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  • avyakt7- New Generation 7:19 AM on November 14, 2018 Permalink | Reply
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    Those who leave a path to come back again… 

    This post answers the question here.
    Someone follows a religious path, and then leaves that path after a few years to come back again after a couple of years. Is it OK to switch paths?
    Sure. It is OK. You could leave and come back as many times as you want to.
    The gist of the matter is to ask yourself what is what you are looking for? A religious path such as the Brahma Kumaris; offers a “barrier” which will force us to overcome not through force but through acceptance. A religious path is asking us to go beyond our comfort level. If we decide to quit, we will not be able to experience that “barrier” and take full advantage of the path.

    When you are living in a country, you could be a resident or a tourist. There is a huge difference. We will be like tourists moving from path to path, rather than fully experiencing a country by staying and living in it. When do you leave that path? Ask yourself: Why would you leave the country where you were born? We can find many “reasons” but if you feel with your gut that it is time, then it is.

    In your long question, you implied that you just wanted to “feel better” as things in your Life were not going according to your wishes. You are looking for something or someone to take you out of your suffering. That is all.
    Life is as it IS. We perceive Life as we are conditioned. Our perception tends to make things worse when Life does not fit our conditionings.

    There is suffering everywhere. Your suffering may be terrible, but so is your neighbor.
    Despite your “knowledge” of “karma” and the Brahma Kumaris’ philosophy; you believe that your suffering is too much. You think that you cannot take your lot.
    What are you looking for by following a religious path? What makes you leave it?
    Why do you go back to it? See that. You just want a fix but like a desperate person drowning in the Ocean; you may be incapable of relaxing and floating, but keep moving your hands forcefully; wanting to save yourself.

    Have you watched a fly trying to escape through a window in a room?
    The fly is not capable of remembering how it got there. It cannot go back by following its footsteps. The fly will hit the window and fly a bit over it, hit it again and so on. If the fly gets lucky and the window has an opening, the fly will be free; otherwise, it will die in its fruitless attempts.
    The same is with a religious path. It offers that “barrier,” that window. We keep on hitting it trying to go through, believing that our “salvation” is through them.

    The fly will only stop its futility through exhaustion. Just like the religious follower. Why are we incapable of “seeing” the way out?

    To have an “interest in self-realization” means very little. There is no self-realization because we want to, or because a path promises so. Self-realization happens when it is our time. Not a second before. No matter what we DO or what we FOLLOW or WHO we follow in Life.
    Thus, the question is: If it is not my time to self-realize, what do I DO to “help me”?

    ENJOY YOUR LIFE. Learn to enjoy it.
    Many times we do what we want to DO and yet complain when things do not occur as we want. We suffer. We want something more, something else, something “better,” and we keep on trying many things hoping that one should “work.”
    Once you fully accept your lot, you will be able to start enjoying, even if that means to hit the window to find your way out.
    This acceptance is not intellectual. It is not a clever way to escape from suffering. This acceptance is from the heart, and many times we may need to hit that window and feel the pain, just to realize that it is time to change “my way.”

    Life will give us experiences so they can be experienced, not rejected or despised. Acceptance comes in, little by little.
    Nothing lasts forever, but yet our mind makes us believe the opposite. That is what we need to be aware of.
    You are awake, alive. Conscious of BEING. Look at all the ways we reject that gift. Look at how the mind comes up with “reasons,” comparisons for unfulfilled needs and wants.
    BEING does not depend on “you.” Let it BE. Allow for the experiences in Life to change “you.”

    • Dinesh C 1:03 PM on November 14, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Thank you for your reply Ahnanda. I somehow knew acceptance is the solution but my ego never want any type of suffering. But your reply has given me something really important. Just out of curiosity i wanted to ask…are you a self realized being Ahnanda? Are you enlightened? Are you free from cycle of birth and death? Thanks a lot for your answer brother.


    • Lakshmipriya Nagarajan 1:38 AM on November 15, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Accepting something blindly because it is said so is definitely a “Barrier”. One who understand the “complete” method and applying it in appropriate time is the definition of ACCEPTANCE. My parents met with an accident 2 months back. In spite of not creating any thoughts of fear such as will they survive, even if they survive all their organs will be in good condition, will they be able to walk and become normal etc, I could feel the emotional attack and was restless till I saw them. I was in the hospital for 15 days till they get discharged. My mother was also injured so it was to take care both of them. Myself and my husband took off for 15 days and went to India to take care of them leaving our daughter in Muscat.
      Whenever my father was moaning in pain, I was also emotionally attacked and got into his pain and started suffering. But, I was able to clearly see all these things happening. This was happening only first day.
      Then, I sat and reflected, “Why do I say pain is bad? It is something which cannot be stopped, It is biological signal that something wrong has happened or sometimes it is the journey for recovery. There is no point in thinking that it is painful to him and I am helpless”.
      This reflection made me not get into the trap of his sufferings. I could able to serve him more, able to understand his mood swings and able to nurture him as a mother.
      The only way to accept what is happening around is to understand the deep secrets of DRAMA and to understand that everything is for good. What I can learn from this? Which spiritual power/ virtue shall I use at this time is the right definition of “ACCEPTANCE”.
      Otherwise, I will not be able to enjoy this DRAMA. For information, they are almost recovered and staying on their own. 🙂
      Whenever we get into certain path, we think that this path shall make us free. But, we are not ready to get out of our comfort zones. Comfort zone is such that the fly entering into small box thinking it is highly protected, but accepting to suffocate and suffer and not ready to make attempt to fly out. The fly would have forgotten the path, it could have hit the walls few times, but if determined and patient then, it could find its path and fly out. I have seen a pigeon entering our balcony through a small hole in the net that we made and struggling to go out. But after some time, it found and started to use that hole to get into the balcony and started making nest and leave the place without hassles.
      It is the matter of initial struggle to break our comfort zone (Conditioning). Once we break it, we would be liberated in life. The religious path/spiritual knowledge helps us to break the wall that we made in our mind. Aim for “liberation in life” brother. Because, the law does not permit liberation from the cycle of birth and death.
      We are happy beings and we ought to live in this world happily. Just feel easy and enjoy life with small reflection and reprogramming the mind. Because, I the programmer has all the capability to fix the bug in my wrong code.


      • Dinesh C 3:29 AM on November 15, 2018 Permalink | Reply

        Thank you for your reply and encouragement sister. Long back…i had shared many reasons here on Ahnanda’s blog about for me to leave BKs…one reason was that i want to get rid of cycle of birth and death. Drama repeats itself in every cycle thatswhy there is no way. But i used to think that in every cycle i have to suffer the same way…my god!! Now after trying few other Gurus and paths like Osho, Bhuddism and Zen sitting meditation, they advice to BE in the now and do not make any effort. To be aware seems like an effort in the beginning but later it is like a state of being. I came across the keyword AWARENESS for the first time here on Ahnanda’s blog and started being aware.
        There are or may be is obstacle on the path of awareness too. My own mind started attacking me like a monster. But somehow i have survived 🙂

        Ahnanda has also shared in his articles that there are no methods for libration or enlightment. I recal him writing in one article that my own life itself is a pathless path. And here he suggested me to accept my own life and not any path.
        Well thanks again to both of you. Om shanti.


  • avyakt7- New Generation 9:22 AM on November 7, 2018 Permalink | Reply
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    The importance of Celibacy 

    Celibacy is a natural consequence of feeling fulfilled in Life. Whenever there is that inner fulfillment, the mind will not go someplace to look for fulfillment.
    When someone had a good meal, that person will not feel hungry. Similarly in Life, as we experience and live, the former “needs” will diminish. What we found to be important at one point in our lives, will cease to be at a later time.

    Any religious follower who claims to practice celibacy should ask himself:
    Do my mind bring sexual desires within me? Do I still feel attraction for someone? Do I unconsciously bring sexuality into my dreams?
    If the answer is yes, then that follower is only repressing to comply with the ideal of celibacy.
    If we are fully aware of this, then perhaps we will need to OBSERVE the need, acknowledge it and decide for how long I will be living with a repression, knowing that sooner or later, in this Life or the next ones, there will be a consequence to deal with.
    The Golden age is not for repressed individuals. I can guarantee that.

    Celibacy cannot be “attained” by the use of will power. It will only be repression.

    Why is it that pornography or romantic novels is seeked out by many individuals? Because the mind can fantasize with something that it is not part of his experience. In a few words, that which I don’t have, I want and denying that I want that, only increases my repression and my desire to have it. Have we observed that? The opportunities that Life will bring to observe that repression will be plentiful. Nevertheless, a seeker may avoid those scenarios and live a repressed Life for fear of “failing.” That seeker will not be AWARE of that repression.

    Why is it that men and women need to be separated in a “spiritual gathering”? Obviously, to try to avoid a collision of attraction between repressed individuals. Physically may be possible, but mentally cannot happen.
    I am not saying that this code of conduct is “bad” or “good.” That doesn’t matter. What matters is to OBSERVE if there is repression. That is all.

    Sexuality is not the same for everyone. Not everyone is ready for a fulfilled Life through sexuality. Therefore, when dealing with the masses, it is important to make a “yes” or “no” statement, “good or bad” to simplify things, to make it “safe.”

    Celibacy is a process. It is not a compulsion. It doesn’t happen because I want it or because I am too old or too sick. If the mind keeps fantasizing and desiring, there is no celibacy at all.

    If I “practice” celibacy, it will only be repression.

    Knowing that I am repressing, I could accept that and deal with the consequences; but if I am not AWARE of it, then I am wasting the opportunity to learn from my own experiences.

    Celibacy is the completion of a fulfilled Life. Sexuality is the means to that completion for those who are ready. For those who are not, sexuality is a mirror. It will only show who they ARE.

    • Dinesh C 9:53 AM on November 12, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Hi Ahnanda…thanks for writing this…I am that guy who had left BKs almost two years back and had joined Osho…now recently I went through some very bad experiences and out of the need to have some stability in the middle of my deeper states of depression I started with BKs again and started remembering Baba again…but again I was not feeling better…inspite of remembering Baba again I was and have been experencing depression and high anxiety attacks…but then again being the watcher of my own mind and aletness and being here and now helped me…now can you please please please comment on is it ok to switch paths like this for an individual interested in self realization? Sometimes i feel somehow i want to just pass through this lifetime and libration does not matter to me because i find living difficult sometimes. But when things become better i feel libration is the only thing that matters to me. And by libration i mean freedom from cycle of time. Please throw some light on this for common good brother. Thank you. Om shanti.


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    The praise of the “intellect.” 

    In Brahma Kumaris there is an emphasis on the “intellect” as a tool to obtain and use “knowledge.”
    The “intellect” then, will apply this “knowledge” in every situation that Life may bring. This is known as “wisdom.”
    A wise person then, is no more “skilled” than a lawyer or an engineer. A lawyer deals with human laws whereas the “wise” person deals with “knowledge” provided by some higher authority endorsed by a religion, a philosophy, etc.

    This emphasis on “knowledge” (gyan) will bring many undesirable outcomes in Life, for Life doesn’t match any “ideas” or “truths” that we may have about it.
    Life is not a structure where we will be better off if we “do good,” for the extent of what we consider “good” is contaminated by our ideas or concepts: Conditioning.

    If a religion comes up with commandments, “reality” does not fit that ideal. Consequently, there is the struggle that every “sinner” has and the struggle that every “moral” person will face when choosing repression over understanding of the self. It is hard to be “good.”

    Observe Life. There is an Earthquake. Thousands of people die. Famine everywhere. Diseases will appear. What is the cause of that? Our reasoning, our “good intellect” will not find a “reason” for such “evil” event. Wasn’t that a consequence? (karma) Or perhaps that is the cause of something else? Who is responsible? Weren’t all of those people “punished”?
    Our “reasoning” our “intellect” doesn’t know. “Knowledge” is no longer applicable. However, explanations and tall stories are abundant. Theories proliferate. Believe in an “answer.” Make it “reasonable.”

    Life doesn’t operate under those concepts of “good” and “bad.” However, humans DO. Although those concepts are necessary to function in a human society; observe that those ideals do not reflect necessarily, the reality of Life.

    A snake is about to eat a pretty rabbit. It is in your hands to stop it or to allow it. What is the “moral” standard to apply? What is the reasonable solution?
    Humans through religions, operate under the illusion that “good” is a “reality” that we could follow every single time to obtain a favorable result.
    It is the pursue of what is “favorable for me,” what is underneath our “moral” concepts.

    In “reality” we delineate when killing is “good or bad” according to conveniences. However, the commandment has to be specific as not to confuse the masses.

    The intellect does not carry “knowledge.” It carries conditioned information for self-righteousness. Every conceptual view of Life only reflects a particular angle. Brahma Kumaris perceives Life from an angle. That perception makes up their world.

    A wise person does not need “knowledge” for he has insight. That goes beyond our “reasoning” and our little concepts of what is “good or bad.”
    The intellect is not the panacea for living a “righteous Life,” but when there is absence of inner knowledge, the learned recipes are needed to be safe, to be out of trouble; but that is not the path for self-realization.

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    The luring “Guru” 

    Once a human being is “selected” for the process of self-realization, many of his experiences will be unique. Those experiences will even affect people surrounding the person going through the changes, however; those experiences most of the time are misinterpreted by followers.
    For example, the belief in “Krishna” and the golden age, allowed followers to represent those things back in Brahma Baba’s days. Today, Dadis may wear crowns in BK celebrations, signifying Kings and Queens of the Golden age. It is not them, who are that “now,” but it is believed that their “role” will be that in the future. As obvious as that is, a follower will typically see something different.

    When someone is going through the process of self-realization there is a time where the previous person (sanskaras) will be magically gone from that individual as if in fact that person was a “new one.” That is why, there is a change in name. You ARE a different person.
    If a young girl feels attracted towards that “new” energy, there is no way for her to explain that. It is not some sort of “black magic.” It is the aura of that person. A caress from that “new” person is genuine, loving as IS any of his actions, for he IS. This, from the view of “normal” people guided by all sorts of conditioning is regarded with doubts and even qualified as morally “wrong.”

    It may be heard that Brahma Baba enacted “Krishna like” episodes of affection with young followers. It may be assessed that this is morally “wrong; “ but that morality is coming from “normal” people with “normal” conditionings.

    Osho went through something more “intense.” His view on sexuality was open as he was ready for that, although most of his followers may not. People could accuse him of having sex with several followers and adding the stigma of being morally “wrong,” but on the other hand, many of those women could have felt affection as they never felt before. That means a step forward in their evolution.

    The problem for society is that many “new gurus” appeared luring women into things. They were not self-realized individuals but rather con artists. What they ARE is not what appears to BE. These people even changed their names to sound more “spiritual,” but it is all part of the con business.

    Life will show later how protected these individuals were in their process. For instance, Osho had followers who were ready to kill others to obtain what they want. They even attempted murder. However, no one died. The same could be said with Brahma Baba. He had several “tests” even with his own family members. No deaths that could be accountable to him.

    Nevertheless, the same could not be said with followers. Once the self-realized individual moves on from this physical plane, the magic is gone for the rest. What remains is a “normal” institution, ran by “normal” people who will DO “normal” things.
    The “magic” will go on at the subtle level, where these self-realized individuals will contact some followers who may be “chosen” to be self-realized. Even though religions have hierarchies, it doesn’t mean that a “higher up” is ready to be self-realized.

    A self-realized individual does not fit into the views of what is “morally right.” He is not a rebel either. He just IS. His life has a mission to fulfill which is not related with profit, name or recognition as a “normal” person is.
    Every self-realized individual who existed, had a singular experience in Life. Followers believe that his life style is the “path to follow.” That is an innocent idea for every path is unique.

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    The misunderstood “Maya” in Brahma Kumaris 

    The extent you know “Baba” so “Maya.” 
    The word “Maya” is one of the most misinterpreted or perhaps, the one with more interpretations in the BK ideology.
    For some, Maya is “illusion.” That illusion is interpreted as “vices,” or perceptions due to an inaccurate (sick) mind. For others, “Maya” is equivalent to “Satan” in Christianity, it is the antithesis of “Baba.”
    Some may say that everything is “perishable” except the “soul.” Thus, everything is “Maya” with the exception of the “soul” and “Supreme soul.”
    That is a “Maya” (illusion) in itself.

    According to BK knowledge, in Life everything is eternal but ever changing. That is a perception. For others, everything is perishable, except the soul. That is another perception. It all depends from our point of reference, our consciousness. Again, it is a matter of consciousness, not just some intellectual “truth” to accept.
    The big question for any seeker at one point of their “spiritual careers,” is this:

    Do I honestly go with my perception? Do I go with someone else’s perception and label that “truth”?
    For instance, I can know the “truth,” that the “soul” is eternal. Intellectually, I know that. I could teach that to others; but yet; when there is some sort of danger to lose my life, I will go on as if I didn’t know that. I will cry out, I will beg for my life, I will get all stressed out to save it.
    I could know that Brahma Baba was unmovable in front of danger. I want to imitate that, but the HONEST reality is that I cannot. That is the TRUTH.
    On the other hand, I can honestly go with my perception and live the experiences that come with it, after all; there is a teaching that I must learn.

    Is it possible for God to want me to be DISHONEST with my perceptions? If I go on and follow someone else’s truth then eventually, I will find all the repressions that I have done in the name of going to “heaven.” Could a repressed individual go to “heaven”?
    Life has its own timing. Those who are ready to become a Buddha or a Brahma Baba will obtain the necessary experiences for that. This is not a matter of “will power,” or a decision that “I want to be like that.”
    As a kid I used to like “Batman.” He was my favorite superhero. He was human. He did not have any “special powers” other than what some people already have (intelligence, physical prowess, money.) Nevertheless, I could not imitate him. After all, I am not “Batman.” There are many experiences that I need to learn as merely being ME.

    That is why, religions have added the element of “pressure.” “Time is running out. Now or never. BE what you are not ready yet. Get there quickly. Fake till you make it.” Eventually, that follower has the potential to either break down or become a fraud, an imitator.
    My question is: Where is “Maya” then?
    It is in US, yet we do not look there. We want “truth” elsewhere. 

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    The path of attainment 

    It was understood by religious leaders that the way to BECOME an angel, a deity, a saint, etc. was through renouncing those aspects regarded as sinful, bad, devilish, etc.
    A man was understood as a creature with the potential to BECOME something BETTER by removing or renouncing those traits believed to be “bad.” This path is easy to understand. The masses were happy with something so simple. Just take away the “bad” and keep the “good.”
    That childish view of “spirituality” has remained for centuries.

    “With the help of God, “I” can remove those “bad” traits.” There is only one-step remaining. We need to believe it. Once this belief is collective among followers, it becomes a “truth.”
    Since renunciation became something hard to follow, few individuals remained, known as “saints.” The stigma was created. A “saint” is someone who can renounce. That is hard to DO. It is only for few, just like the idea of a BK yogi.

    The idea of “attainment” came into existence as the realization that man can always BECOME BETTER. I could be “good” but I could be “lacking” some virtues which will make ”me” BETTER.
    All I need to DO is to “work on” some virtues. I need to follow some steps or methods to get to “heaven,” “purity,” etc.
    This new “idea” was cherished by the masses. Many “Best sellers” were written about this. In Brahma Kumaris, “tips” to DO yoga to attain certain levels of purity, were prescribed by seniors. Let us not focus on “taking away things,” but let us focus on “earning” something. ATTAIN something.
    The work of the mind, goes from one extreme to the other.

    The path of renunciation leads to the path of attainment and vice versa. This is duality.
    If a neophyte reads the above, he may think: “I get it. Both are WRONG.”

    No. This is not about “right or wrong” (another duality.) Avyakt7-NG is not sharing intellectual ideas. He is sharing his experience. You will need to go through this to understand. Renunciation is not “bad” but it is “ugly.” The path of “attainment” is not “bad” but it is “nice.” That duality will keep the mind of the seeker entertained.
    Both (renunciation and attainment) are the “elementary school” of spirituality; but those who only grasp these things intellectually without experience, are in “kindergarten.”

    “Spirituality” for those in “high school,” is in BEING. For those in “college,” is in “Non-BEING.”
    Those in “elementary school” are not ready for “college,” but they are ready for renunciation and attainment.
    Finally, “College,” is NOT better than “elementary school.” It is only different, one label is an introduction to the other in the circle of Life. Thus, enjoy were you ARE, for what you ARE NOT NOW will arrive at its own time.

    Note: I do not mean to compare, but through the limitations of our language, I need to do it in order to illustrate my point.

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    The “ugliness” of renunciation 

    In Brahma Kumaris, the word “renunciation” is glorified. To “renounce” something is a sign of “improvement” in the spiritual Life.
    A neophyte follower will be at awe whenever a BK tells a story of renunciation.

    “Look, he renounced his worldly family to join the BK family.” “She renounced sex to become a pure person.” “ He renounced his drinking habit to become better,” etc.
    Renunciation has repression underneath.

    I recall the story of a BK brother, who was born in a third world country. Through many “efforts” he was able to live in the USA. Through “effort” he had a good social position there. He had a family. After becoming a BK, he “lost” all those things unwillingly. Destiny made that happen. When he returned to his home country to visit, a well-known BK sister, gave the advice for him to “Do service in his country of origin.” Obviously, this BK brother wanted to “obey” and he followed the advice. Nevertheless, very few knew about the internal suffering he went through. The BK label for that state is “attachment.” This BK brother needed to break that attachment through his will power, yoga power and any other power, to become “successful,” a “worship worthy deity.”

    Eventually, through another well -known BK sister, the BK brother had the “permission” to go back to the USA (save face.) After many years of working in the USA, this BK brother naturally developed a distaste for the USA. Eventually, he went back to his home country to live there. There was no “effort” of his part. No “ugly” renunciation to follow. This incident taught the BK follower an important lesson in Life. There is timing for everything.

    The mental ideal of following a word, will not allow us to look inside. When we are naturally ready for the next step, there cannot be renunciation.
    If there is renunciation of any kind, then there is repression, violence. Even if a drunk person “renounces” to drink a drop of alcohol in his life, that person is only repressing. That which is negated and repressed (renounced) will become more attractive, a temptation.
    “Lead us not into temptation” is a popular prayer. Repression is inside. Inner violence is unavoidable.

    A drunk person does not have self-love. That is the beginning of the “cure” and not to count how many days he has been sober. Of course, will-power is needed to start a process, but to believe that will power alone (translated as “renunciation”) will be able to “cure” is naïve.
    BapDada has mentioned in the Avyakt Murlis that “the greatest renunciation is the one without renunciation.”

    Life has its own timing. Life is not concerned with the agenda of a religious group, a leader or an ideal. The “sacrifice” of renunciation is not only ugly, but utterly violent when it is a mental ideal to follow.
    In our society, we punish those who are violent towards others, but we oversee when there is inner violence towards the self.
    Many religious followers are completely oblivious of all the damage that they are inflicting towards themselves. The ideal of not “harming others” is blindfolding them to look inside. That inner violence eventually will be unleashed toward others.

    • lakshmipriya 12:37 AM on October 4, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      I agree with your point brother. Renunciation is mostly followed by most of the BKs as you have explained. But that it is not been intended by Babdada.
      Renunciation is removal of mask. we shall not try to remove this mask when it is attached to our skin. Then after removing we can only see ugly face with scratches, cuts and bruises. The effort is to detach from the mask with loving and power intellect. Then we ourself enjoy removing the mask as it is not anywhere attached.
      We shall allow the caterpillar to become butterfly. Any efforts to open the cocoon will lead to a handicapped, ugly butterfly. Then those help in this immature opening are not actually helping . This path is not the path of renunciation, path of destroying the old and bad, but the path of attainment, path to create new, beautiful pure world. The focus shall be on the attainment.
      We renounce family, dishearten them, abandon them with all our immaturity to understand the knowledge. If we go deep in ourselves, we can seen selfishness of attaining the position in the satyug.
      But all these mind games shall end only then, the true experience can emerge. Once the knowledge is understood, it requires honest and sincere observation of the self and we can see the transformation.
      Let us all become colourful, vibrant and healthy butterfly and attract everyone to become like us.


      • avyakt7- New Generation 6:45 PM on October 6, 2018 Permalink | Reply

        The path of renunciation and the path of attainment are opposites poles of the same path. Two extremes of the same cord.
        Will share next time on this. Thanks for your valuable input.


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    The religious “truth.” 

    Every religion believes to have the “truth.” Every seeker is in search of the “truth.”
    When our being expresses through the understanding of the mind, we will look for something written or something that we can tell verbally to others and label that as “truth,” “word of God,” “knowledge,” etc.

    When we are at that stage of our development, those ideas are all that matter. We will defend those ideals, become loyal to them and teach others what we have been convinced with.
    Because we are convinced, we believe that to be the “truth.” Because it is our own experience, we believe that to be the “truth.”
    We have upgraded labels for our own ego trip. The believer and the non-believer are all in the same boat of ego-centrism, looking for ways to assert their view points.

    As we look outside of our self-absorption, we will observe how perceptions of reality are depending on the level of consciousness of an individual. In other words, we perceive Life according to the color of the lenses that we are wearing. Some are wearing blue lenses. Life will be blue for them. Their reality, “blue.” That will be the color of their “truth.”
    If someone perceives the world as “red,” then he will have opposition. He will be crazy for the majority. Those who are open minded, will be able to OBSERVE that there are different ways of perception. The eyes are meant to perceive light, although the color may be different. Without eyes, our perception of reality will be completely different.

    Someone who does not have eyes, will be perceived as handicapped by the majority with eyes. However, this person will have an extraordinary gift of perception through other senses.

    The same holds for consciousness. To explain Life through the cycle of time or through the trip of souls into the physical realm and to put it in writing as “this is the way,” is definitely far from what IS. It is neither the “essence,” for what is considered to be “essential” is based on a point of view, which is partial.
    We are nothing, but at the same time everything. Have you heard that from “illuminated ones”?
    Many will try to explain, interpret and try to understand something which is beyond their experience. It will always be a lame interpretation.

    For Brahma Kumaris, we are something; a “soul.” That something has a presence, a substance which is different than anything else. That is only a perception. For many, that is not even an experience. It is a belief. Just like the belief in so many other things.
    When the belief is more important than inner observation, we are trading what IS for a tale. “Truth” can only be in ourselves. Truth is not what we speak, read or believe. It is what we ARE.

    What ARE we? Look inside. Look at the content. Observe what comes out at every moment. Now, you may know the “truth.”

    • lakshmipriya 5:01 AM on September 27, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      While playing pole vault, it is very much necessary to hold on to the stick so that we can raise high. At one point of time this pole needs to be renounced then only the objective will be fullfilled. We need to go into other side. We shall have the courage to leave and be confident about our ability to jump.
      It is same with any spiritual study. The knowledge, methods, customs and systems is designed oneself to take into the experience of the knowledge. It is the skill of the student to get into the experience. The games of mind will cease to exist so that one shall be the experience.
      Then there is no “what baba says about this? What dadi says about this? Is it shrimat?” will cease. We need to renounce the pole vault. We will become intuitive. We will be able to access the tutor within. One becomes natural yogi at that point of time. But then it is numberwise.


  • avyakt7- New Generation 8:46 AM on September 19, 2018 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , , , discipline, generosity, ,   

    Learning “virtues” through the mind 

    One of the aspects that I remember in my experience as a BK, was the emphasis on learning “spiritual virtues” through the understanding of the mind.
    For instance, before the BK experience; I used to behave with discipline. This is something that I learned through the practice of sports not through any kind of spiritual class. Others observed that I had “discipline.” That is how that word came into my experience. Then, “discipline” was part of the definition I had about myself.

    There are 2 aspects to recognize once the mind is engaged with a definition.
    First, was my inability to be flexible with “my discipline.” The definition I had about myself was so strong that did not allow me to change patterns according to the circumstance. In the long run, this “discipline” became a tyrant as flexibility wasn’t allowed. “Will power” was misused many times to force myself to DO things.
    In the BK world, this scene was resolved through the use of yet another word: Love.
    DO things with love. The ideal of the mind about doing things with “love” inflicted even further pain and discomfort, which was covered with the ideal of being “disciplined.” That brought acceptance of self-denial and the misunderstanding that this, was in fact love.

    The second aspect is that this definition of myself as “disciplined” was one of the “virtues” I would use to describe myself. The typical question in BK retreats was: “Name 2 virtues which describe yourself.”
    Obviously, discipline was there. “Myself” was enhanced with this label. “ I have discipline. I need to acquire other virtues.” It never came to my mind how the extension of this “good” word or virtue, could even hurt me.

    Let us take a look at other “virtue” in the Bk world (Thanks to my sister Raysha for this.)
    In the BK world, generosity; typically comes from the mind. BKs will “practice generosity.” That “practice” leads necessarily to comparison with others, since the mind compares in order to check if in fact, “I am generous now.”
    As a consequence, this understanding of the mind of what generosity is; will bring greater ego in the BK follower. The “I am generous,” necessarily will find those who are not. “I am pure,” will necessarily compare with those who aren’t. Otherwise, how can I use that label to define myself as “improving”?

    “I am generous, disciplined,” etc. only shows the extension of the ego.
    When generosity comes from BEING, from the heart; that generosity cannot be defined. It cannot be put into words for others to “practice.”
    “Dadi only has 3 sets of clothes.” If dadi uses that example to inflict the value of austerity onto others, that shows that this value enhances her perception of self. This austerity is used to enhance ego.

    Avyakt7-NG understands that for beginners, there is a need to put words and definitions for everything. There is a need to label what is “good” from what is “bad.” However, if there is lack of depth; our “spiritual world” will be stuck in labels and practices. We will not be able to grow beyond the mind.
    “Virtues” do not “work” by themselves. In Life, harmony and balance are way more important.

    Discipline and flexibility are ONE. Without discipline, flexibility is self-indulgence. Without flexibility, discipline is tyranny. There is no “line” dividing both. There is no way for the mind to understand when to “use” one and not the other. It is a matter of feeling the balance and for that, we need to go away from the mind and its conditionings.

  • avyakt7- New Generation 10:15 AM on September 12, 2018 Permalink | Reply
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    The “reality” of BK knowledge 

    “What is” escapes explanations. There are no words capable of describing what we may label as “reality.”
    Any single event in Life is chained through previous events. Even though, we may attribute certain action to someone, there was a chain reaction leading to a result.
    The word “result” is never an end product. Although our minds are trained to see it that way.

    Brahma Kumaris displays a “knowledge” which is explained through words. The events of the story of “Brahmin souls” going through the cycle of time as the “main actors,” is the same story that any religion will portray. There is no religion selling “salvation” where the main protagonists are their own followers. Their eschatology is self-serving.

    When someone is new to “Spirituality” a religion will offer the certainty needed for the mind to remain at ease. Christians, come to mind. Their story of salvation is easy to follow. What is requested from followers is easy to DO. As a person evolves, he may see “spirituality” as denial of the body and its sensations for the pursue of something more “elevated,” such as the spirit, the soul, etc.

    A person may think that in order to access the soul and the spirit within, there must be a denial, an internal fight to overcome the needs of the body (effort.) This is in a nutshell, the pursue of the BK yogi.
    A BK yogi’s mind is surrounded by the duality of body and spirit. That understanding is reflected in their beliefs, known as “knowledge.”
    The “cycle of time” in BK’s view; is about going “up and down” from soul consciousness into body consciousness. It is thought, that “now” is the moment to leave that body consciousness which has been accumulated through centuries and in a few years of this life time, change that perception through austerities.

    Followers are eager to demonstrate to themselves and others, that they can DO it. They are eager to receive the praise of “god,” to fulfill their ego needs.
    How many Brahma Kumaris followers have reached the pinnacle of their beliefs? How to know if this in fact is true?
    That is the question that all followers should start looking into. It is a matter of belief.

    That is why, Avyakt7 NG; shares the importance of “spirituality” in the “now.” There are no stories here. It is all about finding the sensations that are moving us, such as anxiety, stress, greed, etc. If we are unable to observe those in ourselves, we will not be able to move forward, no matter what we DO or what we believe in.
    Busy in spreading a story of salvation (aka knowledge) a follower is oblivious of himself.
    “Spirituality” is no longer about supporting our vision of duality and to fight opposites deemed as “’bad”. That is; however, the “reality” of the BK world.

    “Spirituality” becomes the understanding and acceptance that this world moves through these apparent opposite forces. We cannot deny a half of a whole unit, and expect that things will move alright.

    The body is necessary in this world. The body is part of who we ARE at a particular point in time. A yogi then, sees union where others will see separation. After all, yoga means “union.”
    Caught up in words, a religion may use key words accepted by all, to make a subtle change in meaning. Furthermore, labeling that change as the “true” meaning.

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