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    In my time in the Brahma Kumaris, the label ”self-realization” had a limited connotation: As long as “I” knew that “I” was a “soul,” that was the extent of it. In my Christian days, “self-realization” did not exist.

    In my “eclectic days,” self-realization was something nice to add in my own “resume”/ description as a “seeker.” Something like: “ I have studied with many saints, well known authorities and gurus all over the world looking for self-realization.” That goes right along with any “certifications” I obtained during that “investment.”

    At this point in my Life, I can see that the above were needed steps but far from what I have found out through my own experience. In a nutshell:

    “I” have to be someone else to “realize” who “I am.” That is the finding.

    As long as “I” am unwilling to accept Life as it is and find the perfection of it all, then there cannot be any sort of self-realization.

    That is the main change and what takes some awareness to realize. Most of us have been trained to put up a fight, to get our way, to look for “success” and “fame,” to “market ourselves.” All of that is the beginning of our “search,” but believe me; it is the very beginning. There is no way to find greater depth in consciousness unless we let go of many things which make up what we proudly call “I.”

    To be in the “rat race” or the “world of busy-ness” and to search for self-realization is a huge lie. It is not the amount of DOING what allows for greater depth, but BEING and for that we need idle time to be with ourselves. Plenty of it.

    Otherwise, how could we know ourselves if we postpone and run away from solitude and the sensation of being alone, a drop out of society, a “nobody”? There is no way that any world-class info from a “master class” could do that for us.

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    The different experiences of self-realization 

    In my “spiritual career” so far I find that Self realization is the discovery of no-self, that is the experience of BEING no-self while embodied in a self. Another way to say the same: To be one with all. Another way to say it: The experience of non-duality. Although, we already ARE, we are not aware, thus without realization. This is not a matter of mental understanding, it is BEING it, not DOING it or pretending it. Interesting how words could be misleading. My little “definitions” above are logically contradictory. Irrational. Worst yet, there is no scientific proof to those. In a few words sheer nonsense. However, few will find some value as those words could match their experiences, then they will know not to be alone.

    While some “spiritual” individuals will put in their resume that they “want to attain self-realization,” it is that “I” behind, driving their “efforts.” They think the word “self-realization” is the thing to attain. It is a wild-goose chase.

    Despite many recipes on “how to” become self-realized, the fact is that there cannot be a single path. Why? Because everyone has different life experiences and therefore, different things to heal, dirty laundry to wash, etc. Different “Karma.”

    Imagine someone reading a book on how someone “achieved” self-realization. Without a doubt they may want to DO the same. Monkey sees, monkey does. Eckhart Tolle “slept rough on Hampton Heath,” England; which means that new modern “wanna be” gurus will have in their background some of those stories to tell their crowd on how they slept near a library or lived homeless as that will increase their chances to be accepted as self-realized by those who take Tolle’s experience as the “path.” It is tough for “seekers” to find a bona fide self-realized person nowadays.

    For starters, the “normal” every day individual cannot recognize a self-realized being, not even if that person lives with him/her. Jesus was crucified, and Osho poisoned, imagined that! There are countless lesser known cases all over, but world history is mainly driven by whatever happens in the USA and Europe. Someone may say: What about Indian saints? Well, they came to the “world picture” thanks to England, as India was a colony at one time. However, rest assured that there are many self-realized beings in all parts of the world and from all walks of Life, specially at this time when there is the “ascension to the 5th dimension” deal.

    A seeker wants the “official road map” to self-realization. How do you know how to get there? Those who are honest can say that they have no idea. Observe the case of Eckhart Tolle: He was going insane and all of the sudden he woke up changed. How is that for a clear road map? His books are well known thanks to Oprah Winfrey, a well known talk show host in the USA and from there, the masses accepted those books and he became famous. A “normal” guy wouldn’t have recognized the value of his books without some background and experience in spirituality.

    Consider Gautama the “Buddha.” He followed an ascetic path of isolation before “reaching” there while meditating (as the story goes) similarly with Mahavira who “attained” self-realization in an ascetic lifestyle. Thus, the story of meditation and asceticism as “tools” to “attain” self-realization came up.

    But now consider, J. Krishnamurti. He came to this world surrounded with a special aura as a child and later was recognized by some Westerner spiritual leaders as the upcoming “world teacher.” Or Yogananda’s journey following the path of celibacy while on the contrary, his master (Yukteswar Giri who I understand was a self-realized man) followed the householder path for he had briefly a wife and a daughter. Then, the story of Brahma Baba and the Brahma Kumaris where an entity who he named as “Piyush” and followers as “Shiva,” had a role in Brahma Baba’s self-realization. For those who believe that self-realization is just for men, here is a woman as an example: Anandamayi Ma. In her path she had spontaneous revelations so she did not need to study anything. She just knew. Her insights of Life and spiritual paths are deep with simplicity. That is the ultimate paradox. She is quoted as teaching: “The supreme calling of every human being is to aspire to self realization. All other obligations are secondary.” Completely agree with that. Whenever we “seriously” reach that conclusion, then Life will be helping us to get rid of those things which are no longer needed. Many do not like that. Then, it is best just to talk about self realization and become a writing guru. That is the time when we recognize how honest we are: One thing is to BE, a different thing is to talk pretty words about it. Here is a pic of Anandamayi : That is bliss not pleasure. How many know the difference?

    As we can see the stories will be so different and with much variety and spice as Life itself.

    There is a difference when you know the process and live it day by day than when you don’t know it and suddenly “it happens.” There is also a difference between a guru with hundreds of followers and one with just a few, or one, or none.

    However, knowing the process does not mean to know the path. Two different things. Everyone has a distinct, unique path.

    One thing is certain, that every self-realized individual had a mission in Life to fulfill. While some influenced the larger collective consciousness through their writings, talks, appearances, or even unchecked stories given by disciples, others had a far less flashy role but highly significant while being a living “presence” to a smaller group, where they were needed. At the end, it is inspiration for people to continue on their journeys.

    Finally, there is the story of Shiva and Parvati which embodies the relation of the master and the disciple and how love is the sure path to get “there” without wanting it. Don’t we all know that Love is the sure path, the answer? Why doesn’t it happen then to all those knowledgeable souls? Because it just happens when we are ready. In the meantime, enjoy Life, cherish it and be aware of it.

    Until then.

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    The path of truth. 

    What is truth? That word is usually used in relation with something factual. It is true that I slept last night. It is true that I was a Brahma Kumaris follower, etc. Those are simple facts.

    Those facts are seen as truth and therefore most will extrapolate that finding into their spiritual experience.

    In spirituality there are many “truths” and not necessarily equal to each other. For instance, who is God? Most every religion has its own take on that. They have their own “patent” on God, but yet they claim to have the “true” God with them. As shared before, spirituality is very subjective in nature. However, there is a common ground which deals with that inherent subjectivity; that is to find your own truth, yourself. There cannot be religions having the truth about each one of us.

    In a world where the masses rule, where “majority wins,” and the truth is reflected in that incomplete premise; then we have the world of spirituality which cannot be like the former, but diametrically different just to complement it. A self-realized person is the outcome of the spiritual path. While the masses are interested in “right” answers, a self-realized person knows the truth of himself.

    A self-realized man cannot be a politician. He cannot be the one solving problems created by unbalanced minds. His truth is to realize himself and thus, nothing is lacking. There is no further search, the truth is no longer something to seek for it is “within.”

    Life has many paths for each individual. There are no recipes of self-realization but we learn to cook as ingredients appear unexpectedly in Life and the beauty of that unfolds: To be able to produce a tasty and wholesome meal to share with others. That is the art. Thus, a self-realized person is there to be recognized by his presence. That is the teaching in itself. It is a living teaching for others in contact with such person.

    There is no prototype of what a self-realized man should look like or the way he should behave, for subjectivity is not the measurement stick. His footprints will do the talk.

    Life is experiential. Theory, dogma and mental understanding does not change who we ARE. As those life experiences are processed and assimilated without rejection, we will see that Life itself will turn lead into gold. Life is the alchemist, although others may call that alchemist God or the Drama. While those looking for the truth of who the true alchemist is and whether in fact, he/she/it can do that “magic trick;” there are others looking at the truth of that inner change.

    At the end, the truth is not in our finding of facts outside of ourselves, that is a mental game only. The truth is in the exploration of the “inside.” Once the inside is found, it will be just like the outside. Therefore, here is my “theory of everything”: Consciousness is the alpha and omega. That sentence cannot be explained for everything will be spoiled. For those who have followed these writings, perhaps it is a good time to realize that “truth” cannot be put into words. It is not a paragraph that we can tell to another, a dogma. It has to be realized…. but yet, i wrote my truth. Isn’t that paradoxical, insane and confusing? Understanding happens when there is no push to try to understand. Until then. 🙂

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    Question: How can someone become self realized if knowledge is not based on totality? 

    Thank you for your question. Observe the way your question is phrased. You believe that self-realization is a question of having knowledge. You believe that this knowledge has to be “based on Totality.”

    In my experience, knowledge is only entertainment for the mind. Just like BapDada pointed out. There is no need for it unless our way of relating with Life is only through the mind. There is no change of consciousness through it. Practice of it, only changes external behavior but there is no change “inside.”

    Therefore, “knowledge “ and “Totality” are only mere words, which mean nothing for someone whose Life is not influenced by the mind.

    In my experience, we may need to free ourselves from the tyranny of our own minds to be able to progress into a different way of relating with Life. That has been called de-conditioning.

    The mind makes the distinction between the observer and that which is observed. That perception is what the majority points out as “normal” consciousness. However, there is more and that “knowing” is not related with accumulation of second hand information known as “knowledge.” Beyond the mind, there is another experience where Totality is no longer a fancy new age word. There is the experience of it whether we have second hand information (knowledge) or not.

    As humans start their spiritual journeys, there is only consciousness of a fragment of that Totality. Others may bring the experience of yet other fragments of the same Totality, different stories and experiences but those who are interested in the “truth,” will only get a fragment, a perception. They believe that the ‘truth’ can be put on a paragraph and all there is left, is to practice it.

    Those who are ready to acknowledge and accept many fragments are closer to that Totality at the mental level, but they may lack the experience of it. Knowledge may try to put those fragments together but without the experience of Totality, there is nothing but words.

    Self realization is not a mental affair. As a matter of fact, knowledge could be an obstacle to de-condition and without de-conditoning, we haven’t gone that far in our journey.

    Brahma Kumaris is a good de-conditioning agent from the conditioning of society, but there is more to it which could arrive in our lives when we are ready. Then may come the mind and unlearning that “knowledge” which at one point was taken as the only “truth.”

    However, every journey is different.

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    Greed for God and Self-realization 

    What is the meaning of desiring to be with “God”? What is the “reason”?
    Salvation? From what? A “high status” in the Golden age? If everyone is happy there, what is the need of a “high status”? Do you desire a “plus,” an “elite” treatment? To be recognized as a king or queen now?
    All of those things only show our greedy nature. I want that because it enhances ME. Nothing wrong with that, but only look at it, observe it.
    Look at the childish motives and the neediness to be “safe” in the afterlife. All “you” want is some gain for “yourself.” Just like the “normal” behavior in society.
    Label that greed as love for “god” and then it will be respectable. All is “good”!

    Have you seen a “respectable seeker” wanting to obtain “self-realization” in this lifetime?
    Pretty much, these naïve individuals believe that self-realization is like getting a masters’ degree or a Ph.D. They are only looking for the guru offering the “fully accredited” method to get there.
    Why do you want to be “self-realized”?  To get a “high status” now. To become something “better” so we believe that all of our problems will get behind.

    It is laughable when some seeker, throws the “I want to be self-realized” without knowing what that entails.
    All our karmic accounts will be settled. From this Life and past lives. That is not an easy scenario. For some you will be the “bad” guy and for others, the “good” one. No one will know if you are really “self-realized” as everyone has an idea, a concept an opinion of what that is, although they don’t know. Those who like you, or who had some utility with your company, aka “experiences”; could make you into an idol to worship. Others, could crucify you in a heart beat.

    Whatever value you think you have or that you deserve, will be gone. Whatever safety our society offers, will not be applicable for you. Do you want to be a “successful” CEO and self-realized? That will not happen. What about a powerful politician and self-realized? That is a good joke. One of the best descriptions I have read of what is like while going through the process is explained in the Tao Te Ching Chapter 20. (Note there are 3 different translations, so we get the idea and not a literal meaning, which is deceitful.)

    “Self-realization” does not happen out of “my effort” or my greed to BECOME something. That is childish. It happens only when it is our time and that is out of our hands to decide. 

    Once someone realizes about their own greed for “spiritual” things, the next question goes like this:
    How do I get rid of my greed, attachment, ego, etc? 
    That question only shows lack of observation of the self. Greed for obtaining self-realization, is not a thing that we can take away by following steps or methods. This is not something that we could get rid off by following some method like “having yoga with Baba for 30 minutes thrice a day for 3 weeks.”

    Simply put: What we ARE we OBSERVE to become AWARE of it. As our awareness increases, then changes will appear. We do not OBSERVE to BECOME “better.” We OBSERVE to acknowledge who we ARE, to enjoy who we ARE.
    Seekers want to change things that they do not believe should be in their personality, to become “pure,” a “saint,” “god chosen ,” etc. 

    All they have are mental concepts of what the “right” thing should be. That ideal is not real. Is not who they ARE, thus repression and dishonesty will occur.

    OBSERVE, become AWARE and let CHANGE happen. What “happens” is a step forward in your own evolution, whether you like it or not. Some may need to go down before going up. Some will go up as they already went down. Every journey is different.
    Learn to appreciate your own role in this Life. Become AWARE of it. Put aside all of those ideas and concepts to reach somewhere “higher.” Appreciate who you ARE. That may be the best thing to DO.

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      Hi Ahnanda, thank you for writing this article. Now for the questions you have asked in this article, everyone will have different answer, some might match. Considering my case, even after exploring BKs and Osho, I don’t know what is God, but still a desire to know him/her/it is there. In India, most of the children are told that there is a God in early childhood, may be they are introduced to pictures and Hindu statues of Gods and Goddesses. So we grow up with this belief about God. However, later you may become a theist/atheist/agnostic. But for me, God was required to reduce my emotional and mental suffering at the age of 22, before that I never thought about God so much. Suffering brought me to BKs. But even after following BKs for 6 years, I was in state that sometimes happy with Baba and sometimes guilty and upset of not been able to adhere to BK teachings. For me, yes I need God for removing suffering out of my life, but I agree that I haven’t been able to find God, or arrive at any conclusion. I am a failure until now. And moreover, I can’t accept Shiv Baba as my God. Can’t go into details but I can’t.
      Regarding self realization, I think when we come across any genuine self realized being, we feel like to be like them. For example, when I explored Gautam Buddha, I felt some kind of similarity in his viewpoint and mine about life. For example, he had made a clear statement in his teachings that “Life is suffering.” Dukha. When I heard this, I wanted to know more and more about Buddha. We also have a greed for acquired knowledge as well Ahnanda. Also, I somehow feel “Knowing” is kind of an obstacle in the journey towards the SELF, I mean already knowing words and explanations, then mind wants to somehow arrive at that becoming.
      Lastly, you are really scaring me by saying that it is not easy and this will happen that will happen. But what if Drama has not written SELF realization for me?? that’s another thing!!
      Sometimes “I” try that SELF inquiry as well, Ramana Maharishi and HWL Poonja aka Papaji have guided for SELF inquiry. Just sitting silently, not putting any effort, just BEING here and now, not touching the mind, now inquiry starts “WHO AM I”. But the answer doesn’t come.
      By the way Ahnanda, thanks for sharing that it is not decided by ME and it happens at the right time. But there is this belief in Hinduism that after human birth, our soul takes millions of reincarnations in other life forms, like animals, birds and all. I believe in Osho to some extent, he approves this belief and says that it is true. Now if I don’t SELF realize myself in this human birth then again I the soul will have to wait for millions of years and Kalpas?? But one interesting thing in that belief is that how those millions of years will pass away in other life forms, there will be no much recognition of that, because animals don’t live in the time the way and to the extent we humans do. Right!! Anyways, thanks for writing and Om shanti 🙂


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        Too much stuff in your mind. Too many beliefs, too much worry and theories, reading, quotes, etc. Do you know how to get rid of that? That is all. EXPERIENCE that.


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          You mean if I somehow get rid of all of that I will be self realized?


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            Ok I asked a stupid question!!


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    The luring “Guru” 

    Once a human being is “selected” for the process of self-realization, many of his experiences will be unique. Those experiences will even affect people surrounding the person going through the changes, however; those experiences most of the time are misinterpreted by followers.
    For example, the belief in “Krishna” and the golden age, allowed followers to represent those things back in Brahma Baba’s days. Today, Dadis may wear crowns in BK celebrations, signifying Kings and Queens of the Golden age. It is not them, who are that “now,” but it is believed that their “role” will be that in the future. As obvious as that is, a follower will typically see something different.

    When someone is going through the process of self-realization there is a time where the previous person (sanskaras) will be magically gone from that individual as if in fact that person was a “new one.” That is why, there is a change in name. You ARE a different person.
    If a young girl feels attracted towards that “new” energy, there is no way for her to explain that. It is not some sort of “black magic.” It is the aura of that person. A caress from that “new” person is genuine, loving as IS any of his actions, for he IS. This, from the view of “normal” people guided by all sorts of conditioning is regarded with doubts and even qualified as morally “wrong.”

    It may be heard that Brahma Baba enacted “Krishna like” episodes of affection with young followers. It may be assessed that this is morally “wrong; “ but that morality is coming from “normal” people with “normal” conditionings.

    Osho went through something more “intense.” His view on sexuality was open as he was ready for that, although most of his followers may not. People could accuse him of having sex with several followers and adding the stigma of being morally “wrong,” but on the other hand, many of those women could have felt affection as they never felt before. That means a step forward in their evolution.

    The problem for society is that many “new gurus” appeared luring women into things. They were not self-realized individuals but rather con artists. What they ARE is not what appears to BE. These people even changed their names to sound more “spiritual,” but it is all part of the con business.

    Life will show later how protected these individuals were in their process. For instance, Osho had followers who were ready to kill others to obtain what they want. They even attempted murder. However, no one died. The same could be said with Brahma Baba. He had several “tests” even with his own family members. No deaths that could be accountable to him.

    Nevertheless, the same could not be said with followers. Once the self-realized individual moves on from this physical plane, the magic is gone for the rest. What remains is a “normal” institution, ran by “normal” people who will DO “normal” things.
    The “magic” will go on at the subtle level, where these self-realized individuals will contact some followers who may be “chosen” to be self-realized. Even though religions have hierarchies, it doesn’t mean that a “higher up” is ready to be self-realized.

    A self-realized individual does not fit into the views of what is “morally right.” He is not a rebel either. He just IS. His life has a mission to fulfill which is not related with profit, name or recognition as a “normal” person is.
    Every self-realized individual who existed, had a singular experience in Life. Followers believe that his life style is the “path to follow.” That is an innocent idea for every path is unique.

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    The significance of mantras, practices and rituals. 

    Some “spiritual practices” rely on rituals to attempt to give a believer a particular experience.

    We could send “rays of peace” or open our “third eye with the help of a crystal,” etc. All of that becomes part of the paraphernalia of spirituality or religious beliefs.

    According to my experience, there are some practices that indeed offer some of the prescribed benefits, such as “opening the third eye,” and “the ability to send energy of peace,” however, unless the adept is ready for this, nothing will happen.

    If Joe Doe sits for meditation for the first time, that becomes a beginning of his path. Because he is asked to send “rays of peace to the world,” that may not happen; but still is beneficial for Joe, as he has never thought that this could be possible. Up to that point, he only knew that cutting a check for some tax exempt institution in the name of “peace,” is the way to “help” the world. Now he knows something new.

    What is important to observe, is that “spiritual experiences” will happen according to the readiness of the seeker. If that person is more in tune with subtle energies, an “experience” is likely.
    Nevertheless, those experiences are only natural consequences of BEING. Most “normal” seekers are constantly looking for them even though, they are not ready. Having “experiences” is not an indication of the degree of spiritual evolvement of someone.

    For instance, Brahma Baba was a self -realized being at the end of his corporeal Life. He had done many “practices” which were copied by subsequent followers. Their thought (followers) was that by copying what he had done, then a similar effect will be experienced by them.
    It doesn’t work that way.
    Nevertheless, those practices in time became “mantras,” “rituals,” and considered “divine activities.” Followers made up those things based on their limited and conditioned understanding of Life.

    How do “I” become ready?
    By forgetting about that idea. To DO something for a “purpose” is what we have been conditioned to believe. A different consciousness, does not happen because “I” want, but because “I” deserve. That is why, methods, practices and rituals have no meaning for a person who is experiencing the process of self-realization, but for those who don’t, there is meaning and benefit.

    A ritual, mantra, meditation or method are positive ways to give an incentive to a seeker, a discipline to follow, even though the “higher goal”(whatever it is) will not be achieved through those things. At the same time, those things are not important for those who are already experiencing a different consciousness. It is all relative and paradoxical depending on where you ARE in Life.

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    The mind and its extremes in BK Life 

    One of the characteristics of a person being utilized by his own mind, is that he will go to extremes as part of his beliefs and ego needs.

    Brahma Kumaris will offer that experience, but if we are not AWARE, we will miss the chance.
    For instance, a follower who has believed in Brahma Kumaris for a long time and has invested resources to support his belief system, is going to “teach others” as he will believe that he is DOING good to others or that he is BECOMING someone “special.”

    The ego needs a way to expand. “My beliefs are TRUE therefore, I am helping others who cannot see what I can.” This sort of grandiose is only showing ego. A person who is UNAWARE, will not notice such pretentious life. It is no longer about “self-realization” but to “self-realize others.”

    Let us say that this person gets disappointed and leaves the BK system. More likely, if his ego is starving for recognition; he will go to the other extreme.
    Now, he will preach “salvation” from the BK system.
    Observe that this person is DOING exactly the same thing, but in opposite direction.
    That is a DOING of the mind.

    Most of the time the extreme is proportional. That is, the deeper we go on one side, the mind will go into the other at the same intensity.

    Observe that Brahma Kumaris teachings are of no consequence for those who are AWARE. What matters is to observe “ME,” to observe how is it possible to believe on having the TRUTH just to go to the other side and deny it, but still saving face as a “SAVIOR” in both instances.

    It goes something like this:
    “I believe in BK teachings. I AM good because I spread them. A few years later: I don’t believe in BK teachings. I AM good because I am saving others from it.”

    We are not aware of the dualistic mind.

    Isn’t “self-realization” what “spiritual” seekers want?
    How is it possible to pass the opportunity to observe their own mind?

    The conditioning is great. As a BK, we see Life as “good or evil.” (duality.)
    Out of the BK experience, still the same duality exists. The EGO perceives that “I was wrong,” so the way to make things “right” is to go against what was embraced before. I must redeem myself.

    In “spirituality” there is no such a thing as “God realization.” But when “the others” is very important in our Life and our dependency is great; then “god realization” weighs more than “self-realization.”

    Also, there is no such a thing as “DOING service.” You ARE therefore, that is what is serviceable or non-serviceable. To DO a recipe of things believing to be the “right” thing, despite not BEING congruent with that DOING, is lack of honesty.

    Any follower who is expecting for words to show them “truth,” is kidding himself. If those words aren’t according to my experience, I am lying to myself.

    The original teachings of Brahma Baba through his experience have been changed. There have been many people (leaders) putting their hands on these “teachings.” This is a frequent experience when regular people surround someone who is in the process of changing his consciousness at a different level. These followers are more concerned in spreading their “truth” and making it available to the masses, rather than learning themselves from that unique experience of witnessing someone closer, going through the process of self-realization.

    So why Brahma Baba does not show up and take a stand against those BKs who are misinterpreting his teachings?

    Brahma Baba had his chance to act. He did while “alive.” Now, others have the opportunity to act as well. This is not about “making things right.”
    That is a human limited vision based on a strong conditioning. In the unlimited, it is about the experience that will be able to change consciousness. To allow everyone to “act” as they need to; for at the end of the game; we know that in fact it is a predestined game, and everything will be as it has to BE. What is “good”? What is “right”? Obviously what is happening in the Drama / Life. Therefore, nothing is “bad” or “wrong.”  Do we have the openness to consider this?  Many like to throw their human morality into the picture and then want to be self-realized at the same time!! This, does not mean either to be “immoral.”  Let us not go to the extreme of mental dualities. It just means to have acceptance, amplitude, “open mind,” to appreciate things beyond our narrow intellectual perception, our “black or white” illusion of a world full of color.
    Therefore, OBSERVE your own game. Become AWARE of it… a “detached observer” of it.  

    For the common good.

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    Worship “reasoning” to find “truth.” 

    If we could experience that our consciousness will give us a particular experience, then it will be very hard to pinpoint something as the “truth.”
    “Reason” is only a methodology to grasp certainty at the mental level. Reason is very superficial when we are dealing with the depth of Life. Nevertheless, most individuals rely on “reason” as the standard to find “truth,” what is “right.”

    Religions such as Brahma Kumaris and Christianity, have built their “truth” based on follower’s interpretations of experiences lived by their religious founders.
    The “Holy Bible” and the BK Murli are examples of that. They can only convey a particular perspective from a certain consciousness.

    If someone uses “rationality” to explore the Bible of the Murli, pretty soon there will be certain items which do not fit the rational standard.
    Then, their messages are discarded as “irrational.”
    We could argue all we want about the “truth” behind the Bible or the BK Murli. It is a very good mind exercise and nothing else.

    The Bible and the BK Murli are not meant to be dissected with rationality. They are meant to be followed, believed, respected. Those documents become the center stage, the source of authority to replace a missing presence of a God.
    “Blind faith” is required to go fully into their path.

    Unfortunately, this great opportunity to awaken to different kind of realities, doesn’t bring that benefit most of the time; but rather a “hard-nosed” follower who believes to have the “truth” or the chance to control followers for different purposes not related with inner-exploration.

    Going through the experience of whatever label/religion we believe to BE, is what will bring change in the individual.

    Whenever we embrace something like a religion or lack of it (atheist,) we will position ourselves at the starting point of our search in Life. The complete experience will be, once we reject that which we embraced at the beginning. That is the way of duality.
    This is not a mental agreement and then a rejection. Your whole BEING will be in it.

    BEING caught up in the existence of a God or lack of it, is of no consequence to change of consciousness and as such, to the possibility to self-realize.

    Once the search for God is over, there is no-God. But once no-God is embraced, then there must be God. That is the game of duality.
    Beyond that game, there is “I,” self.
    That is where the search may finish until we find “no-I.”

    Then, the search is over for there is nothing to search for a “nobody.”

    Yes. It is hard to understand. It is no rational. Thus, it is nonsense.
    The mind is caught up with itself.
    There are no “holy scriptures” or beliefs or lack of them that could take a person into the openness which is necessary to feel fulfilled in Life.

    Living Life experiences will do that. However, since those are too frequent, we dismiss their value. We are not awoken to OBSERVE the movements of Life and consciousness.
    We rather have a mental story in our minds backed up by rationality or lack of, to believe in.

    We are so “happy” by seeing pictures of a meal, rather than experiencing the meal itself. We try to search on how to quench our thirst, what is the “true method,” to do that rather than having the experience of drinking.

    Paradoxically, if you embrace thirst, satiation of thirst will follow… but then after that, thirst will be experienced again. How to get rid of thirst?
    By not making it into a “rational problem.”

    For the common good.

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    Spinning the discuss of self-realization 

    “The more you spin the discus of self-realization and inspire others to do that, the higher the status you will claim.” (5/5/17)

    What is the meaning of “Spinning the discuss of self-realization”?

    Do you think is just about DOING a mental drill such as: “I am a BK, then an angel and then a deity?”

    Do you believe that by repeating this drill 108 times every day, you will “improve” or self-realize?

    Are you compelled to follow these directions because “you” will get a “high status”?

    To DO as above only reveals an infantile consciousness. Nothing wrong with that. It is a beginning, but please don’t push the envelope by believing that this is the “truth” and “you” have it, or the “only method.”

    Please consider this. “You” know that in the cycle of time “you” have had many roles, many “I’s “going through the eternally repeating cycle.
    Who are “YOU”?  Do you see that?  You may say a “soul” but the container is not “YOU” the consciousness.

    You are/ may be a BK “now.” That is a fact. An angel, a deity… those are beliefs. However, you know that you will be a BK again and for that to happen many other roles, good and bad; right or wrong, had to be performed before reaching the role of a BK.

    Did you make any choices in the past roles to get to the BK role? Did you plan anything or it just happened to “YOU”?

    Do you see that “YOU” only ARE something when “YOU” identify with a transient role? Do you see that all roles are transient?
    Who are “YOU”?

    Nothing specific, but every role, everything…. Don’t forget, there is no “I” choosing a role.

    When you ARE nothing but everything, would you be interested in gaining a high status? When you ARE nothing but everything, would you be interested in spinning the discus?

    “You” are self-realized. Others mingling with you would be inspired for there is no identification with anything and openness to Life  as that is “you.” A “high status” may be waiting… but not for “YOU.

    For the common good.

    • Dinesh 2:40 PM on May 13, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      I remember starting this pratice …initially u start this for 2 to 3 minutes…then a Bhrama Kumari doing same for many years guides u doing swadarshan chakra for 15 minutes…but i wonder about one thing…what if i never came in golden age n silver age.. still i m spending 7.5 minutes in some kind of hallucination to make myself feel like a deity…but when i eat hakka sheshwan noodles…i feel more than a deity and that too for more than 7.5 minutes with reality…i know it’s kinda funny but just trying to differentiate hallucination n reality… 🙂


    • Mark 2:23 AM on May 26, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      Have you any advice for people who cannot go to a centre and must practice alone?
      I have been practicing for just over a month but live in China, where I know of no centres or gatherings of BK brothers and sisters. I am reading the daily murli and getting so much drishti from it I’m making notes from each murli. Is this right? It’s a lonely business and I’m not experienced enough to open a centre or gathering. Any advice would be appreciated on being a lone BK in China.


      • ahnanda 12:08 PM on May 26, 2017 Permalink | Reply

        Thank you for your question, Mark. It will be answered in an article next Tuesday. In the meantime, if you have the desire, could you share how did you become a BK? Your English is pretty good. Are you in China temporarily? Thanks.


        • Mark 7:40 PM on May 30, 2017 Permalink | Reply

          Hi Ahnanda, I was lucky enough to go to the Sheffield BK centre in the UK before I came to China to teach and I am in Beijing. We are able to get BK sites through a VPN where I work. It’s lovely to make contact.

          Liked by 1 person

      • tw 1:46 PM on November 14, 2021 Permalink | Reply

        Om Shanti!
        I am in China too。


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