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  • avyakt7- New Generation 1:11 PM on January 19, 2022 Permalink | Reply
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    Willingness to oppose in Life 

    Observe an argument between 2 people.

    Our civilized world has been taught to follow these steps:

    1) Listen to the content of both sides.

    2) Choose the one who is right.

    3) Support the one who has been chosen to be “correct.”

    The problem resides in #2, the standard chosen. Mostly, we use “reason” and “logic” to determine that. However, typically there is more than “reason” underneath. Emotions, learned behaviors, moral standards and the sanity of a person are part of the package to consider. Judging fairly is not easy at all.

    Now, if we argue with someone else note that “reason” has a different meaning. It means everything we consider reasonable to “win” the argument. We set the standard or how we understand it. The goal is to “win.”

    Many times, there may be an argument within. That is when choosing between 2 or more options. Our desires become our “reasons.”

    When we deal with the force of opposition, tiredness will be unavoidable if the will to “win” prevails to reduce the opposite view.

    When we learn the art of not opposing, we will observe how every attempt to use our will power to obtain a goal, (just like we are taught to “succeed” in Life;) is an attempt to fight an oppose. In this “practice” inevitably we will break down. That is the consequence of following opposition as a way of Life.

    Not opposing does not mean to be subservient. It means to yield first to meet later. Many things will happen in “later,” which could make us change.

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    The “ugliness” of renunciation 

    In Brahma Kumaris, the word “renunciation” is glorified. To “renounce” something is a sign of “improvement” in the spiritual Life.
    A neophyte follower will be at awe whenever a BK tells a story of renunciation.

    “Look, he renounced his worldly family to join the BK family.” “She renounced sex to become a pure person.” “ He renounced his drinking habit to become better,” etc.
    Renunciation has repression underneath.

    I recall the story of a BK brother, who was born in a third world country. Through many “efforts” he was able to live in the USA. Through “effort” he had a good social position there. He had a family. After becoming a BK, he “lost” all those things unwillingly. Destiny made that happen. When he returned to his home country to visit, a well-known BK sister, gave the advice for him to “Do service in his country of origin.” Obviously, this BK brother wanted to “obey” and he followed the advice. Nevertheless, very few knew about the internal suffering he went through. The BK label for that state is “attachment.” This BK brother needed to break that attachment through his will power, yoga power and any other power, to become “successful,” a “worship worthy deity.”

    Eventually, through another well -known BK sister, the BK brother had the “permission” to go back to the USA (save face.) After many years of working in the USA, this BK brother naturally developed a distaste for the USA. Eventually, he went back to his home country to live there. There was no “effort” of his part. No “ugly” renunciation to follow. This incident taught the BK follower an important lesson in Life. There is timing for everything.

    The mental ideal of following a word, will not allow us to look inside. When we are naturally ready for the next step, there cannot be renunciation.
    If there is renunciation of any kind, then there is repression, violence. Even if a drunk person “renounces” to drink a drop of alcohol in his life, that person is only repressing. That which is negated and repressed (renounced) will become more attractive, a temptation.
    “Lead us not into temptation” is a popular prayer. Repression is inside. Inner violence is unavoidable.

    A drunk person does not have self-love. That is the beginning of the “cure” and not to count how many days he has been sober. Of course, will-power is needed to start a process, but to believe that will power alone (translated as “renunciation”) will be able to “cure” is naïve.
    BapDada has mentioned in the Avyakt Murlis that “the greatest renunciation is the one without renunciation.”

    Life has its own timing. Life is not concerned with the agenda of a religious group, a leader or an ideal. The “sacrifice” of renunciation is not only ugly, but utterly violent when it is a mental ideal to follow.
    In our society, we punish those who are violent towards others, but we oversee when there is inner violence towards the self.
    Many religious followers are completely oblivious of all the damage that they are inflicting towards themselves. The ideal of not “harming others” is blindfolding them to look inside. That inner violence eventually will be unleashed toward others.

    • lakshmipriya 12:37 AM on October 4, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      I agree with your point brother. Renunciation is mostly followed by most of the BKs as you have explained. But that it is not been intended by Babdada.
      Renunciation is removal of mask. we shall not try to remove this mask when it is attached to our skin. Then after removing we can only see ugly face with scratches, cuts and bruises. The effort is to detach from the mask with loving and power intellect. Then we ourself enjoy removing the mask as it is not anywhere attached.
      We shall allow the caterpillar to become butterfly. Any efforts to open the cocoon will lead to a handicapped, ugly butterfly. Then those help in this immature opening are not actually helping . This path is not the path of renunciation, path of destroying the old and bad, but the path of attainment, path to create new, beautiful pure world. The focus shall be on the attainment.
      We renounce family, dishearten them, abandon them with all our immaturity to understand the knowledge. If we go deep in ourselves, we can seen selfishness of attaining the position in the satyug.
      But all these mind games shall end only then, the true experience can emerge. Once the knowledge is understood, it requires honest and sincere observation of the self and we can see the transformation.
      Let us all become colourful, vibrant and healthy butterfly and attract everyone to become like us.


      • avyakt7- New Generation 6:45 PM on October 6, 2018 Permalink | Reply

        The path of renunciation and the path of attainment are opposites poles of the same path. Two extremes of the same cord.
        Will share next time on this. Thanks for your valuable input.


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