On July 2013, Avyakt7 left the experience of the BK path.
During those years many changes had happened. That Avyakt7 is no longer “here,” but newness has arrived, a different openness, a different being has emerged: Ahnanda, also known as “avyakt7- New Generation” for BKs. 🙂

This new being is observing Life, amazed by that experience… Learning to enjoy.

Avyakt7 had a mind meant to understand traditional BK knowledge. Those who did not personally know him, cherished his “churnings.” Those who personally knew him, did not care much of those “way out there” “manmat.”
All of his writings are still available in the blog: “Exploring the Depth of Living.” (explore7.wordpress.com)

Many BKs worldwide who did not understand “Baba’s knowledge,” had a source in Avyakt7, to “churn” knowledge with newness and be inspired by it.

Nevertheless, knowledge is just a mental thing and because of that, there cannot be fulfillment in Life.
What is the essence of knowledge?
To live Life “now” in fulfillment. That is to be Love.
The mind is powerful; the intellect could be sharp but still some important aspects of Life are missing, especially to feel the heart.

“Raja Yoga,” is the yoga of the mind. It means to learn about the mind. Many will make a lifestyle out of that experience. The mind many times interferes with listening to the heart. That may be the teaching to learn.
Paradoxically, Yoga of the mind means… no-mind; In that experience there is heart.
What is the heart?
It is exactly your function, your role in this Lifetime. You feel that. It is not written or could ever be spoken to you. The Drama and “you” are together. There is already “yoga,” but the “I” of the mind interferes.

The experience of Ahnanda is in the heart through a new consciousness. In this role, the heart means joy. It means childhood, innocence, and playfulness. The mind is necessary but it does not bring fulfillment in Life. The heart does.

“…But BK Knowledge has Baba to fulfill your Love from the heart!”
Love is a word with many meanings. It is not the dictionary meaning or the romantic feeling. It is to surrender, to open up, to allow…
There cannot be a “beloved” when there is Love. There cannot be love when we cannot be without God. That is called neediness.
Love is not of the mind. Knowledge is of the mind.
Love is in no-mind… but when “knowledge” is shaping up our lives by building a structure to living, perpetuating duality… there is no chance to be Love.

Joy, Love, Compassion… simple dictionary words. The meaning is in the experience, in the heart. That heart could be open, closed or most likely somewhere in between.
It is for us to find out where we are. That is the journey.

In my experience, that is the only “knowledge” worth knowing, the heart is the only Paradise worth living… and the only “word of God” worth listening to.

Feel your heart. Be honest with it. Stand by it. Even if the whole world is against you. That type of honesty is beyond virtue and sin.
Honesty is void of “codes of conduct.”
Learn to listen to your heart.
While in that process, the mind will rule your life and with that the fear of making “mistakes” will be evident.
The heart is beyond the duality of “right or wrong.” It is in tune with the Drama, with the Totality… and as we know, the “Drama is beneficial.”

This Blog is open to you, BK brothers and sisters. If you have read some of Avyakt7 and Ahnanda’s writings, then you have the openness to continue on here.
Ask, make comments, share… It all depends on you.
May want to read this article as well about the purpose of this blog: https://avyakt7.wordpress.com/2019/10/30/some-clarifications-about-the-purpose-of-this-blog
May your experience in this blog, be more than just words…