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  • avyakt7- New Generation 6:20 AM on August 24, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    Lots of thoughts are not “mine.” 

    In Life there are many beings intermingling with the physical world. Most individuals are unaware of them. Their influence is made through thoughts.
    The collective consciousness has a dial, that is caught by many people. That thought becomes theirs. An individual influenced by this, will call that thought “mine.”

    Have you watched the movie “Wonder Woman” (2017)?
    In that movie, there is the villain “Ares,” the “god of war” who influences scientists so they can develop weapons for mass destruction. Scientists cannot see him. They cannot touch him but yet they could tune into his thoughts… and then call those “my thought.” This scenario may not be far from “reality.”
    “Ares” does not care to get recognition. That is a human conditioning.

    Religions such as Brahma Kumaris and others, are aware of this. There are many subtle beings. What is the response to “protect” the follower from this “reality”?
    To create a “code of conduct.” A mental frame work to DO no matter what our minds may say, no matter what “doubts” will show up. All “I” need to DO is to follow a paragraph of DO’s and Don’ts.

    Paradoxically, is that “safety net” the one that will not allow the individual to evolve and rather inflict an internal war all the time: “I want to DO this, but I know it is wrong; for my code of conduct does not allow it.”

    Individuals unaware of the mind, will not learn from this experience: they are unable to recognize and make a distinction between “my” thoughts and someone else’s.
    There is no straight forward “division” for “my thoughts” can only reflect the same old conditioning that has been inflicted from many years and many lives…

    Are we stuck then?
    No. In Brahma Kumaris there is the knowledge of the “role.”
    This “role” expresses through a gut feeling. The mind is not involved, for again, the mind is pure conditioning. This does not mean that the mind is “bad” or a villain.  The mind has an important role so we could fit into this society.

    As we learn to tune into the gut feeling, the heart, we will DO according to our role in Life, so there will not be dissonance, a sense that something is missing.
    For instance, we may follow a “code of conduct,” and think that “I am DOING the right thing.” However, our inner being will be dissatisfied, unhappy. That is how the mind forces our BEING to behave in a certain way which is deemed to be “right.”

    The beauty of all is that whether we are slaves of our minds or not, we will DO as our role dictates. Nevertheless, once we are free from the mind, there is no dissonance, no feeling of frustration, etc. Again, I wouldn’t share this with someone who has suicidal or criminal tendencies… They may need commandments, codes of conduct, etc. at that point in their experience to preserve their lives and others.

    We could see that there is no magic formula/method to solve the thinking “problem.” Every method has timing. That is all. Once we ARE beyond the method, allow for Life to show us the exit door. If we entered through a door, we may need to exit through it. That is the journey, but our minds like to label that same door as “good” and “bad.” That may be insanity through the power of labels.

    For the common good.

    • Anil Kumar 11:41 AM on August 24, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      Thanks avyakt7-NG.


    • Gayathri 6:39 AM on August 31, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      Om shanti. My last message to this blog could not go through. Now i forgot what i wrote in that message; my consciousness has changed already! 🙂 🙂

      Yes brother, you have explained about thoughts very well.

      Regarding the other ‘beings’ present around us – Baba used to mention that there are departed souls who affect/ influence the people.

      He says, “At the end, you will have to face/ withstand 4 strong forces simultaneously – your own old sanskars that rebel against you, the tamopradhan sanskars of others, the impact of departed souls who had left their bodies all of a sudden in calamities, and the 5 elements which would rage a final great war against you.

      Gayathri ben.


  • avyakt7- New Generation 9:48 AM on June 8, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    Seeing the Drama of Life from “up above.” 

    Because of our conditioning, we look at things from our perspective and we believe that our perspective is the “right” one or the “truth.”

    For example, most believe that Brahmacharya (teachings of Brahma) or celibacy is about using our will power to repress sexual energy or to come up with “yuktis” (methods) to avoid sexuality. That is not so. Brahmacharya is not about avoidance, rejection or repression. If a Brahma Kumaris follower is repressing or rejecting his own sexual energy, that individual is not “practicing” Brahmacharya.
    Now, this is a new way to look at celibacy from mainstream.

    Similarly, we could look at the Drama of Life. Every Brahma Kumaris follower “knows” that it is predestined but there is more to it, that we may need to look at.
    Let me give an example.

    BK Anthony Strano died relatively young of heart problems, while being a Brahma Kumaris follower. Let us say that he picked up a virus during his many service trips to India as a BK follower.
    Let us assume that we knew about his fate 30 years ago. Absolutely sure that this will happen to him. 
    What would you do?
    The only way that information could be meaningful to us, is if we knew Strano, if we were close to him.

    If you were his relative, wouldn’t you do anything in your power to convince Strano not to join the BK organization or to leave it or ask him not to travel to India?
    Wouldn’t you think that Strano is “wasting his life” there as he will not achieve anything tangible for his Life? For most, having 3.5 kids a pet and an “office job” means “not to waste your life,” that is tangible.

    Here we can see the conditioning behind being a relative of Strano. In our mind as relatives, we may think that we are DOING the best for him.
    What about if I come along and tell you: “That is human petty morality. That is attachment.”
    Wouldn’t you be upset? And if things did not go YOUR WAY, wouldn’t you be against the Brahma Kumaris, perhaps blaming them for Strano’s fate?
    It is expected. However, look at all the REACTIONS to something that is PREDESTINED to happen.
    The experiences Strano had in the Brahma Kumaris were necessary in his particular path.  Outsiders will judge based on their conditioning, their perceptions. Strano made his “choice,” although it was his predestined path. Strano will move on into a different experience.

    Beings of light like BRAHMA BABA, look at things from that perspective; the “unlimited perspective.” What is in the Drama is what will happen, regardless of what we believe should happen or what we want to happen though our conditioning.
    That experience in itself (good/bad) is what changes consciousness in individuals, not a belief in the practice of some morality or the conditioning of some society/religion.

    From the above example, we discover attachment to the role of certain people (my friend, my sister, my father,) but even more subtle than that, attachment to our conditioning, our believes in what is “right” or “wrong.” That is how we may feel “rightful” in judging others.

    Every Life is being lived exactly as it should. Thus, when we ACT, do we use our conditioning to enforce our actions as being “right”? Or do we ACT because that is what is inside of us to DO, without thoughts, without the mind entering into the picture to bring a conditioning? In that way, what we ARE will certainly come out, raw, unconditioned.

    When an action is done through the conditioning of society/religion/morality etc. there is truly a “someone,” the conditioned “I” DOING things. 
    Here is the catch: Whether we act based on the conditioning of society or the role of the Drama, what is happening is what is supposed to be.
    What is the difference, then?
    The difference is if there is “I” DOING which will bring consequences besides strengthening ego, as our conditioning is not necessarily in harmony with the need of the time, according to the Drama. When there is no one doing, “No-I,” “we” are agents, “instruments” rather than DOERS. When there is an “I” there must be the consequences of the law of karma, when there is no- “I” doing; Karma is not. (Akarma.) That is a detached observer.

    Through our vision of the Drama from “up above” like a being of light, we could understand our conditioning and enjoy the movie of Life.

    For the common good.

    • Gayathri 12:46 PM on June 8, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      Yes, it is a predestined drama. 🙂


  • avyakt7- New Generation 4:11 AM on May 30, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    Looking at Gyan from a different consciousness (2) 

    The soul: For 99% of BKs, the word “soul” is the replacement of the word “I.” Therefore; “I” the soul will go to “heaven,” it is thought.

    That intellectual misunderstanding for lack of awareness of the experience, brings one of the most dishonest statements:
    “I am a soul, not a body.”
    “The body is sick, but the soul is happy.” How many are faking it, saying something which actually they do not feel?
    That is dishonesty.

    The soul is empty of “I.” Empty of individuality. The predestined roles of that soul will give the “I.” The roles are like planets of the solar system. The soul is like the Sun, shining its light across all planets, giving them Life. Every planet has a different role according to how close or further away a planet is from the Sun. Every planet is an “I.”
    To say “I, the soul” is senseless. To say that one particular planet (role) is “better or more desirable” than another is not to understand that all roles are part of the experience.

    The soul is the essence, but the role played in the Drama brings individuality, once that role is gone; that “I” is gone as well. However, because the soul FEELS the role, there may be identification with a particular role (ego) which will bring a “trauma” in the next role. That is what Brahma Baba used to refer as the “rust.” That is why healing those traumas is of paramount importance to clear the “rust.”

    Because the soul is completely empty, void; it is everything but at the same time it is nothing; that is how we are all one, in that nothingness and not in that “I-ness.”
    Every role of a human soul will bring an experience, which will bring greater ego as identification occurs with the role. This is what it is known as “entropy” in BK gyan as Jagdish Chandra Hassija used that word to explain how the Drama becomes “less pure.” Nevertheless, that “entropy” is natural, it is growth; for through polarity; that soul will reach all its destined roles which are necessary as they are, perfect. Becoming “less pure” is a necessity for Life is change; that is how the Golden age cannot be “better” than any other age. Every role fits a particular age in the Drama.

    The question “who am I?” Is already setting up the answer, which needs to contain the word “I” or a replacement of that word (soul.) When we live in the mind, that question is important, but that question only divides artificially, what cannot be divided. That is why, rather than asking “who am I?” observe, that “I” without further concepts and ideologies. Become aware of it, to know.

    The soul is eternal, but so are the roles, and so is the Drama. Thus, everything is eternal, perfect. Nothing can be added or taken away by the “I” to make it “better.”
    Life is a wonderful experience once the mind knows its place: Neither boss nor servant.

    For the common good.

    • madhvisai 4:51 AM on May 30, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      Thank youuuuuuuuuuu


      • madhvisai 2:10 PM on June 7, 2016 Permalink | Reply

        How is the Drama “beneficial”? Gyan says that BABA tells us so…..but besides the fact it is eternal… How is it of benefit??


        • Dinesh Chawla 6:39 AM on January 26, 2017 Permalink | Reply

          “The body is sick, but the soul is happy.” How many are faking it, saying something which actually they do not feel?
          That is dishonesty.

          This gave me immense happiness and confirmation that leaving BKs and to decide to be on a personal journey was the RIGHT thing I did, now there is not even a single trace inside me whether I did good thing by leaving BKs or bad thing.

          I suffer from many physical diseases (bearable), I was literally faking myself at the center all the time, my body used to pain but i did seva, tried to be happy but couldn’t. Woke up for amrit wela, again tried to be happy but couldn’t.

          Such kind of dishonesty should be avoided. If you tell them your problem, they will tell u, throughout the day create a thought many times that I am completely fine and carry on.


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