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    Different Consciousness 

    Back in 2012, I was convinced that celibacy was the “path of purity.” I was convinced that there was no other way. The sexual experiences I had before becoming a BK, demonstrated me that sex could be hurtful although, at the same time; there was an uncontrollable drive, an instinctual manifestation which couldn’t be stopped at will. It was pleasurable yes, but with some awareness I could feel the “negative” sides too (depletion of vitality, subtle violence, attachment) and the longing to have the “ultimate sexual experience,” as society sold me that idea through its conditioning.
    Brahma Kumaris was a “savior” for me at that time, as I was surely heading into that route of “sex indulgence.”

    Superficially, it is easy to blame sex as the culprit. “Sex is sinful, bad, etc.” Now, I realize the issue wasn’t sex per say, but the location of my consciousness and experiences at that time. As we go through the “spiritual” journey, we could observe that consciousness is indeed everything. No wonder “God” said at that time: “Sex-lust is the greatest enemy.” Why? That was needed by me at that conscious level. No more questions. The issue was that I thought that I had “arrived,” when in fact; I was just starting. That was my case.

    8 years later: Sex for me is one of the most gratifying experiences that I could have. It is not just pleasure, it is fulfillment. It is regeneration. In 8 years, I am the same person, although; I am not. Different consciousness. For me, Spirituality and Sexuality are intimately related. What are the characteristics of that “new” consciousness? Far less inner and outer violence. A greater capacity for enjoyment. Far less taboos and hangups. That is “more spiritual.”

    We may need to experience the extremes to know the middle and once we know it, we cannot say that one side of the rope is “better” or the “truth,” rather than the other; for we understand that the whole experience is necessary. “Spiritual” understanding is not of the mind, but it is in the process of living.

    For those only interested in defending philosophies and BK beliefs; I may be the example of someone who had been walking the path of “purity” and…. oh Maya! “She” took me away from the path!

    Back in 2003, I was taken from the path of being a “normal” human. My wife at that time, later resented the BK movement because “that took me away from marriage.” My ex-wife had her experience, her point of view and BK followers have a different one. I cannot please everyone and that is not what Life is about. When dealing with contradicting opinions, the main point is to observe our own feelings: When dealing with that issue, what is what I feel? And more important once a personal decision is made: With what kind of care I disengage from one side to go into the other? It is not just about DOING what we think is “right,” but we need to consider those who are with us, those who soon will be part of our past: How do I break the news? How do I prepare the terrain so potential animosity is minimized? That is a mastery in itself, for otherwise; consequences will be felt without a doubt.

    At that time, I picked the BK movement over society. Ten years later, I picked Life. Not society again, but Life. Thus, from society, to BK and now into Life. Once we learn about conditioning, we cannot be part of that anymore although, living with all, acknowledging all without rejection.

    It is important to look back so we find the “gems of knowledge” through our own experience.
    There was a time when society was alright. There was a time when “they” were considered “impure” by me. We can go “pro” OR we can go “con.” That is the path of the mind. We have a belief, an opinion of everything. To understand that our opinions are based on our experiences and those are different from someone else’s, is a teaching that took me awhile to realize. Now is the time when I observe society for it reflects “me,” but there are no movements “pro or con.” Same with the BK world.

    What has changed? Consciousness. To allow for Life to change “me,” has been very important in my path. Otherwise, I would be stuck with a philosophy, a point of view and rejecting others. Why reject others? To belong to one, means not to belong to others. We cannot embrace the Totality at that point, and Life is a Totality.

    I rejected Brahma Kumaris before becoming a BK and while belonging to society. I took the “7 days course” and dismissed those “crazy beliefs” for about a year; until I had experiences with Brahma Baba, thanks to my sister’s connection with him. That changed my game. That saved me from my pursue of “empty dreams” but ended my marriage as well. Also during those years, the extremes arrived in my Life to complete the “humble” lifestyle look: Went from a Director of Technology into a pool cleaner and massage therapist. The experience was devastating for my ego, but looking back; it was completely necessary. For what? For that who is emerging now. It takes time. Our label of an experience changes according to the color of the glasses we wear. Those glasses are consciousness.

    The “price” to pay for what I know now by experience, is not cheap. Nothing is free of charge.
    Can I get angry and complain that I could have been someone “important” in Life, if it wasn’t that I decided to go full heart with my spiritual “nonsense”? That is lack of awareness and lack of honesty. I felt that there was something calling me, but I couldn’t put a name to that. It was related with spirituality, with “God,” but then it changed into knowing myself. That was the driving force, the meaning that I was searching and that I couldn’t fulfill by following different paths.

    Now, I receive help and guidance from two beings similar to Brahma Baba. I understand that this may not be the reader’s experience; but all I can say is that I did not reject that experience in my path and I have grown through that experience. Life is greater, much greater than any single philosophy or religious view.

    I didn’t look for those experiences. Those came to me. Life sent them. If we cling to something, we are no longer learning in Life but we are accepting the route of comfort, the route of perceived security in an ever changing world. To learn and grow in Life, means necessarily to change.

    Now I can say that Sex, Brahma Kumaris and Society are all alright; God is also alright and so is Maya.
    Let me add the words “in my experience” at the end of that sentence above.
    My experience cannot be yours, but perhaps you could recognize some aspects of this writing in your own life.
    I am not selling anything to you. I am not sharing any “truth” to you to save yourself or looking to gain your “vote” pro or against something.
    I merely write to share my experiences, to share change but perhaps, with a different consciousness every time.

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    The choice-less path of Awareness 

    “When you are practicing a method, you have set a direction towards which you are moving. The direction and the end is put together by thought. So you are not out of thought, you are still in the movement of thought. Will is the accentuation and exaggeration of desire. You desire to have enlightenment; you desire moksha, liberation or heaven or whatever you call it; you desire it, and you work for it. You set a direction, and whatever end goal you have set for yourself is still within the area of thought, matter, time and measure. So you have not left thought, you are still caught in it. A mind that is inquiring into meditation is aware of this fact and therefore has no system, no method, no goal, no direction and therefore no will.”
    Public Talk 4 in Madras (Chennai), 15 December 1974 – J. Krishnamurti.

    The above is not understood by “spiritual people” living in the mind. No will, no system, no direction, no goal… How is that possible?

    What is the method to “become like the Father” according to Brahma Kumaris? The answer will depend on who responds. His own experience and beliefs. What is actually what ‘God’ said? Many things… however there is no list of items, no steps to get “there.” No method. It happens. We could believe that it is “my effort” but that idea is coming from the ego mind who wants to be bound in the security of an outline, a set of instructions to believe that it is getting somewhere “special” by DOING things.

    Am I saying not to DO anything then, and let for things to happen?
    NO. In many articles I have described that OBSERVATION, to be AWARE and conscious of the process is the “true” ACTION, the “true” DOING. But many will say, but “only observation?” There is no awareness of the significance of being AWAKE and conscious of the things that are continually happening around us.
    Some energy comes into us, changing our mood. Have we felt the moment that happened? How do we react? Are we observant of our beliefs and our unwillingness to change despite the signals that Life is sending us?

    When we are bound by the mind, we only believe in sticking to some old paradigm, to reach something “better” but Life does not work like that.

    I read here ( https://www.aljazeera.com/news/2020/01/woman-reports-rape-15-minutes-india-200110032323608.html ) that “one woman reports a rape in India every 15 minutes.” That is amazing coming from a country known to value “peace,” known to practice spiritual “methods” such as celibacy.
    Observe that all that sheer repression towards sexuality due to different taboos and ideals is coming to the point where it cannot longer be held under “control.”
    What a practice such as “celibacy;” (as it is understood by the majority of people bound by their mind,) is capable of bringing?
    Without a doubt further repression. That is why, FEAR is used instead, and that brings as consequence the feeling of guilt and shame. A sinner is born.

    The same old “spiritual” paradigm is not enough to measure and fit a changing world.
    The same phenomena has been happening with Catholic priests. Child molestation the consequence of such practice in a homosexual environment. But the belief that Jesus did not have sex and I must imitate him is prevalent, although “reality” is different.
    Obviously, some ask: What is the solution? They want an answer, a recipe to follow that will fit every case. Those individuals are bound by their own minds. They lack the OBSERVATION to look at themselves and be honest with their own feelings and become aware as to how human sexuality becomes an outlet for aggression and violence however tinted with pleasure. They cannot see that sex for them, is only about satisfying the mind.

    These people only want an answer, something that they have to DO or avoid DOING, that is the extent of their OBSERVATION; then Brahma Kumaris offers that: No sex at all. Fight your own demons. Ask help to God. Live in the fear of “failing” and being doomed forever.

    Do we see the movement of this? When SEEING it, OBSERVING it, DO we see our path without making a choice? That is no will, no method, no direction.

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    Brahma Kumaris: The bottom line 

    There is value in the BK experience. This is without a doubt.
    What I value the most is the teaching that I received to rely on myself for my own survival. Cooking, cleanliness, discipline… Those are skills/values I learned through the BK experience.

    However, the one teaching which I value the most, is the one which taught me to live alone. For once, I was one of the very few “brothers” out of many “sisters.” That meant a very restricted interaction with females within the BK circle and by extension with the outside world due to the practice of celibacy.

    Living by myself was quite a challenge in the beginning. Later on, it became second nature. Then, Life took me out of that shell to find my own balance. We learn and change by going through the full range of the experience.

    As far as the belief system, the cycle of time is something which I have experienced to be true. It is true for me. It is my experience.
    The rest, has little value to me. Nevertheless, I also need to share what I found to be false:
    Sex is not a sin. It is dishonest to reject something that we may feel in our nature. We could observe. Learn from it, but to put a false facade of “purity,” by living in a vacuum to avoid temptations, that is dishonest.
    If you add guilt, fear or low self esteem due to feeling sexual, then your are punishing yourself for nothing at all. DOING something is not the factor deciding the value of our level of consciousness. BEING is.

    How do I know the above? I have experienced a different range of sexuality, which has been energizing, revitalizing and as a matter of fact, it is a source of well being and spiritual “improvement.” My guides (Beings of light) have helped me through this process. I understand that everyone is not ready for this; but it is completely false to generalize and label sex as “sinful.” That is my point. Sex only reflects who we ARE.

    Feeling guilt is a powerful tool used inside many organizations to control the behavior of followers. It is that guilt the one that we need to be careful of. Guilt has killed religious followers. Guilt has trapped followers beyond their wishes. Guilt, is in fact a source of sadistic pleasure for an unbalanced mind.

    How is BK predestination related with feeling guilty?
    That is a question which need an answer. Hint: Could we feel guilty of our role in a predestined Drama, for whatever that is?
    There are actions that we could change despite feeling otherwise, we mask who we are; but what we feel inside, who we ARE, is not changed by denying it and repressing it. That only increases that which we deny.

    The BK experience could teach us that repression and rejection only increases the desire of those things which we deny to ourselves.

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      A well written article. Yes, we notice within ourselves and those around us trying to control our emotions which we consider sinful – be it greediness, anger, lust, or attachment. Any amount of churning gyan, keeping good company, doing service could change our vision or attitude to the extent we want it to be. 🙂 The heart/ soul/ sanskars take their own time to transform.

      As you said, in a predestined drama, nothing wrong can happen; only we label it as wrong. I know how may BKs feel utterly guilty of getting thoughts related to sex. But we can not become pure by suppressing our emotions. Transformation is possible only when we remain detached observers and have compassion for the self.


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        Yes, Gayathri. We cannot deny a part of us by thinking that in the Golden age we will be “pure.”
        All energies have their opposites because we are living in the world of duality. Rejection of forms of anger, cannot bring compassion in ourselves. To transform we need to be attentive, aware, conscious of episodes of anger within us and transform that into gentleness, acceptance… that is compassion. If we “fail,” we need to contemplate it. Go within ourselves in a moment of silence, by not feeling guilty but merely observing that “this” who was there in “me,” is no longer there. That is to actively be a detached observer, as you mentioned.


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    The importance of Celibacy 

    Celibacy is a natural consequence of feeling fulfilled in Life. Whenever there is that inner fulfillment, the mind will not go someplace to look for fulfillment.
    When someone had a good meal, that person will not feel hungry. Similarly in Life, as we experience and live, the former “needs” will diminish. What we found to be important at one point in our lives, will cease to be at a later time.

    Any religious follower who claims to practice celibacy should ask himself:
    Do my mind bring sexual desires within me? Do I still feel attraction for someone? Do I unconsciously bring sexuality into my dreams?
    If the answer is yes, then that follower is only repressing to comply with the ideal of celibacy.
    If we are fully aware of this, then perhaps we will need to OBSERVE the need, acknowledge it and decide for how long I will be living with a repression, knowing that sooner or later, in this Life or the next ones, there will be a consequence to deal with.
    The Golden age is not for repressed individuals. I can guarantee that.

    Celibacy cannot be “attained” by the use of will power. It will only be repression.

    Why is it that pornography or romantic novels is seeked out by many individuals? Because the mind can fantasize with something that it is not part of his experience. In a few words, that which I don’t have, I want and denying that I want that, only increases my repression and my desire to have it. Have we observed that? The opportunities that Life will bring to observe that repression will be plentiful. Nevertheless, a seeker may avoid those scenarios and live a repressed Life for fear of “failing.” That seeker will not be AWARE of that repression.

    Why is it that men and women need to be separated in a “spiritual gathering”? Obviously, to try to avoid a collision of attraction between repressed individuals. Physically may be possible, but mentally cannot happen.
    I am not saying that this code of conduct is “bad” or “good.” That doesn’t matter. What matters is to OBSERVE if there is repression. That is all.

    Sexuality is not the same for everyone. Not everyone is ready for a fulfilled Life through sexuality. Therefore, when dealing with the masses, it is important to make a “yes” or “no” statement, “good or bad” to simplify things, to make it “safe.”

    Celibacy is a process. It is not a compulsion. It doesn’t happen because I want it or because I am too old or too sick. If the mind keeps fantasizing and desiring, there is no celibacy at all.

    If I “practice” celibacy, it will only be repression.

    Knowing that I am repressing, I could accept that and deal with the consequences; but if I am not AWARE of it, then I am wasting the opportunity to learn from my own experiences.

    Celibacy is the completion of a fulfilled Life. Sexuality is the means to that completion for those who are ready. For those who are not, sexuality is a mirror. It will only show who they ARE.

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      Hi Ahnanda…thanks for writing this…I am that guy who had left BKs almost two years back and had joined Osho…now recently I went through some very bad experiences and out of the need to have some stability in the middle of my deeper states of depression I started with BKs again and started remembering Baba again…but again I was not feeling better…inspite of remembering Baba again I was and have been experencing depression and high anxiety attacks…but then again being the watcher of my own mind and aletness and being here and now helped me…now can you please please please comment on is it ok to switch paths like this for an individual interested in self realization? Sometimes i feel somehow i want to just pass through this lifetime and libration does not matter to me because i find living difficult sometimes. But when things become better i feel libration is the only thing that matters to me. And by libration i mean freedom from cycle of time. Please throw some light on this for common good brother. Thank you. Om shanti.


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    Celibacy is a “black or white” practice in Brahma Kumaris.
    No sex at all, is the belief to practice to make someone more “spiritual,” “elevated,” “pure.”
    What I’d like to transmit to Brahma Kumaris readers is that Sex in itself is not ugly, sinful or impure.
    What we ARE is what makes sex into those things that the Sakar Murlis constantly speaks about.

    This is not something that I have read or that I am repeating from another guru, or another belief coming from another God. This is my own experience.
    What we ARE is not depending on a “practice” such as: “I will be compassionate while having sex.” That is a lie to ourselves. What you ARE will express without any rehearsals. It is your consciousness.

    Most individuals at this time, are experiencing an inner rebellion towards sexuality. For some, is about liberation from previous rejections and the expression of their hidden desires, although; their energy will be drained. It is about experiencing a few moments of pleasure. That is the extent of sexuality that they will know.

    For others, like in Brahma Kumaris is the continuous attempt to go beyond the body. A “yogi” is meant to conquer sexual desires through their own sheer will power and the help of God.
    Because pleasure is not understood but feared and consequences of deep conditionings of centuries of sexual rejection, will take the individual away from the “spiritual realm” by attaching their senses to the physical body. That is the belief.

    One important thing that I have learned in this journey, is not to fight with myself. Every energy that is within has a reason to exist. By opposing to its expression, by repressing it, we are only postponing its expression. Believe me, that repressed sexual energy will express. If it is not allowed to, it will kill you.

    Of course, then we have the stories of those who have “conquered sex lust.”
    How do you know, how do you measure it? If repression means to “conquer,” that is an ugly way to deal with your sexuality. It will bring consequences.

    I am not here to tell anyone to engage in sexual activities or to reject them completely. Everyone has their own path, the range of sexuality is vast and it spans from no sex at all to lots of sex, to transcending sex lust, through refining subtle energies (Brahmacharya.) Love is in that realm for some.

    My concern is for your health. I just want to say that to be honest with your current state of BEING is the most important aspect.

    Transcendence of sexuality does not happen through rejection, will power or any sort of commandment that we wish to follow. It is a natural state, experienced once your time arrives. It is not on your hands to expedite your process. Every experience that we experience in Life, is necessary as it is.

    If you look and acknowledge where you ARE rather than what your mind tells you what “should be,” you will have the chance to enjoy the gift of living Life. When you are enjoying, you are spreading good vibrations to everyone. When you are enjoying Life, you are DOING service without any childish desires for Paradise, high status, to make subjects, etc. It is NATURAL service to humanity.
    Finally, when you are enjoying Life you are accumulating “good karma.”
    Honesty has its benefits, but those benefits will be experienced when we do not “practice” honesty, but when we ARE honest without any practice whatsoever.

    For the common good.

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    The fascination with Sexuality 

    One of the most read articles in the blog “Exploring the depth of Living” is this one: Why Brahma Kumaris deny sex?
    (https://explore7.wordpress.com/2012/09/12/question-why-brahmakumaris-deny-sex/ )

    In most BKs there is a fascination with sex. Out of that learned rejection, there is an inner fight.
    I will be sharing more articles related with sexuality in this blog as this is my personal experience and path.

    Observe “avyakt7’s writing” back in 2012. Some anger and a deep need to “prove” to others was in him. His “proof” was in part his personal experience at that point in his life, and a belief system learned through the Brahma Kumaris. Helpful at the time, unhelpful now.

    Now, let us look at Brahma Baba and the Yagya in the beginning. “Aham Brahmasmi” (omnipresence) was their belief. It changed into God’s Shiva (personal God) later on.

    Individuals who are not aware of the journey of self realization, they could interpret this as: “The latest belief is the true one.”
    That is a big mistake. In self-realization what is the “true concept to believe in” means nothing. It is not about “having the truth,” it is about experiencing the complete journey, the “Yes” and the “No.”

    Without this journey, how is it possible not to reject the side that we do not believe in? If you take a stand on a particular side and identify your ego with that side (celibacy) that means that rejection of sexuality will be there.

    Someone may say: “But you experienced sexuality before Brahma Kumaris, so celibacy was the complete journey…”
    Not quite. The sexuality I experienced before Brahma Kumaris was more or less the “normal one.” Ejaculation all the time, even premature ejaculation and a sense of feeling depleted, as my energy was taken away.
    This is not “bad,” but like I said before, part of the range of experiences in Life.

    In Nature, we have people who are integrating their sexual energies within themselves, they do not require a partner and they can practice celibacy “naturally.” There are other people that integrate their sexuality with a partner, thus sexuality is natural for them. In between those 2 extremes, there is a range of experiences. The example of Yogananda is the one of celibacy. The example of Yogananda’s guru; Yukteswar Giri is the one of practice of the family Life. Both individuals were in the path of self realization.

    Anil mentioned about following the example of Gandhi in his preference for Celibacy. Please read this article.   Whether this article is true or not is not the point here.

    Observe that Gandhi wanted to follow what he “thought” to be “pure, clean, etc.” without looking at his own nature at the time.  The ideal is more important than his own Life. That is the issue with followers of religions. Their concern is to follow a particular behavior, a moral standard created by someone and labeling that as “pure, good, etc.” People may try it and “fail.” Guilt will be felt. Others may fail but still live within the religion/belief system as hypocrites. In reality this is not “failure” but simply it is not within their nature.

    Sexuality goes along with the path of self-realization, as the energies of beliefs, traumas and emotional hang ups are cleared; the nadis in the “sexual system” are cleared and sexuliaty has a different dimension. Whether the nature of the individual is to be celibate or not is not an issue, what matters is what the individual IS now: Less ego, less hang ups, more openness.

    Caught up in DOING and following what we believe a realized Godly man is; we forget the most important thing: Ourselves. Then we can lie to ourselves to make us believe that we are going someplace. Honesty, can take as out of this loop. No one else can.

    For the common good.

    • Anil Kumar 12:19 PM on December 7, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      Thank you avyakt7-NG.

      The experiences shared by some of the spiritual leaders about celibacy and its practice in their life talks about their tricks/practices which helped them in their journey. Many a times, the same tricks works for us up to some extent. Then what’s wrong in following them. The practice of celibacy was never part of my dictionary. I was a normal guy, who enjoyed the practice of masturbation and watching porn. Just few years before, I was introduced to celibacy after I read about Gandhi. Naturally, I googled about celibacy, and read about its benefits mentioned by different gurus (Google also introduced me to avyakt7 blog). The need for practicing celibacy didn’t come naturally from my inside like hunger, sleep etc. Though, the need for having sex/masturbation was felt inside, I didn’t found it mandatory. After ejaculation, the result was a sense of weakness. My question is those who practiced true celibacy or those who are practicing it now had/has the desire for it naturally or it was introduced to them by someone like BK system? I feel that when it comes naturally from inside then you are ready for it and you don’t need some one to guide on how to practice celibacy. After observing for a long time, I came to a conclusion that I don’t need a partner to have the experience of sex. I avoided having sex on 3 occasions even after I had a chance to do it. I think its also a part of range of experiences about sex. [Kindly bear with my poor English writing skills]

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        “The practice of celibacy was never part of my dictionary. I was a normal guy, who enjoyed the practice of masturbation and watching porn. Just few years before, I was introduced to celibacy after I read about Gandhi. ”
        The question is :Why did you consider to change?
        If you find in yourself how you felt, then you will see that the key is in that.
        For example, I took celibacy because it agreed with my experience of feeling wasted through ejaculation and the sense of being unfulfilled. Celibacy took me away from that sensation, but repression started to appear.
        We blame it on sex, but deeper than that is the type of feeling, consciousness the individual has while performing an action.
        Masturbation is neither good nor bad. It is self pleasuring and you could do that with a feeling of aggression, with a sense of getting rid of the itch, with fulfilling a phantasy so the mind could be satisfied for a moment, as a way to cover sadness and frustration, etc. These feelings which show you who you are, those feelings are driving the act of sexuality. Sex is not the problem but how we feel about it.

        Likewise, there is nothing wrong with watching porn. It is there, no need to reject it. BUT, if you observe your feelings and what it does to you, then you could find out about you. It will trigger something. You may be aroused by plain aggression and how the participants display their pleasure, but the feeling of love and care in the way the participants play with each other, may not be there. Ultimately, that is the fulfilling part that most are looking for.

        While engaged deeply in sex with yourself or others, when the sensations are pleasurable, overwhelming that is when the mind needs to go away, when the hang ups need to cease for otherwise, the mind will not allow for the enjoyment of the “now.”
        Pornography is geared to the mind, but beyond that; fulfillment is in feelings.

        Life will give us the chance to discover many things about us. Our openness not to define ourselves is important for we could be able to change as everything in Life changes.
        That sort of openness liberates our core, our being from the “I.”

        You may not need a partner now to have the experience of sex, but that doesn’t mean that you may feel different in another time. That is the openness that I am talking about.
        Homosexuality may not be the thing for many of us, but it does not mean that we reject it, that we are against it.

        We could learn so much about ourselves through the observation of our reactions towards sex.


    • Anil Kumar 12:27 PM on December 7, 2016 Permalink | Reply


      Kindly share your experience on the quote – ‘Take one step towards god and he takes hundred steps towards you’. This quote is regularly used as a part of teachings by BK system.


      • avyakt7- New Generation 11:33 AM on December 8, 2016 Permalink | Reply

        It just depends what we interpret as “towards god.”
        I could say that if celibacy was towards god, then god helped me at one point in my Life. Nevertheless, as “I” change and celibacy became a source of repression, I took a step towards god, and he helped me to discover a different kind of sexuality.
        Thus, God was towards celibacy… but also towards sex. 🙂


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      I am so touched and happy after reading this man, I don’t know how to thank you. I felt the same man, even after practising rajyoga for 5 years I still posses some sexual feelings in my dreams. My God, it’s such a big revelation, I have total respect for BKs but as far as celibacy is concerned, I totally agree with Anhada. Thanks Bro. Looking forward to read more and post more questions here. Thank u sir.

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      Did my post get censored, if so what for?

      Thank you.


    • avyakt7- New Generation 3:41 PM on February 18, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      No. There is a post by “ex-l again.” Apparently that is you. Please re-post by using your account “ex-l.”
      Your account has permission to post here for you have posted here before.


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    The price of being labeled as “pukka” 

    “Pukka” is a word used in Brahma Kumaris to label those who behave in a “firm, permanent or unshakable,” way. Those who are there to stay until death separates them from the religion.

    It has been my observation and my own experience that an obsessive mind could transform sheer self-denial into a ticket to what is believed to be “Baba’s lap.”

    Here is my own experience. I have written quite a bit about celibacy when I was Avyakt7. I thought I have conquered “sex lust.” I had “tests” of women wanting to be closer to me, and I was “unshakable.” That was a source of pride, of ego. I paid for it. Few know that my last couple of years as a BK, I had developed prostatitis.
    Sure, I was celibate and the only way that my “normal” bodily functions of an otherwise healthy young male could have a “release,” was to have a wet dream every 4 to 6 months.
    I felt guilty. I felt a failure. I asked for forgiveness. We cannot “conquer” what we reject.

    Truly, I was repressing my own sexuality and labeling that as “conqueror of sex lust.”

    I would have continued with this repression, but in my path, in my destiny I had the help of my friend, Mathias.
    Paradoxically, sexual energy is now a very important part in my path to self-realization.

    Why do I share this?
    Because some “souls” may feel trapped, fighting their own feelings and living a life of hypocrisy.

    The practice of Celibacy is not the same for everyone, as a matter of fact, if sex is rejected, denied and repressed; there will be consequences in the human body.
    Observe how many “pukka souls,” have issues with their sexual organs or female breasts. That disease could be a way out of the physical realm.

    Nevertheless, I am not saying that this is “wrong or right.” An experience is an experience and one experience of repression will build into an experience of acceptance in the “next life.”

    As I mentioned many times already, Brahma Kumaris is a good path as long as we recognize our limits with honesty. That is part of the teaching for everyone is different, “numberwise.” Without that recognition, we will hurt ourselves.
    That is not angelic. That is not saintly. That is plain stubbornness.

    Avyakt7 New generation for BKs, perceives things differently now. Every experience in Life has a continuation in its opposite. A rejection of the opposite means the buildup of shame, guilt and a sense of failure. In the dualistic world; the opposites are meant to be together and we go from one extreme to the other of a particular experience, just to find our middle ground, our balancing act, our harmonious “middle way.”

    The journey is an individual path.

    For the common good.

    PS: I will continue sharing twice a week. Your questions/comments are welcome.

    • Anil Kumar Reddy Mendu 12:40 PM on December 1, 2016 Permalink | Reply


      Having a wet dream means repressing sex? How to confirm whether I’m repressing sex or not? My feeling is, it is a gradual process and it takes its own time to reach the stage of a true celibate. I saw few BK brothers and sisters, who were confused whether to get marry or not. While on one side there is family/societal pressure to get marry, on the other side there is doubtfulness on own self to be a celibate. Your thoughts?


      • ahnanda 6:27 PM on December 1, 2016 Permalink | Reply

        Hi Anil,
        Wet dreams are usually unconscious events with dreams or without them. Sexual energy needs to move, to transform. If you reject sex, you are repressing it. That rejection manifests in many forms. You need to catch them. You could be ironic while talking about sex, you could feel agitated when someone speaks about it, etc. That is rejection.

        You value a lot to be celibate. Why? Please share your beliefs about it.
        Sex is not just sex. It depends on who you ARE. There could be beauty in sex as well as ugliness. Likewise, there could be beauty in celibacy as well as ugliness. Celibacy through rejection of sex is not only ugly but detrimental to your health.
        Sex through rejection of celibacy is not only ugly but detrimental to your health… 🙂


        • Anil Kumar Reddy Mendu 1:41 PM on December 3, 2016 Permalink | Reply


          My beliefs about celibacy are based on my association with BK system, reading of biographies of few spiritual leaders who experimented with celibacy like Gandhi, and following avyakt7 sharings from 2012. Over a period of time, my beliefs about celibacy and sex have changed considerably from a state of rejection to accepting everything the way it is. The same is the case with vegetarianism. As you mentioned, we have to catch and transform sexual energy in the path of self-realization. The journey is a long one and unique for each of us.


    • Gayathri 7:50 PM on December 2, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      Yes brother. Many people try to copy actions of our seniors hoping that by doing so they could become like them. So, they go to the extreme, force themselves to DO things in a particular way, not realising the fact that their stage is different from that of a senior and the transformation they want to bring in can not materialise by that method.
      Understanding the drama and being honest with one self by accepting the self as it is will make life more entertaining. 🙂


      • avyakt7- New Generation 8:11 PM on December 2, 2016 Permalink | Reply

        Correct sister. Copying watermark actions of others does not bring internal benefit for what we ARE does not depend on what we DO, but the other way around. We cannot look at others but the self and be honest with it.
        Thank you!


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