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    Celibacy and Sexuality 

    Sexuality is a mirror of who we ARE. In a violent world, sex will have that violent color at some point. Constant ejaculation will deplete a man’s vitality. While there are techniques to have sex without ejaculating, as our spirituality blossoms by healing wounds and unlearning conditioned patterns, then what is “achieved” through techniques, becomes natural without techniques.

    As our consciousness changes, so will be our sexual life. BEING is before DOING.

    In my time as a Brahma Kumaris where I “practiced” celibacy for 10 years (that is no sex at all including masturbation,) that experience showed me my own repressions: I could observe that even though externally in my demeanor there was a non-sexual behavior, internally there was an inner fight: Dreams at night insinuating sexuality and even “wet dreams” which at the time I even counted how many episodes I had within a year and that gave me my “baseline” for what I thought was “improvement.” Once every 6 months was “my record” of non-conscious nocturnal ejaculation. Sometimes it was more, depending on what was going on in my Life at that time. As my rejection towards sex and sexuality increased, I could feel that I was a firm BK with a firm hold on celibacy, but I was just beginning my path in the understanding of sexual energies. Prostate inflammation was the price I paid for that lesson at that time.

    I didn’t know that inner violence, unhealed traumas, emotional repressions as well as living mostly in the mind; will not allow the easy flow of sexual energy. As the heart center was developed and the acknowledgment of feelings took place, then little by little the repressions staying in the first and second “chakra” started to clear. I observed that as a kid I loved to dance and I was pretty good. However, as an adult in repression mode; my ability to move with fluidity and dance freely ceased to be.

    Through this small article I’d like to urge the BK organization to give their followers useful, positive information about sexual energy. In my time as a BK I looked for trusted information as I did not know Bks who were open to speak about their findings and experiences. When sex becomes a taboo, only repression could happen and that is not celibacy at all. The BK literature about “Brahmacharya” (celibacy) may need further revision as the methodology of infusing fear of sex is not the path for a healthy view of human sexuality.

    Now, I realize that as we heal emotionally and allow for the heart to have the driving seat of our BEING, then even the “practice” of celibacy changes totally. There are no “wet dreams” anymore, no repressions but there is the acknowledgment of sexuality as an integral part of Life’s expression. At one point that manifestation was only physical, but then as consciousness evolved, there is a need for the emotional component to be there as well. That is why it has been said that the expression of the mind, body and soul (feelings) together in unison, in alignment, are the complete, wholesome action (DOING.) When those 3 are present together through sexuality, we can label that action as “making love.” Many could be self deceived with the terminology, unless they have a clear recognition of what comes from their mind, feelings and emotions. For most this will be the journey of recognition by going from the mind to the heart.

    Celibacy means to transcend sexuality in a natural way and not as a repression of it. However, the balancing point between sex and celibacy is for each of us to feel and observe, as everyone is at different stages of our spiritual development.

    I am happy to report that my ability to dance and move the hips with fluidity and grace came back again and I welcomed that experience as the father did to his prodigal son.

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      Wrong understanding of sex and knowledge are the deepest bondage (Shiv sutra) , Brahma Baba didn’t clarify this and due to closed system we cannot get counseling from them. Thanks to technology that gives access to listen contemporary masters who speaks truth directly. Could you please mention the trusted source?
      Thanking you


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      Sexual energy of a brahma kumari will be so high, because there is no role model living in brahma kumari. Impure male soul giving drishti to impure female souls are happening in brahma Kumari’s. Also brahma kumair are not one unit as it was founded now it has a 1000 zone and 1000 male leaders surrendered to brahma kumari. it was told in mural male souls not suppose to surrender. Also god is sarva vyapi in brahma kumari god is present in 10s of thousands of brother and systers. In murali it is said god is not sarva vyapi and that is vipreeth budhi and vipreeth budhi will not become victorious and that is ravan and mayas path


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    The need to transcend and non-duality 

    A friend wrote: “Felt it. No need to transcend anything. Trying to transcend something that I am not. Non-dualism is where it’s at.”

    The above is very important. “Felt it.” That is the first indication of how genuine a realization may be. While for most, it could be something like: “I understood” or “I thought,” here a feeling conveys a deeper significance, for it is beyond the mind.

    While many religions teach to transcend the “bad” in us to only have the “good,” what is actually happening is an inner division: Two sides in the same person, where none could ‘win’ for one side complements the other. How could you transcend greed? When living in the mind, we believe that we can do that by acting in a generous way. However, acting (DOING) is not enough to change BEING (greed.) Then, we could use some repression based on some belief system or we can even write down how many times during the day we acted in a generous way to make it a “sanskar.” However, none of that takes care of greed.

    Now, let me go a bit further. Some ‘spiritual’ individuals may want to transcend the body, for they have even felt that they are not the body. What they are, could be labeled as soul, spirit, source, etc. Any name will do. The important aspect is to realize that we will start denying that which we think/ feel we are not.

    That perspective has a problem. In order to live in our current physical realm, we need the body. How could we make a philosophy of living by denying that which we need to live? That denial could go on: Deny sex, deny any sensual aspect of the body like dancing or sports, deny any pleasure coming from the senses, deny anything that could get someone addicted through the experience of the body.

    In the end; that experience of continuous denial, truly promotes a lack of self love.

    On the other hand, if that person observes his every feeling and action; that person will be aware when the threshold of feeling in harmony has been crossed. For instance, whenever we eat a meal. It could be truly delicious and then the “I want more” will arrive. I could stuff myself and pay the consequences or I could leave from that experience satisfied and in harmony with ‘what is.’ “Stuffing yourself” apparently has no consequences, but as our level of awareness ‘improves,’ then we will be able to observe the ramifications and how addiction comes into the picture.

    Observe that “I” am not denying anything but just observing. As learning comes by assimilating an experience, naturally the path of least resistance will be followed without struggle. Many believe that observation is superficial. They do not want to go deeper into the emotional source behind the action.

    Someone who has experienced a religious path of self denial (path of high resistance,) will immediately know what I am talking about. That experience is important to observe how we have reacted and that is the benefit if we learned from that.

    Someone who does not know anything about spirituality or religion, will be living by following the “normal” dictates of society and its conditioning, which means violence at every corner with few sparks of generosity here and there. For example for many in that world; sex is not fully understood. It is a “problem.” As many have the same problem, then the word “normal” has been used to cover the issues. However, what is “normal” is not necessarily healthy. The end result will be an individual who lacks self observation, awareness, who is not interested in self knowledge at all; that is until things start turning sour, then this person will look for help and then experience for the first time the ‘benefits’ of self denial: That which was ‘good’ or ‘normal’ turned into ‘bad.’

    Due to the above explanation, we could see that different paths are needed and they fit individuals according to their stage or conscious level. However, that level of consciousness will change and that is where an inflexible spiritual path becomes a burden. Time to change.

    “Non-Dualism is where it’s at,” my friend said. In the BK murli there is a concept known as “neti neti” which is part of Hinduism. That translates as: “Neither this nor that.”

    While the mind makes a distinction and creates a duality, a different consciousness could perceive the unity of all, neti neti. The BK world explains this through the knowledge of the “eternally repeating cycle of time,” where there is a togetherness as a movie reel which is continually being played. For instance, while for spectators the movie “Captain America: The first avenger” is just a movie which could be played many times with the same outcome; for every starring participant like the “Captain” (Steve Rogers) there is a particular role, an individuality which brings particular virtues and defects that his role has, which will be necessary in that movie at a particular sequence. “Captain America” is not the same individual for the 2.5 hours of the movie, for ‘he’ has interacted with others, things have happened to ‘him.’ ‘He’ has learned new things and changed into a different character, little by little although most will not realize that.

    When we are able to perceive that movie as a ‘holistic scene’ where everything filmed was needed, then we are observers. If Captain America knew about this 2.5 hours of filming of himself, he wouldn’t take everything happening there so seriously as “his life,” but rather he could be amazed to feel himself as something alive; able to perceive things with his senses, although he knows that ‘he’ is part of the film. That actor can be an individual while knowing to be the movie reel itself.

    That is to be a detached observer in a way; that is to experience non-duality, for there is no separation between ‘him’ and the 2.5 hours movie and everything it brings. It is in this consciousness when non-dual feelings could be felt, like Love; for what is there to hate or be afraid of if ‘you’ are the movie itself?

    In “New Age” jargon, that state of being is known as the experience of the “5th Dimension” and that change is where some humans will be able to experience in their current life times.

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      Thank u sweet brother .while reading transding the bidy ..came to my mind 2 distinct things .body consciousness and body awareness .i think that The latest does not allow vices to grow in the consciousness .why ..because we remaine above what is happeni.g in the body .like keeping 1 cm between us and our own skin .gratitude.

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    Violence is the root of the “sword of lust.” 

    If violence is one of the main generator of our food choices as when we support slaughter without remorse, then that force also has a great impact in our sexuality.
    In Brahma Kumaris parlance, sex is identified as the “sword of lust.” It is important then to observe how lust is related with violence.

    Sexuality is like a knife: It could be useful and blissful in a compassionate being which will help to carve and sculpt an ego-less being or a dangerous tool in a violent one. Many are a mix in between thus, making many wounds to others and themselves.

    When the BK belief states: “God says that we should practice strict celibacy for sex is the gateway to hell.” Then, there is no way out for the follower. A typical “normal” human being will cherish sexuality, unless there are mental or past traumatic experiences or diseases in the background.

    Guilt will be the main trauma to consider going against what “God says.” When that guilt is exploited, the end result is a person who rejects sex or is unable to fully embrace sexuality even after the BK experience. 

    It all depends on the depth of that belief and the emotional investment in it. It is difficult to generalize; but guilt will be there nonetheless, which could be shown as fear of failure to meet expectations in some, or lack of intimacy in others.

    It is important then to realize that an emotionally disturbed individual, cannot be material for “heaven,” although; he may be a “pukka” (firm) follower.

    Many variables to comply with BK celibacy may be out of the hands (conscious awareness) of the individual. For instance there may be influences from the “lower spiritual world” known as plasma or even Succubus and Incubus, which have been experienced by many although; those experiences could be colored with someone’s belief. There are many types of “spiritual entities” which will feed themselves with human “vibes” which are produced through sexual energy. The aura field protecting humans, may have “holes” and these entities will have the chance to enter and lure individuals into obtaining their energy, their vitality. Lack of self love is one of the causes for getting those aura holes.

    Why am I sharing this? If a person is sexual by nature, but there is repression to his normal sexuality, then there will be an inner fight which will cause guilt and then low self-love. See the relationship? On the other extreme, Pornography in itself is not evil (nothing wrong with looking at naked people wasting their vitality) but the way we indulge in it by feeding the mind with experiences which are not real to us, will exacerbate the perversity of the mind to look for further pleasure, to make that stronger, to add violence and make it different and to repeat the experience as many times as possible. This will produce a fantasy world which will take the person out of the “real world” and real relationships. That creates a psychological trauma where the life force is sucked out of the person which unwillingly will feed entities, scavengers of the lower realms. We may say in the meantime, it is “my karma” or the “sanskar will not go away.” Sexuality is not the issue, but all the traumas we have created are.

    Surrounding violence will attract further violence from this lower realm or others. For that reason to be aware, conscious of our repetitive thoughts, our repetitive behaviors and moods, is of great importance to untie the puzzle and liberate ourselves from any self created “golden” pleasurable jail, where sexuality becomes unfairly, the culprit.

    Beliefs are usually categorized into “true” or “false.” That is for the novice. For a conscious being, beliefs are helpful or unhelpful. What has been helpful at one time, could not be at another. It all depends on where we are in our spiritual journey.

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      Hi Brother,

      Thanks a lot for your articles.
      I have a couple of questions if you can please take some time out to answer them

      1) What are those ‘lower spiritual entities feeding themselves with human vibes’ which you talk about? Are these souls who don’t have a body yet to express themselves?
      2) Can you explain more on ‘Aura Holes’? How do we end up creating them and how can we fill them up ?
      3) I am following the BK path for a couple of years and find myself very sexual by nature. Even though lately I have let go of ‘shoulds’ and ‘should not’ and have accepted this sexual energy. But expressing this sexual energy is something I am struggling with. It’s like, to express it I will need to ‘look’ or ‘seek’ a willing partner, which somehow feels like an endeavor I don’t pursue. I mean, I would prefer it happening with ‘flow’ instead of me seeking and approaching women randomly or via dating apps. So I don’t end up doing anything about it. So when this sexual energy piles up over time I end up being ‘possessed’ by it and masturbate using a fantasy world in my mind.
      I don’t find this healthy either. How should one channelize this energy? Or what are your thoughts generally on this?



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        I am following Brahmakumaris for more than 7 years now. For first six months it was a very nice experience because of feelings although I didn’t practice yoga at home but was regular in class. Then I started searching in internet about dharna from there I got confused when I read truth about Brahmakumaris but I didn’t believe in it because it was baised. My search continued there I found your Blog which was very helpful. I am unmarried and sexually addicted to fantasy this habit also started appearing stronger and I got sexually attracted towards BK sister teacher. She started making distances with me which felt bad to me this tendency continued I also explained the issue to sister but no help she shared loveful feelings to me and I became dependent on her as I was not practicing yoga at home, I continued the class to feel the loveful atmosphere. I was also used in IT service but she was not open towards me. My fantasy increased but I didn’t got any solutions i read your blog about observation and awareness but it worked for few days this tendency is becoming stronger and I am not able to do my daily tasks and communication with people. When I see sister talking nicely to others and make distance with me I felt Jealous and bad about myself now I am also not used for IT service as this service has been given to new brother which is also unbearable for me as sister is very much involved towards her. This has created trauma to me I am all the time thinking about sister I am felling very depressed. I tried other forms of yoga through YouTube which is not very much helpful to me because I am not regular in practice. I am going to centre weekly here I get some relief and sister is also helping indirectly but my condition is getting worst. What is your suggestion to me please help.


        • avyakt7- New Generation 3:03 PM on October 27, 2020 Permalink | Reply

          Thank you for your question. I will respond in an article next Monday, Nov. 2nd.
          Best wishes.


          • RK 6:54 PM on October 27, 2020 Permalink | Reply

            Thank you very much
            Before gyan I had this fantizing habit but it was not the issue but here as I
            was feeling good I wanted to spent some time with sister but she didn’t understand my feelings and started avoiding and doubting me that felt bad to me. I tried to transform this but failed, in your blog I had once asked suggestion from you. You said don’t repress sexuality so I continued fantizing I thought this will release my repression but the tendency became stronger and as I didn’t get help from sister side due to her closed nature. Now as far as I understand I wanted to spent some time with loving partner but due to my fantizing habit she avoided me which I felt bad and wanted to transform it but nothing happened and sister is now ignoring me and involved with new brother this has made my thought more voilent and reactive towards her. I am feeling very bad as I wanted to change my habit because of her but she changed. I am thinking about her all the time and not able to do my regular task carefully. Is it a mental illness should i consult to psychiatrist I don’t want to take medicine because I think it will not help much. My question has become very long please bear with me because I want to make my situation clear to you. I find you the right person to respond in this situation. Your blog has been a great help in my journey. This 7 years I spent most of my time in searching to understand myself and cut myself from society. I didn’t practiced yoga sufficiently is this also the reason my habit became stronger. There is very struggle in every aspect of my life. Should I continue or leave the path I have no other issue than this. Sister’s loveful feeling has helped me a lot when I don’t visit for a long time she calls me. I am emotionally attached towards her.
            Thank you very much


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    Different Consciousness 

    Back in 2012, I was convinced that celibacy was the “path of purity.” I was convinced that there was no other way. The sexual experiences I had before becoming a BK, demonstrated me that sex could be hurtful although, at the same time; there was an uncontrollable drive, an instinctual manifestation which couldn’t be stopped at will. It was pleasurable yes, but with some awareness I could feel the “negative” sides too (depletion of vitality, subtle violence, attachment) and the longing to have the “ultimate sexual experience,” as society sold me that idea through its conditioning.
    Brahma Kumaris was a “savior” for me at that time, as I was surely heading into that route of “sex indulgence.”

    Superficially, it is easy to blame sex as the culprit. “Sex is sinful, bad, etc.” Now, I realize the issue wasn’t sex per say, but the location of my consciousness and experiences at that time. As we go through the “spiritual” journey, we could observe that consciousness is indeed everything. No wonder “God” said at that time: “Sex-lust is the greatest enemy.” Why? That was needed by me at that conscious level. No more questions. The issue was that I thought that I had “arrived,” when in fact; I was just starting. That was my case.

    8 years later: Sex for me is one of the most gratifying experiences that I could have. It is not just pleasure, it is fulfillment. It is regeneration. In 8 years, I am the same person, although; I am not. Different consciousness. For me, Spirituality and Sexuality are intimately related. What are the characteristics of that “new” consciousness? Far less inner and outer violence. A greater capacity for enjoyment. Far less taboos and hangups. That is “more spiritual.”

    We may need to experience the extremes to know the middle and once we know it, we cannot say that one side of the rope is “better” or the “truth,” rather than the other; for we understand that the whole experience is necessary. “Spiritual” understanding is not of the mind, but it is in the process of living.

    For those only interested in defending philosophies and BK beliefs; I may be the example of someone who had been walking the path of “purity” and…. oh Maya! “She” took me away from the path!

    Back in 2003, I was taken from the path of being a “normal” human. My wife at that time, later resented the BK movement because “that took me away from marriage.” My ex-wife had her experience, her point of view and BK followers have a different one. I cannot please everyone and that is not what Life is about. When dealing with contradicting opinions, the main point is to observe our own feelings: When dealing with that issue, what is what I feel? And more important once a personal decision is made: With what kind of care I disengage from one side to go into the other? It is not just about DOING what we think is “right,” but we need to consider those who are with us, those who soon will be part of our past: How do I break the news? How do I prepare the terrain so potential animosity is minimized? That is a mastery in itself, for otherwise; consequences will be felt without a doubt.

    At that time, I picked the BK movement over society. Ten years later, I picked Life. Not society again, but Life. Thus, from society, to BK and now into Life. Once we learn about conditioning, we cannot be part of that anymore although, living with all, acknowledging all without rejection.

    It is important to look back so we find the “gems of knowledge” through our own experience.
    There was a time when society was alright. There was a time when “they” were considered “impure” by me. We can go “pro” OR we can go “con.” That is the path of the mind. We have a belief, an opinion of everything. To understand that our opinions are based on our experiences and those are different from someone else’s, is a teaching that took me awhile to realize. Now is the time when I observe society for it reflects “me,” but there are no movements “pro or con.” Same with the BK world.

    What has changed? Consciousness. To allow for Life to change “me,” has been very important in my path. Otherwise, I would be stuck with a philosophy, a point of view and rejecting others. Why reject others? To belong to one, means not to belong to others. We cannot embrace the Totality at that point, and Life is a Totality.

    I rejected Brahma Kumaris before becoming a BK and while belonging to society. I took the “7 days course” and dismissed those “crazy beliefs” for about a year; until I had experiences with Brahma Baba, thanks to my sister’s connection with him. That changed my game. That saved me from my pursue of “empty dreams” but ended my marriage as well. Also during those years, the extremes arrived in my Life to complete the “humble” lifestyle look: Went from a Director of Technology into a pool cleaner and massage therapist. The experience was devastating for my ego, but looking back; it was completely necessary. For what? For that who is emerging now. It takes time. Our label of an experience changes according to the color of the glasses we wear. Those glasses are consciousness.

    The “price” to pay for what I know now by experience, is not cheap. Nothing is free of charge.
    Can I get angry and complain that I could have been someone “important” in Life, if it wasn’t that I decided to go full heart with my spiritual “nonsense”? That is lack of awareness and lack of honesty. I felt that there was something calling me, but I couldn’t put a name to that. It was related with spirituality, with “God,” but then it changed into knowing myself. That was the driving force, the meaning that I was searching and that I couldn’t fulfill by following different paths.

    Now, I receive help and guidance from two beings similar to Brahma Baba. I understand that this may not be the reader’s experience; but all I can say is that I did not reject that experience in my path and I have grown through that experience. Life is greater, much greater than any single philosophy or religious view.

    I didn’t look for those experiences. Those came to me. Life sent them. If we cling to something, we are no longer learning in Life but we are accepting the route of comfort, the route of perceived security in an ever changing world. To learn and grow in Life, means necessarily to change.

    Now I can say that Sex, Brahma Kumaris and Society are all alright; God is also alright and so is Maya.
    Let me add the words “in my experience” at the end of that sentence above.
    My experience cannot be yours, but perhaps you could recognize some aspects of this writing in your own life.
    I am not selling anything to you. I am not sharing any “truth” to you to save yourself or looking to gain your “vote” pro or against something.
    I merely write to share my experiences, to share change but perhaps, with a different consciousness every time.

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    The choice-less path of Awareness 

    “When you are practicing a method, you have set a direction towards which you are moving. The direction and the end is put together by thought. So you are not out of thought, you are still in the movement of thought. Will is the accentuation and exaggeration of desire. You desire to have enlightenment; you desire moksha, liberation or heaven or whatever you call it; you desire it, and you work for it. You set a direction, and whatever end goal you have set for yourself is still within the area of thought, matter, time and measure. So you have not left thought, you are still caught in it. A mind that is inquiring into meditation is aware of this fact and therefore has no system, no method, no goal, no direction and therefore no will.”
    Public Talk 4 in Madras (Chennai), 15 December 1974 – J. Krishnamurti.

    The above is not understood by “spiritual people” living in the mind. No will, no system, no direction, no goal… How is that possible?

    What is the method to “become like the Father” according to Brahma Kumaris? The answer will depend on who responds. His own experience and beliefs. What is actually what ‘God’ said? Many things… however there is no list of items, no steps to get “there.” No method. It happens. We could believe that it is “my effort” but that idea is coming from the ego mind who wants to be bound in the security of an outline, a set of instructions to believe that it is getting somewhere “special” by DOING things.

    Am I saying not to DO anything then, and let for things to happen?
    NO. In many articles I have described that OBSERVATION, to be AWARE and conscious of the process is the “true” ACTION, the “true” DOING. But many will say, but “only observation?” There is no awareness of the significance of being AWAKE and conscious of the things that are continually happening around us.
    Some energy comes into us, changing our mood. Have we felt the moment that happened? How do we react? Are we observant of our beliefs and our unwillingness to change despite the signals that Life is sending us?

    When we are bound by the mind, we only believe in sticking to some old paradigm, to reach something “better” but Life does not work like that.

    I read here ( https://www.aljazeera.com/news/2020/01/woman-reports-rape-15-minutes-india-200110032323608.html ) that “one woman reports a rape in India every 15 minutes.” That is amazing coming from a country known to value “peace,” known to practice spiritual “methods” such as celibacy.
    Observe that all that sheer repression towards sexuality due to different taboos and ideals is coming to the point where it cannot longer be held under “control.”
    What a practice such as “celibacy;” (as it is understood by the majority of people bound by their mind,) is capable of bringing?
    Without a doubt further repression. That is why, FEAR is used instead, and that brings as consequence the feeling of guilt and shame. A sinner is born.

    The same old “spiritual” paradigm is not enough to measure and fit a changing world.
    The same phenomena has been happening with Catholic priests. Child molestation the consequence of such practice in a homosexual environment. But the belief that Jesus did not have sex and I must imitate him is prevalent, although “reality” is different.
    Obviously, some ask: What is the solution? They want an answer, a recipe to follow that will fit every case. Those individuals are bound by their own minds. They lack the OBSERVATION to look at themselves and be honest with their own feelings and become aware as to how human sexuality becomes an outlet for aggression and violence however tinted with pleasure. They cannot see that sex for them, is only about satisfying the mind.

    These people only want an answer, something that they have to DO or avoid DOING, that is the extent of their OBSERVATION; then Brahma Kumaris offers that: No sex at all. Fight your own demons. Ask help to God. Live in the fear of “failing” and being doomed forever.

    Do we see the movement of this? When SEEING it, OBSERVING it, DO we see our path without making a choice? That is no will, no method, no direction.

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    Lust is the greatest enemy 

    Please take a look at this link:

    Supposedly, it is a translation of the Bhagavad-Gita. One of the “holy scriptures” of Indian origin.
    There, it is explained that lust is not only “sex-lust” but it broadens to another word “desire” which is then explained as the interplay of greed and anger.

    Confusion is apparent.
    Someone who merely acts by following words, will not understand the meaning of what those words are pointing out.
    As a consequence, “desire” has been labeled as “bad” in many religions:  “Desire is the cause of Suffering”  has been said.

    Full of words, we are unable to grasp anything but confusion.

    The Brahma Kumaris Murli points out: “Lust is the greatest enemy. From the beginning to middle to the end.” But then, the new word “sex-lust” appeared in Murlis as to become specific of the type of lust.

    In turn, that statement has labeled sex as something “bad,” “sinful.”
    That is their perspective.

    Sex is not sinful or bad. The people involved in it, make sex into something enjoyable, blissful or something to be ashamed of.

    That is the importance of understanding BEING rather than DOING.
    In a “beginner’s consciousness,” actions are considered “good” or “bad.” Nevertheless, the BEING of the one performing the actions is not considered at all.

    Sex, more than any other activity will manifest this clearly.
    Most individuals do not know of the benefits of sexual energy. Sex is for them, an outlet to their violence, triggered by nature’s impulse to reproduce. Greed and anger are manifested through human sexuality.

    As explained in a previous article, when dealing with masses of people, it is easier to express ideas in a “black or white” fashion.
    Sex is “bad.” End of report. That is a commandment for all followers.

    Although most followers will fall into the category of expressing anger and greed through sex; it does not mean that this is a license to generalize and belittle human sexuality.

    There are those who will defend sex, not because they have experienced well-being and renewal through this energy, but because it is a readily available outlet to express their violence, greed and anger masked in the experience of pleasure with the payoff of lower vitality (through constant ejaculation aka orgasms.)
    That interplay is what makes sex so complex. It is a layer of pleasure having underneath other emotional layers, with the potential of loss of vitality for most.

    Observe your impulses. Observe the energy behind them, the feelings. That awareness will bring a different perspective.

    “Sex-lust is the greatest enemy.” How do you “conquer” it? The yogi will put his “will-power” or “yoga power” to overcome it.

    That is a never-ending fight within.

    Enemies and friends are the duality that fogs the mind. There is no conquering, there is only full understanding, acknowledgement.
    When sex-lust is neither a friend nor an enemy, we could observe it, learn from it, accept it and let it go.

    Have we observed that everything that we accept in our Life as “ours,” will go away in time? If we don’t reject it neither accept it, it is not “ours.”
    Not being ours, we are free of it.
    A mind that is not trapped in the duality of accepting and rejecting is an empty mind, free, open.
    Love is there. Paradoxically, Love is not of the mind.
    When there is Love, there is no Lust.

    For the common good.


    • Christopher Joseph 10:59 AM on October 26, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      Perfectly said.”True Love is not Lust.But where you can get it in Kalyug.(that is only if you believe ) or the so called Modern days.😊


      • avyakt7- New Generation 11:14 AM on October 26, 2017 Permalink | Reply

        The question is: AM I love? 🙂


        • Christopher Joseph 1:41 AM on October 27, 2017 Permalink | Reply

          Am I love ?…please tell me how to make that or feel it a reality .Do I have to be SOUL CONSCIOUS to Feel that I am love??? Also it is just impossible to become AAP SAMAN unless I have had the same /exact experiences you have had to bring you in your present state .Why does the Murli say you have to make others aap saman also baap saman???How do I go about it.☺???


  • avyakt7- New Generation 11:36 AM on June 6, 2017 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , , , , , , sexual desires, sexuality, yogi   


    Celibacy is a “black or white” practice in Brahma Kumaris.
    No sex at all, is the belief to practice to make someone more “spiritual,” “elevated,” “pure.”
    What I’d like to transmit to Brahma Kumaris readers is that Sex in itself is not ugly, sinful or impure.
    What we ARE is what makes sex into those things that the Sakar Murlis constantly speaks about.

    This is not something that I have read or that I am repeating from another guru, or another belief coming from another God. This is my own experience.
    What we ARE is not depending on a “practice” such as: “I will be compassionate while having sex.” That is a lie to ourselves. What you ARE will express without any rehearsals. It is your consciousness.

    Most individuals at this time, are experiencing an inner rebellion towards sexuality. For some, is about liberation from previous rejections and the expression of their hidden desires, although; their energy will be drained. It is about experiencing a few moments of pleasure. That is the extent of sexuality that they will know.

    For others, like in Brahma Kumaris is the continuous attempt to go beyond the body. A “yogi” is meant to conquer sexual desires through their own sheer will power and the help of God.
    Because pleasure is not understood but feared and consequences of deep conditionings of centuries of sexual rejection, will take the individual away from the “spiritual realm” by attaching their senses to the physical body. That is the belief.

    One important thing that I have learned in this journey, is not to fight with myself. Every energy that is within has a reason to exist. By opposing to its expression, by repressing it, we are only postponing its expression. Believe me, that repressed sexual energy will express. If it is not allowed to, it will kill you.

    Of course, then we have the stories of those who have “conquered sex lust.”
    How do you know, how do you measure it? If repression means to “conquer,” that is an ugly way to deal with your sexuality. It will bring consequences.

    I am not here to tell anyone to engage in sexual activities or to reject them completely. Everyone has their own path, the range of sexuality is vast and it spans from no sex at all to lots of sex, to transcending sex lust, through refining subtle energies (Brahmacharya.) Love is in that realm for some.

    My concern is for your health. I just want to say that to be honest with your current state of BEING is the most important aspect.

    Transcendence of sexuality does not happen through rejection, will power or any sort of commandment that we wish to follow. It is a natural state, experienced once your time arrives. It is not on your hands to expedite your process. Every experience that we experience in Life, is necessary as it is.

    If you look and acknowledge where you ARE rather than what your mind tells you what “should be,” you will have the chance to enjoy the gift of living Life. When you are enjoying, you are spreading good vibrations to everyone. When you are enjoying Life, you are DOING service without any childish desires for Paradise, high status, to make subjects, etc. It is NATURAL service to humanity.
    Finally, when you are enjoying Life you are accumulating “good karma.”
    Honesty has its benefits, but those benefits will be experienced when we do not “practice” honesty, but when we ARE honest without any practice whatsoever.

    For the common good.

  • avyakt7- New Generation 9:00 AM on March 2, 2017 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , , , , , , , sexuality,   

    DOING to Change BEING 

    The idea/philosophy of repressing something, not DOING something labeled as “bad” to become the opposite, “good” is flawed.
    Energies that make up BEING have a polarity in them.
    For example, repress the energy of anger and the energy of compassion goes away as well. Every energy has its opposite, which is truly the same energy at different levels.

    For individuals living in a “Black or White” mind, to repress is something that makes sense. They do not have the capacity yet to transcend a particular energy. The Murli talks about “conquering sex lust” we may think this to be an inner fight, but we can only “conquer” what is no longer necessary for us, otherwise; we may need to transform it. Please keep this in mind, in the Murli to “conquer” is to “transform,” not to repress.
    Did Brahma Baba repress sexuality?
    Very unlikely. Look at his age when he began his BK path, look at his experiences (he was a father and married for many years) Sexual energy was no longer needed.

    Now, observe a young BK. Sexuality is in him/her. Methods to repress that sexuality will be “practiced.”
    That repression will explode inside him at some point in his life. Diseases may appear, which will be rationalized as “part of his karma,” or “settling karmic accounts to become pure.”

    “You” want to be “pure.” What do you DO? Refrain from DOING those things deemed to be “impure.” Very simple for simple minds.
    What is considered to be “impure” is a list of labels which are believed to be given by God himself. Beliefs running a Life. Beliefs controlling the mind. The bottom line is a fight, where the “winner” is you, but also the “loser.” 

    The Brahma Kumaris path is truly an exploration of the mind. If you leave the path, you will go back to be even “worse” than what you were before. Isn’t this what the Sakar Murli says?

    Do you know why?
    Because all of those things repressed, will come out with great force, like water coming out of a faucet that has been stopped from flowing, the barrier will give in and there will be great force when it comes out.  You see, there was never a change in BEING. It was only in DOING.
    To become “worse” is a natural outcome, until all energies level off again. Nevertheless, we are scared of the label “worse.” We do not see what we are DOING to ourselves, as the mind has the “right” answer, the “truth”, “God”,  and you will comply with it, no matter what; even if you die… For you are a “Pukka.”

     I have done that. I have learned my lesson about the mind. 

    Love is truly capable of changing individuals, but love that is capable of making this to happen is called ” surrendering.”

    To surrender cannot be understood when there is an “I” trying to be One with God, when there is an “I” trying to achieve “Heaven,” or a “High status” in the BK organization or in the afterlife.

    To surrender is to dissolve that “I.” Then, what “you” are will come out and the theory of “we are truly love” may no longer be “theory” for you.
    Surrendering is not only with Baba, but with anything; for it is not about who you surrender to, but is about surrendering the “I.”

    Even though BapDada have gone many times in the topic of surrendering, this keeps being misunderstood, for we want to make sense with our minds, and that cannot happen.
    Through surrendering, BEING changes without DOING and that change IS.

    Until March 21st! I will be taking a vacation. 🙂

    For the common good.

    • Anil Kumar 9:57 AM on March 2, 2017 Permalink | Reply


      Happy vacation!

      Liked by 1 person

      • Dinesh Chawla 12:15 AM on March 21, 2017 Permalink | Reply

        You really rock Ahnanda, the article “Nothing is everything” was so so amazing…:) It threw light on many things in just one place. People are really too much into words and BECOMING you know! I am already an editor working on a higher post in an MNC but my mother thinks becoming like “Neal Armstrong” (the guy who reached moon) is something a human should achieve to BECOME the BEST!
        Thanks for the article, it makes us feel lighter…:) I wish my mother could understand such articles!! hehehe 🙂


  • avyakt7- New Generation 4:48 PM on July 19, 2016 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , bramacharya, , , , , , , , sexuality,   

    BK Sakar Murlis and Celibacy 

    There is process in everything in Life.
    Brahma Baba wasn’t a “finished product” at a certain date.
    Sakar Murlis shows that process.
    From the moment the first Sakar Murli was put into ink up to the last one; it only shows Brahma Baba’s process.

    Translations by individuals without Brahma Baba’s experience or consciousness, changes or “updates” to those Murlis for the sake of being “politically correct,” or to reflect the changes in our society; will make those words,  challenging to understand in “depth.”
    At the surface, it is easy. Either something is “good or bad.”

    That is why, the “black or white” style in those Murlis is very appealing for the beginner spiritual seeker.

    “Do nots” become important as a new seeker thinks that ACTIONS, are the important consideration in spirituality. Many individuals will stay in that consciousness for awhile.

    “Your actions will define you.” Thus, “don’t do” if you want to be safe, but if you have a list of certain actions and activities which are “beneficial” in earning you the label of “saint,” “holy man,” “Golden age Deity,” “Angel,” etc; then by all means, DO those actions.
    So easy to understand.

    As the seeker becomes aware of the dissonance between DOING an action and FEELING, then a problem in honesty will arise.

    For example, Sex has been qualified as “impure.” I may feel “good” by following those ideas as I believe they come from God; but I may be repressing my true feelings. Therefore, even though I “don’t do it,” and I may think that I am not “falling into temptation,” my inner sentiment is not consistent with my action or lack of it.

    This inner fight, may be considered the proof that “I am impure” and thus, “I need to resist.”

    If I listen to the Sakar Murlis, I will have plenty of support as to why “I need to fight my sexual drive.”

    However, repression of sexuality will differ among individuals and their ages. Brahma Baba was in his sixties when he practiced Brahmacharya. His circumstance is not the same as a young BK.

    Very little have been taught about sexuality in Brahma Kumaris. It is not a matter of just deciding not to have sex, and repress as much as possible. Believe me, it is deeper than that. The consequence of that “practice,” may affect the physical body as well as the mind of the person (depending on the personal setting.)

    Pleasure has been qualified as “impure.” Sexuality has been qualified as the “gates to hell.”

    It is thought that what is important is the ACTION over the individual.
    Do you have an addictive personality? Do you use pleasure as an escape from pain? Have you had a bad experience with sex?

    Most women have been denied to express and explore their sexuality in many societies. Some women may not experience pleasure at all in sex. The psychological conditioning from time immemorial seems unbreakable.

    On the other hand, for most men pleasure is focused on the “sword of lust.” These men have not explored their own sexuality for that is a taboo. For men it is easy to reach an orgasm but not for many females.

    Therefore, is Sex the issue? Is the ACT the impure thing? Or rather the protagonists, the individuals bringing their own shortcomings, their taboos and mental traumas?

    Yes. The “Black or White” Sakar Murli is very easy to understand.
    “Do not have sex.” “It is bad.” Why deal with the individual’s problems? Why go into their emotional and psychological issues when it is “easy” to just resist by using a “black or white” approach,  a  one size fits all approach?

    That may be a shortcoming of the “BK method” as is typically geared for the masses at this point in time; nevertheless, unless the individual realizes about their repression, about their lack of inner honesty; there will not be a chance to move into a different consciousness.

    Yes, we have those who left the practice of Celibacy because it was too much for them, or for whatever other “reason.” They thought to be  very “smart” when they quit the practice.
    Those “reasons” do not matter.
    What actually matters in my experience, is if the realization of repression exists and with that if our action or lack of it, is consistent with our feelings.
    That is all, simple but very difficult to perceive.

    Then acceptance of our being, our role in Life appears. The fight of the mind to conquer itself as a dog looking to bite its own tail, goes away. The dog is not different than its tail as sex is not different than being a human being.

    While a human being, BE one. “Pure and impure” is not BEING. It is the conditioning of the mind defining, separating, rejecting the tail from the dog.

    For the common good.

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