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    Creating Sanskaras for the “Golden Age.” 

    When a new BK follower is born, one of the first questions this person may ask is: “Why do we have to follow all of these rules?” (Referring to waking up before 4 am, lacto vegeterian diet -avoiding onions and garlic and even radishes according to some – celibacy, avoiding physical activities supporting body consciousness, etc.)

    One of the most popular and less controversial answers is: “To create sanskaras for the Golden Age.”

    The belief: A Deity in the Golden age wakes up very early in the morning, does not eat meat or pungent vegetables like onions and garlic, does not have sexual activity and does not practice physical activities like sports. That deity however, is engaged in the arts so those activities are encouraged.

    The ‘deity profile,’ has many believers within the BK system. It is hard to imagine that every BK could fit easily into that container, thus the label “numberwise” is used to describe that difference to fit “right.”

    In my time as a BK, I practiced everything except being engaged in sports. I used to run almost every day. Even while I visited Madhuban. Running and other sports like bike riding ( a welcomed activity after long seating retreats in Peace Village; which has beautiful natural surroundings to enjoy mother Nature) and swimming gave me an outlet for the extra energy I had, even though; that could be considered “body conscious” activities.

    Nevertheless, the benefits outweighed the drawbacks in my case considering my age at that time.

    Now, with that experience I could say that “creating sanskaras” does not happen through practice of some activities or lack of.

    In my BK days writing poetry once in a while, was the extent of “arts” for me. Now, away from the BK experience, I find myself interested in playing the acoustic guitar. I enjoy the peculiar sound coming from it and the feeling of upbeat relaxation . That new “hobby” did not appear out of some practice. Was it some inspiration or perhaps some late hidden sanskara? Well, it did not appear in my BK days.

    However, whenever we want to suppress some activity that we used to enjoy for the sake of compliance to an ideal, then this could be self-inflicted violence.

    That is what we may need to be aware of.

    Sexuality does not cease to exist because we want to comply to some profile and stop “cold turkey.” Sexuality will come out some way; somehow, unless it is already a personal inclination to be away from sex whether naturally or due to some physical illness or psychological issue. A meat eater can stop eating meat because he wants to comply to a profile, but unless that comes from within, there is no hope for that “sanskara” to go away.

    That is why is very important to cater to the individual, that is; to start the journey where the individual is at, rather than massifying things by asking him to DO things which may be out of his range.

    At this point in my life, I do not practice any sports as my body has changed (Thankfully was around the beginning of the pandemic time, which affected the mobility of everyone) but I regularly do hatha yoga, isometric exercises and specially, pranayamas as their benefit is considerable at this time. As an aside, many Bks already practice pranayamas in India. This breathing exercise is specially useful for the etheric body. My diet is vegan and eat much less than my sports days. Food stays in my system longer than before. This lifestyle is not for everyone; but as Life changes, so I am changing with it naturally.

    As the BK movement has reached the masses, perhaps it could be a welcomed change to stress their teachings in values and virtues, rather than fear based end-of-the-world philosophies and clerical, monastery like rules for all. After all, those virtues and human values are the ones that will benefit humanity, “creating” good karma for the follower. That is needed so Life itself can provide the necessary natural changes in that person’s sanskara.

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    Changing “bad” into “good.” 

    In monotheistic religions, there is this emphasis on changing personal “bad” traits into “good” traits. That is what is known as “effort maker.” It takes effort, it is said.

    Every religion has their own definitions of what is “good” or “bad.” That is the artificiality of those changes. 
    Life does not work that way. In Life “good” and “bad” are nonexistent. Opposite forces are complementary of each other. Thus, that which is considered “bad” cannot exist without the “good.” 

    When we are looking at “sanskaras” or personal traits,  it is the same exact way, because we are part of Life. Have you seen someone who displays courage? That one has the opposite quality as well (cowardice) in pretty much the same extent. “Cowardice” is not “bad,” but the direct consequence of being courageous. Opposites change continuously. We cannot be “courageous” all the time.

    However, that is not what we have been taught. We have been taught to select “sanskaras” and work to achieve them at will, as if we were shopping in the supermarket. What we want to achieve is just an ideal, some mental construct that we think it “should be.”

    In Brahma Kumaris, this idea of “changing sanskaras” is not congruent with the teaching of a predestined universe (Drama) for sanskaras are predetermined according to the role in Life. As nothing in Life in static, “good” or “bad,” those sanskaras move into their apparent opposite states. This may be hard to grasp for many. Therefore, it is understandable to follow such directions as to believe that “I” can change something deeply ingrained in “my” personality at a particular time.

    Many could say “I changed some things in myself.” I may ask: How deep were those changes? Are those perhaps only superficial, as to disguise everyone around us and even ourselves? No?  Are those “changes” permanent in yourself or are those dependent on following a “protected life style” such as the one of a Brahma Kumaris follower? If you leave the religion, so do your “changes.”

    A human being is not a mechanical device where someone could change parts at will. If the spiritual neophyte is concerned in changing things around in the name of “being good,” that is laudable but naïve. However, as expressed before; that experience is necessary to learn by being aware of the process. 

    The idea of “changing sanskaras” may need to evolve into OBSERVING them, that is becoming AWARE of that who I AM. It is in the depth of AWARENESS where change resides. That change doesn’t have mental ideas of what a virtue should be. That change comes through deep introspection as to find the origin of exhibiting a particular behavior or emotion. That introspection  is not interested in moving in the opposite way to make a “change.” (i.e. To say to myself: From now on I will be courageous, when I exhibit cowardice.)

    Emotions are like a mosquito bite. They will heal naturally for the most part. It may itch, but if I make a trauma out of an experience;  a strong emotion will remain deeply ingrained and come out affecting us through different behaviors at different times in our lives. Eventually, that will need emotional healing to open up to Life again.

    Most individuals make Life into a traumatic experience, thus; their emotions are not balanced, but yet they attempt to change in themselves what they do not fully understand. No wonder the “power of yoga” becomes the panacea, in Brahma Kumaris.
    Nevertheless; that is truly an example of a placebo effect:
    It is not “bad,” but neither “good,” and if it works, then great! If it doesn’t, no big deal!

    • Lakshmipriya Nagarajan 4:23 AM on July 31, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      We call it Changing sanskars or making effort, it is definitely possible through the knowledge and the deep experiences in yoga.
      That is the journey of the soul. Either deep sufferings can set the things right or the knowledge combined with deep experiences with God.

      Our effort is nothing but being detached and loving to the one. With this, charging of the soul and changing of the sanskars automatically take place. Along with knowledge and yoga, the service takes place though mind, body and wealth so that the change in others/ atmosphere becomes inevitable.

      If this is not happening, then any methods, customs and systems are for name sake.


      • avyakt7- New Generation 10:18 AM on July 31, 2018 Permalink | Reply

        Thank you for sharing your experience. You don’t mention that it is part of the “method” to follow the Brahma Kumaris way of living; otherwise, the deep “experiences on yoga” and the understanding of “knowledge,” will be for name sake only or “numberwise.” That is the point of the article.
        Any change to be “real” is not dependent on practicing a “method.” Otherwise, the “method” only sugar coates the “reality.”

        If you leave the Brahma Kumaris and the “method,” then the change should remain. If not, the “method” doesn’t make “real” changes.


    • Lakshmipriya 9:59 PM on July 31, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Absolutely right brother. That is why it is called change in sanskars.


      • avyakt7- New Generation 9:30 AM on August 1, 2018 Permalink | Reply

        It is also called deception. However, it is a “good” deception for the spiritual aspirant to follow. That gives him something to “do.”


    • Lakshmipriya Nagarajan 12:02 AM on August 1, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      “If you leave the Brahma Kumaris and the “method,” then the change should remain. If not, the “method” doesn’t make “real” changes.”

      Yes brother, I get what you mean. I would like to put my experiences and understanding as under.
      It is the matter of how deep routed the change is. If the soul after leaving the method, is coming back to the square, that says it is like the soul has just performed Bhakthi.

      Baba says, the advance party souls such as Mama will not take the knowledge/follow the method. They will be put into the place where the works of establishment of heaven will take place. They are already living like deities. The change shall be such that.

      It is always the spirit of the method, that changes the sanskars and by not simply following the method. That is why though God is coming and teaching it takes its’ own time for the BKs to catch the spirit of the method, relinquish the bhakthi, customs and systems which are deep rooted for 63 births.

      The spirit is not to become kings and queens, it is to become soul conscious/ become true ancestors/ law makers of the life. It is to become humble Rajarishis who is the master of the self.


    • lakshmipriya 3:17 AM on August 7, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      I was churning “Nothing new” today. I could relate very well the teaching of “predestined drama” with “nothing new”.

      “Nothing new” means I do not get affected by the situations/happenings to/around me. Whatever happens, it happened already in the previous cycle too. I do not have any control over what is happening at present/at this moment. It is all happened as a net effect of my karma. But I do have a choice of choosing the right response for this situation and remain unshakable, carefree emperor. By this I can very well escape from my mind’s games of blaming, complaining, magnifying, entangling or hitting back..
      Let me be a detached observer and watch the game and make right response honestly.


      • avyakt7- New Generation 10:34 AM on August 7, 2018 Permalink | Reply

        What you convey is the “official” interpretation of “nothing new.” Consider this: If there is “nothing new.” There is “nothing old” as well. Thus, “NOW” is what is. That “NOW” is not concerned with mental ideas about “my karma.” That NOW is what exists. I can “choose” to act based on the conditioning of my mind, my ideas of what is “the right response.” Also, I can listen to my “gut feeling” and go with it. Either way, it is predestined to be that way. Either way is “good” for it is in the “Drama” to be that way.
        The mind throws its tantrum based on its conditioning. So the question may be: “How to decondition my mind?”
        “Wrong” conditioned question. OBSERVE what IS. BE AWARE of that when it is happening. Even if you allow for the game to go on, you will know that you “choose” to play a game.


    • lakshmipriya 3:23 AM on August 8, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Here, right response is the action with inner stability. For some the inner stability is after bringing the points of the knowledge as they cannot remain stable or detached as the mind poses question after questions. And for some the inner stability is natural and they can also observe the scenes of the drama externally/internally. There is no acting outside.
      For some the knowledge becomes their nature the moment they listen as the land is perfect to absorb the water. For some, it takes time.
      They fail by reacting both inside and outside or they act outside as if they observe everything. For some they bring the points of knowledge before the emotional outburst occurs.
      After all, these are all stages and every experience either substantiate the old sanskar or create new sanskar.
      That is where the knowledge and yog and which is otherwise known as Purusharth helps. You may call this as official interpretation. But this is my journey for the stage to reach “detached observer and truly loving”. Now a days I try to observe the energy transaction within. Is it that I am creating vacuum within and looking out to be filled or brimming and flowing.


      • avyakt7- New Generation 9:47 AM on August 8, 2018 Permalink | Reply

        The journey through Brahma Kumaris is the emphasis of the mind (Raja Yoga.) Thus, the key words of “understanding,” “imbibing” knowledge are used very often. That is a good path to observe ourselves. Nevertheless in “my” experience change of consciousness through change of sanskaras is not related with the ability of the mind to understand “knowledge” and to put it in “practice” or to have yoga with the Supreme Soul, aka “God,” aka Shiva.
        Different experiences, all good; all needed. Thus, we may need to honor our own experiences.


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    The illusion of Knowledge 

    The greatest deception is to believe that the mind can keep worthwhile information to become “spiritually better.”

    Every religion with a dogmatic, black or white view of Life, is infantile in their vision of Life.
    In Brahma Kumaris there is the knowledge of the mind, intellect and sanskaras. There are definitions of the activities of those 3 labels.
    What is the benefit?
    None other than a belief that we know something.
    To “know” that the intellect is the one “making decisions” is of no consequence. A “decision” will be made whether we believe in the intellect or not.

    The knowledge of an eternally predestined Drama, is of no consequence if we believe that we are “making decisions.” 
    What is the outcome of those 2 contradictions?
    Zero balance. One side cancels the other out.

    Is the knowledge of predestination in accordance to our perception?
    Of course not. For many believe that their decisions are part of their own volition. They have not considered the conditioning of the mind and all that information which actually influences a “decision.”

    Where is the knowledge then?
    It is illusory.

    The Knowledge of: “I am a soul not a body” is only true if we experience that. For all practical purposes, “soul” is merely a label for anything else that we do not experience as being the body. Observe that every individual has his own particular experience, that is the reason for the existence of so many “gods.” Every god there is, fits a particular experience which increases its influence due to the belief of the followers.

    Someone may have the experience of being something other than the body. He may not know that he is a “soul,” however; he KNOWS.

    That is the problem with second hand information. It shapes our vision in a tunnel. We rely on the words passed by others, sometimes not even the source itself. It becomes a belief for those words, those definitions, those concepts, are great for the mind, but are not our experiences.

    We use the teachings of our society: Never question what the book says. Don’t question what the authority /the scientist says… we apply that to “spirituality,” to Life and expect to “know.”

    In Life that “knowing” is futile; that is why most spiritual seekers are busy faking their behavior to look like the definition, the concept, the belief that they have subscribed to and labeled as “truth.”

    For the common good.

    • Dinesh C 1:18 PM on September 23, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      Hi Ahnanda, thanks for your view on the article about consciousness and intellect. Your articles really make us question a lot of things, not just about the knowledge of BKs but about life too! (Well, while writing this I recall you writing in one of your article that “There is no WHY in Life”. 🙂 )

      Now, I sometimes sit alone with myself, which mostly I am! I get an interesting observation that my mind has a movie about myself, which is illusion, does not exist in reality, but the efforts of our life are always to make that that illusion movie as a reality. At the same time, drama has a movie for me too, which is not known to me! And when we go through or move through the drama in the direction of that movie, it is mostly not in accordance with the movie running through our mind! (Well in my personal case, the two movies have been totally different, the one that drama has and one running in my mind).

      Okay! so now, the only thing we are stuck at is “WHY THE DRAMA IS THE WAY IT!” I know that my question is, okay don’t know “WHY” this question is (Honestly).

      Can you please comment on the capitalized sentence! Om Shanti 🙂


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    Wasteful “churning.” 

    As Brahma Kumaris is the path of the mind (Raja Yoga) there is a need to maintain the intellect occupied in “worthwhile things” so the mind does not wander to activate the otherwise, normal tendencies of a person (sanskaras.)
    Therefore, “churning” appears.
    When “churning” is done properly, a sense of satisfaction and even a moment of “happiness” in the mind will appear.
    Happiness is not of the mind; but when the mind finds something interesting or solves something challenging, that moment brings elation (happiness of the mind.)

    For instance, I could churn about the different roles in the kalpa that “I” the soul has performed. BapDada uses this type of churning: “Now a BK, then an angel and then a deity.” For most followers is about repeating the same words to “practice” “spinning the discuss of self-realization.”

    Repeating BapDada’s words does not do a thing. What matters is the “churning” (realizations) of going into the kalpa while performing different roles. All roles important and necessary. Although the “bad” roles are not typically acknowledged, someone who truly churns will observe that paradoxically, in the cycle of time there cannot be a “bad” role but it is there out of necessity, so its counterpart could appear.

    For most BKs, to “churn” means to go into senseless trivia of gyany beliefs. Some may be concerned about the date of destruction. Or trying to come up with a date as to when the copper age ended. Some go even further, as to come up with a mathematical formula to prove the cycle of time to be “right.”
    All of that is of no use at all, other than entertainment for the mind.

    If Krishna is the first “pure” human being born from impure royal family, how is that his parents acquired the “power of yoga”? Are his parents BK? If so, they should be well known king and queen at this time, right?
    Let us “churn” that.
    That is wasteful churning.

    What about the Advanced party whereabouts? How is it that some animals will exist in the Golden age and not others?
    I recall that BapDada responded to a similar question by saying: ” Do not worry about the furniture.”
    That is the mind going into wasteful thinking, although covered under the veil of gyan.

    Someone may say: “But it is important to find out the truth of the story of animals (furniture) in the golden age.”
    That misses the point as to the reason of Brahma Kumaris existence.
    Brahma Kumaris is a method to understand our own mind, our ego, for self-realization, godly realization, etc. Many things for many individuals. BK beliefs may be accurate or not. It is meant to entice the follower to follow. If someone finds out if all animals at this time, will be in the Golden age as well, that “great finding” means nothing. What is important is the transformation of BEING, even though, through Santa Claus’ type of stories.

    “Churning” is meant to entertain and to give elation to the mind. That is all.
    “Churning gyan” will not take anyone into self-realization, for “churning” is theoretical, abstract, mind driven. On the other hand, the path of self-realization is practical, tangible, in the “now.”
    In the obstacle course of the path of self-realization, the mind is one of the greatest hurdle.

    For the common good.

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    A reader leaves the Brahma Kumaris movement. 


    Really nice unveiling…:)

    But just a small thought by me, they did have this belief, “I” can change my sanskar’s at my own will. But Sr BK Shivani has changed that to “I” can change my thoughts at my own will. But again that belief by Sr. Shivani is a contradiction with the articles that you had shared with me about “Welcome to the world of good thoughts and bad thoughts”, and with my personal experience that all sorts of negative, judgemental, and waste thoughts are generated by the mind and not by the SELF.

    Anyways, another thing that I wanted to share is that I have finally left the path of BKs, I just took some time in alone and reflected on my own personal aspects of understanding, did some meditation of becoming totally aware of my own thoughts. And I think I am ready to go ahead with my personal journey.

    This decision of leaving the path of BKs was not because I explored Osho and Ahnanada, but it was just a personal decision. And just wanted to thank you for writing such a thoughtful and truthful articles on avyakt7.com. Also, I just wanted to request you to allow us to provide comments and questions on avyakt7.com as well, as we used to do it before, yes a few may end up criticising or taking wrong meaning of your articles. But what about those who want to explore more on those articles. Or can we just contact you via that “Contact” page?

    I will be visiting the Osho meditation Ashram in Pune for 4 to 5 day in a week or so, to explore more about meditation there. And will definitely share my experience with you.

    Wish you the best in your “decision.” 🙂

    Certainly, feel free to share with us what you find at Osho’s ashram.

    I wanted to clarify certain items in lieu of your comment.
    1.) Avyakt7 New Generation for BKs, is not interested in promoting the BK path nor in obstructing the decision of a seeker. I have no agenda for going “pro” or “against.” Avyakt7 is just sharing a vision from a different consciousness.
    2.) The Brahma Kumaris path was a “good” path for me. Like anything in Life, it had a timing as my consciousness changed. It is my experience that there is no such a thing as “a true” path or the “only shop,” but rather that terminology could be used only in reference to a particular state of consciousness.
    3.) Brahma Kumaris is evolving as well. Yesterday “I could change my sanskaras”, today “I can change my thoughts.” Yesterday, “destruction is just ahead”, today “destruction is transformation.” Those whose mind is stuck in finding a paragraph stating the “truth”, will learn a lot about this belief.
    4.) We could say that “waste thoughts are generated by me.” We could say “waste thoughts are generated by the mind. “ We could say “waste thoughts are generated by Daffy duck.” The origin does not matter, we cannot DO anything to stop them. Paradoxically, when we observe them and become aware of the particular thought without identifying with it (as:  It is my thought, why do I think bad thoughts? I feel bad about it, etc.) at that point, those thoughts go away, because you are in the “NOW,” by being in the “now” the mind is not. 
    5.) Someone in the state of consciousness: “ I create my thoughts,” needs “spirituality” for that state of consciousness. That is what Brahma Kumaris offers.
    If you are AWARE that thoughts come and go without your willingness, then that awareness cannot resonate with the above teaching. That is all.

    For the common good.

    • Dinesh C 3:46 AM on January 6, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      Hey Ahnanda,

      Thanks for your wishes, I already had thought about your very first clarification that this page is not for going against BKs or anything like that and I agree with you that the path was also a very good path for me as well as I had transformed myself from a depressed personality to a happy personality to a high extent but NOT COMPLETELY.

      The path of Bhrama Kumaris is a path of self cultivation with some aim and not a path of becoming total awareness with no aim at all.

      But bro you didn’t answer this:

      ” Or can we just contact you via that “Contact” page? for some queries related to your articles on avyakt7.com”

      Dinesh Chawla


      • ahnanda 9:59 AM on January 6, 2017 Permalink | Reply

        Yes… you can contact me through the “contact” page with questions related with the articles. I will not write an email back responding, I will use the questions into articles.


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    Unveiling the beliefs of sanskaras 

    The first lesson of Raja Yoga is about the soul. The belief is that the soul has “3 subtle organs,” namely the mind, intellect and sanskaras.
    The belief that matters is that “I” can change my sanskaras at will.
    Raja Yoga is based on the belief of changing sanskaras: From Tamopradhan to Satopradhan.

    How do we change sanskaras?
    Accordingly, by DOING something through repetition. That is the main belief even in the path of bhakti.
    DO a “good action” 108 times, and your sanskara will change.

    Question: How the idea of “I can change my sanskaras” reconciles with an eternal repetitive Drama?

    Let us say that I want to change my sanskara of laziness. What is the “method” to change that sanskara?
    This is a matter of belief. The method could be to “be busy,” but then; what is the limit when “busy” becomes a “problem”?
    Did I truly change the sanskara or merely my behavior?

    Sanskara and behavior are related in this way: A sanskara dictates a behavior. The other way, when a behavior changes a sanskara is only a belief. The adoption of a behavior cannot change a sanskara, it can only cover it.  See it for yourself.

    However, here is when inner dishonesty appears.
    I will change my behavior to be “angel like,” that is what I or someone else’s believes to be “angel behavior.” I will practice it.
    What is the outcome?
    As long as things are alright around me, I will impersonate an “angel.” If someone manages to push a button in me, I will not… I will show my true colors. Time to repent, to ask for forgiveness.

    What we ARE, we will act. Our actions will be according to who we ARE, automatically. Add some “morality,” some “code of conduct” to shape up my behavior, then I will fake it. The sanskara will be there no matter how cunningly I hide it.

    Moreover, observe that any “spiritual teaching” will be interpreted according to who I am, not according to what I DO, but who I am.

    For example, in Brahma Kumaris; the word “detachment” is taught.
    “Detachment” is something “good,” despite general opinion of our society. Baba even says that we “ought to be loving and detached.”

    Nevertheless, when detachment is interpreted, the result is typically indifference. In other words, “detachment” comes out as “indifference” in many Brahma Kumaris’ followers.
    Obviously because that is who we ARE.

    It is not a matter of saying: “I want to be detached,” or “I need to work on detachment,” true detachment happens without looking for it. It is a consequence of change of consciousness, after having assimilated many experiences in Life. This is not the whim of the “I” wanting to “change his own sanskara,” so “I” become great, saintly, godly, etc.

    A Sanskara is our personal “Drama.” A sanskara is tied together with our karma. A sanskara allows for a particular karma to appear, but DOING a particular karma cannot change a sanskara.

    The Drama is first. When the Drama manifests individually through human forms, it does it through a sanskara. That sanskara in turn manifests karma at the right time.
    For the common good.

    • Dinesh Chawla 1:20 AM on January 5, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      Hi Ahnanda,

      Really nice unveiling…:)

      But just a small thought by me, they did have this belief, “I” can change my sanskar’s at my own will. But Sr BK Shivani has changed that to “I” can change my thoughts at my own will. But again that belief by Sr. Shivani is a contradiction with the articles that you had shared with me about “Welcome to the world of good thoughts and bad thoughts”, and with my personal experience that all sorts of negative, judgemental, and waste thoughts are generated by the mind and not by the SELF.

      Anyways, another thing that I wanted to share is that I have finally left the path of BKs, I just took some time in alone and reflected on my own personal aspects of understanding, did some meditation of becoming totally aware of my own thoughts. And I think I am ready to go ahead with my personal journey.

      This decision of leaving the path of BKs was not because I explored Osho and Ahnanada, but it was just a personal decision. And just wanted to thank you for writing such a thoughtful and truthful articles on avyakt7.com. Also, I just wanted to request you to allow us to provide comments and questions on avyakt7.com as well, as we used to do it before, yes a few may end up criticising or taking wrong meaning of your articles. But what about those who want to explore more on those articles. Or can we just contact you via that “Contact” page?

      I will be visiting the Osho meditation Ashram in Pune for 4 to 5 day in a week or so, to explore more about meditation there. And will definitely share my experience with you.

      Dinesh Chawla


    • Gayathri 7:44 PM on January 9, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      It is very well explained. Thanks. 🙂


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    Changing sanskaras 

    “In my experience, somehow I had developed deep faith in BK knowledge very soon and followed shrimat to the extent I could; I had even brought immense pressure on myself to change because I wanted to ‘change’ my sanskars.
    In no time, I had developed a lot of disinterest in this world, but I was not faking it, any number of external situations/ tests had proved (to me) that I was a totally different person from what I was the previous year.

    So, it was the teachings, and full faith in those teachings that had brought the changes in me. Knowledge and churning knowledge (which I used to do non stop while awake) had changed my sanskars.
    Doing also brings in change.”  Regards, Gayathri.

    Dear Gayathri,
    Thank you for your well-developed comment.
    What you are describing about your Life, is what I described about “yoga” yesterday, in the blog Exploring the Depth of Living.   I understand your perception, but consider this as well:

    You wanted to change your “sanskaras.” You wanted to change the “I,” to become better.
    You had developed “disinterest in the world.”
    Why did you develop “disinterest in the world”?
    Because that is what the Sakar Murlis talk about. The BK method is to develop “disinterest in the world.”
    Have you ever wondered why?
    This disinterest is sort of a rejection of what the world is. Otherwise, there wouldn’t be any need to practice “disinterest.”
    A “test” happens in Life and I am conditioned to show disinterest. That I label as a “change.”
    That is exactly what DOING does. “I” act as conditioned to do, according to what I have been taught, what I accept.

    Disinterest is not the correct label.  I used to play with toys when I was a kid. Now I don’t. The label is not disinterest. Naturally, those toys don’t appeal to me. I am not “working on” disinterest.  That does not apply to the world, because we are part of it. Do you have “disinterest” for the world now?  🙂

    What Avyakt7 NG shares, is that change is natural. Observe the way our consciousness was when we were children. It changes automatically into an adult, without striving to make any effort. You say it is the BK teachings, the mental “churning,” the cause of your change.
    However, it was the experience of coming from a different perspective  (BK) from the majority, what has made some change. Knowledge is just theory.
    For example: If you go to your relative’s house as a BK, and do not take any food from them when they invite you. Your mind has been conditioned to label their food as “impure.” Correct?
    Is that disinterest?
    The clash between relatives and you, create the “test.” In your mind you are a misunderstood victim. Your relatives do not understand what is “purity.” They are wrong. You are a right; a martyr being challenged by people who are not like you.
    Observe the situation. The awareness of how egos can clash. The BK conditioning is only concerned in  the ideals of being “right,” “pure,“ “holy,” etc. thus; most will miss that opportunity to see themselves as they truly are.
    This is an important point: We do not feel good about accepting ourselves as we are, for  we have been conditioned to think that we are sinful, degraded, impure… unlike so and so angel, deity, etc. Therefore, the goal is to become like them. Forget about who you ARE. Just become like them. Work towards the “ideal” and forget the reality of “you.”

    “Sanskaras” are changing all the time by themselves. Life brings the situation, the sand-box for change.

    There is a reason as to why the Sakar Murlis warned adherents not to leave the BK path, for whatever older sanskaras they had, they will come back even harder once they leave the BK world. Do you remember that Murli point?

    Do you see why?
    There has not been true change. It was only repression. Otherwise, if you had truly changed, then why those sanskaras should come back?
    If you practiced celibacy, and you were celibate for many years; how is it possible for the sexual urge to come back? How is it possible to like someone of the opposite gender or find them attractive, if you know through knowledge that we are all body-less souls?
    The answer is repression. That is a big unsaid word in the BK world. The environment there is carefully set up to avoid “tests.”

    That is the path of yoga. That is a good path, however. Nevertheless, it is based on willpower, so those who did not have will power, could experience many changes in immediate behavior, as long as the environment is helpful. However, true change is not depending on will power to maintain the change.

    DOING may bring change, but not the DOING of the ego.
    The DOING of the ego has an ulterior motive (paradise, golden age, god, angel, etc.) and because of that, change cannot be natural, as BapDada has mentioned many times.

    For the common good.

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