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    The Spiritual process of BEING rather than DOING 

    I find myself sharing in this blog my own process. As I observe now, the most important process I have been into is the recognition of what is known as BEING as the main factor in spiritual transformation.

    Although that word BEING has been written many times in many articles in capital letters to make a contrast with DOING, there are very few who could grasp the meaning as they haven’t been aware of their own changes.

    BEING is difficult to define or explain. Because BEING is not part of the mental realm and the use of words to describe objects. Let me put it in a context then:

    I recall the time when I was playing with toys when I was a kid. Then little by little, the activity withered away. Toys weren’t my thing anymore. Did anyone prohibit me from playing with toys? No. Did I get a long preaching about the need to stop playing with toys? No. It just happened. That is a change of BEING.

    How do I know that? There was no need to play with toys again. I did not have the ‘temptation’ to play with them. There was no suffering or sacrifice on my part.

    If we go into this change with awareness, we could observe all the little tweaks brought by destiny and exactly know the process. However, since I did not look at those changes back then, all I have left is the recollection of my memory and theories as to why that happened: New hormones were appearing in myself. An interest in females which wasn’t there before as kids, came up. The ‘concept’ of playing changed and I was conditioned to play sports instead, where the seriousness of winning over losing was stressed; and a long list of other ‘reasons’ which we will obviate by using the catch all word: ‘etc.’

    Now let me take that same example into the spiritual ‘world.’ Observe the direction of the self: “I want to achieve something.” For example: “I want to be an angel.” “I want to be self-realized.” “I want to become a well known guru.” “I want to have out of this world, blissful experiences.” “ I want to know God.”

    Most individuals will start spirituality through an objective. Even if they did not have an aim and some ‘experience’ happened to them, then that opened the door for them to find out and want more of that, thus an objective sooner or later came up.

    In our society to have objectives in Life is praised. We could label that person as intelligent, serious, competent, etc. His life will be driven to ‘accomplish’ those things. However, in the spiritual realm to have an objective is the engine of that person to supersede Life and destiny. That willingness to achieve, that narrow minded idea of well being or happiness or success, is what is known as ego, the “I,” which as we could see; works very well in ‘normal’ society but it does not in spirituality.

    I did not will/want to stop playing with toys. It just happened. I could play with them now, but it is not the same. BEING has changed.

    Let us observe the following: “If you want to be good, you need to follow these commandments.” “If you want to conquer ego, follow this recipe.” “If you want to……DO this.”

    Isn’t that way a mere “cut/copy and paste” from the conditioning of society? Sure it is. Could BEING truly change by following that way? No, in my experience.

    In Brahma Kumaris there is a concept known as “sanskaras” or “samskaras” which are impressions or psychological imprints which remain in the soul when there is a reincarnation. Basically, old habits, predispositions will be experienced again. The classical example: If ‘I’ was a heavy smoker in any of my previous lifetimes, then that habit will come up again.

    Fine. How do we deal with that?

    “You must not smoke. It will kill you. It will harm others around you.” “ A Golden age soul does not smoke.”

    Therefore, that ego-mind will try to change that habit to fit into the new ideas (whether true or false, that does not matter to the actual change of BEING ) by using repression. It is believed that we can change an old habit by replacing that one with a new one. That is the gist of many religious creeds: Repetition of actions, mantras, prayers, etc. However, the habit will be there. It will be buried in our consciousness but it will come up again. Repression gives the sensation that the ego has conquered the activity. It could be repressed in our whole lifetime, but it will come up again and when it does, it will be even stronger.

    It is not the DOING of the ‘I’ the one which could bring a change of BEING by using rejection and repression.

    It has been observed that violence is the root cause of many self imposed behaviors such as smoking. If we were aware, we could observe the first time when smoking took place: The sensations, the need behind such action. Perhaps then, we could observe some of those same sensations the following times. Then, we could realize that the act of smoking is merely an expression of a deeper emotion. That is how we could resolve the puzzle. That is known as “healing.”

    Once that inner violence is acknowledged, the need to express that violence through a cigarette could change. The same holds true for any other habit which is causing self destruction. To know the cause, the driven force, means to take care of the issue.

    Observe how important it is to acknowledge our emotions, to observe them and to follow them in their expression. Observe how superficial it is to heal a broken arm with a bandage of repressions. Once the emotional response settles, there is change.

    What is the function of that “I” then, who is always willing to fix things by DOING new things and suppressing the old? That “I” needs to be out of the way and allow for observation to take place.

    In fact, we cannot change until we have some recognition of that “I” or ego-mind . As long as we fully identify with it as being “me,” there is little that could be done. Except perhaps to use repression and fear as the tools to mitigate its expression.

    However, as that fear increases so there will be violence and thus, whatever we ‘touch’ will have the recognizable stamp of on going self inflicted misery.

    Awareness is the key to change without DOING a thing, for once we intently observe, then we know and by knowing there is change without choice. Otherwise, we are an easy prey to our conditioning and the surroundings of our collective consciousness.

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    The essence of spirituality – Part 1 

    Awareness. That is the essence of spirituality. End of report.

    There are many levels of awareness according to our consciousness. There is a time when we separate things through awareness: There is “I,” and “You,” together with all the other pronouns and then “Me” and the rest of the world. Then, the well known “inside” and “outside.” However, there is a level when we could become aware of the togetherness of all.

    Consciousness cannot be ‘improved’ through ‘practice.’ However, there has to be a willingness beyond anything else in life, to know “thyself.” Knowing thyself means to know Life as well. It is not one and then the other but knowing one, you know the other. We are one.

    Consciousness changes as we experience the different facets of Life. We are never the same. It is the awareness of those changes while they are happening, which brings further sharpness in that quality of awareness.

    We could interchangeably use the term “observation” with awareness at one level, but they are not the same at a different ‘higher’ level of consciousness.

    Together with willingness to go through this seldom walked path, there has to be utmost honesty to be able to perceive where we ARE in consciousness. When that honesty is not there, we could accept many beliefs as ‘true,’ when in fact, we have never experienced them. While living in that self lie, there is no way to go further. Something may be ‘true’ but if it is not in our experience, we are only lying to ourselves. That is dishonesty.

    In spirituality, we are not concerned in “getting the right answer” as it is in society. We are concerned in BEING true to ourselves. What good is it to know that we are “eternal souls” when we do not have that experience and we do not act as if knowing that? How could that knowledge help us in our quest for self knowledge? If we have the “right” answer as the thing to find, then we could never accept other turns which Life may bring us. If there is something that I have learned and that I would like to convey to all readers, it is that “every path is different for every individual. Although these paths have the same destination, although at different times.”

    In society we have learned “not to reinvent the wheel” and some religions believe that all we need to DO is to follow what someone else like a “saint” or religious leader has done. However, my experience is that in spirituality the “wheel has to be reinvented” for every path, every experience, every perception is different in Life. Thus, all we can do is share our own experience and never a ‘method’ or a ‘system’ that will allow us to ‘get there.’

    A person who is just a “baby” in spirituality and listening about the different perceptions of consciousness will say: “ So one perception must be the right one. Who is right ?” He just wants an answer. Something intellectual to give him the idea that “he knows.” This type of person usually will be living life just to enjoy his senses. He will eat anything at any time as long as it tastes “good” (based on conditioning or even imitation), or she could believe that a mirror is her best judge. She will not become aware of how her judgment about her physical observation came to be. The majority of the people on Earth are still at this level. The more conditioned they are through the media and the marketing machinery of society, the less capacity for judgment of their learned values, they will have. These individuals will tend to live life just like their parents did, perpetuating all the unhealed issues which came from living in a ‘modern’ society.

    As this ‘modern’ society seems to endlessly migrate from Nature into walls of concrete and roads of asphalt, (where entertainment means to distract the mind from BEING himself) then this individual will lose his capacity to appreciate his connection with mother Earth and therefore, his ability to FEEL. In turn, this person will be worshiping the mind and living a world of “virtual reality,” where the mind takes over his life.

    The end result is a person who THINKS all the time: “I think I love you.” They will say. “I think we should DO this.” “I think the solution is that.”

    These individuals are unaware that reasoning has a limited scope. Thought usually perceives the surface of matters while supporting separation. These individuals are unaware that thought is from the past, as it comes from our conditioning and previous experiences. Thought cannot bring enjoyment, happiness and peace which at the same time, is what they want.

    The gist of thinking is to compare, to analyze, to dissect things in parts, to extrapolate based on fixed premises and to bring the past to our mind to be articulated by our language, which has been catered to polarize meanings: It is black OR white. There is no awareness that there could be something in between. Those analytical capacities are very useful in the “office world” and to operate in “Life in the head” through philosophies and all sorts of beliefs and even scientific discoveries, but those ways have no chance to understand our emotional subjective reality or yet another human or a different species which is unable to ‘speak.’

    That type of individual has been trained to exploit, subdue and compete with another. That type of individual will kill to obtain what he wants and will rationalize all sorts of separations made through his morality, to conquer anything he wants. That type of person is not sensitive enough to ‘see’ beyond his mind. But yet, those “qualities” are admired and watered down to be “politically correct” and taught to others as values to pursue to “succeed in life.”

    When a person is able to perceive his feelings, emotions and thoughts without identifying with them and able to live life while self observing his every movement, thought and feeling; then that individual is in the process of transitioning to a different way of living: FEELING. Perhaps then, she will realize how absurd it is to say “I think I love you.” Moreover, that person will be able to observe one of the greatest lies of all time since the time of Descartes ( I think therefore, I am) , which is that human beings are not truly rational beings but rather emotional beings. – I FEEL therefore, I AM.

    Since that type of person is unable to FEEL Love, beauty, peace and joy, all they have left is the “idea” dictated by their beliefs of what those ‘things’ are.

    Thus, they will “practice” those ideas. As a consequence, the FEELING beyond thought is never known; but merely an idea mixed with emotionality which they carry as a response of defense against the environment (the outside) which they want to subdue. That perception of what “I want” and what the “outside brings,” creates a conflict (ego) which is usually solved by conquering the other through some form of violence.

    How is it possible for this person to experience Love, beauty, peace and happiness then? It is not possible, but paradoxically these individuals “talk” all the time about these FEELINGS as the “right solutions” to the problems in humanity.

    That is their extent of disconnection with their reality and the limitation of their awareness.

    (Will continue)

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      Om shanti brother. Yes, what you said is right, we use our intellect/mind more than we observe our feelings. This happens even when we sit in meditation; the mind keeps thinking or giving directions (a commentary) to meditate but the ‘heart’ does not feel what it has to experience/ feel.

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    Your reality is what you believe that to be 

    The above is not used in the typical “feel good spirituality” where we believe to be millionaires to “attract” money or wealth.

    The above means that what we believe right now about ourselves and Life, is the way we will behave and respond to the different faces that Life may present to us.

    Observe one belief that you have. That is the border that we will not be able to easily go across. However, beliefs are not “bad.” They have their own timing and they act sort of what a baby playpen does: It is protection in a way.

    I am thankful for the beliefs I had as a BK follower at that time. Otherwise, I could have gone astray. In fact; I was heading into that route when the BK experience appeared in my Life.

    However, as my consciousness and experiences in Life allowed me to see a different “reality,” then my beliefs changed and as I wasn’t going astray anymore; my beliefs kept changing until realizing through conscious experience both, the benefits and detriments of beliefs.

    Once the path of going into greater consciousness is accepted as your core living value, then things may turn around to test you.

    Like many, I have had many disappointments in Life. In fact, every time something appeared which apparently was “good” for me, it changed around no matter how much “positive thinking” and “making my own reality” through my mind, I practiced. That told me that all of those “feel good schemes” that mainstream spirituality sells for a bargain, did not work for me. It may work for another though.

    Now I realize that those disappointments have created the opportunities for my development by placing me in unforeseen situations. Otherwise, how on Earth ‘my’ BEING was going to move into a ‘higher’ direction? By reading books? By intellectually understanding concepts? No! That does not work. If you have ‘decided’ to evolve as a BEING and move into the direction of light, then Life itself is your teacher and there will be many disappointments to scale down that ego. The “I” has expectations and disappointments are the other side of the complete experience.

    Sometimes I wanted for something to happen and did everything in my power for that to occur, but the outcome went another way. “Feel good mainstream spirituality” will teach us ‘methods’ and ‘steps’ to take to “get what we want in Life,” or better yet : “To get what we deserve.”

    Now I understand, that “getting what I want” is not what my spiritual path is allowing me to experience, but rather to expand my consciousness and be able to maneuver in every Life setting, thus whatever ‘I see’ or perceive is only the reflection of who I am. Let me explain that.

    The physical senses perceive things. That perception varies among people. For instance, let us take what we recognize as physical beauty. It is conditioning. The mind will tell us while looking at another: “pretty” or “ugly,” a duality. Words create a mood and most will act based on that. However, when you look at someone, as long as your own BEING has beauty; there is no way to sense ugliness even if we could perceive lack of physical harmony in another. Beauty is not in the eye of the beholder. Beauty is your own reflection, seen in the outside mirror of that which you are ‘looking at.’ Beauty is in the BEING of the beholder.

    Again, we could see lack of proportion, lack of something; but there will not be a rejection in us, a revulsion or disgust. It will be as if we were looking at the uniqueness of someone. Our senses will give us a description of shape, which in turn is affected by our social conditioning; but beauty is not there.

    Therefore, if we believe to be beautiful but when we observe, we find disgust and ugliness; then our belief is easily discovered as such, just a belief. That belief wasn’t real.

    Moreover, the observer IS the observed. I am not saying that if we see a pot, we are the pot. If we see a pot, what we FEEL is what we ARE. That is the mirror. What our senses perceive is not ‘truly’ what is real. Any scientist can attest to that. What we FEEL is the reality of that experience. Let me dissect that: Our senses will give us a perception, however; the “reality” of what truly that is, cannot be known. According to scientists, a pot of clay is a mixture of atoms or particles separated by space. In general, we do not perceive that. Our perception will be driven by conditioning and previous experiences. Thus, if we cannot know what is there, then reality is what we feel about that experience. That feeling is the true known outcome of the experience of relating with ‘another object.’ Observe a roach. Observe a table. Be aware of the feeling. That is our reality at that time, who we ARE. This realization goes over any concept or idea or even wonderful experiences that we may have had in the past, for spirituality is about the now, thus; timeless.

    Therefore, when we find great opportunities in disappointments and in receiving something from Life that we did not want or expect, then observe how you FEEL. If you feel good either way, then we are cooking! (‘improving.’) That is what in other religions is known as “accepting God’s will,” or it is also stated as “as it is inside, it is outside.”

    It is important to observe that we are no putting up a show to ourselves where we ‘see’ everything as beautiful, great and super. Honestly acknowledge what you FEEL to find out who you ARE. That is the unmistakable gauge to measure where we ARE in spirituality.

    * ( The use of ‘ ‘ rather than ” “, denotes that I could not find a better word to express myself. Thus, that word may be inaccurate.)

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    Reasons are out, feelings are in 

    At this time, many changes are going on with our planet, the Earth. Our minds may try to understand them, but there is no opportunity to grasp that, as reason is unable to go beyond the surface of what is perceived. Nevertheless, changes are manifesting as everything in Life is constant change.

    Mental health is an issue now and we may witness first hand, how many individuals will experience issues with their minds. Most individuals have invested in a world created by their minds and in that world, to be ‘right’ is of utmost importance.

    We want to do the ‘right thing.’ We want to prove someone else that we are right. We believe that our beliefs are the right ones, the true ones. We defend our ideas of morality because those are the right ones. With that kind of compulsion it is very easy to confront another who in turn would like to put down our ideas, our beliefs, our moral standards and use their reasons, logic and arguments to try to change our minds.

    Observe the conflict, the clash. As they may want to prove that idea X is the true, the right one; we may react and respond with idea Y, which is the most suitable in our view. When the mind is focused in a particular idea, there is no chance to listen to another. It is a waste of time. At this time, most are unable to listen to something different to what they already know, for that little knowledge or idea they believe to know will give them comfort, security. Thus, conflict will unavoidably escalate: From changes in the tone of voice, then into heated arguments and finally into the use of force with their already known consequences.

    That has been world history in a succinct paragraph. All we need to do is memorize some names and some places with dates, add the label: ‘The battle of…’ and we are good to go! Many times I wonder about the value of history as it is taught today. It is the same ‘concept’ of struggle and fight for some ideal liberation. Heroes and villains are made up according to the perception and bias that we subscribe to. However the root, the seed it is found in a profoundly disturbed personality meant to create separation, disagreement, conflict. Greed, envy, and that sickly desire to compete and compare with another to become ‘better,’ are the great liabilities that we owe to Life.

    At this time is more important to maintain our feelings in a good vibration. As James Brown would put it: “I feel good! It feels nice, like sugar and spice…” This is something serious to consider, for that mood will be ‘you.’ In other words, protect that mood of feeling good. Many times to be right, will change your day into night!

    Whenever the mind is engaged, it will do what it does best: Separation, antagonism, differences. That mind created conflict will fill our self with negativity, which then will break into our emotions through repetition. As we emit that emotional negativity many times, then that becomes a habit; which in turn will be food for many entities surrounding us. Thus, we will be forced to emit that distressing sound of negativity as an addiction, thanks to forces outside our will which many are unaware of. That is the ‘reality’ of most of humanity at this time; our ‘World History’ not told by books and researchers.

    In order to keep our sanity and spiritual vibe as high as possible, we may need to walk out from many ‘battles’ where we know to be ‘right,’ if we want to defend that which is precious at this time: Our feelings.

    I feel the above is highly important at this time and it applies to all. The above is a recipe for ‘success’ according to time. Later on, it will change. What is the sense of defending through reasoning something which another will not listen to? It is just masochism. Like hitting your head on the wall even when knowing that that will hurt.

    Defend that ‘feel good vibe’ at every occasion and you will be safe and good… “So good, so good. I got you!”

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    All “good” answers are according to time 

    Man is inherently bound with life and time. In the Brahma Kumaris and many other religions there is the idea of becoming like the perfect portrait of ourselves as it was in the “beginning.” Even though it is a laudable direction, there is the fact that “now” is not like “before.”

    There is an issue when a religious philosophy has a mental picture of what “should be,” and that is to pretend that “what is” does not exist, judge it as wrong or worse yet, insinuating a complete rejection.

    To illustrate, sexuality and gender distinction are good examples. Someone following a spiritual path may identify her/himself as being bisexual, pansexual, homosexual, transgender/transsexual or any other term which is not related with being ‘straight.’ If we take that fact into the situation of a philosophy like the Brahma Kumaris or even Christianity, we could have many arguments based on the “truth” of those religious beliefs which show what “should be.” For instance: “Lakshmi and Narayan were female and male. That is what existed in the Golden age, thus; that is what is right.” or “God created male and female to live with each other as husband and wife. Anything else is not the law.”

    Life is not an ideal picture to be held in our minds, or an unmovable paragraph which conveys some truth. This misunderstanding is the one creating havoc and suffering in many human beings.

    Someone ‘smart’ may argue back: “We should strive to be the highest, the purest and not fall to something less than that.” Therefore, if I am a BK I will exclude sexuality from my life, for that is the way the Golden age is, according to my belief. Moreover, I will avoid mingling with people of the opposite gender which are attractive to me, to avoid ‘falling into temptation.’ However, in that solution there are 2 issues: 1) A promotion of homosexuality. 2) A consent for repression: If there is a temptation, then there is suppression which is not healthy for a follower after sometime. That same issue is happening in the Catholic religion, where gender separation has been offered as a ‘solution’ to live closer to God. What are the results? Promotion of homosexuality and sexual practices with children. Thus, we cannot hide the diversity of gender identities and sexual orientations at this time. We may need to take the veil out of our eyes and see what “is” rather than what “should be. ” The follower may need to take a deep look at themselves, be honest and act accordingly. If your nature is not according to what a religion promotes, then repression will be unavoidable. Then perhaps that particular belief is not for you at that particular time. That may change later on, as Life is change and to flow in Life we will need to learn to swim using the momentum and direction of those waters. This is not a license for debauchery, which is the other extreme. That honesty should remain in the discovery of attachment, addiction and neediness in our lives, for that awareness will give us something to ‘work on’ no matter what faith we decide to follow. Balance is the key.

    That “perfect” world in Heaven or the Golden Age did not know about duality in Life. This world “now,” is full of it. See the difference?

    I used quotes in the word “perfect,” for that is another illusion. This should be clearly understood by any Brahma Kumaris follower, for in an eternally repeating cycle every moment is unique, eternal and repetitive. Thus, what is the need to use labels to praise one experience at one point in time and then to belittle another? There is no sense, for those moments will appear again.

    That which I just tried to explain, will be very difficult to convey to a Christian or most any other believing in a monotheistic, free-will type of religion. That brings my second point, there couldn’t be further understanding because their own beliefs trap them into a limiting world. In other words, their beliefs, philosophies, etc. allows for borders to appear and with that limitations. A Christian believer could be very smart, but he will move under the limits of that which is known as “Christianity.”

    How is that person going to open up to another notch of consciousness? By the experience of something different. Typically that which was rejected will come back and hopefully there will be an opening this time for newness; as intellectual backgrounds are static; then perhaps a personal experience will truly move his consciousness, for that cannot be denied. You see, it is great to debate another on intellectual terms as to what is right and what is not, but when you experience something which is against your beliefs, then that will shake you and allow you for the first time to look at something different.

    That is why acceptance is key. With that sort of acceptance there is no need to know any philosophy or any “truth,” uttered by anyone. Acceptance does not mean to participate in something which does not resonate with us. Acceptance means to acknowledge and to allow it to be, although it doesn’t seem like ‘perfection.

    My friend Mathias told me one time, “the search for perfection only brings suffering;” and that is the experience of those looking for it at this time. But yet, suffering is not bad or good. It is merely a consequence of following a particular path. If we are aware to learn from that, then that experience will be invaluable. The other side is that suffering may bring trauma which is another notch of experience in our quest for perfection. The good news is that healing of that experience comes when we understand and acknowledge its worth in our lives; that is when we accept it.

    As our beliefs and securities are left aside, then we will be open to know different things, different answers which will be valuable at that particular time. We cannot find “the answer,” but only what seems to be working for us at one point in time. As we move on, those answers will move on as well.

    Greater depth in Life is not found by intellectual pursuits. Depth comes through assimilation of Life experiences, then that becomes an insight which cannot put static frames of beliefs upon new experiences, but rather; will allow us to see possibilities rather than a tunnel vision of what ‘should be.’

    Every belief has a time to BE and a time not to BE. Any answer given according to the consciousness of a person, will be without a doubt; the “right” answer.

    Will resume writing on August 18, 2021. Until then ! 🙂

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      Om shanti brother Ahnanda. This article is very deep and thought-provoking. Thanks for sharing your experience. My perception about life also has been going through gradual changes and I am very happy about it as the realisation/ understanding is arising out of my own experiences. I am happy to announce that my meditation and stage have improved considerably in the recent past as I have given the freedom to my mind and heart to act spontaneously. Thanks once again for your article.

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    Above all: Be honest with yourself 

    Out of the many meanings the word “honesty” could have, “integrity” is the one that I refer to in this article. What is integrity? To be true to yourself, that is complete and undivided.

    In a society where we are taught to comply and “fake it til you make it,” I feel it is important to observe this quality of honesty. I feel it is the most important quality a seeker could ever have.

    In my time as a religious seeker, I was believing in things that I did not experience. Part of that comes from that fear to be left out of the ‘chosen’ crowd and another part is because of sheer compliance with the norms: If we belong to a particular faith, then we are expected to comply. It is the same with belonging to a political party, a team, even to a country. We will find that the level of influence the collective consciousness has into an individual is directly proportional to his lack of self observation.

    In my Christian times or even Brahma Kumaris experience, I experienced that issue of lack of self honesty, integrity. It is understandable, for no one is expected to be by himself in a spiritual path and make some spiritual progress. We may need support from others, what is known in BK parlance as the ‘spiritual family.’

    However; if ever by yourself, then it is a twofold path: It is a great opportunity to climb to new heights as long as you have the discipline and the openness to accept and learn from the tests that Life will throw at you; or it is the best opportunity as well, to fall little by little into darkness: To be the protagonist of the famous fable of the ‘boiling frog.’ We need a degree of keen awareness to be able to make it or you will burn away into a comfort zone of lethargy.

    My sister “Raysha,” has a spiritual path of her own. She is into “cover yourself with a violet light and send a white light of blessings to the world,” Chakras, kundalini, mudras, dimensions, magic… etc. Get the point? That path works for her because she experiences those things and can “see” those things having an effect on her and she has unique spiritual gifts. Typically, she is the one chosen to work with Nature and ‘elementals’ as she can relate at a level that ‘normal’ people wouldn’t. When we see all the wonders of the world as magical, we are not far from what is. My friend Mathias once told me:”First was magic, then philosophers wanted to interpret and explain to others, finally came science where you had to rationally explain your findings.” Have you been in Disney’s “Magic Kingdom”? The kid fully enjoying it is not the one asking questions like: why? how? That ain’t real, right?” This life experience is like that “Magic Kingdom.” Where we are meant to enjoy this ride not to ask questions during it and miss the moment.

    What good is to know theoretically something that you cannot experience? That is only information which could be good to participate in programs like “Jeopardy” or to get some on-line certification in “spiritual studies.” That is all.

    My path on the other hand, is ‘Down to the Bone’ (like the musical group.) Observation, awareness, feelings, intuition, discipline. That is all, folks! No magical powers… Some may say “good intellect” as some BKs used to say, but that was the Avyakt7 from way before. Some of the intellectual, philosophical, sort of scientific writings that one used to write, are not part of my experience today. Sometimes I even attempt to read those and they do not resonate with me. Too much mind! However, that experience has been integrated in the one existing today. The Universe speaks to me through other means. For instance, I have signed up to receive free daily emails from “J. Krishnamurti online,” a daily quote. That is usually the first thing I read in the morning. I have been amazed at the synchronicity: It is usually what I need or what I need to decipher inside me. Krishnamurti was sharing his own experience but that has been made into an intellectual trip to nowhere by many intellectual people. Unless you had similar experiences leading you to understand beyond the limitations of words; you will not understand, no matter how smart or ‘educated’ you could be. We cannot explain what is water to someone who has never experienced it.

    I experienced that being honest with myself meant that those things which are not part of my experience, are just that; not part of my experience although for many others it could be.

    Therefore, as I understood that my mission was to have my two feet firmly planted on the physical realm, my spiritual dimension opened up as I was true to my mission. Nevertheless, I will not make the mistake of belittling other people’s experiences or spiritual/religious paths; for my sister’s path has helped me tremendously.

    The Universe is immense and full of mysteries! There is too much information for a little human mind and everyone of us has its own strengths to help each other out in the common good. Therefore, my previous search for the “true path,” or the “true belief system,” or to know the “truth,” all of that is out of my system; although at one point in my spiritual career, those items were very important for me.

    Someone “spiritual” one day told me: “As it is inside, it is outside.” I thought that to be a lie. But, I used to repeat it and sound “spiritual” with others because that phrase was ‘in’ the spiritual repertoire. I thought that I needed to “practice those skills” and whenever I experienced a gray day in my life, I only had to say to others that it was beautiful! I am sure, many seekers have gone through the same experience. ‘Fake til you make it’ does not achieve any influence in the realm of BEING, which is the one which truly matters.

    Now, I could experience that as you ARE, that is how your vision IS and while some may perceive problems and obstacles, others may see those as challenges, opportunities to conquer. Different perceptions, none of them right or wrong. Nevertheless, without those problems or challenges there could not be a possibility to blossom in the spiritual realm, no matter how great our information or experience is on chakras, karma, dharma, spiritual dimensions, ascended masters, etc.

    Spirituality is not an intellectual endeavor (although it may start there.) It is completely experiential and every experience is different for different individuals, thereby; we may need to be honest with ourselves and acknowledge our own experiences only as another route to “get there,” which is different from someone else. It is in understanding this, how openness to diversity and variety could take us to experience Life in a different dimension, which will have a positive effect in our BEING.

    • Gayathri 9:39 AM on July 26, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      Om shanti brother. Yes, your words make sense. Yes, ultimately, we find our own methods and ways to reach our own goal of life. I admire sister Reysha and yourself for choosing and following your own ways in your spiritual journey and progressing fairly well. I have a friend in Rome who is very spiritual but does not agree with many fundamental principles of BKs. But she is amazing and the results she produces by her methods in helping others are very impressive. Drama! 🙂


      • avyakt7- New Generation 4:30 PM on July 27, 2021 Permalink | Reply

        Yes, every situation is different and requires different methods, techniques, approaches, recipes, etc. but honesty within is the common ground and together with a sense of awareness of ‘what is,’ will give us the steps to follow in our lives. Thanks!


  • avyakt7- New Generation 1:11 PM on July 14, 2021 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , , , spirituality, the ladder, william blake   

    A deeper view of Duality through poetry and painting 

    “The fool thinks that the egg comes from the bird-or else that the egg comes from the bird. The wise man knows that they come from each other. The egg falls from the bird and, grotesque as it sounds to say it, that is all there is to the doctrine of the fall. The bird rises from the egg, and that is all there is from the doctrine of evolution. Logically contradictory as the two doctrines are, until imagination “marries” them the truth, Blake believes, will not be born.”

    Extract from “Blake’s fourfold vision”. by Harold C. Goddard – Pendle Hill pamphlet page 18.

    The above quoted paragraph is from a small treaty on William Blakes’s life and poetry. Blake was an English poet, painter and printmaker. He was believed to be ‘crazy’ due to his spiritual visions and misinterpreted poetry. Needless to say, he was little known during his lifetime. Even today when reading some of his poetry (“The Marriage of Heaven and Hell” comes to mind) most conditioned individuals will not understand the depth of what he is trying to portray with the limits of dualistic words and his worldly experience at that time.

    He is quoted saying:”Improvement makes straight roads, but the crooked roads without improvement are the roads of genius.” That may not make much sense, until perhaps we see his painting of “Jacob’s ladder.” (Here is an article I wrote as a BK almost exactly 9 years ago https://explore7.wordpress.com/2012/07/11/exploring-the-meaning-of-the-ladder/) That ladder is not a straight ladder. With greater depth, we could realize that “Improvement” is only a conditioned human ideal.

    Blake came to my attention as I was understanding the picture of the “Ladder” of Brahma Kumaris, 9 years ago. I just recently saw that pic again, and further understanding came. I wanted to know more about Blake and ended up buying this booklet by Goddard for less than 3 dollars on-line. Goddard does a very good job expanding the depth of intellectual understanding by giving plenty of citations and quotes from others, but he lacks the spiritual experiences to go beyond that realm. That is one of the shortcomings in my view, from having academia translate or figure out the meaning behind mysticism. You have to have the experiences to know.

    Blake had an unprecedented understanding through his visions of what duality really means. The worldly background or experience he had to explain it, was the doctrine of Christianity; thus using God, demons and angels, to explain his visions and realizations. He was an artist not a religious seeker and he used that religious background in his poetry.

    “… and the original Archangel …. is called the Devil or Satan” he said. Interestingly, the rebellion of good (Archangel) vs the reign of good (God) became evil. Sort of like, positive pole together with positive pole will repel each other. Now, try telling that to a Christian or to those giving sermons on-line whose idea of duality is a straight line defining good from evil. Interestingly, “Free will” comes to the rescue of that God, for the Archangel could have done otherwise, and therefore the idea of punishment is justified . All of that could be gullible and in fact, it was for many centuries; until we discover predestination…

    Definitely, there is so much depth that we could go into based on Blake’s views but it could be misunderstood. I just want to add some points based on the quote at the start of this writing, the rest is for the reader to ruminate upon: “Imagination” does not marry two opposites (Blake used the word ‘imagination’ to describe how two opposites could be together) if we use the dictionary meaning of that word. It is the mind only making that separation of angels and devils. Nevertheless, Yes that separation exists… but it doesn’t.

    What do you mean?

    Ah! That is a long talk and many experiences to go through to understand.

    Now in the “Spiritual talk” we use the word INTEGRATION rather than “imagination” for what Blake perhaps, tried to explain.

    How do you integrate good and evil? Well, You don’t.

    What do you mean?

    That is another long talk and many experiences to go through.

    The doctrine of the fall of man is a religious view, while evolution is a mix of religion and science. Both are explanations of the purpose and destiny of man and both are creations of a dualistic mind which supports struggle, fight to survive; while Nature does not operate through that duality, but rather complements, balance, harmony. Observe that our perception of Life is biased due to our conditioning.

    Who is first, the bird or the egg? It depends on your point of reference. Goddard didn’t know that; but yet he chooses “who is the fool and who is the wise” (duality) based on judging different perspectives.

    “The roads without improvement are the roads of genius,” Blake said. But also of madmen and mystics. It all depends on your point of reference. Ask Albert Einstein, in doubt!

  • avyakt7- New Generation 1:11 PM on July 7, 2021 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , , spirituality, true spiritual path,   

    Which one is the “true” spiritual path? 

    Most individuals are born in a particular religion or spiritual path and will die belonging to that path as well. Others, may change and try new things and perhaps their last path before they pass away will be labeled as the “true path.”

    It is certain that for many, religion and spirituality are merely the icing on the cake: Something “nice” to add into their personalities, for their main concern is “how to make it big in Life,” that is; how to earn money and fame, power and the little fringe benefits coming from that.

    If you are in that mind frame, it is very little that you may care about “true paths” until the experience of death is inevitably entering your consciousness; then we may finally seek refuge and resort into “I truly believe in [ ]” hoping to get some benefit in the afterlife by proclaiming and defending our membership to that fill-in-the-blank party.

    When I started the Brahma Kumaris path, I had my share of “spiritual experiences” like never before. Therefore, “ I found the true path.” That was my quasi logical and convenient conclusion.

    In the BK experience, I was taken out of my comfort zone and while some friends and relatives were feeling sorry for my decision to deviate from the “normal” path of society, I wanted to “prove them wrong.” Isn’t that the theme of movies, documentals and sitcoms: “ I proved them wrong. I am right.” I learned the conditioning pretty well.

    After all the non-material and material “investment” of years that you put into a faith, “you better be right,” right? Well, that was the thought. That is the tale of a full conditioned person trying to swim against the current, looking to defend an ideal.

    I never considered that experiences of others which were different than mine, could be “right” as well. I was too conditioned to blindly believe that “true is only one, therefore anything else is false.” And I had the true path… of course.

    Now looking at my life from a different perspective, I could see the level of conditioning and how I wanted to make sense of the “spiritual realm” based on applying the rules of society which I already knew very well. It is sort of when a spiritual guru sells a book to share his wonderful secrets to make you into a millionaire through the power of manifestation or abundance; for instance: “I am rich, powerful, I have plenty of love, plenty of friends, plenty of food, etc. Repeat that, decree that, it shall be.”

    I am not saying that this is false. Truly, it does not matter (but only perhaps for those who bought that book.) What matters from the perspective of consciousness, is to observe how all I care about is that little, old “I” the center of the picture. What matters is to observe how I am picking only one side of duality and rejecting the other. What matters is to observe that many times what we want is not what is convenient for us. “Be careful what you wish for. You may not like it.” That sort of ‘spiritual’ material is catering to the little baby inside: “I want it, I wanna, I want. Gimme that.”

    Anyone wanting to make her dreams come true through the law of attraction? Here is my powerful scientifically proven breakthrough method in a 300 pages e-book just for $9.99. If you don’t like it within 15 days, just send it back for a complete refund.You have nothing to lose and a lot to gain.” Very ‘spiritual’ indeed. It follows the law of conditioning.

    It is that perspective the one who is not ready to discover deeper spirituality. I mean, let that person be successful first! It is his right! Right? Of course. She will need to experience the full experience to know; that is both sides of the coin and she is just starting with one side, the one she likes.

    It is my perspective now to let everyone look for their own path. As I mentioned, it is of little interest if your path offers you salvation, God, a new life in another planet or everlasting bliss after you die; as long as “you” are still “you”: Happily conditioned to “change the world” but not himself.

    As we begin to make sense through our minds of all the conditioning, beliefs systems and rejections that we had in our lives, then we will need to start the process of unlearning and perhaps a particular spiritual path will help us in that process. Once that is done, then there will be stains in our consciousness; that is the unconscious which will come out in “flashes” through our minds so we can recognize them and heal them, dissolve them… and then? Well, we are then ready to abandon the top priority of the mind as the driver of the self, and give it the co-pilot hat instead, and perhaps embrace the heart as the new boss.

    We cannot feel when our head is full of stuff and without this ability to feel we cannot experience joy. Without joy, our heads will always want more, something different. It will compare, contrast and let us know that we are unsatisfied. Therefore, “effort making” comes into the picture as the Brahma Kumaris has taught.

    “Effort making” is the mental and physical effort to reach a state of BEING which the mind cannot know. That is the paradox.

    As you ARE/become that “good person,” saint, sacred/spiritual person, etc. through the different experiences in Life, it doesn’t matter what path you follow after all, for the truth is not in a path but in “you.”

    Being TRUE to yourself, you found the true path.

  • avyakt7- New Generation 1:11 PM on June 30, 2021 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: arts, , , music, , spirituality   

    The Arts and Spirituality 

    In the Brahma Kumaris, it is taught that in the “Golden Age” deities will be artists, that is; they will play music, dance, paint and perform plays as their main way of living. The arts, is their way of expression in society. They do not know that they are artists. There are many differences between artists from today and the ones from the golden age.

    The Arts is a means of expression and creativity. Nowadays, that setting is surrounded by many parameters: There are people who will judge what is art and what is not. There are people who will copy rather than create. There are people who will create according to the whims of the market, and what the collective consciousness desires. There are people who will use their emotions to express, rather than the essence of their BEINGS which are feelings. Those parameters will typically make the experience of the arts today, into yet another preserver of social conditioning.

    In my perspective the arts should be a source of fulfillment for the one expressing and inspiration for others. Sort of like writing “spiritual articles,” they are meant to inspire the best in everyone.

    I could express through the arts sadness, depression, madness, etc. However, that is not inspiring. If the collective consciousness is under that same wave; then sadness, depression and madness will be sold and consumed. Most are unaware on how this could affect them, but it does.

    As we reach a particular spiritual stage, then we will resonate with particular sounds. My friend Mathias told me one time that sound, was very important in this realm. I have experienced its healing properties. There is nothing like the sounds of Nature to begin the journey of the path of the heart. I had spent a lot of time alone in Nature which has helped me to become aware of the world of my own mind. The rest of this article will go into exploring Music.

    How many of you play a musical instrument? If you don’t, I’d like to encourage you to give it a shot. If you do, what was the incentive to do it? Perhaps to become famous, to please somebody, to relax? As I had more time in my life to spare, music was the ideal expression for me. Before, I was busy being “successful” and in that avenue, the arts have no option unless we are gifted enough to “make a lot of money.” Most will embrace technology and science instead of giving the arts a chance. “Money talks” in that perception.

    Nevertheless, Music has become a very important part of Life. Music has the capacity to uplift someone. Dancing to its beat is a profound way to connect with our bodies, our well being and the Universe. If we have a good voice, that is a musical instrument as well but just singing or humming a song is a sign of well being.

    When we recognize beat and rhythm, we can also learn that Life has its own timing. In fact, timing is very important in Music as it is in Life.

    Personally, I love Music without lyrics. Although, instrumental music has its own lyrics in it: It is not words, but feelings and that becomes very important when transitioning from the head to the heart.

    When listening to birds, we could sense their communication. We could call that chirping or singing, but there is language there. A person with great sensibility could even tell what birds are expressing with accuracy. On the other hand, listen to a person without paying attention to the words but to their voice tone. There is a high degree of emotionality for the most part, which could be labeled as ‘noise,’ rather than something with harmony. Have you ever listened to a sports commentator? That is an example of high emotionality.

    It is very important to recognize the difference between emotions and feelings. Although, many could use the words interchangeably. Emotions are dualistic. In that realm, hate is the opposite of love. Thus, many individuals only know the emotion identified as love which is not the feeling.

    A feeling such as peace, love and bliss do not have opposites. They are complete in themselves, all encompassing. They are the expression of BEING while emotions are the expression of a personality.

    Different musical frequencies could help us explore these.

    I discovered solfeggio frequencies which has a calming and healing effects. They are a good background sound while performing household chores. However, I listen to a variety of background music: instrumental “Smooth Jazz,” ( Acoustic Alchemy is one of my favorite bands) as well as electronica & trance (Shingo Nakamura,) but I also like “Bossa nova” music. That is a sample from the world of Music!

    Finally, when I started playing the guitar someone advised me to get a teacher so I can learn “faster.” I wasn’t interested. Faster for what? I took it as a new experience with a completely new method, that is “Do as I feel, take as long as you want. Explore.” Certainly when the objectives and made up purposes are left aside, enjoyment comes in and that is motivation and expression in itself.

    Playing “For the heck of it” is one path to creativity which is seldom explored.

  • avyakt7- New Generation 1:11 PM on June 23, 2021 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , , , spirituality   

    The path of the heart (2) 

    From Calvin and Hobbes by Bill Watterson

    “Calvin and Hobbes” is my favorite cartoon and I felt the above image depicts somehow the path of the heart. I will go into the ‘elaboration’ now. There is the belief that the path of the heart is a ‘lovey dovey’ type of journey. In the Brahma Kumaris, “Baba is my everything” is one popular BK song expressing that emotion. That belief is further from my experience.

    The path of the heart; when you have been conditioned to perceive everything through the mind, is not a flowery, baby, baby I love you oh yeah! path. It requires a lot of courage to ‘die alive.’ You (what you think you are and protect) are dying while experiencing all the hellish surrounding and emotions inside and outside and like Hobbes (Calvin’s stuffed tiger) you see yourself without a firm ground to stand up.

    Life has taken me away from the ‘normal’ path of having 3.15 kids (according to some stats ) a big dream house, a wife and a dog… while ‘making at least 6 figures,’ of course. I had the potential to fit in rather nicely in that. However, Life has given me the necessary ‘successful’ experiences for some time (Some of which I have shared through these articles) and then took away the candy before getting painful cavities, which ‘normal’ people have learned to withstand or to look for a ‘doctor’ or ‘expert’ role to solve their issues. However, “I” did not like when the candy was gone. “I” fought back just to find that “I” was throwing punches at myself and needed to heal those wounds.

    I know what it feels to be a “Captain America” or better yet, “Batman” and the sacrifices made to redeem yourself in the name of some wonderful ideal. That is a time of struggle, fight which consolidates ego.

    Then, comes the time when you are in ‘limbo.’ Nothing moves on the outside, but many things happen on the inside and you would like for the Drama of Life to move quickly, but not… it has its own timing and then I have to learn to be patient with the rules of duality.

    Unlearning everything takes time, just as learning does. “Limbo” time is that needed space for assimilation which could take a long time. The ego starts to collapse. It does not like to wait.

    To spice things up, there are karmic accounts to settle. There are inner battles to watch. There are family ties to untie, there is emotional, physical and psychological suffering to heal. There is even a point when you ask yourself: When is this all going to end? It feels as if Life is a very long toboggan, and you are going down all the time in it, and the only cheering “positive” thought is: “I have to endure.”

    I had a talk with my friends Mathias and Miguel, one time about this. I told them: “The only thing that makes me put up with this is the curiosity to find out what is at the end of that toboggan. I just want to see that.” Mathias then told me: “ But then the picture wouldn’t come out right once you get there! To endure, to resist the journey does not translate into a smile at the end of the toboggan!” And then, Miguel said: “ Miguel does not say- I am enduring. Miguel says: “Miguel is joyful.” (that is his usual phrase) Yes.. I get the ‘picture.’

    The heart becomes strong but also pliable. You perceive Life with other set of glasses and find the illusion behind the pursue of happiness. The mind is set up to divide people into different countries, different cultures, traditions, beliefs, hang ups, etc. The mind forgets that we are all people, and beyond that a whole unity with Life itself. Nature provides a beautiful river and then “successful people” provide businesses to collect drinkable water on one side, and to dump garbage on the other. That is the sort of craziness going on! But yet some “smart one” may say: “We don’t care. We have technology to purify water” but their narrow vision does not see all Nature, animals and plants in that river, which are living in it. All of them have a direct impact in our livelihood. How do you perceive that unity? How do you see that all pieces are necessary to solve the puzzle? That greedy, narrow centered vision which only believes and thinks in profit as the means to purchase things and equate that with obtaining happiness, is completely in the mind and out of it!

    So, the question could be, at the end of this what is in for Avyakt7-NG a.k.a Ahnanda? Perhaps marketing himself on the web to become an instant guru for the ‘people’? or to sell widgets like most everyone else to make it through life? That is not the plan, as I understand it. (It could change though. Life is change)

    Ahnanda is getting prepared to teach children! How about that? I don’t even have children or a wife for that matter, to practice those skills. As a matter of fact, Ahnanda may be a Physical Education teacher! Can you imagine? Putting up with ‘all of that’ ‘just’ to teach children!! (ego pops-up like a jack-in-a-box toy) Pop! goes the weasel.

    Perhaps it is a school for rich children so “i” can make lots of money, right? Nope. It is a school for “starseed children.” Also known as “crystal children,” including “indigo children, ” “rainbow” and the like.

    What I understand is that these “unique” children are typically visiting the offices of psychiatrists and the likes, being drugged up with ‘medicine’ for they are completely misunderstood. In BK terms, these kids are “golden age” material without even ‘making any effort’ at all but yet suffering. They are just born like that, like Krishna. ( Doesn’t that story sounds like Professor X’ role in the X-men movie? or even Brahma Baba’s role in the beginning of the ‘Yagya’?) Therefore, they need some sort of ‘middle man’ between their side and this side of ‘real’ Life; otherwise, they may end up in mad houses. That is where “I” come into the ‘picture.’ See? The required teaching skills for these children is not aligned with the BEING of a ‘normal’ person who is used to the conditioning of society. How can you offer care, love and understanding for their development? By taking a master class on-line? By getting a Ph.D in Education from Harvard? By raising the tuition and foster competition with other institutions? That paradigm is gone. How about by ‘dying alive’? Now we are talking.

    Did I ever sign up to this? Nope. (There comes Hobbes again: “The problem with new experiences is that they are so rarely the ones you choose”) But that sounds like fun. It is not a problem. That is my ‘glorious purpose’ and the path of the heart of sheer exploration is taking me there, through finding that taste for Life.

    If I have to put all of these experiences into a nutshell, I’d say: From a respectable “somebody” once upon a time, into a caring “nobody.” Let me share a secret: “Nobody” is necessary to break the shell of self absorption and to cease thinking only about ourselves. Moreover, while society and some religions will teach us to become somebody in this life or the next one, the gist of spirituality is to peel off the skin of that onion until it gets to the last layer. What remains? Nothing at all. Nobody. Get the idea? Though, in the process you may shed some tears. Ego is like an onion after all: It is used to spice up a life experience with that distinctive pungent smell and taste, but once you have the courage to peel it, there is nothing to it. 🙂

    P.S: If you resonate with the “starchild” concept, here you may find some needed info.

    • Gayathri 10:21 PM on June 29, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      Dear Ahnanda bhai ji, Congratulations! You are making wonderful progress on the spiritual path. I admire and appreciate your courage, enthusiasm, and dedication to get over the body consciousness and to lead a real YOGI life. I wish you and your students all the best!

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