet dream every 4 to 6 months.
    I felt guilty. I felt a failure. I asked for forgiveness. We cannot “conquer” what we reject.

    Truly, I was repressing my own sexuality and labeling that as “conqueror of sex lust.”

    I would have continued with this repression, but in my path, in my destiny I had the help of my friend, Mathias.
    Paradoxically, sexual energy is now a very important part in my path to self-realization.

    Why do I share this?
    Because some “souls” may feel trapped, fighting their own feelings and living a life of hypocrisy.

    The practice of Celibacy is not the same for everyone, as a matter of fact, if sex is rejected, denied and repressed; there will be consequences in the human body.
    Observe how many “pukka souls,” have issues with their sexual organs or female breasts. That disease could be a way out of the physical realm.

    Nevertheless, I am not saying that this is “wrong or right.” An experience is an experience and one experience of repression will build into an experience of acceptance in the “next life.”

    As I mentioned many times already, Brahma Kumaris is a good path as long as we recognize our limits with honesty. That is part of the teaching for everyone is different, “numberwise.” Without that recognition, we will hurt ourselves.
    That is not angelic. That is not saintly. That is plain stubbornness.

    Avyakt7 New generation for BKs, perceives things differently now. Every experience in Life has a continuation in its opposite. A rejection of the opposite means the buildup of shame, guilt and a sense of failure. In the dualistic world; the opposites are meant to be together and we go from one extreme to the other of a particular experience, just to find our middle ground, our balancing act, our harmonious “middle way.”

    The journey is an individual path.

    For the common good.

    PS: I will continue sharing twice a week. Your questions/comments are welcome.

    • Anil Kumar Reddy Mendu 12:40 PM on December 1, 2016 Permalink | Reply


      Having a wet dream means repressing sex? How to confirm whether I’m repressing sex or not? My feeling is, it is a gradual process and it takes its own time to reach the stage of a true celibate. I saw few BK brothers and sisters, who were confused whether to get marry or not. While on one side there is family/societal pressure to get marry, on the other side there is doubtfulness on own self to be a celibate. Your thoughts?


      • ahnanda 6:27 PM on December 1, 2016 Permalink | Reply

        Hi Anil,
        Wet dreams are usually unconscious events with dreams or without them. Sexual energy needs to move, to transform. If you reject sex, you are repressing it. That rejection manifests in many forms. You need to catch them. You could be ironic while talking about sex, you could feel agitated when someone speaks about it, etc. That is rejection.

        You value a lot to be celibate. Why? Please share your beliefs about it.
        Sex is not just sex. It depends on who you ARE. There could be beauty in sex as well as ugliness. Likewise, there could be beauty in celibacy as well as ugliness. Celibacy through rejection of sex is not only ugly but detrimental to your health.
        Sex through rejection of celibacy is not only ugly but detrimental to your health… 🙂


        • Anil Kumar Reddy Mendu 1:41 PM on December 3, 2016 Permalink | Reply


          My beliefs about celibacy are based on my association with BK system, reading of biographies of few spiritual leaders who experimented with celibacy like Gandhi, and following avyakt7 sharings from 2012. Over a period of time, my beliefs about celibacy and sex have changed considerably from a state of rejection to accepting everything the way it is. The same is the case with vegetarianism. As you mentioned, we have to catch and transform sexual energy in the path of self-realization. The journey is a long one and unique for each of us.


    • Gayathri 7:50 PM on December 2, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      Yes brother. Many people try to copy actions of our seniors hoping that by doing so they could become like them. So, they go to the extreme, force themselves to DO things in a particular way, not realising the fact that their stage is different from that of a senior and the transformation they want to bring in can not materialise by that method.
      Understanding the drama and being honest with one self by accepting the self as it is will make life more entertaining. 🙂


      • avyakt7- New Generation 8:11 PM on December 2, 2016 Permalink | Reply

        Correct sister. Copying watermark actions of others does not bring internal benefit for what we ARE does not depend on what we DO, but the other way around. We cannot look at others but the self and be honest with it.
        Thank you!


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    Changing sanskaras 

    “In my experience, somehow I had developed deep faith in BK knowledge very soon and followed shrimat to the extent I could; I had even brought immense pressure on myself to change because I wanted to ‘change’ my sanskars.
    In no time, I had developed a lot of disinterest in this world, but I was not faking it, any number of external situations/ tests had proved (to me) that I was a totally different person from what I was the previous year.

    So, it was the teachings, and full faith in those teachings that had brought the changes in me. Knowledge and churning knowledge (which I used to do non stop while awake) had changed my sanskars.
    Doing also brings in change.”  Regards, Gayathri.

    Dear Gayathri,
    Thank you for your well-developed comment.
    What you are describing about your Life, is what I described about “yoga” yesterday, in the blog Exploring the Depth of Living.   I understand your perception, but consider this as well:

    You wanted to change your “sanskaras.” You wanted to change the “I,” to become better.
    You had developed “disinterest in the world.”
    Why did you develop “disinterest in the world”?
    Because that is what the Sakar Murlis talk about. The BK method is to develop “disinterest in the world.”
    Have you ever wondered why?
    This disinterest is sort of a rejection of what the world is. Otherwise, there wouldn’t be any need to practice “disinterest.”
    A “test” happens in Life and I am conditioned to show disinterest. That I label as a “change.”
    That is exactly what DOING does. “I” act as conditioned to do, according to what I have been taught, what I accept.

    Disinterest is not the correct label.  I used to play with toys when I was a kid. Now I don’t. The label is not disinterest. Naturally, those toys don’t appeal to me. I am not “working on” disinterest.  That does not apply to the world, because we are part of it. Do you have “disinterest” for the world now?  🙂

    What Avyakt7 NG shares, is that change is natural. Observe the way our consciousness was when we were children. It changes automatically into an adult, without striving to make any effort. You say it is the BK teachings, the mental “churning,” the cause of your change.
    However, it was the experience of coming from a different perspective  (BK) from the majority, what has made some change. Knowledge is just theory.
    For example: If you go to your relative’s house as a BK, and do not take any food from them when they invite you. Your mind has been conditioned to label their food as “impure.” Correct?
    Is that disinterest?
    The clash between relatives and you, create the “test.” In your mind you are a misunderstood victim. Your relatives do not understand what is “purity.” They are wrong. You are a right; a martyr being challenged by people who are not like you.
    Observe the situation. The awareness of how egos can clash. The BK conditioning is only concerned in  the ideals of being “right,” “pure,“ “holy,” etc. thus; most will miss that opportunity to see themselves as they truly are.
    This is an important point: We do not feel good about accepting ourselves as we are, for  we have been conditioned to think that we are sinful, degraded, impure… unlike so and so angel, deity, etc. Therefore, the goal is to become like them. Forget about who you ARE. Just become like them. Work towards the “ideal” and forget the reality of “you.”

    “Sanskaras” are changing all the time by themselves. Life brings the situation, the sand-box for change.

    There is a reason as to why the Sakar Murlis warned adherents not to leave the BK path, for whatever older sanskaras they had, they will come back even harder once they leave the BK world. Do you remember that Murli point?

    Do you see why?
    There has not been true change. It was only repression. Otherwise, if you had truly changed, then why those sanskaras should come back?
    If you practiced celibacy, and you were celibate for many years; how is it possible for the sexual urge to come back? How is it possible to like someone of the opposite gender or find them attractive, if you know through knowledge that we are all body-less souls?
    The answer is repression. That is a big unsaid word in the BK world. The environment there is carefully set up to avoid “tests.”

    That is the path of yoga. That is a good path, however. Nevertheless, it is based on willpower, so those who did not have will power, could experience many changes in immediate behavior, as long as the environment is helpful. However, true change is not depending on will power to maintain the change.

    DOING may bring change, but not the DOING of the ego.
    The DOING of the ego has an ulterior motive (paradise, golden age, god, angel, etc.) and because of that, change cannot be natural, as BapDada has mentioned many times.

    For the common good.

  • avyakt7- New Generation 4:48 PM on July 19, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    BK Sakar Murlis and Celibacy 

    There is process in everything in Life.
    Brahma Baba wasn’t a “finished product” at a certain date.
    Sakar Murlis shows that process.
    From the moment the first Sakar Murli was put into ink up to the last one; it only shows Brahma Baba’s process.

    Translations by individuals without Brahma Baba’s experience or consciousness, changes or “updates” to those Murlis for the sake of being “politically correct,” or to reflect the changes in our society; will make those words,  challenging to understand in “depth.”
    At the surface, it is easy. Either something is “good or bad.”

    That is why, the “black or white” style in those Murlis is very appealing for the beginner spiritual seeker.

    “Do nots” become important as a new seeker thinks that ACTIONS, are the important consideration in spirituality. Many individuals will stay in that consciousness for awhile.

    “Your actions will define you.” Thus, “don’t do” if you want to be safe, but if you have a list of certain actions and activities which are “beneficial” in earning you the label of “saint,” “holy man,” “Golden age Deity,” “Angel,” etc; then by all means, DO those actions.
    So easy to understand.

    As the seeker becomes aware of the dissonance between DOING an action and FEELING, then a problem in honesty will arise.

    For example, Sex has been qualified as “impure.” I may feel “good” by following those ideas as I believe they come from God; but I may be repressing my true feelings. Therefore, even though I “don’t do it,” and I may think that I am not “falling into temptation,” my inner sentiment is not consistent with my action or lack of it.

    This inner fight, may be considered the proof that “I am impure” and thus, “I need to resist.”

    If I listen to the Sakar Murlis, I will have plenty of support as to why “I need to fight my sexual drive.”

    However, repression of sexuality will differ among individuals and their ages. Brahma Baba was in his sixties when he practiced Brahmacharya. His circumstance is not the same as a young BK.

    Very little have been taught about sexuality in Brahma Kumaris. It is not a matter of just deciding not to have sex, and repress as much as possible. Believe me, it is deeper than that. The consequence of that “practice,” may affect the physical body as well as the mind of the person (depending on the personal setting.)

    Pleasure has been qualified as “impure.” Sexuality has been qualified as the “gates to hell.”

    It is thought that what is important is the ACTION over the individual.
    Do you have an addictive personality? Do you use pleasure as an escape from pain? Have you had a bad experience with sex?

    Most women have been denied to express and explore their sexuality in many societies. Some women may not experience pleasure at all in sex. The psychological conditioning from time immemorial seems unbreakable.

    On the other hand, for most men pleasure is focused on the “sword of lust.” These men have not explored their own sexuality for that is a taboo. For men it is easy to reach an orgasm but not for many females.

    Therefore, is Sex the issue? Is the ACT the impure thing? Or rather the protagonists, the individuals bringing their own shortcomings, their taboos and mental traumas?

    Yes. The “Black or White” Sakar Murli is very easy to understand.
    “Do not have sex.” “It is bad.” Why deal with the individual’s problems? Why go into their emotional and psychological issues when it is “easy” to just resist by using a “black or white” approach,  a  one size fits all approach?

    That may be a shortcoming of the “BK method” as is typically geared for the masses at this point in time; nevertheless, unless the individual realizes about their repression, about their lack of inner honesty; there will not be a chance to move into a different consciousness.

    Yes, we have those who left the practice of Celibacy because it was too much for them, or for whatever other “reason.” They thought to be  very “smart” when they quit the practice.
    Those “reasons” do not matter.
    What actually matters in my experience, is if the realization of repression exists and with that if our action or lack of it, is consistent with our feelings.
    That is all, simple but very difficult to perceive.

    Then acceptance of our being, our role in Life appears. The fight of the mind to conquer itself as a dog looking to bite its own tail, goes away. The dog is not different than its tail as sex is not different than being a human being.

    While a human being, BE one. “Pure and impure” is not BEING. It is the conditioning of the mind defining, separating, rejecting the tail from the dog.

    For the common good.

  • avyakt7- New Generation 11:55 AM on June 1, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    Vices and Virtues in BK Gyan 

    Vices and virtues:
    BK philosophy makes a very strong distinction between what is considered to be “good or bad.” It is a dualistic religion.
    Even though, it is known that the “Drama is predestined.” Even though it is known that “The Drama is beneficial.”
    That distinction creates a rejection in the BK follower for certain things. A “distaste” as the Murli points out.

    One of those rejections are known as the “vices.” The opposite to pursue are the “virtues.”
    In BK gyan, the “vices” are “bad.” “Virtues,” “good.”
    Lust, attachment, ego, greed and anger are the main vices to avoid, to have distaste of.
    Because there is no understanding of vices as traumatic experiences, there is a rejection rather than understanding.  “Conquer the vice” it is preached.

    We cannot “conquer,” what we cannot understand. We cannot understand what we reject. 

    What is the root cause of lust? A repression to enjoy pleasure at all levels. The “I” is repressed thus, that repression builds up. Lust is showing us that repression.
    What about attachment? The belief/attitude/emotion that someone or something is necessary for us to be happy.
    What about greed? Something or someone is needed to enhance our perception of the “I.” We want that, because it enhances “me.”
    Interestingly, when that greed is about “Heaven,” then the word used to describe that type of greed is “pure greed.”
    What about anger? The inability of the “I” to deal with “what is.”
    And ego?
    That is the one who feels all of those things…

    Rather than observe the “vices,” to become aware of them; there is distaste for those “traumas.”
    Then, the system builds up a “vacuum” to live “protected” from those “evils;” that is repression through rejection.

    Celibacy: That is rejection of sex, thus; not true celibacy. That is the way the system has to deal with lust.
    To deal with attachment, attach yourself to God. (thus, remain attached.)
    To deal with greed; only have greed for the divine and reject the mundane. (Have “pure” greed.)
    To deal with anger; repress it. Don’t let it out.
    What about ego? Let the hierarchy, the system of “In charge” deal with that. If you do not get toli, if you do not get a trip to Madhuban, if you do not get a golden ring from the in charge; those things will show you your ego; but you should learn to be submissive, which is known in the system as being “humble.”

    Many BKs will play rebels of the system. They could leave the system without realizing the opportunity they had to observe that ego, that “I.” Instead, these individuals will have grudges against the system, anger will surface as the ego has been hurt.Leaving the system is the opportunity to express that repression with reaction towards the BK system.

    That is why I mentioned that the whole BK system is meant to increase ego. That is their function. Those who are AWARE of it, those who look inside, will have a thankful attitude once they cross the valley of the BK system and are able to look at things from the mountain of a different experience. At that point, everything makes sense.

    For the common good.

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