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    The essence of spirituality – Part 1 

    Awareness. That is the essence of spirituality. End of report.

    There are many levels of awareness according to our consciousness. There is a time when we separate things through awareness: There is “I,” and “You,” together with all the other pronouns and then “Me” and the rest of the world. Then, the well known “inside” and “outside.” However, there is a level when we could become aware of the togetherness of all.

    Consciousness cannot be ‘improved’ through ‘practice.’ However, there has to be a willingness beyond anything else in life, to know “thyself.” Knowing thyself means to know Life as well. It is not one and then the other but knowing one, you know the other. We are one.

    Consciousness changes as we experience the different facets of Life. We are never the same. It is the awareness of those changes while they are happening, which brings further sharpness in that quality of awareness.

    We could interchangeably use the term “observation” with awareness at one level, but they are not the same at a different ‘higher’ level of consciousness.

    Together with willingness to go through this seldom walked path, there has to be utmost honesty to be able to perceive where we ARE in consciousness. When that honesty is not there, we could accept many beliefs as ‘true,’ when in fact, we have never experienced them. While living in that self lie, there is no way to go further. Something may be ‘true’ but if it is not in our experience, we are only lying to ourselves. That is dishonesty.

    In spirituality, we are not concerned in “getting the right answer” as it is in society. We are concerned in BEING true to ourselves. What good is it to know that we are “eternal souls” when we do not have that experience and we do not act as if knowing that? How could that knowledge help us in our quest for self knowledge? If we have the “right” answer as the thing to find, then we could never accept other turns which Life may bring us. If there is something that I have learned and that I would like to convey to all readers, it is that “every path is different for every individual. Although these paths have the same destination, although at different times.”

    In society we have learned “not to reinvent the wheel” and some religions believe that all we need to DO is to follow what someone else like a “saint” or religious leader has done. However, my experience is that in spirituality the “wheel has to be reinvented” for every path, every experience, every perception is different in Life. Thus, all we can do is share our own experience and never a ‘method’ or a ‘system’ that will allow us to ‘get there.’

    A person who is just a “baby” in spirituality and listening about the different perceptions of consciousness will say: “ So one perception must be the right one. Who is right ?” He just wants an answer. Something intellectual to give him the idea that “he knows.” This type of person usually will be living life just to enjoy his senses. He will eat anything at any time as long as it tastes “good” (based on conditioning or even imitation), or she could believe that a mirror is her best judge. She will not become aware of how her judgment about her physical observation came to be. The majority of the people on Earth are still at this level. The more conditioned they are through the media and the marketing machinery of society, the less capacity for judgment of their learned values, they will have. These individuals will tend to live life just like their parents did, perpetuating all the unhealed issues which came from living in a ‘modern’ society.

    As this ‘modern’ society seems to endlessly migrate from Nature into walls of concrete and roads of asphalt, (where entertainment means to distract the mind from BEING himself) then this individual will lose his capacity to appreciate his connection with mother Earth and therefore, his ability to FEEL. In turn, this person will be worshiping the mind and living a world of “virtual reality,” where the mind takes over his life.

    The end result is a person who THINKS all the time: “I think I love you.” They will say. “I think we should DO this.” “I think the solution is that.”

    These individuals are unaware that reasoning has a limited scope. Thought usually perceives the surface of matters while supporting separation. These individuals are unaware that thought is from the past, as it comes from our conditioning and previous experiences. Thought cannot bring enjoyment, happiness and peace which at the same time, is what they want.

    The gist of thinking is to compare, to analyze, to dissect things in parts, to extrapolate based on fixed premises and to bring the past to our mind to be articulated by our language, which has been catered to polarize meanings: It is black OR white. There is no awareness that there could be something in between. Those analytical capacities are very useful in the “office world” and to operate in “Life in the head” through philosophies and all sorts of beliefs and even scientific discoveries, but those ways have no chance to understand our emotional subjective reality or yet another human or a different species which is unable to ‘speak.’

    That type of individual has been trained to exploit, subdue and compete with another. That type of individual will kill to obtain what he wants and will rationalize all sorts of separations made through his morality, to conquer anything he wants. That type of person is not sensitive enough to ‘see’ beyond his mind. But yet, those “qualities” are admired and watered down to be “politically correct” and taught to others as values to pursue to “succeed in life.”

    When a person is able to perceive his feelings, emotions and thoughts without identifying with them and able to live life while self observing his every movement, thought and feeling; then that individual is in the process of transitioning to a different way of living: FEELING. Perhaps then, she will realize how absurd it is to say “I think I love you.” Moreover, that person will be able to observe one of the greatest lies of all time since the time of Descartes ( I think therefore, I am) , which is that human beings are not truly rational beings but rather emotional beings. – I FEEL therefore, I AM.

    Since that type of person is unable to FEEL Love, beauty, peace and joy, all they have left is the “idea” dictated by their beliefs of what those ‘things’ are.

    Thus, they will “practice” those ideas. As a consequence, the FEELING beyond thought is never known; but merely an idea mixed with emotionality which they carry as a response of defense against the environment (the outside) which they want to subdue. That perception of what “I want” and what the “outside brings,” creates a conflict (ego) which is usually solved by conquering the other through some form of violence.

    How is it possible for this person to experience Love, beauty, peace and happiness then? It is not possible, but paradoxically these individuals “talk” all the time about these FEELINGS as the “right solutions” to the problems in humanity.

    That is their extent of disconnection with their reality and the limitation of their awareness.

    (Will continue)

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      Om shanti brother. Yes, what you said is right, we use our intellect/mind more than we observe our feelings. This happens even when we sit in meditation; the mind keeps thinking or giving directions (a commentary) to meditate but the ‘heart’ does not feel what it has to experience/ feel.

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    When returning to the BK world 

    There are many Brahma Kumaris who left the BK religion and then came back again. There are many “reasons” compelling these individuals to do that, but we could wonder how is it possible to leave, go back to the “old world” and then decide to go back again to the BK world?

    The ones who I met, had unfulfilled needs while in the BK path; then decided to go to the “old world” to fulfill those needs, just to find out that there was nothing else remaining after those needs were met and still they were looking for something “meaningful.”

    It is important to understand that any perceived need which is driven by the mind, is incapable of fulfillment. It is like watching pornography: The mind is engaged in that for there are elements which are attractive to a particular mind, but watching is not the same as having the “real” experience. Still, the mind cannot be satisfied but craves for more. Similarly, when leaving the BK experience just to come back again, the mind compares and proceeds, believing that satisfaction is arriving once we reach “there,” and that “there” is anywhere but where we are now.

    Some couldn’t take the feeling of isolation by being unable to mingle with whoever they desired, or wanted a relationship or a sexual experience or perhaps they were fed up with the BK system and wanted a break, etc. Then, these individuals proceeded with their wishes, which typically are the opposite of what the BK world requires, thus; the conflict.

    The mind fantasizes with what is lacking: Water is extremely appealing to that one who is very thirsty. Once the thirst is quenched, then the person is back in his dissatisfaction mode in search for meaning, that is back to the beginning, where the BK world fits the need.

    It is important to point out that the typical “religious seeker” does not feel satisfied with society and what it offers. When most unaware individuals have learned to cope with the social system and feel that they belong, there are some; who are looking for something different, although they may not know what that is. A political rebel may outwardly show his violence and rejection of society whereas a religious seeker may keep that violence inside, and show his rejection in different ways. For instance in Brahma Kumaris, when believers refer to the “old world” (society) with different degrading labels.
    Brahma Kumaris presents itself as a good alternative to fill that need for meaning. Something completely different than what society offers, which has a perception of wholesome, good, uplifting. Its perceived value is “beyond this lifetime” and has the “Godly” component which has a positive connotation.

    Disappointment with society is a strong motivator to feel the sense of belonging to the BK world. Humans strive to belong to something greater than themselves. Even in the most ego driven and infantile consciousness, there is the need to belong: To a soccer team, to a political party, to a country, a religious view, etc.

    Typically there are 2 types of former believers once they go back to the BK world: 1) The ones who will go deeper on the “second chance” than what they did before. These individuals perceive that they “finally” found what they need in the BK world. After tasting and being disappointed when returning to society, there is no “other shop” to go to. Again, the mind fantasizes tremendously. The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence, specially if we are only able to see 2 yards. If these followers were able to observe this, then their returning trip will be a valuable lesson. Once returning for “good,” the individual will follow blindly and it will be the BK system the one who will take precedence over his perceived needs. Thus, this person is more likely to feel the inner struggles, the “war with Maya” and here is when his inner observation will be mostly required for the “next step.”

    2) Those who go back and their level of commitment is lower than before. These individuals are drawn to the BK world for a particular “reason.” That may be the need to belong to something perceived as “worthwhile,” or to be able to “help” others, or companionship with “nice, spiritual people,” etc. That is the motive why they came back, but they also want to be part of the “old world,” society. They want both worlds and are committed to none. This may be a sane response, but the changing inner effects, the inner turmoil when de-conditioning will not be felt. These individuals are a good fit for “BK service,” as their particular acquired skills in society, could be used in the BK world. This is typically a “happy relationship” between the individual and the BK system, for each party gets what they “want” from each other.

    Those who came back after leaving, are better equipped to deal with the BK inner struggles, for they know what to expect and they know what the way out will bring. Nevertheless, in the BK world there is the tendency to lower their “status” in the “Golden age” as a “subtle punishment” for leaving. Why?

    The BK system needs a way to deter the “firm” ones, from thinking about leaving. Once a person leaves, he can do it again. That person doesn’t experience the fear and inner fight that someone who could not dare to leave, will experience. Being “status conscious” is part of the BK conditioning.

    In that respect the BK world has its ideal image into the system: An unmarried, single person with no children, hopefully with no sexual experience; that is the “right fit” to climb into the “high status” promise of salvation.
    That view is not consistent with diversity, for Life doesn’t make black or white distinctions based on external characteristics. The level of consciousness or awareness a person has, cannot be manipulated by human preconceptions and ideals.

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    The spirituality of ambition 

    Our society has been built on ambition. Someone does something to become the “best” at it. Nothing wrong with that. Correct? But, that is comparison, that is violence underneath.
    How could you be the “best” unless we compare with another? How can that happen unless we compete?

    That trait has been rewarded in our system. Thus, individuals have already been trained and whenever they see ambition, they automatically put that into their little boxes of “good things.”
    We could argue that without ambition there wouldn’t be “progress” in society, but that is not the topic now. The topic is to identify ambition in our pursuits.

    The issue with ambition is that we may end up DOING something which we do not like or even despise for the sake on gaining something in return. Do we see that? Society may call that as “sacrifice” to achieve something worthwhile in Life.
    However, our ambition is underneath that, one more time.

    Is ambition “wrong”? No! That is the way our society functions. We consider that “normal,” “good” in the “right” quantity, etc. However, we ended up through that ambition; as mind driven individuals who have forgotten what is like to feel Life. These individuals will sell their lives to another or to an ideal with the hope of getting something in return, in the future. That is they do not live Life in the “now.”

    Now, let us turn around and look at the spiritual world with such “sanskara.”
    “Become number one.” “Sacrifice now to enjoy in the Golden age/Heaven.” “ Teach to others to gain subjects in the Golden age.” “Make your fortune now for the future.” “ Work for God now and get rewarded in the future.”
    Aren’t those catchy phrases appealing to our “normal” conditioning of ambition?
    How about those individuals who do seemingly the opposite, that is they deny themselves of sex, sleep, greater variety of food for the name of becoming “pure”?

    It is the same ambition. A life of denial becomes the source of pride, in the ambition of becoming something “better.”

    But how to find that “spiritual enlightenment” without displaying ambition?

    By no seeking spiritual enlightenment. Ego seeks what is considered to be greater than what “I a am.” Ambition is the display of ego. We may need to understand ambition (not at the mental level but feel that ambition) for ambition has no place in spirituality.

    Observe how inadvertently, we bring with us our conditioning and believe that those will work for us in our spiritual “pursuits.”
    Many of the items related with “becoming” in the Sakar Murli, are meant to inspire individuals to move and do something about their situation; however, that is not the way most individuals will interpret those words, for we are already trained to get our objectives in Life and the neophyte, may believe that by “making effort;” he could “destroy” ambition, greed and ego from himself.

    “Effort” is the display of ambition.

    The above is specially important to observe while walking the BK path. If we at least could have the openness to observe that and see the whole situation. Otherwise, we may feel cheated as we will not be able to “destroy” or “control” our ambition, no matter how much yoga we think we had, or how many hours with put in with “effort.”

    Being aware of the trait as it appears in our daily life, is a very effective way to understand ambition, and when there is factual understanding through seeing it in our own experience, then what was there; may not be there any more without effort, that is without ego trying to control, repress or suppress something which “is.” This is not a “practice” to get to a “goal.” NO! When we OBSERVE, we have no goal. We are only observing and observing is not a goal.

    When a person went into the BK conditioning, that person brought with him the conditioning of society as well. Those traits were never de-conditioned but merely rejected, suppressed to accommodate the BK conditioning.

    Spirituality may need to start with the obvious de-conditioning, for “KNOWING that I am a soul” or knowing that “God is my father,” is of no consequence when “I AM ambition.”
    Do we see that?

    That explains as to why many religions have wonderful “knowledge” on brotherhood, but “I am greed” wins every time.

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    Spirituality for the masses and the few 

    It is an interesting phenomena that our society pretends to massify everything for this is translated into profits. For instance, “Best sellers” are an appeal to the collective consciousness, the masses. Similarly, Spirituality has evolved in our society into something that could be bought and learned by all.

    Brahma Kumaris is an example of such stream. Its appeal increases as the masses are able to understand and follow what before was unthinkable. It is important to observe that spiritual teachings have always been according to time, for consciouness evolves. It is never the same. This in itself is a tremendous “proof” to debacle the idea of having the “truth” as some static, unchanged entity like a paragraph of a “holy book.” Life is the reference of truth and there is nothing as ever changing as Life itself.

    Why is there a need to give spiritual teachings with the support of so called “VIPs”? Without a doubt it is the massification machine in action. A “VIP” has the background which is viewed as “successful” in our society. The masses will tend to believe in their “spiritual wisdom” as well, for they have given the “proof” of their success in society. The masses desire to get into the “me too” bandwagon.

    Similarly any type of “spiritual teaching” followed as a fool-proof method, has no other value but to assure the mind of having attained something important. In my BK days, I recall that even the need of “certification” was established to take some spiritual classes geared towards teaching spirituality in the business world. Every year a class needed to be taken to have the right to teach. Just like what societies are used to. There is nothing wrong with that procedure, as mental people believe that spirituality is about convincing the mind; nevertheless, that procedure has only a “beginner value.” We can teach some business VIPs to be “more compassive” or to resolve issues from a “spiritual view” (whatever we think that may be) however, these individuals cannot BE what they have learned.

    Spirituality for the masses is an attempt to convince minds of the “truth” of some procedure, philosophy or belief. “I believe” has no meaning whatsoever once the territory of the masses or collective consciousness is left.

    While societies teach the value of alluring to the masses, if has been known but seldom spoken; that many deeper spiritual teachings have been kept in secret and given only to those deemed to be ready or worthwhile.
    Basically, as the individual progresses the number of people involved will be less. That will not work in the set up of our society. Why write books which will only be understood by few? Why teach any classes where only a handful of students will show up?

    As an example, I started my “spiritual /religious” career as a Catholic. Churches are full of people who “believe” in something and worship something. As I became older, Brahma Kumaris entered my life. My Christian “perceived truth” which was believed by many people around me, changed into “my own BK experience” which similarly had other BK people into it but fewer than before. The appeal was to convince the mind that there was something beyond the mind, so then the mind had the chance to come up with some reasons to “prove” to others what they cannot yet see.  This is a fantastic ego-booster. The mind is happy. I am “special.”

    To convince the mind that there is more beyond it, is the appeal of Brahma Kumaris, for we “normal people” are stuck in the world of the mind. That is our “reality.” Have you experienced “predestination” in your Life? Yes? This is the chance to convince to others who are into “free will.” Bring your “proof.” Had a fantastic experience in meditation? Bring your proof. Convince others. Show them how special you are for having “attained” something. Brahma Kumaris offers the peer support necessary to feel “special.”
    When I started my BK career, I barely felt what “energies” and “vibrations” were. At that point; visualizations and imagination had to be used. The experience of “feeling” was lacking. When I ended my BK “career,” I felt what those energies were, but there was nothing I could do with them. Imagining that “I am a world benefactor” by sending “sakash” is not the same as actually BEING it, so it is DONE without DOING; but we need to start someplace. Imagination or visualization is a good one, as long as we are aware that we are not there yet.

    To talk about the “third eye” is not the same as actually feeling it. A whole different dimension is experienced when that “third eye” is actually open. The description of this may be considered as “hocus pocus” stuff for “normal” mind driven people, who are only concerned in “scientific proof,” that is in mass revealing appeal to be considered the “truth.”

    Most only talk about the third eye. They have information. They even believe in exercises sold as “best sellers,” where it is taught that everyone can open their third eye and have wonderful, mind boggling experiences. Nevertheless, that is not the same as having the third eye open. Few will have that experience.
    Have we ever read a book by Dadi Janki on “Fool proof steps to open your third eye”? or “How I opened my third eye in 10 easy steps.” There is a “reason” for that.

    The “spiritual truths” of Spirituality will change as we change. The BK world had a particular place in my Life, which was necessary for my own development. However, there was more which I needed to learn and experience according to “my role.”

    Nevertheless, the importance of knowing philosophies or having experience of the ‘kundalini’ energy or being a gifted clairvoyant has no consequence at all in our own inner development.
    In Spirituality, the starting point and end of all is to BE a compassionate, loving human being. It doesn’t matter where you come from or which path or “true” method you follow.
    BEING that is all that matters for those who are interested in the common good, and consequently servicing the World. People without that understanding want to “help” the world by DOING things. That is another way of boosting their ego. An Ego-centric person wants to “help others”?
    BEING is first. Help by DOING follows that automatically as a shadow. When our DOING aligns with our BEING, there is help without wanting to help, there is “true” spirituality without studying philosophies and following practices.
    Most importantly, there is a “true” an authentic human being who is not hiding behind the mask of appearances and dishonesty. The masses do not understand that.

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    De-conditioning from the BK system 

    The deeper a follower is involved in a religious system, the harder it will be to break free.
    That premise is valid for those in a religious system as well as living in society.

    From society into the BK system. That is the journey of a follower.
    How is this transition possible? If we are not satisfied with society, if we are not content there; then the seed to move away has been planted.
    Living around perceived supportive, helpful individuals who are looking to become “better” may be a selling point. Whereas, in society; we weren’t that happy. That type of comparison will be lingering in our mind.

    Listening to the “Sakar Murli” is definitely another strong conditioning tool, specially if our belief in the words of “God” has been instilled before. Observe how the “word of God” is a strong conditioning, which can go across many settings.

    Once the follower observes the differences between the “old world” and what could be his “new world,” then he may become a follower of the BK system. At that point, he will be compelled to follow the “code of conduct,” according to how deep this follower would like to go.
    The “code of conduct” is the final touch in the conditioning process. To “practice” that, means to belong.

    If we have observed how we were able to go from one system into another, we could use the same principle to move to a different system, once trust with the BK system is broken. Without this requisite, we will not be able to break away. However; this feeling of a “broken friendship” could be full of animosity or hopefully, not.
    Ill feelings towards the BK system will only make our mental dependency stronger. Although away from the system; we will have triggers, which in turn deepens as psychological trauma.

    The “trauma” of leaving the BK system, has been experienced by many ex-followers. To let go of this will be a challenge unless, we are at peace with our decision rather than using rationalization; that is coming up with “reasons” as to why the BK system is not the “truth”, honest, etc. That is defamation of what we previously praised.

    Once back in society, it will never be the same. Now, we can observe things which we weren’t aware before. Because we met another reality, we could use the best of both worlds for our own lives.

    When we leave a system such as the BK, there may be feelings of guilt and failure. Values that we held in high esteem such as “purity” (according to BK definition) may be appearing in our minds with guilt.

    It is important to realize that once we move away from a system; all the philosophy, all the beliefs within that system will need to be thrown away. A “clean slate.”

    Observe the face of a 3-4 year old child. That face irradiates purity. Then, whatever he does, it will be pure. That face doesn’t have philosophies or practices to DO.
    That face is the reminder of what we have been, which could BE again through de-conditioning from the grip of systems. That child is about ready to lose his purity by being educated in society. The paradox is that to BE what we have been, we may need to go through those things which will try to change us in what we ARE not.
    That smile is not the one gained through “effort” and “practice.”
    It is “real” that is why, it has attraction.
    We may need to remember that.

    Will be taking a break until October 30th. Enjoy yourself! 🙂

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      I appreciate your strenuous effort to point out how things may go wrong. The real problem for the Bk world is basically the level of understanding the depth of knowledge and to have accurate yoga. I have seen your earlier posts which churns the knowledge and brings out the deeper aspects. I humbly request you to continue to put your effort to explain the knowledge so that it helps for the Bks who aspire to follow the true path. Bks are definitely special, they are not ordinary, they have the aspirations to follow the path of truth. It will be of great help if you could take some avyakt murli and explain the content with more practical examples. Om Shanthi.


      • ex-l 6:39 PM on October 26, 2019 Permalink | Reply

        The truth path, or rather the next step (as no path is the ultimate path), is to graduate from the BKs’ so called university, to leave and move on in order to continue growing. BKism is not the true path. It’s primary lesson is to recognise and act upon that.

        True “self-sovereignty” is found in being courageous to recognise that and regain trust in one’s self, one’s own intuition and one’s own perspicacious. To face one’s own lessons.

        Lekhraj Kirpalani walked his own path, therefore, to “follow the father” is to walk your own path too … not his.

        One of the most terrible conceits of BKism is the re-labeling of their mental conditioning as “truth”, or even it’s disgraceful wordplay or misuse of the word knowledge in “The Knowledge”. It wasn’t truth and it wasn’t knowledge. It was largely just mental plugs, malleable factoid or conundrums, to stop us thinking and put emphasis on social conforming and accept our position with their hierarchy instead. It can’t be “the truth” because it has been constantly re-written by the hierarchy according to changing external influences.

        And that is not “refinement” either, as they like to sell it. It is revisionism to the extent of deliberate deception.


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      The line I question is,

      “Ill feelings towards the BK system will only make our mental dependency stronger”.

      I am not sure about this because BKs are conditioned to be afraid of feeling and expressing strong and adverse motivations that might be labeled as “anger” or “hate” within BKism, confused with other negative values such as treacherous (being a traitor), failure, defamation etc.

      I tend to see us all like comets or planets orbiting around planets or suns, held in position by their greater gravity, often ending up crashing into them and burning up. A certain amount of emotion and vigorous intention is required to break free of their gravity and orbits in order to free ourselves and find our own, new trajectories. To accelerate back out into space, as it were.

      I think many within or at the edges of BKism would label them as “having ill feelings” but I think feeling, realising and acting on strong distastes, even revulsions, is a positive and even necessary step for many.

      As is iconoclasm, (literally the breaking of one’s often mental icons), including those we’ve worshiped or idolised (literally the making of others into icons),, within BKism, eg any of the Kirpalani Klan. I would actually encourage people to do so. To “get angry” and voice it as part of that leaving. To reclaim parts of themselves that they have cut off.

      BK conditioning also includes a large part of future damage control. We are strongly conditioned, through the deepest individual and cultural fears, not to doubt or “defame”, or not to be “unroyal” and speak out … but much of that is highly dishonest social conditioning, more about Sindhi-style hand washing and face saving.

      There’s nothing wrong with a healthy contempt towards spiritual deceivers.


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    Finding your “spiritual” path 

    There are no religions in the World holding the “truth.” There are no religions in the world with exclusivity of “God.”
    The above statement is the outcome of my journey, a new consciousness. That consciousness is not my own making. It happened because it was my time. There is no other “reason” beyond that.

    What I share, needs to be found by yourself. “Truth” is not a matter of belief or repetition of ideas. No matter who the authority is behind “enlightened” words, truth cannot be found there.

    There is no religion nor society who could quench the need of the egotistical person to have things under control. Security of salvation or a “high status” in the afterlife is part of a childish game to keep followers under control. Paradoxically, the one who looks to control, is the one controlled.

    According to our society, a Life without “achievements” is a worthless life. Nevertheless, a Life without popularity and recognition of “achievements,” is suitable for inner observation when our consciousness is able to feel a connection with everything. Without this connection, an individual will only follow yet another idea, practice or “method,” hoping that his goal of “self-realization” or to be “better” could be “achieved.”  “Spirituality” (The art of living Life in harmony) is not an achievement but a consequence. It happens. It is not “done.”

    No one has the “only true path” for every person is different.
    Become aware of your uniqueness, then your path will find you.
    We do not find our path. We slide into it.

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    Fight now, surrender later 

    A friend of mine stopped by yesterday. We lost contact for quite a while. He had problems consuming drugs and alcohol. He was very angry with society because he couldn’t get a decent job and because society stopped, his desire to be successful in Life (His perspective.) He had some misdemeanors and issues with the local police. All of that was recorded in his personal record. No company/employer was going to hire him.

    He said: “ I want to change my Life. In AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) they said to me that Spirituality may help me. I want to follow something spiritual not religious, for a few hours a day, learn meditation and become more spiritual. I remember that you have been with the Brahma Kundalini, right? Is that Kundalini? I want to explore them.”

    I didn’t say anything. I asked him if he was willing to give everything up. He said: “I just want to do this part time and concentrate on growing a business.”

    At that point, I knew he wasn’t ready to change. He just wanted to introduce his foot in the water of the pool and think that this action, will help him in his Life. Perhaps that was the beginning  of a new Life for him, we shall see. When he was younger he joined another belief system because those ideas were new, and away from what society was offering to him. He also had the chance through this “cult” to stand against the strong religious beliefs of his father. My friend is a rebel.

    My friend, is in the process of fighting against Life.  He will bang his head against the wall. That pain will help him after all, to take the next step: To surrender, to open up. His time for surrendering hasn’t arrived yet.

    Many times, we are unable to perceive how conditioning shapes us. We may think that what we have learned is to be “Me,” but it is just conditioning.
    AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) may be aware that a different “method” or “system” away from mainstream society is needed to believe in something different that will give the participant hope and newness in Life.

    That is what “cults” or “spiritual methods” or “religious movements” typically represent. It is a necessary way to get out of mainstream society. Most unaware individuals will take their new belief as the “truth” and will reject their old conditioning, society.

    Few are able to see that Life does not hold any colors to defend or to pursue. We, humans; create those. A different structure or “method” or system, is only showing us a different perspective of Life. When we are able to see that there are many perspectives, we free ourselves from all of them, without rejecting none of them.

    What is the outcome of this?
    We see Life as a game. We are open to it. I live in society. I play the game of enacting my part in my job. That is, what is expected of me. My job is not a source of Maslow’s self-realization. It is a means to get a livelihood in this society. I enjoy my job, enjoy the game. The “worry” game is another type of game: The insurance/medical costs going up, the political affiliations game, the “Buy this to be happy” game, the “ go and get ahead” game etc. For most unaware individuals, this is serious business.

    The same is with my experience of Brahma Kumaris. It was another perspective of Life. Now I clearly see the game of “Time is running out, it is now or never.” “Everything is service, anything else is a waste of time.” “You will not have a high status in the Golden age, if you do not DO this or the other.” Etc. All games. But, when I did not see this, I was in it, completely until I was gone from it. Life is paradoxical. If we reject something, later we will embrace it. It is guaranteed. If you are all for some cause, at another time; perhaps another Life, you will be against it. To go through the full experience is the game of Life.
    Thus, my friend is only going through part of his journey.

    Of course, intellectual understanding of this is not enough. We need to see it for ourselves, by getting out of the comfortable valley of the “status quo” and climb the mountain to see things from up above.

    This climbing brings the process of self-realization. It is sweaty, it is demanding, tiring, long… but when we give up the expectations to go somewhere, we may see the valley from a different perspective.
    You are free, without looking for it… without DOING.

    The desire to see things from different perspectives, to open to Life brings self-realization. Not the search for self-realization. That brings more ego.

    For the common good.

    • Dinesh Chawla 12:06 PM on April 8, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      Okay, the beginning part of this was interesting, though Ahnanda’s all writings are interestings… but just a suggestion from my side to friend of Ahnanda, Osho’s Kundalini meditation will help him a lot… that will make him a true spiritual man you know… lol 🙂


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