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  • avyakt7- New Generation 4:33 PM on July 29, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    Some thoughts in reference to the “new world order.” 

    Times are changing. Although most are looking at the Pandemic from a physical perspective, there is an energetic change as well.
    The Earth will continue to show its wonders through natural disasters, as proud humans continue to try to subdue its might, and exploit its resources as this provides “good old profit,” which is the “aim and objective” of every conditioned human being.

    There is no possibility for someone who is trapped in that economic mindset to explore the vast self. That person can only go so far; that is becoming a good worshiper, who “practices” good deeds while following a strict complaisance with the current system, which is sometimes labeled as “Savage Capitalism.” That person, although “successful” in society, does not have the openness, depth and courage to clash with his perceived and comfortable “truth” of “profit for me.”

    Nevertheless, this “new world order” may bring changes in that rooted perception. It is a wonder on how the experience of little suffering could bring some change away from following our comfortable “status quo.” This means that more people will be interested in spirituality or religions, which in turn is an opportunity for profit seekers to engage their “businesses” into these activities, for this target market will grow.

    Notwithstanding, Life always finds a way to turn the path of those with an honest heart into a meaningful journey, no matter what the outside form of those paths may look like; for spiritual progress is a matter of consciousness, awareness and that cannot be purchased or “practiced.” Consciousness is the byproduct of assimilating the experiences in Life.

    Many humans are turning easily into cases of mental health as consequence of embitterment and lack of satisfaction of living in our current situation, and as we may know the “new economic order” is on its way.

    As I recall some of the BK practices for precaution such as “Y2K,” and other “key” occasions such as 2012 (Anxiously touted back then as the end of the world,)  it would be wise to foresee shortages of food items in the near future, for many countries rely on importing some food items which may have been damaged or spoiled due to the circumstances of the pandemic. Therefore, to purchase while it is available, means to be ahead of the “new” game.

    I could describe many cases where lives have turned outside down. Those who work and have children to support, may experience harsh times.
    Then, I can understand the BK philosophy regarding having children and being caught up in family ties, to apply specially at this time. Uncertainty is high and whoever needs free time to explore spirituality, may experience that to take care of “mundane” activities is a higher priority. It is important to realize that time is going fast, although paradoxically; it is the same old clock from 100 years ago ticking one second at the time. There is not much time to spare.

    While Bill Gates has given a warning about population growth, Elon Musk has said that there will be a population collapse. Some believe that population will increase by 2040 and then decline.

    That reminds me about Baba’s knowledge which supports Bill Gates’ viewpoint, unless population collapse means “destruction is just ahead,” which at that point will also support Musk’s; however, Musk has other ideas about this “collapse” supported by statistics of birth/death ratios of populations and other “numbers” that many use as “proof” which may have a good theory background; but Life has shown us that it is not ushered by human numbers. Nevertheless, all of these things are only good themes of conversation, while drinking and enjoying a masala chai.

    These are interesting times, where “the right answer” is no longer one side of the equation but both sides. That is, go North or South we will reach the same place.

    The popular “North is the right answer,” does not work anymore and so; the notorious “I have the truth” is outdated.
    However, we ought to remember one more time that what we feel after we have taken away our mental conditioning, is our personal compass to follow our destiny in this “Drama” of Life. Many will follow paragraphs or words uttered by someone, but forgetting their own feelings. That honesty of going with your “pure” feelings is the one that could take a seeker into another realm, away from the comforts of the “same old thing.” That challenge is also an opportunity.

    Will resume writing on August 26th. Until then! 🙂

    • Gaythri 12:12 PM on July 30, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      Dear Avyakt 7 ng, Yes brother, I too notice that there has been a shift in universal consciousness. The forced isolation/ lockdowns have brought uncertainty and discomfort in life as well as enabled people to think differently.

      I see people who used to spend their time only in planning which restaurants to go to, which tourist places to visit, which movies to watch, etc. preferring to stay back home and lead a different kind of life.

      Those who had used all their experience in business and invested in certain projects have realised that nothing is guaranteed in this world. And many poor, as well as middle-class people, are forced to go through harsh situations and are learning to monitor their lives in a different way. We are all affected in one way or the other. But I am also able to see some silver lining in these situations. People have changed to some extent which was unimaginable a few months ago.

      Hope we will all learn our lessons the easy way and usher in the new era with zeal and enthusiasm.

      best wishes,

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    The mind, intellect and sanskaras in Brahma Kumaris 

    A BK follower will learn about the mind, intellect and sanskaras. That is the first class in the “7 day course in BK Raja Yoga.” As a beginner in “spiritual matters,” the first thing is to memorize those new labels and start using them.

    Our society uses the label mind when referring to “I.” In society it is thought that the “power of the mind” is over any other faculty that “I” may have. In fact, in Western society there is no other separation of psychological faculties: The intellect is thought to be a faculty of the mind, thus; it is the mind again. Then, what is the BK intellect?
    For BKs, it is the faculty which analyzes, reasons, judges right from wrong.
    As the information on this is widely available, here comes a paragraph from a BK website: “It is said that the intellect is hidden, but is higher than the mind. When we want to decide between few options or judge the right and wrong, the intellect is used. Then the mind orders the organs to bring the outcome in practical action. This is the procedure.”

    Excuse me, but that description is about the mind. To analyze, to dissect, to judge, that is pure mind.

    At one time in my BK days, I was told that the translation of intellect in Hindi is the word “buddhi,” that is to be awake, to understand, to know; from that, the word “Buddha” arrives into the picture as a masculine form of the word “buddhi” which is feminine, as I understand.

    Now, we have a huge difference. The “buddhi” is not the equivalent to “intellect.” Perhaps it could be used as a dictionary word, but never as a translation with spiritual meaning. The “buddhi” is for those who are awaken. In fact, “no-mind” is perhaps the closest experience.

    The mind compares and judges through the conditioning given to it. What is “right” is a matter of conditioning. For Life itself, such dualistic values are non existent. What we consider “wrong” in society, still happens in Life and has consequences for all. That is the “Drama.” As we know from the BK conditioning, the “Drama is beneficial for all;” thus, where is the “wrong” part?

    Going deeper, we could see one of the shortcomings of the BK philosophy and that is their individualistic nature. “ I have a mind, intellect and sanskara.” “I will be a King in the Golden Age.” Moreover, many will say: “I have a soul.” The “I am a soul” takes greater conditioning not to forget. To say the “right” words, takes practice as there is no actual experience but just the mind memorizes and uses the “right” word.

    The BK philosophy does not perceive the “Totality,” that is the “We are all one,” which became popular in “New Age” movements; notwithstanding; the “knowledge” of the predestined Drama supports that Totality.

    If everything is predestined, isn’t that “I,” the “me,” part of the predestined package? Thus, what am “I” supposed to “judge” as right or wrong if that is none other than what is already predestined? The mind “chooses” according to its conditioning. That is what we may need to experience. What is thought to be “convenient for me,” happens through conditioning. If I was able to perceive the common good as “convenient for me” then, that could be the “right” choice but in individualistic societies and religions, it is about “me.”

    Someone may say: “ You will do what has been done before.. but you don’t know what that was, so you have to make a decision now.”

    It is deceiving to say “ A kalpa ago.” Observe the cycle of time. It is a closed circle. One event leads to another until that event comes up again. We say “repeat again,” but if we say that, then we may need to look for the first occurrence of that event, and that cannot be. It is impossoble. There is no first occurrence of something that has been happening for eternity. In fact, “first” is just a point of reference.

    This “Totality” goes beyond that individual “I.” Beyond the “I have a mind,” there is just “mind.” That “mind” is what gives the sense of “I.” That “mind” is given in the Drama, just like sanskaras.

    According to BK knowledge, the sanskaras are habits and propensities which came from past births. However, those habits are “cherry picked” for the next birth according to the needs of the new “part to perform in the unlimited Drama.” Who picks those sanskars? Nobody. They just come as part of the unlimited package.

    I understand that for the beginner, it is important to make divisions, chunks of information with different labels and differences easy to understand: “The mind is the screen of the computer, the sanskaras the hard drive and the intellect is the mouse.” Nevertheless, it is important as well to understand that such divisions are non existent. Everything comes together as a package and the important thing to know from the spiritual viewpoint is, what kind of package was given to “me” and observe it, acknowledge it, get to know it so the “buddhi” comes up and with that, freedom from conditioning could be experienced; then I could say that “ I have changed,” “I have transformed,” but not until then.

    • Gaythri 8:42 AM on July 29, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      Dear Avyakt 7 ng, yes it is an important and interesting observation. This study is very deep. As Baba says, “One can keep collecting shells on the beach of the ocean of knowledge or dive deep into the ocean and get the precious jewels. And then, whatever we do is predestined though. 🙂

      I try to understand and accept the ONEness of the universe as well as the benevolent Drama, but ‘I do not like it’ when I have to go through tough situations. 🙂 In the present times when corrupt practices, crime, and sorrow are on the increase, when life has become a challenge, it becomes difficult to lead a carefree life thinking Drama is benevolent. The drama may be benevolent for sure, but to put up with it becomes tough sometimes.

      And I really want to share some good news too.. Baba, drama, and yoga have taught me how to improve situations to whatever extent. I realised that the GREATEST Power in the world is LOVE. Fortunately, this is the virtue that I have focused on for decades and have made good progress. Slowly but steadily I have been able to change the world around me and am able to create an atmosphere of love, peace, and harmony. Miles to go….

      Thanks for your soul-searching articles. Best wishes and regards to you and your family.

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    When returning to the BK world 

    There are many Brahma Kumaris who left the BK religion and then came back again. There are many “reasons” compelling these individuals to do that, but we could wonder how is it possible to leave, go back to the “old world” and then decide to go back again to the BK world?

    The ones who I met, had unfulfilled needs while in the BK path; then decided to go to the “old world” to fulfill those needs, just to find out that there was nothing else remaining after those needs were met and still they were looking for something “meaningful.”

    It is important to understand that any perceived need which is driven by the mind, is incapable of fulfillment. It is like watching pornography: The mind is engaged in that for there are elements which are attractive to a particular mind, but watching is not the same as having the “real” experience. Still, the mind cannot be satisfied but craves for more. Similarly, when leaving the BK experience just to come back again, the mind compares and proceeds, believing that satisfaction is arriving once we reach “there,” and that “there” is anywhere but where we are now.

    Some couldn’t take the feeling of isolation by being unable to mingle with whoever they desired, or wanted a relationship or a sexual experience or perhaps they were fed up with the BK system and wanted a break, etc. Then, these individuals proceeded with their wishes, which typically are the opposite of what the BK world requires, thus; the conflict.

    The mind fantasizes with what is lacking: Water is extremely appealing to that one who is very thirsty. Once the thirst is quenched, then the person is back in his dissatisfaction mode in search for meaning, that is back to the beginning, where the BK world fits the need.

    It is important to point out that the typical “religious seeker” does not feel satisfied with society and what it offers. When most unaware individuals have learned to cope with the social system and feel that they belong, there are some; who are looking for something different, although they may not know what that is. A political rebel may outwardly show his violence and rejection of society whereas a religious seeker may keep that violence inside, and show his rejection in different ways. For instance in Brahma Kumaris, when believers refer to the “old world” (society) with different degrading labels.
    Brahma Kumaris presents itself as a good alternative to fill that need for meaning. Something completely different than what society offers, which has a perception of wholesome, good, uplifting. Its perceived value is “beyond this lifetime” and has the “Godly” component which has a positive connotation.

    Disappointment with society is a strong motivator to feel the sense of belonging to the BK world. Humans strive to belong to something greater than themselves. Even in the most ego driven and infantile consciousness, there is the need to belong: To a soccer team, to a political party, to a country, a religious view, etc.

    Typically there are 2 types of former believers once they go back to the BK world: 1) The ones who will go deeper on the “second chance” than what they did before. These individuals perceive that they “finally” found what they need in the BK world. After tasting and being disappointed when returning to society, there is no “other shop” to go to. Again, the mind fantasizes tremendously. The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence, specially if we are only able to see 2 yards. If these followers were able to observe this, then their returning trip will be a valuable lesson. Once returning for “good,” the individual will follow blindly and it will be the BK system the one who will take precedence over his perceived needs. Thus, this person is more likely to feel the inner struggles, the “war with Maya” and here is when his inner observation will be mostly required for the “next step.”

    2) Those who go back and their level of commitment is lower than before. These individuals are drawn to the BK world for a particular “reason.” That may be the need to belong to something perceived as “worthwhile,” or to be able to “help” others, or companionship with “nice, spiritual people,” etc. That is the motive why they came back, but they also want to be part of the “old world,” society. They want both worlds and are committed to none. This may be a sane response, but the changing inner effects, the inner turmoil when de-conditioning will not be felt. These individuals are a good fit for “BK service,” as their particular acquired skills in society, could be used in the BK world. This is typically a “happy relationship” between the individual and the BK system, for each party gets what they “want” from each other.

    Those who came back after leaving, are better equipped to deal with the BK inner struggles, for they know what to expect and they know what the way out will bring. Nevertheless, in the BK world there is the tendency to lower their “status” in the “Golden age” as a “subtle punishment” for leaving. Why?

    The BK system needs a way to deter the “firm” ones, from thinking about leaving. Once a person leaves, he can do it again. That person doesn’t experience the fear and inner fight that someone who could not dare to leave, will experience. Being “status conscious” is part of the BK conditioning.

    In that respect the BK world has its ideal image into the system: An unmarried, single person with no children, hopefully with no sexual experience; that is the “right fit” to climb into the “high status” promise of salvation.
    That view is not consistent with diversity, for Life doesn’t make black or white distinctions based on external characteristics. The level of consciousness or awareness a person has, cannot be manipulated by human preconceptions and ideals.

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    The artifice behind BK “numberwise.” 

    It is the belief in Brahma Kumaris that a follower could earn “Paradise,” according to his present spiritual “effort.” While it is believed that less than 1 million followers will be in the Golden Age, there is also a difference between those “making it” there. That is known as “status.” There is a hierarchy of king, queen, subjects, etc. Enticing labels ready to be “achieved,” depending on “effort” of the Brahma Kumaris follower at “this time.”

    Apparently this set up “makes sense.” After all, a King there obtained that position through his “spiritual” endeavors in his past life as a BK.
    Ok. Fair enough.

    To “make effort” will be of special importance as in the “future,” “I” would like to make sure that “I” obtain the best position for “me.” After all, that is what society teaches us and Brahma Kumaris uses that conditioning into the spiritual realm, as well.

    Observe that ego appearing, which is known as a “vice” in Brahma Kumaris. (Many spiritual seekers are unable to observe that ego, for they haven’t “exercised” their awareness yet.) Ego is all in the mind. It is that ego the one that would like to achieve something, obtain it, possess it and clearly enhance itself even if that is in the “future,” which is another mind ideal.

    Basically, that which “I” need to “conquer” according to Brahma Kumaris knowledge; that ego is directing the whole “effort making” scheme. Once we clearly observe that, we can understand the futility of being greedy towards a “better future for ME in the future Golden Age.”

    How that could be? Isn’t that pursue of something “better” sane and rational?
    Yes. It is. But observe that the whole stunt is directed by the ego alone. Most “sane and rational” individuals will not realize this when coming from the conditioning of society, for we cannot observe the distinction. We are conditioned. To get “somewhere” in our society, we need to motivate the ego to achieve; but as mentioned before, that does not work in the spiritual realm where it is touted all the time that our ego needs to be conquered, diluted, etc. Do we see the dilemma?

    Therefore, the word “numberwise” objectively motivate followers to “achieve” something by following certain codes, practices, etc. which provides the ground for a “healthy” competition within… Correct?   

    Not quite.

    A conditioned human needs to compete with others. That is what we could observe at the “center near you.” To “improve” means to obtain a position within the organization, within the center, or something which distinguishes that person from someone else (a gold ring perhaps.) Thus, “numberwise” is a decoy, but it is meant to motivate the follower to DO something about his life, to get some control over it and to get direction into something “worthwhile.” That is to satisfy the search for meaning.

    Is this artifice “bad”? No! At the starting level of consciousness of the seeker it could be “good” for it accomplishes one of the main experiences of being a BK, that is to increase ego. The issue is that many followers will not realize about the opportunity they had to see that enhancement of ego in their own skin, and to know their ego face to face rather than just reading about it, or believing that it is “pure” ego or “pure” greed or whatever pretty labels they may believe, to crave for “Paradise.” Ego is only ego no matter what pretty labels we use.

    However, as mentioned before; ego is not “bad.” It is a consequence of “growth.” Growth? Yes, the self grows to a point where all there is for the individual is “I, me and myself” and the rest are satellites meant to enhance “me” or help “me” “achieve.”

    Do we see why is it important to de-condition ourselves from society? However, we should also observe that by doing so, we will not fit in as we will perceive “reality” in a different light than the “normal” others. That is why it is interesting when someone says: “He is a very successful business man, who is very spiritual as well.” That is like mixing water and oil, unless they meant by “spiritual” to be only a worshiper believer of stories and performer of “sacred” practices.

    While in society, the motivator resides in a “healthy” ego (which always wants more, for it is the overused mind in action) in spirituality, the core is “to be” ego-less.

    That is why, OBSERVATION is very important as there is no goal other than to observe. We could say that “to observe is the goal,” but if we say that, we haven’t understood that we can live without goals, just as we can observe without goals.

    Observation brings “understanding” (which is not a mental/conceptual one) but “seeing clearly” which brings immediate change, without a goal in mind, without further words and mental explanations. That is without an “aim and objective,” which is ego driven.

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    The “truth” of religions 

    Most individuals engaged in a religious journey are seeking from some form of “truth.” That may have different labels, such as “God,” “virtues,” “love,” “acceptance,” and a sense of “belonging.”
    If all of those are followed by some sort of philosophy diving into eschatology (the end of the world) then we have all the ingredients to value such religion even more than Life itself.

    After all, most will embark into the religious journey after some sort of deception of the “current” world. It may be that we have “achieved” everything we could in this world, and nothing seems to satisfy our thirst for meaning. It may be that we found the sense of friendship/brotherhood that we were looking for from like minded individuals. Few may have the “spiritual experiences” necessary to strengthen their belief and consider themselves “special,” “lucky,” and of course would like to follow up with all the ego boosting experiences given in such setting. All different reasons which have in common the search for meaning, that is the underlying “truth” behind any search.

    A religion then will reassure the follower: “Your search is over.” “You have found it.” Isn’t that beautiful?

    We may need to observe the whole journey to find out the “buttons” that were pushed, and how those buttons affected our perspective of Life.

    What I found is this: When seeking, it is important to find what we believe will give us meaning. However, to find it means the search ain’t over. Isn’t that paradoxical? The mind is never satisfied.

    We are continuously reassured that everything we need is “out there,” someone has it and all we need to “do” is to believe in that. Come, join us and you too will have it! You too will be “saved”!

    Without a doubt, that part of our journey is necessary and important; but there is more to it. Once all those supportive “props” are taken away in Life, then we are all by ourselves. What is the meaning then? What is the “truth” that we found?
    Perhaps at that point few will go into the “inward journey.” That is the one without meaning, without a goal, and because of that meaningful in itself.

    Everything is inside. Did we hear that? Many times. What does it mean? That is what we need to find out. It is not a search, it is finding. Does it make sense? A search has a mental something that we wish to find. Finding is to look what is already there, through all the layers that may be.
    Paradoxically, everything is inside but to get there we start from the outside.

    Therefore, the paths of religions are all “good” starting points. Those “outside” paths are needed in the overall journey of consciousness, where gaining consciousness may mean to be free from what the mind expects; what it has been taught through conditioning, that “should be.”

    Looking from that perspective, we may find that religious stories are like lullaby tales. They have a teaching value, a moral story, a great significance for those who are trapped in their minds, for those stories become a source of guiding light in our darkest days. However, to believe that those stories are greater than Life itself by taking those literally  as “truths” or interpreted as however will fit us best; that is to take things out of proportion, but… All according to our conscious level.

    That may be a new meaning for the BK word “numberwise.”

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    The spirituality of ambition 

    Our society has been built on ambition. Someone does something to become the “best” at it. Nothing wrong with that. Correct? But, that is comparison, that is violence underneath.
    How could you be the “best” unless we compare with another? How can that happen unless we compete?

    That trait has been rewarded in our system. Thus, individuals have already been trained and whenever they see ambition, they automatically put that into their little boxes of “good things.”
    We could argue that without ambition there wouldn’t be “progress” in society, but that is not the topic now. The topic is to identify ambition in our pursuits.

    The issue with ambition is that we may end up DOING something which we do not like or even despise for the sake on gaining something in return. Do we see that? Society may call that as “sacrifice” to achieve something worthwhile in Life.
    However, our ambition is underneath that, one more time.

    Is ambition “wrong”? No! That is the way our society functions. We consider that “normal,” “good” in the “right” quantity, etc. However, we ended up through that ambition; as mind driven individuals who have forgotten what is like to feel Life. These individuals will sell their lives to another or to an ideal with the hope of getting something in return, in the future. That is they do not live Life in the “now.”

    Now, let us turn around and look at the spiritual world with such “sanskara.”
    “Become number one.” “Sacrifice now to enjoy in the Golden age/Heaven.” “ Teach to others to gain subjects in the Golden age.” “Make your fortune now for the future.” “ Work for God now and get rewarded in the future.”
    Aren’t those catchy phrases appealing to our “normal” conditioning of ambition?
    How about those individuals who do seemingly the opposite, that is they deny themselves of sex, sleep, greater variety of food for the name of becoming “pure”?

    It is the same ambition. A life of denial becomes the source of pride, in the ambition of becoming something “better.”

    But how to find that “spiritual enlightenment” without displaying ambition?

    By no seeking spiritual enlightenment. Ego seeks what is considered to be greater than what “I a am.” Ambition is the display of ego. We may need to understand ambition (not at the mental level but feel that ambition) for ambition has no place in spirituality.

    Observe how inadvertently, we bring with us our conditioning and believe that those will work for us in our spiritual “pursuits.”
    Many of the items related with “becoming” in the Sakar Murli, are meant to inspire individuals to move and do something about their situation; however, that is not the way most individuals will interpret those words, for we are already trained to get our objectives in Life and the neophyte, may believe that by “making effort;” he could “destroy” ambition, greed and ego from himself.

    “Effort” is the display of ambition.

    The above is specially important to observe while walking the BK path. If we at least could have the openness to observe that and see the whole situation. Otherwise, we may feel cheated as we will not be able to “destroy” or “control” our ambition, no matter how much yoga we think we had, or how many hours with put in with “effort.”

    Being aware of the trait as it appears in our daily life, is a very effective way to understand ambition, and when there is factual understanding through seeing it in our own experience, then what was there; may not be there any more without effort, that is without ego trying to control, repress or suppress something which “is.” This is not a “practice” to get to a “goal.” NO! When we OBSERVE, we have no goal. We are only observing and observing is not a goal.

    When a person went into the BK conditioning, that person brought with him the conditioning of society as well. Those traits were never de-conditioned but merely rejected, suppressed to accommodate the BK conditioning.

    Spirituality may need to start with the obvious de-conditioning, for “KNOWING that I am a soul” or knowing that “God is my father,” is of no consequence when “I AM ambition.”
    Do we see that?

    That explains as to why many religions have wonderful “knowledge” on brotherhood, but “I am greed” wins every time.

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    “Knowledge” will not allow us to know ourselves 

    I have observed many BK followers in my time, trying to “change themselves,” to “transform.”
    They probably observed through comparison that they needed to “become more loving and detached,” or that they had a lingering “bad” sanskara that wouldn’t go away.

    That is a good initial observation. I say initial; for there is way more to it.

    A BK follower will then “do yoga” or practice “remembrance” to try an erase something which comes up continually in their lives and which is labeled as weakness, sin, etc.

    A few days later, or weeks; that person will believe that she has “improved” through “hard work,” “effort,” even sometimes she may see that her weakness is gone; but a year later when she thought it was gone, when she least expect it… It comes up again.

    The process: I find a fault in myself. I use a “medicine” to cure it and finally I will assess that this disease is gone… or not. Just like society has taught us, so it makes perfect sense.

    Observe the process carefully. Isn’t that the procedure we have been taught to follow? There is a “judge” inside us deciding what is wrong and what should be right and then we will repair or cure all of those “ailments” by going through a procedure which is offered as the “cure” by someone else.

    The whole procedure only strengthens the sense of ego, control over things. The “medicine” (yoga) is there. We just need to apply it. But unlike a pill, if that doesn’t work then we need to try “harder,” for everything is “numberwise.” Isn’t that the BK explanation? More “effort.”

    What I value about my BK experience is that during those years, I was able to observe those “weaknesses” in myself and also others; for the Sakar Murlis pointed those out all the time. Whether those things were actually weaknesses, is another theme; but the quality of OBSERVATION was “practiced” there for the first time. In my Christian days, I was a bona fide “sinner” in need of God’s redemption. I needed to ask for forgiveness and “practice” some sort of penance to “clean” myself. There was no much time to OBSERVE myself there but rather “practice” and DO “good actions.” However, I was able to look at others and judge them based on my moral Christian teachings. That “judgmental teaching” also slipped through my BK conditioning.

    Brahma Kumaris knowledge is a blueprint which most adherents are trying to follow. It becomes the “ideal” to reach. The goal and objective. That is good to entertain the mind; but none of that will give me the chance to OBSERVE myself but rather continuously compare myself with the ideal to “shape up” how “I” should BE. That comparison creates a conflict, as I cannot BE who I AM. It is inward violence. Sort of when I compare a person with another to point out who is “better.” That is violence.

    BK knowledge says: “Become soul conscious.” How can you become something which you have no experience of? It is an ideal. Something floating on the air. “Practice” out of faith hoping to be one of the selected ones to “get it.” Do it all your life even if that doesn’t work for you but if you leave it, then you will ruin your “fortune.” See the catch?  Practice, DOING does not change BEING but it could change behavior, which is not who we ARE.
    We believe to know how a “soul conscious” person acts. We look at the Dadis, the seniors for living examples but rest assured that what we THINK to be “soul consciousness” is not. We are only comparing them with us. Looking for those things that we believe to be “good” and which we believe to lack. OBSERVE that process.

    There is no aspect of knowledge which could help me to become “better.” All knowledge could ever do, is to “inspire” me to become something ideal; for as long as I am driven to change myself, it is none other but my ego the one who will be propelling the whole stunt. It is the same procedure we do to earn more in society. It is based on the “go-getter” conditioning, that is aggressively looking to be successful, “number one,” achiever, ambitious.. that is full of ego. Nothing wrong with achieving in “Life,” but that procedure does not work in “spirituality.” That is something that took me years to figure out, and I am giving it away “free of charge.” 🙂

    However, even if we understand intellectually what is conveyed here, there is a long road before it sinks in; for the ego needs to diminish, it needs to “dilute” itself so our understanding does not become another intellectual “practice,” which is yet another stunt to become “better.”

    When we OBSERVE, there is no goal. There is no objective. The driving force to “become better” is not there. We are merely observing inwards, to know ourselves: What is my content? How does it change? Why does it change? We are no looking for answers. We are looking to KNOW. There is a huge difference.
    While some knowledge will tell me that I am a soul, a world benefactor, a sinner, etc. PARADOXICALLY, it is that same knowledge which is supposed to help me; the one that will not allow me to OBSERVE myself and thus, KNOW. So, “I am soul” but my greed is intact. “I am a soul” but my dishonesty grows. “Practice soul consciousness” then. Please refer to “become soul conscious” in the paragraph above. We are caught in a “go to” loop.

    Any type of knowledge will only give me answers, right or wrong; but those answers are incapable of changing anything in my consciousness. Nothing at all.
    “Knowledge” is necessary in technology or in some trade; but when we are dealing with inner perception; then external knowledge only stops our ability to see and look, as we will have an element to compare with which will bring inner violence, as mentioned before.

    “I am not happy to find out that I do not fit the ideal of soul consciousness. I have looked and I am far away from that.” Am I ambitious? Then, I will try to “get that” through my ambition. I could label that as “pure” ambition but that is to add make up to “pure” ego. Am I discouraged? Then, I will forget about it. I may feel lower than a “sinner,” guilty. Am I rejecting the ideal of soul consciousness? Then, I will completely dismiss that ideal and reject those words and even suppress any sort of “spirituality” in my life for I could generalize that “all spirituality only brings an unreachable pie in the sky.”

    All those things are preventing me from OBSERVING.

  • avyakt7- New Generation 1:11 PM on June 10, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    Aspects not considered in BK knowledge 

    Every philosophy or belief is incomplete when trying to explain what exists. This is something I learned once I stepped outside of the BK experience.

    Try asking a BK what is an emotion according to gyan. Is it in the mind, the intellect or the sanskara?
    Ask a BK what is the aura according to gyan. What is the etheric body? Why are those important?

    How is it possible for the soul to be located in the middle of the forehead, if the soul is incorporeal? Isn’t location a characteristic of material things?

    What is consciousness according to gyan? Is consciousness only a human characteristic?

    The Sakar Murlis mentioned a couple of times about ghosts. What are them according to gyan? In which “world” out of the 3 worlds taught in the BK philosophy, do they exist? Why are so called “ghosts” important, some may ask? They are, once you have experienced their influence; otherwise, we could come up with some “reason.” This is not a matter of belief or to exercise our analytical mind.

    There is more “material” which is not covered in the BK philosophy and which is important to understand “how to improve” in Life.

    For instance, emotions. To go into them and to heal those called in Bkism as “negative emotions” is very important, for we could pose as “detached observers” all we want, but our emotions will betray us. We are not there yet.

    To believe that “yoga” will be the cure for all is infantile. In my experience, there is the law of Karma and that needs to be settled before there is healing in particular aspects of our lives. Yoga cannot bypass such law which pervades the Drama, in favor of only Bks. Besides, there is no example in the BK world of someone who has been able to go into a “higher state” without settling first their karmic accounts. No matter how much yoga they had.
    A lingering emotion may be just part of that Karma. Although, there are many other “reasons.” Everyone has a unique journey.

    Christianity offers beliefs. Some Christians will offer “salvation” through belief. That is one level in the journey. Another is to mix philosophy with practical religious/ spiritual exercises. That is the BK view. The “new age” view is the experience of few made as a belief for many. Those experiences cannot be massified, but yet to experience those “uncommon” things (such as auras, chakras, kundalini, etc.) does not mean that such person is necessarily “elevated,” it just means that she has that experience.

    Once we are exposed to many things, then those things will fall in place when and IF we experience those in our Life. Then, we will know the “why.” “IF” is the key word in the sentence above.

    Experience is the most important element as no intellectual person can make “sense” by just reading or researching these things, as Spirituality is a subjective experience. Different paths, different avenues will take us to the same destination; however, the mix of those “streets” is unique, catered towards a particular individual.

    Therefore, how is it possible to put everything into a neat philosophy which will cover all?
    Impossible. That reminds me of the “Theory of Everything” that some scientists are pursuing. In their idealistic minds there is a set, a formula that could explain every and all physical aspects of the Universe. However, once they find out that matter is a perception of the senses rather than a “reality,” they may change their mind. What is “physical” is connected with other non-physical aspects just as our physical body is connected with many other types of bodies, from the gross, we go to the subtle. Those are meshed together as a unity, however; our minds thrive to see separation.

    When we understand that our reality is a perception, a point of view out of many; then we may see that our narrow viewpoint, is only looking to experience what our minds have determined to be “right,” nevertheless; what we will experience is already made, as Bks know; predestined.

  • avyakt7- New Generation 1:11 PM on June 3, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    Different Consciousness 

    Back in 2012, I was convinced that celibacy was the “path of purity.” I was convinced that there was no other way. The sexual experiences I had before becoming a BK, demonstrated me that sex could be hurtful although, at the same time; there was an uncontrollable drive, an instinctual manifestation which couldn’t be stopped at will. It was pleasurable yes, but with some awareness I could feel the “negative” sides too (depletion of vitality, subtle violence, attachment) and the longing to have the “ultimate sexual experience,” as society sold me that idea through its conditioning.
    Brahma Kumaris was a “savior” for me at that time, as I was surely heading into that route of “sex indulgence.”

    Superficially, it is easy to blame sex as the culprit. “Sex is sinful, bad, etc.” Now, I realize the issue wasn’t sex per say, but the location of my consciousness and experiences at that time. As we go through the “spiritual” journey, we could observe that consciousness is indeed everything. No wonder “God” said at that time: “Sex-lust is the greatest enemy.” Why? That was needed by me at that conscious level. No more questions. The issue was that I thought that I had “arrived,” when in fact; I was just starting. That was my case.

    8 years later: Sex for me is one of the most gratifying experiences that I could have. It is not just pleasure, it is fulfillment. It is regeneration. In 8 years, I am the same person, although; I am not. Different consciousness. For me, Spirituality and Sexuality are intimately related. What are the characteristics of that “new” consciousness? Far less inner and outer violence. A greater capacity for enjoyment. Far less taboos and hangups. That is “more spiritual.”

    We may need to experience the extremes to know the middle and once we know it, we cannot say that one side of the rope is “better” or the “truth,” rather than the other; for we understand that the whole experience is necessary. “Spiritual” understanding is not of the mind, but it is in the process of living.

    For those only interested in defending philosophies and BK beliefs; I may be the example of someone who had been walking the path of “purity” and…. oh Maya! “She” took me away from the path!

    Back in 2003, I was taken from the path of being a “normal” human. My wife at that time, later resented the BK movement because “that took me away from marriage.” My ex-wife had her experience, her point of view and BK followers have a different one. I cannot please everyone and that is not what Life is about. When dealing with contradicting opinions, the main point is to observe our own feelings: When dealing with that issue, what is what I feel? And more important once a personal decision is made: With what kind of care I disengage from one side to go into the other? It is not just about DOING what we think is “right,” but we need to consider those who are with us, those who soon will be part of our past: How do I break the news? How do I prepare the terrain so potential animosity is minimized? That is a mastery in itself, for otherwise; consequences will be felt without a doubt.

    At that time, I picked the BK movement over society. Ten years later, I picked Life. Not society again, but Life. Thus, from society, to BK and now into Life. Once we learn about conditioning, we cannot be part of that anymore although, living with all, acknowledging all without rejection.

    It is important to look back so we find the “gems of knowledge” through our own experience.
    There was a time when society was alright. There was a time when “they” were considered “impure” by me. We can go “pro” OR we can go “con.” That is the path of the mind. We have a belief, an opinion of everything. To understand that our opinions are based on our experiences and those are different from someone else’s, is a teaching that took me awhile to realize. Now is the time when I observe society for it reflects “me,” but there are no movements “pro or con.” Same with the BK world.

    What has changed? Consciousness. To allow for Life to change “me,” has been very important in my path. Otherwise, I would be stuck with a philosophy, a point of view and rejecting others. Why reject others? To belong to one, means not to belong to others. We cannot embrace the Totality at that point, and Life is a Totality.

    I rejected Brahma Kumaris before becoming a BK and while belonging to society. I took the “7 days course” and dismissed those “crazy beliefs” for about a year; until I had experiences with Brahma Baba, thanks to my sister’s connection with him. That changed my game. That saved me from my pursue of “empty dreams” but ended my marriage as well. Also during those years, the extremes arrived in my Life to complete the “humble” lifestyle look: Went from a Director of Technology into a pool cleaner and massage therapist. The experience was devastating for my ego, but looking back; it was completely necessary. For what? For that who is emerging now. It takes time. Our label of an experience changes according to the color of the glasses we wear. Those glasses are consciousness.

    The “price” to pay for what I know now by experience, is not cheap. Nothing is free of charge.
    Can I get angry and complain that I could have been someone “important” in Life, if it wasn’t that I decided to go full heart with my spiritual “nonsense”? That is lack of awareness and lack of honesty. I felt that there was something calling me, but I couldn’t put a name to that. It was related with spirituality, with “God,” but then it changed into knowing myself. That was the driving force, the meaning that I was searching and that I couldn’t fulfill by following different paths.

    Now, I receive help and guidance from two beings similar to Brahma Baba. I understand that this may not be the reader’s experience; but all I can say is that I did not reject that experience in my path and I have grown through that experience. Life is greater, much greater than any single philosophy or religious view.

    I didn’t look for those experiences. Those came to me. Life sent them. If we cling to something, we are no longer learning in Life but we are accepting the route of comfort, the route of perceived security in an ever changing world. To learn and grow in Life, means necessarily to change.

    Now I can say that Sex, Brahma Kumaris and Society are all alright; God is also alright and so is Maya.
    Let me add the words “in my experience” at the end of that sentence above.
    My experience cannot be yours, but perhaps you could recognize some aspects of this writing in your own life.
    I am not selling anything to you. I am not sharing any “truth” to you to save yourself or looking to gain your “vote” pro or against something.
    I merely write to share my experiences, to share change but perhaps, with a different consciousness every time.

  • avyakt7- New Generation 1:11 PM on May 27, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    Karma and the existence of God 

    Many believers of “God” don’t realize how mutually exclusive the belief in Karma and the existence of God are, when God is viewed as an “individual,” the “seer,” the one who administers “justice” in the physical plane and above. Thus, “karma” is not mentioned in the main monotheistic religions directly, but there is an interpretation of it when said: “One reaps what one sows,” that is all fine until we talk about a previous life as the cause of today’s consequence. For those monotheistic religions , that is unthinkable: “Only God knows,” is the “right” answer fitting all questions.

    Brahma Kumaris was able to harmonize that contradiction. “God” only arrives at the “confluence age” to teach. That is all God does. He doesn’t administer “justice” for that is the job of “karma.” The rest of the “kalpa” there is no need of “God.” What does “God” have to teach?
    For starters, how to “save” yourself in this lifetime. That is, “how to go to the Golden age.” Forget the knowledge of past lives and karmic accounts, you can burn all of them “now” through “yoga.” It is magic. Thus, “God” can go over the law of Karma, just at this time…. And so the belief goes. Ah! And that only works for “bad” karma, the “good” one accumulates in the “bank” of “good” deeds.

    That belief may work as long as: 1) We are only concerned about personal karmas without looking at the “big picture.” 2) As long as we see “karma” as “debit that we have to pay.” That is how God becomes the banker or the philanthropist who is able to give us a loan or to completely forfeit our “debt,” in such a way as to be able to “make it” to the “Golden age.”

    Observe the easy terminology needed to explain in a simplistic way, something which has greater depth.

    If it is true that we experience the effects of our past action, if it is true that we are living in a eternally repetitive cycle as the Brahma Kumaris’ teachings go, then; Do we have any “choice” to improve by learning the lesson and applying through “free will” the solution for the next time around?
    No. That is how that philosophy finds a “problem.” My “debt” will repeat endlessly.
    It is not “punishment” then, for things will repeat identically. It is not “debt” or “credit,” it is simply an EXPERIENCE that we need to experience in order to keep changing, as change is the “fact” of Life.

    Another inaccuracy is to believe that there is something “good” or “bad” in karma; for Life is an unlimited Drama, and cannot be divided in such simplistic an erroneous way. Many times what we considered “bad” is actually “good” when viewed from a different perspective. Those infantile terminology of “good” and “bad” when referred to Life are far from the truth, specially when knowing about karma and a predestined Drama.

    The issue of knowing about those religious “philosophies” is that we will use our mind to try to protect ourselves: “Don’t DO that for your karma will hunt you.” Therefore, we are afraid and we don’t. We think we save ourselves from experiencing trouble, but if the desire to perform that action is repetitive, and we denied it many times, then we are repressing. There are no repressed souls in the “golden age.” Do we see that? Could we say in our next life that the cause of our repression was Brahma Kumaris’ philosophy? wouldn’t that repression be “bad” karma? 🙂

    Life may put us in close relationship with someone who is able to deeply push our buttons. No matter what we DO to live harmoniously, it will not work. All we need to be aware of is the EXPERIENCE. We need to go through it CONSCIOUSLY, regardless of the labels we use, regardless of the philosophy we believe in. It is of no use to believe in a “past life karmic account.” Just live the experience, do your best and continue on.
    Life is a plot, a story. Karma is the experience of the consequences of our activities which are predestined and necessary as they ARE, for our story will weave with other stories in such a way as to create something greater with far reaching consequences, which we are unable to see.

    An important measure of “improvement” in consciousness is when we abandon all sorts of philosophies an mental games so we can BE. Our actions are a reflection of who we ARE and not a farce obtained through mentally following some philosophy. We could be apparently “safe” but the devil will be growing inside. That is the karma of such farce.

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