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    Keeping it “real.” 

    What if your lifestyle has to change all of the sudden?

    What if everything you thought will give you security, falls apart?

    What if authorities, rulers and the economy are no longer worthy of trust?

    What if there is nothing that you could rely on: No hopes, no future, no beliefs?

    If you haven’t asked those questions to yourself, you may want to consider doing that. Times are changing and so change is unavoidable.

    It is important to leave aside the “serious” questions which will lead you nowhere: Who am I? What is the purpose of Life? What is there beyond death? And a large etc.


    Because those questions do not meet the reality of living Life in the “now.”

    Are you meeting Life challenges with sanity, with what could be known as “spirituality”? Or perhaps, whatever is happening becomes too much and madness becomes the “choice” of default?

    Anyone could be very “spiritual” when things are going just fine.

    It is in the perception of adversity where our “true” colors show up, but yet many will pray to avoid those “tests.”

    Many times, it may seem as if Life squeezes out of us our last drop of patience.

    Want to know who you truly are? Observe if the taste of gentleness still comes out.

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    Yoga of the mind 

    Out of the mind, there is “improvement” without trying to improve.
    Out of the mind, there is “spirituality,” without trying to be “spiritual.” Yet, we say “You are out of your mind” to someone who acts in a crazy way. However, craziness is 100% mind.

    Our society and religions are all caught up with the mind.
    Although, most individuals at this time have mental issues, these individuals are unable to observe those, for their own mind is their only point of reference. They are self-absorved. The mind creates a strong sense of “I.”

    Forcing the mind to see things which it does not perceive is dishonest, although we call that “spiritual.” Trapped in the comfort of “status quo,” that is a sure way to create stagnation of the mind, lethargy.

    The mind is only a tool. However, at this time; it is the master for most of civilized humanity.

    “Yoga of the mind” is uncertain, once we are aware of what our minds are doing to us.
    Without that awareness, it becomes a discipline by force to pretend to attain something which is not attainable, but we can label as “spiritual.”

    “Yoga” as Brahma Kumaris refers to, is natural once the mind is out of the picture.

    “Not to think” is a level of consciousness that those used to thinking everything are unable to understand. When we connect to Life, thinking is not needed, that connection is clear. There are no doubts. There are no “goals.” It is what is.
    When we use our thinking, is only about what is “good for me.” 
    That “good for me” is heavily conditioned. Therefore, to be “better” within the realm of the mind is an illusion. 

    Observe the mind. Become aware of your own mind in your every action. Once you know what mind is, then you will know what is not. There resides a different experience.

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