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    The significance of mantras, practices and rituals. 

    Some “spiritual practices” rely on rituals to attempt to give a believer a particular experience.

    We could send “rays of peace” or open our “third eye with the help of a crystal,” etc. All of that becomes part of the paraphernalia of spirituality or religious beliefs.

    According to my experience, there are some practices that indeed offer some of the prescribed benefits, such as “opening the third eye,” and “the ability to send energy of peace,” however, unless the adept is ready for this, nothing will happen.

    If Joe Doe sits for meditation for the first time, that becomes a beginning of his path. Because he is asked to send “rays of peace to the world,” that may not happen; but still is beneficial for Joe, as he has never thought that this could be possible. Up to that point, he only knew that cutting a check for some tax exempt institution in the name of “peace,” is the way to “help” the world. Now he knows something new.

    What is important to observe, is that “spiritual experiences” will happen according to the readiness of the seeker. If that person is more in tune with subtle energies, an “experience” is likely.
    Nevertheless, those experiences are only natural consequences of BEING. Most “normal” seekers are constantly looking for them even though, they are not ready. Having “experiences” is not an indication of the degree of spiritual evolvement of someone.

    For instance, Brahma Baba was a self -realized being at the end of his corporeal Life. He had done many “practices” which were copied by subsequent followers. Their thought (followers) was that by copying what he had done, then a similar effect will be experienced by them.
    It doesn’t work that way.
    Nevertheless, those practices in time became “mantras,” “rituals,” and considered “divine activities.” Followers made up those things based on their limited and conditioned understanding of Life.

    How do “I” become ready?
    By forgetting about that idea. To DO something for a “purpose” is what we have been conditioned to believe. A different consciousness, does not happen because “I” want, but because “I” deserve. That is why, methods, practices and rituals have no meaning for a person who is experiencing the process of self-realization, but for those who don’t, there is meaning and benefit.

    A ritual, mantra, meditation or method are positive ways to give an incentive to a seeker, a discipline to follow, even though the “higher goal”(whatever it is) will not be achieved through those things. At the same time, those things are not important for those who are already experiencing a different consciousness. It is all relative and paradoxical depending on where you ARE in Life.

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    The mind and its extremes in BK Life 

    One of the characteristics of a person being utilized by his own mind, is that he will go to extremes as part of his beliefs and ego needs.

    Brahma Kumaris will offer that experience, but if we are not AWARE, we will miss the chance.
    For instance, a follower who has believed in Brahma Kumaris for a long time and has invested resources to support his belief system, is going to “teach others” as he will believe that he is DOING good to others or that he is BECOMING someone “special.”

    The ego needs a way to expand. “My beliefs are TRUE therefore, I am helping others who cannot see what I can.” This sort of grandiose is only showing ego. A person who is UNAWARE, will not notice such pretentious life. It is no longer about “self-realization” but to “self-realize others.”

    Let us say that this person gets disappointed and leaves the BK system. More likely, if his ego is starving for recognition; he will go to the other extreme.
    Now, he will preach “salvation” from the BK system.
    Observe that this person is DOING exactly the same thing, but in opposite direction.
    That is a DOING of the mind.

    Most of the time the extreme is proportional. That is, the deeper we go on one side, the mind will go into the other at the same intensity.

    Observe that Brahma Kumaris teachings are of no consequence for those who are AWARE. What matters is to observe “ME,” to observe how is it possible to believe on having the TRUTH just to go to the other side and deny it, but still saving face as a “SAVIOR” in both instances.

    It goes something like this:
    “I believe in BK teachings. I AM good because I spread them. A few years later: I don’t believe in BK teachings. I AM good because I am saving others from it.”

    We are not aware of the dualistic mind.

    Isn’t “self-realization” what “spiritual” seekers want?
    How is it possible to pass the opportunity to observe their own mind?

    The conditioning is great. As a BK, we see Life as “good or evil.” (duality.)
    Out of the BK experience, still the same duality exists. The EGO perceives that “I was wrong,” so the way to make things “right” is to go against what was embraced before. I must redeem myself.

    In “spirituality” there is no such a thing as “God realization.” But when “the others” is very important in our Life and our dependency is great; then “god realization” weighs more than “self-realization.”

    Also, there is no such a thing as “DOING service.” You ARE therefore, that is what is serviceable or non-serviceable. To DO a recipe of things believing to be the “right” thing, despite not BEING congruent with that DOING, is lack of honesty.

    Any follower who is expecting for words to show them “truth,” is kidding himself. If those words aren’t according to my experience, I am lying to myself.

    The original teachings of Brahma Baba through his experience have been changed. There have been many people (leaders) putting their hands on these “teachings.” This is a frequent experience when regular people surround someone who is in the process of changing his consciousness at a different level. These followers are more concerned in spreading their “truth” and making it available to the masses, rather than learning themselves from that unique experience of witnessing someone closer, going through the process of self-realization.

    So why Brahma Baba does not show up and take a stand against those BKs who are misinterpreting his teachings?

    Brahma Baba had his chance to act. He did while “alive.” Now, others have the opportunity to act as well. This is not about “making things right.”
    That is a human limited vision based on a strong conditioning. In the unlimited, it is about the experience that will be able to change consciousness. To allow everyone to “act” as they need to; for at the end of the game; we know that in fact it is a predestined game, and everything will be as it has to BE. What is “good”? What is “right”? Obviously what is happening in the Drama / Life. Therefore, nothing is “bad” or “wrong.”  Do we have the openness to consider this?  Many like to throw their human morality into the picture and then want to be self-realized at the same time!! This, does not mean either to be “immoral.”  Let us not go to the extreme of mental dualities. It just means to have acceptance, amplitude, “open mind,” to appreciate things beyond our narrow intellectual perception, our “black or white” illusion of a world full of color.
    Therefore, OBSERVE your own game. Become AWARE of it… a “detached observer” of it.  

    For the common good.

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    Worship “reasoning” to find “truth.” 

    If we could experience that our consciousness will give us a particular experience, then it will be very hard to pinpoint something as the “truth.”
    “Reason” is only a methodology to grasp certainty at the mental level. Reason is very superficial when we are dealing with the depth of Life. Nevertheless, most individuals rely on “reason” as the standard to find “truth,” what is “right.”

    Religions such as Brahma Kumaris and Christianity, have built their “truth” based on follower’s interpretations of experiences lived by their religious founders.
    The “Holy Bible” and the BK Murli are examples of that. They can only convey a particular perspective from a certain consciousness.

    If someone uses “rationality” to explore the Bible of the Murli, pretty soon there will be certain items which do not fit the rational standard.
    Then, their messages are discarded as “irrational.”
    We could argue all we want about the “truth” behind the Bible or the BK Murli. It is a very good mind exercise and nothing else.

    The Bible and the BK Murli are not meant to be dissected with rationality. They are meant to be followed, believed, respected. Those documents become the center stage, the source of authority to replace a missing presence of a God.
    “Blind faith” is required to go fully into their path.

    Unfortunately, this great opportunity to awaken to different kind of realities, doesn’t bring that benefit most of the time; but rather a “hard-nosed” follower who believes to have the “truth” or the chance to control followers for different purposes not related with inner-exploration.

    Going through the experience of whatever label/religion we believe to BE, is what will bring change in the individual.

    Whenever we embrace something like a religion or lack of it (atheist,) we will position ourselves at the starting point of our search in Life. The complete experience will be, once we reject that which we embraced at the beginning. That is the way of duality.
    This is not a mental agreement and then a rejection. Your whole BEING will be in it.

    BEING caught up in the existence of a God or lack of it, is of no consequence to change of consciousness and as such, to the possibility to self-realize.

    Once the search for God is over, there is no-God. But once no-God is embraced, then there must be God. That is the game of duality.
    Beyond that game, there is “I,” self.
    That is where the search may finish until we find “no-I.”

    Then, the search is over for there is nothing to search for a “nobody.”

    Yes. It is hard to understand. It is no rational. Thus, it is nonsense.
    The mind is caught up with itself.
    There are no “holy scriptures” or beliefs or lack of them that could take a person into the openness which is necessary to feel fulfilled in Life.

    Living Life experiences will do that. However, since those are too frequent, we dismiss their value. We are not awoken to OBSERVE the movements of Life and consciousness.
    We rather have a mental story in our minds backed up by rationality or lack of, to believe in.

    We are so “happy” by seeing pictures of a meal, rather than experiencing the meal itself. We try to search on how to quench our thirst, what is the “true method,” to do that rather than having the experience of drinking.

    Paradoxically, if you embrace thirst, satiation of thirst will follow… but then after that, thirst will be experienced again. How to get rid of thirst?
    By not making it into a “rational problem.”

    For the common good.

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    Spinning the discuss of self-realization 

    “The more you spin the discus of self-realization and inspire others to do that, the higher the status you will claim.” (5/5/17)

    What is the meaning of “Spinning the discuss of self-realization”?

    Do you think is just about DOING a mental drill such as: “I am a BK, then an angel and then a deity?”

    Do you believe that by repeating this drill 108 times every day, you will “improve” or self-realize?

    Are you compelled to follow these directions because “you” will get a “high status”?

    To DO as above only reveals an infantile consciousness. Nothing wrong with that. It is a beginning, but please don’t push the envelope by believing that this is the “truth” and “you” have it, or the “only method.”

    Please consider this. “You” know that in the cycle of time “you” have had many roles, many “I’s “going through the eternally repeating cycle.
    Who are “YOU”?  Do you see that?  You may say a “soul” but the container is not “YOU” the consciousness.

    You are/ may be a BK “now.” That is a fact. An angel, a deity… those are beliefs. However, you know that you will be a BK again and for that to happen many other roles, good and bad; right or wrong, had to be performed before reaching the role of a BK.

    Did you make any choices in the past roles to get to the BK role? Did you plan anything or it just happened to “YOU”?

    Do you see that “YOU” only ARE something when “YOU” identify with a transient role? Do you see that all roles are transient?
    Who are “YOU”?

    Nothing specific, but every role, everything…. Don’t forget, there is no “I” choosing a role.

    When you ARE nothing but everything, would you be interested in gaining a high status? When you ARE nothing but everything, would you be interested in spinning the discus?

    “You” are self-realized. Others mingling with you would be inspired for there is no identification with anything and openness to Life  as that is “you.” A “high status” may be waiting… but not for “YOU.

    For the common good.

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      I remember starting this pratice …initially u start this for 2 to 3 minutes…then a Bhrama Kumari doing same for many years guides u doing swadarshan chakra for 15 minutes…but i wonder about one thing…what if i never came in golden age n silver age.. still i m spending 7.5 minutes in some kind of hallucination to make myself feel like a deity…but when i eat hakka sheshwan noodles…i feel more than a deity and that too for more than 7.5 minutes with reality…i know it’s kinda funny but just trying to differentiate hallucination n reality… 🙂


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      Have you any advice for people who cannot go to a centre and must practice alone?
      I have been practicing for just over a month but live in China, where I know of no centres or gatherings of BK brothers and sisters. I am reading the daily murli and getting so much drishti from it I’m making notes from each murli. Is this right? It’s a lonely business and I’m not experienced enough to open a centre or gathering. Any advice would be appreciated on being a lone BK in China.


      • ahnanda 12:08 PM on May 26, 2017 Permalink | Reply

        Thank you for your question, Mark. It will be answered in an article next Tuesday. In the meantime, if you have the desire, could you share how did you become a BK? Your English is pretty good. Are you in China temporarily? Thanks.


        • Mark 7:40 PM on May 30, 2017 Permalink | Reply

          Hi Ahnanda, I was lucky enough to go to the Sheffield BK centre in the UK before I came to China to teach and I am in Beijing. We are able to get BK sites through a VPN where I work. It’s lovely to make contact.

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    The game of self-realization 

    The path of self-realization has many curves in it. It is not straightforward as any method will try to teach.
    When a person is ready for this trip, what is known, that is his current conditioning, society, may need to be left aside.
    How could anyone realize the intimate link between a person and society unless that individual is removed from it?

    There are many stories of self-realized individuals who left society of their time while in the process of self-realization, just to come back later on.
    Buddha, Mahavira even Jesus left their society. Other lesser known self-realized individuals, lived with their gurus or alone while in the process of being removed from the old conditioning.

    Similarly, that is the intention of religious systems known as “cults” by society. A follower eventually will be gone from society.
    He will adopt new ways, new beliefs, new behaviors which are not the common practice of society, labeled as “normal.”

    Individuals who do not know the process of de-conditioning, could perceive this as negative, a byproduct of joining a cult. For the follower, this will be about obtaining some ideal, such as having the truth, working for God, leaving the corrupt ways of society, etc.

    I am not saying that “cults” are good or bad. At this point, I hope that those 2 little words are left aside by readers, to understand what Avyakt7-NG is trying to convey in these articles. “Cults” or religious groups have a purpose, which is to give the follower another conditioned perspective away from mainstream society.

    A Brahma Kumaris follower, basically will change the conditioning of society to replace it with a new conditioning. Very few individuals will realize what is going on and thus, take advantage of the “lesson.”

    Through the teaching of “We are right, you are wrong” a sense of pride will arise. By belonging to a group deemed to be “better” a sense of superiority arises. Ego.

    Through that petty ideal, an individual does not realize that Life does not have value systems, beliefs, or morality, those are human creations. The effect of an action, will be specific to the type of “game” someone is playing. For instance, if we steal, there are consequences in this society. If an animal “steals” from another, consequences are different. Why?
    It is a different game, “stealing” does not exist there. Nevertheless, we continue stuck in “good and bad, right and wrong” labeling any action based on our type of “game” and holding that standard as the only “truth.”

    If we were aware of how conditioning changes, on how easily we could take a set of beliefs to replace another, we could be free from all of them, without rejecting none of them, for this game of Self-realization is not about having the “truth” but it is about BEING “true” to ourselves.

    For the common good.

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      To change the conditioning of the society, by 360 degree, BKism is not enough. Isn’t it so Ahnanda?


      • ahnanda 2:27 PM on April 21, 2017 Permalink | Reply

        BK ism is part of society, an ingredient of the cake of change… But not the cake itself.


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    Repeating the dogma without experience 

    How many BK teachers have the experience of soul consciousness?
    How many BK teachers have the experience of the cycle of time?
    How many BK believers have the experience of all those things which are repeated as dogmatic truths?

    Without experience how could someone assert the existence or non-existence of something? This type of behavior is very common in many believers. This is plain “blind faith.”

    “Parrot repetition” is part of the training we have received from society and there is this belief that “information is power” in  the mundane as well as in “spiritual” things.
    However, “spirituality” is about BEING. “You” ARE what you know; thus there is no difference between “your knowledge” and what you ARE. However, we try to cover who we ARE with plenty of encyclopedic information or dogmatic views. The misinterpretation is to gain information, “knowledge” to BE “better.” 🙂

    Most religious groups present their “teachers” with a great resume of “accomplishments.”
    “Sri Sri so and so, has been a teacher of this “method” all over the world for over 30 years. Sri Sri has led numerous workshops and has been an adviser of many important people. Sri Sri has a doctorate in whatever. Sri Sri’s wit, wisdom and generosity has been known by many. Sr Sri is a true messenger of peace… “
    That presentation is typical of our society which is concerned with degrees, certifications, years on the job (known as experience) and character. That type of resume is not important at all when we are dealing with someone who is in the path of self-realization.

    The belief that a “spiritual person” doesn’t DO some things and DO others is prevalent, as if self-realization is about denial of activities.
    The interesting thing is that most are completely unaware of who is on his way of self-realization and who isn’t, so most settle for the list of a “achievements and certifications.” Unless someone can see the aura or subtle energies of a “spiritual guru”; then they will know. Nevertheless, most individual are completely oblivious on who they have in front of them.

    Yet, a resume of accomplishments  and eloquent talk will be taken as “proof” that someone “knows.”
    This type of ingenuity sells spirituality to the masses, it is all about profit. It may seem like our society is looking for parrots who are very adept on using the mind for profit but lack the heart to relate with the core of every individual they come across.

    To know that we are “souls” is of no consequence when the only difference between the “teacher” and the student are the clothes the teacher is wearing, and the set of beliefs the teacher disseminates as “truth,” as if they were his own experience.

    For the common good.

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    Our path needs to be discovered 

    In my time as a Brahma Kumaris follower, I recall that “knowledge,” “gyan,” was the highlight of the BK movement.
    No one has that “knowledge.” The theoretical “knowledge” of the soul, the 3 worlds, the cycle of time, karma, etc. gave me the sensation that “I knew.”

    Many Brahma Kumaris followers may have the theory in their minds to guide their actions. It is thought that by following “right” actions based on “knowledge” something “good” will happen. Self-transformation.

    Now I see that it is not like that.
    There is one important aspect which is overlooked, it is called consciousness. If consciousness does not change, then all we have is a fake behavior.

    Nevertheless, I understand that even if I write detailed recipes of my own experience, those will not help a reader to change his consciousness. This is merely information or at best,  a way to inspire others.
    I could say that our ultimate reality is that “we are not but we are.” Very few will grasp this. Most will repeat this or write it in other blogs as if they have the “truth,” but it is completely meaningless for the consciousness necessary is not there yet. It is not the time.

    Therefore, to have “knowledge” is very elementary. It is for beginners.
    What is required is “openness” and that is not for beginners, for that means to overcome our own mental structures, our own beliefs and traumas our own “I.”

    Concisely, when you ARE, you don’t need knowledge for you know.

    It is of very little help to know that we are souls, for our intrinsic nature is to BE and not to BE. The container could be a glass (soul), but consciousness is the element inside the glass. That consciousness will give us BEING.

    Most religions are concerned in changing the external color of the glass, for that is the extent of their “help.” The glass is transparent, so whatever consciousness we have will be eventually shown.

    That is how we arrive at acknowledging our own process. I can assure you that self-realization is not a “mass event” of a particular religion. It will happen to an individual when his timing has arrived, not before.

    Therefore, a dogmatic view full of beliefs, separating what is “right” from what is “wrong”, is only the beginning of the journey.
    Nonetheless, a very important episode but… the beginning.

    For the common good.

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      Coincido totalmente

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        • Dinesh Chawla 12:48 PM on March 25, 2017 Permalink | Reply

          Hi Ahnada,
          Really nice article, well although I have left BKs completely, don’t do amrit vela, no more morning murli classes thrice a week… 🙂 But recently, I started reading murli’s again from a different consciousness, not the judgemental consciousness but with inquisitive awareness 🙂
          So recently, bapdada has spoken about comparison between double foreigners and Indians (Bharatwasis), first bapdada goes on a tour with his chidren for something that he only knows!

          Now the first question here is, does that tour actually happens or it is a way of bapdada teaching something to his children through some way of telling a story kind of thing?

          He goes ahead and states that on his tour he saw that Westerners have started becoming more spiritual than Indians, although spirituality belongs to Indians and not westeners!
          Now second question is, why baba is comparing at first and secondly how come spirituality belongs to only Indians and not to entire humanity? Why Indians are said by baba to be of highest thing, and westerner of low clan! Isn’t it prejudice!

          He goes further and says that today, countries are being run helplessly (in majbori), politicians are not willing to run the contries but they still for the sake of just doing it!

          Third question is, why God is interfering in politics and all, here on earth, people who attain enlightenment don’t speak about politics at all! That’s what my knowledge about enlightened beings says! How God can comment on politics! He says that we need souls of flying stage (udti kala) to run a country properly! 🙂

          Well, I request you to take these questions that I have asked and please help us in understanding from a different consciousness 🙂

          Thanks bro, spiritual love for you 🙂


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    Karma and Drama 

    In the physical plane we could observe that any manifestation of Life will express itself. In the case of human beings, we express through words, emotions, feelings, actions.

    The word Karma as understood in Brahma Kumaris, is without depth. It is good for “beginners,” but depth is necessary to understand beyond the surface.

    In Brahma Kumaris the emphasis is on the ACTION the DOING. Karma means ACTION. ACTIONS are conveniently classified in “good, bad and neutral” which consequently will give as a result a “good, bad or neutral” karma in the future.

    That understanding although “easy” it is for neophytes, thus;  it has overall value.

    As it was explained in many articles in this blog and in “Exploring the Depth of Living,” ACTIONS are the cover up of BEING in “spirituality” for the masses.

    For example, someone with a killer instinct is told to DO “good actions,” that means rather than killing others, to “love” others.
    The killer now will be a lover by ACTING his love. But he IS not Love yet. He IS anger.
    The Killer IS still a killer. His BEING IS killing. Although, he will not get in trouble, he will be frustrated, repressed. To tell him that his karma in the future will be “good” is not accurate, for karma is intimately related with who we ARE, with BEING.

    Although the example above is extreme, it is meant to make a point.

    Brahma Kumaris also teaches that by “practicing” “good actions,” we will be “good,” as our sanskaras will change.
    That is not accurate for BEING does not change by DOING. This little phrase has been used plenty of times now.

    Therefore, what is that karma that “I am” DOING?
    It is the Drama manifesting through you. Yes, you can “change” that by thinking your actions, by “thinking before you DO,” however, what YOU ARE will not change.

    It is very important to understand the following: When we are beginning our “spiritual journey,” we are full of emotions. Our emotions will run our Life. That is why, Brahma Kumaris method is highly positive for those who need to THINK before getting in trouble out of their emotions. That THINKING it is just a break. As the “spiritual person” is able to be AWARE of his emotions, then to dissipate them, to clear them, will be the next step that Life will bring.

    It comes to a point, when to integrate with Life or the Drama, becomes important to be one with Life. That is another level of consciousness not known by many.

    YOUR karma is your DRAMA… your Life; or more accurately; it is what will be manifested through you. It is pointless to call something as “good, bad or neutral” for what it is, is the consequence of many threads of many lives coming from different people, environment, etc. Thus, acknowledge what is. Be Honest. 
    To simplistically say that “I can change my karma” is utterly infantile, for “you” is not something separate from Life. There are many threads making up “you” and our mind only “chooses” a particular thread to call that “Me.” The key is not to change things, but to be AWARE and acknowledge what is, not as an intellectual idea but in your heart.

    When we observe everything that we experience, without labeling it, without putting emotional twists to it, we are “watching the movie,” as a “detached observer.”
    Of course, for that we will need to clear our conditioning, beliefs and emotional traumas.
    That is necessary for the spiritual Life walker to integrate his BEING into Life, without this step; there may not be self-realization. Of course, this will arrive when “you” are ready.

    For the common good.

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    Avyakt Murlis 

    The “Word of God” recorded in every Murli.
    Nevertheless, a Sakar Murli and the Avyakt Murli are quite different in content, style and directness. It seems spoken/written by 2 different entities/individuals.
    Avyakt Murlis are the most recent. Avyakt Murlis are the expression of Brahma Baba in his “perfect form,” yet these Murlis are read once a week, typically on a Sunday. The rest of the days is about Sakar Murlis.

    Have you ever wondered why?
    If Avyakt Murlis are the most recent and most “perfect,” why are they relegated to the back seat?
    The answer is simple. Avyakt Murlis do not convey the “method.” The language and style of an Avyakt Murli are far from a “black or white,” no nonsense type of expound.

    The belief is that by repeating the Murlis spoken by Brahma Baba in his last years in the physical realm, that could help others “reach perfection.”

    Self-realization is not a matter of repetition. It is not a matter of following scriptures, for our interpretation will be according to our experiences. Aware of this issue, it was thought of having an “instrument” (experienced/senior BK) interpret the scriptures, but every believer will interpret the interpretation of the “instrument,” accordingly. Even the senior BK is interpreting as those experiences narrated in the Murli are not his own.

    It does not matter if “you were there when Brahma Baba spoke those words.” Still there will be interpretation.

    Nevertheless, the “method,” is the “method.” If you agree to follow the “method;” then it is highly advisable to go all the way, to blindly follow it for at the end there will be benefit.

    What is the benefit?
    There are many, but the greatest one is that we can only move on in consciousness, if we are aware. Therefore, awareness is the greatest benefit.
    The paradox being that this awareness is the “method” to free someone from the “method.” This is not intellectual understanding, we have to go through the experience, for in the experience; there is change.

    The latest avyakt Murlis are not about knowledge any more. It is more about BEING love in the company of the “children.”

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    Beings of Light and Self-realized humans 

    This is in response to Madhvisai’s query.
    India has had many self-realized individuals who are well known through books and the work of their disciples. From Gautama Buddha to Lahiri Mahasaya to Baba Ji to mention some names, before Brahma Baba. The rest of the world, had self-realized individuals as well, although they may not been well known.
    The important aspect is that Beings of Light are working with many human beings at this time, for it is these individual’s time to reach self-realization to participate in the change of human consciousness.

    Brahma Baba had the experience with an entity who he called “piyush” while he was alive. Not much has been disclosed about “piyush.”

    Humans cannot contact beings of light. It is them who will contact a particular person through a specific way. Brahma Baba contacts particular individuals in the BK faith, according to the need of time. He does not contact every BK.
    Many may believe to have a contact with beings of light, but they are actually contacting spirits who have a different agenda than helping someone to self-realize.

    I’d like to quote the “Hua hu Ching” as this paragraph is very close to my experience.
    “Greed for enlightenment and immortality is no different than greed for material wealth.
    It is self-centered and dualistic, and thus an obstacle to true attainment. Therefore these states are never achieved by those who covet them; rather, they are the reward of the virtuous.
    If you wish to become a divine immortal angel, then restore the angelic qualities of your being through virtue and service. This is the only way to gain the attention of the immortals who teach the methods of energy enhancement and integration that are necessary to reach the divine realm.
    These angelic teachers cannot be sought out; it is they who seek out the student.
    When you succeed in connecting your energy with the divine realm through high awareness and the practice of undiscriminating virtue, the transmission of the ultimate subtle truths will follow. This is the path that all angels take to the divine realm.”

    What a being of light teaches is not the absolute “truth,” or the “only way; “ but rather the method needed according to the people they are dealing with and according to time. That is why there has been many methods which followers of self-realized beings have made into religions, given themselves the title of “possessing the truth,” or having “God” with them.

    My experience is just my experience. Someone else may have their own experience. What is important is to be honest with ourselves. Self-realization is not taught to the masses. It is an individual journey with lots of changes, where the teacher (being of light) will cater towards the level of the student. Thus, the method taught to a particular student is not the “only method,” or the “only truth,” as followers of self-realized beings have determined through their own ego trips.

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