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  • avyakt7- New Generation 7:19 AM on November 14, 2018 Permalink | Reply
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    Those who leave a path to come back again… 

    This post answers the question here.
    Someone follows a religious path, and then leaves that path after a few years to come back again after a couple of years. Is it OK to switch paths?
    Sure. It is OK. You could leave and come back as many times as you want to.
    The gist of the matter is to ask yourself what is what you are looking for? A religious path such as the Brahma Kumaris; offers a “barrier” which will force us to overcome not through force but through acceptance. A religious path is asking us to go beyond our comfort level. If we decide to quit, we will not be able to experience that “barrier” and take full advantage of the path.

    When you are living in a country, you could be a resident or a tourist. There is a huge difference. We will be like tourists moving from path to path, rather than fully experiencing a country by staying and living in it. When do you leave that path? Ask yourself: Why would you leave the country where you were born? We can find many “reasons” but if you feel with your gut that it is time, then it is.

    In your long question, you implied that you just wanted to “feel better” as things in your Life were not going according to your wishes. You are looking for something or someone to take you out of your suffering. That is all.
    Life is as it IS. We perceive Life as we are conditioned. Our perception tends to make things worse when Life does not fit our conditionings.

    There is suffering everywhere. Your suffering may be terrible, but so is your neighbor.
    Despite your “knowledge” of “karma” and the Brahma Kumaris’ philosophy; you believe that your suffering is too much. You think that you cannot take your lot.
    What are you looking for by following a religious path? What makes you leave it?
    Why do you go back to it? See that. You just want a fix but like a desperate person drowning in the Ocean; you may be incapable of relaxing and floating, but keep moving your hands forcefully; wanting to save yourself.

    Have you watched a fly trying to escape through a window in a room?
    The fly is not capable of remembering how it got there. It cannot go back by following its footsteps. The fly will hit the window and fly a bit over it, hit it again and so on. If the fly gets lucky and the window has an opening, the fly will be free; otherwise, it will die in its fruitless attempts.
    The same is with a religious path. It offers that “barrier,” that window. We keep on hitting it trying to go through, believing that our “salvation” is through them.

    The fly will only stop its futility through exhaustion. Just like the religious follower. Why are we incapable of “seeing” the way out?

    To have an “interest in self-realization” means very little. There is no self-realization because we want to, or because a path promises so. Self-realization happens when it is our time. Not a second before. No matter what we DO or what we FOLLOW or WHO we follow in Life.
    Thus, the question is: If it is not my time to self-realize, what do I DO to “help me”?

    ENJOY YOUR LIFE. Learn to enjoy it.
    Many times we do what we want to DO and yet complain when things do not occur as we want. We suffer. We want something more, something else, something “better,” and we keep on trying many things hoping that one should “work.”
    Once you fully accept your lot, you will be able to start enjoying, even if that means to hit the window to find your way out.
    This acceptance is not intellectual. It is not a clever way to escape from suffering. This acceptance is from the heart, and many times we may need to hit that window and feel the pain, just to realize that it is time to change “my way.”

    Life will give us experiences so they can be experienced, not rejected or despised. Acceptance comes in, little by little.
    Nothing lasts forever, but yet our mind makes us believe the opposite. That is what we need to be aware of.
    You are awake, alive. Conscious of BEING. Look at all the ways we reject that gift. Look at how the mind comes up with “reasons,” comparisons for unfulfilled needs and wants.
    BEING does not depend on “you.” Let it BE. Allow for the experiences in Life to change “you.”

    • Dinesh C 1:03 PM on November 14, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Thank you for your reply Ahnanda. I somehow knew acceptance is the solution but my ego never want any type of suffering. But your reply has given me something really important. Just out of curiosity i wanted to ask…are you a self realized being Ahnanda? Are you enlightened? Are you free from cycle of birth and death? Thanks a lot for your answer brother.


    • Lakshmipriya Nagarajan 1:38 AM on November 15, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Accepting something blindly because it is said so is definitely a “Barrier”. One who understand the “complete” method and applying it in appropriate time is the definition of ACCEPTANCE. My parents met with an accident 2 months back. In spite of not creating any thoughts of fear such as will they survive, even if they survive all their organs will be in good condition, will they be able to walk and become normal etc, I could feel the emotional attack and was restless till I saw them. I was in the hospital for 15 days till they get discharged. My mother was also injured so it was to take care both of them. Myself and my husband took off for 15 days and went to India to take care of them leaving our daughter in Muscat.
      Whenever my father was moaning in pain, I was also emotionally attacked and got into his pain and started suffering. But, I was able to clearly see all these things happening. This was happening only first day.
      Then, I sat and reflected, “Why do I say pain is bad? It is something which cannot be stopped, It is biological signal that something wrong has happened or sometimes it is the journey for recovery. There is no point in thinking that it is painful to him and I am helpless”.
      This reflection made me not get into the trap of his sufferings. I could able to serve him more, able to understand his mood swings and able to nurture him as a mother.
      The only way to accept what is happening around is to understand the deep secrets of DRAMA and to understand that everything is for good. What I can learn from this? Which spiritual power/ virtue shall I use at this time is the right definition of “ACCEPTANCE”.
      Otherwise, I will not be able to enjoy this DRAMA. For information, they are almost recovered and staying on their own. 🙂
      Whenever we get into certain path, we think that this path shall make us free. But, we are not ready to get out of our comfort zones. Comfort zone is such that the fly entering into small box thinking it is highly protected, but accepting to suffocate and suffer and not ready to make attempt to fly out. The fly would have forgotten the path, it could have hit the walls few times, but if determined and patient then, it could find its path and fly out. I have seen a pigeon entering our balcony through a small hole in the net that we made and struggling to go out. But after some time, it found and started to use that hole to get into the balcony and started making nest and leave the place without hassles.
      It is the matter of initial struggle to break our comfort zone (Conditioning). Once we break it, we would be liberated in life. The religious path/spiritual knowledge helps us to break the wall that we made in our mind. Aim for “liberation in life” brother. Because, the law does not permit liberation from the cycle of birth and death.
      We are happy beings and we ought to live in this world happily. Just feel easy and enjoy life with small reflection and reprogramming the mind. Because, I the programmer has all the capability to fix the bug in my wrong code.


      • Dinesh C 3:29 AM on November 15, 2018 Permalink | Reply

        Thank you for your reply and encouragement sister. Long back…i had shared many reasons here on Ahnanda’s blog about for me to leave BKs…one reason was that i want to get rid of cycle of birth and death. Drama repeats itself in every cycle thatswhy there is no way. But i used to think that in every cycle i have to suffer the same way…my god!! Now after trying few other Gurus and paths like Osho, Bhuddism and Zen sitting meditation, they advice to BE in the now and do not make any effort. To be aware seems like an effort in the beginning but later it is like a state of being. I came across the keyword AWARENESS for the first time here on Ahnanda’s blog and started being aware.
        There are or may be is obstacle on the path of awareness too. My own mind started attacking me like a monster. But somehow i have survived 🙂

        Ahnanda has also shared in his articles that there are no methods for libration or enlightment. I recal him writing in one article that my own life itself is a pathless path. And here he suggested me to accept my own life and not any path.
        Well thanks again to both of you. Om shanti.


  • avyakt7- New Generation 9:00 AM on March 23, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    Our path needs to be discovered 

    In my time as a Brahma Kumaris follower, I recall that “knowledge,” “gyan,” was the highlight of the BK movement.
    No one has that “knowledge.” The theoretical “knowledge” of the soul, the 3 worlds, the cycle of time, karma, etc. gave me the sensation that “I knew.”

    Many Brahma Kumaris followers may have the theory in their minds to guide their actions. It is thought that by following “right” actions based on “knowledge” something “good” will happen. Self-transformation.

    Now I see that it is not like that.
    There is one important aspect which is overlooked, it is called consciousness. If consciousness does not change, then all we have is a fake behavior.

    Nevertheless, I understand that even if I write detailed recipes of my own experience, those will not help a reader to change his consciousness. This is merely information or at best,  a way to inspire others.
    I could say that our ultimate reality is that “we are not but we are.” Very few will grasp this. Most will repeat this or write it in other blogs as if they have the “truth,” but it is completely meaningless for the consciousness necessary is not there yet. It is not the time.

    Therefore, to have “knowledge” is very elementary. It is for beginners.
    What is required is “openness” and that is not for beginners, for that means to overcome our own mental structures, our own beliefs and traumas our own “I.”

    Concisely, when you ARE, you don’t need knowledge for you know.

    It is of very little help to know that we are souls, for our intrinsic nature is to BE and not to BE. The container could be a glass (soul), but consciousness is the element inside the glass. That consciousness will give us BEING.

    Most religions are concerned in changing the external color of the glass, for that is the extent of their “help.” The glass is transparent, so whatever consciousness we have will be eventually shown.

    That is how we arrive at acknowledging our own process. I can assure you that self-realization is not a “mass event” of a particular religion. It will happen to an individual when his timing has arrived, not before.

    Therefore, a dogmatic view full of beliefs, separating what is “right” from what is “wrong”, is only the beginning of the journey.
    Nonetheless, a very important episode but… the beginning.

    For the common good.

    • Orquidea 5:41 AM on March 24, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      Coincido totalmente

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      • avyakt7- New Generation 10:59 AM on March 25, 2017 Permalink | Reply



        • Dinesh Chawla 12:48 PM on March 25, 2017 Permalink | Reply

          Hi Ahnada,
          Really nice article, well although I have left BKs completely, don’t do amrit vela, no more morning murli classes thrice a week… 🙂 But recently, I started reading murli’s again from a different consciousness, not the judgemental consciousness but with inquisitive awareness 🙂
          So recently, bapdada has spoken about comparison between double foreigners and Indians (Bharatwasis), first bapdada goes on a tour with his chidren for something that he only knows!

          Now the first question here is, does that tour actually happens or it is a way of bapdada teaching something to his children through some way of telling a story kind of thing?

          He goes ahead and states that on his tour he saw that Westerners have started becoming more spiritual than Indians, although spirituality belongs to Indians and not westeners!
          Now second question is, why baba is comparing at first and secondly how come spirituality belongs to only Indians and not to entire humanity? Why Indians are said by baba to be of highest thing, and westerner of low clan! Isn’t it prejudice!

          He goes further and says that today, countries are being run helplessly (in majbori), politicians are not willing to run the contries but they still for the sake of just doing it!

          Third question is, why God is interfering in politics and all, here on earth, people who attain enlightenment don’t speak about politics at all! That’s what my knowledge about enlightened beings says! How God can comment on politics! He says that we need souls of flying stage (udti kala) to run a country properly! 🙂

          Well, I request you to take these questions that I have asked and please help us in understanding from a different consciousness 🙂

          Thanks bro, spiritual love for you 🙂


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