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    Keeping it “real.” 

    What if your lifestyle has to change all of the sudden?

    What if everything you thought will give you security, falls apart?

    What if authorities, rulers and the economy are no longer worthy of trust?

    What if there is nothing that you could rely on: No hopes, no future, no beliefs?

    If you haven’t asked those questions to yourself, you may want to consider doing that. Times are changing and so change is unavoidable.

    It is important to leave aside the “serious” questions which will lead you nowhere: Who am I? What is the purpose of Life? What is there beyond death? And a large etc.


    Because those questions do not meet the reality of living Life in the “now.”

    Are you meeting Life challenges with sanity, with what could be known as “spirituality”? Or perhaps, whatever is happening becomes too much and madness becomes the “choice” of default?

    Anyone could be very “spiritual” when things are going just fine.

    It is in the perception of adversity where our “true” colors show up, but yet many will pray to avoid those “tests.”

    Many times, it may seem as if Life squeezes out of us our last drop of patience.

    Want to know who you truly are? Observe if the taste of gentleness still comes out.

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    Willingness to oppose in Life 

    Observe an argument between 2 people.

    Our civilized world has been taught to follow these steps:

    1) Listen to the content of both sides.

    2) Choose the one who is right.

    3) Support the one who has been chosen to be “correct.”

    The problem resides in #2, the standard chosen. Mostly, we use “reason” and “logic” to determine that. However, typically there is more than “reason” underneath. Emotions, learned behaviors, moral standards and the sanity of a person are part of the package to consider. Judging fairly is not easy at all.

    Now, if we argue with someone else note that “reason” has a different meaning. It means everything we consider reasonable to “win” the argument. We set the standard or how we understand it. The goal is to “win.”

    Many times, there may be an argument within. That is when choosing between 2 or more options. Our desires become our “reasons.”

    When we deal with the force of opposition, tiredness will be unavoidable if the will to “win” prevails to reduce the opposite view.

    When we learn the art of not opposing, we will observe how every attempt to use our will power to obtain a goal, (just like we are taught to “succeed” in Life;) is an attempt to fight an oppose. In this “practice” inevitably we will break down. That is the consequence of following opposition as a way of Life.

    Not opposing does not mean to be subservient. It means to yield first to meet later. Many things will happen in “later,” which could make us change.

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    Spirituality of the mind 

    I would like to share that as part of my on-going changes in this experience of Life, writing is becoming somewhat a heavy task. It seems as if written words no longer have an appeal to me. However, I realize that in order to share, I need to use writing at this time. Thus, my writings in both blogs will be shorter.

    I am finding myself more inclined to drawing, playing the guitar, observing my plants in their pots as they blossom and change, listening to the language of birds (adamic language) than using the computer and the “virtual” world.

    As I watch the world being more “connected” through videos, words, pictures, news, more mental than ever before; I feel that the gap of human closeness is growing larger as time goes by. That is the paradox of being connected but without closeness.

    Have you ever listened to the song the “Tin man” by America? Great catchy tune. Have you ever tried to make sense of the lyrics of that song? That is the mind in action. That song is enjoyable as it is, without further interpretation by enjoying the sounds, even words are mere sounds helping to increase the overall experience. Whenever the mind wants to make sense of it by analyzing the lyrics, the magic is gone. That is true in Life as well. The mind will only interpret, which many times is not what truly is. For me, that song means that when we ARE truly “good,” we do not need justification. My interpretation may not be what the author had in mind but it is “my” reality about that song. The mind makes up its own reality.

    The “pandemic era” has a value for those who are willing to know themselves. It is a clear opportunity to be someone new. Many would like to keep things as they “have been,” and thus, obtaining their support from the known and comfy mental world, but there are those who will need to “transform” and become different in order to live a different experience. That is the challenge.

    In society there is the well known phrase: “Survival of the fittest,” where the stronger will survive. In Life, however; and at this time, it is the courageous who will be able to go on. Courage is required to change and be someone new.

    I realize that I am going further away from the main topic of the Brahma Kumaris in this blog as time goes by. That is perhaps one of the signals of newness. When day transforms into night, it is a subtle experience as when leaving something or someone behind, thus I changed the title of the blog to Brahma Kumaris and Beyond.

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    The path less traveled 

    At this time, the path of consciousness may appear to resemble the shape of a funnel: The larger part of it is for the majority, the collective consciousness and then through a “sifting” process, which may last many lifetimes and experiences, a higher consciousness will be experienced by a minority of individuals as they go through the thinner part of the funnel.

    This is interesting to notice, for we could understand how some individuals will be in tune with particular ideas, philosophies, religions and beliefs and others will not: There are philosophies, religions and ideals according to the level of consciousness one is in.

    It has been said that “Life is a mirror” for it reflects us, but going a bit deeper; that reflection depends on where we are located, looking at that mirror. That is, our “location” in consciousness.

    For example, some individuals may be stuck in a financial crisis where they are about to lose millions of dollars. That is very important! (for them.) Their “location” is there in the world of finance. Life reflects that desperation and their drive to “succeed,” that is their ambition. Another “location” could be seen with someone with a mental issue: She could feel that someone is hunting her down. That is “real” for her. Life merely reflects her anxiety and insecurity.

    Another example? Someone who is suffering due to some emotional pain. That person may want to feel closeness with others, but yet that suffering will be expressed as frustration or even violence towards others, which in turn will drive others away from him. Life reflects his violence and frustration. The location of that individual, his perception of the mirror is in his emotional life. Because that person is unable to ‘look inside,’ he will feel that people don’t want to be near him and through that belief, he may build an ‘armor’ of superiority around him or the opposite low-self esteem; which in turn will feed his ego as he will separate from the rest. Ego grows on both sides. The “armor” is merely a defense mechanism to cope with the perceived situation.

    If that person changes his ‘location’ to perceive Life, then the reflection will be different, for his perception will be from a different set of lenses. Of course, the emotional trauma will be there to be healed at some point, but most individuals have many traumas inside which do not go into the surface of their awareness, because their perception of Life does not come from that angle yet. The above is also known as a person “creating” his own reality, for the consciousness that he uses to perceive his creation, will be “real” for him. Because of that, if someone ever asks: “What is Life?” Then, we could see that it all depends on the angle of our perception, which is our creation, then our reality. Thus, the complete answer is: “Life is.”

    How do I become aware of “my” ‘location’ and ‘point of reference’ or angle to look at the mirror of Life?

    Here comes the lesser traveled path: By resting. By being away from it all. By being sort of a hermit. This is not what we are taught in society. There, we are taught to be proactive, to read many books to inform ourselves, to listen to the experts, to debate with others, to create philosophies and then to proselytize to gain followers, likes and subscribers, to be popular and then, our discoveries will be automatically true by cheer acceptance of the masses. Inner observation does not follow that glittering path of society and the mind.

    How do I know about “me” (you)? By secluding yourself in such a way as to observe without distortion your unmet needs, desires, thoughts and behavioral patterns. We need time and passion to unmask the layers behind “me.” This is not entertainment for the mind. The above requires an individual who is committed to self knowledge. We may label that rare individual as a “drop out” of society or a “hero” depending on our perspective. That is our “creation.” This is not a rare practice, as it has been done by many self-realized beings in the past and according to their circumstances. The greatest knowledge a person could obtain is out of his own realizations and experiences by observing himself in the mirror of Life from the location of aimless pursuit. In scientific terms: Observation for the heck of it. In this aimless pursuit we may need to feel peaceful, rested, without the anxieties of making a living and being successful in society.

    While some individuals may have a “choice” of going into that inner observation on a part time basis, while they have some time left out of their busy and important schedule, others may not: Life has “chosen” for them to look at their inner side in this Lifetime. Life has different methods: Some may be bedridden, some may have “karmic” accounts to live in isolation, some may have lost everything they valued in the “rat race” and have plenty of time to spare. Those “disgraces” are also huge opportunities to observe that which is the most important ‘thing’ that you could ever try to confront, understand and love: Yourself.

    However, unless we change the ‘location’ to look at the mirror of Life, and see the opportunity rather than the stuff we are ‘missing,’ Life will reflect back anguish, bitterness and the rest of it.

    For those ‘brave souls’ who have ‘chosen’ to go inside, there will be help as well. Lots of help. These individuals will learn about the synchronicities of Life. They will be able to recognize the signs and the uncommon ways in which Life will answer our sincere questions and the “games” and “ironic” sense of humor in which Life may teach us, as long as we have developed our observation; for truly everything we observe outside is a reflection of whoever is inside at that time.

    All we may need to be aware of is to learn to change the set of glasses we use to look at: Sit down, rest and breathe in and out a few times through your mouth; then only remember to use your shades when it is ‘too bright’ outside.

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    The essence of spirituality – Part 1 

    Awareness. That is the essence of spirituality. End of report.

    There are many levels of awareness according to our consciousness. There is a time when we separate things through awareness: There is “I,” and “You,” together with all the other pronouns and then “Me” and the rest of the world. Then, the well known “inside” and “outside.” However, there is a level when we could become aware of the togetherness of all.

    Consciousness cannot be ‘improved’ through ‘practice.’ However, there has to be a willingness beyond anything else in life, to know “thyself.” Knowing thyself means to know Life as well. It is not one and then the other but knowing one, you know the other. We are one.

    Consciousness changes as we experience the different facets of Life. We are never the same. It is the awareness of those changes while they are happening, which brings further sharpness in that quality of awareness.

    We could interchangeably use the term “observation” with awareness at one level, but they are not the same at a different ‘higher’ level of consciousness.

    Together with willingness to go through this seldom walked path, there has to be utmost honesty to be able to perceive where we ARE in consciousness. When that honesty is not there, we could accept many beliefs as ‘true,’ when in fact, we have never experienced them. While living in that self lie, there is no way to go further. Something may be ‘true’ but if it is not in our experience, we are only lying to ourselves. That is dishonesty.

    In spirituality, we are not concerned in “getting the right answer” as it is in society. We are concerned in BEING true to ourselves. What good is it to know that we are “eternal souls” when we do not have that experience and we do not act as if knowing that? How could that knowledge help us in our quest for self knowledge? If we have the “right” answer as the thing to find, then we could never accept other turns which Life may bring us. If there is something that I have learned and that I would like to convey to all readers, it is that “every path is different for every individual. Although these paths have the same destination, although at different times.”

    In society we have learned “not to reinvent the wheel” and some religions believe that all we need to DO is to follow what someone else like a “saint” or religious leader has done. However, my experience is that in spirituality the “wheel has to be reinvented” for every path, every experience, every perception is different in Life. Thus, all we can do is share our own experience and never a ‘method’ or a ‘system’ that will allow us to ‘get there.’

    A person who is just a “baby” in spirituality and listening about the different perceptions of consciousness will say: “ So one perception must be the right one. Who is right ?” He just wants an answer. Something intellectual to give him the idea that “he knows.” This type of person usually will be living life just to enjoy his senses. He will eat anything at any time as long as it tastes “good” (based on conditioning or even imitation), or she could believe that a mirror is her best judge. She will not become aware of how her judgment about her physical observation came to be. The majority of the people on Earth are still at this level. The more conditioned they are through the media and the marketing machinery of society, the less capacity for judgment of their learned values, they will have. These individuals will tend to live life just like their parents did, perpetuating all the unhealed issues which came from living in a ‘modern’ society.

    As this ‘modern’ society seems to endlessly migrate from Nature into walls of concrete and roads of asphalt, (where entertainment means to distract the mind from BEING himself) then this individual will lose his capacity to appreciate his connection with mother Earth and therefore, his ability to FEEL. In turn, this person will be worshiping the mind and living a world of “virtual reality,” where the mind takes over his life.

    The end result is a person who THINKS all the time: “I think I love you.” They will say. “I think we should DO this.” “I think the solution is that.”

    These individuals are unaware that reasoning has a limited scope. Thought usually perceives the surface of matters while supporting separation. These individuals are unaware that thought is from the past, as it comes from our conditioning and previous experiences. Thought cannot bring enjoyment, happiness and peace which at the same time, is what they want.

    The gist of thinking is to compare, to analyze, to dissect things in parts, to extrapolate based on fixed premises and to bring the past to our mind to be articulated by our language, which has been catered to polarize meanings: It is black OR white. There is no awareness that there could be something in between. Those analytical capacities are very useful in the “office world” and to operate in “Life in the head” through philosophies and all sorts of beliefs and even scientific discoveries, but those ways have no chance to understand our emotional subjective reality or yet another human or a different species which is unable to ‘speak.’

    That type of individual has been trained to exploit, subdue and compete with another. That type of individual will kill to obtain what he wants and will rationalize all sorts of separations made through his morality, to conquer anything he wants. That type of person is not sensitive enough to ‘see’ beyond his mind. But yet, those “qualities” are admired and watered down to be “politically correct” and taught to others as values to pursue to “succeed in life.”

    When a person is able to perceive his feelings, emotions and thoughts without identifying with them and able to live life while self observing his every movement, thought and feeling; then that individual is in the process of transitioning to a different way of living: FEELING. Perhaps then, she will realize how absurd it is to say “I think I love you.” Moreover, that person will be able to observe one of the greatest lies of all time since the time of Descartes ( I think therefore, I am) , which is that human beings are not truly rational beings but rather emotional beings. – I FEEL therefore, I AM.

    Since that type of person is unable to FEEL Love, beauty, peace and joy, all they have left is the “idea” dictated by their beliefs of what those ‘things’ are.

    Thus, they will “practice” those ideas. As a consequence, the FEELING beyond thought is never known; but merely an idea mixed with emotionality which they carry as a response of defense against the environment (the outside) which they want to subdue. That perception of what “I want” and what the “outside brings,” creates a conflict (ego) which is usually solved by conquering the other through some form of violence.

    How is it possible for this person to experience Love, beauty, peace and happiness then? It is not possible, but paradoxically these individuals “talk” all the time about these FEELINGS as the “right solutions” to the problems in humanity.

    That is their extent of disconnection with their reality and the limitation of their awareness.

    (Will continue)

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      Om shanti brother. Yes, what you said is right, we use our intellect/mind more than we observe our feelings. This happens even when we sit in meditation; the mind keeps thinking or giving directions (a commentary) to meditate but the ‘heart’ does not feel what it has to experience/ feel.

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    Your reality is what you believe that to be 

    The above is not used in the typical “feel good spirituality” where we believe to be millionaires to “attract” money or wealth.

    The above means that what we believe right now about ourselves and Life, is the way we will behave and respond to the different faces that Life may present to us.

    Observe one belief that you have. That is the border that we will not be able to easily go across. However, beliefs are not “bad.” They have their own timing and they act sort of what a baby playpen does: It is protection in a way.

    I am thankful for the beliefs I had as a BK follower at that time. Otherwise, I could have gone astray. In fact; I was heading into that route when the BK experience appeared in my Life.

    However, as my consciousness and experiences in Life allowed me to see a different “reality,” then my beliefs changed and as I wasn’t going astray anymore; my beliefs kept changing until realizing through conscious experience both, the benefits and detriments of beliefs.

    Once the path of going into greater consciousness is accepted as your core living value, then things may turn around to test you.

    Like many, I have had many disappointments in Life. In fact, every time something appeared which apparently was “good” for me, it changed around no matter how much “positive thinking” and “making my own reality” through my mind, I practiced. That told me that all of those “feel good schemes” that mainstream spirituality sells for a bargain, did not work for me. It may work for another though.

    Now I realize that those disappointments have created the opportunities for my development by placing me in unforeseen situations. Otherwise, how on Earth ‘my’ BEING was going to move into a ‘higher’ direction? By reading books? By intellectually understanding concepts? No! That does not work. If you have ‘decided’ to evolve as a BEING and move into the direction of light, then Life itself is your teacher and there will be many disappointments to scale down that ego. The “I” has expectations and disappointments are the other side of the complete experience.

    Sometimes I wanted for something to happen and did everything in my power for that to occur, but the outcome went another way. “Feel good mainstream spirituality” will teach us ‘methods’ and ‘steps’ to take to “get what we want in Life,” or better yet : “To get what we deserve.”

    Now I understand, that “getting what I want” is not what my spiritual path is allowing me to experience, but rather to expand my consciousness and be able to maneuver in every Life setting, thus whatever ‘I see’ or perceive is only the reflection of who I am. Let me explain that.

    The physical senses perceive things. That perception varies among people. For instance, let us take what we recognize as physical beauty. It is conditioning. The mind will tell us while looking at another: “pretty” or “ugly,” a duality. Words create a mood and most will act based on that. However, when you look at someone, as long as your own BEING has beauty; there is no way to sense ugliness even if we could perceive lack of physical harmony in another. Beauty is not in the eye of the beholder. Beauty is your own reflection, seen in the outside mirror of that which you are ‘looking at.’ Beauty is in the BEING of the beholder.

    Again, we could see lack of proportion, lack of something; but there will not be a rejection in us, a revulsion or disgust. It will be as if we were looking at the uniqueness of someone. Our senses will give us a description of shape, which in turn is affected by our social conditioning; but beauty is not there.

    Therefore, if we believe to be beautiful but when we observe, we find disgust and ugliness; then our belief is easily discovered as such, just a belief. That belief wasn’t real.

    Moreover, the observer IS the observed. I am not saying that if we see a pot, we are the pot. If we see a pot, what we FEEL is what we ARE. That is the mirror. What our senses perceive is not ‘truly’ what is real. Any scientist can attest to that. What we FEEL is the reality of that experience. Let me dissect that: Our senses will give us a perception, however; the “reality” of what truly that is, cannot be known. According to scientists, a pot of clay is a mixture of atoms or particles separated by space. In general, we do not perceive that. Our perception will be driven by conditioning and previous experiences. Thus, if we cannot know what is there, then reality is what we feel about that experience. That feeling is the true known outcome of the experience of relating with ‘another object.’ Observe a roach. Observe a table. Be aware of the feeling. That is our reality at that time, who we ARE. This realization goes over any concept or idea or even wonderful experiences that we may have had in the past, for spirituality is about the now, thus; timeless.

    Therefore, when we find great opportunities in disappointments and in receiving something from Life that we did not want or expect, then observe how you FEEL. If you feel good either way, then we are cooking! (‘improving.’) That is what in other religions is known as “accepting God’s will,” or it is also stated as “as it is inside, it is outside.”

    It is important to observe that we are no putting up a show to ourselves where we ‘see’ everything as beautiful, great and super. Honestly acknowledge what you FEEL to find out who you ARE. That is the unmistakable gauge to measure where we ARE in spirituality.

    * ( The use of ‘ ‘ rather than ” “, denotes that I could not find a better word to express myself. Thus, that word may be inaccurate.)

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    All “good” answers are according to time 

    Man is inherently bound with life and time. In the Brahma Kumaris and many other religions there is the idea of becoming like the perfect portrait of ourselves as it was in the “beginning.” Even though it is a laudable direction, there is the fact that “now” is not like “before.”

    There is an issue when a religious philosophy has a mental picture of what “should be,” and that is to pretend that “what is” does not exist, judge it as wrong or worse yet, insinuating a complete rejection.

    To illustrate, sexuality and gender distinction are good examples. Someone following a spiritual path may identify her/himself as being bisexual, pansexual, homosexual, transgender/transsexual or any other term which is not related with being ‘straight.’ If we take that fact into the situation of a philosophy like the Brahma Kumaris or even Christianity, we could have many arguments based on the “truth” of those religious beliefs which show what “should be.” For instance: “Lakshmi and Narayan were female and male. That is what existed in the Golden age, thus; that is what is right.” or “God created male and female to live with each other as husband and wife. Anything else is not the law.”

    Life is not an ideal picture to be held in our minds, or an unmovable paragraph which conveys some truth. This misunderstanding is the one creating havoc and suffering in many human beings.

    Someone ‘smart’ may argue back: “We should strive to be the highest, the purest and not fall to something less than that.” Therefore, if I am a BK I will exclude sexuality from my life, for that is the way the Golden age is, according to my belief. Moreover, I will avoid mingling with people of the opposite gender which are attractive to me, to avoid ‘falling into temptation.’ However, in that solution there are 2 issues: 1) A promotion of homosexuality. 2) A consent for repression: If there is a temptation, then there is suppression which is not healthy for a follower after sometime. That same issue is happening in the Catholic religion, where gender separation has been offered as a ‘solution’ to live closer to God. What are the results? Promotion of homosexuality and sexual practices with children. Thus, we cannot hide the diversity of gender identities and sexual orientations at this time. We may need to take the veil out of our eyes and see what “is” rather than what “should be. ” The follower may need to take a deep look at themselves, be honest and act accordingly. If your nature is not according to what a religion promotes, then repression will be unavoidable. Then perhaps that particular belief is not for you at that particular time. That may change later on, as Life is change and to flow in Life we will need to learn to swim using the momentum and direction of those waters. This is not a license for debauchery, which is the other extreme. That honesty should remain in the discovery of attachment, addiction and neediness in our lives, for that awareness will give us something to ‘work on’ no matter what faith we decide to follow. Balance is the key.

    That “perfect” world in Heaven or the Golden Age did not know about duality in Life. This world “now,” is full of it. See the difference?

    I used quotes in the word “perfect,” for that is another illusion. This should be clearly understood by any Brahma Kumaris follower, for in an eternally repeating cycle every moment is unique, eternal and repetitive. Thus, what is the need to use labels to praise one experience at one point in time and then to belittle another? There is no sense, for those moments will appear again.

    That which I just tried to explain, will be very difficult to convey to a Christian or most any other believing in a monotheistic, free-will type of religion. That brings my second point, there couldn’t be further understanding because their own beliefs trap them into a limiting world. In other words, their beliefs, philosophies, etc. allows for borders to appear and with that limitations. A Christian believer could be very smart, but he will move under the limits of that which is known as “Christianity.”

    How is that person going to open up to another notch of consciousness? By the experience of something different. Typically that which was rejected will come back and hopefully there will be an opening this time for newness; as intellectual backgrounds are static; then perhaps a personal experience will truly move his consciousness, for that cannot be denied. You see, it is great to debate another on intellectual terms as to what is right and what is not, but when you experience something which is against your beliefs, then that will shake you and allow you for the first time to look at something different.

    That is why acceptance is key. With that sort of acceptance there is no need to know any philosophy or any “truth,” uttered by anyone. Acceptance does not mean to participate in something which does not resonate with us. Acceptance means to acknowledge and to allow it to be, although it doesn’t seem like ‘perfection.

    My friend Mathias told me one time, “the search for perfection only brings suffering;” and that is the experience of those looking for it at this time. But yet, suffering is not bad or good. It is merely a consequence of following a particular path. If we are aware to learn from that, then that experience will be invaluable. The other side is that suffering may bring trauma which is another notch of experience in our quest for perfection. The good news is that healing of that experience comes when we understand and acknowledge its worth in our lives; that is when we accept it.

    As our beliefs and securities are left aside, then we will be open to know different things, different answers which will be valuable at that particular time. We cannot find “the answer,” but only what seems to be working for us at one point in time. As we move on, those answers will move on as well.

    Greater depth in Life is not found by intellectual pursuits. Depth comes through assimilation of Life experiences, then that becomes an insight which cannot put static frames of beliefs upon new experiences, but rather; will allow us to see possibilities rather than a tunnel vision of what ‘should be.’

    Every belief has a time to BE and a time not to BE. Any answer given according to the consciousness of a person, will be without a doubt; the “right” answer.

    Will resume writing on August 18, 2021. Until then ! 🙂

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      Om shanti brother Ahnanda. This article is very deep and thought-provoking. Thanks for sharing your experience. My perception about life also has been going through gradual changes and I am very happy about it as the realisation/ understanding is arising out of my own experiences. I am happy to announce that my meditation and stage have improved considerably in the recent past as I have given the freedom to my mind and heart to act spontaneously. Thanks once again for your article.

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    Spirituality for the masses and the few 

    It is an interesting phenomena that our society pretends to massify everything for this is translated into profits. For instance, “Best sellers” are an appeal to the collective consciousness, the masses. Similarly, Spirituality has evolved in our society into something that could be bought and learned by all.

    Brahma Kumaris is an example of such stream. Its appeal increases as the masses are able to understand and follow what before was unthinkable. It is important to observe that spiritual teachings have always been according to time, for consciouness evolves. It is never the same. This in itself is a tremendous “proof” to debacle the idea of having the “truth” as some static, unchanged entity like a paragraph of a “holy book.” Life is the reference of truth and there is nothing as ever changing as Life itself.

    Why is there a need to give spiritual teachings with the support of so called “VIPs”? Without a doubt it is the massification machine in action. A “VIP” has the background which is viewed as “successful” in our society. The masses will tend to believe in their “spiritual wisdom” as well, for they have given the “proof” of their success in society. The masses desire to get into the “me too” bandwagon.

    Similarly any type of “spiritual teaching” followed as a fool-proof method, has no other value but to assure the mind of having attained something important. In my BK days, I recall that even the need of “certification” was established to take some spiritual classes geared towards teaching spirituality in the business world. Every year a class needed to be taken to have the right to teach. Just like what societies are used to. There is nothing wrong with that procedure, as mental people believe that spirituality is about convincing the mind; nevertheless, that procedure has only a “beginner value.” We can teach some business VIPs to be “more compassive” or to resolve issues from a “spiritual view” (whatever we think that may be) however, these individuals cannot BE what they have learned.

    Spirituality for the masses is an attempt to convince minds of the “truth” of some procedure, philosophy or belief. “I believe” has no meaning whatsoever once the territory of the masses or collective consciousness is left.

    While societies teach the value of alluring to the masses, if has been known but seldom spoken; that many deeper spiritual teachings have been kept in secret and given only to those deemed to be ready or worthwhile.
    Basically, as the individual progresses the number of people involved will be less. That will not work in the set up of our society. Why write books which will only be understood by few? Why teach any classes where only a handful of students will show up?

    As an example, I started my “spiritual /religious” career as a Catholic. Churches are full of people who “believe” in something and worship something. As I became older, Brahma Kumaris entered my life. My Christian “perceived truth” which was believed by many people around me, changed into “my own BK experience” which similarly had other BK people into it but fewer than before. The appeal was to convince the mind that there was something beyond the mind, so then the mind had the chance to come up with some reasons to “prove” to others what they cannot yet see.  This is a fantastic ego-booster. The mind is happy. I am “special.”

    To convince the mind that there is more beyond it, is the appeal of Brahma Kumaris, for we “normal people” are stuck in the world of the mind. That is our “reality.” Have you experienced “predestination” in your Life? Yes? This is the chance to convince to others who are into “free will.” Bring your “proof.” Had a fantastic experience in meditation? Bring your proof. Convince others. Show them how special you are for having “attained” something. Brahma Kumaris offers the peer support necessary to feel “special.”
    When I started my BK career, I barely felt what “energies” and “vibrations” were. At that point; visualizations and imagination had to be used. The experience of “feeling” was lacking. When I ended my BK “career,” I felt what those energies were, but there was nothing I could do with them. Imagining that “I am a world benefactor” by sending “sakash” is not the same as actually BEING it, so it is DONE without DOING; but we need to start someplace. Imagination or visualization is a good one, as long as we are aware that we are not there yet.

    To talk about the “third eye” is not the same as actually feeling it. A whole different dimension is experienced when that “third eye” is actually open. The description of this may be considered as “hocus pocus” stuff for “normal” mind driven people, who are only concerned in “scientific proof,” that is in mass revealing appeal to be considered the “truth.”

    Most only talk about the third eye. They have information. They even believe in exercises sold as “best sellers,” where it is taught that everyone can open their third eye and have wonderful, mind boggling experiences. Nevertheless, that is not the same as having the third eye open. Few will have that experience.
    Have we ever read a book by Dadi Janki on “Fool proof steps to open your third eye”? or “How I opened my third eye in 10 easy steps.” There is a “reason” for that.

    The “spiritual truths” of Spirituality will change as we change. The BK world had a particular place in my Life, which was necessary for my own development. However, there was more which I needed to learn and experience according to “my role.”

    Nevertheless, the importance of knowing philosophies or having experience of the ‘kundalini’ energy or being a gifted clairvoyant has no consequence at all in our own inner development.
    In Spirituality, the starting point and end of all is to BE a compassionate, loving human being. It doesn’t matter where you come from or which path or “true” method you follow.
    BEING that is all that matters for those who are interested in the common good, and consequently servicing the World. People without that understanding want to “help” the world by DOING things. That is another way of boosting their ego. An Ego-centric person wants to “help others”?
    BEING is first. Help by DOING follows that automatically as a shadow. When our DOING aligns with our BEING, there is help without wanting to help, there is “true” spirituality without studying philosophies and following practices.
    Most importantly, there is a “true” an authentic human being who is not hiding behind the mask of appearances and dishonesty. The masses do not understand that.

  • avyakt7- New Generation 1:11 PM on April 1, 2020 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , , , life,   

    On BK Dadi Janki 

    It was a sad surprise when I found out that Dadi “left the body.” Even though I did not have many interactions with her, the few I had were meaningful for me.

    I recall the experience of “silence” that Dadi gave to the attendants of the inauguration of a Bk center in Lima, Peru back in 2004. She stood still while the room became quiet, it felt to me as if I was free floating on the Ocean. My father who was there mentioned that “it felt different.” He wasn’t into the “spiritual subtle experiences,” so that was a confirmation to me of what I felt.

    In another ocassion while In Madhuban, I went to “Baba’s rock” by myself to meditate. I was going through a very low time in my life. I stood up an opened my arms as if I wanted to embrace God. On the way back, Dadi was giving blessing cards and toli after her class. The blessing she gave me said: “You are a beloved child of God and He has given his hands to you…” the rest of the blessing I don’t recall; but that part stayed with me as “proof” of God.

    Brahma Kumaris had in Dadi Janki a significant representative. For me and probably most “Double Foreigners,” Dadi Janki was the face of Brahma Kumaris. She has interacted with “double foreigners” more than any other Dadi that I can remember.
    Dadi janki was unconventional. She had charisma even with her nagging ways on some Bks. On that she was very similar in personality to Rajnesh (Osho.)
    Dadi Janki showed an authentic personality beyond the “political smiles and soft ways” of some. That authenticity is what I take from her.

    Dadi had the gift of fortune telling. That isn’t typically developed, but it happens in Life to some. From her I learned that to give advise to someone, is a very tricky business; unless someone has accurate information about the future of the person. Otherwise, whatever it is said is only given in a blindfolded way.
    Toss a coin. Heads or tails. Follow that. There is no difference with the advise given by others without that gift.

    Back in 2004, I lost a “good job” in the USA and was unemployed. I asked to Dadi for advise as to what to do. She said to go back and do service in Peru with my sister. She said to me that I needed to look into what attachment was. That I did, and discovered many things throughout the years. After that meeting, I was cured from asking for advice to a human being ever again. Of course I did what she said, but it wasn’t what I truly wanted to hear. Eventually I went back to the USA with some seniors’ “permission,” rebuilt my life again to a comparable position where I was before and now… I am back in Peru. But this time, there is no attachment. Back there, after Dadi finished giving me advise, her face showed that she knew more info but she couldn’t say it or wouldn’t say it. That is another lesson I learned: What you know needs to be disclosed according to time, for in Life the trip from A to D is not necessarily going through B and C and every person has a particular predestined journey. Wisdom resides in respecting their journey.

    I did not quite understood that back then. As for some years I felt as if Dadi didn’t want me to “do good in Life” (get a good job) and instead told me to leave my previous comfortable Life with everything and everyone I knew there in the USA and go get an uncomfortable life in Peru just to “do service” there. Now looking back; Dadi gave me the practical training in the lesson of attachment, that I was going to need now. We need to pass the test by allowing Life to show us our destiny, and feeling alright with that. We do not pass if we have ill feelings. We cannot change those feelings through will power. We need to process and completely accept and trust, that there is meaning in every turn in Life. We are not alone.

    Some lessons will require that we spend many years to learn. However, “learning” is not the correct word; but rather to “process,” to “assimilate.” We don’t go from attachment into lack of it when we understand intellectually that “attachment is bad. I must get rid of it.” That is infantile. We need to process an experience. We may need to pay with years of our own lives to assimilate. Then change happens automatically.

    Back then as a one year old BK, Dadi Janki told me about my attachment (weakness) as I had no idea that it was there. Now, I look at my own weaknesses myself. Back in my BK days, I did not have the awareness to look inside. I did not understand about the layers to observe and become attentive to. I did not understand how the ideal of becoming something which I wasn’t, was forcing me into repression. In fact, it is the light of deep observation the one which eventually will make the change as long as we do not have an idea set in our minds as to what “should the change be.”

    What I just shared in the last paragraph, is very important. Unfortunately, I cannot go deeper for it will be misunderstood. Those who are going through exactly that, will recognize what I am trying to convey, because of their own experience.

    I’d like to finish this write up, by celebrating the uniqueness of Dadi Janki. If there is a quality that I will remember about her, that is her authenticity. In these times where being part of the herd mentality is expected and celebrated, we may need to learn the art of authenticity. That comes when we are at peace with ourselves by freely portraying what we are meant to be.

    That inner peace is what Dadi showed in her own unique way. Interestingly, she liked to say “Om Shanti,” (3 times) as she had the experience of it.

    Talk the talk and BEING the talk.

    • Anoushka 11:35 PM on April 1, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      Thank you for sharing…that was my experience too!

      Liked by 1 person

    • Gayathri 12:55 PM on April 29, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      I used to get ‘jealous’ of her because of her smiling face which reflected constant happiness. 🙂


  • avyakt7- New Generation 6:29 AM on July 4, 2018 Permalink | Reply
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    To follow a path 

    If a path can be explained to others, if it has all the turns and streets mapped out for others to follow, is not the “only true path.”
    It cannot be. Life cannot be put into a philosophy or some dogma.
    Nevertheless, religious dogmatic paths also called “spiritual paths,” are necessary for without them a person wouldn’t be able to gain the necessary experience to “know.”

    A child needs the structure offered by parents. However, that structure cannot fit the Life experiences of an adult.
    Society dictates a path to follow. Our parents do the same, based on their conditioning. But ultimately Life, cannot be met from that perspective.
    It is a narrow perspective. There is more in Life.

    Life is a pathless path. This is overwhelming for those conditioned to look for security at every corner. These individuals are content swimming in their own backyard pool. They are not ready to meet the Ocean. Life is an Ocean.

    The Brahma Kumaris path is a valid path. Just like Christianity. Just like Buddhism or any other spiritual –“ism.”
    If those paths are taken to the full extent, they will show us our rejections, our repressions, our firm beliefs and ultimate our deepest fears. However, most individuals are not interested in “knowing” that. Most are interested in “having the truth, in being right.”
    If they are unable to see their own “truth,” what are they counting on having?
    Just a satisfactory belief. Something to talk about, discuss and defend. That becomes an extension of their own ego. Once the “ego trip” is over, they will be looking for something else.

    That inability to see their own truth, will be covered with all sorts of self inflicted falsehoods. That is inner dishonesty.
    Some day we may discover that any helpful path, can only take us back to ourselves.

    • Chandra Prakash Suman 11:12 AM on July 8, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Dear Avyakt7
      Please share your experience about channeling and mediumship. Some oraganization and individuals claim challenging and other about mediumship. When asked at Brahmakumaris how God can come in individual person? They quoted a verse from Bhagvad Gita “Whenever there is decay of righteousness, O Bharata, And there is exaltation of unrighteousness, then I Myself come forth ; For the protection of the good, for the destruction of evil-doers, For the sake of firmly establishing righteousness, I am born from age to age” (ch-4 verse 7-8). I have read Bhagvad Gita and feel that it explores every aspects of life.
      Please share your opinion


      • ahnanda 10:34 AM on July 11, 2018 Permalink | Reply

        Thanks for your question. It was answered in today’s post. 🙂


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